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The speakers discuss the struggles of addiction and the origin of Islam in Syria. They also talk about the negative impact of the controversial topic of the time, including negative impacts on mental health and mental health. The speakers mention the use of language during conversations and the controversy surrounding the controversial topic of the time. They also discuss the negative impact of the controversial topic on people's mental health and mental health.

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Hello Pamela Hamer hamdulillah hiragana Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know Habibi now Mohammed you know early he also heavy a Gemini you know but

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you know him and Hadith on on slavery he or jihadi he is sort of Lohani on your side of your system. Today I'm going to talk about his perseverance and his Jihad out of your salatu salam putting them together, because I don't have enough time actually to, to separate them and they to a certain degree are very similar. Patience is how you react to something that bothers you momentarily. And Sloboda is how you continue to work despite the existence of that which bothers you and Jihad is how you strive against it. And

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patients how you deal with it when it actually occurs. Your reaction, although it's how you put up with it as you continue your journey and Jihad is how you strive against it. So this is how the three things are a little bit different. I'm not sure if that makes sense. He says to find out what to auto call who. You are Lizzy Zilla Lee, he's the CRO, in Nicola Majnoon. And they said, Oh, the one whose revelation or reminders have been revealed to him indeed, you're insane.

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And he goes through the Quran, you'll find it documenting the different names they called him out of here salatu salam, they call them a Scheid, which in a cotton

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sorcerer or priest of some sort,

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they call them was noon, sane or mad.

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Lot of slurs that they use describe him Salah Hadees, like you said to him in the Quran, oh, is it his response was the first bead KML Sabella gewoon ISIS meme in a row slowly, while at the start you alone, to perseverance just like the mighty prophets of God showed perseverance before you would Yeah, he do killer he hochkar jihadi he, and then strive for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala the way Allah deserves to be strived for his sake.

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During the time, this is probably the easiest topic to talk about. Because it doesn't really it's not really specific examples. His whole life out of his thought was that I was just sober. And that was his life

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was almost immune, but you're in between two states, either you're in a state of sober or you're in a state of sugar, there's really no third state to be in either your things aren't going well, meaning you have a little bit of bliss. So you show gratitude for that which you have. Or it's difficult, though you persevere. And there's really no nothing. There's no third option of audience law to set up for the majority of his life, the majority of their life that we find if you hired somebody he was he was he was persevering audio. So it was hard because things were very difficult for him

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in every field of his life, in every way.

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So if you look at his life out of your saw two assignments, just it's just whether you zoom out and look at his life in general, or you kind of zoom in, it doesn't really make much of a difference. The period where he was in Mecca, where they were persecuting the Muslims.

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They would actually spend people to stand on the outskirts of Mecca during seasons where people judge would clamp would come or people would enter Mecca. And they would tell them before they entered to be where

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the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and he will use certain ways to describe him, and the story of the prevailing Amara dosi Well, the Allah Han, who was the head of DOS, were accepted Islam actually, before Abu Huraira did years before Abu Huraira of the Lord who did

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he was on his way to Mecca and to fill it tells a story. And he says we're going to Roger and Libby been the Hekmat in a demon was a person I had intellect I was.

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I was wise i I was, I was someone who very well versed in the world of literature. I studied, I like unlike a lot of people.

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But I'm dado by Louis Vuillaume operation. Beware the boy of courage. So Allah, Allah, Allah and that's how they described him. They will describe him as he was, as they were entering watch out for this boy. He's a he's a man in his 40s Allah His salatu salam, but this is how they're describing him. I know you're weak. I became it. He healed yo, yo, yo, enchant you with his words. But if you hold the phone any hotter or too cold

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they kept on his fear making me scared of him and bringing fear but actually took cotton and he shoved it in my ears. I didn't want to hear it. Right to you, Sally or Anna autofill cabin. I saw him once and he was praying and I was going around the club. A call to failure. See the people who said he was going to fail? Are you insane? What are you doing putting cotton in your ears? To hold the phone up? Can you tell him that you're scared of words? What is this? So it takes us it takes the cotton out. I got it. What am I doing? He's what is this? I've heard the shadow of every of every living thing. So I'm here to Seattle in Seattle, Elgin

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the poetry of human beings of gender, make a difference of what he said.

