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The importance of prioritization in Islam is discussed, with men being considered less important than women. The speaker also highlights the need for women to be aware of their sex and prioritize their priority. prioritization in women's life is emphasized, along with the importance of learning Aveda to improve spiritual and physical therapies. The speakers stress the need for men to take a certain role and not just be a mother, emphasizing the importance of preserving their kn Transport and deeds in achieving success.

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When we defined the title priorities, when we say priorities, it doesn't necessarily mean that one is not important, but it actually is talking about that all of it are important, but one may be regarded as more important than the other, and deserving the right to take precedence.

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One thing is that a woman's life is different than a man's life. Many women are comparing themselves to men, even in in the Islamic community. And there are many reasons to that. A lot of times, when it comes to women learning about their Islam, it's mainly male shoe, and the military, you are going to be usually more aware of let me say that dynamics of the man's life and not the dynamics of a woman's life. And what happens is, is that a lot of sisters actually get confused and feel lacking, because they start comparing themselves to a man's life.

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Well, in a hadith that's not authentic, but I'm not, but I'm still going to say it as much as he does in a second.

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Actually compared. It's not very live, but I'll say it despite

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it's, it's, you know, it's been three years he didn't reset even two years, even a second actually came to the prophet SAW Selim and said that, that men that men actually get to do jihad they get to go for a job, or they get to go for Gemma is, what do we get in the process of them turned and said, Did you ever hear a woman that is more aware of asking about the religion than this, then this woman, and as much as he didn't, a second was actually named as the Huxley but denisa as the the writer, or the woman that was always that was always strong and courageous to ask about different questions.

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Yet, just as the prophets or Sallam answered her, based on the situation, and said that if the woman in replied that if the woman praise her, praise her five daily prayers faster, or her month, and obeys her husband, and the list goes on and on, then she will be told to enter agenda from any door. Now, although the Hadith is not authentic,

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but it's not extremely life, meaning that we can, we can

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let me say, get the inspiration from the Hadeeth. To understand one thing, that a woman's life is different than a man's life, even when it comes to Islamic Islamic duties and the priorities that a woman lives.

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When we lack female role models, that becomes very hard. It's not that they don't exist. It's that a lot of times, they don't, they don't have the time to appear in public because of the priorities. So it's not that necessarily they don't exist, they do exist.

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The criteria for prioritization is the question. What is the criteria when we want to say that something is a priority and more important than another? What's the basis that we depend on? Number one, is that we depend on macaws of the Sharia the principles of Islam. The principles of Islam are derived from the Quran and Sunnah. And also the universal Maxim's of general Islamic rulings and Islamic jurisprudence. When we say that the Islamic principles are actually the lens that we look through in order to regard something as a priority.

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those principles are in the order that you see. Islamic study is about preserving and securing the communities and individuals. Deen better spirituality and piety neffs that is their life, chastity that is often that is the mind, men, that is the wealth, these five categories, they must be in that order. When we talk about prioritization.

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It must be in that order. Once you change the order, then you are actually you considered one wrong thing in terms of its importance in Islam. The resources of Islam are actually the lens that we look that we look and see through in order to regard what we regard as a priority. Number one, the core m two, the sooner

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Three, the words and the reports mentioned by the Sahaba.

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Now the five universal Maxim's of Islamic law, are actually general guidelines that were derived also from Quran and some main order to help us understand how we prioritize. When we want to prioritize, they must not contradict the following number one, the intention, every single matter, what determines the action of it is the intention to that there shouldn't be harm, we should seek to reduce harm, rather than bring favors, we should always consider removing harm as a priority. Three, culture shall have the weight of law, meaning that culture can also be regarded as a reference, not because something is part of a culture does not necessarily mean I don't want to apply it because

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this is just culture. It can be regarded as a resource or as a reference to determine how you're going to organize your life.

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For hardship shall bring shall bring ease. When we say hardship shall bring ease, you want to remember that genuinely you're supposed to consider what is easier, not harder. And when you want to consider what is easier, not harder, or last product data does not obligate you with something that you cannot handle.

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eliakim or a azubi shock or certainty shall not be removed by doubt. We base all the rulings based on certainty and not doubt. When we say we raise things based on certainty, not doubt, that would actually mean that you if you're not sure of something, you cannot regard that as a priority.

