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The speakers discuss the importance of society's knowledge, wealth, and will power in building societies. The OMA is a movement that shows individuals the ability to make shots and make changes within history, and the struggles of working in a changing society and the importance of living in a community that values everything and gives back. The "monarchs of Islam" are trying to protect their selves from threats and try to convince people to take action towards their goals, while also spreading false accusations and influence people to take action towards their goals.

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page three, we recited as to

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right and

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number 93 insha Allah.

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So what is the message in

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it's a very, it's very, very, very important, because it's the last one in the story. And there's barely a few chapters to wrap up this sort of talks about basic elements that are needed to build societies to build civilizations, communities, powers, moves to populations, started up with the idea of wealth talks about knowledge. Each one of these stories were stories that had a lot of depth to them, a lot of different angles,

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is looked at regarding these three elements. And then this fine final story is an example of an all three come together. And the paradigm you get, and the example that was put in front of us, the example of someone who Allah subhanaw taala McKenna, who fell out of the established him on this earth gave him all the all the all the means he needed, including shaitan Silva, he had, I mean, from everything.

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He did not like the idea, you know, like the values and the law, he did not like the wealth, he did not lack

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the knowledge. And when all the people come together, power and status came with it. He's not like that either. You had numbers, there was people, there were people with them. So when you put all those things together, you ended up with a with a truth true power on earth. Now, what is the point of it was supposed to do. So Allah subhanaw taala shows us a little codename, going

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to three journey, three journeys to people,

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the end of the earth, some in the far west, some in the Far East, people that he probably doesn't know, when it when the Quran talks about far west and Far East. That means that to him, these are foreigners, these are people he does not know, there is no relationship between him and them. Yet every time he came across a group, whatever it is, they liked, he offered,

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wherever he found that they like little colony, wherever he found that they liked, he offered them if the lacked

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the law, he established the law, if they liked the wealth, he gave him the wealth in the third story, they're gonna find that he they lack the knowledge, they lack the will power. And he's going to offer them that the concept of when Allah subhanaw taala finally establishes you, and gives you all the elements that you need to build your society to build your civilization you give, you don't take, you start to give, you start to spread failure. You look at those around you what's missing them, and you offer it to them, you are not there to take what what they have, you're not there to exploit them, you're not there to enslave them. Rather, you are there to see what is it that is that

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they missed that they could possibly benefit from and then you offer it. And you're gonna see that the first two stories were subtle, meaning the way that the story was told was was simple. Now the third story, there's more detail, you're gonna hear, they'll come and speak and say things and talk to people. And you will find ideas that I'm telling you telling you very, very clear within the context of the story, why they will remain, because it's a paradigm of dualities of two things, having the power and justice having the knowledge,

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the knowledge and the will having, there's always there's always something like having the materialistic ability and having the spiritual one having the law but as well, having having having the numbers, there's always something missing. When you look at 90, when you look at the different fields of life, there's always two things make the you have to bring in two elements in order to make it to complete something, it for him or name. It says if he's carrying the two horns of he's like it's as if he caught the bull from both horns. And now and now he must gonna love McKenna, who will, he's established power on earth, he has the ball from both horns can go anywhere. He has the

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power, he has the ability to, to make the shots to call it to make the calls

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to change things. So when he's given that that is dangerous, if you're given that for any reason, or their civilizations in history, and today that they have the ability to call the shots and to make that make the difference, isn't it? Yes, they are. What do they do? How what has history has shown us in terms of civilizations, treating weaker, weaker minorities or weaker or weaker civilizations at any time within history. There's things always a bit difficult. Sometimes you see a lot of oppression, a lot of aggression, a lot of hatred, a lot of blood.

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And then you see a lot of pain.

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Examples Okay, here's the economy. Take a look at him. Another thing we're going to talk about in the story is that there are five part

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Galatians in the story of your company, right there, our little corner in his group, the group that had almost all elements. He wasn't alone obviously had an army. So the population he's not a part, he's an individual. He's a part of a generation of people. Obviously he left with with many. So alternate, that's one. And then there's the first OMA females revisions were the sunsets in the east and the west. If you ain't in Hania, they had all the muddy water. They were people who had a lot of agriculture was rich, they had a lot of money, but they didn't have the law. They were oppressors, they were killing one another. Right? So they lacked the law, they liked the idea. And then there

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was a group of people lemenager Allah whom in dunya sutra, they were exposed to the sun, they had nothing to protect them. They were poor, they were financially had nothing, right. It's like that they're financially lacking. The third OMA that he's going to come to are almost like talking to you talking to another OMA, who like, who seem to have everything but the knowledge. They don't seem to know how they have the numbers. They seem to have some email, and even in them, they seem to have some money, because they're gonna offer him money, but they don't seem to have the knowledge of how to do things and get the job done. And then there's the typical Jewish, the ones who are corrupt,

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and we're destroying the earth. So five Homers? Which one are we?

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When you're reading the story, which Amma are we, which Omar was supposed to be? And which OMA, are we?

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That makes sense? Like there's a, these are the five types of women? One that has it all? One that is totally corrupt? One that likes the idea, one that likes the wealth, and one that likes the knowledge? Which one are you?

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Which, which one are you supposed to be? Now, we're supposed to be like, are we not supposed to be like Villacorta name and those who are around him. And if we are not like him, then who are we like right now. And if you can identify which route we are more likely than the other, then you have an ability to actually change it because you know what you like. And if you can see what you lack, then you know which story and to focus on.

