Ismail Kamdar – Tafseer Of Surah Alaq Part 3 And Surah Qadar

Ismail Kamdar
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Last week we were in our second half of the Tafseer of surah Allah inshallah, this week, we will be moving on to the Tafseer of Surah Al Qaeda. But before we do that, we still have to complete the Tafseer of the last three verses of surah Allah. So the first segment of this program will focus on those three verses. And the remainder of today's episode will focus on the Tafseer of Surah Al Qaeda. So if you recall, when we did the Tafseer, of surah, Allah in the past two weeks, we said the first five verses, deals with the first revelation in the cave of Hira and the remainder of the surah was revealed later on in the marking period to deal with

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Abu Jamal.

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So the last three verses, alleged to be handled Allah speaks about Abu Jihad and says, For the other owner idea, so tell him to call all of his friends, all of his cronies, all of his companions. So now those urbania we will call the guardians of the Hellfire gala to the who. So do not obey Him, but prostrate to your Lord, and do things that bring you closer to Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is not talking specifically about the fact that our Buddha used to be quite proud of the fact that he was the leader of the Quran, she had a lot of companions, a lot of friends here a lot of support social support. So he didn't feel like anybody could harming Allah subhanho wa Taala, reminding him

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and every other tyrant until the day of judgment, that it doesn't matter how many friends you have, it doesn't matter what an arm you have. It doesn't matter how many followers followers you have, on the day of judgment, they will not be able to assist you against Allah subhanho wa Taala and the angels of the Hellfire now the angels of the Hellfire we need to clarify that a bit because, you know many of us have this misconception that all the angels are beautiful, and, you know,

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creatures that bring only goodness, but Allah subhanaw taala has created a specific type of angel for the Hellfire, which does not fit this description. The angels of the Hellfire do not disobey Allah. They only obey Allah in punishing the disbelievers. So this is not the type of Allah says he's gonna call the angels of the hellfire. It's not that he's calling the angels of mercy is calling the angels of punishment. And that is a concept which is in some ways unique to Islam, because in most other religions, angels are only associated with mercy. But in Islam, we have two types of angels we have the angels of mercy, and the angels of punishment. And we know from the

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descriptions found in the book of Hades, that the angels of punishment are very scary. They are very scary angels who just seeing them as a form of punishment. So unless you had a sense that if a Buddha wants to boast about his friends, what will happen when he sees the angels of the Hellfire will be punishing him? Allah protect us all from that. So Allah subhana wa tada ends surah Allah by commanding us by giving us one prohibition and two commands, the first prohibition is that they do not obey Him, who is him? A Buddha does not obey Abu Jihad and by extension do not obey any of the disbelievers are evil doers who call you to unrighteousness. And we live in a day and age where all

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around us we are bombarded by calls to unrighteousness whether it's in the television or the media, or the billboards, or the schooling system, wherever we go, we are being called towards immorality. We are being called towards materialism and capitalism, to exploitation to bribery, to corruption, these are all around us and there are many, many people calling towards these things.

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Allah Subhana Allah tells us Latter Day did not obey them. do not obey him. Why? Because you end up in the same afterlife result as them which is the Hellfire, rad, Allah Subhana. Allah commands us to prostrate and to become close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now this word prostrate, as mentioned in Surah Allah, this is one of the 14 places in the Quran, in which it is according to the Hanafi madhhab compulsory and according to the other mas hubs recommended to prostreet Allah subhanaw taala. It's called the such the Atilla the such the approach of prostration which basically means when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite this verse did not obey Him, but

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prostrate, and draw closer to your Lord, then immediately Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would go into procession he was going to such them. So this became known as the sajida of de la. And according to the majority of Muslims, the subject of the lava, which is found in 14 places in the Quran is sooner It is recommended. However, according to the Hanafi madhhab, it is wajib it is compulsory. So this is something to keep in mind when reading surah Allah or any of the other 13 verses in the Quran.

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Which have this

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this type of command to prostrate.

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So this is Surah Allah and we covered it over two and a quarter episodes, we looked at the commanded to read. We looked at the five reasons mentioned in the opening revelation, the five reasons for worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is that he is the one who created us. And he is the one who taught us and gave us knowledge. And he is most honorable. We looked at the warning to Abuja, and anybody who followed in his footsteps in the internet era who started out that mankind is transgressing the limits because he thinks he is independent. And we looked at the remedy for that, to remember that we will return to our Lord in Arabic or Raja, that your Lord is the return. And we

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spoke about some of the qualities of Buddha hall that we should stay away from our eternity and abandon either Sala Have you seen the one who forbids the slave from praying? Or either in Ghana? Buddha or Mr. Ravi taqwa? Have you noticed whether he is on guidance or calls people towards the righteousness are either in Gaza border Wanda Have you noticed that he lies and he denies the truth and chases people away? alemi allambie and aloha era Doesn't he know that Allah can see him? Because Allah Allah Allah, Allah that's for Amina sia, sia Dinka the button hodja No, even if he does not stop, then we will grab him by his four locks. He's lying sinful four locks for yet oh Nordea. So

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that was a bad idea. So let him call his Council and his friends we will call the guardians of the hellfire. So do not obey Him but prostrate and draw closer to your Lord. So that is the Tafseer of surah Allah inshallah we now move on to today's topic.

