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in Al Hamdulillah

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no do who want to start you know who in a steady

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one hour will be let him in surely and forcing our men say hey, Marlena Mejia de la HuFa who well mokdad Woman yo lil Phelan tagit Allahu Walia Murshida was shadow Allah ilaha illallah who was the hula Cherie Keller was a shadow and Mohammed and Abu who was solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was the Huberty he was a man who Ilario Medina and my God for all Allahu Allah Allah. Filled Quran Al Hakim,

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Allah Mo and ml higher to dunya Allah Ebola was ina Dong what whatever homeroom by ina goon whatever quorum by ina Komova tear gas gas auto fill and Wiley well

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gamma Sally ye sin Ajay Bell Kufa runner back to wholesome Maya Haeju feta off who most far wall so, Maya Hakuna whole Palma feel ferati as

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Shadi, though when I will feel that may not allow you or your

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yml higher to duniya in LaMotta will look low. Praise be to Allah. Indeed, To Him belongs all praise. As we praise Him. We ask for His guidance, forgiveness, His mercy.

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We seek refuge in Allah from the bad insiders as we seek refuge in Him from our bad deeds. No then one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided. One who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. I bear witness that there is no god but the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He knows the inner secrets of our hearts is Allah He has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, Allah Hadid know all of you

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that surely the life of this world is only

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amusement, distraction

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Lahu and play

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and beautification or luxury or glitter.

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And it is what afar Haoran Binah calm, mutual boasting amongst yourselves and rivalry in increasing wealth and children.

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Allah Samantha puts this as a picture of a life of this world Dhammapada Allah mal HYAH to dunya Illa Allah He boom Allah Who?

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Wala rule Hi world rule, Hera to Hyrule Lilla the night I really love Inayat taco on a fella doc you don't call it a ala enamel Hayato duniya Allah Ebola who are in to me, no, we're in to me. No, taco you Deikun ojeu roku Allah Yes, l Comb.

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Comb. Allah swatter, similarly says, the life of this world is nothing but amusement and distraction and play.

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And the abode of the Hereafter is best. For those who are God conscious. For those who have Taqwa. Do you not realize and understand a fella darky loon and in the other eye, the life of this world is only amusement, distraction and play

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However if you all believe and you are God conscious and mindful of Allah, you to come Oh Jura calm, he will give you your rewards in full. Wala Yes elkem amla calm and he will not ask you to donate all of your wealth.

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I've been reflecting on these ayat for some time because Allah sort of presents it as a fact that if life of this world is play amusement and fun,

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you can get the impression of what am I doing here? Or is there a contradiction because we're told in the on the other hand, that life is actually a trial and test. It's not fun and laugh and joke is if it was just fun to laugh and joke, Joker would be wondering what we're doing here then. Are we supposed to be then having fun laughter amusement if that's what the life of the world is? Now that's no Allah Swatara saying, because Allah SWAT guys saying of course in other parts of the Quran, and from the statements of the of the prophets Allah Salam about this life being a test and trail. Allah V Hala col Mota well Hayato Leah beluga comme au come at us and who am Allah, it is you

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created Destiny created life in order to

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in order to test and try you. You have to see who is best in that conduct, who is best in their conduct. So what Allah sada saying here is that for those who disbelieve in Allah and the hereafter, they made this life and they live it as though it was fun, amusement and play. That's all they've reduced it to.

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That's why Allah Allah says in one of the as I mentioned, in contrast, will lead Dara roll Akira to Hyrule lil Athena yet coup on however, the aboard the abode of the Hereafter is best for those who have Taqwa. So that's in contrast, for those who believe. And the other verse, were even taught me know that taco your take home or Georgia comb, and if you all believe and if you have taqwa and a mindful of Allah, in contrast to those who produce this life, to play an amusement and distraction than Allah will give you full reward and recompense in in the hereafter.

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Hence, that's why bell to see ronelle Higher dunya May You give preference to life at this world? Well, hirato Hi ru zero, will call where as the hereafter is best and better and everlasting, everlasting.

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If you could stand up, please, there's lots of gaps and he's already fall to the back. I don't want to keep being distracted or distracting you are Hamo Comala well have mercy on you.

