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This information is a must know for every Muslim male and female.


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The host of a virtual reality show discusses the importance of highlighting the message of "calling people to purpose of life" to avoid false accusations of violence and violence. They also emphasize the importance of purpose of life and not just highlighting actions of individuals. The segment touches on the history of Islam, including the use of shameless interpreters and the importance of not practicing Islam. The segment also touches on the "wearing of proper clothing" and "wearing of proper clothing" problems, which affect both men and women.

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Show and we want to encourage everybody to tune in every week. And we want to encourage everybody to share our shows with the world, share with your neighbor, share with your colleagues at work your friends, your best friends, and our brothers in humanity, who don't know many the purpose of life. And if you figured out the purpose of life, you figured out the antidote for all the social ills. And Islam is that antidote that brings peace and happiness, and helps people to become the best people. But if you're not doing the dour, you're not sharing this message, then you're not doing your job. And this is what the show is all about. Gonna give you some tips on how you can answer

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some of the tough questions out there. People think that Islam oppresses women, people think that Islam is about violence and terrorizing people. So we're going to be talking about the obligation of relaying this message of calling people to only worship the Creator, not his creation, establish what God has told you to do in your life, and is nothing but good is the true purpose of life. We're going to be talking about this and why you need to be doing it. It's an obligation, it's a duty, and then some of the tough questions that might come your way, the false fallacies, clearing them out of the way, so you can deliver the true message of the pure monotheism of Islam. And then people can be

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successful and have paradise in the next life and have the avoidance of the Hellfire in the next also, and we'll be right back to talk about this and more here on the deen show.

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Salam Alaikum Peace be with

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me peace be unto YouTube. Now we're here with the president of the IR F for people who don't know much about you, they can go to your own personal section at the D That's where we have the previous shows that we've done and discussed many topics. And today, I want to talk about the obligation of calling people to purpose of life, purpose of life, not according to what me and you we discuss here, and we conjure up something and say this, which you guys should be doing. But it's something a message that was sent throughout time through all the messages of God. And it's something from the divine from the Creator, and the Muslims, those who have submitted to the one

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God, many of them, they're not sharing the message with the people, they don't feel it's an obligation. They feel like you know what, I'm not intelligent enough. In the dean, I don't have as much knowledge in the dean. Or they feel like you know what, I'll just amplify to my character, which is good, and then open their mouth, and they'll study all the other sciences the world but they don't study their religion. And now someone throws a false allegation. Islam oppresses women, Islam is barbaric, and they're like, oh, man, they changed their name from Mohammed, Mo, Fatima to Phasma or whatever. And now they just go on life and they don't do what the Lord told me to do. The

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duty of doubt. What do you guys say here? Oh, my god juggler. I would like to begin with hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam ala rasulillah. Karim Allah Allah He was heavy as mine. My bad altavilla ni*ani regime all in Ghana about come now come like wanna come

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bashira to come

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to Maha.

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Shona Casa de la hamasaki nota de la la camino la he Barcelona he was he hadn t Sabina he Patara Basu Hata to La Bamba he will La La teen rubbish probably agree with you civilly Omri melissani. Yahoo Cali. I'm about I will come with an ad and all my dear respectable viewers with Islamic greetings As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Meaning with the peace, mercy and blessings for Mighty God, Allah subhanaw taala be on all of you. You have another very important topic. You said Dawa. What is da

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da da, is an Arabic word, which means to invite in the literal meaning, it would mean an invitation. But when it comes with Islam getting attached to that word, when the word gets attached to Islam, to Koran to these, then Tao would basically mean

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inviting the non Muslims to Islam and of course, if the Muslims who are wrongly practicing Islam if you correct them according to the Quran and the Sunnah, that can also be included into Dawa. But main da da actually means inviting the non Muslims to Islam. And what is the obligation about that? On every Muslim man and woman, I would reiterate, many people think, let the women sit at home. Let the Muslim women forget all this word no. Tao is an obligation upon every Muslim man and woman. Every Muslim man, every Muslim woman has to make it their primary purpose of life. The most important reason to live in this world as a Muslim, to give the invitation of Islam to the non

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Muslims around them, the men