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We're going to get there. The levels of prioritization have from a different angle. Number one, is that there's a lot there are the necessities and the necessities number one, preservation of life, mind

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the the chastity, the religion, and wealth, all those things actually act as the preservation for Little Rock, which is what we talked about last time, Dean knifes Auckland Earth men, religiosity or spirituality nefs life, three hocl mind, four chastity, five, wealth needs are less important than necessities. Because the rot you cannot live without the necessities you cannot live without, but the needs, they will make your life hard if they're not there.

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But it has yet are still more of a priority than destiny yet which are different improvements. But no hardship will be there. To give an example, to give an example in life bottle rot or it on these, these parts. When we talk about necessity, water is a necessity for life.

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Needs frigerators are necessities for preserving the foods. If you don't have a frigerator most of your food is going to go bad. frigerators became hedgy yet cool, cold water if you don't have a freezer, things will may be hard, but it's still or you would say microwaves or freezer for example in the frigerator it or a cold.

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Or let me say ice becomes destiny yet. It'll make life easier. But if it doesn't, if it's not there, if your freezer does not freeze, it's not the end of the world you can still live

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when we talk about prioritization, what is the evidence that in Islam that that type of prioritization is allowed.

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Number one, Allah Subhana Allah says Agia altum sakarya trailhead you are Mr. Autonomous riddle Hiromi Kevin M and I believe he will he will ask what you had the feasibility now here most prototype is saying are you making those that do hedge or built and constructed muscle haoran as those that are believed in the most panatela and judgment day and did you hit they are not equal in the eyes of Allah stanadyne you

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Meaning that community service is not whatsoever equal to considering or equal to somebody that believes in a Lost Planet Ayana Judgment Day, and does jihad in it for the sake of a Lost Planet Island. Therefore, that idea of relativism, where it's just we're all doing the same thing is actually not an Islamic resource. It's a postmodern idea. This is not Islam in Islam. No, there is the product prioritization. There is, there is some differences between different things in different actions. It's not about how ever you see it, that understanding of individualism, meaning that you as a person,

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act as the resource that understands or may consider something as a priority or favorable over others. It's not a personal choice. No, in Islam, there is a reference.

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Although the A like I said the area did not consider that building the Kaaba, that building the Kaaba and giving water to the pilgrims, the pilgrims is it did consider it sorry, it did consider it as important but it's considered that faith, Jihad for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah is at a higher level. In other words, a lot more prioritized or put in the in the precedence and is a priority over that type of community service. Another thing is that a Lost Planet Allah says what at this abilitynet around me Do nilay face of

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a Lost Planet Allah said do not curse the Lord's or the gods of those that associate partners with a Lost Planet Allah so that they may not curse a Lost Planet Diana. Although there could be some benefit if the person was somehow condescending, the religion or the the gods of others, almost pinata actually forbid that we can descend or,

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or degrade the religion of others, because the priority is to not have anybody go against a loss on a dialer by considering that they're harming a loss on the dialer or harming the Muslims. And that becomes the priority.

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In the sooner the prophet or a solemn actually said in the Hadith narrated in the Hadith, where a Buddha said for the last cm about, about the Shahada, Ramadan Shahada that the best of the fasting after fasting Ramadan is not alone. Now, the prophets on Sunday was considered shot him on behalf of them fasting those days is good, but the priority is doing the obligatory action. Another example where the profits are seldom where the profits are seldom when he was in Medina, the people, the people that were part of them whenever clean,

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actually had had started to make use of a disagreement that happened between the Sahaba and then said that they wanted to expel all the Muslims that were immigrants from Medina. But the profit are seldom, the profits are seldom, although he knew the names of the hypocrites, the prophet or Solomon honorable hottub said, Let me kill them for you. The Prophet seldom said that he is worried that that people were going to say Mohammed on yocto last, that Mohammed kills his friends. So the prophets are seldom prioritized, even though they were causing the fitna. He was he prioritized that people would not be afraid to enter Islam, then actually removing that particular that particular

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fitna that these people are doing.

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Now, when we talk about prioritization, there are certain guidelines that must be considered. Number one is that obligatory actions proceed recommended and like actions. This is just a few points we're gonna get to details in just a bit and giving examples to seeking high virtues proceeds other less important virtues, concealing rituals proceeds revealing them.

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Another one,

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Islamic creed precedes Sharia. In other words, when we talk about raising our children, it's very important that you first teach them the Islamic creed over the action first.

