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AI: Summary © The Chinese government is hosting the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, where the shadow of the Olympics, shadow of the Olympics, and the shadow of the Olympics will be celebrating. The IOC is urging the public to support the Olympics and highlighting the human suffering incurred. The Chinese government is focused on human rights, including rights to human suffering, and is also focused on addressing the issue of concentration camps and the use of Weaver's labor workers. The segment ends with a discussion of the state of the world and the upcoming Olympics. The speakers express sadness over the lack of evidence and the uncertainty surrounding the Olympics, while also discussing the potential consequences of the protests and the importance of protecting the world language culture identity.
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Excuse my language but what the * is going on? This is 2022 But what are we seeing here? What is this? Yeah, I

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mean we were women are daughters of the family cannot say no, wait hold on. If the husband

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build a build a restaurant and put this layout on the floor so the demand was taken the husband's were taken to the concentration camps, there'll be taken to these camps then That's right. Many traditional Muslim names are even banned for newborns. Images of Xi Jinping has been placed in some mosques and on prayer mats across the province, an act that offends religious sensibilities. beards and face veils have been banned, as have some halau products.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen as salam aleikum, greetings of peace I bet you are all excited for the Olympic Games that are right around the corner. Now the Olympic Games are the world's only truly global multi sports celebratory happy they athletics competition with more than 200 countries participating in over 400 events across the Summer and Winter Games. The Olympics are where the world comes to compete feel inspired and be together in guess where this year Beijing China now make sure that you visit the modern day Inquisition Holocaust genocide camps that China is also hosting. While the world is enjoying sports fun and freedom, a genocide * of women

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abduction of children the list goes on of the evil things that China is doing to these innocent women men and children while the world sleeps, eats and enjoys the Olympic Games sponsored by China and friends. To tell us more about this. We have our special guest Dr. Atkins Dijk, who is the senior adviser to the world, Uber Congress and the founder of Cougar Academy, Salam alikoum. Like a Muslim, I'm very glad to be here. It's very nice to have you with us. Thank you for being with us here on the deen show. So are you are you everybody's getting ready for the Olympics?

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No, it is a sad event for us.

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And that's very, very tragic to see that, you know, the world as I opened up, is getting excited to go ahead and enjoy the sports, the food and the festivals. And we're reminding them why don't they you think is a good idea that they go visit these modern day inquisitions, Holocaust genocide camps while they're there, or if possible, yes, but only the thing is, China has been preparing for some some some fake scenes for foreign visitors for some time now. So even if if they are allowed to go to these Takistan they will see some stages since not a real one. So the important thing is for for those who try to visit is 30 stones they should be they should make sure that they want to see the

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real places and the real people, real witnesses, otherwise they will be faked. They will be cheated. Now, I want to go ahead and get your reaction. We have some senators congressmen who are also talking about this are Jeff Berkeley. And I'm Congressman Jim McGovern.

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We are the co chairs of the congressional executive commission on China. In just a few months, Winter Olympic Games are scheduled to begin in Beijing, the shadow of some of the world's most egregious human rights abuses. We believe it's a mistake for the IOC to hold these games in China at a time when the Chinese government continues to commit genocide. Strip Hong Kong's autonomy, squeeze journalists, free thinkers and civil society throughout Mainland China and bully its critics globally. We asked the IOC to postpone and relocate these Olympic Games. We asked the corporate sponsors to use their leverage to stand up for human rights. They refused, and the world now awaits

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Olympic Games with echoes of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Another time the prestigious Olympics was used as a propaganda weapon by a regime trampling human dignity, the Chinese hosts will put a put on a spectacle designed to distract from and cover up the human suffering that the government and flex the Chinese government has stained the Olympics. It is essential that we remember that behind the shiny facade are human beings. Today, we now it's an effort to focus attention, not on the facade but on real people who are not able to celebrate the Olympic spirit because they are unjustly in prison by the government hosting the Games for each of the next 60 days in the lead up to the

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opening ceremonies. We will be highlighting a political

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prisoner a day, we will be sharing the cases of members of civil society, lawyers, journalists on Congress, Uyghurs and Tibetans locked up merely for exercising their most basic freedoms. All of these cases are documented in the Commission's political prisoner database. You can learn about them there. And by following this countdown on the commission, social media and website, we encourage you, the public to join us. Let the IOC and its partners know that they should be using their leverage put pressure on the Chinese government to release prisoners of conscience and lessen the stain they are putting on the Olympic spirit. We all want the Olympics to be a celebration of our

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athletes and a time for the world to come together. Let's take action now to fight for the true spirit of the Olympics and ensure the games are not abused as a propaganda tool for human rights abusers.