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And you know this

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the life of this world being only amusement, distraction, and play some people, some respected scholars from past and present with the greatest of respect to them by disagree with them, therefore made all kinds of amusement and pastime and play whether it's football, cricket or anything, or even watching it haram

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from these yet,

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yeah, from these a yet.

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But that's not the message of Islam. That's not the message of Islam. In fact, when the famous hadith of Hamdulillah, which is in Bukhari, and Muslim, he comes and says, Nafa handler, that handler has become a hypocrite. And he meets some Buckler and says the same to him. And I will look and say, Well, if that's the situation with you, I must be like that as well. He says, Chris, when we're in the presence of the Prophet SAW Selim. Yeah. And he reminds us of paradise and hell, it says, do we see it? Then we go back, for in jail to ill bait

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for the hug tool, a CBN Wallah up to Elmira. When we go back to our homes, we play and laugh with our children and our wives of feed via tin in one of the reasons he says one that see Naka feed we forget a lot. So I must be a hypocrite because I'm two faced. So the Prophet saw some didn't agree with a menagerie. And he said, Yeah, 100 Allah to Assata was sa there's a time for this and a time for that. So

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The real issue of amusement, it's interesting what amusement is low. And you know, this is a desire to do with amusement and play a much more prominent in our lives of affluence and plenty, especially in the West today than they are all over the world now really, than perhaps ever before. Because we've got to become a society of

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amusement junkies, aren't we?

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Yeah, especially with this in our hands.

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Completely, unless, you know, everybody wants a quick fix, and adrenaline rush. Hence, even the focus of people is, Brother, don't talk more than 10 minutes because people will lose interest. That's how fickle and superficial we become. And we must be talking about Muslims as well because we're affected by the society. But Allah Slotta when he's talking about those who reduce this life, to fun play, play play amusement amusement is not talking just to disbelievers and and atheists. He's warning the believers don't fall into this trap. Yeah, you have. So in our Abdullah, he has got all people, believers, disbelievers everybody, surely the Promise of Allah is true. For Allah fala

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will run Knack one will hire to dunya Do not let the life of this world deceive you.

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The life of this world which is full of attractions glitter, amusement, play fun. Yeah, don't deceive you.

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Mean similar meaning meaning distract you.

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While I will run Nachum de la Hill Haru and don't let the deceiver deceive you about Allah and that deceivers shaytaan Yeah, who will use the glitter and play and fun of dunya to keep us distracted away from what we should be doing?

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So it's the quick fixes and everybody's into, you know, that's why the focus because dunya is

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distracted so much.

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That is all about so an LA who perhaps is amusement where we're watching others scrolling scrolling the present day, isn't it just YouTube tells us what we need to be watching. Yeah, or whatever else you're on. Now the I mean, Pete most people don't even know how it works. But they're on tick tock nowadays. That's a quick fix, because it has to be just a two minute video of all kinds of garbage and obscenity and waste of life and time, and how much people are spending on that. That's aside from playing games online and everything else that people are doing. Now. Is it the game that's haram? And is it well, if play is haram as some scholars with due respect, I disagree with them.

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They may even playing football, I don't even mind watching it. Well, I wouldn't have been much chancing supporting Morocco, what 98% of the Muslim population was doing one we were all saying Allahu Akbar Takbeer. Yeah, what we're doing then if they were doing haram kicking the ball around, come on, please. So let's have some balance, what it's really talking about that we become so obsessed that all of our life fulfilled is just with amusement and the next quick adrenaline fix.

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So we lose, playing the game. And the games that make nowadays is like a series it continues. So the young person cannot come off it because they have to get to the next stage. Yeah, that's what's called addiction. People are actually suffering with that kind of addiction. So level alive is not the problem itself. Unless it itself involves haram, of nakedness and drinking or gambling and it becomes haram. But it may be mcru If I'm just wasting most of my life doing that because I'm wasting life which is so precious.

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And akhira how you don't why because what am I doing about that?

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And it may become haram, the law one the amusement and the fun and the play, if it prevents me from doing my YG bat, which is Salah time comes, I'm still carrying on with that and it just goes by now the Allahu and Allah it becomes haram. All obligations of responsibilities in life are not fulfilling, which are my responsibility.

