Mindfulness of the tongue #7

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Hi Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Muhammad are early he also he as you may know bad

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Thank you. Thank you

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to be silence

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yo, Mama tell me the U P. Jimena. He recently been hassling Abdullah hidden Yama or the Allahu Anhu Omar call upon an abuse of Allah Allah said underneath an eight collection at Mammoth did a meeting, the reasonable chain of narration read was by Abdullah bin Omar. And this was in the theme of mindfulness of the tongue, obviously, and still, we're gonna be talking about that for a little bit longer.

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And I believe that I'm gonna get an eraser Hadith that I think is is

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is also a kind of a firm Hadith, a little bit of strictness, and this one is scary as well. And but it needs to be understood within within the context of it. I mean, you have to make sure that you comprehend it appropriately so that you can actually follow it and benefit from it. And here's what he says out of your soul to some color, the texel will clamor behind the decree law in case the law tell Calamy behind the decree law, he passed sweat on little curl but we're in other Ida Nancy mean Allah al will Farsi.

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So he said, Allah has a lot to say, um, do not exaggerate or overdo, talking, without there being any remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala in what you're saying. Because when you do that, when you over talk about things, that there's no resemblance of Allah Subhanallah within it, when you overdo it, it is a reason or it leads to the hardening of the of one's heart. And indeed, the farthest one away from Allah is the hard heart is the heart that is hardened. And of course, this is a figure of speech, because we're not talking about the physical heart here, or a body anything medical, we're talking about this spiritually, this spiritual essence of one's consciousness or one's heart, being

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close to Allah subhana wa subconsciousness, close to Allah subhanaw taala versus farther away from Allah. And when he's trying to explain Alia Salatu Salam is that whenever you the human, he's explained to us basically, a very simple aspect of human nature, actually,

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that human beings will normalize whatever it is the do a lot of or see a lot of. And we are now fully understanding this right like now is the reason that certain behaviors have become that certain behaviors that are that are 90 vomit inducing, and nauseating and disgusting and completely unacceptable. The reason that they're actually becoming acceptable, because we've normalized them because if you if you watch something happen every single day, or you talk about it every day, or you're allowed to just after a while you stops bothering you. It doesn't bother you anymore, you're fine with it. And normalizing Haram is a problem. We're not supposed to do that. As Muslims, we're

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supposed to stay away from haram hotel bustle from haram we don't, we're not supposed to engage. Because once you engage in it a long time, it stops seeming to be a big deal. This works across the board with everyone, anyone who fall it fell into a large into a big sin, meaning like Zina or hello or Mahavira. It didn't just happen. They weren't spraying a shot, we find the Imam one night and walked outside and just stumbled over a Yanni a hill of cocaine and ended up yeah, you start getting addicted to it. This is something that happened for very this was slow. Shavon is happy for five, six years for you just to maybe just some small, tiny evidence of acceptance from you just an

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exposure to something and just leave it pretend for a decade Wallah. He's okay with that he'll come back in a decade, he has other things to do come back in a decade. Now you're a little bit less disgusted by this, you don't see the problem as much. So now maybe another nudge, maybe spend some time with people you're not going to do you're doing and I'm not doing it right. They're just, they're just my friends didn't do it. I'm not doing and then a couple of 10 years later, because that's how things happen slowly, we normalize how I'm slowly that's how that's how we change, ethics change, don't change overnight. People don't have strong ethics in one direction and then suddenly

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wake up and decide to turn it around. It's very, it's a very gradual movement. So the value sometimes knows that. So he's saying, don't overdo it. When you're spending time talking about talk make sure that you always remind yourself of Allah subhanaw taala and reminding Allah doesn't mean that you just blurt vicar somewhere in the middle of a conversation and necessarily, no, it's being able to remind yourself that any conversation that is worse than it's worth sending along time should somehow some way help you become closer to God or it shouldn't be serving Allah in some manners in some form. It should be bringing you home