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And I think we're more like the thirds. That's why I left it till the end, I believe we're more like the third group than any other, or the fourth group. And if you're counting them is the group that lacked the knowledge and not not talking about the idea. The idea is the dean, you have the ideology, we have the ideology, we have the book, we know the guidance, right. I mean, we lack the knowledge, we like the theory and the practice, we like the will to take what we have and actually move it forward and actually practice it on on the ground. Because you don't like wealth, we have wealth. We don't like the idea. And we're not corrupt. We're not bringing our own. Well, maybe some

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of us are, but but the majority of us are not. The majority of us aren't like that. And unfortunately, we're like, we're not like the company. He goes, he comes across the first two groups, the group that liked

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the idea, and he established a law for them, he gave them the values mmm balama. But so for people who

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know me law side, you

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know, those who oppress people punish them, and then Allah will punish them and those who will behave properly and do good deeds and believe we will treat them to the best of treatment to establish the law for them. The second group, they had nothing kinetic he established, he gave them what they needed. What was missing for them was wells, he established that for them as well. Now the third group that you'll come across, and they're a bit more interesting, why? Because when he came across them, he found two mountains for very high mountains and within these mountains with a population, they were living there, when he came and spoke to them, call Malayaka do an F Kahuna

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coda. He found it to be very simple. He probably found their population to be very distracted by other things. So when he spoke to them about faith, and he spoke to them about wealth, and he spoke to them about knowledge, they spoke to them about community and society and civilization. They didn't understand what he was talking about. Just like if you want me to a group of youth today, you're trying to speak his preaching, talking about these issues. They look at you What are you talking about? What is community in Islam and society and civilization and deen and practice? And oh, man, what is this? What do you what do you do? Hello, everybody. Good. Go Go do what you have to

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do. And if you can barely understand what he's talking about, he's speaking on a very high level. He Dino Michelia. in suburbia, he had a mean from everything. If it was knowledge you were looking for he had the top people, if it was power, if it was wealth, if it was the idea was the values he had at all. So he spoke from a very intellectual background. We'll call him when he was speaking to them trying to explain them back to the asset bubble and he's take the profession will follow the means they'll continue to add the means that he has he never stopped he never. He never stopped putting his effort. He comes to people like doing a very little.

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You're gonna see Do they have little money? No, they're gonna offer him money and minutes. Do they have smaller numbers? No, they have a lot of people. Are they are they fighting one another? No. They're actually being invaded from outside. They're good with one another. They're fine. They've established a law. They're fine. They don't need anything. It's the people outside they can't seem to protect themselves. They can't seem to protect themselves from from an external effect.

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Are you are you are you connecting the dots here or you're not connecting the dots?

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A group of people who can't seem to protect themselves from external effects. You don't know how to do it, even though they have the numbers, they have the wealth, they have the ID, everything is there, but they don't know how to do it. They can't seem to find a way to protect themselves. So they turn to the economy.

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It's a very it was a well, it's an extremely important example here. Home Malayaka do an F but when it comes to them, they don't seem to understand. I'm talking to you about email and I'm talking to you about how about I'm talking to you about Stickler if I'm talking to you about our booty, I'm talking to you about serving Allah being a kingdom. What do you what they don't understand what he's talking about. But they have all the elements. It just like they didn't put them all in one. It's like they just can't seem to get it get it all together.

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So they told him called Nene. I think we read up to 94 I believe, you know, did we not read up to 94? I just want to repeat anything you read? Why do we adult or Nene? They said oh, they'll go name in the duel Jeremiah George, another the fifth OMA Gog and Magog. They come from the concept of JoJo Maija. And both words have the concept of, of confusion, of merging of elements of a lot of chaos. In the words whether it's fire or water, or

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even the the symbol, the symbol for chaos within the Quran, wherever you find it. It's only you don't find it very often. We'll see doing a film. They are corrupt in earth. These people know what corrupted corrupt corruption is. If they didn't have a law, they wouldn't know what corruption was. But since they know that these people are corrupt, they must have a law they must have some form of governance within us. There would be no point of using the word Matsuura for HANA origin, how about we so there's a group of them it's not one or two people there's a group there are numbers here CodeGen How about we give you tax so they have money

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wants to establish they've got it all. Allah integer Allah Baden, we're buying the home set, but we don't know how to do it. We don't know how to do it. We just don't have the product we do not have the practical understanding. And no, we don't know how to organize ourselves properly. We don't know how to do it.

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Either being in our beginner homestead, can you put a barrier between us and them? It's like they have a couple of times here where they just raid us. They kill they take the destroy, and they leave and then we have to pick up the pieces and we don't seem to know how to protect ourselves.

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And then they'll continue is going to answer we're gonna read it and I'm number 95 In sha Allah. And here are the two companies again

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that are coming or summarize the whole story or you understand the values of your company and the goal of your committee take a person he wasn't what his what the OMA that he was a part of what their message was what their purpose was going to be in case it wasn't clear within the first two stories it'll become very clear in this one

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he needs to show you on your body

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Miss Mila him

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can nev hear me Holly?

