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Call on FISA Hey, hey, hey I'm Musashi are the Allahu Anhu call the call interview so Allah Allah Allah wa salam, the Hadith and a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim newspaper, Mr. Shadi, the theme is still anti oppression. I'll be talking about this for a while before I move on from it, because there's a lot to talk about. There's a lot of examples and this hadith is a very famous one. It was a very moving one as well. I think it's very appropriate for the nights and days that we are experiencing

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and witnessing May Allah Subhan Allah make it easy for our brothers and sisters and less than remove this these atrocities from from from their path Aloma. I mean, he says, What are your thoughts? I'm in Allaha

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loomly livan Amy had either a hoarder who LEM your fleet who, so Metalla sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were Cather Lika Rob Baker, either Hodel Cora Wahiawa Lima in the WHO le Moon studied the Hadees where he said la Asad was indeed Allah will allow the oppressor

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a little bit of time lay only

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meaning gives you give someone time we use it now for if you go to school, everybody Mala or they would tell you to write something down the idea is really that they give you time to write it like they give you to postpone the the assessment of it here, right take some time. So laomi Laval him and he'll postpone the assessment or the or dealing with an oppressor will give him some time. Why because the punishment of oppression is so severe, that the moment you oppress you get punished, it's, you don't get a chance to actually go back and maybe fix it or, or repair it or correct it. And then then those who are being oppressed don't have the opportunity to actually persevere and

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they don't have the opportunity to reform and to repel, and to move against it. And, and all of that is important, all of that all of this. All these movements in this in the world that we live in are necessary for for trials to be for trials and tests to be real, that's a part of this, there has to be these normal, these these things have to be part of nature. Not to say that the oppressors not accountable, it's the opposite. They are they are but it's a part of this whole story. There's going to be those who are oppressed and those who are oppressed and and the oppressor will will have to make their make their choices. The person can make their choice of how they go within the oppressed

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have to make their choices as well and everyone has to figure out how they're gonna deal with this. So Allah, the Prophet, Allah is I'm saying Allah subhanaw taala grants the oppressor time, had either a hurdle and when the time comes for his retribution, when Allah subhanaw taala finally decides that this presser is time has come, let him you fit who he has nowhere to go,

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he will not be forgotten, and he will not be forlorn and he will be caught, and your pressure will be taken and will be held and they will never be able to remove themselves to go by their habits and duniya what happens your Malkia It is inevitable, it's inevitable that the pressure will come to it will find their time and they will find no way away from it. And nothing they can do will will save them from what's coming to them. And then he recited Allah, His salatu salam, the ions at the end of sudut hood. So what are the talks about reform? quite okay. valleca Oh, there are big and Danny, after telling the stories of all of the all of the prophets and their people, all the nations of

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prophets who were punished, who had sort of towards a very specific Surah all of the stories maybe maybe notice that maybe they all the stories included hood, talk about only the nations that were punished, not all the nations were punished not all the nations or profits before us not all of them were punished and one of them worked and we have stories like that and sorted out often.

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We have the butt in hood know he only tells the stories of the ones that were punished.

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Aboard then the IDM told me hood algebra delissa mood algebra del Lima D and I can buy that for mood indeed may they make good rhythms for those who are for it then for who then first sorry it for it for someone who didn't format the end for them for what they did. For the Prophet Allah He started with listen to the sutra and thinking into his thinking his mind is the limit coming

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is that in the horizon, he was always scared about the liberation that coming to me. He doesn't want to be one of those prophets whose whose whose, whose people or nation were punished. So he's worried. And at the end of these stories what Gallica robbing and that is how your Lord will punish and take with the with the grasp of wrath is what he's saying here. With the grasp of His wrath, he will take the villages or the towns or the nations where he have Alima

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because they only get bigger either huddle Cora once he takes the nations which ones will hear volume and wants to press in other who indeed the grasp of His wrath, Aleem. It's painful.

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pressors when they fall, it's painful to watch.

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It's painful, the end, the end of those or presses just

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Even those who hate them look at it and say could have ended differently. I'd prefer they just cease to exist. This is painful to watch. It's painful to see someone have such strength being brought down to their knees, be put in a position where they're stripped of in the WHO Aleem on Sinead is painful and it's severe. So don't worry, no worry. Just do your part. That's all. Just do what you can in the story of the oppressor and the oppressed. Make sure you're on the right side. And make sure you do what you can to stop oppression. And don't worry about the rest of it. Don't vote Don't worry about the oppressor and what comes to them that is inevitable, that is inevitable. Allah

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subhanaw taala will not let them go. And once they are taken, they're going to be taken in a form of pain and severity, that even those who despise them the most will look at it and wish that wasn't the case. Because because of its severity, so don't worry, don't worry about that piece that's that's in God's hands. Just see what is what's in yours. What's in your there's something in your hands. There must be something in your hands. So do that. Just do that. Push that to its limits and do what you advocate to the best of your ability and stand your ground and be brave and be vocal and be strong and be confident and just do that piece. Leave that other part to Allah subhanaw taala he

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he's, he doesn't he doesn't look like them just gives them some time. That's all they'll take them eventually. Yahweh Imam Al Bukhari will Muslim couldn't be so heavy and I mean most of it you know the Allahu Anhu Karkala Nabil Sol Allahu Allah Who early was salam in Allah Allah young leader Wally Mia had either a coder who Lemieux fleet who don't matter so Allah Allah, Allah was telling them what Lika do Rob Baker, either a Hodel Cora Wahiawa Lima in the WHO le Moon Shadi you