The Laws of Success Victory #4 Waqf (Endowment)

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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Al hamdu Alhamdulillah Hina

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you know when I study he went to still a funeral home when a stone settle

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when I will be learning him in showrooms and fusina women say Dr. Molina mejor de la who Fela Mala mama yoke lil Philander, je de la Hoon Walia Murshida y shadow Allah Illallah hula hula Sharika Isla Hanwha hidden HUD on some other let me tell you the Sahiba turn Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who Khufu and

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watch her do Anana be Jana Ali mana Mohan Madonna Abdullah he will assume well, Sophie you whom in Holika. He will Habib Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine wa add your own agenda La Jolla Hello movie Maka mitten zeal wa Alamo and nama on him to mean che in an alley la he who sir who was surely what he did orba Walia term Well, masa kini wabi sabi Lee encoding tomb and tomb Billa he wanna and Zona Adina yo Mel for Connie yo multicolour Gemini Allahu Allah Cooley che in perdere.

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As I continue with the series of the laws of success or victory, taken from Solitaire and fall by purposefully clumped up the three laws that talk about one way or another money, I talked about materialism, and how is the pitfall the SUTA was named after it unfurl because that's what will be our demise eventually if we're not aware of it. And then we talked about preparation and a part of that is the financial one and then today I want to talk about a third and important concept. Before I do

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what we're seeing on on on

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on TV and on throughout social media, it's just all too familiar.

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It's just all too familiar. We've seen this before. You saw this, we've seen this before, over the last two to three decades. We've seen it in Iraq, we've seen it in Afghanistan, we've seen it in my home country, Syria, we've seen it in, in Yemen, in Libya, we've seen it in, in,

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in the parts of Africa that people unfortunately forget about and don't talk about happening right now in Sudan, these things that we see that are occurring to our brothers and sisters, whether it's in the Holy Land, or it's in Sudan, or in other parts of the world, tracing back to what happened in Kosovo, 30 years ago.

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It's just all too familiar. It's the same pictures just in different places. It's the same stuff occurring to the same group of people, just by different culprits and in different times in different spaces. But it's the same thing.

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And I'm quite certain that Allah subhanho wa Taala has all of this occurring to us.

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So that these Wake Up Calls, finally bring the consciousness of this OMA back to where it needs to be, again.

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These wake up calls that occur throughout time, different places, different groups of people are designed to wake up groups and nations, from their, from their slumber, for lack of a better word. And I believe with all certainty, that from under the rubble, this OMA will stand up again, it will, from under the rubble of the homes and the houses of civilians that were buried under it, this OMA will find its foot stand again. And there will be change again, I believe that it will come sooner than maybe we even think is possible. And all I believe that is important for us is that we just serve as a positive force in that movement, that we are not individuals or groups that are holding

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it back, that are pushing the wheel in the wrong direction. That's really all you can hope for in this life, there's really not much else you can do within the short time that you're around. And then the limitations of your personal capacity is just trying to be on the right side of the equation, the right side of the equation, just pushing wheel in the right direction.

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And that's the only explanation that I have for what continues to occur. And what's happening today, what we are witnessing on an ongoing basis.

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The people in Gaza and the people in Sudan and all across the Muslim world.

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And that's why I chose this series, to talk about the laws of success. There are laws that Allah subhanaw taala, put in a 10 page sutra, very concise, and summarized and very direct, doesn't have doesn't go into a lot of detail. It doesn't do like sutra buckler, or certainly doesn't talk about the concept multiple times from different angles, it's very directly talks about things very clearly. So that because that's how you want laws to be, you want them concise, you want them clear. And if you don't follow all of these laws, I will say to all of them, not half of them are not a quarter, three quarters of them and not 99% of them, but all of them, then we will continue to

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struggle in the way that we are struggling, if not worse.

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The concept of wealth.