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Boehner Kumar Boehner

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he said Mama can NiFi Robbie what my Lord has established me within going back to the first guy on the page in Canada who for the elderly, he was established on Earth Timken, which is the goal, if you're capable of obtaining that now becoming established on the Earth, where you have power, we have all the elements that lead up to power power is the way this tool is telling us what it is, it is, it is the the natural next step of obtaining all the elements before it, this is the point that I want to make make it very clear to all of us in the way we look at this, that in order for when we when we have power, and when we have status, it is not something that is artificially obtained, it

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is the natural next step of putting together the ideology putting together the wealth and putting and having the proper knowledge and practice when all of these three come together the natural next step will be finally having that power. Meaning having a voice meaning being able to establish yourself with your community so that you can achieve goals and and move forward and do what you need to and have representation in every in every field that you would like to be represented in. PALOMA can NiFi here on what my Lord has established me within quite as better than whatever he is you're going to offer me. I don't need money.

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He's refusing to take money. I want you to think about that, from a

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nation point, a national point of view, right? One country is offering help to another country is refusing to take money, even though it's going what he's going to do is going to protect them. Actual protection is refusing to take any of their wealth. How many times has that ever happened?

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Ever heard of that before? Have you ever seen it as an example today? Very difficult. One what kind of

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Do something else for another country for free

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for nothing dream on that's not happening. Carla mammoth can NiFi he'll be for you I don't want your money for a noni before what I will benefit from is helped me with your strength with your people with your numbers, why come help and I can do this for you, I'm going to teach you how to do it. Come I will teach you how it's done so that you can continue to do this later. So bring me your numbers. Let me let me show you how it's going to be done. I will be there with you. I'm not going to give you a handbook and walk away No, I will do it with you. But I need you to be involved. I'm not going to do it for you I'm gonna second the difference here fine only because he's sharing the

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knowledge that he has these these are the values that Dale Carnegie is we're seeing in the local name every time he comes to group of people whatever it is they like he offers he withholds nothing he is not trying to run a monopoly on his on the laws that he has on the world that he has on the knowledge that he that he possesses nothing is nothing like that. What do you guys need Hamdulillah we are McKinna belong we have been established here on earth we will offer you whatever height we can offer you because this is the point this is the point of obtaining all these things this is the goal of it all I know and he will offer me some help some strength I need some people I will be in a

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coma but you know whom I will establish between you and them rather than a double barrier a random is when there are two barriers with and something is put in the middle so it's said it's just 111 level barrier is when there's something in between the in Arabic get a demo and then we put you know rocks or or clean or Yanni Baba or soil the earth between two barriers so make it harder for you to actually get get through it. So they asked her I said he said no no I'm going to order them for you and do something much better something much stronger something that wants to stare it's gonna be very hard for them to ever to ever go through it but I need help come help me thank you for

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watching. Sorry

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to knees do Bella Hadid

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for the Fein

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either either Hoonah

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Tony Friel ILA here people

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tune in Zuber, Al Hadid give me sheets of iron,

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I need sheets of iron, I need them to be to look a certain way he's teaching them right now. I'm gonna make these sheets of iron. This is what we're going to do, we're going to make a barrier of rock and stone and earth and then we're going to put two two barriers on both sides. We're going to we're going to level it up with with sheets of iron on this side and then from this side. So tell us about on Hadid had term, either Salah banal sort of thing, they build up the barrier from stone and rock and soil. So for the faint or the cliffs. So the the side of a mountain is called a sort of, for the Fany me the two sides of the mountains, the two cliffs of the mountain because between these

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two mountains where ug modules will come through, there is no other way to enter the land that they live in. This is the only way for it to happen.

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So if he if they close it properly, then usually you'd have no way to hurt these people anymore. So they put up the barrier they put up really high once it was up there. I think that's ever been a slogan was leveled now between the two clubs bought out in football, they start to bring

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in what's known as copper so the answer being copper and then they started they would turn it into liquid copper so it would be heated to a very very high degree called overhaul overhaul. Meaning start putting

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a low item it's the opposite unfulfilled, unfulfilled. kealan So the way that they would have fire you don't need to blow air into the fire to make the fire strong enough so that the the copper can be liquid liquefied so only for who Okay start you know strengthening the fire so that we can liquefy this. This copper again you can see you can see when you look at the words in the I Am One thing he does one thing they do too when you bring the iron the sheets of iron, I thought either celebrator sort of thing he took care of leveling it when he did the cotton for him okay he started blowing into it caught him for who had that either Jana who never until he when he turned it into

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something that is similar to fire meaning the copper was so it was liquefied to the point that it's catching fire had David Jellico nella by Tony bring it to me who free rally people are under sheets of iron. We're going to we're going to put the liquid copper to hold it done from both sides. So now without getting into too much detail of how but what we learned from this is that we're losing hundreds

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is actually subscribing for us is a process is a process that has physics, chemistry,

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teamwork management has has it right and that But Allah says how we worship Allah by reading an area that explains to us how you're supposed to do it properly, how to do it well how to do it in a way where it's going to work. It's not doing, you know, it's not half assing the job, it's not doing anyway, just tell us we'll just put it however, and then if it works, no, no, you're gonna do it perfectly. There's gonna even make sure he's he's overseeing. And he's supervising everything. And he's doing it with double layers. And he's using sheets of iron and liquefied copper to hold it down. And he's teaching them how to do it in the process.

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So another value find from the club name, not not just the fact that he is someone who is just who has was the values of the men, you know that not only that he is generous with his wealth when when people need it, he will give it to them. Not only when he is offered money to do something that people need, he will refuse. Not only will he

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have others participate in learning how to do it, not only will he teach them, he will perfect his job, you the values that they'll come to you when he does a job he doesn't Well, how long do you think this took?