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So this kind of

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obsession that we have we need to be wary of what's going on. Yeah, it's culture. Yeah, everybody's got a phone everybody's and don't get me wrong. There are a lot of good things on here as well. But the warning is not to be pulled in the direction of total time wasting.

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time wasting, which is a daunting kind of look on life. Yeah. It is a blinkered look. It is a look which is not the reality because it will fast disappear.

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I call a goalie hover was the federal Haleakala come in a hole for Rahim. If there's any space, please make it some brothers standing up at the back

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of family law Bill Alameen Salatu was Salam ala Ashraf will MBI Well, mousseline was early he was Safi a drummer in a MOBA. Yo Liqua. I haven't got much time because we don't have much time because have to Joomla as in this case, it's not because people haven't got the focus to concentrate although people do complain. Oh, it's Dr. Murray. He's going to talk for half an hour, half an hour. You have to put up with him rabbiting on, can you not make it short? Not too many. I just make it 15 minutes

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before we take our mobile out, and sometimes I've seen people at the back there actually on the mobile

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humbly, let's read in here, but it is not uncommon brothers, you know that and I know that.

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I was reading Quran it's time to listen to the Hadith, even then not time to read the Quran. Subhanallah you know, this life of this world

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and our young people and the older ones beware of this enticement. This is deception is deceptions of Shaitan to make you waste your time so that you can't do anything else useful.

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In all these things,

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that's why Allah smart that makes this kind of life the life of this world. He gives the similitude GM muscley racing agile kuffaar Anna Berto, and we all aware of this. It's like a rain when it comes and falls and produces green crop. Yeah, you know where it's like in spring and summer. Yeah. And if we go to the countryside, we're more aware but when we live in brick buildings, yeah, we don't really even realize this, which pleases not the kuffar here disbelievers could fall here means the sower, the planter of the farmer, the cultivator. So could fire has another meaning here so it is so pleasing to the cultivator and the source of the seed all this greenery crop fruits and all kinds of

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bounty? Soumaya he does it does it stay?

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That's the life of this was Allah gives us similitude very clearly, then it with us?

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Yeah, for perahu mas Farah, then you see it go yellow, then it becomes like stubble, as though it was never fresh fruit topic. Doesn't that happen? happens through the season. Such is the life of this world, nothing will last. So don't put your eggs and hedge your bets on this life because it is not going to last at all, actually.

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So when we're obsessed, we just play fun, fun, fun when the reality of life hits. And the reality of life is illness. Death, isn't it? loss of life suffering illness? Well, those people who don't believe in God claim to be atheists. It's amazing that they remember God when they hit that kind of situation of calamity that they see it as because it means Yeah, that they can't have that fun and adrenaline rush anymore. Right? So those who don't believe Isn't it ironic? They then remember God and say, What kind of God is that?

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What kind of life is this? What kind of God is that? Who's making me suffer? And given me an illness? Yeah. Somebody said that who is on a

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property program, not to his 40s or 50s and got cancer, had all those years or 40 or 50 years of fun play last year of life?

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Does Allah always life? He owes us nothing. He forgot all those 4050 years of blessings of marriage of children and only remember God to be ungrateful to him because he finally got a realization that this is life of dunya and not Jana.

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The problem with the atheist and the doubter is that they want gender now on a plate. They think they have a right to it.

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Why this and why that and I say to them, well ask God when you stand in front of him on the day of judgment because I can't give you the answer to that. Just wait.

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I can say much more as you know, Allah so Allah guide us and protect us from the enticements. And may Allah protect us from the deceptions of dunya the life of this world. May Allah so Allah protect us from DDC Eva shaytaan Allah Allah Amin keep us always guided on subtle musta came along in Allah Homolka who you saloon Allah Nabhi Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa salam with us Lima Allah wa sallim wa barik ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad K masa Leto Baraka libre Hema wala Ali Ibrahima indica Homido Majeed in the La Jolla Adly were less than what you thought he was ill Kuba were young hernial Fast che well mon Cardwell, buggy UI zoom, la la la quinta de karoun. All

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Corolla? Yes, go to come. What do Oh, who yesterday Bella comb. Wallasey crew Allahu Akbar wala Who ya Allah will man does not own to more or less Salah yo la