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need to make it their primary job, the Muslim women need to make it their primary job inviting the non Muslims to Islam, that is their primary purpose of the life. If you read the Glorious Quran, you will not find a single ayah in the Quran where Allah said to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that oh Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam if you do not perform fighting Salah, if you do not pay the car, if you do not do Hajj, if you do not do aamra if you do not do deal, just leave with your wives, if you are not good to your neighbors, Allah didn't mention any of these things to say, if you didn't do any of these, any of these things, or any one of them, you have not fulfilled the

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messenger world. But there is an art in the Quran you believe me? easy reference to remember, I tell in my public talks to the audience to memorize this reference. It's a very easy reference to remember sulaimani that is the fifth suit of the Quran surah number five, at number 67 numerically you see fifth Surah 67th at 567 come together. Fifth Surah 67th at what is the ayah Allah says yeah, you are a soul, or you Prophet sallallahu Sallam or you messenger sallallahu alayhi salam Are you message a Peace be upon you? Yeah, you are a soul. believer moundsville alaikum Arabic do the propagation of what has been revealed to you from your God propagated, preach it, proselytize it,

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promoted, proclaim it, reach out with it to the mankind bollig moundsville alaikum Arabic for inlanta URL if you do not do that, imagine what I said that nowhere in the Quran ever says, If you do not perform Salah if you do not give the sucker, no no nothing like that. But this is says if you do not do this, and if you do not do the job of propagating this message to the mankind, for inlanta Baba risala then you have not fulfilled your messenger. Allah

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will know who you are.

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If you fear anyone amongst the mankind, that they can create problems for you if you reach out to them with the message of the Quran, with the message of Islam, propagating this message if you fear anyone in the world, Allah will protect you from them. That is a promise of Allah subhanaw taala this was the main mission of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam being sent as a messenger and that is the message to entire mankind. And Allah is making sure that every Muslim does that job. Allah says in Surah number three is number one and 10. Tomorrow, Martin, you are the best of the people when Allah says

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Allah included in the mud, the Muslim men and the Muslim women. Why am I again and again saying there are some shameless and rubbish people who claim themselves to be Muslim scholars Unfortunately, they claim they are not honest scholars. They try to tell to the people, a Muslim woman need not to know every Muslim man and woman has to do Dawa. And Allah says

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you are the best of the simple Arabic. That includes the Muslim ban and the women. You are the best of the oma evolved for the mankind brought out to work for the mankind. What Tom Aruna Bill maruf you invite them to the good and of all the good things that we do. The most important good or the best is to believe in Allah subhanaw taala as the only one God, Tamura Bill Murray cotton hornell munkar and you stop the mankind from doing evil and of all the evil in the earth. Of all the evil, the dirtiest of all, is committing Shere Khan with Allah is associating partner with Allah. Allah says you are the best of the people because you invite the mankind to Allah. you forbid them from

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the evil, you invite them to the good but tominaga behind you also believe in Allah subhanaw taala and continues but armano Allah tala Kanaka Rome, it would have been very good for the Jews.

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And the Christians had to also believed in this mill mill mummy Luna of them there are a few who are believers.

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But most of them are perverted transgressors. Meaning they know that religion is important. Allah is the god Muhammad Salah Sam is truly the messenger but yet they are perverted transgressions. So it is our duty to invite these people to Islam. The word hollow in the Quran comes for about 331 times, meaning hollow Arabic word column is they say they say they say and the word called meaning you say it also occurs about 331 Times Online saying Go and tell them go and tell them

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Well, yeah, you have coffee rude, say to them, Ally's The only one say to them, oh, you disbelievers liable to matava don't I do not worship God you worship messages to be given to them? kuliah Allah kita are you people of the book? Are you Jews and the Christians? So everywhere the Quran is inviting the Muslims to go and do Dawa and I began my talk by reciting one of the most militant Ayat of the Quran, from Surah Tauba number nine number 24. And again, I'm saying some shameless interpreters. Unfortunately in the Muslim Ummah, they say, this is not for Dawa. This ad does not include the women to do Dawa. This ad does not include the children to do our No no, no, nobody said

