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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the interpretations of Prophet Alayshi's words and actions, including the use of milk and yogurt as a booster. They also touch on Jamar's use of milk and its use as a booster, the origins of Jamar's use of milk, and the importance of "med strict" in society. The speakers also touch on the concept of an umaler and the need to be mindful of one's actions, as well as the importance of learning to be an umaler and not losing the anchor and the need to be mindful of one's actions.
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later on Alima Timo like I said, know if you had accelerometer Salah trc Ed Mola Rasulillah on early you're so happy human whatever you call Yamuna Salah This is the night of Jamal I suppose at night is all about luck and this night is the sunnah to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and all good deeds. Yahweh the man will do chemo study he Besana did Hassan and Akbar Wa and God are the Allahu anhu, Pol, pot NWO so Allah Allah who earlier said and written a collection by Muhammad and has a reasonable generation. Rachel's may have webinars but this is a very interesting Hadith many of you may not have heard of it before.

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But I think the show tonight will be something interesting for you to hear if you have not heard before,

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and has a reasonable generations rate. It's actually more than one wording in the collection by Muhammad. I found actually a similar Hadith to it or similar wording in the collection of Uncle badania as well. I had to look at this hadith when I was a student at University so I I'm I'm familiar with the chain of narration for it.

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And so when he said Alia salatu salam.

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Of course, this is the theme of Joomla is still the significance of Joomla. And I'm reading it because there's a there's a there's an attachment to it. Carla Harajuku motif will teach you a lesson.

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The demise of my OMA is in the book and milk.

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Allah it's like a series right? So he said, and so how about just as you were there kind of listening and then what? I know you're still Hola, melki Tebu 11 Do you mean book in milk, lemon is milk or use yogurt. Today we that's how we call it it goes back to the meeting. I mean, I'm not going to explain down here Southwestern, recent PA and multi tab by a Corona home to Manitoba Luna home either led mountain Zilla Hello, Holly, as for the book, they read it. And then they interpret it in a way that does not serve the purpose for which was descended upon me to begin with.

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They read the book, and they go ahead and interpret it, understand it in a way that does not serve the purpose for which it was sent in. To begin with. I was given this book to serve a purpose. When you read the book, you have to understand it within the framework of what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did in his life, within the framework of the Arabic language and the rest of the Quran, you can just open up and just explain and understand however you want. There's a methodology for this, this is not a game, it's not play.

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Over the last maybe a couple of decades,

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we've heard some of the most bizarre claims when it comes to the meanings of the Quran. Some of the most bizarre things I didn't think when I was I remember as a kid, I didn't never imagine that would happen or imagined that it would actually become mainstream that some people walk around, you know, interpreting the Quran in a way that neither does the language nor does the culture of the club, nor does the life of the prophet out of your sight to Islam allow for and this goes in both directions whether you're talking to people who went in extreme

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extremism in either either way, whether those who are who completely ruined whatever structure Islam had, or those who turned it into something that everyone dreads

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or unbelievable as for milk, or you'll have Boehner who had their own Joomla Well, Gemma art, whatever you want to show, how are you doing? And as her milk he's using this as a symbol of leisure in life. So they love it. And they follow their whims and desires and they leave jhamora And they leave Gemma art and yeah be doing when they go to bed. Yeah. And they go to the, to the suburbs where there's a lot of food and a lot of money. They leave the what he's trying to say earlier. So to say that this is our anchor Joomla is your anchor, you would it's what keeps us together, they can take away anything that they can't take away Jomar it's one of the most phenomenal

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observations of the behaviors of Muslims all around the world. Wherever they may be. They will find each other and they'll make a Jamar go anywhere you want in the world. If there are two or three Muslims, they have found each other and they've started Jamar somewhere it could be in a small

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corner of a supermarket or in the back in the back room of a pharmacy or wherever it is. They'll find each other because that's the anchor of any Muslim community. And as we strive to teach Alia salatu salam,

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the demise of this ummah will come in one of two forms, either those who go ahead and start playing with the fundamentals. Many of us are trying to mess with the knowledge which is why an educated community is a protected one which is why an educated OMA is a protected OMA if we are properly educated with our deen then the door for that is closed automatically that these false interpret interpreters with their false interpretations are don't have a place they don't have a space anymore because we are we are immune we have educated ourselves as an ummah. And the other way is when we is when we lose our anchor. It only become loose and we follow we follow wealth or we follow leisure we

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follow our dunya and we forget what that what anchors us as an OMA is this are these Jamaats are the are these

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congregational acts of worship, that's what anchors us and keeps us solid and strong. No matter what happens to us as an ummah, we always have this we can always, it's actually an joumana. If you were to look at it from a different angle, I mean, if you were to step out of your, out of your, your cultural

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Yani bias, and your religious background as a person who has always understood as to jump out to be a part of their life, and just zoom out a little bit in the concept of a weekly gathering, a mandatory weekly gathering that has a specific form of ritual that has a specific structure to it, where we're going to know we're going to pray together, but also, we're also going to praise Allah together, we're also going to be be directed in a specific direction, we're gonna have someone who's gonna get up there and talk to us about what it is what it means to be Muslim, what it is that we need to do today to improve our status as Muslims. That is that it is almost impossible for us to

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I don't understand how we messed that up a lie. But one of the things I have struggled with I can I can understand how we think about it, how many dramas occur on the planet every day.

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Right? Like think about it like tomorrow, in the span of 24 hours or so, how many? How many Joomla Joomla are going to occur across this planet. Right? All Muslims? Are you talking about large numbers like even those who barely practice to go to Juma? It's still it because it anchors us. It keeps us together. We talked about our about our demise, Allah has taught us that and we talked about the false use of the of the book and the knowledge and the ignorance that will come with and extremism and they talked about this losing grip and grasp on on our own must strength. And he pointed out we had our own melodrama. And they they stopped they stopped seeing the value in

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attending Jamar they find reasons not to do it. You don't want to do it anymore. You forget that this is the anchor that we've got as an owner, you should never lose it should never ever this is something not only should as a as a as a grown Muslim should you do you should you should make sure your kids understand that as well. That no matter where they go, no matter how far they they drift, how stray they

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fall, they always just always find that GEMA binder Jamar attended this is what keeps you centralized. It's once a week it keeps you it keeps you humble it keeps you focused and I think I need to start to listen I'm really nailed it with this. It's as interesting as the beginning it is as accurate as his words were out of his thoughts was that I'm in terms of what we see today. Yeah, to really my middle finger study he was anything has an awkward journey or the Allahu Anhu called, but I never use Allah Allah Allah Who early he was salam alaikum multifuel Kitabi will live in Colorado. So ya rasool Allah melki turbo Leben PHIPA and Makita Oh, no, don't make it oh, well in

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the mountains Allahu La vie moleben over your head buena home. Fair Tabea una Shahar. What were their own Juma? Our way of doing sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Maccabi hunting Allah Allah Hill and stopping to really sort of Allah wa salam O Allah. Muhammad earlier Socrates means if you can show I will see you tomorrow for Joomla two 330 sharp and sharp eyes looking lucky. Just like there's a special