Adnan Rajeh – The Importance of outreachdawah 9.1

Adnan Rajeh
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And of Europa yet at me, obviously the dairy will be Allahu Anhu. Kala Nabil said Allah Almighty, you're psyching yourself tonight. Isn't the collection Imam Muslim, this is a very, very well known ADIZ and I feel like it's someone of that hadith that people because they don't fully understand the idea and up kind of not narrating us much was very short and simple. And it's obviously the theme of outreach and Dawa. I think this is very appropriate for that theme for sure. I think this is where you should use it well the Harlem and when he says Audio salatu salam and he and this is one of July medical him obviously raise a call do not say

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call early man ya rasool Allah. Call Linda he will Nikita Abby will Yasuo Lee Alia in Medina Muslim, Ina amati.

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So he said at least last Deen religion or faith, or this law is mostly high is offering advice.

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This is a very

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this this way of speech doesn't work in English at all. It works in Arabic because of the way the Arabic language is actually constructed. And the way when if you have a

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known based sentence, and you put a word and then a word after it, and they're called them to the hobo, something that you start out with, and and something you tell, the second piece is gonna tell about that first one, and important the way that these work in Arabic and it forces you the second one is telling you something about the first one. So even if it's not obvious, you have to actually

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look into deeper metaphorically to understand how the second word is telling you about the first word you have is not it's not a choice. It's not an issue of well, it doesn't mean No, no, if he's saying it that way, then the second word is saying something about the first one is telling you a piece of information about that first one. And if you didn't understand it, and you'd have to think a little bit deeper, you have to look between the lines. So he said that Dino nicely at home, using the law or the faith of the religion is offering advice. This is obviously very confusing for people because there's not what they were understanding Islam to be to begin with. And the way that we

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understand our deen is a little bit different than that. And there's a lot of other aspects that play into how we comprehend our faith and the pillars of Islam and the pillars of Iman and all that behave all that stuff. What is this? Why do you suddenly saying Allah sort of Allah? So they asked him and yet also a level for whom? They didn't want to say, how does that work? Because that's a little bit rude. So they asked for whom then they since you said mostly Hainan, for whom? So Allah says refer it so sometimes it's for Allah is for his book, it's for his prophet is for the leaders of the Muslims and the and the common man in the common Muslim.

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If you depending on what book you read it when you go to the shelf, I know it's like Muslim, if you go to

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Cambodia more, learn more if you go droning on which, Missouri or Cali or if you read the reading on the scholar who's actually explaining this hadith, you'll find a very, if I a lot of different outlooks on what it means is one of those Hadith a lot, you take a little bit of unpacking to understand, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna take just one, one basic concept and kind of share it with you for you know, for contemplation or for your for the benefit of this topic. You saying that the dean is offering advice, even though we know there's a lot more to ascertain than just that. Right? You know, there's a lot to it than that. So what aspect of the dean is offering advice, that's he must

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mean that some aspect of the dean is going to be fulfilled through offering advice, right, that's kind of what what he's saying without saying it out of your songs, I'm there's an aspect of Dean that's going to be fulfilled through offering advice. And the people that the piece have fulfilled is kind of removed. And that aspect is also more cultural meaning it's not, it's not being pointed out. And it's just this metaphorical sentence is left for you to kind of take a little bit of time and think about, but when they when he they asked him for whom, and he actually and he pointed out to everyone on his salatu salam, including himself said, It's for the sake of it's for Allah Lilla.

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And it's for his prophet, and it's for his book, and it's for the elite leaders and the common man, everybody, everyone's involved in this. Obviously, you can't offer advice to Allah subhanho wa taala. Right. So that's, that means that the answer itself cannot mean that it is offering advice to these people.

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Right, at least not for all of them. Because because the first time you use it, if you say if you're saying for whom this advice is good, if the idea is offering it, well, you can offer it to God. So that kind of ends that discussion. So if you want to say well, for God's specifically, what about for his book? Can you offer it? Can you give advice to the Quran, you can't do that either. So that means the concept of advice here is is dynamic because each one of these things is different. Because Allah subhanaw taala the deity himself the Divine One, you can't really offer advice to him. No advice for him. Okay, great. What about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you can offer me can you

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advise you maybe you could advise the Prophet if you're living with him out of his talk to somebody that then that hadith is going to be stuck for that time. There's no point of narrating it because there's no point for me to understand it or maybe drop in materialism the Hadith, because I can't really offer advice unless the meaning is something different there too. And the book while you can offer advice to a book, or the one who wrote it, or the one who said it, then how do you offer advice, then maybe the idea here is not a

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whom you're offering advice to, but whom you're offering advice for the sake of maybe that's what he's trying to say here? And if for the sake of this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, but have been how is it going to be the mistake of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam? And how about the would have been with the sake of the book and what you mean by the sake of the leaders of the Muslims and the common Muslim. So now we're stuck a little bit here. So there's are we gonna understand this hadith in a duel manner as the first couple are going to be for the sake of and the second group is going to be we're going to be offering them advice.

