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The man he talks about keeps on praying and forgetting which car he was in, even though he kept on praying and forgetting it. He also discusses the best position to be near Islam's profit slice, which is the one with the closest profit rate, and the importance of learning to be Catholic and achieving a profit rate. The Day of Judgment is recognized as the Day of the return of the beast, and the speaker mentions a book called Malcolm X that talks about the difficulties of achieving success in life.

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I have no case, Rahim Allah tala was one of the greatest of the tablet of the second generation, he tells a very beautiful story says that one time I entered into mesial oxa in Jerusalem. And he said, I saw this man that was praying all night, we'll have a look through the Jews. And all he would do is prostrate. Or he would spend so much time in his prostration. And so he said that I'm watching him and Subhanallah he'd go into his prostration. And you wouldn't know if he was going to come out or not. Okay. So he said that he keeps on doing prostration he keeps on doing such the over and over and over again. He said until I went to the man and I said, Do you even know how many times you've

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prayed? Now what he means by that is that, you know, when you go into a job for so long, you're likely to forget which car you're on. Right? So he's like, Do you even know whether you've paid an odd amount of records? Or an even amount of records? Do you even know? You know what record you're on? Because you've been in suits so long and each one of these records. So the man responded with a beautiful response, he says in controller Udry for La Jolla. De He said, If I don't know, then Allah knows. Meaning if I made a mistake, because of the length of my sujood in you know, and how many records I prayed, then Allah subhanaw taala knows. Then the man said had death any hubby. He said,

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My beloved one told me and he broke down crying. So he's so Rahim, Allah says that he started to collect himself once again, had definitely helped me. He said, once again, my beloved one told me without telling him who His Beloved One is, or what he told him, he just says, had nothing he hugged me and he breaks down crying. Then enough Rahim Allah says, I started to console him. And he said, finally he collected himself and he says, had death any hope be what sort of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that my beloved one of us would have lost a lot harder to sell him told me in Mecca Massa that lilla He's such that you do not make a such that to Allah subhanho wa Taala you do

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not make a single prostration to Allah subhanho wa Taala Illa lava la Hobi Harada except that Allah increases you as a result of it by one degree will help Blanca be her hopefully, and a loss of Hannah to Allah with each one of those such those removes one of your sense of Rahim Allah said that I said to the men, men and to our you because he didn't realize he was a companion. So the man says I am without a leaf rd or the Allahu taala and who the companion of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So the beauty of such that the beauty of sujood this almost the almost the jute it was the favorite position of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It was the position that the prophets lie Selim

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would go into when he was in gratitude. It was the position that the prophets lysozyme In fact, went into a time so much that some of his companions thought that he died. It is the it is the best position in the salon. It'll tell you about hemolysis very beautifully that within a record of prayer within your set of prayer, the entire salon is an introduction to the salute like you're standing up your Allahu Akbar, your record your bowing, all of it is this introduction to your salute. It's the best place to make sure it's the closest you get to Allah subhanho wa Taala now you imagine which shade on he refused to do so due to Adam and his Salah. What about you to Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah praised or Locky on a Saturday and he praised them by calling them by a walkie around the believers by those who bow and those who prostrate and the profit slice and um says that it is the closest you can be to a loss of Hannah Montana, a problem a corner in Abu Dhabi, the closest you can the servant can be to Allah subhanaw taala in his studio, there's a beautiful statement that you know, it's amazing that you whisper into the earth and the one above the heavens hears you Subhana Allah and that's how you get closest to him. Why because the more you lower your body, the more your soul a sense. So it's the closest you get to a loss of Hannah Montana. So Jude

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is also the way to be closest to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in general, we take that from the hadith of Robbie, I have no capital eslami about the love of Thailand who, who who was who was one of the people of sofa one of the poor young men that used to serve the profits of Islam and the prophets lie Selim told him suddenly go ahead and ask me for anything. He said the eldest would lie I just want your companionship. The prophets lie Selim says, then support me in doing so by by achieving that goal, be Catholic distribute by increasing and the number of prostrations that you do and Catholic has to do doesn't just mean the number of prostrations you do. But the amount of time

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that you spend in such the so it's the way to get closest to the profit slice. I'm in the hereafter it's also the greatest way to die. One of my heroes chef Tish cohomological Abdul Hamid Kesh Rahim Allah tala, not in not from the tablet or the self but actually 1996 he used to make it there i O Allah allow me to live as an Imam to die

