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The importance of achieving homily and achieving homily in a nation is discussed in a series of segments covering the loss of Prophet Alayshi wa Sullam's actions and the use of Islam as a means of protection. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing small parts of the world to show the reflection of one's actions and avoiding negative consequences. They also discuss the rise of Islam in modern times and the use of honoring individuals in public. The transcript highlights a disturbing image of a woman's face and suggests that the man may have been part of his appeal to audiences.

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Learn Hello Bill and I mean

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know, Habib, you know Mohamed, you know, he was so happy he urged him as well that they insha Allah We continue with the attributes of the prophets of Allah, Allah you yourself, have you said of them? You talked about maybe 15 or 16 things so far. Today we're going to talk about how do you hit a homily Hema Lee on birthday, tila.

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They will talk about how he treated his family,

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and how he treated other creatures of God. And again, I don't put these two together because they're the same, I put them together just because I poorly planned this and I plan for 30 sessions, and I only have 21. So I have to kind of combine a couple of them together. It was really random. It's not really there's really no pattern to it.

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So we'll talk about those two together and Sharla within the time each other we'll stick to the time.

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Profit idea salatu salam was definitely a family man. And I don't think anyone has succeeded in instilling the family values in a nation as much as the prophets of Allah Azza Selim was able to do that within his ummah. And with all of our faults and our problems, we are definitely an Omega still sees the value of family. And we emphasize that quite a quite quite a lot.

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And we will go to extreme measures to hold on to the family and to keep it together, at least we used to. And yeah, and if we are stopping, if we're not doing that as well as they used to then it's definitely something worthy of contemplation and

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revision because the Prophet Alia site was

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that's what he taught us the unit is the family. I'm gonna give you some examples of how he was with his family audience. So two strands, eternal, we say the Isha Hadith yonder Ahmed, and the Muslim that he said, I went with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam on one of his journeys, and he,

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this was early on, and he sent he kind of stayed behind a little bit and let the army move. And he told me, okay, let's race. And

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so we raised and I was young OB GYN, I beat him, I was quicker than him. I said, all right.

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And then I went with him again, a few years later. And he says, at that point, I was a little bit heavier. So he looked at me go a little bit ahead, and he said, Okay, let's let's race. So they raced, and he beat her and told her how did he be till like one one, where even now, that alongside was,

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when you look at the seat or the profile is so thin, you'll find that he took his family out, he went and did picnics, and even spent time with family usado. So that when he would, you know, engage in activities that would make them feel that because if you think about how busy he was and how many other commitments he had out of your salatu salam, it's hard to kind of even imagine that he did that. And

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you're really worried that the Prophet Alia saw to his son was once in one of the house is of his wives, and another wife sent some food in a castle in a container. Bull. So he opens the door, man, she has sent this food so he took the food. Now, the wife whom in whose house he was staying out of your salatu salam, she she hit the plate out of his hand of jealousy. She slammed the pate plate and the plate went flying and it broke. In front of the guests, the men who were in the room, the prophet Ali Asad goes home and go when he would take another plate and you'd gather the food and you'd put it and he would gather the pieces of the play team and say if Otto Muqaam your mother was

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a little bit jealous Kulu it in the food is still edible, so eat, so they ate and then he commanded her Alia Saltram, to replace the broken vase with a broken plate that she the play that she has broken bread broken and she sent back to your site to ram the replacement back to the wave wood center. So Allah Azza wa sallam didn't get upset and didn't didn't just I didn't say anything, appreciated the fact that the stuff like this happened so long as I'm sending even Muslim narrates to us and he tells us these two stories about herself. She said the Prophet audio saga was once with me or in my house that night sleeping by the first domestic rasool Allah Azza wa sallam. Then that