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And today inshallah, we are going to look at the next era in the Quran, which is the 100, which is the 97th, the 97th surah of the Quran. This is Surah Al Qadir, and Surah elkader interesting. It comes between two long students, and it's a very short surah.

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And it deals with a very important topic, the topic of Lila to cover the Night of Decree, the night of power.

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Now there is a narration in the rated as to why the surah was revealed.

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And although I'm not too sure about the authenticity of this narration, I will ensure that mention it.

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you know, we just take the lessons from it inshallah. So the narration as it's found in many of the books of Tafseer, is that Rasulullah Sultan had told us to harbor about a man from one of the previous nations who spent 83 years altogether 1000 months, fighting for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the companions asked, How can we compete with that we don't have that long lives, how do we compete with him in good deeds. And so unless we have the reveal Surah elkader, a lyric recorder, that if we worship Allah subhana wa Taala, on live recorded, it is equal to 1000 months of worship. Now,

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the story again, the authenticity needs to be checked. Again, however, we can take a very important lesson from this. And this lesson can be found in many of the other stories about the Sahaba. And that is that the Sahaba were very concerned about competing for the afterlife. The concern was not in having a bigger card in the next person. The concern was not in having more money than the next person or a bigger house. Their concern was in having more good deeds in the next individual, not only with those who are around them, but even those who have surpassing those who came before them. We see this even between the profits during the Mirage when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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went up to the seven heavens, and he met Musa alayhis salam Musashi Samson, this is the man who is going to beat me in terms of number of followers. So David competing in huge profit is going to have the most followers they were competing in good deeds, even the profits. And we see this amongst the Sahaba as well. So when the Sahaba heard of a man in the past, who spent 1000 year 1000 months worshiping Allah, they want to know what can we do to compete with that?

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So Allah subhana wa Tada. Out of these mercy to this oma revealed to us Lila Coco de Lille toccata is the night which is equal to 1000 months, and we worship Allah on this night, every year, then that is equal to Allah. I mean, we just tried to calculate it. For example, if you had to spend 63 years, worshiping Allah every quarter, that equals to 40,000 years worth of goods. This is Allah's mercy towards Allah.

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beautiful and powerful merci to us. So what does the pseudocode say? Let us go to the translation of the surah Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful in an zelner who de la de la caja. Definitely, I have revealed it on the night of cada

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wama la cama de la Toluca. And what will help you understand what is the night of Katara Lila crookedly Hiram in Alfie Shahar the night of God is better than 1000 months of worship. The naza Lulu mala eco roofie hubby is near Rob be him in Cali amor,

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the angels and

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the route the angel Gabriel Gabriel will descend in it with Allah permission for me to decree every affair, Salah moon he had

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these peace until the breaking of the dawn. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in these five verses described to us lay that look either.

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Now what is Leah Coco de Lena gokada is the night in which the decree for the next year comes down as to everything that's going to occur in the next year. This is when it's brought down to the angels. A lot of other things down with the angels, the angels of this world. And of course, the the color of the decree of this universe has already been written over 50,000 years before creation, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Before creating the universe, he created the pen. And he told the pen to write everything that will happen until the day of judgment. And that recording is called the low his bar foods. And this low has food in the heavens, but Allah subhanho wa Taala is the recording of

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everything to happen until the day of judgment. So this is the greater quarter, this is the quarter which is unchangeable. But there is what Allah Subhana Allah has revealed as the minor quarter, the quarter which is revealed to the angels annually.

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And this can change through that if you make dua to Allah to protect us from something and that something was meant to happen to us in the next year, Allah subhanho wa Taala can protect us from it. So

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Lina gokada is the night in which others decree comes down. And it's important for us to discuss this concept of God because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. And especially for those who are coming from a philosophical background, it can be a bit of a difficult concept to understand, very simply put codder refers to Allah subhanho wa Taala has knowledge of everything that will ever happen.