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As Nima and to be raised up on the day of judgment and such and prostration because the prophets lie Selim said that you will be raised the way that you used to, or you will be raised up on the day of judgment and doing what you lost did in this world. He used to make this out on the members pile I used to make this on the pulpit, and he died in his sujood on the day of Friday as NEMA handle right, the truthfulness near we know that it's the greatest way that you can die because the Sahaba used to ask Allah subhanaw taala to die in such a way. Right and the Prophet slicin and he mentioned, a man who worship the loss of hundreds or for hundreds of years and then died in is such

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that which is any sadat's assigned that that's the best way that you can die, the masjid, the mosque, the houses of Allah are named after. Because Masjid means the place of suit, and the mob of no pay him or him. Allah says in fact, every single nation that came before in their legislation of law in the prayer that was given to them, they had surgery, they had the component of prostration in their prayer, right, there might have been differences in the mechanics and the way that they prayed and what they recited, but all of them had prostration you can even find it in the Bible with a size nine with Jesus peace be upon them and so many of the other prophets, they all had the the the

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attribute of prostration and on the Day of Judgment, what does Allah subhanaw taala say? Because if this is a standard, if this is something that happened with all of the believers then on the Day of Judgment, that means that this is a standard that all of the believers will be held by, which is why on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala says Yama yaksha for answer for you their own either sujood fella still theorem, when the shin is laid bare, when people would see some of a loss of handle into analyst Subhana Allah would command the people to make salute or he wouldn't even command them. I mean, or you know, they would naturally fall into suits of Allah, even as they're

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called, they would naturally fall into situ, they used to do sudo to Allah without even seeing the loss of habitat. So how is it now when Allah subhanho wa Taala exposes some of himself in a way that befits him Subhana hautala. And Allah subhanaw taala says, you're the owner, he loves to do that some people would, you know, would fall into prostration the believers, the prophets lie, some said would fall into prostration. But the hypocrites and the disbelievers would find that their backs would become straight, like an iron rod, they can't make it right into horrifying, you know, situation to be in that you cannot make sujood why, but can we use their own either pseudo home

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study mode, they used to be called to such that they used to be called to prostration even as they were healthy, and they had no issues. So it is the the the standard on the Day of Judgment, that's the distinguishing factor. And the prophets license said that the people of faith would be known by the marks of sujood on their foreheads, and that mark of sujood on your forehead, the profit slice, and I'm said even the people because there will be some believers that will go to Hellfire for some time. And they spend some time there for some for some transgressions that they committed. But the prophets license said the fire cannot consume the place of servitude, that you that's on your face,

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Allahu Akbar, the fire can consume the rest of your body but it can't consume that the place of your such stuff. And Subhana Allah, even the earth we spoke earlier about how the earth cries and what that means when we say the earth cries what is the earth cry about the earth cries you know the part of the earth that used to do sujood on cries when you pass away, because it will miss the effect of that such that it will miss the effect of that frustration. So it is you know, it is the greatest honor to the earth even that you do such the upon it. And Subhana Allah we find that honor is not just with sudo to a lot in this world, but even in the next because we find with the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in his greatest macom, a chef Arizona, which is the great intercession of the prophets lysozyme when He intercedes on behalf of mankind, the Prophet slicin and will do so in a state of studio he will greet a loss of Hannah Montana in a state of frustration. So prostration is special. And you know, one of my favorite books to read is The Autobiography of Malcolm X lahemaa to Allah, another hero, Malcolm X of Hajj Malik el Shabazz, Malcolm Rahim Allah, he actually talks about when he was learning the actual prayer, how difficult the such there was, how difficult the prostration was, because, you know, it's such a humbling experience. But he came,

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you know, and he'd been beat down his entire life. So it really you have to really fight with your ego to be able to make such stuff. And Malcolm was a proud man in a good way. Malcolm was a proud man Rahim Allah to Allah so he found that difficult to make salute. But Malcolm Rahim Allah tada he says that when he made such that to Allah subhanho wa Taala right when he realized that prostrating to Allah subhanho wa Taala is not not only is it not humiliating, it's actually liberating. It's actually empowering. It's actually it actually dignifies you, right? He said he never wanted to get up. And so somehow we ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to increase in our such that, in this

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world, we asked the last panel to Allah to allow us to die in our such day and to allow us to be raised up

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in a state of such that Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box and if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please click on the box under that and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.