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night I woke up I didn't find him, but the whole system like oh, he must have left and went to went to the house of another wife, but for him to have had to I know when to look for him, but we'll get to it rakia answers you then I found him praying in recording studio, the whole the entire so behind Allah Subhan Allah Houma. Toby Hamrick, he was saying, he said I found him praying and he's saying subharmonic Allahu Morbihan. So what he said in Luffy shirt and in what in need, I think you shutting in Arca VOB interval me May Allah have mercy on me you are looking at you're doing and look what I'm thinking about. So Allah honey it's like this island. The whole room in the narration

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awesome Buhari

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are sorry. Also in Muslim domestic Maybe Allah who saw the salon for lane. Well that we had the visionary here I was looking I was dark obviously didn't have so she was she wasn't sure if he was there so she put her hand in there is her hand goes into his hair onto his

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papa Jackie shape on okay. She upon has come to you Ah coilette Amala cache upon on y'all

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Sudama What about you don't you don't have a SharePoint rasool Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah He for Islam Allah has helped me and he has become Muslim so I don't know I don't have a shapefile make use of Allah on your slack you send them

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your email with your ship burn your whole Allah in Nisa and maybe your sword Allah Allah you early you send them couldn't your IG I know who are Obama Judo who if they're gonna either Lane, the private Allosaurus arms, why would they would they would argue back with him all the time, and sometimes one of them would get upset and then maybe she wouldn't speak to him until the night meaning all day long she wouldn't she wouldn't speak to him out of your salatu salam and the reason the Hadith says that in the collection of even had been to the night because Alia salsa would never let a disagreement go overnight. It would always make sure that whatever happened during the day or

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whatever disagreement that occurred whoever dispute it was fixed before they went to sleep some of the audio CIBJO Salam will say to Asia in the Hadith in Nila it for real lucky I need well hold on hold on Bucky I know when you're happy with me I know when you're upset with me I'll call it okay if I tardy for you also and say How do you know because I couldn't do it I'll do it and Andy I'm the quality will be Mohammed if you're happy with me you will make when you make an oath you'll see what I'll be Mohammed when contain all even if you're upset to fully know or be Brahim and you may make the oath by Ibrahim. You don't use my name but the whole sadaqa lawsuit Allah Nila ojo ilus Mk. Yes

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when I'm upset with you and only you leave your name so that Allah Allah will slap you sell them. And I know one story also in the collection of

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the Prophet Alia sada seven Aisha were arguing, just as Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu was coming to visit them so he could hear a shot all the Allah who is raising her voice from behind the door like she's yelling, and she's upset about something. The Prophet Allah you saw this I was discussing with her and she's yelling, oh Lakota hears this. So he curses her owns. Like we'll go to calls her a name like it says something about her. That actually is just the curse of himself. You have been tilaka. He's speaking about Himself, obviously because he's the father. I thought funny enough. So Tiki, Isla Sula, Sam, you're raising your voice upon the five ideas. So he enters the door, and he

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wants to raise his hand and the Prophet audience lots of them comes and stands between a worker in Asia and he tells them to calm down and and go and come back when you're calm. So bucket of leaves and the Prophet Allah yourselves and turn to Aisha and he will say about 80k for him to bring into Cuba and what do you see? How are you protected you from the man? He could have taken it? And then walk away, come back and you hear the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and I Aisha laughing and the laughter was, they could hear laughter so he said he would knock on the door, he would say the Killarney fee still mikuma tomorrow and if you have to be Kuma, allow me to enter now that there is

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peace as you allowed me to enter when there was war Bacala so I said, let me define confine the Islamic State Yes, we have of course you're welcome to come in. So Allah honey, so who sent them what can also be subtle I sent them Allah and he said, he will your Moodle Sahaba to be the Elector provide Islam would show a lot of perseverance and patience when he was dealing with his family members with his wives and with his children. And he would command the Sahaba to do the same.

