Ramadan 2024 – Stories of the Prophets #04

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The speaker discusses the struggles of Islam's past, including deaths of its followers and the loss of its culture. They stress the importance of not inheriting arrogance and not seeking information about the creator. The transcript describes the actions of Allah during the aftermath of the attack on Saudi Arabia and the actions of Iran regarding the attack on Saudi Arabia. The importance of facing the consequences of the attack and acknowledging the need for everyone to reflect on their actions is emphasized.

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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. On early he was sahih Aina said Mr de Gama Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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Inshallah, continuing with our study of the stories of the prophets in the Quran

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today we're going to be talking about the lesson in regards to arrogance, pride, conceit.

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And we're going to look at the IOE, where Allah subhanaw taala talks about all of these characteristics and qualities. And we're specifically going to explore this lesson in regards to the evil and the harm and the detriment of arrogance and pride and conceit. Through the story of the prophet hood alayhis salaam,

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the prophet who the Alayhis Salam, his story is talked about numerous places throughout the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about his story in the sutra that is named after him as well. SUTA tude surah number 11. But then history is mentioned in multiple places throughout the Quran. Surah facilite Surah

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Surah Al Hakka many places.

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But the story of who the Alayhis Salam

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is that the prophet hood Alehissalaam Salam was sent to and sent amongst a people that are referred to in the Quran as como ad. They are the people of the IoD.

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And specifically, what we know about these people from their description in the Quran is that Allah subhanaw taala had granted them strength,

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both kinds of strength, individually, and also collectively, individually, they possessed a great strength, as some of the narrations mentioned in the Quran alludes to as well, because they were, they were physically gifted with great strength. They were said to be giants,

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human beings of huge stature.

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And they had been gift they had been given this physical mic

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by Allah subhanaw taala, where they could rip entire trees out of the ground with their bare hands.

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And at the same time, while they individually had this physical presence and strength, Allah also gave them collective strength as a community as a tribe.

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They were very large in number, they were a huge tribe.

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And so not only were they individually strong than they were collectively strong as well.

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And there are some narrations, which refer to the fact that because they were individually so strong, and then they their numbers were so great. So they were a great powerful tribe, that they were tyrants on the earth, and the region in which they lived. All other people in that region lived in fear of them.

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And they dominated over all the people and all the other tribes around them.

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And born amongst them raised amongst them, was the prophet hood. alayhi salam,

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and he was a prophet of a prophet of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala sent him revelation and prophethood and then Allah subhanaw taala gave him the job gave him the task. That go, what Allah did a hog muda today yakang Or with Allah, Allah Kamini like integrado who

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and he was told to go and call them back to Allah. Tell them to worship Allah, tell them not to worship anything else other than Allah, tell them to conduct themselves with the fear of Allah and the consciousness of Allah and be mindful of Allah. And be careful about how you act, how you conduct yourself, how you treat other people.

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But they were arrogant. And they did not listen.

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Allah says what Tilka I don't these people have odd Jaha Dubey I got to be him. They rejected all the signs of their Lord all the message that came to them while I sold was hula hula. And they rejected belief in all the messengers of Allah, what Tibet who? And what did they choose to follow? Umrah Coolidge Abaddon? I needed they chose to remain on the path of arrogance and conceit. And that arrogance and conceit, it got the best of them. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah fusi

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that when, who the Alayhis Salam, he addressed them and he spoke to them from Aden for stuck varuval or the belated happy, they behaved arrogantly upon the earth. They did not listen to the Prophet of Allah that was sent to them by our Lu Menasha Domina.

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They said, Who's more mightier than us? Who's more powerful than us?

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They had the blessings of Allah, physically and communally. But they allow those blessings to dilute them.

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To confuse them.