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Dr. Arcane, please excuse my language, but what the * is going on? This is 2022 coming up. And are we seriously having what we study in history books actually happened today? A modern genocide, a inquit. Modern day Inquisition happening while the world is just watching is asleep playing at the Olympic Games? Yes. Both you and two congressmen put put the issue very well. The thing is, I haven't telling the world that a whole whole world we're headed to a dark era. Why I say that. The reason is, what ruber people are having right now is worse than the Holocaust.

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I have some context back home. The information I got is since 2014, about 9 million illegals have been detained. This number may surprise a lot of people there isn't as China's government has been telling the world that the population is about 11 or 12 million. They even said this last year. In reality, the actual population number is about 20 million before 2017. There is a speech given by a retired US Army colonel,

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the leakers leaker soon. He says in his speech in 2018, there's about 20 million Weaver's in sacristan. So, now the Chinese Chinese government has detained about 9 million of them. They transferred 2.1 million we were from concentration camps to the other part of China. They were

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transported, dispersed and disappeared. If someone goes there and look for them today, I don't know how many will be found. Another 1.8 million workers have been transferred from concentration camp to prisons and jails, and the rest has been transferred to forced labor factories. Recently, we were Projects Foundation for which I am the president and founder. We made a list of the companies that employing Weaver's as far as labor workers in St. Augustine, owned by Han Chinese, the list goes on. The list has more than 14,000 factories. Imagine if each factory employs 100. Weavers as slave labor workers, the total number will be more than 1.4 million. In reality, all of these companies have

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much more than 100 people as workers. So this is the real station. And another piece of information I got is more than 1 million illegals have been killed or died since 2014. The reason? The concentration camp is extremely in a bad condition, and the detainees are given only one or two meals in a day.

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I got an information from a high ranking police official in his Turkistan, when he went abroad. When some My friend asked him what is the condition in concentration camp. That police official told him. Imagine there's not * on the earth. The station in the camp is at least 100 times worse than the *. This is what he said. This is the quote. And Cognos

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This is the Hello sort of who lives in Netherland recently testified in tribunal. She was a teacher in several construction camps in Ruchi. When she was working there, the government brought in several group of we were Imams when they first arrive. It's they're very healthy, very charming, of laughing like that. But after two, three months, many of them couldn't stand by themselves. They couldn't walk by themselves. The reason is, the weather's so cold. There are given only one very thin sheet to cover cover when they sleep at night. They slept on the concrete floor.

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This way those people may have them

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became they couldn't walk by themselves, they couldn't stand by themselves, we are talking about a time period of two or three months, if you count from 2014, it has been seven, eight years. If we count from 2017, it's four or five years, since the vast number of hours were detained, how they can survive how they can keep themselves alive in a condition like that. So the rest of the reporters still thing, more than 100 people were people were detained. No, more than 100 million people have been killed or died since 2014. This is a station. So I worry about the world. This is not the same does not end with our people. The whole world is heading to a third error. The reason I say that is

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because everything is happening right now in is going to happen in China. The middle of the game is like Mr. Principle of the International Olympic game. If you look at the list of their mission statement, China is not is not implementing any of them. They are doing everything I can to store it. What's the middle while

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you're talking about the mission statement? What are the Olympic Games? That's right, please share with us some of their mission statements. There. I don't I didn't prepare for that right now. So I cannot tell you right away, but I was in a meeting in 2019. At the Human Rights Watch. They had a discussion about that. We looked at the mission statement of the international community, international community

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committee, and it is a what what is happening in China is everything is agriculture, every item listed there so something even right now in there, it talks about like freedom and talks about you know, humanity coming together, you know, these things that obviously, it just hypocritical. I mean, you got to be consistent. Like, it doesn't make sense. Not only this Olympic game that what everything does China is doing, if you look at it, they are leading the world in a dark era. They are this tiny, every piece of international agreement, treaties, something like that, but they're violating a rule of thumb. And in the whole world, the civilization of the whole world is is

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becoming worse and worse on a daily basis. The Uber problem is part of it. And I'm so worried about the future of the of the world. Is this just bluntly speaking is just an simplistically is just because like wherever you go, and you pick up an item, this is made in China. So does this have to do with you know, pretty much that people don't want to rock the boat because everything's made in China?

