Will Palestine Issue Cause Islamic Radicalism?

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Look, guys, I just to end this is very important, as you saw there, there's not really there's not really a case anyone can make unless they want to talk about archeological findings. But the point of the matter is this is hypocrisy at the highest level. It is a double standard at the highest level when you have groups of people in the West neoconservatives Oh, right, wherever you want to call them, who actually support the State of Israel. And they call for process of normalization. with Israel, you have even Muslims voting Democrat, because Joe Biden is apparently better than his alternative. Well, actually, he's not. In fact, those Muslims who voted for him should be ashamed of

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themselves, knowing that he would be someone who supports this course. I say very clearly, that we should not vote for any of the political parties today. Labor, Democrat Democrats, the Muslims should withhold their vote. Because you know why? I'm not saying because voting is covered or voting is shift or that we don't believe in this. But what we are saying is this, if we the Labour Party in this country, knows that Muslims will vote for them. They don't have to have to work for it. They don't even have to work for it. The Democrats are pretty confident that Muslims are gonna vote for it. They don't even have to work for it. But we see the fact that the Democrats, the Democrats, Joe

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Biden is saying that had a state of Israel not being there, we'd had to invent one.

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This was his name sama. Yeah, I guess first name? What's his last name? Yeah, he is. Kiss thumb on it. Yeah, this this fool. He actually is assigned is my zone confession. And he actually canceled one of the meetings he had with Muslim organization, because they're pro Palestine. This guy is no different from what you have in the Conservative Party. Therefore, I say this clearly today. In addition to the social media policies that we have in directives, we should condemn those parties, the Labour Party and the Democrat Party, we should withhold our phones, we should never give them a vote because they are supporting this the wrong side on this on the struggle. We can't be selfish

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enough to care about welfare benefits or JSA, whatever you guys, Will our communities like in this country welfare state, at the expense of our brothers and sisters in Palestine being bombed with the blessing of the likes of Joe Biden, and stahma. We cannot vote for these parties. We cannot we must make make them work for if they want us they have to be very clear on this issue is a red line for the Muslim community. The Palestine issue is a red line for the Muslim community. And I say this once and I'll say again, we will come campaign against all political parties, which do not candidly condemn the Palestine issue. And we are becoming a major demography here, we'll find in the 2021

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census, now we're approaching the 10% mark. So you mess around with 10% of the vote that in the current state will make or break an election, and they know it based on first past the post system. So we are actually an important player in the voting. And what we will say is we will withhold our votes, we will withhold it. If you as a political leader, are treating the Muslim community and the Palestinian community in the way that you're doing. And we will withhold our votes. I will condemn Joe Biden and condemn all of those who've campaigned on his behalf from the Muslim community as well. And they should they should look again, at the strategies in America, the Diaspora because

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it's a wrong strategy. This idea of Muslim you've completely warped it and destroyed it. Where it's Bara, where you don't believe in that Bora Bora.

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metaball Dude, I mean, do like a foreigner become Bane. No Aveda como la da, da.

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Hot that took me Nabila.

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That's what Abraham said, We are this associated with you know, Quran Chapter 16 verse seven.

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I love what you believe in California, because we just believe in you well by the Bay in an hour baina como la da, da, da, and between us is just enmity and hate. We say this to design the state. There's nothing but emnity. And hate between us, we hate you. And we love to hate you. And in fact, we just like, you know, I shall say something. I read his book, begin Mahayana, beginner whatever his name is. It's called the revolt. And he says in the beginning, how much he hates the Palestinians and how he is a good thing. Well, you know what, we hate you too. And it's a mutual hate. There's reciprocity. We hate you to to that scientists that are bombing the children and

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killing them and making people suffer. And not even by the way, they're not even offering compensation. Have you thought about that? If they think about that, they've killed so many people, 266 of them. 30% children, 20% women, 75% women, children as civilians. You've killed hundreds of people and you don't even want to compensate them.

