Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #19 – Don’t Curse Time – Hadith #17

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the concept of time and how it is not just a time thing, but also a concept. It uses an analogy of the Hastag of Time and discusses the importance of taking advantage of one's youth before age 90 to avoid wasting time and become infected with COVID-19. The group became upset and everyone felt like they were treated the same way as before, and they reminded everyone of Allah's time and the need to be grateful for it.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over a cat smell out hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda mon fauna and finally my limped Anna was it nine manjar hammer I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increases knowledge as Kalasa gel to bless this gathering in sha Allah Tada and forgive all our sins I mean horrible I mean,

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we will take another Hadith could say inshallah to Allah today

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and the hadith is in Bukhari

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and Abu Hurayrah euro or the hola Juan Khan, Colin Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call Allah Huhtala Yu Xin IGNOU. Adam, you're so Buddha, we're an addition be at the local level Laila one

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I've already on the record that also la sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala said

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the son of Adam hurts me

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usually abuse I mean sub

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is bigger than abuse. It's like cursing time. So Allah subhanaw taala, saying, Son of Adam hurts me, when he curses time. And I am the time

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my hands are all in my hands are all things and a cause, the evolving of the night and the DE.

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Call Allahu Taala you then Hypno Adam,

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if you take it literally,

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it means that the son of Adam

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harms me.

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But we all know that if all mankind gathered, Li adore Allah, Sharia, they will never harm Allah azza wa jal and of all mankind performed Eva that they will not benefit Allah azza wa jal here the means

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en sub Ilya Mala Ilya Kobe,

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hear the word harms me means he attribute to me What does not be fit me.

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What is it?

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Is that he curses time.

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You know, I don't know about some other cultures but in our culture, Elana was

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we curse our because the time May Allah curse the time I did this May Allah crush this time that we are living in May Allah curse the time it's a it's a common statement on the tongue that people will say maybe out of anger out of whatever, but they do not know this kind of huge severe warning from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Andhra Salah Salem. Do not curse time. Now, remember, no we are him Allah. He said.

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They said that this is a metaphor. Because the Arab used to inveigh against time when desert when disasters such as death, old age, loss of money takes place. They would say, Whoa, time and other phrases, phrases cursing or inveighing against time. So Salah is Salam said do not cursed against time for Allah is time. That is do not go curse time. Because the one who brings the time is Allah azza wa jal, the one who owns the time is Allah azza wa jal

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he the one who brings the disaster, for that will be directed towards Allah. When you are cursing time you are cursing Allah azza wa jal, because time by itself is not a it's a lot of mechanics that it was a man, it's just a period of time. So when you're cursing time, you're actually cursing the Owner of Time. Like for example, if I come to a Sheikh and I asked for a fatwa

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and the chef is very reputable. The Kitab and Sunnah and he gave me a fatwa that is authentic. And I said I cursed the fatwa.

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I'm actually cursing

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the sheikh. Right? Because what does the photos what does the cursing photo mean? Fat was nothing. Similarly when we curse the time that's why

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is prohibited because you are actually cursing the one who controls the time, the One who created the time time. I'm continuing to tie the words of Imam Noah harmala Time means the man which cannot do anything in and of itself, for it is just one of the things that have been created by Allah. The meaning of the phrase, Allah is time and Adair means that he is the one who causes those events and accidents to happen and he's the creator of all that happens when Allah Who to Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala in many places in the Quran, and many sorrows that we all know by heart, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala have sworn by time so imagine Allah swearing by time and the person is cursing time

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will last all right, well, fetcher will Lael Wanda hair work Doha, all these all? Allah subhanaw taala is waiting by the time and Allah is clean, and he does not swear except by our theme. Allah subhanaw taala Salim and he only swears by what is our theme? Now?

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Our life yeah, when you know.

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Let me just die, you know, speak a little bit about

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the concept of time.

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If I ask you, some of us here, Dr. Bonilla, how long you've been in the States.

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20 years. Most of us born here were born here was Maval. How long?

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22 Salmaan

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1816? Who else?

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You're new

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this team 1555. Zero, you look for

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Wow. So the point I'm trying to make is anyone who has been here for a long time you ask them because I'm Italian.

