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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its message in various media, struggles with older generations to deal with complicated situations, and the importance of learning to build one's own values based on hate and proper facts. They emphasize the need to be mindful of one's own actions and practicing public speaking to become a good public figure. The importance of practicing and building one's values is also emphasized, and the need to be true to one's values and not just trying to be a mean person. The conversation also touches on the importance of public speaking and potential return to the UK.
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Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam sent a number of Muslims to Habesha

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Around 100 people and on a third of his population, he's something to be seen you

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were raised heard of this.

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And the rumor came out and their information arrived to everyone in the city that there are people from Croatia most of them that are living right now in Habesha Nabi senior, well left Mecca, and have left Nokia because of oppression. This became a big deal for many reasons. First of all, the the, the fact that the Prophet Alia thought there was some thought of doing this, and that it actually occurs to him to allow Muslims to send them to a different continent altogether, to start a second base for Islam. He's ever saying I'm not local, I never was local. I've always been International. I'm gonna start right now I'm sending people to a different continent to live

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overseas, just start spreading Islam there to build a society there. You're making people difficult for us here already have a different base already have a plan B, if this doesn't work.

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Another thing is that no what age has to answer to the Arab? Now Arabic tribes are asking is it true? Is it true that with murder, but I find enough murder in Milan and Jaffa Talib, and ROM limited piece of yarn, all these huge names, left Mecca and are living now and Habesha? Why is it that you have you guys oppressed them to that point? Have you mystery these people to the point that they've actually left there is it is not ethical, it's unethical to do that. Even the Arabs who don't believe don't agree with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam didn't think it was a good idea. It was a good thing. You've actually forced these people to leave and go live in a different country.

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That's how intolerant you become Kurdish. So now according to under pressure,

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and then all the people who their children whom children have left, now they're calling it causing a riot. Know what you've done. My daughter now is living in Jani over across the sea in a different country. I don't know if I'll ever see them again. My son has left my brother has left. Why have you done this, and now, it just caused, it just caused a lot of controversy. It made the nobles of courageous life much more difficult than it was before. It really stirred the pot. And if anything, the prof audience saw this, um, did that really well. He was never in a state of reactive of reaction. He was never reacting. He was always planning acting of grace, she was stuck with dealing

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with what he was doing.

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He was giving the punches and they were on the ropes. The exact opposite of what our OMA has been like for last 300 years, where we just sit around and wait for things to happen and then panic and then how do we fix this? And what do we do and because we have no long term planning, the profit is not going to have Russia. Let them deal with that was a disaster for college, they didn't know what to do. So what they do end up figuring out is, I'm gonna pause is someone who was a bit of a traveler, and he knew a lot of the kings and princes in the land, he knew the king of Habesha, who was a ninja she,

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the prophet Alia saucisson, if you remember last time, had told them go to that land within it, you will find a king who is just law, you will Mo and no one will mistreat you with him. He is just he's not Muslim, he was a Christian. But he was just providing a slot to Islam. And he would point out where good attributes when, when, when needed, when proper. It's not just Muslims who have good, who have good attributes, and good values. Other people have good values as well, it brought about a soldier that wasn't too proud. I didn't think it was wrong to point out that a king from a different faith was just better actually, than the nobles of his own country who were related to him. So Allah

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Allah who said, wasn't too proud to say that. So he sent you the sahaba. He didn't just send the poor by the way, not just the old press tour any week, and we're literally on the edge of being killed. He also sent some of the most noble people that he had, he sent his own daughter, he sent names that didn't need to go off might have enough fun, didn't need to go to college didn't say them in the house. These people didn't need to leave their parents were some of the most powerful people in the region, but he sent them for a number of reasons. First of all, he wanted to make it clear that Muslims we all work together, there is no segregation of socio economic status. There is no the

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rich sit here and then the poor sit there and we mingle exclusively No, we all work together. He some of the which Muslims could have said yes to Allah, why do I have to go? I don't have to go. Why are you sending me to have it so there's no reason for me to go? None of them we have no record of any of them objecting. They all said how they will Allah go to how much it will go to have a shot and to make it even more personally sent his own daughter Alia. So it was

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it was also the show in the Joshi that I'm not sending you just a bunch of people who are too weak. We're enslaved, who are poor, I'm sending you some of the nobles of the land names that even in the Joshy new

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I actually knew I might have enough fun was a big name. Jaffa maybe thought it his father is in the Jewish he knew him personally.