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So he would go around the cabin making throw off and every time he came close to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he was slowed down. Then he would kind of jog his way around and they come close to the Prophet and he's gonna slow down to hear him. Imagine that he had testimony you look at me to Mr. Alexander our TV, he kept on listening until he got interested in then after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was done. He asked you about his teachings. So Masha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Muhammad Abdullah Zulu, and then he actually accepted his travel the Allahu Anhu went back to his people, and he would send him on a hillside to send on people like Brahma as Dean Lumad was a man

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who performed the rakia

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and claimed to remove gender and all this stuff. They came to the Prophet Allah saw to us around the because people sent him as a way to kind of anybody bother him who sent them to the Prophet audio saw those that I'm telling him this person is Ill see if you can, if you can fix him or if you can grant him Shiva Lumads would go to the Prophet Allah your SelectUSA name, so yeah, I didn't kinda didn't. I mean Jinyan omen. I mean, I've seen hobbies that if you are harmed by some wicked spirits, or if there's a genuinely let me know, the rough ideas I had was that I was listening to this gentleman speak to him about that, in that hamdulillah him now who want to stay in you know, who

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want to study he was still a pharaoh who wanted me to be here when I thought what kind of ally what I shall do Allah, Allah or God either Allah you're not fooled. So dumb and said, say that again, please write in Al Hamdulillah. He's not gonna do when it's time when he was done. Caller ID Allah yanapuma Just one more time repeated

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30 times, McCollum asked me to be heard on public. Hola, he Mahathir bicolor. Imogen. I never heard this before. This is not someone who was ill. My acabado What exactly do you wish that you claim? The Prophet Allah use? AutoSum explained it for Karla shadow under either the law or niqab who also who has the law who accepted Islam in the eyes of the Prophet it was so it was just with the impact of the words that we

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love ourselves to sleep with. The moment of your mind starts just

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like the story I told on the weekend. Welcome to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam made offers and offer him what is it that you want, you want sovereignty, you want status, you want wealth, you want women you need?

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Doctors, what do you need? The prophet Isaiah saw to us and this is someone who's meeting you breed. Alayhis Salam is someone who sees Jibreel and speaks as you breed and you went to them and

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spoke to Allah subhanaw taala and they sit there with Elementor and they're coming in offering him money and doctor and status and stuff like that. So Allah Allah sabio Salam example of aqua demo out, for example, the walkabout is when examples of the people who are persecuted the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he would come to him.

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He's praying in front of the cabinet. And he was wearing something similar on the water that people have on their heads. So you would take it off and the Hadith in the body, don't my Aloha, I would love to hear your thoughts and he would put it around the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his neck and he would twist it, but they are spot on the videos of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah pertains to the Prophet and I fall to his knees, like he's praying out of your sight to survive and this man does this. And he would basically pull until the Prophet couldn't stand up anymore and he couldn't breathe, he would fall to the ground until someone came and removed aucuba from from doing that, you

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would be praying or your thoughts and Hadith and Muslim whether it be making sujood and occupies waiting for him to make sujood once he makes Jude TB Salah Jesu, instead AlJazeera is the intestines of a freshly slaughtered animal. And he would come and he would pour it on the Prophet it gets twisted, I'm just heading back. And then a prophet Allah is going if he gets up it's going to you know basically open and just fill his so it would stay in sujood until someone noticed him until his daughter Vidyalaya Xena and another way spalting would come to him either you saw to a salmon remove it off his head southern lights I would say them and make dua

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another narration for Akbar is that in their own story when the Prophet is still the Prophet it is not separate from Dawa and Akbar was very close to accepting Islam he came very close like right at the verge of accepting Islam in the verses and sort of a con speaker hope that speak of him your My audible volume ID here we are a 20 202 hour suit he said the layaway letter. Later Neelam definitely learned and hollyland aka the Uber learning and Zicree nada is journey talks about awkward because listen to his friend would you had come back from from a trip and they told him by the way your friend is Yaniv hanging out with Muhammad and he's very close to seems like he's it seems like he's

