Riad Ouarzazi – ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 1

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various topics related to the upcoming series, including loss of a server, a series of books, fasting, and a contest for which a person is named as "Moher." The segment also touches on various categories related to fasting, including the first category of "untfastense" (the first category is the generic fasting category), the second category of "special" (the second category is the special category), and the third category of "immjectivity" (the third category is the generic fasting category). The segment ends with a mention of a contest and a potential return to the "rock your receipt" series.
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Without the loss of the server so let's get out over the cattle This is the AdWords as he started our new series one more time rocky Ramadan 2016

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as almost kind of a challenge of minimum income the promised land whatever he needs to start you know whenever he used to see the healer Come on can they afford to surrender at that Allahumma healer Elena will be Emily will am an hour with me when a man was sitting me was said I love the book. I love the book Allah

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the Prophet Mohammed whenever Ramadan used to start I wish and shout out and I pray that you all have an outstanding Ramadan 2016 my brothers and sisters last year we had dinner with my mother so was the year before and the year before that so Ramadan comes every attempt to relax Allah mother is the same month Ramadan is the same month the same month of fasting Ramadan it does not change it is you are it is us who changed so hasn't changed in the past you know he's been fasting Ramadan

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Have you changed

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before now this Ramadan have you know, like I said you know it's the same Ramadan but the people that change so have you hamdulillah Have you all are your aims in this particular ramadan ramadan 2016 Do you have any intention you know, what intention are you? Are you studying the past with media theater asleep?

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What is familiar what is the intention? You know, because why do you fast the manifesto of Amazon and the and the Hawaii

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Ramadan vihara Kalamata we are near avino as Jeeva so mahadasha the higher self

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kinda was added you don't do your first Ramadan just because you have too fast I'm fasting because I have too fast or how about this new intention and fasting or going too fast this Ahmad on Sharma who I love love for the one who has created Ramadan. And first in Oman, of love for the one was created the month of Ramadan, Ramadan and led me onto the field and the month of the year.

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One of the most beloved months in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala The only month mentioned in the end by name by apostle Canada with that so like people you know, their their fasting and sometimes when we see people out there you know especially towards the end like almost you know before breaking the fat, maybe people they get tired and they get you know, they start some of them start cursing and swearing in the street and whatnot. But you know, you're smiling you're presently a different intention what kind of attention have been filled lately have been unfastened with love people right and you're smiling and you're making to go homeless in Canada with this Ramadan is a

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different Amada.

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And unnecessary cm unless, unless obviously I'm for that and what cmo an AMA was the amo Casa was the Yamaha Satya casa. The people know more about the people in the first three categories. You have the first category widget, which is the generic so you have the generic category. That's the first category. The second category is the special ones, the special category, but you have the third category. What is the first category see I'm an alpha.

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See, I mean, I'm just fast. From the things that bring the fast from dawn until sunset. This is the generic type of fasting.

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In that

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Illa a jury of

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the provinces about a man who firstly the only thing he gets up at first is his hunger and thirst. He did not benefit not from the fasting.

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But what's the CMO hausa what is the cause and effect another

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another better category cmo Casa casa. I shall show that we can shop tomorrow in our again rock your Ramadan series I asked the panel to bless you

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ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

June 7, 2016

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