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This idea that I shared with you was great Earth breaking, because for the first time in the history of this law, Islamic law, it explained the concept of there being something that has a percentage that is going to be multiple, there's going to be an endowment of the homeless, a fifth of what's going to be made from any given battle was going to be more poof, it doesn't belong to anyone. It belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and His Prophet. This is very important when you go and you study the concept of endowment. They talked about Marcus Aurelius being the first person who made endowment stuff for philosophers. It's all it's all. It's all like, the first actual movement of

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endowment was the Oh cough and the medicines that were made in North Africa, the universities that were made as endowment. This is the first stuff that you can actually find documented historically. But you can go beyond before that because the first person to actually talk about what endowment was, was the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. It came through this ayah and the Quran, it was then

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it was elaborated on in Rome, I thought, Allahu Allah SUTA Him in whom for now just a minute human healing with Erica Malefor Allahu Allah Suleyman, often Allah he will ever suit he will.

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Amongst other verses in the Quran that talk about this concept of Waqf of endowment. Once this verse was revealed the Prophet alayhi salatu salam started teaching this a little bit more aggressively. And the Hadith we have in Buhari I'm going to tell you the history of this to understand why I'm talking about it it's important to say no, I'm gonna Hapa will come to him that reasonable quality and he said yellow surah Allah,

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sub to Maryland or sub to Alden, wala he ma Endymion Merlin who I'm assuming I have, I come across a piece of land that's mine now. And I'm telling you, this is the best piece of land or the best possession that I've ever had in my life, not morally and I find it what

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way to do with it because they were excited they were they were taught this concept of endowments and they were excited. So the oxygen molecule we asked him What do I do for Carlos and Allah Allah you will sell them in *ter her Buster of Sneha what also Dr. beha if you want the best thing to do, is to be saucily her. What does that mean? It means make the actual possession and endowment make it a work of her Bishara say that no one will ever own this till the Day of Judgment. This will be a walk, and then everything that it produces will continue to feed into the Muslim ummah. Vagina, vagina lobby Allahu Taala and Rama

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and now Slava Yoobao. When are you? When are you have well to South Dakota, my uncle Joe minha. And and for Cara he will Mr. Keeney Well, if he said he learned he will recall we will be studying while I'm while I'm Angelica. And yeah, cool. I mean, happy my roof. Well, your time is so deep, and we have a winning fee. So this is the actual wording and Buhari that he said that the actual land is not to be gifted, it's not to be bought, it's not to be inherited, and everything that I produces, will go for the needy, and the Moroccan and the refugees and the travelers and people who are held as prisoners of war, etc, etc. And the person who is going to be responsible for of it can eat and

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benefit themselves, they can take from it for themselves, and they can feed their friends as long as they don't do it for money. That's the wording.

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And this might have been a fun he went and bought the aroma.

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He bought a well and he made it works so that Muslims would eat and drink or drink from it. And if others came to buy from it, then that wealth would go back to the Muslims.

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We know the Hadith everyone knows the Hadith in collection, email Muslim, either multiple

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learning centers and one of the most sought after God when the human being dies, all that you end up getting if you want to get acid right after you're dead. One of the three ways is that you put sadaqa jariya some form of a an active charity that continues after you which is basically a form of endowment. He says Alehissalaam to some in more detail in the hadith of Ibn merger with the reusable chain of narration by a Barrera he will say in the name Maya

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and Maya Help Mina Mina has an antibody mo T well I don't sorry.

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Oh, we're Ellman her lemma who wanna Shara?

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Already moon I lemma who wanna show almost half an almost half on one rasa. Almost you don't by now who obey it and by now who live in is studied. Oh sadhaka to injury for him in Mali. He went FC What was your terminal Hayato action mode your Hapa houfy Fabri Heba Moti human Hassan it, he said that to him, salatu salam amongst the things that can follow you into your grave in terms of Hassan Ertz is if you leave a child that you raised well, and they do well, and all the good deeds that they do in the DUA that they make for you follows you. Or if you leave an active charity, or if you teach and your teachings live on, or if you give us almost half or you build a masjid or you build a home

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for refugees, you do something because when he said they obeyed by now who live in history, they use that term ideal salatu salam.