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he's left if the dean of your of your father's Baba would go into Akbar and tell him I will not speak to you until you go and spit in the faces of the prophets of Allah on your side we will send them some narration say that he actually did it so Allah Allah you are yourself a person like Ebola without the prophet Ali assaults on his family where he has nothing to do. It's one thing when someone outside of your your vicinity or outside of what represents you as a person

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And persecutes you is different when it comes from family it's very it's very harmful

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it's very hard to deal with when it's coming from family because your family what do you do? What do you got to say anything about them? You say something negative about them you're saying something negative about yourself so in Syria they say that for the harlequin like there's nothing whatever what are you gonna say it's your family. So when the Prophet saw some guides on the on the Mount of Safa and started to explain or or announced Islam for the first time, was about to commence in Jubilee. J. Chu. New redo and Uriarra Alikum upon McClinton most of the day if I told you there was a army coming behind this mountain this little hill here he would you believe me? If I do my job now

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I let you go I can't even talk to you never you never known you ever lie ever before. So you will say adios lottosend For Nina zero lagoon millionaire they either had been shredded and you started explaining. I brought you a warning from Allah subhanaw taala and teaching so he would say to buy liquor to me and he has a German accent and he would curse them. So Allah your thought was that you would use like profanity to speak to him? What is he going to say? So it gets done out of your stilettos that says nothing. And he has a feast he brings his family Alia salatu salam he wants to talk to him about his day. He stands up before he gets to say anything to him stands up and started

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speaking. Hold his tongue. silence him using phrases like shut him up. He will bring you nothing but shame and embarrassment out of his thoughts and I'm gonna

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let it go and finish the food and send them home. What is he going to say? It's his uncle. He will be walking down the streets. He has a lot twisted. I'm trying to perform Dawa. I wouldn't have this behind him. Telling him this is he's a liar. He's insane. Leave him alone. Hold on. I'm who I be He is uncle knows me knows him best. He wouldn't even turn to him out of audio. So I don't have to say anything was gonna say just uncle did nothing for him to say.

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It would have his wife who Jimmy would bring her garbage in the morning. And she would throw it in the in the front yard of the profit audio slot those around his house. It would come out of his house out of your thoughts and there's garbage everywhere. And he knows who's doing it. Oh, yeah. Oh, my Jamil IUGR. In Haida what type of neighbor leave behavior is this. You don't like what I'm doing? Understandable. But this is not how neighbors you would pick it up out of your sight. And put it away. If you're walking down the street with one of his daughters out of here saw twisted I mean a person a random person would pick up

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a handful of sand and dirt and throw it into space out of here salatu salam as he and he was done to take a moment and it felt

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magical to me Okay, Jude Hassan malaria DOB I will stand there and I would help him clean his beard from all the dirt and the sand that was thrown in his face out of here. So don't twist it on your quarterly lie than el gouna. You don't be don't be sad, my daughter, then Allah has also done a Berkey your Allah subhanaw taala grants your father a success at some point, just

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be patient. And you start to ascend on the day of hunt duck, for example, if you just take again, and you can take any you can point at any aspect of any part of his life. And I can tell you a bunch of stories of your sober of his perseverance and his geodata he saw us continuously doing his job regardless of what was going on around him. For example, they have conduct as they are digging the trench out of your soul out there. He divided them into into groups, just 60 groups of 25. And I just thought to somebody go around, motivating each group all day, that's all he did for 15 hours a day, you'd go spend 1015 minutes with each group, trying to motivate them and make sure that they're

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doing their job. And the way he would do the earliest thought was me they would go down into the trench and he would carry you'd carry the success the different jobs obviously those who who dig and those who have to take the rubble, put it on their backs and go up the trench and get rid of it and go down again. That's obviously much more difficult because you have to climb with with rocks and sand and a sack over your back. And that's when he would do it Consolata was