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That's right, it is part of the Chinese strategy to rule the world. People need to remember, if China becomes the number one in the world, the world will be very different. It is unrecognizable, if compared to today's world, this is the station we are heading right now. The Winter Olympic Games part of it, people should wake up people's butts should stand up against us the tyranny of the whole of the destroying, destroying off the civilization by the Chinese government. This is a very bad situation. There's this video also that you posted Can you tell us give us a breakdown of this?

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What are we seeing here? What is this? Yeah, I

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can observe that guards

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out from the from the group, getting them in kills the cat could put us down anymore.

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I got many pieces of information about what's happening inside the concentration camp. I just mentioned one of one of them to you. So this is one side. This is inside those Inquisition camps. This is right. That's right. This looks like a school that China's government converted many other runner facilities like schools and hospitals into concentration camps. This one looks like one of them and what they do torture the detainees and ask them to say thank you sir hitting me. Thank you sir. beating me.

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just the process of describing the human dignity

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completely under

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testimony given

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you know,

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the captain, Captain survivors have pulled the road what they have gone through this one is actually better one among the tortures that they got already. So you saying this is a waste?

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just destroying them breaking them down their human dignity, everything right? Yeah, that's right. Because you say, I lost three people that I know in concentration camp. What is my middle school we were literature teacher. He was a teacher for a long time. I took many classes from him from 1971 to 76. And he became the principal of the middle school afterwards. But he was detained in 2018 at the age of 78, and died in the camp two months later. His name is Aman. I have another friend young friend who came to the US to study he got two master degrees from 2002 From the year of 2000 until 2005, in Business Administration, and after that, he went back. He was detained in 2018 and stayed

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in a concentration camp for about nine months after he was released. He rushed to hospital on the diet nine days later. The reason is internal bleeding, because name is metallic neuroma met very strong, very tall guy. And he was tortured in the concentration camp until he cannot make any more. So that's why they released him. But he died nine days later in the hospital. You said, I heard many stories like this, that people were released. If they could survive what for the first two months they could live. Otherwise, most of them died within a few months of releasing from the concentration camp. Because all these people got tortured in the in the in the prison. This is one

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of the ancient Chinese tactics to rule the people. It is a they destroy the people both spiritually and physically. This has happened to people so that when they come out from because it isn't camp, they will be like a automatons not a regular person anymore. They only can act after receiving orders, but not by their own. But the reality is, so far, the Chinese government detained about 9 million we was what there is no any release of the people in a substantial way. We want to here and here and there. Several of them, several 10 of them, but the rest are gone disappeared. This as I said earlier, it's it's disappeared to the Chinese provinces, to other parts of China for organ

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harvesting bio weapon experiments.

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If you Google Allah organ harvesting, you will get very interesting information. The other people don't eat pork. So very pure in that in that respect. And the Chinese military, marketing them as another organ providers are the same as their organs. This is a big operation, people should look it up. And as the Chinese government also are taking some people and the dream of the mass murder. I call this distributed mass murder because the Chinese government are doing it in a very secret way. Like they've killed they are killing at night, or they're making the conditions of the jails prisons construction kept so bad that these people cannot survive. I don't know the people who are locked up

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currently in prisons, or jails, construction camps if they can survive for another five to 10 years because the tension is so bad and people are dying by large numbers. If the if the reporters are investigators, total weavers who are living abroad, they will find every family has several members that looks at are lost already. This is the situation but the world so far did not do any investigation in this circumstance and getting information from here and there and saying more than 1 billion we was detained. In reality, like in Kashgar prefecture and Houghton prefecture, about 70% of the population were gone. Originally before 2016 95% of the population, there are waivers, but

