Adnan Rajeh – Preparing for Ramadhan #05

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of Islam as a means of rewarding those who foster it, and how it is possible to pass a Muslim coolant visa. They also mention a woman who talks about being praying at night during the night sky and how they have been able to get their token back. The speaker also mentions a woman who talks about being praying at night and how they have been able to get their token back.
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Solving robotic problem and if you know Muhammad earlier so have you heard you may know God Yahweh Lima man Buhari well Muslim coolant visa Haiti and Ebihara are the Allahu Anhu call calling the use of Allah Allah you send them the Hadith and a collection of Imam Bukhari and Muslim radio as

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a countdown to Ramadan is you know, coming quite close, we're closing down two or three nights left. I'll just be sharing in the next few nights just a couple of Hadith about Ramadan, just as any additional reminders, this hadith I've talked about like 100 times but obviously actually narrate it formally just so it's kind of you understand all the narration and where it comes from and in the in the collection of what we call a Muslim raise my warrior I call a call an abuse of Allah Allah Salam

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salam ala Medina, Eman and what is urban warfare Allah Who am I to call them I mean them be common comme la Qadri email and what is urban warfare Allah whom to call them? I mean them be because Allah you saw to them those who pass Ramadan

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for the two reasons. Imagine what you serve and that's why they're doing it. That's the reason that they're doing it. So imagine being out of their belief and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. That's why they're not doing it for any other reason because Allah Allah, they believe in Allah. And he told them to so they're doing it what the seven, the seven mean? They are hoping for the reward, meaning they're banking on Allah subhanaw taala giving them an award later in life. Maybe they're waiting for it yo Milka Yama. So those who foster Ramadan, because Allah subhanaw taala commend them to and because they are hoping to get reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala will have all of their previous sins

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forgiven, wealthier Allah who might have caught them in them be this was a Earth breaking Hadith when the Sahaba heard it. This was a big deal when the Prophet alayhi salam said this as the Sahaba were waiting and looking and searching for something that would offer them this amazing gift because not everyone can from hedge mob rule. Everyone gets a lot of things that we can't do. But this is something that's doable. It's potentially something you can do you can you can pass the mug on making sure that your intention is that is because Allah told me to and because I want his reward. And if you do it that way, you'll have all of your previous sins forgiven. And then he made a little

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bit easier. He said no karma Laylatul Kadri EMA and what is if you don't know whom to cut them in them be there's another generation dazzle among karma Ramadan altogether, but that's not this one. And those who karma Pm is praying at night. So those who pray later, are praying at night during later color, which is again a little cover equated to the last two nights because you don't know what it is. So if you're up for the last night and you're praying every single night during those nights, why are you doing it Emad and what the Sabbath, same reason you're doing it because Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to and because you're hoping for his reward on the Day of Judgment. All

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of your previous sins will forgive be forgiven. This is the promise that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is offering you on behalf of Allah fast for the right reason. Pray during those last two nights for the right reason, and all of your sins will be wiped clean. And you can start over on the morning of aid. And I can't imagine anything that is more beautiful

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and more desirable than that. Yellow email man and Buhari will Muslim coolant for you. So he entered the Haryana tunnel the Allahu Anhu con kala never use Allah Allahu alayhi wa early he was so happy to sell them on sama Rama, Juana Eman and what is urban warfare Allah whom to cut them I mean then be when calm and ADSL Calgary Amen and what is urban Wolfie Allah Allah whom to them? I mean them be sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam alaikum to Allah Allah.

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Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina

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