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And that was the birth of the concept of welcome and endowment without it, the Muslim ummah. And I and I attest to this, I put my life on this on the statement, that without the concept of what this Muslim Ummah would not have left the borders of the Arabic Peninsula, it would have not left what today is known as Josie and I wouldn't have left it impossible, would allow the Muslim ummah without this nation to expand and spread without Islam to spread was the concept of bait and man, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam began this himself where the wealth would all be brought centrally and then distributed, because because there wasn't a lot of it, nothing stayed. There was nothing ever,

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nothing ever more. It was all distributed almost immediately during his life, Alia sadhana because the need was I that the amount was low. But then by the time the Hata was in, was in was in office, now you hide an actual basement and Mussolini and people would put wells in it, and that didn't duck and that wealth would actually generate more wealth, and more wealth would generate more wealth and it would all go back to strengthen the OMA

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. When you study a little bit, when you hear the the wars of apostasy wasn't really apostasy. There's a little bit of a misconception here in terms of what happened. They didn't actually leave Islam. And they didn't actually say is the cause? Not first of all, they said, all the people said is that we're not going to pay it to you. We'll do it on our own account. Like I'll give my Visa card to the person beside me. It's none of your business. And he fought them for that. And how do you not done that Islam would have stopped at the northern borders of Arabia, there was no hope for it to go anywhere. But because it stayed centralized because there was an endowment

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fund, basically based in Malta that the wealth would come into and then be distributed appropriately to those who need it. And for the reasons that are required for this OMA to stand on his feet. We were able to continue and move along.

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And this is extremely important and understanding what Islam

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actually teaches, there are certain folia things he said that he can slot to some of the important, but then there's a legacy that he left in terms of what he did. And I find that sometimes you overlook that piece. This is the legacy he left us out of history to ascend the concept of endowments, the concept of wealth, this one he left for us. Now, I do understand very clearly, the basic difference in contexts between what a Muslim nation had and building is based in mind. Obviously, the differences are clear, I think the basic ideas still applies, though, I think that the basic idea of work for coming for Muslim communities still applies for the longest times, all

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throughout history, Muslims, they strengthened and they

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funded all of what they wanted to do their massages and their universities and through acts of endowment through Oh, tough to the rocks that they had, actually, people would sometimes put all of their all of their positions as OIC off in terms of inheritance instead of instead of having their children inherit what they had, they would make it work. And they would make the beneficiaries of their children so that they wouldn't sell the house or sell the actual land. And that land would continue to give them what they needed moving forward. And that still exists today. If you go into certain parts of the world, you'll find pieces of land that are wealth for a family lineage, that

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the father before he passed away, he left just enough money for himself. And then he made everything he had worked for his family, you can make work for a specific thing for a specific reason as well.

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And the concept in my opinion, is extremely important. As Muslims, we have to bring this back to our communities we have to you this is what Satan the show. But Allahu Anhu said so you understand the importance of this god job but it's not the law, the law why no man didn't mean us hobby rasool Allah so Allah Allah when he was sending him or her God, you know what, I'm sorry, the naka de la ilaha oke of I don't know anyone from the companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, whether there are more hygiene or Al Saud, who hide a little bit of money, except they made from their wealth, something that was walk

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that except that they made sure that a part of their possessions of their wealth was welcomed. And I think we have to do the same. Last week I talked about being tired of talking about budgets, I wasn't talking about this place. So you're clear. I'm not talking about this center, specifically? No, I'm talking about on a much larger level. I'm talking about the discussions that occur within the Muslim community at large. When we talk about our centers, and we talked about advocacy, we talked about what we need for schools, and we talked about what is it what's needed social support, the budgets that our organizations discuss are pathetic, that actually very, I'm very tired of

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listening to these numbers being pitched back and forth. If we want to take care of ourselves, then we have to be able to do better than that. If you want true advocacy, the institutions like NCCAM and hikma should be better supported, if you want are so there should be proper social support and counseling. MRC ought to be better supported. If you want our massage to do things and actually serve people, we have to support them in a better way. But this support has to be based on services not on your ability to market yourself. It shouldn't be based on your talent in fundraising. That's not how money should be gathered that never was. I am good fundraiser. So I'll make more money. No.

