Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Yaseen #5 V55 – 65

Musleh Khan
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali here follow Salah woman wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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We are at verse number 55 and you know what you're going to love about this. This is going to give us a walk through what life would be like in general in sha Allah hota Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala makers from amongst them Aloma mean, in US habit agenda. Indeed the companions of Jenna, you notice that Allah uses the word us have us have comes from the word Sahib or Sahaba, as we all know, alright, so Habbo are so happy. When somebody becomes a companion of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, one of the things that makes them a companion is they love to be around him. They can't get enough of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they're so engrossed in his teachings in his presence.

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They can't get enough of him early is Salatu was Salam. So Allah is saying that the people of Jenna, when they are there, they are companions of Jenna, meaning they can't get enough of it, they'll never get bored of it. You know, when you and I, if we're stuck at home for a few days, you know what ends up happening, right? After a few days, we're like, we need to get out of here. I want to go see this place. Let's go to visit that city. Let's go to another place. Let's travel, let's go see different countries, different cities, you want to get out, you want to change your environment, change your atmosphere. But in general, everybody's just gonna be like, I don't want to go anywhere.

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Just perfect. They will never get tired. There's no such thing as boredom. In general, they'll never, you know, be occupied with things that are no interest. Everything that during even if just having simple conversations, they're going to be having simple conversations. And all of that would be intriguing. It'll be entertaining, it'll be enjoyable. So this is why we have the word us hab here. They want to be an agenda and they don't have the desire or the need to be anywhere else. Allium official hunting faculty, faculty who went on that day, and they will be immersed with happiness Shoal is when you're immersed in some kind of job or some kind of activity. There's so

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much to do. You know, you want to play sports, you go play sports, want to practice something, you go practice something. You want to just sit down and socialize. You sit down and socialize. You want to go visit your family you want to go visit friends you want to go look go down the street, see who's living in that castle, that castle over there that mentioned over there. You walk around all agenda is yours. You have gardens upon gardens. Want to go take a walk down the lake or the river of honey or the river of yogurt. You go ahead for a walk. It's amazing fish chauvelin faqih Hoon, Allah says you will always be there you will always have something to do you'll never get bored. There's

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so much endless amount of activity for you in general in sha Allah hotelera home was was your home fieldly led in Island auto eco take it on them and their spouses are going to be under shades under shades. Island are all icky. out or eco tacky on they will be leaning back and

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They will recline, some kind of law, they will lean back and they will recline. You know, when you're sitting on a really comfortable couch, and you kind of sit back and you're just like, Ah, that's either or Aikido Tachyon You know, there won't be any need for them to move around anything that they want. If they want to go pick a tree off of fruit or something, they're under the shade of that and that fruit will come to them. For more techie techie on loan fee have faqir they will have so many endless amount of fruits, while a home may have their own and also the things that they specifically asked for. Here's the thing. The word that Allah uses to describe fruits here is fatca

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fatca. fatca is the kind of fruit that brings happiness to makes you smile. So you know, when you bite into a good mango or strawberry or something, and then you're just like, oh my god, that I thought that was right. But subpanel I didn't expect that. That's so sweet. That's so delicious. Well, in Jenna, when you bite into a strawberry, or a cherry or a mango, or whatever it is that you you desire.

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You will look at it and be like, yeah, remember this, this is a mango when you bite into it, it shocks you. You're so surprised because you were not expecting that. You were not expecting the feeling. And the response, that you would get biting into that one fruit analysis, you will have so many of those fruits that each and every one of them will bring happiness to you. And if you think that's enough, while at home, Maya Darwin and you'll also get the thing that you specifically asked for. You know, sometimes the youth asked me, Is there going to be burgers in genda? Yeah, I'm pretty sure is there going to be shawarma? They're going to be biriyani. It's gonna be listing in food