00:21:12--> 00:21:28

It was just a day or two? This obviously took a long time. Yeah, obviously I just stay where he was, and fix the problem for them. Before he left, he invested he invested his time, early his terminal the Allahu anhu, however you want

00:21:29--> 00:21:49

to call him he invested his time in helping these people. These are the values that we learned from the economy that not only did he not he didn't withhold the secret ingredient How was going to work? He didn't bring the copper in them. And then no one can see this and he does it but no, no, here let me show you this. Here are the sheets here's what you need to do strengthen the fight now you have to put pour it on this side pour on that site. Now it's gonna it's gonna hold.

00:21:50--> 00:21:56

And they learned. So if this ever happens again later, they can you know, fix it. If there's a breach, they can fix it Yes.

00:21:59--> 00:22:08

I was able to build the wall wall wasn't like that. So they weren't attacking every day was more like raves is back in the day, like historically

00:22:09--> 00:22:43

corrupted tribes. And this is in Arabia as well. So the same thing is in Arabia, they wouldn't, it wasn't a daily thing, then wouldn't get up in the morning and go raid and come back in the next day, it would be more of like a periodic thing, because it was that that was going to be the way of doing it, then it'll just be continuous war, but that's not what they did. They would do it periodically, every couple of months. Every year, there'll be a time where the crops or the rapist or the people have the most money and they would read once because there's a lot of alliances and allegiances that within a territory between different tribes that will probably cause it to make it very hard to read

00:22:43--> 00:23:19

them. So usually dude apparently moves to don't fill up everywhere they do it corrupted. They had already raided and one of the fields that exists for layer Kaduna fo Nakoda is that they were in such shock of the recent rate of June that they didn't know what to say, meaning there was so much blood and so much depth and so much destruction, that they were speechless. That is one of the diversity that exists for that because it just happened. So he's gonna stand there and fix this problem. Another thing is I do him due to the existence of Dale Carnegie and there are not going to come close with with the existence of little Kovalainen his army, they're not going to come close.

00:23:19--> 00:23:47

They're only going to wait until he leaves. The thing is he can't stay there forever. He's going to have to leave. So he wants to teach them how to do it. Okay, here's how you here's what you need to put up. They outnumber you vastly so you're not able to fight them off. But let's do this and put them and put it properly. They they asked for one thing he gave them to actually they asked for one thing he gave them many. He they asked for one. One solution, he gave them a better solution. He had them participate and cooperate with him. And then he taught them how to do it.

00:23:48--> 00:23:52

And that is the those are the values of powerful nations. Yes.

00:23:53--> 00:24:07

Before where it says call among Dawn office often know how they behave. Right? Is there a lesson here that a little learning isn't punishing us remind us because they're doing them

00:24:09--> 00:24:14

against here, but he's taking steps to punish them rather to protect? Sure.

00:24:16--> 00:24:46

So the first one for zebu is the punishment of the law, meaning the first group they didn't have, they didn't have the rules they didn't have the ethics didn't have the values that are needed. You see when you come to a group and they don't know what's right and wrong, what's wrong, what we should stand for what we shouldn't stand for how we should deal with with those who are who are ethically compromised, what is ethics and what is what is our moral compass when he brought that to them? They established a law when the law was established, okay, so if you steal now, this what's going to happen you're going to be punished by people who you're going to be punished the person who

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

breaks the law. So what he he was establishing a love for people. It wasn't a matter of going to war. You see little grenade was not a war monger. He wasn't he wasn't out there. Thirsty for blood, looking for people to fight looking to start. Yeah, I need to

00:25:00--> 00:25:33

To dominate No, he came to these people who like who are pressing each other meaning it's not an external problem. It's an internal one. It's a, it's a problem in our community, we are oppressing one another, we need a law so that we can stop doing that, so that we can start obeying those who crossed that will be punished. And then they'll learn they won't do it again. And we can establish London and start standing up on our feet again, because we have some way to, to protect our own values and protect our community. For them. It was a different thing. They are asking for help from Ujima, Jude for them to go and fire up my George, he's fighting their fight for them. He doesn't

00:25:33--> 00:26:04

want to fight their fight for them. You're not supposed to fight people's fight. You're not supposed to go and fix someone's problem. No, you're supposed to teach them how to fix their own problem. Give them the strategies, give them the tools, give them the knowledge, give them the way that they can learn to fix their problems. And we've learned that through history a lot, if there's a if there's a population that is that is being oppressed by by anyone, if you're going to free them, you don't really freed them, you just move one dictator. So the other one comes in and takes over. If we move that dictator, a third one will come up, it never works out. Because you can't fight people's

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fights, you can offer them the tools so they can fight their fights, but you can do it for them. This is something that historically has always been known. That's why for most of the world, maybe besides this continent, or subcontinent,

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what the United States and other countries do for countries for overseas countries is an open book. It's an open book, and it's known, you never go and fight someone's fight. You never do that. If you see a dictator and get rid of him, that's not how you do it. You don't do it by bringing your troops into the into the country and destroying killaby. That's not how you do it, you offer the population. If they lack wealth, then you make sure that there will take that they're under the level of the line of poverty, you make sure that they're not if they're if they're lacking education, you offer it to them, it whatever it is, whatever that it is that they are missing, you

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will make sure you offer it to them. It's not about it's not about going and fighting someone's like, aren't we taught that with our children, if every time your kid is bullied at school, you go and you punch the kid who did that in the face where you think your child will never never learn to take care of themselves, rather offer him the tool to offer him the Knowledge the whatever he whatever he is lacking so that he can take care of himself. And that's exactly what the company did here. He didn't fight their fight for them. He's like, I'm not gonna go fight. Yes, they're mostly doing but that's not my work. That's not my problem. That's yours. You need to fix this. But you

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need you need help. You're asking for help. There's help let me help you. Yes, for the good

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work, where the meeting, conference

00:27:39--> 00:27:41

rally people are looking through who will know housing

00:27:43--> 00:27:49

for opening tomorrow, I'm going to unload upon it. liquefied liquefied copper.