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hacked a lotta terrazzo

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dust and dirt was covering from his head to his toes out even though my laptop white Japanese seller had told him the whole and then for the rest of the day that he wasn't working. It would stand on the Mount of salad or looking at the at the trench to make sure that it was actually being dug properly. audio sounds I'm taking an overview of it. What do I Aisha but my accounting i know i mean daily What do I mean? I know how the Illa kalila the only slept a little bit maybe a little bit of the day and a little bit of the night there was no time. But either

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way all men numb and one day he actually he was in her house and he fell asleep on purpose. I mean I told her who will please don't mess me up to who to whom public. And he was he was sleeping so deeply to the point where I could hear his heavy breathing didn't snore audio so it was me his life in general. But you could hear his heavy breathing allele slot was suddenly the inside for some reason would come to the house

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come to the house and he would give sedans and the private videos on the wakeup as it was wrong side.

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Nothing's wrong whenever I tell you to

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centromeric I came to g7

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go to the trencher side so literally what do you want us to literally go to the trench into the hole HF Amma Yanni from a photographer to Holly side, I've never forgiven side for that day, I'll never forgive him for how he scared him and woke him up out of your slaughter was when he was putting you to sleep is just an example of 90 Maybe one snapshot of of one of those words he was in it earlier. So it was

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on the day of Voyager is one of my favorite stories, there was only enough camels or horses

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for each three to be on one. So you can't get all three on a horse or a camel, you'll kill it if you're gonna go for a couple of 100 kilometers. So the way you would they would do it is that you would walk two thirds of the

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distance and you would you would ride a third of the distance. So the probability of slaughter was that I was paired up with a leaving column and about a third of emails that are the Allahu anha and both of them were strapping young men back in their mid 20s. Very, very strong in metal that his job, his job back at the beginning of the Hijra. His job was to go from Medina to Mecca and bring people like he would bring them that was his job like to smuggle them outside of from Mecca for hijo because they were too weak or didn't have wealth or they just didn't have the physical traits to get out of Mecca. He that was his job he would go and he was secure people from Mecca to Medina and I

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leaned up on him literally ran from Mecca to Medina like he slept into Prophet alayhi salatu salam his bed and then he was done he just ran to Medina he ran 400 kilometers until he got there within a day or two very capable young men who looked at each other like and he refine it will be okay so yeah didn't even have to talk about it like I said you also Allah look up and never Sheena honey I don't worry you you right will will walk the call Allah is a No Ma and tumor b alpha il LGD mini b l IG Leeming Kuma no no you don't need the you're less than you don't need the agenda more than I do. Nor do I need the you're less than you do. So no I did I walk my my portion you ride your abortion.

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I felt like Eva, he was very inconsistent on either side to assume that you will, you will ride denial that they have visura private Alia salatu salam when he went to a burqa and he told him and in Allah and then he originally will hit your Allah Allah has given me the permission to perform Hey, you know, we're in a gas law ad and you're going to be my companion. Oh God, of course Yanni. Aside from the fact that he he lost his mind and happiness for a moment. He told the prophet Ali Asad to Islam. I have two camels ready for this. I was hoping this was be the case and I had them ready. Well, God bless them. And yes, and I'll pay you for my camera. And you think about these

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things. Imagine yourself in the profit on a&e is obviously who's who was going to take money from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam it doesn't make any sense. Like it just doesn't it's not something you're going to do. We've prepared these two candles is more than the Prophet Allah as long as I'm told them to feminize I hear here's here's the

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the cost of of mic of the camel for me. I call it the Allahu Allah Rolla mafft Maori wisdom, I don't, I don't want the money for it. I call it our Allahu ala discernment to know, if you're going to take the money. This is my job. I'm going I'm going to Medina I'm not I'm not doing I'm not taking any freebies, I'm doing this. I'm doing this fully on my account because I want the ideal for the job that I'm doing. But if you didn't want it, they took it, whether he liked it or not because of the right values, like I'm not going like I won't ride this capital until you until you take I'm paying for it. So this is this is going to be my contribution the same way of Allah Allah Allah

