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Oh yeah we say hi, def aka IV I Sibley Malik are the Allahu Anhu ha ha and the use of Allah Allah early he also have your Salam tonight, first collection of both my body and Muslims right to us by NSMB Malik.

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This is still within the theme of understanding Iman, I'm going to keep on

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giving you different angles of how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam addressed it topic and talked about it until in sha Allah, you we gain a certain degree of clarity of what Iman is the importance of it. Why it is one of the most talked about one of the most used words and words in the Quran. And Alina ermine was always adamant about the beginning. This is you can't assume that a word used so frequently in the Quran. A word that has such weight in the deen can be something very superficial or people there has to have, there must be profoundness to, there must be some degree of depth to it. And I feel like the prime value of SolidWorks with a lot of time explaining and teaching it and

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making sure people picked up the meaning both from the Kitab and from his teachings out of his salatu salam that we've kind of lost a little bit of that. Maybe oversimplifying it, and I and I can claim pretty comfortably, that we as Muslims have done that to a lot of major Islamic concepts, actually a phenomenon that are often called even a phenomenon because or you can call it phenomena because a couple of things that happened but a phenomenon that that sociologists refer to where it was civilizations fall, the concepts that the were once built on are reduced to the shells of what they once were. This is all across the board historically everywhere, like any empire or

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civilization that manages to build its Hublot or to have to have its strength. It doesn't it bases it on certain concepts, certain values, certain principles that are very profound and meaningful. The people who build it, understand them very well, whatever it is that empires civilization or an Asian fold, it's usually when you go and analyze those same principles, values or concepts, you'll find that all that's left at them are just shells of what they once were. And I think we can argue pretty safely as Muslim that this has happened already for us, which is why we failed or been failing for a while. And if we want to actually reverse the process, we just have to go back to

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these principles, these values is very important concepts and understand them properly. Again, and I think Eman is a prime example of that.

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And there's a lot of other examples that you can probably even think of yourself. But here's what he says on a salatu salam and this hadith about Iman, is that I've actually narrated this hadith in the semester before so you've heard it for me from me maybe a couple of months ago, by the third Athan, men couldn't Nephi. Why did the Halawa tell Iman, the three things if you have them you find the sweet nectar of iman. And the reason that I'm doing this is because at least talk to them not only to heat to refer to Iman as, as a something that you can learn, not only is supposed to have is supposed to reflect or mirror behavior, but it's also something that should grant you beauty. Like

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you should suppose if you have a man that shouldn't, you should be it should suffice to be enough. Having a man should fill the heart fill that the spirit with all that it needs. The point where you don't really need anything else, you find. You find so much beauty. This is what he says sweet nectar obviously it's figure of speech of his metaphorical because, I mean, can you understand this literally is impossible to understand literally, no one who starts drinking I said the moment they accept Iman or becomes meaningful to them, but rather rather metaphorically becomes meaningful to them and actually, you start finding some beauty. So what are the conditions of a man actually being

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beautiful to you, or being enjoyable to you or joyful? So he says, here's the three things he says are your thoughts

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and your head and your cool Allahu wa rasuluh I have to lay him in mercy well Houma for Allah and His Prophet to be the most beloved things to you over everything else. Overall, being nothing comes remotely close to the love you have for Allah and the love that you have for his beloved Mohammed Salah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah is like you said, the first one is love and love of two individuals, Allah subhanho wa Taala and Ali, you love him and the Prophet he is also number two. When you hit about one jeweler, you hit boohoo in Lalibela. And for you to love another person. And the only reason that you love them is for the sake of Allah subhana wa diamond you're hoping for

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this person and yourself to worship Allah together serve a lot together, beyond the Day of Judgment together, you want to be you want to show want to help them because Allah will be pleased with you and you want to be come together only up for PA only for reasons of good deeds. And the third one so another another love. Right so you love Allah you love His Prophet and you love Muslims. Basically, they want to simplify this hadith a little bit. Alright, number three, what Aniela and yeah, oh definitely gouffre camellia Cara, who and your conditions in order for you to hate to ever leave the faith that you are in? Just like you would hate to be thrown into a fire

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hate his love is just the love of the opposite thing. That's all hate is just the love of the opposite. But the hate to leave the deen is just basically the love of the day. It's all of this. Honestly, there's nothing else like hate is not the opposite of love. It's just love of the opposite thing. I love you, great if I hate you, I just love to see you in pain. There's still love somewhere there. It's just the love of something not not very good. So when you go home, you will go for the hate to leave this Dean means that you love it so much that you would never want to leave it. So he's explaining on his side to us and I'm in order for you to enjoy him and you can have email and

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you can follow him and you can be but if you want to enjoy it, like if you want to actually have joy from it, then three things have four things have to occur. Allah has to make me the most beloved one to you. And then his prophets of Allah, Allah salAllahu Salam, and then you have to love Muslims and then you have to love Islam itself. So again, it's love. Right? We just wasn't a few nights ago Len took me to

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the hub. You will not and you have Eman until Love is the man who is the manifestation of your iman until you're producing love and accepting. That's the only way for your Eman to be complete. You have to have love.

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And here he explains that to yourself. When enjoy Iman, like yesterday I said Allah, I don't want to continue to push uphill. I want to continue to walk uphill in this story. I want to win, I want to enjoy this okay, then you need to need to find love.

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Then your heart has to find love. You have to love him. subhanho wa Taala you love Muhammad Sallallahu I'm not saying you have to love Muslims. You have to love Islam, there has to be love in your heart. If there's love in your heart that image and suddenly becomes enjoyable, it's not a job anymore. It's not a chore. It's not here's obligations you have to do you know it transforms into something different which is supposed to be the case it turns into something you want to do not something you have to do. And I find this to be very meaningful in that and of course this is a long a large topic but I wanted to kind of show you how the practicalities on is always connecting team

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and these these very, very interesting and beautiful and touching ideas. Yahweh emammal Buhari you will email Muslim student visa Hey, I'm

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an emblematic of the LA anabol Colin W Salalah holla you earlier

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when couldn't Nephi wager the harder wattle Imani and Yahoo and Allahu wa rasuluh who have led him in mercy. Well, Houma when you hit Belle, la yo Hey boo Illa one Yeah, Cara and Yahoo that will go free. Can I Accra? Who on your coffee No, not a colossal Dubai Salalah Hollywood speculum handy, you know Allah ilaha illa Anta Stoeckel finger to really go sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in early 20s la Kamala Baraka lofi Salam