00:27:50--> 00:28:15

I started in Idaho, we're selling Allahu Aina people. If you started talking about the dough with Allison I'm so it's the same, it's the same word. And so liquefying, again, liquefying metals is a is relatively a modern science. It's not something that is that's easy to come by to find people who actually know how to do it, you know what, to what degree they need to do it, and then at what degree it'll it'll cool down and then how to how to apply it properly. That's something that takes a lot of time.

00:28:17--> 00:28:26

Yes, it's I don't know, again, like I'm too ignorant even know what this is going to turn into. But the fact that Yeah, but the fact that it is described in the Quran.

00:28:28--> 00:28:45

Clearly, he, this is an example of the knowledge that he had, right. So he had the knowledge, and he did not withhold it. And they didn't know it. They didn't know these things didn't have the science didn't have the knowledge. That's what they liked. They liked how to do stuff. How they had to borrow Hadid, they had the the sheets, they had the copper, they didn't know how to do it.

00:28:46--> 00:28:48

Enough of the steel, but it makes sense.

00:28:52--> 00:29:27

Because these were not Yeah, it was something they couldn't do. I don't I don't see even the point of them trying to do that. Yeah. But the idea idea, coming down to that they had all the tools, they had all the elements they didn't have they know how to do things. Isn't that what we're lacking today? Now, the book is here, the numbers are here. The money is here. The expertise is here. What's missing? What is missing? Why aren't we something similar to the Gunny? Why aren't we doing? Why isn't the hire of this ummah, of our communities stretching out to every because I suppose, isn't that what we're taught here and eliminate? Once you have it all, then your head will stretch out to

00:29:27--> 00:29:58

everyone around you, whatever they need, you will offer them because you have the ability to offer them after the show, you know you only if you don't have it, you can't offer it, right. We can't offer $1 we can properly because we don't have it. We don't have the elements. We can't do anything we're we're struggling to survive, we can barely survive. But if you do change that, if you do change that then the height will start will be it will spread into every direction. And then every group of people who lack anything, they'll find what they love within you and you have to offer them and you can help them out. But we have to start with ourselves we have to reach the degree of the

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

local domain

00:30:00--> 00:30:24

Regardless of the politics of the of the story, I mean, forget about the politics for a moment. Because politics, politics is something that will come when it comes. But but the concept of the elements that you need to build a society, the power, the organization that needs the idea, the wealth and the knowledge, do we not have them? Why don't why can't we seem to get it done? If we do, that's the best form of Dawa. And if we do, that's the way you you establish you get changed his

00:30:27--> 00:30:28


00:30:30--> 00:30:30


00:30:40--> 00:30:42

The proof that these people have,

00:30:43--> 00:30:43

they will

00:30:44--> 00:30:47

really just listen to their voice

00:30:48--> 00:31:28

over the place. So I think I think something that was clear, when he made it, there was the number of times that they had rated the city so that the city was rated by the number of times, I mean, to clarify, that wouldn't make much sense. And the reason being, he's not being told by one or two people, when you come to us, it's community, and the community tells you the same story. Look, this tribe raised us every year, they took my kid, they took my my wife, they killed my father, they destroyed my house, and everyone, you don't need to establish it. That's what the second thing is, he never actually went and punished them. Now, how do you want to punish them? That yes, he would

00:31:28--> 00:31:56

need he would need to actually I need to establish that that was a true claim that the claim was false. But you never actually did anything. He just taught them how to protect themselves. Basically, they're saying we need protection. These people are corrupt, whether they're corrupt or not, is unimportant. If you're actually asking for protection, I will teach you how to protect yourself, I will stop I will show you how to do it, I will show you how to close in this opening so that you can stay safe. And that is regardless whether they were actually corrupt or not. I don't think it makes that much of a difference in the story. I think I do do my dude, we're known in the

00:31:56--> 00:31:56

ground in the land.

00:31:58--> 00:32:15

Means they they attack people. I think they I think I think they were known. Yeah, well, I'm the dude, we're not. It wasn't the first time that they'll come in heard of them, meaning there was their reputation precedes them. And they were known. But there's an example of people were being harmed by them at the time.

00:32:17--> 00:32:23

That is confirming that. Yes, exactly. But no, he just asked me like, Would it be okay for us to punish people without establishing?