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Sogou Salam, I'm at like, a love and obedience saloon. And then when I 15 the amount of other that he you have to first I had to put up with Alia salatu salam from them. And he is almost unheard of this man I believe it will be been saloon was he the number of times that he tried to sabotage the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his mission and message and what he did to the Prophet, Allah usato. So I'm personally just like, there's so many checkpoints, so many points, like milestones of what he did, where the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam was well within his rights as a leader, and we're well within his rights as a human being to seek to avenge himself or to seek some form of

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retribution from from this gentleman, but he didn't tell us a lot to us. Mm hmm. If if all we had was just the example of the day of and if we're not the loving of a minister who would actually made up stuff and talk to him about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his wife, he talks about the daughter of his best friend I Aisha Sadiq or the Allahu Allah, and he started spreading rumors about fascia and about something and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and at one point, he said they would say that when they describe Jani the the period and this was the this was the the time where the prophet Otto Swanson was seen technique to carry him the most money he was he was stressed and upset

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the most during this month where our beloved obedience it was spreading this rumor because it was something that's hurting his entire

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greedy was taking away from his reputation Alia salatu salam, he couldn't do anything. What is he going to do? And he never used his power. He never got the as far as the forest he went on the member Alia salatu. Salam was he got up on the member? And he said, man, yeah, Zolani miroir during your furusiyya Holika, who can at least go and address this person? Who is saying about my family, this and this. And then when they started the Sahaba start immediately there was start a little bit of a fight. We because he's a hustler OG and most people said, yes, we'll do it. We'll chop his head off if we need to. And the people were like, no, he's no, you won't. This is not for you to say they

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fight. He's like, forget about it. I don't, I don't want this anymore. No one speak to him. We'll leave it as it is Salah Ali's, like New Zealand, you would go out of your sources to visit some of the poor people because much like you would go specifically just to make sure you have that mareel to go visit someone who's sick or to go visit someone who's in need, and he would be on his meal. And he would be going through the neighborhoods and I'd love an urban saloon would say and then I've been at any hematic you've you've harmed us with the with the disgusting scent of your of your of your mule. I love a theta, theta V beta. Could you not stay in your home? Yeah, Deaconess, whoever

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wants to come to you will come to you. So Allah is not a word. He wouldn't say anything. wouldn't respond to him. I'll use the law to set up on the way back from Elizabeth Morrissey, Albania masala, on his way back from a known reservoir. There will be a little bit of a kerfuffle and a fight between the salt and the marine it would it wouldn't get too bad but there would be a little bit of a disagreement and I would say this is what we get for for bringing them into our homes. Now he didn't have anyone in his home for that just because he didn't actually open his house for anybody but the rest of the husband said to open their houses for a lot of dental hygiene to live there. So

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this is what he's walking around and saying this is what we get for bringing these people into our homes to modify them and methadone or methadone Mohammed are an example and the example of Mohamed Salah Mohammed solos and if I look I'm Anthony Polka l stemming callback cool is like the saying feed your dog and he'll eat you some Allah hottie was abusing them and he spread this word about him out of your saw twisted up and the Sahaba got very upset because nobody else would Allah and just let me let me just this guy has no Viola Nyah Kunis Muhammad Ali Abdullah was horrible. He will will never say that Mohammed killed his own companions. No, we leave and then he's the son of Abdullah

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who was Abdullah Abdullah Hypnobabies said he was a good slob you know the Allahu Anhu that yellow said Allah if you're going to if he's got if his head is going to come flying then it make it me. I can't walk around with someone who killed my father alive. Like you need to if you're going to order someone make it me OF GOD, ALLAH minus, minus, no, we're not doing that. So don't worry, we're not going to kill him. But his

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but his son wouldn't allow his father to enter Medina until he took it back because he said something even beyond the color line earner Elon Medina de la regional Aizu means that when you go back to Medina, the superior person will remove the inferior one from from Medina. He's referring to himself into the prophets of Allah, Allah. He said them in these very bad slurs. He took people back on the day forehead, he took 300 of an army of 1000 He took a third of the army back. And beloved Kobe even settled in the middle of war. Like you understand when you're trying to if you're trying to open up a center this big in four or five people drop off that's like disastrous if you're going