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With the commando Sahaba, the show the same thing. And I think I barked up the street long enough times over the last couple of months and got myself in trouble. But really, I don't I what I what I tell you regarding something like this is just a reflection, I'm just mirroring for you what I see within the community, from my lens, or from my corner of the world, I have existed a very small part of the world, but I get to see certain things. So I have to share with you what I see. And when I see something that's happening when I see recurrent, a recurring theme or recurring problem, it's it would be an immature and irresponsible of me not actually pointed out to you. So when I see that my

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brothers don't seem to understand exactly what their role is in their household and don't understand their responsibility towards their children and their wives. And don't seem to know how to deal with problems and disputes and difference of opinion and difficulties. And, and they're giving up way too early. And they're using excuses that are pitiful, and, and pathetic. And whether it was early on in their marriage or halfway through their marriage, or regardless, I think it's worthy of kind of pointing that out. Because Because the moment we lose the sanctity of the family moment,

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I am not going to speak on behalf of women because that's something they have to do on their own. And I'm not I'm not, I don't know how to even address that. But I gotta dress you and you need to understand your role. You're a woman, you're responsible, you're the protector and you're the provider. And that's how he was out of his thoughts was that, um, he, he understood that role. And he taught us that a lot of his thought was that I mean, he held on to his family, no matter how difficult it wasn't. And what happened. He's also gonna imagine him so I need home he has a husband at home. He was a husband just like any other husband. The whole estate out in Chicago sort of left

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it at that because he kind of kinda Rasulullah so I said I'm feeding me and that the early he was always in the in the service of his family. Yeah, obviously for now I know who y'all are with elbow who your canoes. Sujata who Yeah, I'm a Luffy Beatty. He may Yeah, I'm Malou Regera Luffy boo you to him. He would

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sweep the floor. You

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You would fix his shoe he would sew something into it there was a tear in his clothing and he would do in his house, whatever men would do in their homes, the whole I'm almost mad at Allah here so Allah Allah He was lm a big toe in whatever SEMA he never entered his house without a smile. You know, we all do that, don't we? I mean, that's an easy one. All men here I'm sure enter their house with the biggest smile in the world.

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Now, you know, that Allah has it was him he never entered his home without a smile on his face out of his salatu salam.

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So this is just explaining how he how he was and what he what he did, and how he saw his role in his in his household so Allah how have you settled him? I Isha tells us stories of when the Hypatia were in the masjid and they were playing and she wanted to watch those so the Prophet alayhi salam stood for her so that she would be able to look and he stood for a very long time and you got tired you dasa Isha or old et you actually be it, you're done and you hate it. You said no, if I have different ideologies on waiting for her to finish watching the Hypershade because he's holding the the curtain up for her.

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The whole I actually I couldn't help to show them to me passatti into money I was to her rasool Allah, the aura, Aisha boom in de la Shalom. So this is a kind of an interesting Hadith. Because, because it's

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the Arab before Islam, as many cultures, by the way, would see women during their period to be something that is impure. So they would stay away from them, they wouldn't eat with them, they wouldn't this this is the practice. So I Aisha, whenever she was on her period, she would drink from a cup and give it to the Prophet Allah you saw this and to see if he would drink after her or not, because the Prophet alayhi wa sallam would take the cup and drink from exactly where she drank that Allah, Allah CIBJO send them to Leah to make her feel better about herself during that time, because that was the cultural kind of understanding that existed before before Islam. Or you slept with

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someone who's grandchildren with your husband when he was saying he would go to the his daughter's home and he would play with them. And he would take them out into the alley and play with them and take them into the masjid. And once the Hadith there's some dispute on its authenticity, but and yet it's been raided by Mr. Bharani. They've been a circuit and has a reasonable chain of narration that he was playing with them and he had put the lesson on his back and he was on all four. So one of those unslotted came by narration when Java came back, Claude might ask what are you doing? He's I'm playing with my grandchildren clarinet and melon Machiya to multi year to Puma what a great driver

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you both have. So one has seen and he will say Alia Sato Simone. Yeah Mel rocky Burnie, Houma and what good what good writers they are what good horseman they are sort of love it. It's like, whoo hoo ha You don't mean whom and their father is better than them will be aloha and seasonality Alehissalaam the private Alia salatu salam would sometimes be praying and it has an old person would come and they would sit on his head during the shoot and he would wait to get to the point where the Sahaba were behind weren't sure if the prophet