00:32:25--> 00:32:25


00:32:27--> 00:32:35

exactly. Yeah. And of course, the there's a lot of myths regarding Jews and the end of time. But what Yeah, and I'm not gonna go into any of these

00:32:39--> 00:32:51

where I have no idea. No. IDEA. And please leave that question. And never ask that question. Because you will find 2526 different opinions on it. I'm not going into it. No, no, I'm not going to

00:32:55--> 00:33:34

different Hadith. And going through the mass of these Hadith, whether we're talking about the different prophecies, the prophets I send them had regarding geometry specifically, or regarding the invasions that we're going to happen not to the Islamic world that happened towards the end of the caliphate, or just just a lot of of history, a lot of a lot of a lot of texts that you'd have to go and break down. This is not this is not the point recite going through it will kind of maybe kill even the vibe of learning from the story, but we will I will inshallah because I've been asked this question too many times to ignore it. I will make a specific game timing to talk about

00:33:35--> 00:33:37

it much Asakura the

00:33:39--> 00:34:13

chicken on the signs of the Day of Judgment because a lot of there's a lot of confusion regarding a lot of these signs and what they are and what they mean and how we're supposed to understand them how to deal with them. And there's a lot of myths that are built around them and there's a there's a there's a there's an ill and problematic mentality that is attached to them there's a there's a problematic way of looking at these things that only bring any passivity only bring l Bolivians and indifference or OMA because of the way that we look at them so I will in Shall I won't I won't rip you off by not talking about it. But to go into the details of this we kind of kind of this is not

00:34:13--> 00:34:28

the I guess the goal of the of the story itself Janya at least within within the story that we're studying each other okay. So I just read the I am the last day of the potential for Ms. Ma a hurdle

00:34:32--> 00:34:34

one misstep or

00:34:43--> 00:34:43


00:34:48--> 00:34:49


00:34:51--> 00:34:51


00:35:01--> 00:35:03

What can I do? Me

00:35:08--> 00:35:14

what Elkanah bam, well whom you met Ed, goofy bam

00:35:19--> 00:35:20


00:35:21--> 00:35:35

first spot who, who who did not have the capacity to go on the go over it will miss DiPaola, who went up and did not have the ability to go through it. And why is spa and it's the same thing when I talked about it in the previous

00:35:36--> 00:35:37


00:35:39--> 00:35:40

Remember that

00:35:41--> 00:35:55

when you add a letter, you add a meaning. So spa is used for doing something that is relatively easier than doing something that you use the word step off for. So which is easier to go over to go through it,

00:35:56--> 00:36:25

obviously go over it is much easier than going through it. So from a spa over over, they couldn't go over and there were the spa I was used, and then going through a master bar becomes much more difficult. So they couldn't do it either. And this shows you that little corner in he had all the angles. So he was perfecting his what he was doing, you know, there was two, there's two ways for them to reach this, they can reach it by going over it. So we have to make it high enough. That's why Salamina sort of he has to be leveled. And we have to make sure that it's thick enough for them. And we have to make sure that there's two layers and the layer in the middle or else we'll be able

00:36:25--> 00:37:06

to go through it. And he couldn't do either. So when and he stood around long enough to observe, again, you see the investment that you're gonna it's putting for the people that he's standing by. So he stood to see is the time for their aid is their annual reality. Somebody will do any timing for the for the rate of change, they come they can't make it through. They try from go through it, they try to go over it, they can do it. So then they go back, they retreat. So they'll coordinate says Bala Harada Robbie, this is an act of mercy of my Lord. The difference between him and the cartoon, you know, they sound similar, but they'll coordinate cada Rama, Tamara, Mercy from my Lord

00:37:06--> 00:37:18

that this worked out. He said who do to who either in Endicott don't I did it. I got it because I deserve difficult stuff now OBE, so he either swallowed him and everything that he had, but they'll see the difference. They will come an instance called it

00:37:19--> 00:37:53

is an act of mercy from my Lord. And then he reminds everyone standing there for either Joe, I do Robbie. And when the time comes when the promise of our Lord comes, whether he is referring to the fact that on the Day of Judgment, nothing will stay standing, or whether he's referring to the fact that everything that goes high, one day will one day come will fall down. Everything that soars will fall, one day mean nothing stays standing forever. I don't know what he's referring to, but either one's VEDA rhombi Giada, who did, the Academy will be leveled with the ground, there'll be destroyed, it won't be this beautiful monument that we it's beautiful barrier that we have built

00:37:53--> 00:38:21

together that pushed back the faders. And of course people are celebrating. Imagine this group there used to every year losing, you know, only a couple of 100 of their people. You don't even have to rebuild all their houses, they're leaving, they're being looted and and robbed and raped and killed. And now this year, nothing celebrating. They'll call me reminding them two things. First of all, it is all from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. This is an act of mercy from your Lord always refer things back to him.

00:38:22--> 00:38:29

So they humble them, and then to remind the reality that nothing stays forever. No matter how great you see it may

00:38:31--> 00:39:09

work on our behalf. And the Promise of my Lord is true. And everything that what stands when they will fall and the day will come where everything will go we're talking about I love them yellow maybe the movie Bob, and you can see and we love Yeah, Jim George surging amongst each other, trying to get he couldn't get through. So the vision or the image of Jim Comey was standing on the mound as you can see them as they're fighting amongst one another. They say the fire if it can burn anything, it'll burn itself. And you can see them fighting amongst one another because they can't get through because they're used to coming in and getting the loot and barbarians basically now barbaric tribe

00:39:09--> 00:39:20

that was trying to kill everyone. And once they couldn't do it, we can see them with talking about the homeo movie the movie about and we could see them surging amongst one another fighting before they retreated or left or left to land that they were in.