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including all the choices that we will make, it does not take away from the fact that we have choices, and that we make choices, and that we are responsible for the results of our choices. If you choose to do good, then, you know Alhamdulillah, Allah will reward us for that if we choose to be to do bad, then we are responsible for that. And we'll have to face the consequences of that. So when it comes to our choices, we are still responsible. A large knowledge does not negate this, we can look at an example of this in worldly terms in order to understand it. If a teacher knows that a certain student is going to fail the exam because he doesn't study, the teacher will still read the

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student write the exam, and the student will still fail on his own accord. And the teacher can just say I knew it. So likewise, Allah subhanaw taala, he knows that some people will fail the test of life, but he still lets us take the test, he still gives us this chance. So when we do fail, and we end up entering the * out of our own choices, and not because of anything else. So codder is not an excuse for sin. And God is not an excuse for keeping the status quo. No God, there is a large knowledge, we in our lives have to work with our choices. We have to choose to do the right thing and deal with the result of our choices.

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Now, the second issue related to legal godel is when does it happen? And here they are multiple narrations from the scholars multiple opinions from the scholars. Some scholars say to the 27th night This has become the most popular opinion in our community. Some say the 25th Sunday the 23rd. Some say the 29th something it could occur on any of the last 10 nights, something you can record any of the last 10 odd nights

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based on Hadith and there are many Hadees on this topic.

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What seems to be the strongest view is that it's any one of the last 10 nights. This is when the night of God will be any one of the last 10 nights. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has left it ambiguous. Why? Well, the psychology behind this is that we worship Allah on every night of the last night instead of just one

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So that way we are competing for lyrical content we are trying to get late because we spend every night for 10 nights worshiping Allah to the best of our ability, building up our taqwa building up our email.

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And that way, you know, not only do we get one night of great reward, but we get 10 nights of ibadah. So this is perhaps the wisdom behind it.

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Allah knows best we should

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try our best to worship Allah in complete in the last few nights of Ramadan, and not restricted to one specific night. So let's look at some of the Hadees narrated on this topic. And these are these can be found in tafsir inaccuracies and the Tafseer of the surah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us in the Hadith narrated in unnecessary Khadija Akasha Ramadan chakra mobarak when the month of Ramadan comes which is a blessing man, if don't Allahu Allah ecomuseum Allah has made fasting obligatory upon you to the houfy ababu genda. The doors of gender are open during this month, were to LA Kofi Abu Abu Jassim and the doors of the Hellfire are closed during this month.

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What we'll call loopy shayateen and the devils are chained up during this month. We're fee Laila to hieromonk alopecia. And it is a night which is better than 1000 months manohara Maha pocket Hurry, who whoever is deprived of the good of their night has truly been deprived. So this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam describes to us the month of Ramadan, which we are less than 40 days away from explaining some of its virtues, the doors of Paradise are open, the doors of * are closed, and the devils are chained up, which means that it's a month in which the doors of doing good deeds are open. Wherever you go, you are, you see more opportunities to do good, you yourself

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feel more like doing good. Likewise, the forces of evil in this world, especially the shaytans amongst the genome are less effective and the major sheet guns are imprisoned. So there is nothing stopping us. Or there's nothing forcing us to commit evil except our own desires. So it's a month in which doing good is easier. In this month also law subsidies one night which is better than 1000 months. But he went on to add that woman who mahira who got hurt him, whoever is deprived of the good of layer two color has truly been deprived. Meaning if Layla godhra passes you by

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and you have not spent it worshipping Allah did that is a bad sign that is a sign that you know that we need to work on our demand. Because Allah Subhana Allah will have assisted us in worshiping him on the night of God if our demand was strong enough. So Allah rasulillah supply some cause missing the might of God, being deprived, being deprived of what being deprived of getting the reward of worshiping Allah for 83 years, in one night, you can get the reward of worshiping Allah for 83 years. So if you must have truly been deprived, in other Hadees on this topic mentioned in both Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and the returning dusty ribnica serious well Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi salam said mana karma Lila colocado de Manawatu Saba otira, who Mata Cardamom in Zambia, whoever spends the night of Leah lucado in prayer stands the night of nickel cutter playing playing solo out of out of pure faith, what is up and expecting reward from Allah? Allah Houma, Taka, Taka dama de me, all of these previous sins will be forgiven should be noted that most of the scholars of Hadith mentioned that Hadees of this nature, which the all of your sins will be forgiven, referred to the minuses. major sins require Toba they require repentance, sincere repentance for Allah to forgive them, but the minus since they are forgiven to a variety of different things which Allah has

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blessed us with like praying taraweeh or fasting in Ramadan or giving sadaqa or doing good two people are playing the night of nickel quarter or going for O'Meara there are so many ways which Allah has created expansion for the mindset and again, this is part of Allah subhanaw taala as mercy towards us that we sin every day. And as a result Allah has put in our lives so many ways to be exploited for our sins. If you make will do and please do that properly five times a day sins are forgiven. If you pass the Ramadan sins are forgiven if you give charity sins are forgiven. If you help someone sins are forgiven. If you go for Omer our sins are forgiven. If you go for Hajj sins

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are forgiven. So we come on the Day of Judgment, a lot of sins in our account. We can't blame anybody except ourselves. God Allah subhanaw taala has given us so many doors for forgiveness and so many doors for repentance and we ignore it all.

