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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of comfort in spreadting provision for people and emphasize the benefits of comfort for a family and legacy. They also discuss the devastating impact of losing family ties and encourage people to let go of their past and focus on family relationships instead of just staying with one person. The speakers suggest working on family ties to strengthen family relationships and see the value of family for everyone.
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Yahweh che Han tema de vaca de se Binney, Malik, Radi Allahu Anhu bah bah under the use of Allah Allah Who early he was a hadith tonight in the collection of both Bukhari and Muslim write to us by Allah who I know, this is the final Hadith and the theme of treating your parents and relatives with excellence. It's not that I ran out of a hadith

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not even remotely close to that, but is to move on something different for a bit and then we come back to this later on in a few months.

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As I think this is one of the topics that should be

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periodically addressed and talked about for the sake of reminders and for the sake of all of us making sure that we are being in check and shall regarding the topic or the issue itself, it's very important as, as we've established, and then this hadith is is very st famous Hadith, so you'll probably have heard it before, but it's I think it's a nice one to kind of conclude the topic for moving forward next, tomorrow, shall we will do a two weeks of talking about outreach and show how do you talk about outreach or Dawa, that will be the theme kind of starting tomorrow. So he says on your site to Parliament hub, and Ubisoft La La who fear is P he were you in LA who V 30 He Peleus

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is earliest Solomon says

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those are those who would love for there is for their provision to be increased to be spread for them so that they have more of it. So they're not there would bustles really nice. You know, this is called the result. Right? This is what causes small pieces. And it's only the concept. Till this day. There's like proverbs and Arabic, that salt like the Middle East like I heard that you only put your feet out as far as your rug can continue. So you say you have a selfless idea is that is going to come bigger for you. So you can you can spread out you can lay out you have more you have more comfort, you have more ease. So if you're looking for more provision, those of you who would love to

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have an increased amount of provision in life. And that doesn't necessarily mean that the amount increases it's just the way the baraka within it will increase that's when he said you'll be selfless what he means meaning is going there's not it's not a it's not an issue of material issue of numbers is an issue of comfort yourself at risk as I explained to you if this is the rug gets a bit bigger so you're more comfortable. So the difference between the number becoming more there's not like it will do a little silly throw him then go check your bank account and this means it does nothing this year who like to know this is not this is about comfort and comfort within the

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discipline the provision that Allah gives you and risk is a word that if you decide to limit it to money then you have done a I have not done that word a favor or yourself a favor and understanding it because it is because everything everything that Allah gives you is risk your knowledge is risk your family is risk your time is it is all of this is provisions but it gives you some high notes out on a daily basis money is just one portion of it honestly is probably the least important as long as you have enough to get through and you're not

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you're not requiring people to to aid you were your answer I know who you are 30 and those who would love for their

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remembrance or their legacy as well as a really means I mean I don't know a better translation for the word concept of authority within this context then your legacy what you leave behind and how people remember you you will sit in on the seat and the seat is when something is prolonged is pushed out it's not done on time. And he gets it gets like it gets later and later. So you know who he is it means that their legacy will live on longer than they thought it would mean outlive them by far meaning will go on and keep on going. Like they people won't stop talking about them they won't be forgotten quickly.

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You may think that's not important but it quite it is

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you get a lot from people remembering you afterwards you get draw you get I'm all solid, no idea how valuable it is. Once you're in your grave for there to be some way for your Hasina to increase it's actually very comforting for someone who knows that there's nothing they can do physically anymore to change the outcome. You see what I'm saying? If you're when you're in there there's nothing you can do. You're actually seeing you know you know you know the good and the bad and you're not very happy with the amount of the bad nor the good and there's nothing you can do there's no you can sit in your grave and do just via as long as you'd like and you can pray as much as you want nothing

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changes nothing's budging. So for there to be some way for that to continue to increase the good deed is actually very comforting as beautiful. Again, comfort is a show of comfort here so and if your legacy lives your your legacy continues to go I mean people still remember you then they remember the good things will make dua for you there was a Quran for you or amatola And you say hola hola hola. There's someone that's that's something that's going to them, they are benefiting from that word. When you make dua for them in any form or manner. You'll be surprised how quickly people forget about you know, all of us you it's actually actually devastating when you actually think

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about it, that once were any once you're under the ground, the other 90% of people are sitting there talking about current events, sipping their alcohol while they're talking

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About You.