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The evidence on that is that how the prophet or asylum Actually Actually, when he when I blog, not best said that the profit are seldom set more either. mergeable rather than Java was one of the Sahaba that the practice alum actually sent to Yemen. And the profits are

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Salim actually told him that you're going to come to people that are part of the People of the Book, let the first thing you call them to do worshipping the last planet, the Ayana, if they know most panatela, then tell them that a Lost Planet Allah had obligated them to pray the five daily prayers

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on throughout the night, and the day, if they learn that, in other words, when he says if they learned that, if they had digested that obligation, then teach them that our last product that I had ordered them and obligated that they would pay the charity from their wealth, then if they had absorbed that, then teach them that,

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then teach them that

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for herdsmen home, then then teach them and tells them

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then take take from there from the poor, and give to take from the rich and give to the poor. Now, generally speaking, when we talk about women's priorities, when we talk about women's priorities, unfortunately, the situation that we're living in today that feminist groups on secular perspectives are actually influencing the Muslim discourse. And a lot of times that type of influence is actually making many Muslims, many Muslims racing to prove that Islam had come with the same understanding of life as secularism, and feminism, without us realizing that we're actually plagiarizing a non Islamic philosophy and thinking that it's Islam. And many will say, well, Islam says this, and this

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and this, and we'll actually start, start editing the word of Islam,

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just so that they would feel that they fit in.

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When we talk about a priority in a woman's life in Islam, the most important thing is to remember that a woman's life in Islam, home is the priority. When we say home is the priority, we would actually think of many secular and feminist groups that are actually trying to push women outside of the home. And we tend to always race and Muslim groups and our groups in trying to say that Islam gave the woman to leave and Islam gave the woman to do this and this, and then we start thinking that this is art our race, that this is supposed to be what we're racing in. Although it is indeed a right for the woman or let me say that a woman can seek education there is no doubt about that. But

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the priority for woman spirituality is that almost panatela even told the mother of the believers while our nephew BeautyCon Aleta barrage Natarajan, Juliet alula, and dwell in your homes, and do not seek that, that atonement or that cosmetics or the different

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the different appearances that people were considered of during the pre prophetic era, the prophet the prophet or Salaam explained to Hillier at many instances.

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This was the words, this was the word that was that a Lost Planet Allah revealed to teach oma Hatton momineen to teach the mother of the leader of the believers, the mother of the believers were were the best example.

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To teach later women, the Muslim mean a Muslim, it will mean we'll move minute how to attain spirituality, your own home is the best place to attain spirituality, away from the different types of fitness. Yet,

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although that is true.

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Many do need to go for work. They cannot live without having a job or without going to school. And that is why our last product I have regulated, regulated the different regulations of leaving the house. In other words, being in public, whether that was that meant hijab, or whether that meant shaping.

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Whether that meant in behavior, in lowering the gaze, in serious talk, reducing intermingling with men, that is to help with spirituality. Even when you go in public. If you want to attend spirituality, you must consider these different regulations.

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The other priority is that to go public, it must not affect her priorities at home. Especially if she has a mother. The priority at home. The children at home, the husband at home or the husband at home is the price

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You're at over the public, the public, that the public needs. We're going to talk about this, when we look at priorities in a woman's personal life, considering self piety before correcting others.

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Considering self piety before correcting others, is one way of focusing on the heart yet, it is very important when we talk about considering self piety that that does not mean that we end a marble nurofen Anil munkar, ordering for what is good and forbidding what what is bad, because we still didn't get there. Nope. One way of doing one way of doing considering self piety is by doing a Barbarossa nambucca because then you will think, why am I ordering others and I'm not doing it to myself. That's one way of actually giving yourself the moment.

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To religious, religious and livelihood support starts with those that you're responsible for, then expands to others. Meaning that your work at home, your relationship with your children, your own maintaining your own your first responsibility at home is the priority over helping the community over helping your friends or for helping your in laws. Your priority is your own home.

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I'm Hakeem and that is the uncle of say the Khadija and Abu hurayrah they actually said the prophets of Salaam said a little earlier how you run minneriya the Sophia

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what that demon that the high when we say hi arm it's like that when you have a favor something that is better is better than not having those those favors, would that be mental and start with those that you're responsible for? Well hiatal sankaty on the horizon. Now, when we actually talk about priorities for in a woman's life, considering these these parts are not going to be alone, but you must also consider that the first priority is actually the

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when we say considering, remember when we said in the previous lecture, we said that Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam was focusing on number one thought,

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then to Terabithia, in order to attain sn, that's the same thing. You first, in order to correct the acleda It is very important, it is very important to actually attend the different lectures that scholars give in order to correct and make sure that you're actually following Islam and not following culture, culture does, we tend to think of culture as only the culture that becomes that comes from the Middle East. No, there is a there is a postmodern culture that is amongst us that without you realizing you would think that, okay, I'm at the U of M, there is no culture, we tend to more associate culture to back home, or to Somalia, or to India, or Pakistan. And we tend to think

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of that as culture. But we don't realize that, that the culture that is in Somalia, for example, is actually closer to Islam than the culture you learn at the UVA.