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So this is part of a larger Battle of mercy. We also see electrocatalyst mercy in the way He rewards good deeds, not only that he forgives sins so easily, but he's very generous with the reward for good deeds when it comes to sins. If you commit one sin, Allah Subhana, Allah gives you one sin in your account. But if you do a good deed, then it is multiplied times 10 all the way up to time 700. And if you did it on the night of God, then it's multiplied to 1000 months worth of doing a good deed.

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So this is Allah's mercy. So what excuse do we have on the Day of Judgment not for having good deeds in our code and to only have sins that can only come from our own negligence?

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So industrieller Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he besides telling us

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in the Angela who philia Kokoda, okay, this is an important part of the surah Indeed, I have revealed it on the night of God revealed what the Quran in another verse of the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah, Allah Subhana Allah says Shahada, Ramadan is

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the month of Ramadan is with Allah revealed the Quran. But this surah specifies what is mentioned in that surah in the month of Ramadan, Allah revealed the Quran, we have revealed it in the night of God. So which night in the month of Ramadan was it revealed the night of God? Now what is this referring to? Because we know the Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years it wasn't revealed all in one night. So what is this referring to?

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Well, based on the Hadees we need to understand the David two revelations of the Quran, the revelation of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the angels zebra eel and the revelation from the angels zebra into the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Quran was revealed. But Allah subhanho wa Taala from the low hammer who is the preserve tablet to the bagel? Isa? What is the bagel? Iza? Well, this is something which scholars have debated about. The most common opinion is that it's like the Kaaba of the first heaven where the angels go to make the earth. So it's in the first heaven should the Quran was revealed to the first heaven to the angels zebra Elisa, in one

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package on one night, on the night of God only to God. And then whenever Allah Subhana Allah commanded zebra Islam to do so, he brought verses to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam like the first five verses of surah Allah in the cave of Hira and so forth and so forth over the next 20 years. So Allah subhanaw taala said we have revealed the Quran and the night of God, it is referring to the revelation from Allah subhana wa tada above the seven heavens to Jupiter, Elisa Lam and the beta is in the first one. That is what is being referred to the revelation to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did not occur in one night but over a period of 23 years. So I have revealed it in

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the night of the Allah subhanaw taala asked us a question and this question, usually mentioned in the Quran, to get us to pay attention to what comes next wama daraga Malia Takata what will explain to you what is the lighter color? How do we explain such a powerful and such an important night in a way that human beings can understand it? You know, this is the question which Allah 200 asking, how do we explain this to you as a human being? Well not whether that's doing an expert so we're gonna ask these questions. The psychological effect of this is that someone who is listening to this question pays more attention to the next verse. And what does the next verse tell us? The little

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Qadri hieromonk lthr, the night of God is better than 1000 months, 1000 months of what 1000 months of worship, 1000 months of doing nothing, even one night of ibadah is better than that. But Allah is saying that the night of God is better than 1000 months of worship 1000 months, if we had to try and calculate it.

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It's roughly at three years and four months,

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at two years and four months. So that means this one night of our life can get that amount of reward. Eligible hunter spends the last two verses of the surah describing some of the blessings of the night of God as interesting was to reflect on these blessings because sometimes these are things which we don't even think about as blessings in our life. Allah Subhana Allah says that this is the Lula mala roofie hubby is near Robbie him in

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the angels and the angels zebra eel descent in it. With his permission on every method, the word used yet unnecessarily different from the seller, Angela danijela is a more emphasized form of this word or more intense form, meaning that

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they come in large groups, a lot of them are descending, as opposed to seeing under the Quran. The Quran was descended the Quran came down. That's talking about the Quran by itself one Quran coming down. But when you see that this is Allah Malacca.

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means the angels were coming down, a lot of angels were coming down. And this is something we need to reflect on because very often, we forget about the importance of the angels in our lives. The angels, which Allah subhanho wa Taala has created for nurofen, right, and which do not disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala in any way, they are a source of mercy and Baraka and answering of how they are many Hadees to support this, they are Hadees, which state that the angels make seek forgiveness, for a large worshipers on this earth, the Hadees which state that they are angels, which go around this world, looking for someone who is remembering Allah and talking about Allah just like we are doing