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What services do you offer, what halen Baraka is, they're coming from you to the community, that should dictate how much actually this place makes money isn't important. If we don't do that we're going to continue to be where we are. There's going to be the same complaints and same bickering and just everyone being upset and disgruntled and unsatisfied, is because we were not utilizing the resources that we have effectively. The concept of luck what I'm asking you I'm asking you to think about today. Okay, if shaitan Nila make something from give something make make an announcement from yourself from here so whatever what do you have? You have a taxi company one day a week one car is

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what you have in a restaurant one day a week one table as well. You're a doctor one seat a week as well. Whatever you What do you got? Make something welcome and if you have no money at all, then make some time we'll make it what do you think we're coming? Ramadan is around the corner. What do you think that's decaf? means that the golf means making yourself well. That's what that tick off means. Stepping yourself I am walking I will not do anything aside from serve Allah subhanaw taala literally speaking, in the essence of the medium I could do anything else. I'm not gonna do no leisure activities, nothing aside from serving Allah subhanaw taala we need don't cough. Without our

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cough there is no hope there is no hope. We will continue to do the very sad fundraising, putting our hands in people's pockets and then taking it and then people waiting around to see if maybe something happens or maybe something doesn't. This is not a sustainable way for a community to survive. We need to talk about the concept of wealth and it has to be brought back again a call you probably heard I was talking hola hola welcome. First of all, if you're all be Oxford Allah Camilla Fosun mustafina sofinnova

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Hamdulillah He was also Allah who has to learn more about like I'm a learner be about the Hawaiian early he was a happy human

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who who well after I had that why do you call it a Latino know? I'm going to be learning how to be you're gonna have to tell Jamila you record under work for I'm Ron my rufen wife her Munna home Hudak always out often Phoebe Phoebe daddy Natalina have been okay I found the

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Mojo dialer more thoroughly Muslimeen figure to work via when you pick her up edema Peter mill Islam in FCW he know Latina but don't know how the vicar when the metabo nurse women or nurse I don't know if you heard the mustard tuber How do you call your wild if I tell you fee and and who Allah has and I'm gonna be cultivating a man who will walk Whoa ha ha Sahaba to minimally him woke up and Muslim woman embodiment to him was related to Jamia to one mustache via to win my daddy's could you want to tell you how coffee Allah subhanaw taala will not Oh Kathy Billa Do you know when to farm we're not going to have to unlock the Yeti honey Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala well why don't you when Muslims

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and you will keep them enough cha cha cha cha and Allah Are you sure mother? Oh Guzman welcome to come in Malika me and Jody come in L MC. Oh good shake. Well actually, some are doing but the was the fatality. Thea Rahim Allah nama kotoba. Mousa Bucha lithium nickel doing

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mocha demon matura Jana if you are willing Kitakata ha oh, oh Cavell keytab. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we're going through Saturday theanine Jamila didn't we heard about well, Mullah Joe was productive he had hope by the time knocking Martin Allah cleave which I mean I don't know how to hire unknown mutton Oh much dumber and yummy enough See he thought you know what? He What do you do on your coffee yo cough

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cough now the fact that no one will let without stories Marco. Manna started Manya still behind you have is a nice way after for ya Milena, Yanni Orban cinema II and Autobahn Mr Hagen V. Phil Sharma. Hafiz Hydrawise Mahatma

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in Medina snowbee him

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sudo CL M word was who is just dummy her you know you're

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being Bateman Eleusinian I am in California who was CSC locking him up next to who should

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work? Some don't work very much tomorrow. And men who died yesterday too much time? Yeah. Who do you Honeywell when I met Mr. Rogers? Sahira when I was Shabaab.

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Yeah, I mean, I

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Mohammed. Monday so when I come on, and the next day I'm gonna walk now. Heretic huddle manual. While I'm doing the math on him.

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Yeah, gyla Tuna cache some more work often. Oh, perfect. And homeless, huddled homeless more off mahalanobis Emma Su. Have you? Oh, yeah, I'll bring him over sorted inferred.