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somewhere. Can I have those things? Is it gonna be ice cream agenda? You know, my son asks me sometimes, if Jenna will have lollipops? Yeah, you'll have all of those things. You'll have the agenda version. So you'll have the all the things that you know, in dunya you'll have the gender version of the dunya. And it'll be so much better. And so welcome, Marissa Darrell. Also yet their own. It's not just about fruits. It's about the things that are important to you, Jada, B, can I see the first person that became Muslim in my entire family? Can I meet that person? Yes, it'll be my parents, my family, my children, my son, my daughter, my cousins. They're all at the third level of

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Jenna. And I've been Phil, Phil dos Hill Arla, could I be reunited with them. That's all I want to know. I'm so grateful. You put me in gender, but I really want to be with my family. And so panela now you get to ask a lot to upgrade your family who are in lower parts of gender. Now they get to come with you Subhana Allah, Allahu Maya down and you get to think about and ask for the thing that you want specifically from Allah. Selim. Hola Mira Rahim, when you think that that is like you can't get any better than that. So you have fruits that just bring total happiness you have shithole you're always have stuff to do. And you're sitting on reclining chairs. When you think there's

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nothing else you can add to this entire image. Allah puts what you and I would call the cherry on the cake, the seal the stem, like it doesn't get any better than this. sedum Pola mirabito Rahim Allah says peace and protection to you. This is a statement that will come from your master from your master middle Rob bill mill Rob Rahim from your own most merciful or Rob master of law will give Salaam to everybody in Genesis. Can you imagine SLM is giving us some some kind of law? I don't even know how how to even imagine that one does with yom, Yom God more and distinguish yourselves, separate yourselves from the criminals. You know sometimes when you go into a Masjid and you see the

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security guard, you know who's probably like not a Muslim or from some other group and you're like, what are they doing here? This is our place is our time. Allah says on that day, everybody will be distinguish those who don't belong in gender or don't belong near it and everyone else they will be separated and unless a separate yourself and I'm going to cause that as well, from all those who were criminals, Mr. de la Kamini didn't I promise this to you? Yeah, Betty Adam, are children of Adam. Let their Buddha shape on, that you do not worship shaytaan remembering Sunita, nor you will Latina Amanullah tiberiu hautala to shaylen. The first step of following in the footsteps of shape

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time, don't follow his footsteps. Allah says, well, may it be a hotel lattice shaped line, but whoever ends up following the footsteps of shape one four in the huya moto bill fascia

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That's the second stage. If you follow the footsteps of shaitan, meaning you're not really inclined to shake on, but sometimes a temptation gets to you so you'll follow the temptation. Okay, fine. Would you follow that temptation enough? then guess what, guess what ends up happening to a new yet motivated fashion then eventually shaitan will capture and own you and commend you to do it. So you don't have to follow him no more because he owns you now. Now the third stage of that is let there be two shades one now they end up worshipping shades on now shaitan that's the only thing that makes sense. Why have a religion anymore? Why worship God anymore?

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I don't have to go to a message it all the time, we'll have to pray five times a day. Why Islam? Forget all of this. That's when they come to the most severe degree in following shaitan is they ended up worshiping Him worshiping Him, again does not mean that you fall down insensitive to shade on worshiping means that you're 100% rely you rely upon and devote yourself to all the wrongdoings which ultimately comes from shaitan himself is tempted by shaytaan. Those are doors of shaitan. So if you see that that is the only thing that makes sense to you in life, so in essence, it's as if you're worshiping shaitan in the hula Komodo movie and he's such an open and clear enemy to you what

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we're doing is so instead worship me other set automa stepping that's the straight and straight and rightly guided path for you. Well, luckily, although learning congealed and kathira shaitan had misguided mountains upon mountains of people amongst you a phylum tokoto de Lune Aren't you going to take the time to at least think about and reflect on this G Bella from the word jab alone.