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So he wasn't just sending people who had. I love that part of the story. I know I talked about it a little bit, I love it because the Prophet it made a point of making sure that the weak and the poor amongst his neighbor, his congregation within his ummah, were never, never felt left out. He never threw them away. He never let them take care of he always took care of them. He always took care of them personally, he always made sure they were protected, make sure they had something. And if he could, if he couldn't, he made sure he lived like them. Now you'll see later on without a sofa, if you didn't have the means to defer to give them and to increase their wealth and make their lives

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better. He was live like exactly like they were living. So Allah Allah Sena, made sure he didn't eat more than them drink more than them dressed better than them ever allow yourself to CMS. Because of that they love them, it's because of that they followed him. Because he care, we need leadership that does that, that don't leave people behind. We need leadership that care for everyone that aren't just interested in the people with a lot of money. And with a lot of D's and R's and M's and Pete's peas behind behind the end of beginning of their names, looking for people who are different for everyone. No matter who you are, if you're a Muslim, you're a part of the society. And your

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struggle is our struggle. And you matter to us just like everyone else. And we will put everything we have to help you and to support you. That was a big part of what he taught on a salatu salam. And it's a big thing that we have lost within our own societies. It's something that we don't have anymore. Unfortunately, the weak, the troubled, the disabled, the struggling, they're left behind, they fall behind, and no one looks back, and we keep on going, then we wonder why we don't have unity. That's why because we're not doing what he did. Allah says we came to this boy. All right. So they meet in a gesture when they make their Oh 100 of them. Of course they went in groups. And he

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grants them a place to live and allows them to practice their deen and allows them to speak of it openly and allows them to work and 201 they were integrated into society, they held on to their culture they held on to their beliefs and things were going okay for around a month.

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And now they said the house was known in that region. So of course he said you need to go

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you and I beloved nebbia was also someone who's a merchant who went all around the different countries and he had bought and it's traded with Habesha so we knew the king as well. So you to know the king they KNOW HIM they're personal friends, take them take them a lot of gifts will all give you a gift take them and then go to the king and talk to him and let him send them all back. Now this is a big problem.

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If this actually works, it's going to be a disaster if the Muslims are sent back to Mecca and what he will do to them you keep on going okay perfect, perfect.

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Inspiration actually gets their hands on these people who left I'd be seen it to them It's treason. Yeah, they have they have they have caused the biggest ruckus in the land for the last maybe 50 years. Going back is going to be Danny suicide basically for these Muslims. So when I'm in Los arrives, as far as sticking to the Joshi says the following words is are you headed medic?

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In the hawk, Baba, Bella Dick Hillman on sofa, indeed, Oh, King.

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There are a bunch of ignorance and reckless youth. And this is what they use the word he used. I'm always very smart. I'm always a mentor here in Doha. Tell them, they're here. He's a very, very smart guy. He know. And you'll see this if you study his life story. It's very smart. He knew he was a good negotiator. He's very diplomatic. He came to this king and he starts painting this picture, tells them a king, a bunch of reckless youth have come to your country Farakka D, not only him, when I moved to New fi D, Nick, they have left the religion of their parents, and they didn't even enter your religion. So you can see he's you know, he's playing the king and making he's preparing the

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kingdom to get angry. See a bunch of reckless use of what their parents they've changed their religion. They're not not even following yours. Be Dean, it will be Dean and in particular, oh, who learn you know what doesn't, and they can't and they brought this new religion that no one knows you don't even you would have never heard about it. Well cut by fena Iike. I should also call me him mean about him? Well, I remember him later or don't eat him.

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For him and Irby him Aina movie now Abu I lay him water boom fee.

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And the nobles of my land their uncles and their fathers have sent us to you, begging you to send their children back. So they can fix this problem so they can address what they have done. So they can Yeah, and they bring people together again, this is what these were out of losses telling the king

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and to be honest, if I was a king, I probably would have said

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Yes, hamdulillah I'm not a king ever will be. But they were I probably would have said, Yeah, that sounds good. I don't know why I need these people that I have enough any problems as it is Take back your people and let them deal with their parents. But you can almost hear the words of the Prophet, someone nice and I'm echoing in the background. As he said.