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changed if so I know is a 15 Minute suit or something cuz it wasn't like that yesterday and the the Prophet audience would wait and then after that, he would say that Salah hasn't changed it's just my my grandson said I'm going to wait for him. I didn't want to get up and have him fall over. So I waited for him so Allah he's like yo Salam. He would be getting a hold of us sometimes. And Ashlyn would water because because in st lived close by, so he would wander into the masjid so the Prophet Alia Santos I'm coming down the member pick up a segment hasn't seen and carry them and give the whole book carrying a child in his handler, you salatu salam whenever ivaldi When the Hadith in

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Bukhari and Muslim whenever the value of Salah to a certain volume of visited him Ali is awesome. Paella can either Dhaka that's Fatima ba masala Allah Allah He was selling them I mean McKone here, but aka they'd be a diva waka Bella rasa will Julissa McKenna okay now either Da Da Li calm Ataman McCarney for that to be a de vaca Bella

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tomoka Allah Allah Allah He was like Musa la whenever his daughter entered, you would get up you'd go to her and take her by the hand you'd kiss her head and have her sit exactly where she saw that where he saw and this is obviously Yanni evidence of honoring somebody back in the day if you if you start someone in your spot in the house, that means you're honoring them to the Prophet Allah is going to do this to say you did not fault him. And he would tell him this is like way at the beginning of Islam when he would when he gathered his family to grant united to do Dawa. You would say yeah, I felt the money you Salini min Merli she d or thickie Well, I can unbusy enough Sikkim in

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in different Nila OpenDocument Alicia Oh Fatima asked me for my wealth, whatever you want to give it all to you. But I can't save you from the Hellfire unit to sell you save yourself. So a lot of times. Whenever I felt the mind saving it would have just moved. For example, the hadith is even measure the Prophet alayhi salam went to his daughter's house and asked him for saving it. So Fatima said he left upset and we fought and he left upset. So the Prophet Allah is also went to look for him. So he found him sleeping right outside of the masjid, on on the on the sand or under under the dust. He was sleeping under the Allah who I knew and is forehead and head was all Tura because of

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because of where he was sleeping. So I thought as long we can wake him up and say I'm about to rob

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I'm about to Rob. Rob eonni, the guy with the Sen. Get up, anybody able to get him up out of your slot or someone walking back to his house into his house, and he was doing it, you're sleeping in a home, or being in a home, he would take time to yawn, he fixed the whatever dispute and problem happened.

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The biggest mistake you make these days, if you have a problem with your spouse is tell the family member.

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Like it's suicide, you tell the father or a mother and watch, they do not there's no help. They walk in, like when people fight by the way, they're looking for help. Like when a man and a woman fights no matter what they come and tell you and they're upset, and they're yelling, and deep down inside, what they want is help. They don't want to lose their marriage. They want it but they're upset and they're angry. And they're and they're triggered. So they come to a family member. And they're very upset. Now. A rational logical, good family member will allow that person to get it all out. And then they will bring bring it back to equilibrium and to go and figure out a way to fix it. You

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don't get all triggered and upset with them. And then they ruin a marriage. And they get involved in the start by pointing out the flaws of the other person. Sometimes all mothers waiting for is for her son to say one thing about his wife and then she opens up the I need the cookbook. And she goes through every flight since the day he or she was born until the day and here's how she I mean, that's not you want to ruin people's marriages and lives especially people who are have children. Be very careful. I just thought that was it. I've never once got involved in any of these disputes. You never said a word. You would just do a sly you would just bring them together and help them only

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figure things out and work things out. So Allah Allah CIBJO Salam,

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he shows so much perseverance that we have because he was family. I wouldn't have by the way eight on eight different occasions during his life out of his thoughts that I'm with him we would verbally and physically offend him like he would have there's a separate lecture just how would have like he he went out of his way he would he became creative with how he was going to harm the profit out of yourself. So now once did he say a word?