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You can get an imagery more grand and vast and you know, endless amount of mountains together. That's the grandest image that we were able to, you know, look at and picture in our minds in this world. alesse says the shaitan missguided Mountains upon mountains of people isn't that enough for you to reflect on? Has he Gehenna Malati quantum to our I don't this is the jahannam the same jahannam I promised you if you worshiped him this is where you ended up where are you so bill is slowly on the bema Quantum tech photon throw yourself is slow her throw and allow yourself to be engulfed in its punishment for what you have disbelieved. leoben octi Marilla for him here's the

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list a a guy's a Leo man Artie Marla a for him on that day. Their mouths are stamped.

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Now your mouth no more talking.

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What to Kelly Muna ad him your melds have said enough. Now it's time for your hands to start speaking. Your hand starts speaking.

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The hands start speaking, it starts saying to Allah Allah. He made me sign that contract that had all those hot on things, all the interest and mortgages and everything. He made me sign it. Or Allah, He made me punch him. He was the one who lifted me up and clicked that website.

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My fingers clicked those website, he was the one that made me do that.

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He was the one that made me put up that finger

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and pointed at someone.

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Now your hands, they start talking, what's a shadow outer jeweler whom your legs start testifying Allah, He made me walk over to her house. He made me walk over into that hotel room. When my wife was at home.

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He made me walk into those places. He made me kick. He made me hurt. He may be run away from the cops. He made me do all of that.

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be mad can we accept one? So all of these things now testify against you based on what you have put forth and submitted to a lot some panel with her I

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read it. You know I pause here because I want to just keep these sessions a little shorter. But do you see what sort of the scene is doing now?

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We yesterday we talked about how suicide yes scene focuses on all of the things that are right in front of our faces. Now, chips towards Jenna. As if gender is what? It's right there. It's right in front of you.

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You're Muslim. You're worshipping a creator. you're praying, you're doing all of these things, or at least you're trying. Jenna is right in front of you when you do that. You're not far off now. Now you got to the challenge is to stay consistent with this stuff because look what awaits you. But at the same time, that terrible to shave bond. Don't you dare fall into the worship, the submission of shaitan because he's always going to be there. You know, and this

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Life you're focused on, I need to get to Agenda agenda agenda. But you've got to also figure out how to ward off this shell team that keep bothering us that keep tenting tempting us that keep pushing us off course. You've got to constantly battle with him. So unless telling you distinguish yourself, one does Julio au Hellman Chairman, distinguish and separate yourself from these criminals? These are the things that you have to try. That's the challenge you have in this world. Because remember, what albala mean, come jabil and kathira. Because he guided the misguided so many mountains upon mountains of people, it's all around us. Everywhere you go, how often do you see a loss remembrance

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and guidance and things that really encourage you in a positive way? How often do you see that around you? Almost never. You have to look for the good things, the things that won't tempt you the wrong way. You were 99% of what we see around us as all fitna. That 1% is what you have to look for. So Allah says Fnm Dakota attack de Lune Don't you see? Look what's around you think about it. And in the midst of all of that chaos, there's one message there in the middle supply the law. So you have mountains upon mountains of fitna and trial and test and misguidance and in the center of love what's a Mount msgid in the center there's this institute or the community center in the center is

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your home where you pray, but nobody else on your street prays nobody else in your community prays no one else you know in that entire area and the entire village prays except to you why you think Allah put you there for them to call to attack they don't take the time to really really think about and reflect on this stuff. Or else Illuminati Marilla of world war two Kelly Mona idea what a shadow over Judah home be back. Can we exceed one everything. Our mouths are sealed and everything else starts talking. May Allah subhanaw taala give us strength May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us preserve and protect guidance in our hearts in our lives a lot. Oh man. I mean, it's a shorter

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session today but I want to keep these sessions much shorter In short, lo Tara, I will see you all tomorrow B is Neela roughly around the same time, which is acumen level hydrometallurgy. So God bless you all said Mr. Lee.

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