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No one is mistreated in his court. No one is going to be Maluma oppressed in his court. And the king's answer was very clear and very an almost immediate by Allah Allah. He had a smile in whom the No, I must hear, I must hear from them, too.

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You can never judge without hearing both sides, can you? Never it's impossible, no matter what once there was a known judge, who was sitting in the court and beside him was a scholar, and a man walked into his court, saying Fullarton, he poked my eye like he literally I can't see through my left eye. Imagine it's horrible. And then he was bleeding and the scholar was really he was grossed out I think what he saw and the judges thing there very quietly so the scholar looked at the judges said

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well, I need to send the the police to arrest the person who did this and put him in jail for poking this guy's I called the rock or the shooter who called the Kalima.

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Trainer. What do you know, maybe the other guy both eyes are poked out. What do you know, you see the did you talk to the other person, if you read through solid, you'll find a very important part of that of the first story he's dealt with on Islam that would allow Instagram on his day off as he was worshipping in his Mahara. He was praying. He took a day off to pray, and he histological sandalwood, then not to play to pray. And you tell people I he's a judge all throughout the week, takes one day so we can so we can focus on prayer. Don't please don't bother him. During that time. As he's praying in his mouth. Rob, two people jumped over the fence of his home, his castle wherever

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you lived. And they entered the room where he was praying startled him. He's a king. He's a prophet.

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Wasn't the proper time wasn't the proper presentation. And they start telling him we have to tell you the problem.

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So one of them speaks, he said this brother of mine, he has 99 camels and I have one camel and my brother said here I'll take care of your one camel that he took care make I never give it back. And now I have nothing.

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So they will tolerate being startled, thrown off any of his balance out of his element. This is not the day for this if he could have thrown them out, but he decided to give. So he said something. Carla called the Ebola Mecca. Arena. Jotika Ilana Haji indeed he has he has made a mistake by doing that.

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And that will continue is continues to speak.

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And then that would allow us to then figures it out. Allah subhanaw taala there were two of angels burnt to people just sent them over just for a test.

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Well, London, Nadeau and Fontana. And don't forget, he made a mistake. This was a test and he failed.

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What do you do wrong? Obviously, you know, no, he didn't listen to the other party. He made a judgment based on what the first person said, no matter how horrible the first story use here is, you have to listen to the second, you always have to listen to the other. The other side, there's always two sides for every story. We live in a world today, especially if you're on social media, where you exist in a bubble that is

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manufactured for you by algorithms, to continue to feed you the stuff that you believe in. And to take away from your feed the stuff that you don't believe in strengthening your biases, making it easy to hate, making it more difficult to relate, making it more difficult to understand others and to broaden your mind and to understand and to comprehend the different opinions that exist in the world. This is what's happening today. We are literally falling victim to the monster that we created. My advice for you is Yanni if you're if you're if you're of course you have a phone and of course you have Jani some social media, BYOB, be very careful with how you deal with these things.

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Anyone have an older family member who keeps on sending WhatsApp messages all day long.

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I have a bunch of people on my phone who had been muted for like six years.

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Because every day three to four messages of complete lies. And I don't have time I'm gonna read them. But I don't have time to come up to these people and say, Look, everything you've sent me all 3469 messages you sent me in the last three years. Everything is wrong. It's made up. It's incorrect information that you've been fed because you have the tendency to believe in it by people about the same tendencies in order for us to be able to go through all that. It's very important. I don't I

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I understand when, when older generations, people don't can't make it, but I don't accept it from the younger generation, you have the ability to sort through a lot of the garbage, you have the ability to figure out that there's more than one story for everything that has been put out there. And you'll need to learn to listen to both sides. And you'll need to learn to build your own opinion based on hate proper facts and not by made up stuff. Or else you're gonna live in a world of illusions. And I deal with people like that all the time. Someone who I know is in their own, there's too far out now. I can't bring I can't even reel them back in to show that look, a lot of

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what you've been told is just untrue.