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Not an American gentleman.

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21 you ask them you, everybody agrees whoever said 20 3050 They will say that. So just like yesterday, right? As if I just came. So the time if you do not take advantage of it.

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That will take advantage of you.

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life is that period of time that we have above the ground. And what we do in that period of time determines our eternal destination.

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is big.

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This is big, this is really big. But unfortunately, look how we treat our time. If every single one of us please please like I always say I want people to benefit from my talks. And we all live with a reflection and an action plan.

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How much time do we personally every single one of us waste waste literally waste there is no benefit whatsoever.

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Every single day.

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So much. If you just most of us, most of us the most a bad that that we do is solid.

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If you take if we something general to all of us, it will be solid. Many of us do not fast many of us do not you know spend a lot of time reading Quran or making vicar The salad is what is common to all of us. And if you look at our salad Subhan Allah any

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let's assume it is 10 minutes 10 minutes times 515 minutes even though some Salawat are

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colinas acting 15 minutes, let's say one hour, one hour from 24 hours and they say seven eight hours of sleeping up Subhan Allah the rest is what what am I doing? I know some people might say share a llama

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working is a bad time comes in a lot of Bellamy's working

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we are so you know

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in love with this dunya that gradually and slowly we are losing our identity

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jobs that are haram we start making them Halal mixing with other genders young lads Okay, not a big deal. I don't mean anything.

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The the rubber involved the numbers Okay, I have nothing to do with it. You

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Yanni we are

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in so many things that are, we know, if we sit down and concentrate, we will know that they are not permitted.

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But we keep going, forgetting that our risk has been determined by Allah azza wa jal, Allah He that the shaytaan have done such an amazing job

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tricking us slowly and gradually not Not, not in one day, immediately you get up and you start praying, no, no, no, slowly and gradually, slowly, and gradually, you get used to things and think until you think they become normal. Until they, they keep bombarding us day and night about certain issues that are immoral until we think, and we start believing that, you know what, maybe I'm wrong.

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Subhanallah so let's go back to the time, you know, one brother sent me something very interesting, he said

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a man was sitting by the

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ocean, at night, in the dark, he was walking, and then he sat down, when he sat down, he, he found that there's a huge bag, he put his hand in it, he found the stones. So he took the stones and start throwing them in the water. So he enjoyed the sound of the stone, you know, hitting the water. So he kept on throwing them and it was a lot of them.

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He kept on throwing them and throwing them until the light start, you know, coming, the fishery start coming. And then he looked it was last rock, he looked, it turned out to be diamonds.

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So he regretted every single moment that he you know, every single rack that he threw. Similarly, our life, we are throwing these periods of time that we have in order so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us at 10am, cumson Kubla comes, take advantage of five, before five, take advantage of your youth, before you get old, there are so many things that some of us would love to go back and become in their 18 or 20s. So they could do so many, I want to fast I want to do this, I want to go for that. Well, I want to invite people to Islam, I want to, you know,

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your time is gone and you will not do much in it. So I advise my young brothers and sisters to take advantage and really take advantage of the youth before the knees start aching and the eyes start

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shaking and all that stuff SubhanAllah. So take advantage of five take care take advantage of your youth become before you get old, and take advantage of your health before you get sick. Take advantage of your health before you get sick and take advantage of your wealth before you become poor.

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And take advantage of your

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empty time free time before you get busy and take advantage of your life before your death.

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We have given a couple few months ago about you know, people wishing that they could come back and play to Raka.

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And you know, we get so

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carried in, in life. That hotbar is just another talk

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sitting down and these kinds of things. It's just because I don't want to go home.

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imagine somebody or if we see someone burning $100 bills, we will say He's crazy. He's was known right? When we are wasting time. We are doing the same exact thing.

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If I

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if tonight is my last night,

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if tonight is my last night, tonight, that's it.

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What would I do from now till midnight? Midnight? They're going to curse and my life. What would I do from where I sit down on Facebook or WhatsApp or watch a movie and

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what would I do? I would do so many things. For you.

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Who told you that my night tonight is not my last night.

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Tonight could be our last night here one every single day. We have somebody brothers also passed away brother son so his cousin passed away. Brother son so his son was only 20.