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they're gone like 70% of them. If somebody goes out today and visit those places, they can hardly find other people. And this is the reality. And that's why I am saying the station of the people is much worse than the Holocaust. What the world is not investigating is not sending people to the ground and to take a look. China's government closed the door they don't allow any foreigners to go there like reporters investigators, observers on this Chinese government even kicked out Muslim students like a Pakistani students from his Turkistan before 2016. Do you know why? Because very bad things happening there. This is the this is the situation currently. This is our situation. And we

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are very desperate. This should be stopped. What is happening we hear stories that is confirmed. Is there evidence that you have people from this communist party they put them in, let's say an average and I want people to imagine you're making

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You got your family? So then is this true that now they're putting people to stay in the houses and and having forced marriages and you have * and all these other things? Is this true? Can you tell us what's happening to the women and children there? Yes, I got I got a piece of information just yesterday from someone who was home starting in other parts of China, we were student and he told in the format in the message that the only the survival path for your people right now is to get married this Han Chinese, otherwise no way. This is happening. What you mentioned earlier is that installing Han Chinese men into we were families whose husband has been taken. The number is very

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large, like 1.5 million we were families. So we were 1.5 million families have had people placed in their homes, right? That's right. So you have control if you google it you gotta find the Ford Motor report on that. Yes, that wow, this is crazy Subhanallah you can't just imagine I want the American I want the Italian I want just the human being to imagine you're in your home in someone places some strange man some strange person some from some political party in your home and what's he there to do? The role is to several one is to just observe them just watch them so that they don't play they don't pray or they don't do anything the religious another one is fluid change their mind if we were

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people to come closer to Han Chinese actually, we heard the story of the daughter and the wife getting raped for example, the right now we will people cannot say no to Han Chinese whatever they do this this is the order from the top so Chinese men are installed to your families can do anything they want. The woman or daughters of the family cannot say no way Hold on If the husband who has this leader if he now he's in his home and now what can you do so that from the top it's saying that this man can come and he can go ahead and have relations with the man's wife? That's right. That's right. So what happens is naturally they know what happens if the man doesn't let that happen his or

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her husband

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the demand for taking the husband's are taken to the concentration camps they'll be taken to these camps then That's right. All this 1.5 million families the husbands were taken those are the families

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and the children in some cases

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this is wow there's another video here because this comes down to like what you're saying is so they're trying to have them the test their belief and conviction in their creator the God Almighty Allah so they're what they're trying to do is they're trying to make sure you don't pray fast read read the verbatim Word of God Almighty, the Quran. I mean, so is this. I mean, this is unheard of at this time. Tell us what is this here? That's the big one.

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a few days a build a restaurant and put this layout on the floor so that the guests can step on it when they want to eat in the restaurant. So this is the column this is the Shahada. Now this is this is from cron, so they've actually made this Stephen green is on the floor so people can actually walk on the on the Quran. They can walk on these. Is this. The Kalama they can. This is actually for real. It does the real it just came out two days ago.

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Actually, I can you station much worse than this, the Godzilla who testified that she's a Kazakh lady. She testified during the tribunal. As you can find her testimony on my Twitter account or on the internet. This is what she said in the cell, she was staying the guard and it is in a Quran.

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Put them in a bucket that people in the cell uses as toilet.

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Remember listening carefully. The God gave Quran to the concentration camp cells to put it in a pocket used as toilet.

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Because in the concentration camp sales, there is no toilet. There's a pocket Everybody pees on to propose on it. So they put the Quran in the pocket and listen, pee and poop on it.

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You can find this video from the original collection collections. This is what the Gojira testified I put this up on the on the Twitter and the Muslims in the world should think who they're dealing with. Because most of the Muslim countries in the world are on the death of the Chinese government. They are supporting the Chinese government installing people, but in reality, this is the this is the station what they are doing. The thing is the Chinese government is so

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is so high up cricket. If you go to China on a business trip to most Muslim countries, leaders, that your government puts Quran, and the gentleman's in the hotel room,

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under those Muslim leaders got some impressing China is the only country treated us this way. But on the other hand, look at what they are doing to the we were people and what they're doing to the Quran to the ayat, as we saw today Subhan Allah, what could starting with let's say, Bosnia, this is where my family's from, we see a lot of Chinese tourists you go there and you go to the center of Sarajevo, you see so many Chinese tourists, they're they're taking pictures having a great time. Right. So what can some country let's say, Bosnian start with that? What would you advise? You know, the people, the politicians, you know, the leaders, the movers and shakers in a place like Bosnia,