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that. The top Mufasa Quran

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or even the Tamia the great people they said every Muslim Amati of Prophet vamos Islam is bound to do Dawa. And what is the ayah Allahu Akbar? If you read Surah Tauba surah number nine is the only surah that does not begin with a beautiful formula. Bismillahi Rahmani r Rahim. Allah is angry from at number one to add number 22 upon the non Muslims of the time of Prophet Mohammed of the Makkah city who broke a treaty with Prophet Muslim who breached a treaty allies very angry with them. Allah is waging a war against those who did who deceived you. And then from number 23 till the end of the surah. Allah is extremely angry with Muslims who do not practice Islam with Muslim men and women who

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do not strive in the way of Allah who do not do Dawa, who do not go to the non Muslims to educate them about Islam Allah is angry with them. Allah is saying these people who do not practice Islam a prophet in Surah Tauba surah, number nine number 80. Allah says, These Muslims, if you pray, who do not practice Islam perfectly, if you pray for their forgiveness, a 70 times Allah is not going to focus. So this is if you read Allah says, say to them, what is the item at number 24 Surah Tauba surah number nine called say to them appropriate say To whom? Not the non Muslims to us Muslims allies saying say to these Muslims in Canada,

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whether it be your father or your mother,

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your sons or daughters? What if one of your brothers or your sisters, what are your spouse's or your husbands? What I see

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your relatives or your friends bombard Lunesta, or the wealth that you have amassed for yourself, deposited for yourself in your own deposits of the banks. But the direct interaction okasada or the businesses that you deal in, or the jobs that you do the government jobs, the private jobs the private businesses for Masaki, notre Donna are the homes in which you delight to live are the countries in which you love to live. He things Allah said your mother and your father, your children, your brothers or your sisters, your husbands or your wives, your relatives or your friends, the wealth that you have amassed for yourself, your businesses, your homes, or your country

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is where you love to live. If you think these eight things, if you love these eight things, buy like a pilot come in a la he Barcelona he bought jihad in feasibility. If you love these eight things, more than a lot more than moments also make doing gr in the way of a line Believe me. I'm in the United States of America. When I say jihad, I don't mean bombing the Twin Towers. No, no. When Allah says jihad, Allah means jihad, when there is no war. The jihad is to go to the people and preach Islam to talk to them about Islam. This is jihad in Islam, Jihad means is from the root word, Shahada to strive for the god to strive against the evil that you do by educating and at times when

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it is required when a government of the country of a Muslim country has the right to involve not every any individual Muslim, not a group of Muslims coming together and deciding, let's go ahead and bomb blast. Let's go and commit a suicide bomb blast. No, no, no, not this way, in a proper way when the government's involved when there is a united Muslim leader who takes the decision that now it's time that we fight a war against evil, then it's okay but otherwise the jihad is to propagate Islam through the Quran Allah says in Surah Furqan surah number 25 at number 62 do jihad al Kabira meaning do

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Jihad using the Quran that is the Tafseer of the iron. So Allah says if you love these eight things, your father and your mother, your children, your brothers and your sisters, your wives or your husband's your relatives or your friends, your wealth that you have amassed your businesses in which you deal your homes in which are the countries in which you love to live if you love these three, eight things, more than Allah moments Islam and doing jihad in the way of Allah striving in the way of Allah, Fatah Basu then wait it's a warning wait for what

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I had to call in unless Allah brings a CV or punishment upon you. And Allah does not get a perverted transgressor. We're gonna we're gonna take a break and we right back with more here on today's show.

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He's that you say that you're not believe in Jesus, you have stepped outside of Islam, you cannot be a Muslim is a tenant our faith to believe in love Jesus Christ.

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He is the Why is it then when it comes to one of the most important decisions in life? Literally abuse ourselves. It's not that the main thing we're looking forward to see what type of money he has so that he can treat my daughter like a princess. It's not about that.

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Back here on the deen show with the president of the IR F.