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Day two days later, the tears dry up a week later, only maybe your wife and if you're lucky on if

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you're, if you're good enough to even get that maybe it's maybe a son and a daughter, maybe a month later, it's just a memory.

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Maybe come up once every 15 conversations

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a year later sit, is it.

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You're no longer no one cares? Well, hey, this is a reality of life that if we all came to the conclusion of would change so much of how we behave, because you're just taking with you, whatever you did, and you're going down there, and no one love, we all love each other. But life can't go you can't you can't stay hooked up on someone who's gone. It just you can't live that way. It's impossible. Actually people that do that are very unhealthy and they require therapy. If you can't, if you get let go, isn't it people have to let go to be to survive, you have to let go. None of us we're not not that important. Once I'm gone, I'm gone. Within a week you'll find someone else within

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a month you'll it'll just be a distant memory. If I'm lucky, then maybe someone will say something nice every every couple of months earlier when we just said but that's it. I take what I do when I go to my grave. And that's it. No one cares anymore. Your children move on your wife moves on, everyone moves on everyone, your friends, everyone moves on, and they just a distant memory of something that would maybe show a nice when he's saying something nice. Do you love those who love for their provision to be more comfortable for them, and for their legacy to live on after them and hired? Then we also Rahima I see the two things that you would like to have is I would like to have

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more comfort in this dunya like that, for there to be something that continues to benefit me after I'm gone when I'm forgotten.

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Strengthen the family ties. That's the way to do it.

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You know why?

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Well, there's a lot of reasons why but I mean, I'm just gonna focus on this last one because I don't take much more time. Because really, at the end, the people who will remember you or your family and they're the ones that count.

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If you remember me, you know not really to me, it doesn't matter. You don't really know me, don't really know me you're not really we're not we weren't that close, we saw each other and domestic. Obviously I'm going to be at my best behavior and domestic Of course, I'm not to come to here and misbehave in front of you. Of course, it doesn't make any sense. Neither are you. So whatever you say is not that valuable. But family, no family it is family means a lot of the good things they will say well actually live on so still rocking back, do something because they love you even if they even if they don't, your family you love them even if you don't and they're a part of you even

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if you don't want them to be and no matter how much you distance yourself from them, they're all you can't do it once death occurs. It's it's we all come back to the family and we look back and say we could have done this better. It didn't have to be like this and we all look back at it we could have maybe improved so it wouldn't be that way. So you're absolutely right like you strengthen those family ties. That's what he's saying to your soldiers. I'm Allah is not my advice to you. This is the advice of rasool Allah so Allah is like we said Allah and he's saying no do you want to have you any more comfortable in your disk you would like to have a legacy lives on strength your family ties

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you there's any there's I can think of a million things that would come to mind of what you should do right? When it comes to that I could think of all these other things in this time you can do that's what he said earlier he said Silver hammock even though my mind is all the other things you could do that probably will give you more provision and give you a good legacy you know spread knowledge give a FUCK NO NO still Rahima that's what you do. Go back to family strengthen those family ties work on them. That will be the end inshallah of this any of this team I hope you found it beneficial. I hope inshallah This opened the hearts inshallah of the children towards their

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parents and the parents toward their children's and until children and of course family towards other family and hopefully we work successful and encouraging each other to go ahead and strengthen those family ties and see the value of family and go back and maybe change some of our ways and make some better decisions. Yello ha ha Mustafa. I didn't even Hadith nscd Malik Radi Allahu Anhu called by the lawsuit Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Who early he was salam might have been and you'll be set by Allah who fear is he going to let go of the authority he fell you'll see in the Rahima not across all lines of aloha and he was

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just talking to Blake masala who was telling them about like I don't have a you know, Muhammad Ali. He also has many

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