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Not once did he turn to his uncle and say something rude because it's uncle it was Uncle You wouldn't you would never do that it's family it's family. And that's how he saw the the value of family audience so it was it is where I need the other creatures of Allah subhana wa Tada. There's an abundance of again, there's an abundance of generations for both but I'm just I don't want to keep you here too long.

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For and I'll give you example, the prophet Allah you saw this, I'm owned animals. And he named all of the animals he owned. All of them had names everything. He had a donkey that was named I fear. And he had a camel he called a gallop and that camel was killed on a day for Davia Well, a lot of unnecessary isn't if he wanted to hear something like that and they knew how upset he was when when the when the camel was killed because he put a man on the camel and he sent him into into mecca for and they killed the Campbell he killed the Phantom and he would it hurt him out of your soul to some he owned a number of different female camels amongst them and we'll talk about in a moment and allow

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Baba and Ilja and he owned a female mule

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What do you think the name of the female mule is?

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Dual dual. That's the name. Imagine this name. This is like the it's a it's a very simple this is what he called his female Mulaney he'll salatu salam he named all of his animals and he will see a cat on the on the on the shoulder of Andromeda Masaka dosing we call him Abu here and he became a Buddha and until this day, that's how we know him. He would sign see a boy with a small bird in the cage and he would ask him how they knew what he was doing every day. And when the probability you saw someone saw a bird that was that was very upset because one of the Sahaba had climbed a tree taking the two eggs because he wanted to make an omelet and the Prophet saw some side for five min

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Phaedra the fee Why the hell would do it what are the who who took her children take it up again because the hardware started looking at each other it's eggs it's eggs like we barely have enough to eat it's free food and just that he stood there yesterday and told the guy who was very confused got up on the tree and put the put it back again and left because he wouldn't he didn't he didn't Salah and he's like Mr. Lim he didn't think it was appropriate he wants walked by and there was a donkey that had a a mark you know what they what did they what do they call when the mark animals

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branded so the guy had branded his his donkey in the face to find out so that is the Muslim for Paula min Western Maha that he would who did this to his face learn Allah whom in fact Allah May Allah curse the person who did this little lie said I'm not I know this is a heavy one is very heavy, but he this is what he said Allah yourself and he got very upset when someone mistreated an animal, the Hadith and Buddhahood that he entered Alia Salam apartment Hello.

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Hi. I'm sorry I entered one of the orchards of the onslaught factor elite hegemon deadly for Aina and I'm Campbell would walk up to him and the camel you can see tears coming down his face. But Mr. Hanabusa Allahu alayhi wa sallam salata who with the FRA, with a frog, meaning he he basically

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patted his behind his ears and his mane, and he and he came close to him either your salt or some mocha and we will call him as if he's speaking to him. Bacala

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Mandsaur Haibo Gemma loans this camel so a young boy from the onslaught of said I do Yasser Allah, Allah Allah, Allah has he had the hill Mahima in the whole Shaka ileka and NACA Toujeo, who were to disable, do not have any fuel for lists of Allah subhanaw taala regarding your animal, he told me that you use you don't feed him well and you overwork him. But if I'm out that you know that he can, he said, I'll never do it again. The little subtle law said Allah, he was like, he came earlier. So it was done once for a man who was going to slaughter a sheep. And he had he had put the sheep under his foot as he was it sharpening his knife, Hasan Balboni, and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa said,

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I'm sorry, I fell out. You couldn't do this before or to redo and to meet moto teen, you want to kill it twice. Killer once Go, go do your thing and then come back and while you're standing there doing it by sharpening your knife in front of it, that Allah is done, and then he will say, I need a moment. My mom and Muslim mommy Roger in law school and from our volta il. It will be lady Huxley her illness Allah Allah Allahu Allahu Allah. Yo Milty you don't kill anything from a bird or up without the Huck without the proper halibut except Allah. Allah asked me about if I call Omar haka also Allah what is the what is what do we owe it Papa and the Baja who but cooler who will tell HA