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And it's difficult but it's important. I think it's worth worth our time. In America, Joshi he was someone who was

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He heard a very compelling argument. Almost perfect argument. Honorable I was very smart. Let's wait.

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I need to hear from them first.

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So he calls upon the Muslims, and they send of course a group of people to represent them amongst them is not even our third and require them to say them the Lawson, Jaffa toilet and a number of others.

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And he tells them baloney. And Nick, come talk to him, Dean.

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Well, I'm Ted to Hulu fee. Dini, I heard that you left your own face. You haven't entered my faith? Well, God you tune in. Now you come to my country? For my dad, yeah. Become Omaha, the dean, and let it about to move. So what brought you here? And what is this new faith that you're following that no one's heard of you man going forward. I think it's not gonna work again, for whatever reason.

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now the app dancer. There you go, go for it. Perfect.

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On the spot, Java Taalib

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was chosen. I love this part of the story is very fun. He was just on the spot to answer the king. He has two minutes, it's an elevator presentation, I've heard of that.

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Very quick, within two minutes before the elevator Arizer is going off to be able to explain what it is that you want to get done, or this guy is walking out, he has no time for you. You have to make your point quickly, I have to convince the person of doing what you think you want or you need.

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And Jafar has right now defending basically 100 people.

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If he fails, and they're sent back all 100 They're dead. Literally, if they're not dead, they can't go back home. They're gonna be they're gonna be scattered all over the place. He's also defending a lot of the very very poor Muslims who are definitely if they go back, they're gonna be killed. And he can see when he walks in Java is very smart. He looks he sees arm allows his beloved nebula immediately they understand, okay, they know what's going on, for he has sent has sent in who they think is going to fix the problem. And now they're being questioned. And the king who seemed to be very, very open and easygoing, at the beginning has concerns now. His his tone has changed. His face

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has changed. And Java has to figure out daddy within I think, what do you what do you have a couple of seconds to quickly come up with a narrative, a way to explain things that would be better than what I'm gonna do all said,

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what I used to do years, maybe last three, three times around what I used to do when I would ask people to prepare a presentation. Maybe we'll do that for next time. Do that for me. I'll tell you what Joshua said, don't tell me what Jeff said. Because Jonathan will the other one is going to answer the king within the context of the time and place he lived in the explanation of what Islam is, is subjective to the context of time and place.

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I believe that if Jaffa stood up and said okay, Natasha, here is how it goes. So, the Prophet he is thought to he does five articles for Islam. Okay, so there's shahada and then the Salah and CRM and Zika and Hajj, no, see, I'm having an Ebola and Zika, you have to get hired just once a year, you have to do it at that time. And then and then hold on. And then there's a product called email and you have to be the king at that point. Yanni, as many of you in this Holika will fall asleep and look at our mouths and said, Look, I really thank you for the gifts you can take the guy's home, please just get him to stop talking. I have enough in my life.

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The moment we do become redundant to start talking, you start rambling on and saying things that don't make any sense. And don't really tell a story and there's no narrative that the person listening to can relate to.

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And you lose interest you come to a halt with your mind what's being said is not related to something you can relate relate to is not relevant to you, you you fall asleep. You start looking at the hoping that this ends, you don't really take anything you're sitting in a classroom and the teacher is not engaging in the topic you don't like you stop listening. You fall asleep, you don't want to go to school, you don't want to go with him. This is the problem of life. If what's being said does not make sense. If it is not well presented. No one's gonna listen

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Jafar had to find a way to say it. And you're gonna say you're gonna see I used to know the law who I know the law who I know yet he's one of my most it's my one of my favorite parts of sealer and just visualizing in my mind. Yeah, nice job federal Delano. What holds you right now? Maybe 21 Maybe maybe 21 Very young guy young he's standing up in front of the king. You can see on Roblox and I'm loving it I stand right beside him to people who are his enemies to them, they would like to kill them.

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And he has to articulate clearly intelligently in a very short period of time with with the least amount of words possible without losing and Naja she's you know,

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line of thought

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and convince him to keep them there. If he fails to convince him

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the pressure is huge on Daffodil doula who I know Oh, the Allahu I know what Allah one of the people who left us a bit too soon

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he died in a flood. Right? Or when you die.