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who have really good ratios now in the tourism is open, and Chinese come and enjoy there, what would you advise, let's say the Bosnian officials there, and then from there, you know, developing a framework for the rest of the people to create this awareness? Yeah, all this all this issue, I cannot tell them to do something about the China's versus something like that, because they're all brainwashed. In under thinking in the sinking of the whole China's population right now. That was our bad apples. And they should be given the current type of treatment. So even if you talk to the source of evil, you will find two situation one is all of them. They don't know that we were

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genocide at all. And as long as they said, it's good, the government did a good thing. So I don't know if I can, or

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what kind of advice I can give. The problem is that China's government that the CCP government, just a huge problem, not only for the weaver people to also for the whole world. So the foreign governments should do something about that.

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What about massage it was here, moss, you know, are being desecrated, they're being destroyed is it's also true, of course, that if right now they're only the ones standing the mosques, standing in your circumstan for to like to deceive the foreign visitors, or troublesome converted to entertainment centers, the mosques converted to into demand centers, where the Chinese ports, go, eat and drink alcohol, you can find many videos like that right now. The rest is gone. Most of them are gone. The ones that still standing up for other purposes, political purposes. This is just hard to imagine and fathom that. We're going on 2022 And now someone who wants to practice their God

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given right their freedom to go ahead and read their book that they believe from the Creator, the Quran, if they want to greet the same way Jesus greeted Peace be with you. You know, if they say, God is the greatest Allahu Akbar, but you know, they can actually be taken down to these camps. And of course, not the kind of work even like a I sometime is great people. I always greet people like a Salam wa Salaam Alaikum. You cannot use this word in in circumstan. You cannot use this. No, even the names name is Mohammed.

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Abdullah, I have all kinds of names aren't all forbidden. We hold on now even though we've heard this but now I mean, I mean, I just hard to imagine. So now if you want to name your son, let's say you want to name your son Isa, right or Musa Moses after Moses, you can't you can't do this. No.

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You're kidding me.

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If it was that you will go to construction camp. That's it. Okay. So how do they go ahead and justify this? How are they getting away with this? You know, okay, we hear the excuses educational camp, because these are extremists. These are radicals. Is that is that the pretext that is being used? They're still using that they're still using that but in reality, you say that, what they what what they captured so far that detain the number is very huge. This gap. Basically, the Chinese government is agnostic, we were raised itself, not a religious belief or something like that. But of course, they consider the religion as a poison. And we have many of witnesses who went to jails in

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the past, and the police, tortures them making them naked and tortures them. After that they burned the ladies we related with cigarettes and say, call your god to rescue you. There is one lady like this. In Netherland you can talk to her. She has gone through this in her body you can find about 100 burn marks and the the guard. This kind of seems to her just burned her face the cigarettes to call your God to save you just what he said. Subhanallah did they in UK they had an independent tribunal.

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that also concluded that this was now that a genocide is definitely taking place. They interviewed witnesses and they came to this verdict.

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Just right, let's just say, we will, she will give a legal basis to the genocide being committed by the Chinese government. The sad truth is, even after that, just like yesterday, they I will see some OIDC officials say they don't know their concentration camps. Hold on, hold on. This is a Christian. So hold on, they had the tribunal. It's like a court in UK, you know, they did this and they brought the witnesses experts. Right. You know, this is not some like bamboo court. They they interviewed the witnesses, they concluded that this is actually a genocide happening. So now was the the people are still these IOC and what are these heads of the Olympic Games and others there? What are they

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saying? They say, they don't know, there's concentration camps? Are you kidding me? Right? This is like a, this is like, I mean, it's guys, it's hard to just wrap your mind around this. It's like, that's why that's why I'm saying this, this whole the whole world is, is heading to a dark place, because people lost decency. This not just people lost decency. I mean, look at the have proofs. Evidence is everywhere, and they still say they don't believe or they don't know, there's a concentration camps. So that's the saying, you know, when when good people, you know, remain silent, rather be a Jew, a Christian, you know, whoever's out there you have where the feminist you know,

