Yasir Qadhi – Story Time The Protection of The Adhkar

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where they are experiencing a dark figure and they are unable to see it. They describe the dark figure as a barrier between them and their partner, and mention a video of them trying to come back to sleep after a long night. They also mention a postcard they received from Mr. Heaton doll Seanie and mention a postcard from Mr. Heaton doll Seanie about wanting to feed their journey.
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burqa tiny Bunka tiny but can tiny Ana them be women to mean curvy Thalia heavily.

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Kaija, generally either

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Connolly or up be famous, the heath doll Seanie winner does mean a lot to me.

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I have experienced this in my own life. The Earth car

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is a mechanism that protects you from that entire world from multiple experiences. I have had my own life where my car have protected me. One of the simple stories not that difficult, I just had a very difficult earlier session. And I went home and I did avocado myself before going to sleep and middle of the night. You know, there's the state that you're not asleep and you're not awake. That's typically when the gene is going to come you kind of wake up but you're not awake. Okay? I could see a dark figure coming. I'm half asleep half awake. I'm neither awake nor asleep. You think you're asleep but you're not you think you're awake? You're not it's that time. You see the dark figure

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coming and I see it walking in my room clearly even though it is pitch black, but I know it's there. I'm not seeing with my eyes. I'm sitting with my brain. And I see it and it stops and I know it stopped because there is a barrier because of myopia on myself. Because I did the cloud you know when you go to sleep, you blow yourself right? I never in my life no matter how tired I am, no matter what's happened no matter what state I'm in, I never go to sleep without doing little prayer because I have been attacked multiple times in my life for these entities. And I have seen when I do Rokia there is a wall and I remember that night clearly that I did drop it in the daytime I think

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even that was the same incident that happened in front of you that time that I did really at that time but I went to sleep and I did the earth cup and I blew over myself and I remember vividly that entity come coming straight towards me. And then it stops and I knew it stopped because it didn't have the power to come and harm me because I had recited it philosophy and follow Allah who didn't and Filipinas and had recited out of courtesy and the last two verses of Bukhara and I had blown over myself so it was a barrier between me and that entity. So point of action. Always do your ethical and always before you go to sleep blow on yourself so that it shallow that it's a barrier

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie one

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me what to feed

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on Sunday. What

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feels good

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for me my journey

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