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Or is the prophet audio salatu salam encompassing in one Hadith by saying, Look, this deen the only way it grows, is if you offer what you got in all, in all aspects of what that is. In this, the totality of what Islam is, Islam comes from Allah through the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, by reading the book, The leaders will establish it in the common man will practice it, you see how this whole system, the only way for it to continue is if you understand that it's based on the fact that you need to continue to offer what you have, if you have knowledge you offer. If you see something that needs to be fixed, you talk about it, or there's something that needs to be improved and you

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then you push it forward for the sake of Allah to the prophet or from him for the sake of his reputation out of his thoughts on his legacy to make sure that the Quran is being fulfilled in practice for the sake of the leaders actually doing the right thing, or maybe being held back from doing the wrong thing to make sure that Muslims are actually being taken care of, or reminded of something doing wrong, however you want to use this may take this concept and swing it in any direction, it's all the same. It Dean is only fulfilled, if as a Muslim, you feel the obligation to speak in the form of NASA, and they'll see it as a beautiful thing that we have made ugly, I'm going

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to say this and you can hate it on me as much as you'd like later, we've made it ugly, we've taken a beautiful thing. And we've turned it into something that's not beautiful anymore. It's always one person who's waiting for another person who did something that that first person didn't like so that he could come and tell him Oh, brother, this is not the way to do something, not based on knowledge, not based on a previous introduction between the two, don't go and often they'll say to someone you've never met in in in your entire life. If you've never spoken to this person before, don't start your relationship by correcting them, especially on something that you're not sure about. Be

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very sure about what you're going to talk about. Meaning make sure that when you offer advice, you're offering something that you're 100% Sure needs to change, it's not something that has maybe another opinion on it, or maybe there's a different way of looking at it. Or maybe it's a concept or an aspect or a member or a part of the dean, where there are different ways of practicing it, you just maybe don't know that way. Before you offer advice, make sure all of these things, all these bases are covered, make sure the person is actually going to accept your null. So you make sure that you have enough, and then if they're not going to do it, then maybe you shouldn't be offering at

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that moment, etc, etc, etc. But you'll see is a beautiful thing. Because they'll say hi means that I'm going to, I'm not going to live my life just with the information and the understandings and the comprehensions of myself, I get the gems that you have to, and then I'll share them with you too. And we are exchanging these gems. And as we exchange them, we all grow and we all become better, we all improve. And we all are made made aware of the blind sight, the size that we have the blind spots that we that we have in our lives, and we are going to be offered a step forward. Because we don't know see how we all stay stagnant is just based on maybe my own ability to do some self

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analysis. And that's hard. And most of the time no one you're not compelled to do that. But mostly it means that we're going to reach out to others, a part of this Dean is reaching out is actually going and seeing what you can offer someone else and how you can help them and in what way you can be of service to them. They'll see how as an act of service, first and foremost, how can you be of service to them, don't use it as a way to establish your superiority and knowledge and an ethics. Don't use it that way. Don't Don't don't make it ugly, keep keep it beautiful. It's a beautiful thing is active service. And without it without we we stopped doing that when we stop feeling that

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we're one that we're connected, that this whole story that started with Allah subhanaw taala sending His Prophet with the book with leaders who will establish the law and Muslims who will practice it without that, that whole system will collapse. They won't exist any more Dean won't be anything. If we're not willing to reach out to one another if not willing to offer what it is that we have. That's how Dean is fulfilled. That's how the dean is maintained. And I find it to be extremely, extremely important and helpful. And we just have to understand what the idea is. And that's why you know, this month I think it's a good way to see how you can also make it beautiful again by going by

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offering it to someone in a way where they will actually benefit from it.

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Not only you know Muslims visa yada yada yada to me maybe OCD it'll be Allahu Anhu kala kala never your son Allah Allah you'd like to sell them D No, no. So you put in a lemon Ya Rasulullah Linde he already kita the way Rasool he was here in Manila, mostly me and my team. So like Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was like Mr. speculum condition Allah Allah hey, let's talk to Blake also Allah Who

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Salam Alaikum Allah Nabina Muhammad in earlier Socrates when he's talking about a lot of people sit down when they graduate I don't work out

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