Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility – Istiqamah #2

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You know but y'all really Man What didn't we the up Jamie he'd be centered in Hassan and I decide in a country or the Allahu Anhu called kala never use of Allah Allah He He was selling the Hadith in a collection and telling me the in his genre that a reasonable generation rate to us by will say lottery and theme of of anti corruption, or is your karma, three values? Or how can I do this to karma? These are the three main Islamic core values. And you can look at them as entities you can look at their opposites and no matter what you do, you end up learning a lot and this is what our deen is about. And we talked about this defoamer right integrity, but I think anticorruption is a

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better way of putting it and I think it's important for us to contemplate that meaning and this hadith I'm going to talk about it over maybe of course seven eight hide Hadith so maybe two weeks or so. That's it I talked about how the human being must be most definitely you must be not corrupt in your in your character. This hadith today and tomorrow will be little bit different will point out other aspects of us that must not be corrupt. is what he said out of your sources. I'm Tyler either ossabaw Ibnu Adam

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for in Allah Kula Tucker Pharaoh listen to holo it tequila her fina for in nama national MC in his contest KAMNA where any I will judge at our judging. So what he said on his thought was

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that when the human being wakes up, it starts his day meaning when you start your day, all of your organs,

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your limbs,

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they turn to the tongue. And they chastise the tongue and the whole the tongue accountable of the accused the tongue. The creator here is not accusing of MIS disbelief. The word kuffaar has like five different meanings in Arabic, depending on the context. And here it's holding accountable, it's accusations of harm is is harsh reminders, all of that has bases bases and in linguistic roots of the cuff. Yaniv complex. So it holds the tongue accountable and it tells the tongue it tequila fina, may you have some fear, fullness of Allah mindfulness of Allah regarding us. Because in no matter who we are only going to be wherever you take us. It's all about you, whatever you decide to do,

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we're gonna end up wherever you take us, we have really very little control over stuff, you're the one who's gonna make the decision deliver out is not much to do with your outcome, it's miskeen, he just has to get rid of toxins. And at the end, he gets fatty and get sick because of all the garbage we eat. They have basically sun that is going to dictate in many ways our tongues where we're going to go. So the problem is that I'm says, obviously this is a figure of speech, right? Obviously, this whole hadith is majaz the concept of it is for contemplation, that any it was any any of you awake, woken up by the conversation between their organs and their tongue? One point? No, this is this is

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it a figure of speech and the reality of it is just for something for us to contemplate. So they say it does the law have you not been mindful of a law regarding our our destiny, because we we are only going to be wherever you decide to take us in with you're the one in his Hunter is the commoner, if you

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are most ducking, if you dodge corruption, then we will do the same. We're in it what did and if you go and you deviate, and you take shortcuts, then we will do this. And that's where we're going to be, we have very little control, you're the one who leads us. So not only does your character have to clean your tongue has to be most talking to you can't twist truths. Not talking about lying, not talking about accusations, not talking about lying, which is the anti hack, or accusations, which is the anti justice I'm talking about twisting truths, which is much more subtle, much more subtle.

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just choosing to say it in a way where you know, the point is going to be lost. You know that if you just say it that way, you can get the other group to understand it. You know how it is? How else do they slaughter children in the 1000s and get away with it? Because upfront, it's impossible to say this is what we're going to do. No one's going to be okay with that. But you will find a way to find a way there are ways to say it. There are ways to bring it up. There are ways to get through it and it'll make it less stiff commas when is when you don't when you don't twist truths. You don't twist words you don't play. You're clear about what it is that you're intending to do when you stated as

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it is, for better or for worse. Muslims obviously karma and their character Muslims aren't can't afford to do to go ahead and take shortcuts or DVT or ticket No, we don't we don't do that. We don't do that. Not with our character and definitely not with our words, not with our words. So something worthy of contemplation because tomorrow we'll talk about another organ. It's DICOM is something that goes deep. It's not just your choices, it goes deep into your into who we are. It's just not just our choices of decision, our decisions and our behaviors also

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There are words when we speak what you say, has to have this diploma in it. It cannot be we cannot be playing around and can be twisted we cannot be deviating again I'm not talking about oh

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verse lies I'm not saying not going to overt lies and accusations that are about it. No, no, I'm talking about something much more subtle, that people are capable of doing if they want to just twisting it a little bit just telling it a little bit differently than it happened or just dropping a piece of information that is vital. Or just saying it making sure the emphasis here is close clear on something so this is not hard to do. This is not hard to do. Not hard to do it all human beings do it all the time children learn at a really early age. at a really early age children learn to drop the piece of information that will that they don't need to bring the children will come to you

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and tell you the piece that they want you to know not the piece that the that they don't want you to know there's there's selectivity just selectivity they lie they just didn't they just selectively left that one piece out. That's not to teach your kids it's not as jicama that's not a stiff arm.

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Stick on minutes to tell it as it is. Knowing fully exactly the details knowing that that piece there is matters too. It'll get you in trouble but it matters it's a part of that story that needs to be told you can just tell this piece you can just see that it's the point that I think is worthy of contemplation. You already mom was telling me the up Jamie and he was entered in Hasson and I beside in a hoodie you know the Allahu Anhu Carl kala Nabil son Allah Allah He early he was either also having them for in Allah, Allah to curfew only Lisa Anna Taku fina for in Lubich in Stockholm, Stockholm. We're in our judge at our junior Santa Claus, hula, Hula, hula,

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Hula, hula hula and stuff. It was a really good song. I was telling him about giving them hugs which was awesome.