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The Power Of One Ayah #15

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Reda Bedeir

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Why oh my voice anymore I'll

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turn it tomorrow around soon is adding

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a letter later nealon phoolan and funny.

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In this I had soprano Allah Allah subhanaw taala is talking about friendship, here I am with a friend of mine in the car. And our main concern is to send messages to our beloved community and to humanity at large.

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In that I that I recited first it's talking about somebody on the Day of Judgment, or lost patterns are going to say they would have too much regret. And he's using the analogy is going to bite, you know, on his two hands like basically like this is an Arabic

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simile, which means that he is going to have too much feelings of remorse and regret. And he would say, I wish I had followed the way of the Prophet. And I wish that I hadn't taken so and so as a friend. Why? Because the last part that I told us in the Koran

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those who are the most intimate and closest friends in dystonia, they will be enemies to one another in level of pain, except those who are conscious of Allah. And they used to remind each other to do good stemming from all other systems. Make sure that you pick the right friend, because you will be of the same dean of the same character of that friend,

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Sara Marie, come by