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Yeah, sure I can tell other people about it. No, look, they have to No. Look for seven years I had this problem. And for five years, I hid it from everyone.

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nearly 2 million Rand and lost no gambling. Until there was no more money left. My family tried to help me. He was arguments anger, were close to divorce. Also, I felt very trapped. You know, they said it was my fault, but it felt different. You know, I don't know how it happened. Someone told me about this Muslim doctor who had a program for addiction. He was a friend of Mufti mankind. I followed him on Instagram. And look, it was far away from everywhere else. I liked that. And I went, and whatever it cost, I'm telling you, that was nothing compared to how much I'd lost. And it retrained my brain. I remember what I used to be like, that's what happened.

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What would I say to other people? Oh, Ally. Look, you're not alone. That's what I'd say. Try it. It's 10 days from your life go to nice now. It's not like anything else. It's not like a hospital rehab center. It feels like a like a like a like like a place of safety. Feels like you're rebuilding himself. The lessons will stay in your heart will lie he will lie. You must try it.