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Because the culture of Somalia generally, is actually coming from at least most of it from some type of some, some some type of, of Islamic resource. But then it deviated a little away.

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But the culture that you learn at the U of M is more atheist culture. without you realizing you would actually think that culture is there without you realizing you're absorbing a totally atheist culture without you realizing to actually think that it's not culture. No, it's another type of culture. It's another type of culture. Now that is why in order to make sure that you're not absorbing a role, culture and atheist culture, it is very important that you actually learn Aveda, in order to know where the crookedness actually takes place. You're not going to know where the crookedness took place unless you know what's happening.

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And that's why learning Aveda helps you distinguish the author and

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the prophets are seldom

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actually sad. When levy enough sibiya declare that hundreds and not the Hata to the culture that right now the postmodern culture, it's all in

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The sizing on what they call good faith is not an issue. But a Lost Planet Allah and the prophet or asylum actually emphasize that faith starts in order to cope can correct your understanding of the world around you. It starts with correcting the thought, because without people realizing thought will actually influence the telethia

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it will influence the way the Define right and wrong, it will influence the way they see everything around them. And then finally, it will influence how they live their life, and eventually influence the relationship towards one another into words God Almighty.

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All the prophets actually came with with the one particular message one, our son mo publica, mursalin inland water in LA and now

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fabu the main message that all prophets were sent with was that they were supposed to be sent, what they were supposed to be delivering the message that there's no deity worth of worthy of worship, but a Lost Planet Island.

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it is very important to note that when we talk about spirituality, that heart and spiritual therapy and proceeds physical therapy, when I say physical therapy, I'm talking about the outside not the physical therapy that we know. Leaving forbidden matters proceeds obligatory matters. When we say leaving forbidden matters, that becomes the where it becomes exactly the words of the Prophet Salaam when he said men hate to come and who fortunately fetched anymore, what I ordered you to leave, leave instantly what I ordered you to do, do as much as you can. When we say what that the Protestant said order when I ordered you to leave, leave instantly because leaving sin is a priority

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over trying to add war a bed.

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At the same time, obligatory obligatory actions are precedent over nephila precedent over precedent over nephila or sooner that you do. For example, the husband is the priority after almost pontedera, because obeying the husband is the priority. Even a feminist tells you No, because they obey everybody else except except when it comes to the husband. They'll tell you no, it's degrading the woman it's not degrading the woman. It's actually considering that the priority of having a stable home is the priority.

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The other part activities, jobs, friends are not to be prioritized over the husband in your household and responsibilities. Family is precedent over over volunteering, taking care of your family.

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Taking care of your family and helping your mother is more important than helping your friends and being there for them. Remember, last kind of data says we're at the corba who will miskeen you up while Myskina Wabi Sabi. Give it a quarterback give First,

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the close relatives their rights, then if you want to donate for the miskeen

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and the admissibility of the person that's lost, that's an extra thing, but at the core buchalka but give the close relatives their rights.

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It is very important considering the core that is a priority in Islam, considering the core over the appearance. Remember last panatela actually talked about how the people of add or the different nations how they had strong built bodies, and beautiful built homes. But a Lost Planet Allah says that all that has been wiped away because they did not have the Amen. The core of your home, in its arcada and Islam prioritize that over income.

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For example, another thing affording an Islamic school for the children is more important than having a fancy house and a fancy car. Considering the stability of your home and how people think or considering stability of your home, over how people think of you or your friends expectations. Unfortunately, a lot of times we don't realize that we're concerned about what people are expecting of you, whether in laws or others

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and don't realize that your home is the priority. Seeking a man's piety in marriage is more important than seeking his looks income and his funny character.

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This is very important. Unfortunately, I get a lot of girls that actually say, Oh, he's charming, he's really nice, etc. But he just doesn't pray. Wait a minute. This is the answer. Dean is

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Priority it's not the six pack that we look at.

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Admitting evil is prioritized over bringing favors. When we say omitting evils prioritize over bringing favors, just simply because the evils in specially when we talk about evils, not all evils are the same level the evils that affect your Dean neffs. Remember those levels, that the evil that affects the dean is more important than the evil that affects the knifes the evil that affects the for example, here's a question. A sister might say, I want to travel outside to Philadelphia, my family is in Minnesota, but I want to go to Philadelphia, and I want to get a degree in who knows what. And I would say preserving your your knifes preserving your deen is a priority over preserving

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your money.