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Now there you go. someone's paying attention.

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Before the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, wa salam Sahaba will say the person who was the most similar to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the way he looked, and the way he spoke was Jaffa Allahu Anhu.

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To panelist, so he was. So it comes up quickly, with a two minute presentation, it's actually less than two minutes, I used to read it for people in Arabic, just to prove it's less than two minutes yawning. And of course, I'm quick. So I can do it in 35 seconds. But yeah, and he took him two minutes to break it down into a couple of paragraphs, five paragraphs, he has five thoughts, he's gonna make five points. If you want to be a good public speaker, you have to learn before you start talking to have a plan of what you're gonna talk about 1234 or five, right, you have to read, okay, this is what I'm talking about. This is the first point, second point, third point, fourth, fourth

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point, this point, you know what you're gonna do. And then you can elaborate on each point for as long as you want to then move on to the one after, if you stand up and just start rambling, you will lose interest in what you're saying, you will lose interest in yourself, like you will get bored of listening to yourself speak. But if you have, if you know what you're doing, I will finish this point, move on to that one. It's much more engaging even for you.

00:22:19--> 00:22:53

I don't like people I don't like in public speaking carrying cards, or I don't like that. I think if you're going to do public speaking have to do it properly, you have to have it up here. If you don't know your material well enough to have it up here. You shouldn't be talking about it. Go back and keep on practicing this this topic and learning about it and thinking about it until you have it all up here. And then all you need is just the I need the sequence of of issues. You're going to use slide sometimes. Java is doing this with no slide. He's not using slides. He's he came up with five points he wanted to make. I will read to you what he said. And I'll show you the five points that he

00:22:53--> 00:23:34

made or the other one making very clear, very succinct. The King will understand the first thing he said today you Helmerich in Cana Holman, Elijah Helia now I will do awesome when I could will meter when I tell our hash winner or hum when you see it WILL YOU ARE WE are cool coffee human not Bife said oh king, we used to be people who worship drugs. And then he started to count for him all the things they did besides that one action that the king would agree to that were not good things he started to point out we used to eat meter mean we didn't do proper debit, he would eat animals that just died naturally on their own without you know proper slaughtering. And we would perform

00:23:34--> 00:23:36

philosophy we would do things that are haram

00:23:37--> 00:23:55

or harm, it would ruin relationships amongst families, tribes that were cousins would fight for years and years and years. And would mistreat our neighbors. And the strong would eat the weak we hide a jungle like system that we lived by where we no one cared for the weak, the weak were just eaten by the strong we're taking advantage of

00:23:57--> 00:24:15

the first paragraph telling the king how things were. I'll show you how Jafar has a couple of points. First point I'm going to tell him how it was. And I'm going to use in that things that the king agrees with me agrees on with me that aren't good things. So he didn't say we never gave King

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King we didn't you know fast as important as he things are because the king doesn't understand what that means. He doesn't agree with you that that was a bad thing to begin with. You have to point out the things that the king would agree with you with or the person who's listening that those are bad things I agree mistreating our neighbors I totally agree bad thing. These are universal values that existed during that time. That was his first paragraph. Second paragraph had Allahu Elaina, Rasulullah and Mina now it was nessa who was a who was an actor who aifa

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Until Allah subhanaw taala sent us a messenger from amongst us, whom we know his background. We know his honesty.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

We know his Amana his trustworthiness.

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

We know his good ethics.

00:25:02--> 00:25:24

The second paragraph, I'm going to tell him who the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was not gonna go into detail there's gonna give him a few points that he will also agree with good points. See this man he's amongst us He's not someone who came from afar he's not a foreign to us. He's not some guy who came from a different country we don't know where he came from no, this guy he is we don't family comes from we knew he was always honest, always a good person always high morals and ethics.

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Second paragraph and I told him what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is in very simple, very simple way, something he can relate to, he can understand. Third paragraph for the Ayana, you know a bird that Allah he

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will have a mocha and mocha and Luna meal Hejazi went Oh son, well, I'm not gonna Hadith what are the Myrna was similar to him, or her steals you are what will catch the annual Muharram with Dima when a HANA annual for wash behold is do you actually mail in your team for some doc Now who am an OB?

