Reviving Ramadan #22 Why More People Pray Tarawh in the Mosque

Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses the importance of praying during the five pleasantly occurring prayers in Islam. They explain that the prayers are a form of self-deception and that it is important to observe the prayer in the appropriate time. The speaker also mentions that the prayers are a form of self-deception and that it is important to observe the prayer in the appropriate time.

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Why do we see mosques fuller for the evening taraweeh prayer than we do for the five obligatory ones is this a healthy sign?

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Well at the sight of Muslims as they flock in huge numbers Alhamdulillah towards the masjid every evening for the Tarawih prayer is heartwarming is a cause for celebration to say the least.

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But such joy sometimes it's quite short lived, especially when you take a subsequent glance at the same as, at the time of the five more important obligatory prayers. Every effort is made to make the late tarawih prayers at night. But nevertheless, you will find some people having no problems sleeping through the lower prayer completely or intentionally missing some of their other five obligatory prayers in the masjid despite being fully able to pray there or being close to the masjid. Although he came across a woman named Shiva and he asked her about the whereabouts of her son Sulaiman. She said he's asleep. He asked her he didn't pray the federal prayer with us in the

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masjid. She said no, he spent the night praying, and then he fell asleep.

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Or he said she had slept at the sub a few general Habu eladia mean an accumulator for me to pray the federal prayer in congregation is dearer to me than spending the whole night in praying the optional salah the prayer which Allah Almighty is going to ask you about the Day of Judgment isn't your taraweeh prayer primarily, but your five daily prayers, so the feel good factor of praying taraweeh whilst knowing that our obligatory prayers are faulty is major self deception. If anything, this may be a sign that we've gotten ourselves caught up with trends, as opposed to weighing things up correctly and understanding our religion praying any one of the five obligatory prayers in

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congregation is better than our taraweeh prayers for the whole of Ramadan combined. Now the ideal situation is to observe both but in the case where a sacrifice is definitely needed to be made, that sacrifice must go nowhere near the five daily prayers