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HA HA, HA weather we talk about your habits or maybe you don't chop his head off and throw it away but you slaughter it properly and you eat it, you honor it by using it as systems you don't just throw it away. So Allah is going to talk a little bit her mo Robin, meaning he did not people would use would sometimes use animals as an easy

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target to practice or they will use them for any for different they will use them for game for some time. And if people still do that today, and he would and he would say no and he's like You don't you don't you're allowed to do that whenever anticipated by Him and He will say never ever let an animal go hungry. And if you if you perform standards, well you don't do that to an animal so Allah Allah, he had a personal relationship with animals to slaughter was to them. I love this hadith in Bukhari, about the cassava. Once Once the cassava when he came to Arabia Alia salatu salam, once he arrived at he was on his the cassava, it stopped moving because he had come really close to Makkah.

00:22:07--> 00:22:11

And just before the Haram it stopped. So the Sahaba joked

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to me is disobeying is disobeying the profanities when they're joking, but they know I guess honestly, I love these animals. And when they're just kind of, you know,

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getting a little bit of a Poke baccardo So I said Mr. Khalid al Casa wama. Can Nicola hubby Hola. No, we did not disobey. And that's not its characteristics. It's not his ethics. He's talking about an animal. Oh, my kinda daddy color Have you caught up and that's not the ethics or the morals of this animal. When Mr. habits or her hobbies will feed What stopped you to stop the elephant? Many years ago, you're not to enter mecca for bloodshed. So Allah honey CIBJO Selim. I'll end with this because we're over time now.

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This is the stories in magazzino Ltd.

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Where the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was on a journey. And we think this is probably on the way to her debut, actually because he took a different route. He didn't want to meet How to know who's coming to stop him. So we went around, we went through mountains. So as we're going through mountains, it was much more difficult to kind of maneuver and walk and start to move people who are in Iran and with animals and

00:23:17--> 00:23:54

weapons and stuff. It's hard. So they came it was very, it was a very narrow path and he would come by a female dog who had given birth and was breastfeeding its children. And so he will say either you saw similar to her, masha Allah JW Surakarta Amma her yummy her. The Prophet Allah don't say Don't Don't harm this animal. And he put one of those Sahaba His name is Dr. Emmons stood up and said, Stand here and have everyone go around. Don't even bother this animal, as it breastfeeds it's a dog and dogs aren't your enemies by the way. They're not Muslims enemies. Don't Don't overdo it when it comes to what it means to deal with animals. But that's how he was on it. His thought was

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that and when he dealt with Yanni with different types of, of animals, and he was someone who, who valued I think, I think the reason why I put them together is because the earliest thought was and it seems to me that obviously he was a He's a family man, and he really did see the value or he really did emphasize the value and importance of the family. But he saw his animals as a part of his family as well. You've treated his animals on here, so they're a part of the family and I think that's interesting because today we you know, we're not we're not a community that has a lot of pets, we don't tend to do that. And we tend to mock people who do and think it's silly that they

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have pets and they love their pets. I don't think that's actually appropriate. I think the Prophet Allah isn't gonna love this pets. He loves his animals he really did value them he took care of them he named them he was upset when they were the only one of them died and he and he cared for and he cared for these creatures he really did want to get to love somebody saw them to be it there are partners on this planet they have every right to be here and they have every right to be respected and taken care of just like everyone else and I think that's important to kind of remind I'm not I'm not I'm not encouraging you to go by Downing Street and explain to you like how he how he saw things

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either your slot was phenomenally valued. And I think I think sometimes we we don't we don't realize that in his life audiences

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autosomal and with that how they will have you become solid Lee Salalah Holly who earlier so have yourselves magnesium Allah Allah Allah into several people to really sort of Allah who was telling them about like Muhammad Ali was like this man he's talking to lokalen about like Allah He said