The Importance of outreachdawah #5

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hamdu lillah wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina. Habib, Muhammad Anwar early he was so happy Jemaine Allah Yahweh Lima mu Muslim and fucile Hey and violet are the Allahu Anhu God Allah and abuse of Allah Allah Who early he also has certain Hasan is also an in collection of Muslim all scenarios were able to like yesterday and this is within the theme of outreach will go on for another week or so. How do you get quite famous? If you don't know it word for word that you'd for sure know the basic idea of it is something that's quite well established within our faith, but I think it's important to maybe reflect on it for a moment and how it plays into this concept of outreach and

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Dawa which we're trying to phenotype this month based upon what you set out of your slot to assign color manda you know who the cannula whom and allegedly Michiru do Reman Tabea who Leon Castro Valley come in. Would you read him che Amanda Illa Lawton Corona la he Middle East me missing USA me man Toby Allahu La young Kosova Lika mean as me him, shall

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we say that I used to lie to

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anyone who calls towards guidance, Daniela Houda, someone who's trying to encourage people to adhere to guidance or their she's showing people what guidance is he's trying to get them to accept it, then this person will get a job

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which is equal Mizzou, Mizzou, God, man Tabea is equal to the rewards, you'll get reward that is equal to the words of those who follow his collar, listen to his call, without that affecting that award that they're going to get in their lives, meaning whatever they're going to whatever they're doing, they're not sharing their awards with the person that that called them, they will get their rewards fully or more whatever that whatever they deserve. But he will, you will get it's not a it's not a cut, paste, it's a copy, paste, that that's when we kind of works out for this. And then he adds all of your thoughts, and I'll call them and die in Alberta. And anyone who calls towards

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This person will take the ISM the sin will take the punishment that is similar to the punishments of all the people who follow his call without affecting the punishment that they will get for doing what they did. Now, this establishes a very important law within Islam, it's very important, isn't it? Whatever it is, that you influence people to do, you will, you are partially responsible for it. And whatever it is that you influence people to do, you are partially responsible for it. But I say partially is because he said la salatu salam Duna and Yonko. For VALIC. I mean, God him doing it on your local server, like I mean, FM use the same phrase twice. And it won't affect the agenda that

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the people who follow them are going to get, it won't affect the assume that the people are falling, we're going to get to we're not fully responsible. If you are fully responsible, then the other person wouldn't, wouldn't get anything. It just you did this. So they just did, they don't really matter. But no, they will get their full reward or it will have their full punishment. You're just

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their partner. So it's a partial responsibility, but it's still there, you're still carrying this. And this is important, because we don't spend enough time thinking about that we really don't reflect on that concept enough. That we're responsible for what we do, we're also responsible for the outcomes of what we do and the effect it will have on other people.

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Sometimes, this is what you said are your thoughts on honey, somebody up by an imam enough sin was limiting almost left in total in Africa and Isla even then we'll oh well, good. flamin, wizardry, ha. Send no cuts. No person is murdered until the Day of Judgment, except the first son of Adam will carry a specific amount of that punishment because he started it. Because murder was not known amongst human beings until he murdered his brother. Once he did it, and it was now a thing that people understood and they comprehended and they saw the example of it happened again and again. And he continues to carry that isn't Malaya Willa, so he said Ali Hassan was, this was not a it's not a

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When we say things when we do things, or we live in a certain way, or we try to convince people to do things in a certain way, be very careful. It's not just about what you're doing, you you, you're going to carry whatever this effect however, this affects people moving on. It's a it's a scary thing. And it's also an extremely uplifting thing at the same time, to beautiful if you use it for the right reason. If you take on good attributes and good traits, and if you live a life of piety and closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala you call people towards that, through your words and through your behaviors and you try to point them towards guidance with all your might. Every person

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that follows you, every person who listens to you, you just you're taking on another lifetime of Agile. You're taking on another lifetime of agile just by doing that. So just never forget, especially

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If you're especially if you're sincere, especially if you're doing it for the sake of Allah subhanaw Not for the sake of having followers you're doing with the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, though then you're just you're just taking a lifetime of good deeds because because you're calling people in the right direction, but vice versa,

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works in the opposite direction as well.

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And who can say for sure that at some point in their life, they did not influence someone negatively? Can you put your hand up and say I never did this in my life. And I never made a mistake never said something or behaved in a way that ended up influencing someone in a negative way and caused them to go in the wrong direction. See, when you do that, how do you fix it? How can you fix it? Let's say you did that 10 years ago

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you're right you're in a wrong state of mind wrong place in your life you you offered someone a cigarette let's let's do a or try this. They take the first this and then now there are two two pack a day smoker. smoker you stopped you stopped but that was that was the last day you did it once you offered it to someone never did it again. How do you fix this now? And go what are you gonna do? There's nothing you can do. Hello, this is done. The damage is done. Even you go and try stop your hobby. I was wrong. I was wrong. Don't I know? I know. I'm not doing it for you. I know. But I started this is gonna be on me. Yes, it is. So the only way out, the only way out is to do the

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opposite. That's the only way out. So they cancel each other out. They cancel each other out. You do a lot of

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call people to guidance so much. It'll cancel it out all the all the wrong stuff that you did. There's no other way. Like you have to call people to guidance. Because for sure you influence people negatively for sure. It's impossible not to unless you lived in a bubble, where you spoke to no one for the first 35 years of your life, it's impossible that you did not at some point, point someone in the wrong direction is impossible. Can we all we all struggled in We made mistakes in life. And some people may have looked up to it at the moment and you're making the mistake and they decided that's a good idea. And they went ahead and you didn't know about it. So the only way out of

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this mess is to call people to guidance and the more you do, the more people will follow you and they'll cancel each other out. And hopefully the majority of the people who follow me more than this than them but the people who don't and that's a whole other story, but it's something at least worth thinking of. And I'm trying to convince you that it's worth your time to do this and Charlaine to call people to the way of Allah subhanaw taala May Allah grant us the privilege well I had the privilege of guiding taking people to his his path laid up the privilege the blessing the bounty the love comes from him that allows us to be someone who call someone else to his his path and they

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listen that is that is by far the most the highest rank that you can hope for that's the rank of the MBR that's the rank of the most selling that's the rank of the ONLY and ONLY them or they're the ones who do this so if you're granted that love from Allah to do it and then you've been granted you get a lot of hate in your life your email Muslim and feels so heavy and Raja Radi Allahu Anhu call call and obey us Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam and da la Huda Candela whom in a luxury jewelry Manta via hula Yong Posada lick I mean jewelry him che woman da de la la la la Finca and La he Middle East me Miss 30 Min Tabea who are young Lika me him. So the colossal Allah is Allah Allah

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Allah Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah wa salam O Allah and I kind of you know Muhammad,

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Allah He comes to