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now. And when they find such people, they surround them, and they shade them with a mercy and they make to offer them, which means that if you are studying the Tafseer of the Quran, as we're doing at this moment, and you're doing it solely for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala, then they are angels of mercy all around you making to offer you at that moment, you see many of us forget about the angels as being actual beings in this world that interact with us and can benefit us in so many ways. We can benefit from the angels from the mercy that descends with them from the Baraka that comes with them from the duels that they make for the righteous for the forgiveness that they seek

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for the righteous, we can get all of that by being good Muslims, not just the dwarves of people, but the doers of the angels. So the angels, we should remember that they are real. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where many people you know, talk about the aqeedah of Islam, but they don't really show it to the actions, through belief in angels should make us conscious of what we are doing. Because we know the angels around us all the time. Angels are around us all the time, because each of us got the angel on our writing level, writing down our good and bad deeds. And we have angels in front of us and behind us protecting us. And we have an angel telling us to do good and

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the jinn telling us to do evil. All of this is mentioned clearly in the books of Hades. So they are angels around us all the time.

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So what we learn from that, or what we should take from that is that we should always be conscious of doing what is right, because you are in the presence of angels. You are in the presence of Allah's righteous creatures who did not disobey Him.

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So the angels, they are a source of mercy for humanity. And how do we get less mercy to His angels? By remembering Allah, when we remember Allah, then the angels of mercy surround us and they make dua for us, and they inform a lot about it that so and so Islam is remembering you and talking about you and praising you. And Allah subhana wa tada asked, Did he ever see me? And they said, No. And then Allah said, how would he have remembered me if he saw me, and the angels got to know the experience with me even more than this. So the angels, they communicate Allah subhana wa Taala, when we are doing good deeds, and remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, let us you know, take this very

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seriously, angels are something which are a blessing, Allah subhanaw taala we can't see them, we can't see them. And we can't,

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you know, interact with them physically. But through what we've learned from the Quran, and Hadees we can do certain good deeds, which caused the angels to make dua for us, and cause the angel to seek forgiveness for us. For example, another Hadees mentioned that whoever seeks knowledge of the religion, then the angels make dua for them. So if you are seeking Islamic knowledge, then we are getting the in the doors of the angels. So the angels are a very, very important part of our religion. Now, the word used to describe the angel Gibran in the surah is rule. And this word rule is found in the Quran, to have a lot of different meanings, right, it's normally translated as the

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a rule and, you know, some people translate it as the Holy Spirit. I don't like this translation because it tends to, it can be confused with the Christian belief of the Holy Spirit which we do not support. We believe that the word our rule in the Quran here is referring to the engine to para la,

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and the Hadees. To support this in other verses of the Quran to support this as well. This word rule is used in the Quran to refer to a variety of different things. It used to refer to our soul when it's removed from our body. When the soul is in our body, it's referred to as our neffs. And when it's removed from our bodies referred to as our, our souls, it's also used to refer to the soul which Allah subhana wa tada blew into either Elisa, that he blew into him for his soul, he blew other Muslim soul into him. Right It's also used to refer to Jesus peace be upon him. Allah subhanaw taala called Jesus a rule which he had created a soul which he had created, emphasizing that is the

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creation of Allah and not the Son of God.

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And the word rule is also used in the Quran to refer to the angel zebra IE salam, as it is used in this specific Verse, So alleged by the sister has the Luma equatorward rule it means that the angels algebra, descent, now algebra is an angel. So why specify him? We Allah subhanaw taala had already mentioned angels. This is the specification of respect to show that he is on a higher level compared to the other angels, the angel Jabra eel Alayhi Salam is accepted as being the greatest of the angels. He's even called a rasuwa a messenger because he used to bring the message from Allah subhanho wa Taala to the prophets and he is in a way the leader of the angels. So Allah subhana wa

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tada gives him the special respect that whenever he mentioned the angels he mentioned the angel Jabra separately, and especially by name. So Allah says the day descend in the night of

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the evening with His permission, again reminding us that the angel do not do anything except by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The angels are the creation who although they are sentient beings, although they can think and they can experience and they can ask questions, but they do not disobey Allah, they do not have the free will to disobey Allah unlike human beings engine that is a quality which is restricted to the human beings engine that we can disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is why it's the humans and Gene who will be accountable on the Day of Judgment for the deeds while the angels will not because the angels only do that which Allah has commanded them to

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do. So Allah subhanaw taala says that they descend with Allah's permission mean Kali amor mean Kali Amma with every affair or matter meaning whatever Allah has commanded them to do. They take Alan's permission to come down to the earth and do whatever Allah commanded him to do. So this gives us a bit of a picture of what the night of God is like on the night of God. They are even more angels in this world, and they currently are. And if you take into account that every human being has with him at least five angels, and that they are angels going all around the world, looking for people who are, you know, remembering Allah and circling them and putting the mercy upon them and making to