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You'll probably get a good degree, you'll probably get a better job opportunity but preserving your deen and preserving your nerves is our priority before before we talk about getting a good college degree or a good a good opportunity for work in the future.

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When we talk about applications on admitting evil over bringing favors if a sister is facing fitna in her Deen for not being married, protecting her Deen is a priority over getting a degree. You see the priority remember DNA i m d knifes aka little demand. That's how we do it. teaching the children, their Islam. and protecting their faith is more important than joining sports and activities.

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Because a lot of times we get a lot of people there, oh my my son, he has a birthday party. Or he's he goes to sports he play soccer or whatever it is. He can't he doesn't have time to do in class. I one time had a student who was doing very well in her core and class. But the mom got her out of the class because she because she had belly classes to do.

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At the time. I was I was charging for the order and class I believe it was $50 a month. That class was $75 an hour. She's told me she couldn't afford the Korean class because she had ballet classes to do.

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A lot I think a lot of mistakes a lot of times we're not realizing what what we're prioritizing

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the laws of priority and family your family proceeds the community benefit. When we talk about the family proceeds the family the community benefit. This is something like I said before, each one has her own zone, you cannot compare yourself with another sister because you might have a disabled child and the other sister might not even have any kids don't compare. Each one has a priority that's different than the other the priorities in husband husband and wife relations in case of disagreement. Sincerity over your personal ego.

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to winning the heart is more important than winning an argument

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it takes to to fight if one chooses not to fight the fight is over.

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Right? It takes to to fight if you decide to take out a slip slip away, the fight is over.

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If your spouse is angry, try to take a calm position. When the fire is set. Remember, your priority becomes to turn it off.

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Right never sleep with an unsettled argument remember in this insight Muslim the prophet or seldom actually said that if a man calls on to his wife for bed, and then she refused a Lost Planet Allah says or the prophet or Salim actually says that those that are in the heavens will be angry at her until he is content. Of course the feminists don't like this Heidi, but I do not regard what the feminist regard.

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I don't care. I'm somebody that regards that a shadow learner in the lower shadow, feminine also,

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having a stable family is more important than implementing your opinion on worldly matters.

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Because our opinion is can be influenced by different things around us.

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Now when we how much time is left for me, we're done. Alright, so there's more details. By the way, I do have a YouTube channel. There's more details on that and you guys can go on the YouTube channel. There's there's complete detail on all of this. So what's on mlsa number 1 million

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Show us all gems of late I think it either gems of like, just

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search me and you'll find mutual

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well, somebody some hammer Go ahead.

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One or two questions. Nobody has a question. Oh,

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has to be like three meals

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a day.

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The home is that okay, so that takes us to the back?

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Should we? Yeah, I'll ask the question. Again, when you say home is the priority, okay? I can see this.

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So when we talk about home is the priority. All right, we'll look over here, you've got when we look at the home as a priority, the number one we're looking at husband, children and house maintenance. Okay, first it starts with the husband. And meaning that the husband's the husband is Dean nurse after all that you can see there's a lot more details but the husband for example, and that that's the number one thing at home, then the children and then maintaining the house that goes into that cut type of prioritization.

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When we look at the children, considering their religion, over considering their health, and considering their health is over considering the over considering, for example, different things about about mine, considering their their look at them, the manners the lowering the gaze, dealing with, with with the opposite sex, all that is part of the prioritization, not gender. Yes, the word gender is not an Islamic word, that I know you guys laughed about it. The word gender actually comes from a very postmodern idea. It's not an Islamic word. I know you guys laughed about it, but thanks for laughing about it.

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The word gender actually comes from the idea that regards that your body, your biological creation is different than your social, your social responsibility. In Islam know,

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your social, your biological creation determines your social responsibilities and duties. Alright, that's what determines, if you were if you are biologically female, you have to take the role of a female.

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If you are biologically male, you take the role of a male. All right, gender is not necessarily as we many as many think that it's just an another appropriate word for the word sex. No, it's not necessarily an appropriate word. It's actually a word that carries a philosophy, an atheist philosophy, the feminist movement actually began that in order to say that what you are biologically created is not necessarily what role you take, and that's where the idea of LGBT came in from. This is another important thing. Thanks for laughing about it, okay.

