The Sunnah Of Interacting With A Person With Disabilities

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The speaker discusses the importance of their Islam, including etiquette etiquette requirements and interactions with community. They share a personal experience of a blind man who experienced a similar experience and talks about the importance of being oneself in the face of disabilities. The speaker also mentions a call from a Prophet who calls for people to be themselves in the face of disabilities.

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I want to share with you some of the etiquettes that you and I as Muslims, who may not be suffering with any disability, what is our etiquette and Sunnah requirement? When you do see and meet people with disabilities? What does Islam tell you to do? How do you interact with this community? And there are many, many a hadith on the subject. I'll share with you a couple of them. There was a man who is a blind man and he came to the messenger SallAllahu it was salam and he said Ya rasool Allah, on bad days when the weather is bad when there's a flood and a sandstorm and things like that. I don't have the ability to come to the masjid and pray behind you. Will you come to my home

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and choose a spot in my home and offer to rokerites there and the days that I cannot come to the masjid I will pray on that same spot. This is about rochen This was allowed with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You know he does. He says narron I will be there. He calls Abu Bakr sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he calls Abu Bakar Radi Allahu Allah and Muhammad inhuman. And they literally walk for an extended period. They walked to the man's house. And then the messenger or they saw to Salem asked the man Where do you want me to pray choose us? And the man points over there. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam offers the two rakats so this first advocate is about to

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being sympathetic, caring and loving and going out of your way to serve people with disabilities that is from the Sunnah in Islam

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Do you know that the Sunnah forbids us to even stare at people with disabilities? Don't even stare at them. You can look but don't stare and you all know what I'm speaking about the prophets earliest what was some tells us in an authentic hadith in the Sunnah of Aveda would lead to demon Navara ill imagined to mean don't fixate your eyes on people with disabilities for obvious reasons. So part of the edit is and this is calling for people generally speaking all across the world. It's calling for us to just be yourself he normal