00:23:12--> 00:23:27

We have people working on an endowment fund for this center is gonna be something we're gonna pilot for the center. But I honestly, my, my dream is way bigger than that. I'm going to share it with you. And even if you don't like it, that's fine. But here's what I think there should be an endowment fund for the city,

00:23:28--> 00:24:06

we should stop having small fundraising events or dinners. For the small little groups, we should have a large endowment fund where the people who have wealth, put it in there. And we have it run by those who have expertise and are trustworthy from every background belonging to every organization. So this is not doesn't become a part of just one or two organizations. And instead of giving money to groups or to organizations, or institutions based on their talent in fundraising, we give it based on their need, and based on the services that are going to be offering so that we actually move that wealth effectively. And that would be way better. It's a way it's a better use of our time

00:24:06--> 00:24:42

and our wealth. Unless you enjoy going to fundraising dinners. Maybe you do. Maybe you'd like to buy a ticket and sit and have a meal and feel and feel important for a night. That's not That's not how this is done. That was this is not how Muslims run their communities. I'm sorry, this may be other communities do it that way. We don't do it that way. We put our coffee, put endowments, and we put our money in one place. And then we distributed it properly distributed it properly. Amongst those who are serving our self serving us bringing services has to be service based. There has to be. I've observed over the last 10 years fundraising events where a lot of money has been put together. I

00:24:42--> 00:24:59

have no idea why. I have no idea where it's going. And I still have no idea where it went. I don't believe there's any corruption in our city. I don't I honestly don't. Maybe I do not. I know the people who run the institutions. I believe they're clean that their hands are clean if you don't take anything to their pockets, but I think there's a problem with distribute

00:25:00--> 00:25:33

question. I think that we are not doing this effectively, people get tired of being asked to keep on giving different groups without seeing any output. It's difficult. There's a trust breach that I find exists in our society, I hope I'm wrong. But I feel there's a trust breach. People don't trust the institutions anymore. They don't want to give them wealth. That's a problem. If we don't, if we don't put our wealth into our institutions, organizations, the people who work for us that we are going to fail big time, it's going to it's going to trickle through into all of the massage and all of the groups that are trying to advocate for us and work for us. And we're going to feel the pain,

00:25:33--> 00:25:51

we're going to feel it later. So if there's a problem that we need to fix it, if people don't trust anymore, we have to fix that. And we have to maybe try a different model, maybe a model, the prophet Allah, you saw to us, to them started for us, pioneered on earth, for us made sure that we were the first group to actually practice it.

00:25:52--> 00:25:54

endowment funds exist everywhere in the world.

00:25:56--> 00:26:33

But not in Muslim communities, which is just just it just blows my mind. How is it that others have taken the source of that we built that we worked on that we actually brought forward to the world, go Wikipedia endowment funds, by Steve, whenever they're done talking about Marcus, you look all after and see where they talk about, and they use the word wealth, and they use the words, goose, you know, words that were that became international, because Muslims, they did it, it worked, it worked. You have non for profit organizations that actually make their own wealth. And, and, and put it back into the community and put it back into the economy and are not owned by anyone.

00:26:35--> 00:27:08

That would be nice. That would be beautiful. If you were able to do something like that on a on a city level, and then maybe be on a city level, maybe on a province level on a country level. And we take care of our own and then we take care of others, you know, I go to the hospital every day. And I walked by this big back this huge wall banner, huge goes, I was like six, seven steps, I have to walk all the names of the big donors to the hospitals. How many of them do you think are Muslim institutions? How many do you think are Muslim institutions? Actually put wealth? How many?

00:27:10--> 00:27:12

There's none. There's not one

00:27:14--> 00:27:23

to find a lot of other institutions that you claim are not you don't like for different reasons. You don't like them for different reasons. You think they're evil, but their names are there. They put a couple million dollars.

00:27:25--> 00:27:52

So embarrassing. It's embarrassing, unless we are truly in our numbers very, very few in our wealth, strength very weak. I mean, we have no money we have unless we're like that. I can't explain it. I can't, I can't rationalize that or excuse it, there's just a lack. It's just a lack of will a lack of working together, too many egos, too many egos, too many big heads and smaller hearts

00:27:54--> 00:28:25

slamming into each other. And then your children suffer. And the kid that could have learned to speak the language of the Quran could have memorized the Quran could understand their Deen, who could have been equipped with the proper skill sets, the kids, the people who are weak and vulnerable in our society who need our support and our help, instead of them suffering and falling into substance abuse and crime, they could have been brought back and taken care of, we could have actually advertised this time beautifully and brought Muslims in New Orleans and supported them and stood by them, he could have done so much. Because we have so much to give. It's just very

00:28:25--> 00:28:27

depressing that we're not able to do it.