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where, where, where are the the women's rights movements? Where is everybody to be making noise, right? When something happens out there, pray for this, pray for that. But now you have how many millions of people modern day Inquisition in these concentration camps, a genocide is happening, and the world is getting ready to enjoy the Olympic Games in the actual place where it's happening in China. That's right. So people call it the genocide game. That's a very good name for it. And I know this is going to leave a stain on everybody who supported this kind of act right now. And I don't know how the Olympic game the people who are participating in the Game of War

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The only all the fighting the game are competent, the games how they deal with this. It's a very sad situation. It's it will be the stain of the century as a Pompeo pointed out. It's very Association. Yeah. Because now what side of history are you upon? Are you on the right side? The wrong side? So anybody who's participating, would you say in the Olympic games from the athletes to the countries? I mean, this is a call for them to boycott. I mean, this is this is where you can actually, you know, make a difference. No, that's right. The one one sad truth is when when the international community boycotted the Olympic game in Moscow, I don't know which which year it is a 1976, or

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mountains or some something. The 44 countries join it to 22 boycotting activity. But this time,

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on December 9, President Biden invited 110 countries to the summit of democracy. Among them, only six countries so far, signed up to boycott the Beijing Olympics. Look at this comparison, what happened? What happened in the last half a century time? Where the world is heading right now? It's very sad situation. It's very sad for us. Also, it's very sad to the whole world.

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Well, thank you. We're out of time. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us? How can people get more informed? How can people follow some of your work? Have you yourself? Have you I mean, as your life has been threatened, have you do you fear for things happening to you because we we hear all sorts of, you know, people getting shut down because they're speaking the truth. That's true. I live in the US. And I also work for NASA. I am a senior Optical Engineer. So I have some guarantee about my safety. But the thing is,

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in 2006 2007, and 2009, I visited my homeland. And I met visit many students, more than 1000 students, and they all disappeared.

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This truce is is the cause that keeps me awake at night. I have been thinking to do something about that. It's a very sad situation. I lost so many people.

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I hope the world realize what they're into right now. And this is not the Justin Bieber problem. It may not have something to

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The view is many of the people giving right now, but the development is very scary. What the China's CCP regime is trying is trying to do is very scary. It may change the fate of this whole world. So I hope people don't keep silent stand for justice and humanity, including our people. They I am very worried that we will people my current estimate is people in the prisons,

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jails, construction camps may leave for another five to 10 years. People who are working in factories as opposed to labor work workers may live for another 2030 years. And the other people are really people in circumstan can only leave maybe 60 or 70 years after that. This is Turkistan that we will learn becomes a no we will land the one race will be wiped out from the surface of the earth. People should be concerned about this. And we appreciate the are very grateful for all those who are supporting our cause. Trying to save our people. Thank you. Yeah, if anybody out there has any ounce of good Iota for human life, you know, do your part. Go ahead and share this get the

00:36:16 --> 00:37:02

information out so you can help make a small part of a big huge difference that can happen especially at these Olympic Games. Hopefully many politicians more people can movers and shakers can step up. And really, even the players start to boycott this 2022 Olympic Olympics that's happening where the genocide is happening in Beijing, China, you can go ahead and make a difference by taking Yeah, another another appeal I have is I am the co founder and the president of blue Projects Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization registered in the US. Our goal is to preserve the world language culture identity abroad. The older population is very small outside China, they have only

00:37:02 --> 00:37:25

about 100,000 people outside is Turkistan and outside Central Asia. So we are trying to preserve the language culture and we will identity among this 100 People 100,000 People in diaspora so please help us if you can, financially. We are getting many projects in this regard, and are very grateful for your help.

00:37:27 --> 00:38:01

Thank you very much. My God Almighty, the Creator Allah bless you for taking this stance and educating the people on what's going on is modern day. Genocide, Holocaust inquisitions as happening, it's just very, like you said, the world's had in a dark place good people need to step up doesn't matter what religion you're from. If you got any ounce of humanity in you, you need to take a stand. Otherwise it can happen to you tomorrow. God bless you all very much. Thank you. Thank you, Doctor, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Thank you. Salam aleikum. Wa alaykum peace

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