The Prophet In Times of War

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Now we'll be law human shooting and fusina sejati I'm Nina Mejia and the law firm will be number one the human Fela deola.

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Why should you Allah illallah wa Odesza dhikala was doing the Muhammad and Aboriginal Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa that he wasn't happy with setting them. Yeah, you heard Adina I'm an otaku. Allah Hapa Tokachi Willa Mouton. Illa? Anta Muslim moon? Yeah, you announced with Sakura Bakula the Halacha come in FC Wahida to come in has Jaha Baba Thurman humare Jalan Cathedral on one nice What's up hola hola de Tessa I do want to be here well Erhan in Allah who can add the community but yeah, you have Latina Amina top. Hola. Hola. Kudo. Covenants study the use of the Halacha Moroccanoil finger comes in Rubicam Juan Manuel de la hora Sula, who forgot the affairs I was in Alabama and my

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bad fitness up in a hadith keytab Allah well Halal had he had the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when children are moody Mark decide to have a coulomb desert in vida que la vida. Allah will call it origin for now.

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Sandeep Museo de Leon, who Hibbeler Sula is one of the most beloved companions of the Messenger of Allah. So I sent him one of the last people to see him alive before he passed away. That's how close he was to the Messenger of Allah.

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One time he came to the prophesy Salam in the past Salam had criticized him

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after a battle, he told him Yeah, well samurai Lima patata. Osama you killed someone in battle. Why did you kill that person? Now this is in battle in the heat of battle in the midst of battle with some of them. datas tells the President what he saw with his own eyes he Seattle suit Allah azza wa jal Muslimeen, Petula Wakata Fudan were Fudan our food and our son Manna Farah, he says, a messenger of Allah, he was inflicting upon the Muslims much pain.

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And he killed this person and he killed this person and he killed this person. And he began listing off the names of the people that were killed by this man.

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And so the Messenger of Allah so I sent him

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hearing that answer.

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Again asked him Lima kata, so why did you kill him?

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So he responds with the same answer again, Yara surah Allah azza wa jal Muslim in Qatar that he inflicted much harm upon the Muslims will consider Fudan and waffleh Anna Funan was a mana Farah, and he killed so and so and so and so and so and so. And he listed off people and then he says, yeah to suit Allah, Hummel to Allah, he was safe. And so much of Allah I approached him with my sword.

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Fela Mara as safe and when he realized he was about to be killed. He said La Ilaha illa Allah.

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He's massacring the Muslims, but then when he realized he's about to die, he took his safeguard La Ilaha illa Allah.

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And so the last time you said occulta, who God call Allah, Allah.

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Did you kill him after he said La Ilaha illa Allah? He said yes.

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Then so the past sent him he began saying yeah, Osama pharma Tesla Albula Isla Illa either Jaya at yarmulke Yama. Oh Sam Oussama What will you do when law? Allah comes in the Day of Judgment. So Sam I began shaking, Mr. Era surah Allah so fiddly, O Messenger of Allah ask Allah to forgive me and the Messenger of Allah simply kept repeating firmer tests now will be you know Halal Allah either. jatheon Molina Fermat us now Billa you know, you Illa Allah Elijah Tillman pm he kept repeating what will you do when not uniting Allah comes from the Day of Resurrection.

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I'm starting with this to give you an idea.

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The discipline

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that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam tried to instill within the Sahaba, even in the midst of a heated battle, even when Osama is seen with his own eyes, people he knows by name being killed.

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When he won, he struck him back and kill the enemy of Allah. He was rebuilt because this man said Allah, Allah, how do you know he didn't say it sincerely are not even in war. The prophesy Salam held the Companions at a high standard, not the standard of any charter anything, the standard of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so that's why when he would send expeditions out he would tell them to do Bismillah Khartoum and Kapha Nabila go out in the name of Allah and fight those who disbelieve in Allah but he says, Let me tell you, what are to my feet do what I tell you what to do and will then what else have a Salam and he would say to the to the to

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the expeditions to the leaders.

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Go out in the name of Allah fight in the name of Allah fight those who disbelieve in Allah but he says, Do not be treacherous. And do not mutilate anybody and do not take from the booty award that's not rightfully to be taken any season don't kill any children, nor kill anyone within the places of worship.

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Anyone within the places of

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Worship do not harm them. And subhanAllah one of the goals of Allah

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revealing jihad for the Ummah, Muhammad wa sallam is this purpose, to preserve life and to preserve the places of worship. Allah says oh the nun in Medina ukata Luna be in Allah Allah Nasim naka de and the permission has been granted to fight those who have been oppressed in wronged and Allah is indeed capable of giving them victory. He says Allah Dino Collegium in the humility to happen Elia Quran, Allah, those who are driven out of their homes, for no other reason other than they said Allah is our Lord. Then Allah says whatever would definitely Allah hiddenness about the home be bow and if it wasn't for the fact that Allah causes people to check other people, the hood Demuth so

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Amira will be everyone was Salah to wear massage to do the kind of goofy Hezbollah he cathedra then monasteries and churches and synagogues, synagogues and masajid would have been destroyed. Subhan Allah, even in fighting, even in the midst of war, we are being told that the places of worship should be held sanctified, regardless of the religion and SubhanAllah. Of course, we know war is not preferred. To begin with the message of Al Hasan did not prefer war, nor did he choose war, unless he was forced into it. And the treaty had they be before when he stopped outside of Mecca when they went to perform Amara, he said that if the Qureshi were to call me to something that that ties the