00:39:21--> 00:39:36

That is the end of the story of your company. It finishes right right in the middle, the middle of a number 99 What comes next in the sutra is a snapshot of your myopia. The final one and this sort of this final snapshot of

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

of your milky ama is attached directly to the summary of the sweater or to the final the final few messages that you will take that's why you'll find most people enjoy or find it very or they find it very beautiful. The end of sorts of Catherine Do you enjoy reading it because of the the beauty of that are in it. And the summary of the cat is very beautiful. It puts together a lot

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

of the ideas that that sort of cover has talked about, what do we take away from the story of the company.

00:40:08--> 00:40:39

This is the ultimate goal. This is what we're supposed to be working towards. Right? It's like total capital goes on a journey, we started humbly, with a couple of youth fighting to hold on to their idea. But they're perfecting that idea. They're structuring it, they're coming up with, with a clear understanding their values, their listing their values, they're revising it, when they feel the values aren't working out, they go back, they retreat to the cave, and they think again, and they come up with, they need to know what they stand for, they are making sure that they understand what they stand for and who they are. Right, we started with simple dinners. And then we moved on to two

00:40:39--> 00:41:11

people, one had faith one did not and they both had wealth. And the understanding of both is very different. What well did for both of them was very different. And the understanding of the concept of you having things of you of your owning, and honey possessions and life and what that could do for you, and what it could do against you, they move towards the last the third example, we saw Musala incident, thinking he knew at all, because he had all the information up as an open his head, but he didn't know that practically things are very different. To take the theory and put it into practice, and to actually be on the ground with people is a whole different thing. And we got to see

00:41:11--> 00:41:29

how they're teaching him how to go through life and how to how to gain perspective and how to actually make things make things happen and deal with it, and not lose faith and not lose your mind and not and not struggle with day to day interactions that you may even not be able to understand or to be able to see logically, when they do happen.

00:41:31--> 00:41:36

You're gaining every time you're gaining something, you're gaining the ideology, you're gaining the wealth, you're getting

00:41:37--> 00:42:11

the knowledge, and then you come to the final product of all that. The final product is the strength is this civilize is this civilization or population or community or society that has strength that is full from the inside. They have confidence. They have the numbers, they know what they stand for. They've generated their own wealth, their knowledge, they have experts and professionals amongst them, they know what to do. And then they go around, seeing what do people need in the offered to them? Because we didn't I didn't ask these questions at the beginning of the story. But why was he built on a walking around the earth?

00:42:13--> 00:42:51

And he What was he doing? Why was he roaming the square and went out of its way to tell us that it was a Muslim to Masonic like in the Quran, we made sure that we know that he went from the far west to the Far East. It's not like he does was going around within the vicinity. No, no, he went on a far voyage very, very far away. And then he went and found people living between said Dane, like living between two mountains, huge mountains. What took you there? Why would you go he's searching. He's searching for those who may need who may need the highest that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed upon him. And when he finds them, he offered offers it to them. He is not there to conquer

00:42:51--> 00:43:01

them. He is not there to enslave them. He is not there to steal from them. But they've got he's not there to make them feel less than less than him. No, he says what is it that you're missing? Here? Here's what you here's what you need.

00:43:04--> 00:43:23

Whatever it is, it's missing, you're missing. You're missing the law, you're missing the wealth, you're missing the knowledge, you're missing the help, we're there to offer it to you. Isn't that isn't that the concept of isn't that we're supposed to be? Isn't that what Muslims are? This is what most this is what Muslims are supposed to be. This is the image of Islam is supposed to be. This is what it's supposed to be. It's very, very embarrassing when you resort.

00:43:24--> 00:43:59

But this is to make this worse, you're supposed to read the surah every week. You're supposed to read this page every single week and look at the author name and feel horrible about yourself. Every single week was with a leaf reader and then feel why aren't we there yet? And Which group are we and how are you going to leave being this route to be another one? How are you going to turn things around? Can it happen will it happen? It's happened before if you study Islamic history there's ups and downs were many it wasn't I know sometimes were explained to as it was a soaring up and then it just felt nothing Oh no, no, it was ups and downs many in different many different parts of the

00:43:59--> 00:44:14

Islamic world. Some parts of the Islamic world were flourishing while others were falling. It wasn't all at the same time it's a matter of kind of studying the endless was at its peak when the AI machine I had no idea what they were doing what they were slaughtering scholars, and he was a very different time.

00:44:15--> 00:44:51

And the Muslims have the ability and once they're capable of taking all three elements you will see it clear that oh yeah, I need to spread everywhere for everyone. And it won't be based on on Messiah Hi I'm personal interest. It won't be based on on dominance that won't be based on on control. It will be based on spreading clear. And this is the story that we have for the economy. Someone who walked the earth literally went from the forest you could find anything less than the farthest you could go into east went to the middle of the mountains where no one were no one's there looking to find people who needed help, and they would invest his time. What was the easiest of these stories?

00:44:51--> 00:44:53

What was the shortest story that people who need what?

00:44:55--> 00:44:56

Just to kind of make you think

00:44:58--> 00:44:59

what did they need? Oh

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

Looking to

00:45:02--> 00:45:03

the left what?