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The other thing is, is that when it comes to the priorities in the household, second, making your home a place of tranquility, by being solid, by being faithful by being on either doing the vigor and by keeping the Amana becomes the way in that priority in order to attain my word the love and mercy amongst the husband and the wife there's more details on the on the website because they're about to show me I'm

00:38:48--> 00:38:50

gonna put me in a cannonball and

00:38:52--> 00:38:58

I know this young girl wanted to ask a question. Can you make it for Yeah. Can we make it as quick as possible?

00:39:03--> 00:39:06

Just make it clear that your children will definitely come

00:39:08--> 00:39:13

before your husband right? No husband comes before children and family.

00:39:15--> 00:39:26

If your husband if you're married, if you're married, if you're not married, Mom and Dad are your priority if you're not married, Mom and Dad are your priority. And then brothers and sisters.

00:39:28--> 00:39:31

Mom and then dad and then brothers and sisters.

00:39:33--> 00:39:33

And then

00:39:35--> 00:39:35


00:39:39--> 00:39:41

if your husband is in a feminist group well that's another one.

00:39:44--> 00:39:44


00:39:52--> 00:40:00

Everything was cool. You know, the wife comes to as the high end is that is a Hawaii is your your first priority of all

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

So has to be his first priority. Absolutely.

00:40:03--> 00:40:06

So we're, I'm here, I'm here.

00:40:08--> 00:40:13

I'm here considering that we're talking to women. So if it was men, I would have been giving them something else.

00:40:16--> 00:40:17


00:40:18--> 00:40:27

You know, you know, to humans who came together their own choice, you know, they have to be there for each other. Because when they're,

00:40:29--> 00:40:30

you know,

00:40:31--> 00:40:45

having kids, you know, and they have, like, all these big families that live here, I think it's easier for them to show because the things they like, they all

00:40:48--> 00:40:51

the women always, you know, so I know,

00:40:52--> 00:41:00

women and girls from all over, you know, wives. There's some young girls out here.

00:41:02--> 00:41:05

You know, they're all men, you know?

00:41:07--> 00:41:53

Okay, so let me let me I think I see what what you're saying. So here, here, we're actually we're actually here addressing our talk to women. If we were addressing the talk of women's rights, that would have been a different story. But here, the, the, what I was asked to talk about was the priority, like understanding the priority of a woman's life. So that's why I was addressing that way in order for me, for us to know, okay, what comes first, alright. And I usually like to emphasize on things that we usually don't pay attention to. So I'm not here talking about eating organic foods. Alright. And I'm, because I usually address the things that people don't normally talk about.

00:41:54--> 00:42:07

And that's what we're supposed to be doing. If it were a lecture on talking about women's rights and what their husbands are supposed to be doing to them. Oh, you'd have been seen me? thought that I was a feminist.

00:42:08--> 00:42:09

And Muslim comment.

00:42:13--> 00:42:21

There's no such thing as a Muslim feminist, you guys. You can't be just like saying an atheist Muslim. If that's an oxymoron. It doesn't work.

00:42:23--> 00:43:08

Okay, you can't say a Muslim feminist. You know why? Because feminism actually comes from the idea of atheism. Feminism, regard that it's the struggle, listen to this you guys banality. That's one word. Feminism regards that Darwinist idea that it's about a struggle, a struggle, a survival, that it's about a struggle for survival. That's why when they talk about husband and etc, that you have to fight over your rights, because they're regarded as a struggle for survival. In Islam, it's not a struggle for survival. It's a harmony for my what that and drama. In Islam, it's about bringing stability, it's about bringing love and mercy, not about let's let me fight you and, and let's

00:43:08--> 00:43:52

fight. This is very important because the idea of feminism, the idea of feminism comes from that core, and comes from the core of atheism, that there's it's all about complete equity that I and you are not any different, because the biological creation does not determine my social status in Islam. No, your biological creation determines your social status and your responsibility. You are a mother because of God Almighty made you a mother gave you the body of a mother, therefore, you act as a mother, therefore, you take care of your child as a mother. Now, same thing, you as a man, you've got the biological creation that decides that you're going to take a certain role. But the feminist,

00:43:52--> 00:44:19

the feminist organization, or the feminist ideas, I know, I'm aware that there are different kinds of feminists and all that, but the different kinds of feminists, we talk about the origin of it, the etiology, the base of it, before it becoming different types of feminists, we talk about the main philosophy that determined the understanding of the rest of the feminist, even if you have so many different kinds of feminist groups. Now she's gonna get a cannonball