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And he we are so involved in this dunya that the announcement of our US of us the parting is out of the questions not now. No, no, no. No. Long time. We still have a very long time. I'm only 30 I'm only 20 I'm only 40

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I'm healthy, I'm wealthy. And there's some that excuses we give to ourselves even though we know for a fact, for a fact, it's coming. And he's second it's coming. And we waste time we waste so much time will lie we have so much time and we put so much attention and effort on the thing that is guaranteed the risk, the risk is guaranteed Jen does not

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the effort all the effort we put is on what is guaranteed and what's not guaranteed. We do not give it much effort.

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All our effort is what am I going to do now? What what business I'm gonna go in what job what this what, and don't get me wrong. Of course we all know there's nothing wrong with that. But when is that when that becomes my main concern. All my thinking is about how can I get bigger and better and more and more and more and slowly, slowly, you would notice that you start skipping Fisher and Gemma, you start skipping a shot and Gemma, you start skipping attending the Haluk has slowly slowly gradually until God forbid novela even stopped praying

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you start going to Joomla This is how it starts gradually and slowly because you get involved in dunya and the shaitan Keaton NO NO NO at least you are donating at least you are praying at least you are doing this and doing that all of a sudden you see in that Allah and Allah his own brother verdurous passed away. Now.

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Yesterday he was giving us a HELOC

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this time is up. So we concentrate a lot on what is guaranteed. Guaranteed, you know

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a surah that we all know by heart

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sortal Inshallah, and I'm not sure I know Cassandra right. And I'm not sure like Cassandra well Donna and Kozak lady uncovered, Barack. Then

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what a fan I look at the clock in

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in the manosphere SmartFit either. ferrata fansub you know what does that mean?

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Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he finished your work in the daytime? And your and what was his work?

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That was

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when he finished all that work. What do you do? Go rest. Get up in the middle of the night and stay up or pray. Love that now we changed the fader for Dr. Phil lab.

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Go play.

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either ferrata fansub when you finish all that work, yeah rasool Allah, you're the best man all day long. The teaching people inviting people to Dean getting very upset of why this is not believing why. At the end of the night, get up and pray vkM unsub

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Imam Hassan Basu Allah

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He said a dunya

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dunya Falletta yo dunya is three days

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Imams fuck at the hub be Murphy as of yesterday it's gone. What can you do about it? Yesterday I lost this yesterday I missed my plane yesterday I did this yesterday. I did that it's gone. What can you do? You keep you can keep talking till till the Day of Judgment nothing's gonna bring back yesterday. Yesterday's gun.

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Um, Speaker There they'll be Murphy. One. merDan Fernanda Colette with Rico.

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As for tomorrow, you might not make it

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for like a young family. So all is left is today.

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So go ahead, take advantage of it. There's no bringing back to yesterday, and there's no guarantee guarantee. Or so all you have is that's it this moment.

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Take advantage of it.

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We are supposed to take advantage of

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every single moment to the level. You know the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if someone if one of you has a small, very small plant in his hand, and he saw the clear mouth coming

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What does he do with it? planted?

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Oklahoma, it's not like there's an earthquake.

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There is a hurricane. No, no, no. Done. Finish life. All life is done. Yet so Allah was who's going to benefit from this. The camera is not like the country is going to be evacuated for two weeks. No

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cuyama planted

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tickets I'll do something good. And when I say do something good

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brothers and sisters

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of course it's number one, but also any, any kind of benefit to humanity anything that plan Trishula Hasulam did not say planted for the Muslims plant could benefit many, many people

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take advantage of time to the level that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith,

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masha Allah Azza Colvin measured Listen, let me egg karula huffy when you salute him in can i lay him Tara Fincher where insha Allah for Allah Han,

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no group of people who are sitting in a gathering and this happens a lot, masha Allah in Dallas every Saturday there is you're invited somewhere, right? Every Saturday Friday Mashallah. I called with his brother. I want to invite to Allah He has booked for two three weeks, Mashallah.

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In five years, not five years, and the first year I came to Dallas, I went to dinner as much as 2527 I spent the New York

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the first year only in Dallas, mashallah the people have time hamdulillah which is great. This is amazing, beautiful.