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And we're talking about the obligation, the duty of doubt. There's a verse in the Quran maybe you can also expand on this in the Surah Al Baqarah, where Allah the Almighty is also talking about those who they conceal the knowledge

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after it's been made clear to him. So if you already know that, look, Islam is the truth. Islam provides the proof is a solution for all the social ills. It tells people what the purpose of life is, it talks about where they're going when they die, what they need to be doing in this life so they can be successful and have paradise in the next and you're holding us back, that a lot of curse will curse you and the angels will curse you and those who curse. Is this true? Very true, of course. See, when Allah subhanaw taala gave the Quran to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the other read from Jeremiah surah. Number five, at number 67. Allah made it clear. If you do not

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propagate this message, then prophet you have not completed your messenger would you have not been honest to your messenger would imagine the seriousness of Allah subhanaw taala asking them to convey the message because all the messages that came before the Quran, like Torah does the Buddha were meant only for the Bani Israel. They were not meant for the mankind, they were meant only for the children of Israel. If you read the Torah, you read the Zulu, the injil. You see Jesus Christ might be peace be upon him and Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five, verse number 17. He says very clearly, that I have not come to break the law the prophets have come to fulfill meaning the Torah.

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If you read the Gospel of Matthew, step number 10, verse number five and six, he is instructing his disciples not to go into the entire world, but go only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. So these messages that came before Quran for only for the people of the time, and for that particular time period, only to that nation for those prophets, but Allah sent Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as a messenger to the entire universe, if you read through it, so number 21. At number seven, Allah said, wa salam ala aalameen we sent you not but as a mercy to the whole of the universe. If you read surah savasana number 34 is number 28. Allah said

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that Prophet mama says Salaam mama or sanaka Allah Catalinas, we sent you not but to the mankind illa bashira one to zero as giving them black tidings and warning them but most of the mankind understand this not then if you read the Quran Allah says in Surah Baqarah surah number two at number 185 shahara Ramadan Allah de una gran, Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed Khuda leanness, it is a guidance to the whole of humanity, a bay and Athena hood oven for Han. It's a clear guidance and a criterion a for Han to judge between right and wrong, when unless it to the whole mankind. Then who are the believers in the Quran, the Muslims of the believer in the Quran?

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Now how will the remaining mankind know about it? So it's the duty who have believed in it, to propagate it to other others the prophets of Allah Islam in a hurry since al Bukhari volume number four, this number 667 in the old edition inside ballyhoo Annie Bala if you know one thing about me convey to others there are some Muslims who give an excuse. Well, I don't have the knowledge, how can I go about it? The Prophet is making you eligible every Muslim man and woman the Prophet is saying, if you know one thing can wait. A Muslim cannot be a Muslim, unless he knows three things minimum. If he doesn't know these three things, he is a non Muslim, to become a Muslim. He has to

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know and believe in these three things. The first is he has to know Allah is the only one God second he has to know that vamos ism is the last and final Nabil and Rasul the last and final prophet and messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. The third thing is

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He has to know that what is the 100% verbatim word of Allah subhanaw taala it is predicted by Allah. No changes have occurred in it and till Fiamma, it is the book of guidance to the whole mankind no other book will come. If he doesn't know these things. He's a non Muslim, then he has to know. And the Prophet is saying, you know, one thing propagated to others, the five pillars of Islam Sahil Bukhari volume number one, Hadith number eight, all edition Hadees number seven, the prophet said boonville Islamic Allah comes in Islam is based on five fundamentals, Shahada, tienen, la la la dama de la, you see, what is the first principle, Shahada and so Muslims translated it read lai lai La

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MaMa, no, no, no, the Hadith is Shahada Arabic word Shahada means to bear witness, what does bear witness mean? To those who do not know you have to bear witness in the court of law. Witness comes because the judge who is going to give the judgment, the judge does not know what judgment he has to give, because he was not there at the scene of the crime or the scene of the issue. So the witness, the witness comes and says, I am the witness to this issue. We Muslims have been made the witness in the Quran in surah baqarah surah. Number two is number 143. Number 22 is number 78. Allah said we are the witness to the mankind. And the Prophet is saying, you bear the witness, give the witness to

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them, what witness that there is no god except Allah. And Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Allah is a meaning of the five pillars, Shahada, Salah psalms that often has, the very first pillar of Islam is Dawa, to the non Muslims, it is more important than Salah.