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They fell into that trap

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of attributing their blessings to themselves. These have managed them in Alcoa, who's more powerful and mighty than we are. Allah says, A welcome Euro. Did they not understand didn't they think about the fact and Allah Allah the Halacha, whom, who are assured

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that the God Allah Who created them,

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that he is greater than them and more mightier than them and more powerful than them, what cannot be it negative, but ultimately, they denied and rejected and refused the message from Allah. So what ultimately happened with them? Allah subhanaw taala tells us for other Santa's or lay him Rehan Surah Surah

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we unleashed the wind upon them.

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We unleashed the wind upon them. Fie a yam in a satin, and the days that followed, were truly miserable. Lino, the Kahuna, Phil hired to dunya and Allah says, this is only a sample

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of the punishment that they will face in the hereafter. Well, I double AF

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and the punishment that they will face in the hereafter is so much worse. Welcome Wagon saloon, and there will be no one to aid them and help them Allah subhanaw taala says in surah Taha surah number 69 What am I doin for Oh, holy Kool BD in Surah Serena it Yeah.

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I had they were destroyed by this wind. That was ferocious. It was fierce. Allah unleashed it upon them. Sahara ha ha him. Sabah la Alin, with a mining into Yemen has human that Unleashed. Allah unleashed it upon them for seven nights and eight days consecutively for Tara Murphy has Sarah. And what did you find afterwards? These big, tall, strong giants

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such impressive creation of Allah. They look like mountains in human form. Sarah, you saw them lying around dead, lifeless, gotten a home? Jasmine knuckling Korea. It looked like if a tornado blew through like a forest and you would just see the trees the trunks of the trees does lying around scattered about that's what they look like after Allah subhanaw taala Allah's punishment was done with them for health Allah Allah Who mean back? Yeah. Was there anything left of them to see? Was there anything of them that remained? Absolutely not. They were completely removed and eradicated. And Allah subhanaw taala says that oops, be goofy how the dunya Lana 10 Where your multi Yama, that

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and what will follow them in this dunya is the curse of Allah subhanaw taala and also the curse of Allah on the Day of Resurrection. Allah inna Arden Cafaro rock bottom that are they disbelieved in their Lord, Allah, then they told me hood, and ultimately Allah subhanaw taala says, cursed and miserable are the people of of odd, the people that who are naked salaam was sent to because of their ultimate disbelief in Allah subhanaw taala. So the moral that I wanted to extract from the discussion today of the prophet who the advocate Salaam is the evil of arrogance,

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pride, conceit.

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Earlier today, Dr. Furr Han was telling us about the situation he's on because

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that's what we're seeing.

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With these murderers, these oppressors This is that arrogance and conceit Masha Domina, who were beaten, they're pounding their chest, who's more powerful than us. Allah is more powerful.

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And while that is a reality that we are seeing, and we need to connect that to the Quran and reflect on it at the same time, it's also very important that we all reflect on ourselves individually

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and make sure that we never fall prey and victim

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and we never allow ourselves to be overtaken by this arrogance, this conceit and pride. Allah tells us in the Quran in surah Lachman in Allahu Allah you Hibou Kula Matalan for whom Allah does not love, boastful and arrogant people. That's why even when we worship Allah, we pray a Shah we stand and pray to God we pray through Salatin Witter, we listen to a Jews or more of the Quran and we offer all this Riba and worship.

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When we're done, we don't turn around and say, Yeah, I did it.

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I killed it today. No, when we get done, the prophets a lot isn't taught us we say stuff that Allah is stuck for Allah stuff. It'll

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Forgive me. Forgive me, forgive me.

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Because you gave me the ability to worship you. But I did not fulfill its right. Humility. Because the prophets Allah has taught us

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that Allah subhanaw taala in Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala lifts and raises people Mantova Ali laghi, Rafa, Hulagu, that when a person humbles themselves,

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for the sake of Allah, whether it be before Allah with the people, but when a person humbles themselves for the sake of Allah, Allah will lift that person of both in this dunya and in the ocarina, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst the people that are humble. I mean, the Arab Allah Allah mean Subhan Allah who will be humble he Subhana Allah whom will be humble ik Nisha La Ilaha. illa Anta the Sakurako mana