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So we called upon us to worship Allah subhanaw taala alone, and he called upon us to be honest, to be trustworthy, to be kind to take care of our relatives to take care of our neighbors to not prefer him for wash to not harm the weak to not take them the wealth of the A Team.

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Again, he's telling you, the king, all the stuff that the king will relate to. Yes, those are good things. Good thing, good thing, good thing I agreed to I don't need to be Muslim to agree to those things. So we believed in Him and we followed him. The third paragraph, I'm going to tell him what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam talked this how we first Barry got this while we were in JD Yeah. Horrible things he can relate to. Then tell him about the profile based on a few words, something he can relate to. And then tell him what the prophet Alia says I'm taught

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in terms that he can relate to see. The important part is that he's saying things the king can accept as well and agree to forth.

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Fine, Eileen.

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Why is the guna little Duna in that in turn, well, the yaku Elena waha Luba in an hour Boehner de Nina, and then our,

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our family members, our home or people who raised the people that were our parents and our nobles, they oppressed us, and they tortured us and they tried to force us to leave this way of life to leave our deen and when their oppression came to a point that we could not survive anymore, and life became so difficult.

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We left

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the fourth, the fourth chapter

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showing the king what the people beside him did. These two people came and told him this is what they did to us. Fourth,

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fifth one.

00:27:47--> 00:28:30

UCLA, Liliana Nabi Yuna. Oh, hello, Joe. Erbil Habesha for in Bihar Malika en la la Miranda had for Corrigenda Isla de la adic What are live in Fiji work? What are you gonna learn over llama in Dec Connecticut, Dylan Malik, Yanni, Saqqara. So currently Merrick the last point he told them, and then our Prophet told us that we must come to your land see, at the end, he's smart. Jaffa kings like to be praised. The Kings they used to it, they need to be complimented a little bit, not by going beyond the knee, what is ethical and proper, but he asked to give him something. So he told them, our Prophet told us to go to your land specifically. And he told us that you would never ever treat

00:28:30--> 00:28:31

anyone in justly.

00:28:32--> 00:29:10

So we came to your land. And we were hoping in your justice, and we're hoping that you we will not be oppressed in your presence in New York court. See five chap five paragraphs in his mind, you know exactly was doing, telling him how we were before Islam, telling him what the prophet is in a few words, tell him what the Prophet SAW Selim taught us. Tell them what the people beside him have done to us, and then give them a little boost of confidence. Just a few kind words, the manager, she's probably thinking to himself, your Prophet said come to me specifically. Yes. Do you specifically feels good about himself? If so why is it a good way of doing it? And that was his presentation.

00:29:12--> 00:29:17

It takes two minutes to say these things. That's what it took two minutes said it very clearly. He sat down.

00:29:19--> 00:29:31

Of course, probably the most nerve racking moments for them can only imagine any how, what they were thinking at that all it takes is for the King to look say yeah, I don't like it. It's over. Like it'd be sent back

00:29:33--> 00:29:52

10s and 3040 people will be slaughtered, the rest will be thrown in jail. The rest will be it's gonna be it's gonna be horrible. They can't go back you have to figure out something else that's called the profit labels that somehow say where do we go? We gotta come back to Moscow is not gonna work. You're gonna see the people come back there's gonna be some of them will come back and see what's gonna happen. So you believe me that's actually gonna be like that.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

So here's the translation. usually go through it, but that's fine. So the king

00:30:00--> 00:30:32

because he's too smart to say yes immediately or no immediately. So he says he's kind of somewhere in the middle Jafar seemed to have intrigued his curiosity. So he said, Hello Monica Murgia Abby, he mean Allah he she, do you have anything from what your prophet has from God? Like? You're saying, you have a messenger, he's a prophet, he must have a book or text of some sort. What does he have? And of course, Jaffa Woodlawn, who at that point is like, ah, that's why that's why the prophets have been taught me so with Marina before he left

00:30:33--> 00:31:15

now as well I know I wasn't sure why he was teaching us the story before we listen to this is why Java without hesitating he begins our hula he's gonna show your pineal regime was the core refill. Kitabi Mariam, it didn't tell her that her McCain and Shanti but tell her that Tamil Dooney him hijab photocell now Lal Rue Hanna, Fatima Fernanda Bashar on so we got in the Aruba, Rosemarie Minka in koonta, Korea, Paula in nama Rasulullah beaky, the rocky hula, Monza Kia Barlet and Coolio hula Willem yum sis nee Bashar when Kuba li

00:31:16--> 00:31:28

li ke follow up buki Who are they Yeah Hagen What do you know Jana who are telling us well Rama to Mina Wakanda Umbra mapa de for hemella to interpret that to be Hema.

