Navigating Halal and Haram – Surah Al-Mumtahanah

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you normally think oh the wrong thing we do is we take haram things and we make them halal.

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Nowadays, I would argue equally big problem, you know what we're doing? We're taking Halal things and we're making them cut off.

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So the idea of Allah protecting us, how does Allah protect us? Allah protects us by guiding us. Allah's protection is delivered by Allah's guidance in the Quran. And this concept keeps on repeating itself. And we need the entire story of Adam and Eve bliss. What did Allah tell Adam alyssum I will send you guidance. And what did he warn us about the bliss of taki Luna? Who was the reata? Who I will Yeah, I mean, do need you want other protectors? You want the police to be your your wedding bliss is not my worry, a bliss Bliss is my Miss guider. He's He's there to misguide me. What does Allah doing Allah is creating a connection between the concept of Wendy and the concept of

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guidance, I'm going to get ahead of myself and tell you something. That means if I develop relationships, if I develop connections, ties that start taking me away from guidance, that I have the wrong kinds of Woody.

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I'll give you one example of that, that sticks in my head.

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Notice I've noticed in the Muslim world nowadays, I've traveled to some countries, I don't want to name countries and embarrass them. But a lot of Christmas trees go up and Muslim couple Muslim country malls during December 25th season.

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And a lot of Muslim families living in Australia, living in Canada, living in the United States living in England, put up Christmas trees during Christmas.

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And they put crescent moons on the thing.

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And instead of having a Santa Claus and the sleigh they have the Santa Claus with a goofy on and he has an axe and the sleigh the D the reindeer is getting his head this is a Bianna like, no I'm kidding. This is just an idea. I think somebody should do it. I don't know. For for for Adel. adhaar at least we should have like our own version like

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Bismillah Allahu Akbar, it was Kabbalah.

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What was it? No, no, it's harmless. It's harmless. It's just a holiday, doesn't it? You know, you know what you're, you're slowly normalizing something that is so offensive to Allah, the the celebration of God having taken a son.

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Right? You're normalizing that, and slowly, things that Allah hates, you're not hating them that much. Right? And slowly you're letting go of Allah as well. He

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because of your friendship and closeness to others. Right? I have very good, very close Christian friends. I have friends that are agnostic. I even have a friend who's Catholic and atheist. I don't know how that works. But it does for him. It was somehow it works for him. At least in this dunya

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had joking with him. But

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the their values, my friendship to them has a limit. And in some things, there is a bra from them.

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And other things, there's sadaqa there's friendship, there's, I care about them, they care about me, We're bros, but in other things, there's a line that I will just not cross and just it's just not gonna and they know it. They know it. You know? And so this is actually a really important piece. The concept of Allah has already is connected to the concept of Allah as our guide and that dictates the kinds of friendships we make.

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Because the idea of when Buckler contrasts with Allah or conscious Allah with the hood and implication is that one is denying the Wilaya of Allah by rebelling against His commandments against his guidance. This is why making Halal haram and making haram Halal is described as cough is covered elsewhere but it's described as taking another wedding if you make the fall so the out make Halal haram and haram halal, right. And this by the way, you normally think oh, the wrong thing we do is we take haram things and we make them halal.

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Nowadays, I would argue equally big problem, you know what we're doing? We're taking Halal things and we're making them haram you're like, why don't do that? Yes, you do. Your whole family does.

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You know fat widows. You have young men and your family that should be getting married. And they even like a girl and they want to get married which totally hello for them and you're getting in the way.

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They're stopping it from happening.

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There are women that are old enough, they're adults, they're mature, they even have a job whatever they are, and they're ready to get married and they want to get married and the only thing stopping them is the the the the eagle of their family or their families.

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Worship of certain cultural outdated norms that have no relevance to this this young lady and see what she wants his head on, but apparently you want to make it haram for and when you do that when you take the halal and you make it haram then let me tell you this everything that's Halal is like a neat Allah put inside us like a river flowing, right? And when you make it haram, it's like you blocked that river. What's going to happen to that water?

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It's going to flood the city. It's going to go in all kinds of wrong directions. Do you understand what I'm saying? When we close the door of helot

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the doors the gates of haram, bust open

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and then you don't get to say the youth are doing haram

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there No, no, no, you stop the door of cannon.

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So you open the doors of Hong Kong. And this is part of what Basel does. The host wants us the rebel, the rebel against Allah, the One who wants to reject Allah's guidance. They want to take the Haram and make it halal, and they want to make the halal take the halal and make it hard on Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job and billionaires to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this

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surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section