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So are you should have a goal that allows you to please Allah. And if you if it doesn't, then maybe engaging in that activity for a very, very long time is a problem. Or maybe you need to reconsider your intention here. Like you can talk about work for as long as you like, because work in its essence is a way for you to please Allah, because when you go to work and you make money, that's halal, that takes care of your children, that gives them an education and content and make sure that you're not putting your hand out to people or stealing. That is something that is Allah or the police that pleases Allah. So yes, talking about that, as long as you remind yourself of that every

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once in a while, as long as you don't engage in this forgetting that, no, this is one way or the other supposed to bring me back to Allah. And he says, I think so. So if you do that, if you talk and talk and talk and Allah is nowhere to be found in your conversation, not intentionally, not Not intentionally, not spiritually, not in essence, nothing he's he's not a part of your conversations. Oh, you don't care about Allah at all I do speak. If you do that for a long time, your heart spiritually will slowly start to become harder and harder meaning it the the concept of hardening is me it means that it's no longer responsive to the Janelia to Allah subhanaw taala he sends you

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messages he sends you, his compassion, His love and His baraka and his mercy and his mouth, he sends it to you in a heart that is hard and doesn't feel anything. It's numb. It's not even a tradable with the light, dark. There's nothing as though you're not getting anything. heart that is hard and is not able to actually experience the beauty that Allah Subhanallah continues to shower on it every moment. But a heart that is not hardened and that is sensitive is a heart that enjoys every second every breath and every now and then blessings that ALLAH SubhanA offers it. How do we make sure that our hearts don't turn that because the Quran says right when the middle hit Yachty Mikasa Kulu bukem

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embody the Lika here collegiality, oh, Asha, because then your hearts became hard speaking 2018 But really speaking to us, but speaking too many so aren't used to that we're gonna offend it early on. Then your hearts became hardened. And it's like rock or even harder than rock. But we're in the middle hijo allottee defend your womanhood and her. Some rocks by the way, will explode and water player comes gushing out of it. When the Minho Mallya shocked taco for your fellow human holy man, some of it will slowly crack and water will come for when I'm in nema. Yeah, your plumbing has shifted and some of these rocks will will fall to their needs, they will fall in humility, to Allah

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Subhan. To other reverence, even rocks will respond to God. Even if your heart is hard, and they can find its way to respond to God again. But what he's saying is also me see this tongue. Make sure you don't overdo it. When you're talking about things or make sure that Allah exists somewhere in your conversation. Make sure you don't completely forget about him. I'm saying, by the way, I don't mean to blurt to thicken in the middle of a conversation. Some people do that. By the way, it's very awkward and I find it to be I don't like it. I like it. Don't Don't do that. No, no. Renew your intention. Why are we talking about this? What are we trying to achieve? That's the essence of vicar

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of Allah is reminding ourselves of what it is what why are we talking about this? Who are we trying to serve? That's what we need to do. Even though we're talking about volunteering, even if we're talking about a masjid, we have to remind ourselves we're doing this to please Him. Subhana wa Tada. So we have to remind our attention instead of just blurting a word that people don't understand exactly what you're doing, but actually trying to redirect the conversations that we're remembering that this is all about pleasing Allah at the end and anything that's not pleasing Allah should be re assessed all over. I think I wanted to share that with you because I think the hadith is beautiful.

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And he said, the fire this person from God, the horrid heart

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is the hardened heart. Scary things firm, firm, very, I don't like it. But it's the truth. And we accept it and we have to live with it and we have to work on changing your week in our team meeting up January we sent it in person and Abdullah hit me in the hot tub Robbie Allahu anha. Hi, Paula never use Allah Allah. He was telling them to hold cholera and malaria decree law he fit in like a throttle killer and we already decree law he asked where to live. We're in addition, cinema Hill will pass across to Allah He said Allah Allah looks like we started working on condition and let you know him and just talking to Blake also Allah who was telling them about like I learned a bit you

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know, Muhammad, you know Allah, which means talking about