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Adnan Rashid
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And we got cut off but we're back now, you know, humbler recently started again. So Musa keep account of the likes from last time so we can get that 100 pound 95 Okay, anyone who's tuning in fresh, I think we might have a new or fresher audience. We are fundraising for Jesus booklets today. Okay? It's the cheapest product that we have today that you could buy in full 20 P for one, one pound for five. But we asking for return the target amount is 100 pounds for 500 of them. Okay, 50 pounds for 250 or 1000 pounds for five housing booklets. Now this booklet is translated into Latin American Spanish. They distributed in the country that we do full time power with full time by ease

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calling people to Islam and training the new Muslims all over Latin America, in Mexico, in Brazil, in Venezuela and Chile in all these different places. hamdulillah Okay, in Peru and I've been to these, all these different places humbled by right. And you're giving this in the hands of someone in Latin America, with IOD from the Quran, Allah Manya Melissa Nam, and Esalen salaam, this is the first time they will read a different perspective. And many people have actually took shahada with this booklet. So today for 20 P on the Day of Judgment, you could make up 20 P You could make such a big investment for yourself. So imagine one person and their entire life and all his good deeds

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because of one knee for that you gave. But if you give 100 pounds for 500 Bro, imagine 1% of the people who are given that texture hover, let's just say zero point 10% That's one person 400 pounds, every salon every will do every sadaqa every ombre every hudge even have kids to teach them so that all of it was on your scale. Okay. All you have to do is go to live to IRA to org and give a donation Musa do we have che green on?

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No, we don't at the moment. Okay. And do we have any updates from the donations?

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We had 10 pounds last time we checked Subhan Allah and you know you've been to Latin America ESA Yes. So let's just tap into some of your experiences in Latin America. And the effectiveness of you know, speaking about isa Lai Salam, the Islamic perspective, you know, How hungry are the people like, you know, what is the reception? Why is this so important? And what is the the sort of impact of the book, a simple book that costs 20 P has in Latin America? You know, first of all, don't speak Spanish. I just want to clarify that in case you guys think I'm there even though

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I don't speak Spanish, okay. However, what I saw in Latin America, I have not seen anywhere else. Okay? It's true that in Africa, you can get loads of people come in, you can get loads of shahada and Philippians you can have loads of people listening to you. And all that is amazing, right? But that is known, like nobody, for example, goes to Africa to give Dawa, right? And expects there not to be like a huge crowd and possibly lots of shahada as we know this. And then we learned from this, that the off to Caleb dosha ha This is the most important thing, and that's where really, you know, your money or your successes, you know, the same business, right? The money's in the follow up or

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etc. But our reward in short, is in the follow up of the new monsters because now you make them strong Muslims, but in Latin America, what I saw was unreal. Okay, I went to give Dawa in Bolivia to the town centre. First of all, just the days alone. There was 10 plus volunteers with Ira top seven. That was incredible. Okay, number two when we got there, you know, those leaflets and all the material they bought in 30 Minutes or Less than an hour it was finished going away. There's nothing left on the table. Check this out. I've got videos on my phone right now. Yeah. Every day there was engaged in a conversation. Not a single though. He was standing on one of them. You saw Friday. He

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was a legend. He's the head of Bolivia. Right, bro. He had a circle. Yeah. of seven to 10 people around him. One guy had a big inflatable kangaroo with him. Like all kinds of people around him listening. Another guy had three people Andres had two people, and all over right, just people around them. What were they talking about? They were talking about Jesus? No. What do you think they would do you think they were talking about boxing?

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They were talking about the venue. Right? They were talking about Eastern Islamic monuments Muhammad, I was I was looking at people sitting down and reading this booklet like this sitting down and reading because for them it was something exotic for them. Islam was like, oh, Saudi camels desert and stuff like that. Right? This and then I mean, they like it's a very good perception to have you know, some of the countries also in the space of the support Palestine and this causes right. But yeah, they must have funny they see Islam or something nice and special, right? So this is who your booklets are going out to you. Most of you will probably never ever go to Latin America.

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Okay, because it's known people do not travel to that side of the world. If we go there we go to USA Oh, we go a bit further now or we go up to Canada or we go this way, you know to

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Europe or to Southeast Asia, Australia. Hardly any people go to Latin America to like, you know Chile or Peru or anything like that right. But you know what your leaflet can reach them and the ones who choose today go on the link and donate. Your leaflet will arrive one day in one of these countries, it will the box will be opened. He will take it out with his hands and he's going to give it into the hands of a non Muslim

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20 P for one 500 times that will happen for just 100 pounds. Okay? All you have to do is take action with your hands okay, go to live toward org put in your car details and give them the money that Allah gave you so that he gives you more inshallah and make dua that at least one person accept Islam for your donation. And you know what, when you in your grave, you have to keep getting the reward for that Charles to go on the link and donate 2500 pounds left. If we get five people getting 500 pounds, or we get two people getting 1250 We're going to hit our target inshallah. Isa these booklets Yeah, we may not appreciate it in the western stuff in the UK because we think I was

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talking about Christianity. Jesus who cares these days? Yeah, most people are secular. But in places like that. The young, the middle aged, the old they love Jesus. They know it's a part of the culture it's a part of the upbringing so even the fact that it says Jesus on the and they also want to Islam these people these booklets are priceless for them

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on the screen while he's speaking and just done I'm done

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today let's get the show we need a good update from you now.

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Tell the weed

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sisters less now Musa is doing he's doing an amazing job. From our perspective. Marshall is first live by himself. Smashing had a bit of a hiccup but these things happen, bro.

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Worry. Okay, can we get up during the donations or should we continue?

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so bones This is donations are very, very slow. We have a very small target, but it seems like we're not reaching it. Okay, go to live to we fundraise for 12,000 so far. That's That's amazing. We've reached almost half of our target. And I know most of the brothers and sisters probably tuning in or your family members are on your way to tight away right now for Isha and tadoba to the mosques, right? So why don't you before you go and get the reward of tadoba Make some sadaqa during Ramadan, get this reward so you can multiply your rewards before you go and pray. Remember what this is going towards this is going towards booklets that are going to Latin America that talks about isa

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lesson we spoke a little bit about how amazing that story is in the Quran. Right amazing amazing, incredible story. And you know people always find it fascinating you know what's interesting

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is Sauron Imran

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the most popular religious personality in the world is who

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known Yeah, known Jesus, Jesus. Everyone knows that name. Yeah, right. Everyone knows that name. And so what have we got an update? We have had the target change and Musa will tell us how much actually came in. Musa give us an update 50 pounds.

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So we are now

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on to 1000

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booklets so that is almost halfway 80 pounds, right, roughly, that came through.

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I think we I'll tell you after that 10 pounds, we had the last update how much came in it was about 400 pounds. So we've had

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10 pounds, another 10 pounds and 30 pounds in 10 pounds. So mashallah lots of different people are donating.

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You know,

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you know, you're into business, Mashallah. Yeah, I have no clue. But I just wanted some bits I understand, right. You know, there's the mindset. Sometimes when you go first into business, you got very little money. You're like, what's the minimum I could put in to get the desired effect? Right. Now this what we're doing today is literally that inaction with a minimum of cost you

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