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destroyed buildings and you don't even want to rejuvenate them. Don't rebuild the infrastructure that shows that you are targeting them on lung. What do I do? What What do I assume of people? Who know if you press a button 75% civilians will die, including 30. Children? Would you press that button? If one line think about that question for a second, those Israeli margarines, criminals, armies, when they were pressing the button to detonate and kill the children, imagine knowing that when I press this button, I have a 30% chance of killing a child. And they do it. And they do it knowing that and in fact, they've killed 2000 such children in the last 10 years. You know, you're

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gonna kill children. It's not fighting, that's not fighting. You're punishing. You're punishing a military military group

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with killing children. Because you know why at the show, I don't care what anyone says. They think because these are Palestinian children. They're as good as cockroaches. They are as good as animals. Our like, I don't even believe that. Well, I believe if they saw a dog being killed it feel more sorry for that dog. And they can feel sorry for the children of Palestine. If they saw a cat being killed, they would feel sorry for that cat being killed not and they would not feel sorry. They'll feel happy and joy as they parade and enjoy seeing the children. Oh, we're not gonna forget it just because of the sea fire. What do you mean ceasefire? You've killed 266 people. We're gonna continue

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shouting at the top of our lungs. And we are going to continue putting pressure on you. We have a lot of people here with 50 million Muslims in Europe who just think you are? Well, like, Who do you think you are? Don't ever think that we're going to remain quiet with too big a number. Few says we're gonna be one of every three people and 50 years. You're gonna can't get rid of us. There's no genocide that can deal with us. No nuclear weapon can get rid of us. We're in every city in the world.

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Not only are we in every city in the world, now in the age of technology and the internet and social media, we are going to be influencing every city in the world. And we are going to be dealing with oppression that you want to exact upon us.

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I tell you one thing, what light and let everybody hear this.

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us the Muslim leaders so called Muslim influentials, the scholars, the clerics, they say, look, you need to find out why there's a radicalization problem. Why there are people blowing themselves up why there are seven seven why there was 911 why there is the Manchester bombing. Why, why why

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Osama bin Laden,

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when he wrote his footwork in the early 2000s. The first thing he used as ammunition for his jurisprudential position was the Israel Palestine conflict.

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The first thing he used he mentioned in to such was he wrote to us, he used the as row Palestine conflict.

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And he said the fact that America is supporting Israel means that they are complicit in that crimes, and they are killing all civilians, and therefore we should don't kill this evidence. That's the argument. Do you want to know what the al Qaeda argument is? is that there is the argument that killing our civilians, therefore, let's kill this? Tell me the difference between the argument and the lukin argument? Tell me the diff the material difference between the argument and the ISIS the ISIS or the Israeli argument is Israeli saying they're throwing rockets are tossed at detonating bombs. Therefore we need to bomb devils, densely populated areas.

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We need to kill the civilians collateral damage.

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That's what they're trying to do as well. So some of in London uses this as ammunition. And when you have weak words, fumbling the static

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words from world leaders like Joe Biden, saying that Israel has the right to defend itself. You are putting your own populations at danger, You foolish people by saying that some fool now, some Muslim, hyper zealous fool will take your words and then contradistinction juxtapose it, contrast it, change it, analyze it, and in cooperation with they will compare it with the words of Joe Biden. And what that narrative does. That political narrative, it gives complete currency to the terroristic position, the radical Muslim position, then, don't come to us and say, why are you not D radicalizing these people we're trying to de radicalize them and tell them actually, we don't

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believe in killing women and children in any circumstance. Because the Prophet said this and the Prophet said that in the Quran,

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As the Quran says, but when emotions get into the picture, our argument, which is a rational and textual and jurisprudential argument will not be as strong as the emotional argument of the terrorists, and you're making their argument stronger by fighting with Israel. So don't be shocked to find some dumb guy, some monstrous Muslim but blows himself up in the next couple of weeks.

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Don't Don't be I'm not gonna be shocked. If I see that I'm gonna expect it. I'm not going on trains, you're putting your populations in danger, you're putting us in danger by not taking a firm stance, because they've said okay, we're gonna trade on to honor civilians, we're gonna kill your civilians as well. So alliances, say

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the leaders of this country and the leaders of the West have a duty to their own populations.

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And to us

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to make that position clear, don't have double standards when it comes to terrorism do not because that will make the world a more dangerous place. And we're looking for world peace. We're looking for a situation where we've got nuclear weapons, 7 billion people, we can't handle this stuff anymore.

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So this is why I say

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okay, and therefore, I conclude.

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Well, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. My voice is almost gone.

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Yeah, yeah. I used to eat no