00:45:04--> 00:45:42

Well, the simplest, the simplest thing, not even worse to tell the whole story Money, money, money, but you want money, here's money, money will come when it's not a big problem, money Allah subhanaw taala will put oil under und and money will come flying from under the earth in a form of black tar, you don't know what it's gonna look like money will come money's the easiest fix if money is what we're lacking is the easiest fix, or it shouldn't be the easiest fix, if anything that's going to work. If anything, what we want to work we want to flourish. And all that's missing is money. That shouldn't be a problem when there's an easy fix. But it's the law that's hard to fix. It's the

00:45:42--> 00:46:13

knowledge that's the hardest to fix. When we don't know how to do things we don't know, we don't have the willpower around the organization, we don't have the expertise of how to get this done. We don't know how to run our own institutions and to take care of our own societies and to make sure that our kids grew up with an Islamic identity that they're proud of that they want to contribute to the second see a goal that they want to be a part of. And if we can't generate that for them, then what's the point of being here? And why are we alive as Muslim to begin with, if this is not happening, they will call a name just walk the earth, establishing any client for everyone, the

00:46:13--> 00:46:29

easiest fix was the money. Easiest one of all medical massage, most likely, hey, you guys are poor here. Right? Close yourselves, you know, build some houses, you'll be okay. But when it comes to people who don't know how to protect their, their selves from external threats, I like to

00:46:30--> 00:47:03

I think it's worthy of a reflection. That their problem. The third group was the external threats. They couldn't protect themselves. Today, we have external threats. They don't come in the form of Juju juice from a physical perspective. We don't have them reading our houses killing RP on your children and taking our money. But we do have external threats that come into our houses in a different way, come to come through screens. And they come through mentalities and they come to our schools and they come through the streets, and it comes into our house and it invades our homes and invades the way we speak to one another invades the way we think about our lives, and it invades the

00:47:03--> 00:47:40

mentalities and the state of mind of our children and of our youth. It's coming in. And it's worse. We're talking about globalization, the first one to actually practice a little domain, but differently, differently, not by trying to destroy the cultures of others and, and dominate them, but rather to see what they need what they're lacking. It's, it's another, it's an uprising with iman, it's an uprising with values of prayer, where you're looking at people seeing seeing their need, and then giving back because you know, what it means to me because you understand what the elements are, you know, that if I didn't have guidance, I couldn't do anything, that if Allah

00:47:40--> 00:48:05

subhanaw taala did not give me wealth that I couldn't make a move that if I wasn't blessed with knowledge and expertise and practice, and I couldn't do anything, you know, that they may not, they may not know what their problem is. So they're fighting amongst each other, or they're, or they're cursing their luck. But you know, you know, because because Allah subhanaw taala has educated you understand exactly what it is that you've got, and what is it that they like, and how blessed you are to have it. So you give it and once you give it, once you give it Allah subhanaw taala increases, you

00:48:06--> 00:48:19

know, human condition, instead of burning all the mean to everything in the means will just keep on increasing. And you'll just get more give instead of take isn't that the mentality of alchemy and give, don't worry, give it a loss mount I hope will give you

00:48:22--> 00:49:03

I think, I think that's the message we're supposed to take away from, from the story of the local name. As Muslims, we have to maybe revise the way we we look at life, and revise the goals, what we're trying to achieve. All we've got our bread and butter are the communities that we live in. Today, the Muslim world is is probably one of its worst situations ever been at for a long, long time. And within history, there have been horrible moments that we're coming close to one of those, you know, really low low moments, I'm not sure if I'm not sure how far we're gonna keep on going down. But it's not looking very good politically, intellectually, mentally, religiously practitioner

00:49:03--> 00:49:37

Lee, the only financially or militarily, socially, we're not we're not we're not making the milestone, we're not running the multiple milestones, we're not reaching our goals at all. What we have left as people living in the West, is that we have our societies, we have our communities, and we have the ability to build them strong, we have ability, we have the ability to make examples of them for ourselves. And for others, we can actually show that this works and it works well. And when it works, then everyone will be will be able to see the higher that comes from it. And then you won't be weak anymore as a group you will be just trying to make it we're not just struggling to

00:49:37--> 00:49:42

stay to stay above the water rather, it was our product

00:49:43--> 00:49:59

and our product, what is it what is the product of the Muslim world? It's the human being. It always has been has been the person the investment is in the person. You produce a generation of people who have so much to offer and then the offer it's and then that becomes the what people talk about.

00:50:00--> 00:50:30

they see, and we have the ability to do it. If we just read through, maybe a bit more, just keep on reading it just every, you're supposed to read it every week. So read it every week. If you're not reading it every week, I should have been shut up from this whole series. And once we're done the surah will give you enough incentive to read it every week. And see if you can come up with something new if you can learn something that you didn't know before if you can, if something stands out for you, or you can identify yeah, there's something I can we can work on. Because we have to be working all of us towards that common goal of something similar to the economy where we have

00:50:30--> 00:51:07

established the power of our society the point where we have all the elements we happen to have it in abundance, and then the higher is it spread to everyone that is our when you think of it that is is there a better form of doubt. There's no better form of dollar and the dollar that the company does. That is the best form of dollar buy you know, hands down but by all means there's nothing better. What I'm doing right now is is nothing well I zero in in comparison to something that is even remotely close to what they'll come in offered because it's a different form. It's a different concept and is a different type and I hope inshallah that was I think it's almost as okay, we'll

00:51:07--> 00:51:27

start we'll start with that next time it will continue to show next time we'll finish to to catch our recite and shall have the summary or the end because it's all one only passage once you start whenever you call the story, you will have to run down to the end of the of the page for an ultimate sense that shows it will continue and will conclude inshallah next week after South Asia so back to Canada to really so Allah Mohammed in early he was so happy with me