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Unfortunately, we Muslims aren't doing it. Very sad part, to take a break. And we'll be back to wrap it up here on the show to you the truth and the attribute of the one who created you that he's one and alone, running this universe, that he doesn't become bored, he doesn't die, he doesn't eat and then go to the bathroom. This is not God. problems here. Yeah, this This doesn't make sense. Who is Jesus worshipping? recorded in the gospels? And despite all of the other issues about the Gospels, we put those aside. It's mentioned there that Jesus, worship God

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from hunger back here on the deen show, wrapping up, we only got a few more minutes. And I just want to ask you a few more questions. You mentioned that, that that dow was is more important and you mentioned is that true than prayer and fasting and all the evidence that the prophet SAW some in the first pillar of Islam he said Shahada, Allah, Allah, that'd be called Shahada is to bear witness to others not

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without acknowledging that there is no god but the one God is no deity worthy of worship Allah

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is the first pillar of Islam Shahada about giving witness about this. So it's very well understood that non Muslims is more important than

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Yeah, what about the woman? She might say no. So

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she will think that Okay, then how do I go up to a man and give him down? Very important question. Yes. When I say women have to do Dawa, the most important thing that women should remember is, a woman will do Dawa only amongst the women, unless men It is very important and there is no other solution left that except she has to, for a time temporarily, once or twice interact with, with a man she would just interact and immediately try to guide the man to the Muslim die is the Muslim men who are the dies. And the Muslim man would do the same thing. When he's doing Dawa. He cannot do it individually to a woman. If he feels there is a woman who is in need, he will try to guide that

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woman to the Muslim women to understand it. But a Muslim woman cannot be stopped saying no, no, you sit at home, do the homework. You don't come out you shouldn't come out this is all rubbish. So this is every man and woman need to do it clarify. Yes, the woman should be the reason. The reason for that is if you read the Quran, in Surah Mahal surah number 16 at number 97 in Surah. A as option number 33 as number 35, Allah subhanaw taala has given conditions that anybody who does good deeds whether man or woman, they will get the great reward. Woman woman a man of the woman woman she asked was last time she said the Quran speaks so much about the favors of the men. But what about the

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women? Allah reveals to her as Apsara number 33 is number 35. to console the women and say in the Muslim in our Muslim art, whether that is a Muslim man or a woman, woman man or a woman a woman 10 categories of good men and good women are given in the Quran in Surah Surah number 33 at number 35 Allah said both of them will get the equal reward in general. Yeah, we got to keep these short now we're out of time to tell us but just just a couple more things really in brief tell us for the individual because I said we're going to give some some tips and the time is so short. I'm sure you can elaborate on this for so long for the people who are out there and they are very timid because

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things allegations

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thrown in a movie just give one practical example they say for the woman, but see another woman comes and says, look, Islam presses woman and now she's like, I only wear this job. Oh, yeah, because of my parents. So this is a perfect opportunity to give Dawa to clear up that sort of conceptual basis and explain it slightly to give us a practical example, one minute, one minute. Absolutely. You see one thing in Hinduism, two in Hinduism, Hindu as a religion, if you read request, book number 18, number 33, verse number 19. It commands the women in Hinduism, to bring their feets closer to look down and to cover themselves from the head to the toe. If you read the

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Bible, the Bible says in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 22, was number five, that a woman shall not dress like a man, a man shall not dress like a woman. And if you see the Jewish women, the religious Jewish women, they look so close to the Muslim woman, they are always covered. It's very nice to see they are dressed very modestly. If you look at the portraits of Mother Mary, she is never dressed like a Western woman of the modern time in a bikini or in skirts or minis. She is dressed completely like a Muslim woman. If you look at the nuns going to the church, you will find them coming from the head to the toe. Back in India in my country, Mother Teresa, she won the Nobel

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Prize. And she was always covered from the head to the toe, men, the non Muslim women cover from the head to the toe, they become religious woman, women, nothing is separation. They are very God pious women, Muslim women when the problem comes now. And the second is psycho psychiatry, and the psychologists say, the dress code, it affects the behavior of the opposite sex towards the one who is wearing the clothes. Unfortunately, when the western women started wearing less clothes, the rate of crime against the women increased in these countries. If you analyze the statistics, unfortunately, I'm very, I really feel very happy that America is a country where honest statistics

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are put forward for academic research. If you read the statistic for the year 2000 in America by the National Crime victimization survey, Bureau Report, Bureau of Justice Department by the US State Department it says every two minutes in the US a woman was raped. Can you imagine that? In 2001, the same National Crime victimization survey reported says 84,000 women were raped in one year, which is about 230 women being raped per day. Can you imagine that figure? So mostly the psychiatrists feel that this is happening because of an improper dress code? That is one of the reason I'm not saying psychologists are saying yes, I'm not saying not all psychologists, that is how it's popular. But of