00:32:17 --> 00:32:18

offer them

00:32:19 --> 00:32:28

and we take all this into account, and then we think about the night of God or even more angels are coming down. Just imagine how many angels are in the world on NATO cuddle.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:44

And so Allah subhanaw taala, didn't use as one word to describe the night of God in the final verse. And this one word, is linked back to the fact that so many angels are descending. Allah subhanaw taala described the night of God as salam

00:32:45 --> 00:32:53

peace, Allah uses the word peace. Now there is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars. As to what is

00:32:54 --> 00:33:10

this peace referring to? Is it referring to the peace of lyrical color itself, or the peace, which descends with the angels on that night? Or is referring to the piece that, that encompasses a person who spends the night in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala, specifically.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:59

So it actually can refer to all of this, if you think about it refers to all of this because the night of God is a night of peace and anybody who has tried to experience light of color anybody who has spent the last 10 nights of Ramadan, in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala can see that every year there is one night with a fee, that special peace in the heart, with the whole world feels to be at peace and still. And that night is the night of al Qaeda in sha Allah. So Allah describes it as a night of peace. Why peace specifically, he will take another lesson from this, because peace is the ideal which all human beings trifle, every human being wants peace. And so lots of Hanover data

00:34:00 --> 00:34:47

has revealed Islam as the way of life, which can bring about peace on earth, if it is implemented properly, and the way of life, which leads to peace in the afterlife. And Allah subhanaw taala has full this concept of peace throughout our religion. For example, when we greet each other in Islam, we don't just say good morning or Hello, we see Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you. We pray that the next person has peace. When we talk about paradise, one of the names of Paradise in the Quran is dar salam, the home of peace, because this is what we want. This is one of the most attractive qualities of Paradise that we want peace. And when it comes to the religion of Islam and its laws, you know,

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

unfortunately we live in a time where many people are trying to make Islam look at something barbaric or something violent realities, the laws of Islam are all in place to establish peace.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

on it. Unfortunately, because we are living in a human world, dealing with humans who are both good and evil, peace cannot be established on earth without having to do something to those who are evil. So Islam has put in, for example, the law, you know, Islamic country that the government can execute a *, or execute a murderer. Now to some people may this may sound, you know, a bit too violent. But in reality, this is part of the establishment of peace, that if you have this death penalty for * or murder, then the the rate of murder and * in the country will go right down. And I think as Africans, we can really appreciate this low of Islam because we can see that the other systems

00:35:39 --> 00:35:48

are just not working in our country. And perhaps if you brought the death penalty back in might make a difference. So Islam, even the laws in Islam, which may seem

00:35:49 --> 00:35:56

violent on the outside, when you study democracy, the purpose behind the laws and how it is put into place and how it is applied.

00:35:57 --> 00:36:12

Then, you know, you will see that it's all there for the establishment of peace. It's only for the establishment of peace. This is why wherever the Muslims went in the world, they brought peace with them. You know, for example, look at Medina.

00:36:13 --> 00:37:00

best examples in our history is Medina yet trip. Before Rasulullah sallallahu the son went to Medina. A Yeti was a place which was at war with itself. The two Arab clans of your trip, are also hostage with fighting each other for hundreds of years. Over the silliest of issues, give me the worst of enemies, but Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam united them under the fold of Islam. And they all became one Muslim Brotherhood. And they established peace in Medina to such an extent that any person who goes to Medina today 1400 years later, if you traveled to Medina, you know anybody who has been there since the same thing is the most peaceful place on Earth. Right? This is something we

00:37:00 --> 00:37:38

all testify to have been to Medina, even though it's been 1400 years since Rasulullah, sallAllahu Sallam set foot in Medina, but he established such a piece in Medina, that is still the most peaceful place and that whenever you look at our history, when Muslims went to a place they establish peace. And, you know, this is the purpose of our dealings with humanity, that we need to find a way to create an environment of peace. Peace, does not mean allowing corruption to go unchecked. Peace does not mean allowing crime to go unchecked. Peace means to get rid of crime and corruption. So the good people of this earth can live freely without having worrying about being

00:37:38 --> 00:38:01

harmed by others. So this piece is a very important part of a religion. That's what Allah subhanaw taala always emphasized it. And that's why it be emphasized as one of the qualities of tonight of God that is so powerful and happy, that makes you such an important night, later night in which you can find peace. And this is not just talking about exterior peace. You see, this is another difference between Islam and other religions.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:15

Very often, when we talk about peace, most of us our mind only goes to the peace of this world, right what we're speaking about for the past 10 minutes. But in Islam, there's something even deeper than this. It means the peace of heart,