00:28:28--> 00:28:58

And this is the final hook. But on the issue anything to do with money in terms of law of success, I am not a money person. So maybe everything I said today was wrong. But at least the concept of wealth is right because I'm not saying it is something he taught it to us. I know it works. Now whether it does or not, that's going to be up to us. There's going to be in Shaolin a few weeks presentation, we'll talk about why we're going to pitch a small walk fund for this place. And if it works, we want to try and see to see if we can take this bigger, and see if we can actually bring everyone to the table and do something that we can all lead. Even if it doesn't serve you today, it

00:28:58--> 00:29:33

will serve your children in a decade or two. Sometimes you have to be able to think long term because we don't want when I'm gone or when you're gone when you're when our children and when one of them is standing up here talking. They have to sit down and talk Yes, yes, 25,000 20,000 civilians of this part of the Muslim world have been buried under their homes, as the UN continues to wonder whether we should give them any aid or not. And yes, we are. We are we continue to watch hospitals being evacuated and journalists being shot dead on the street. If you don't want that to continue to happen, if you hope for a future to be for the future to be different, that we have to

00:29:33--> 00:29:45

start thinking a bit longer. And we have to start thinking a little bit bigger, and we have to get over ourselves and the name our names and our institutions and our organizations and all that other stuff. That means nothing at all. It doesn't.

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

It means nothing. No one cares. On the day of judgment. You just stand there wishing you never there was never there to begin with. Because we will be asked about what we were able to do and then didn't and I'll end with that and hope that was of benefit to you.

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From Chawla we do, we do have a representative from the MRC here and they offer counseling and they talk they talk about they offer free counseling and talk about housing talk about domestic abuse if someone wants to access that then just please to speak to us after salon we'll make sure that that's available you know, the rest of it the honest will be made by brother humble inshallah after a while I'm going to

00:30:19--> 00:30:41

be omitting all Leamington in Allahu Allah you gotta who use alumina Allen the wreath yeah you hold the Xena Manuel Salah Allah He was selling with a slim Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar early Mohammed commercial Lita Allah Ibrahim Orion early Ibrahim barbaric Allah Muhammad in right early Muhammad no metabolic dalla Ibrahim either early Ibrahim Vinaya Lemina indica Naka Homido Majeed, what are the Allahumma nailbiting? Hooda as

00:30:43--> 00:31:19

well? I'm Amara wolfman Li Li what Allah Who man as well as you heal my hurting what meaning why an early hit by you Nina thought hitting one Sahaba to kill her in my Amin Juanita in elementary at home via sending your MIDI in one home get off medica Yeah Oh harmala He mean hola como fildena Muslim you know when mostly not well, meaning you know, me not even home What am I Allahumma featheredge whom and Muhammad Amin when I finished school and McLovin WaterFire Juan Manuel McLemore mean what if I have golden man in love Lou mean Allahumma one of them was told that I VNF equally McCann Allahumma PHARMAC Dakka Dakka ano Ano Mera Bella mean Allahumma Farish and one of them was

00:31:19--> 00:31:23

talking to me and if he was at a fetal strain with his Sudan you know if you lady I mean decline over them in Milan.

00:31:25--> 00:31:48

Hammer rock I mean Alohomora domestic de la casa Ilaria hardly Muslim in Allah who actually just saw hyenas I mean, who are the lead on soil reading Allahu Allah he as he is and why is this an Edo Medina era but I mean, what are the energy Mannino eco eco de Nicola then Janjira watergarden Allah whom I mean Jimmy is going to be in October not so hard to hear now we have called Anwar just said Anwar roja my mother Alec Alec Allahumma the ICS What are Hola Hola Hola. Hola. Hola.

00:31:49--> 00:31:58

Hola. In Allah yet moral good ideally, certainly you eat easy orba when honey fascia evil Moon carry well, who Kamala Khan to the Koran. Allah.

00:31:59--> 00:32:05

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Chawan La Ilaha illa Allah Chawan Mohammed