00:31:31--> 00:31:45

Mahalo inocula on at yerli attorney, Mr. Kabila, Heather Welcome to Nestea Mansi Fernanda Herman, Tatia aleteia Has any further dialogue buki tataki Surya

00:31:46--> 00:32:04

well who's the E key be just very nice to serve the pollack EuroTop and Jenny Feghouli what should I be worker relying for him in I mean, especially for Cooley in order to the Rockman you Salma felon hookah Lima Lima in sia

00:32:05--> 00:32:24

for to be here Homer duck Mila ba Lu K funnel can limo mankind fn Mahadeo sabia hereafter Haroon Makana Abu kimberleigh So well Makana Tomoki Abell here for a shout out to you li Babu, Ki phenyl Colombo monka Anna filmer had you saw the

00:32:26--> 00:32:31

and by that time the king was was sobbing in a voice you could hear

00:32:32--> 00:32:44

and all of the methodical all the advisors and any servants of the court and men of the court were doing the same and I remember last knew he had completely lost that one.

00:32:46--> 00:32:49

If this was a game it's one nothing Jaffa

00:32:51--> 00:33:29

he was in tears. These verses are beautiful, Mr. Beautiful today. Never any thought it stands up and reads them. Well. It's beautiful to listen to. You never get bored of sort of ammonium. You never get bored. It's that Anthem of family, mothers and sons and fathers and sons and sons and fathers and siblings. quarreling and loving and working things out. It's just beautiful. Talking about Madame the Superwoman, the woman that was able to change the norm, the lady who literally changed the world with her perseverance, it was a beautiful story to sort of listen to. And he's listening to John for speak of, of Mary and of Jesus in a way that just

00:33:30--> 00:33:32

filled his heart. And he was sobbing at the end of this

00:33:34--> 00:33:37

fabric and Natasha, you Rebecca refer to

00:33:38--> 00:33:42

they all cried and returned in the judge returned to the office and I believe

00:33:43--> 00:34:02

and he said to both of them in the Heather will Lidija be here isa Leia Hello, gentlemen Mischka. denwa Heda in Pali PA for Allah Hilah also limo home in a coma about see what he just said. And what isa taught comes from the same source.

00:34:03--> 00:34:06

Leave my land, I will never give them to you.

00:34:11--> 00:34:34

So what happened after that is I was like, Alright, I lost the first round. I'm gonna just my guy like okay, King was a long day. You seem very emotional. How would I go and get some sleep? I'll see you in the morning. The king of being his friends like alright, fine, go get some sleep. We'll see you in the morning. Now Amber blouse comes up with a diabolical and he

00:34:35--> 00:34:54

he comes up comes up with a plan. If you notice Jaffa stopped where he needed to in the RE citation of the surah. Right he stopped right before ASA spoke. That's where he stopped because that's a good time to leave. Public speaking a good part and I'll tell you this, I'm not good at that part. But I'll tell you,

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

you should always leave before people get bored. You should always stop

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Before people get bored of you before people want to leave just just stop

00:35:04--> 00:35:39

I ramble on and I don't know but most people you know good public speakers will want we'll leave we'll end it and you're what you're wanting more you're hoping for more you know don't continue that's the Java stuff just where he needed to if he continued it would have been not as good do you stop right where you need to do in this one I'll show you tomorrow or next next week until he stopped right where he needed to I remember I didn't know the sutra but I'm gonna last came up with the with something with around two. So the next time the next morning I'm gonna last comes back and there's a round two. I will talk to you about that in sha Allah next next week next Friday inshallah

00:35:39--> 00:35:40

after South Asia