00:38:16 --> 00:38:53

the peace in your heart in mind. This is something which is even more important than having peace in this world. Why? Because someone who has peace in this world, meaning that they have everything in this world which they need, but they don't have peace in their heart and mind. did such a person you'll find this to end up in depression, they still end up suicidal, they still end up living a life of anxiety. Why? Because a piece of art is missing. They don't have that inner peace. So in Islam, for more emphasis is put on the inner peace, the only outer peace and we know that if everybody has an inner peace, it will lead to outer peace. So how do we establish inner peace? How

00:38:53 --> 00:39:36

do we feel at peace inside ourselves with the world around us? It begins by believing Allah subhanho wa Taala by believing that Allah is in control of everything, and everything happens for a reason. It begins by remembering Allah because Allah subhanaw taala told us very explicitly in the Quran, Allah basically law II. That means it's only with the remembrance of Allah only the word is used only, it is only with the remembrance of Allah, that the hearts by it may not find peace. So in a peace can only come by remembering our Creator. That is why in those communities where they have forgotten the Creator, and become materialistic and capitalistic, and have completely put God aside,

00:39:36 --> 00:39:44

we find those are the communities with the highest suicide rates and depression rates. Because peace of mind inner peace can only come from remembering our Creator.

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

So establish a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala start praying five times a day. If you pray five times a day properly. By properly I mean if you are understanding what you are seeing when you are reciting surah potty and the sutras and you are making dua in the center

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

You understand that as God you're making you know what Super hanabi Allah means and you're seeing it with full belief. You do what superhydrophobic as he needs and you are seeing it with full belief, and you understand to the party and you are reciting it with full conviction, you will find peace in your Salah. So now, if someone has all of this, if someone remembers Allah and has correct Akita and prays five times a day, and he's doing all of this, and now the spin the night of our God, engaged in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, doing it properly, they will definitely experience in the peace. Because if you are going to experience in a piece by worshipping alone any other night, then

00:40:41 --> 00:40:55

you will definitely experience it on that night as well. So peace is what we seek after when we worship Allah on The Late Night of elkader. Now, we are in the final verse of the surah. Solomon he had

00:40:57 --> 00:41:40

just some of the narrations on what this might mean, generated from Mujahid was one of the top in scholars of Tafseer that Salam peace over here means protection from shaytan that she doesn't care about Hamas in any way. One or the other mobile Syrian said that it refers to the fact that the angels are giving slam dancing Assalamualaikum to those who are spending the night of the vocoder in a teacup, right or spending it playing in the masjid. So they are different meanings. It covers all the meanings at the end of the day. It means that this is a night of peace, aloha Allah in the sutra by saying here had a budget it is until the coming of budget until the coming of the door. So it

00:41:40 --> 00:42:24

means that legal culture begins when the sun sets and he goes right until such time once that temperature enters in the light of God it is over. So it's quite a long stretch specially now that it's winter. So inshallah the idea to quarter this year will be a longer night for us because it's a winter night, which means more time to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And really, if we can worship Allah the entire night, then this is from the greatest blessings to us. So this is Surah elkader it's a very important surah we learned a few lessons from it. We learned that the Quran was revealed initially to the angel GBR Alayhi Salam on this night, and then revealed piece by piece to

00:42:24 --> 00:43:01

Rasulullah sallallahu slumped over a period of 23 years. And from there we understand why the Allah revealed the Quran the Quran was seen as a guidance for humanity to Quran does not talk about those things which we can discover for ourselves, the things which we can discover for ourselves, Allah has lifted for us to discover through science and, you know, studying and that sort of thing. But the Quran came to teach us about that, which is not possible for human beings to know except through revelation, like, who is Allah? What are his angels? What is she done? What's the day of judgment? What is paradise? What is *? What is our purpose in life? How do we fulfill our purpose in life,

00:43:01 --> 00:43:14

these sorts of things cannot be known through scientific study, and academic study, they can only be known to Revelation and that is why Allah has revealed the Quran to humanity as a mercy to us.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:52

We learn from the surah in many ways, but Allah Subhana Allah has mercy to humanity, His mercy, and giving us a night in which our good deeds are equal to 1000 months of good deeds are given to us every single year. His mercy in not letting us know exactly which night Ramadan it is, so that we end up worshipping Him for 10 nights in Ramadan in that way, and end up doing even more good and becoming even closer to him is a part of His mercy, His mercy in that our good deeds have always multiplied. And whatever good we do, then rewarded always times 10 times 700 times 1000, depending on what good deed that we do.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:32

His mercy in that he has created so many ways for our sins to be forgiven, whether it's Hajj or Umrah, or the hydrocodone or Ramadan or fasting or Sala, there are so many things which we can do to cause our sins to be forgiven His mercy in terms of the angels which he sends down with peace, and the angels make dua for us and ask Allah to forgive us. This to Islam, the Islam is mercy. And many Muslims don't realize this, but it's based on a very authentic Hadees that we even have guardian angels with us, protect us from evil except for Allah wills. You know, you might have experienced your life when you're about to have a car accident, something was about to go wrong. And you don't

