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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker gives a brief recap of the message received fromAndrew Tate, which is about accepting Islam. He emphasizes the importance of learning about Islam and finding a way to become a strong person. He also recommends reading the Prophet's book and starting to study the Prophet's teachings.
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Salam Alaikum salam aleikum. Everyone, I have a quick message on Andrew Tate

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and his

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acceptance of Islam. If it is true, then we should be very happy, we should be very, very pleased. We should thank Allah subhanaw taala for bringing someone so influential to Islam. This helps a lot of people

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think positively about Islam. And we should also think positively a lot of people may be pointing to his past, they might be talking about the things he might have said some of the things he might have done in the past and he he had confessed to in his interviews, brothers sisters, remember when someone accepts Islam, Allah subhanaw taala wipes away their sins. They are like a newborn baby.

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This is a new beginning for them. Give them a chance. If you think about the Sahaba some of the crimes they had committed in the past, you would not even look at them today. If they were to come around in this day and age. Some of the Sahaba had buried their own children alive. Some of them were committing shirk, some of them had killed multiple people. And these people were reformed, they became the best of the best because they had a chance. They had hope in Islam. They had hope with Allah subhanaw taala. So I don't think Andrew Tate has done any of those things. Right? So those people who are pointing to his past and there's they're saying all sorts of negative things. Stop

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that. Give brother give this brother a chance. Let him come into Islam. Let him enjoy the fruits of Islam. He admires Islam, he likes Islam, it is clear from his talks and his interviews right? Let him enjoy welcoming with open arms, send him messages of love. overwhelm him with a message of support, positivity, love, compassion, gratitude, okay, all these things, because this is what Islam stands for my brothers and sisters, this is what Islam promotes. We welcome our brothers, if they want to reform if they want to change if they want to become good people if they want to spend the rest of their lives in submission to Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for them. The Prophet

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sallallahu sallam said is just through Allah to not Pharaoh. Bashir through us through Allah to zero is just 01200 Allah Tala Pharaoh, make it easy for people don't make it difficult. And give them glad tidings don't push them away. Don't dispel them. So my brothers sisters, the message to and retain is welcome to Islam my brother, may Allah bless you may Allah give you the strength to continue from strength to strength. You look like a strong guy physically and mentally. And it is not easy to accept Islam in this day and age when you come from that kind of background or male leg set from you. May Allah give you the chance to grow

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and become better and better and most importantly, start studying, start reading the biography of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam start reading the meaning of the Quran brother and I will recommend a couple of sources start reading from the seal the nectar the book called The Sealed nectar that's one of the best biographies of the Prophet Salah Salem very brief, straight to the point and based on based upon authentic sources. Also read a good translation of the Quran. Okay. Choose a good one and easy to understand for you for you and start reading and start building your knowledge and get good company. Most importantly get good company may Allah bless you. May Allah give you strength and

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all the Muslims congratulate a brother for taking this bold step. If it's true, I hope it's true and I wish it's true. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from this brother and given the friend somebody goes to law share this message everywhere. Message of Love, positivity and gratitude Assalamu alaikum and kala

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