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But what is the problem? The problem is, we finish all these gathering without remembering Allah for a minute or so la Salam said when a group of people gathered and they did not mention Allah azza wa jal and they did not make Salat upon me when I'm you salute salute and they became they did not make a lot on their prophet.

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What happens here a surah Allah, that gathering was Tierra. What does that mean? Hazara wanna dama it was it will be something that they will regret on the Day of Judgment.

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So at the end of the gathering, or in the middle of the gathering, and I mentioned this many times, brothers 100 anatomy we had a great time mashallah The food was amazing. Let me just remind you I heard something in a halacha I heard something on the radio I I got a message beautiful message called Allah, Allah rasool Allah one minute is a common locker

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any is gonna What is it gonna ruin the no Allah you have blessed the gathering. You have blessed the home that you are in. You have blessed everything, they will thank you so much on the Day of Judgment.

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Because you made that gathering. You took them out from the Dharma and the hustler from the regret of being in that gathering. And another narration which same exact statement. Also last I sent him said Can a Hong Kong energy fit him or

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as if they were gathered on a on a dead donkey if they get up without mentioning Allah?

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Just a small Hadith

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Kalamata and Kathy fatahna attorney Allison attorney Phil Misa Habib attorney Rahman Subhanallah Subhanallah loving brothers and sisters, I heard a beautiful Hadith two words light on the tongue the heavy on the scale beloved to the right man Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Allah them Zakka malaco aka masala

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finish Allahu Akbar, you never know. Wow. The brother who might leave that gathering his driving and saying Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah you start accumulating, accumulating asset without even noticing. And you've kept the gathering full of Baraka. So to

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to go there to go back to to our our Hadith, it is haram to curse time. It is haram to curse time because time is just a period. It's nothing. When we do that, as if we are crushing Allah azza wa jal they Is it okay, if I say

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without complaining today, it was very, very cold day.

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Is that okay? Well, haram

00:24:10 --> 00:24:15

No, no, I'm not saying it's a bad thing I'm saying today was really really cold. They are a very, very hot day.

00:24:16 --> 00:24:26

Is that haram? No, don't be scared. Now. everybody's scared. But you know what, you know what's? You know what's annoying? What's annoying, really? Is that

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when someone start cursing the rain, how many times I heard it so many times.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:44

Three days? Disgusting. gloomy. What is this? Hello Lakota. Lola.

00:24:45 --> 00:24:51

You know, my brother that there are people dreaming of a drop. They're staying maybe up all night.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:59

Please. And you are complaining and and being disgusted also? Who's bringing the rain down?

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Who knows what we need and how much drain do we need? Allah? So hamdulillah Allah colohan So there's nothing wrong with saying it's a cold day it's a hot day. What is the problem with cursing time? Because if you think

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two things number one what we explained is that you will be crushing Allah stuff Allah Allah the second if you consider that time really can do it by itself. Time by itself can harm or can benefit that even worse because now you're committing shirk.

00:25:34 --> 00:25:57

Right you understand? First is wrong because time is nothing if you think time is nothing but in order when you curse with a good cursing Allah which is really bad. Second, if you think that time is actually by itself can cause benefit or harm, and that's why you're cursing it. That's even worse because now you're committing shirk. Time is what is time like we just said, What is just a fact? Well, that was a fatwa.

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Okay, so insha Allah Tala and hopefully this is a reminder not to fall into Allah subhanaw taala send the Quran well, who will lead the Giada Leila when the hara killed Fattah lemon Arada Cara, cara de Shakira and he is the one who has put the night and the day in succession. For such who desires to remember Allah and desires to be grateful to Allah azza wa jal. That is why the day and night are here to constantly remember Allah and constantly be grateful to Allah azza wa jal May Allah make us all from the shakin in the alaafin on our homes with love and mercy and peace and tranquility and harmony. May Allah protect all our children from any harm. May Allah subhanaw taala

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unite our hearts may Allah subhanaw taala make our last words Illa Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, but Allah Allah and Muhammad Ali or subdomain, please make a lot of Salam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and please come to measure tomorrow at 630 Baraka Luffy comm Salaam Alaikum

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