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

know how, but somehow you escaped. might have been the guardian angels which Allah has said to protect you. All of this is part of Allah's mercy. So definitely one of the strongest lessons that we can take from the surah is Allah's mercy which is all around us is Rama. Wherever you look, you will see the Rama Allah subhanho wa Taala in our lives. So with all this mercy which Allah has given us, all these opportunities to get to paradise and avoid the Hellfire, why they don't take it up.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:06

Why do we not obey Allah? subhanho? wa Taala? Why are we not trying to get to paradise where Allah has made it so easy?

00:45:08 --> 00:45:28

So this is something we need to think about the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how are we responding to that mercy are responding it with gratitude, which means they're worshipping Allah trying to be the best believe that we can be, while we're responding to it with ingratitude, would sin and rebellion. If so, then, or even worse, you have the multiple blocks of data.

00:45:29 --> 00:45:32

And we also learn from the surah

00:45:33 --> 00:45:35

about the importance of peace.

00:45:36 --> 00:46:13

And we can take the issue of peace and apply to our daily lives as well. We spoke about two types of peace during this lecture. We spoke today about the peace of this world and establishing it through establishing Islam. Likewise, if you establish Islam in your own home, meaning you run your home, according to the principles and teachings of Islam, and according to other principles, then you will have a peaceful home. And likewise, if our businesses are running an Islamic Lee, there's no exploitation, and whatever we selling it, and we treat our workers well to be peace in the workplace, wherever Islam is established, peace will follow. This is guaranteed. If you don't

00:46:13 --> 00:46:57

believe me, we can go into so many examples of how whatever teachings Islam has put in place, it is there for peace, even in your neighborhood. You know, if you look at the rulings put into place for dealing with your neighbors, it's all about establishing peace Rasulullah sallallaahu salam obey minako, spread peace amongst yourselves. See the command spread peace amongst yourself. So, because of this, it means that wherever the believer goes, wherever we go, we should find peace, or we should be a source of peace. Rather, we should be a source of peace of those around us. If we are a source of evil, or a source of harm to the people around us. That means we are not following in some

00:46:57 --> 00:47:36

certain aspects of Islam. God, I guarantee you if you are trying your best to follow Islam in its totality, then you will be a source of peace for everybody who interacts with you. Whether it's your spouse, or your parents or your children, or your neighbors or your workers, or your boss, or anybody you interact with, you will be a source of peace for them, because this is what Islam commands you to do. And this is what the teachings of Islam lead to. So that we will conclude this Tafseer of Sri Lanka, we are just over a month away from the month of Ramadan and I hope that every single one of us is preparing to spend this month in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:47:36 --> 00:48:12

inshallah closer to the month of Ramadan I will do a special episode only on preparation for Ramadan and how to get the best out of the month inshallah. So you can look forward to that perhaps the week before or two weeks before Ramadan inshallah we'll go into that topic. But whenever we did today in Tafseer of suricata Please remember it for Ramadan because that is when little quarter is going to occur, we less than two months away from Little quarter. So let us make sure that this year, we are not deprived of little cutter as described by Rasulullah Islam. We are from those who experience it and benefit from it and come out of Ramadan stronger Muslims. So with that inshallah, we will

00:48:12 --> 00:48:55

conclude for today next week, we begin out of theory of Surah albena. It's a slightly longer surah. So we probably need at least two weeks to cover it inshallah. Again, a lot of benefits and a lot of lessons we can take from it as any other verse of the Quran. So I will see you next week inshallah to discuss surah number 98 of the Quran Surah albena. After that we still have Surah Surah Adia Korea to do the tafsir off and pseudo classes well, because you're not going through the recordings, I noticed we somehow mistakenly skipped a class so we'd have to go through that as well. And once we are done with those usuba inshallah, we will have completed the Tafseer of all the sutras from Doha

00:48:55 --> 00:49:33

to NASA as well as surah Bhatia and by the way, anybody who wants copies of the previous episodes they are available for free downloading on my website. So you they are all available free online hamdulillah. So inshallah within the next two months you will have completed a deposit of all the students from Surah, two heartiness as well as in depth of zero Surah Fatiha and then we will see from the inshallah where we will move on for our next part of our program. inshallah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us all to practice on what we have learned and to make the Quran the guiding light of our lives, to make us all from the people of the Quran, not just those who have memorized

00:49:33 --> 00:49:48

it, but those who have understood it and love it, and to make us from the true followers of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. I will see you next week in sha Allah for the Tafseer of rabina terracotta Heron Walker da da da da da da da da da minha Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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