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kinship and an honors the sanctity of the romance of Allah, then I will give it to them. Allah says we're in Jannah holy, send me Phaedra. Now, what's our corral Allah, if they inclined to peace and inclined to peace also, and rely upon Allah? So the mystery of lesson was very clear what the instructions of the companions once he saw the people gathered. And he sent someone to find out this is in the context of battle, why were they all gathered together and they realized he was told that a woman was killed, a woman was a single woman was killed. And so the Messenger of Allah has sent him He says, My cannons have led to cotton. This is not with one someone whom you should have

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fighting should have taken place. And then he sends a letter to harder than one Eid. And it's any any any SES now it's up to him Robertson what I see if I don't make sure your army, no woman, nor any servant is killed children. This is a very interesting Hadith. In the Battle of her name, you have to understand now the companions were with a prophet I sent him from the beginning of his from Prophet Naboo. And from early Mecca, they had a telomere with a messenger of Allah, they had upbringing but then as many Muslims are coming into Islam towards the end of his life, many of them don't have the same teaching that the early Sahaba had. And so on the battle of her name,

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news reached the prophet that I sent them that some children had been killed in battle.

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Some children had been killed. And so the province of Salem, when he when when when that when that news reached him, his face literally changed his face, you could clearly see signs of anger and disappointment and sadness in his face. And he says, Mohamed,

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why did you kill some children?

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And you know what they said? They said, Yeah, that's what Allah in my home I will now be keen on Messenger of Allah. They are children of the machinery keen.

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They are children of the machinery keen. And so what does the President me say in response? Well healthy out Oh, come in Lola de Lucia the king

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and are not the best of you, other than the children of the machete keen?

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Well, healthy out Illa Allah de Lucia, the kin are the best signal to children with a machete key. And what is he referring to? The scholars have differed in a few different ways. One, we know that children are innocent, and they will be in Jannah. If they die, before the age of puberty, they're not responsible. They're not adults, they will be in paradise. But one of the other things we know is who are the children of the machete Keane who is Abu Bakar and Ramadan, and and, and the like.

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They are children of the machete keen and they are the best of the companions, many these people that's why he said one of the nevsun Mohammed and I swear by the one in his head, his promises and I'm Soul Man meanness, Emmerton Tula to Allah Anil Phaedra, hetta Yoruba and hardy Sangha he says no person no human being is born except that they're born on the fifth row of Islam. The belief that the innate understanding that and knowing that Allah has one and he says and until their tongues are able to articulate what they have inside their hearts

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so Subhanallah we know woman children destruction of property, when the material system sent that sent the expedition out and what he said what I took the unnatural Sinhala to

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my beta. None of you should cut down even one tree

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nor cut down a date poem nor

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or destroy even one home.

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Not one tree, not one home and not and you see the circumstances around us now and it's not even just a plaza where, where 1000s upon 1000s of homes have been demolished even in the West Bank, where settlers will nonstop attack the farmland of the Palestinians and destroy all of trees and their farmland.

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Mr. Jose not even one tree, if it's in your way you're going to battle. Now one day Paul not want home is allowed. And of course we know mutilation.

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And the harming of of deceased bodies is forbidden. And we know the Companions themselves face that the Sahaba face that the Prophet SAW with his own eyes. In fact, when he saw the mutilated body of Hamzat Allah and who

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he became the Sahaba say we never saw the prophets I send them as saddened as he was when he saw the dead body of Hamza after the battle. And when he went back to Medina and all the homes are crying over there, their last one from a hood, he sees one my Hamza to follow back here further, but lucky Allah, but as for Hamza, there is nobody crying for him, he was really affected by it. But despite that,

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he never retaliated, never had the bodies of the machinery, keen, mutilated in response,

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prisoners of war, he told the Companions as those who will be him hired off, treat them well, so Subhanallah the same people who drove them out of their homes, the same people that for for 13 years, they were tortured and attacked and ultimately driven out with all their wealth and homes left behind, when they finally fall prisoners of war after the Battle of bed that the first meeting between the Muslims and the four h. The Prophet of Allah tells them treat the prisoners well. And so as even in Romania, the brother of Musa maybe homemade. He was Musab was a Muslim. His brother was a disbeliever. His brother fought against some Muslims in the Battle of medicine. And so, as he's he

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says, Come to Esalen and Adeline saw, I was a prisoner of war with one of the unsought and he says, What can I either called the mood to hammer home whether that home was shot at home, when the food came for their meals, their lunch and the dinner and whatnot? He says, I can Otama Albert, he says they would eat dates, that would be their meal dates, and they would give me barley, they will give me a cooked, cooked something cooked from barley.

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And he is from the people fighting the believers after they went through for 13 years. But this is how the messenger of Allah taught the companions to treat the prisoners of war. And then of course we know for to Emeka, when Allah gave victory to the profit over the disbelieving people have caught a fish. And he stands before them and he says Masada, Luna and Nephi don't become what do you think I will do to you? And they had every right to be massacred. For the crimes they committed.

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What do you think I will do to you? And they say Hira Holden. Kareem, welcome to FM Kenny. But oh my goodness, I send them you are a very generous person, the son of a generous person. So we hope you will treat us well. And so we say to them either move on to Dhaka go forward, all of you are free. Some Allahu Allahu wa salam. And this is the code of conduct of conduct that the believers in times of war, following the example the best of creation, sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Messenger of Allah and despite the heat of battle, despite whatever excuses there may be, Allah and His Messenger of Allah did not accept any excuses. These are the codes of conduct and we see the beautiful

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teachings of the Prophet of allah sallallahu Sallam manifests in the lives of Sahaba welcome to call the Hagia Sophia who were to confess to Pharaoh who in the hula photo right