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to war and you have maybe 1000 People in the army, other armies is three times your number, and someone decides to take away a third of your army just as the war begins. That is beyond is that is catastrophic. That's how you ended up. That's how a massacre occurs and everyone dies still on a hill salatu salam didn't get your understanding. This is the amount of Sabah when he talked about perseverance. This is what I mean. He just kept on going. He didn't change. He didn't just let it go out of here. Salatu was Salam o his was about if you look at them, you'll find the same pattern of Himalayas or putting up with all the difficulty difficulties, difficulties you don't even know

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about. There's a problem you don't study his life out of his sight to see them. You you just take a snap, just have a basic understanding of okay, but during that you don't really appreciate you don't appreciate what it actually took for him out of your sight or something to get through these days. If you don't appreciate the amount of harm and difficulty that he had to strive against, on a daily basis,

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my favorite piece of art and with that inshallah with you my favorite piece of

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sovereign jihad is a Hadith narrated me I'm telling me the all about Hadith anyway to you other than to say when are in the collection. I forgot to give you the narrations of the beginning. The narration and I'm telling me the regarding the time when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam was in Sheriff Benny,

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Benny Hashem wish I thought him so there was a boycott that went on for three years. This boycott began on year. Your number seven ended at the year of nine of his prophecy on his slaughter was in three years where the prophet audience loves him. The Muslims were were stuck in a very small area and a small neighborhood neighborhood Bani Hashim between two mountains in Mecca because they were trying to assassinate him it is Salatu was Salam and when the kind of the Muslims came together to put

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Actually they said all right, so that's what you're gonna do. So they boycotted them, and they weren't, didn't allow anyone for three years to leave that area, or anyone to go in. And they didn't allow them to buy food or sell or get married or do anything. And people died from starvation during this period. And it's one of the reasons that Hadiya cobra or the Allahu Anhu Omona, Khadija passed away, it's from how thin and sick and ill she got from those three years where there was nothing to eat. And the private audience was really sad about that period of Clodagh Wallahi locket O'Keefe to Villa he Well, Maya had all the tools he had. It was a time when I was made. I was I was living in

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fear when no one else was living in fear. And I was being harmed when no one else was being harmed. Oh Allah, he looked at the murderer and a fella sooner. membrana yo, meanwhile, I let him when I add Hulu JioFi Raju bol and

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my Hulu Hulu COVID. In my UAE bill to be in 30 days 30 days went by me and betta nothing entered our stomachs that which would sustain someone who had a moist liver being someone who was alive except to whatever Bilal was able to hide under his armpit. As he did it, because he was asleep, he could run in and out of the shop, they just frisked him, make sure you had nothing on him. It doesn't didn't matter. It's out of arrogance. By the way, he's not like it because he didn't they didn't care about slaves. This is this is the mentality that they had. So a slave can go in and out because he didn't care about them. They didn't think they were worth anything, while the Allah on CD Nebula

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or the Allahu Anhu. We were about like a fee here, which is Oh, I know. But that's how they started. So he looked at it. So we will go in and out. And because he wasn't allowed to bring any food and what he would do, he would take a date. And he would just put it put it under his armpit and they would hold on it like this and they would first come in they wouldn't find anything.

00:26:48--> 00:27:24

And that's what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would eat for a month for 30 days this is what all would go something that was under someone else's armpit of Allah Hadees like this and this what he's saying in the Hadith that was a time where you know, no one was going through what I was going through. I didn't say even that that would happen for a full full year. For three years on a salsa for 30 days he did nothing went and nothing date, whatever be that was able to hide under his armpit maybe a date every couple of days. And he would take it to his stomach Salallahu CIBJO center and that's the examples that I wanted to share with you and there's like oh, this is a very simple, very

00:27:24--> 00:27:40

easy thing to talk about because all his life on your side was just just showing copious amounts of perseverance and he strived despite all of this other Yesod was that I mean achieve the goals he was he set out to achieve are your thoughts and how they will have you become solid lewrie

00:27:42--> 00:27:52

yourself so let me handle it. Just have to really go so Allah who was like gonna be you know, have you been Omaha Medina earlier so I mean, so I can belong here and I can love you