Islamic Core Value Refusal of Oppression 5

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Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know Habib Muhammad Ali he was so happy Gemma you know God, Yahweh, Imam, Muslim and fiesta haihe and Abdullah His name is old Radi Allahu Anhu call calling the the use of Allah Allah you early you also have to sell them the Hadith and a collection a Muslim right to us, we Abdullah Massoud, there's a very short Hadith, but it's very, it's within the theme, obviously, of anti oppression, we'll be talking about that for a while, I'm gonna go through a number of different themes under that topic and sha Allah Tada. This is a very simple hadith is very direct, and it offers an extremely important piece of information. And I find that

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it's not, it doesn't

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it doesn't get enough attention. It's not a hadith that is well known or known as much as it should, should be, especially for us as Muslims. Yeah, I think I think you'll appreciate what it is once I explained to you. So when you said earlier Satoshi was the final color. Oh, well, you know, Jacoba been in scene with Dima

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the first thing that is settled amongst people on the Day of Judgment is bloodshed.

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The first thing is not salah, as we think it is No, they'll come later. It's not to hide that also come later. As important as these topics are obviously and no Muslim with a, you know, with any understanding at all would say that these things are not extremely important. But the first thing that will be settled on the Day of Judgment is blood. And blooded Dima is not just acts of murder. It's a symbol of reference to any form of Muslim, any form of oppression that occurred and not up and this is not, I'm not making that up, you can go back to the books of linguistics or the shadow, the Imam will know if a Muslim when he says it, Dima, he is pointing out to any active oppression.

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Because blood is not just the physical but anything that you own. Anything that is yours is in one way or another a part of you. And if it's taken away, that's a form of bloodshed that's occurring may not be literal. So the first thing that is settled on the Day of Judgment

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is oppression. is the most volume. Is blood. The first thing if there's blood on the hands.

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Yeah. Yeah, that's not that's not a good sign. Normal PMF There's blood on their hands, that's not going to turn out very nicely. And doesn't matter how many, how many times you're a Hedgy doesn't it doesn't matter. A lot of things don't matter. A lot of things don't matter before this is cared for this issue. Trumps all it comes first is the first thing. If you get through that hurdle, then hopefully what comes next will be hopefully manageable. But this happens first. And he had he was very clear. It's an authentic one. And it shouldn't. It shouldn't scare you a bit. It should. It should. Because like I said, and I tried to explain it's not just those who will press or shed the

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blood. It's also those who there's a third group. Fortunately, there's a third group, aside from those who whose blood was shed and those who actually performed it, there's a third group,

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the witnesses, those who just stood there those who watch those who who weren't really excited part of either side at the time. They could have done something but they didn't.

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Part of that blood is on their hands too.

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And that's the first thing that will be settled on the Day of Judgment.

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Your Will you know, Muslim what have you so here Ana de La Jolla. Mr. Radi Allahu Anhu called colander do so Allah Allah you earlier Salam, O Well, my Jacoba bein and see with Dima so of course hula hula Holly was like oh my god I'm the shadow Allah Allah.

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Allah who was telling me about a kind of you know Muhammad earlier savage man. He's like, come on.