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course, I just could please, the person might say, all the women who don't wear proper dress or aren't red, I don't mean to say that. I never say that every woman who wears a dress, which is less is an immodest woman completely. But the dress code affects the opposite sex, it can attract an unwise uninvited guests towards you in a wrong sense. So it's better to models because every religion is promoting a modest dress code. You see, the crime rate goes down when the women are properly dressed up. It's not sufficient Muslim women when they wear the hijab, nobody forces them. They read the Quran, they understand it. Allah says in Surah Surah Surah number 24. At number 30,

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Allah said to the man to lower the gate, and guard their modesty. Then in Iraq number 31. Allah says in Surah Surah number 24, that the woman shall cover her bosoms shall not show off the beauty that appears, except they're off, and she shall not go out without covering herself, if you did for sure. Number 33 is number 59. Allah says, Oh Prophet, Mama Salam say to your wives, to your daughters and the believing women to cover themselves from the head to the toe. jilbab is the Arabic word used jilbab means to cover from the head to the toe. So some people some Muslim women also sometimes ask and fortunately, the feminists, Muslim women they asked, you see what he got doesn't come in the

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Quran. jilbab is a senior category of job jilbab needs to cover from the head to the toe, and it by default includes the job and gilbart means to cover the dress you have already warned. And this is a natural phenomena, if they do it, it's for the betterment. It's there in every religion. It's not just that Islam says so. And Islam never put it on a woman as I said. In fact, his Quran became the first book on the face of the earth, religiously, which gave rights to inheritance to the women. If you read Surah Nisa surah number four at number seven to 911 to 13 at number 33 of Surah Nisa, you will find that Allah gave rights of inheritance to the women, which were never there in any religion

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before. If you read the Bible, in the book of Leviticus chapter number 12, verse number one to five it says, If a girl child is born, the mother is impure for 14 days If a boy child is born only for seven days unscientific and degradation of women Book of Genesis chapter number three, verse number 16. It says that the labor pain of the delivering mother is a punishment to her from the God for what he

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Did in the original sin degradation of women. If you read the book of Numbers, step number five, verse number 11, to verse number 31. A bitter water test is given that if a husband has a doubt, upon his wife, on her chastity, she would take her to the priest, the priest would bring some water, dip the woman in it, and if the woman the water doesn't pick up bitter, she's fine, unscientific test degradation of women. First Corinthians set number 11, verse number five and six of the Bible in the New Testament, it says, if the woman doesn't want her hair on the head to be shown off, she feels ashamed of that. Let her keep her hair covered when worshipping the God. So when worshipping

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the god you want to be covered, Islam says Muslim woman, when she's walking on the road in the right way, she is worshiping the god worshipping of God in Islam is not in the Muslim alone. Every action that a Muslim man and woman does, according to Quran and Sunnah is worshipping Allah subhanaw taala by default, and if you read Second Timothy, chapter number one to verse number 12 to 14 it says, a woman shall not dress immodestly shall not wear ornaments to show off, you'll see it's so close to Islam. Yeah, so close to Islam. So we got to gain the knowledge. I would like to put one statement ad very important statement, when V Muslims are saying wear hijab. We are not trying to be anti

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West. We are not anti West. We are trying to tell the western people, your women, we respect them like our sisters. We don't want the criminals in the society to wrongly feast at your sister who is assisted to us also, being the children of Adam and Eve. Thank you very much. We're out of time. We gotta go. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Thank you, God Almighty, the creator, Lord you.

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And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. You got to gain the knowledge you got to sit and take the time, you should be the best at whatever you do. But don't neglect your duty in life. And that duty comes from the owner of Life, the One God the Creator of all that exists. So he calls us to share the purpose of life with mankind you saw we just gave you one example how easy it is to clear this false information that's out there. And one example is about the oppression of women easily explained and easily the truth has made clear and then you can go ahead and explain the pure monotheism is Islam, the day of judgment, accountability in this life, the reward of Paradise

00:32:26--> 00:32:38

Hellfire, and the simple message of Islam to worship the one creator and not his creatures, not his creation and to do good deeds. We'll see you next time inshallah. God willing until then, peace, unity.