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November 3, 2018- Part 2


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The lack of knowledge and support for the police and upcoming rebellion in smaller towns is discussed in the Middle East. The speakers touch on the idea of "important" ideas, including the idea of "important" ideas, which can be carried on throughout the political process. The construction of a trench in Afghanistan is discussed, with the need for flexibility and efficiency in the digging process to prevent horse accidents. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a trench to hold the wall in order to prevent horse accidents and finding a trench to prevent horse accidents.

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I mean, we don't know anyone. And whilst

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I've been, I've been stretching this out for a while hoping that the producer would get up to say that.

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Okay, that's fine.

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So that's a bunch of things that happened to fix here. Just before before we come to the moments that we're gonna talk about today. So once the problem is always having found out that 10,000 People were marching and making their way to Medina, he got to the Sahaba, as he always does, and he called upon them and said the thing that he says every time for quite a while to you and so people write me your your advice, keep telling consultants, I'm consulting you. I'm asking you for opinions. What do we do? Where do we go?

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10,000 people were coming. It was a habit of thesis trip appeal. When you heard the word 10,000. When you heard the number they looked at each other like yeah, you guessed it, Allah You mean You mean like what that was? You know that 10,000 10,000 minutes Allah, I should have died

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when his Arabia everything. You must have made a mistake, but has aided their intelligence to

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proceed as a machine made a mistake. No pun intended.

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And assembled. There's no tribe that has 10,000 people. Yeah, the thing is, it's not one tribe is details of manipulation. 3400 Sulayman 300 from SGR and 50 people from here and 100 people from there all together. 10,000 people in this hobby looking like everyone. Yes, everyone, everyone is coming to kill us have

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right, that's probably the most concerning meeting you'll ever have. Because the Quran actually records his story. In such intensity. It's way better than whatever, I won't be able to tell you, you'd have to resort lies out there. So

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the Confederates and the army that marched to Medina is called the army of Edessa. The Confederates meaning all the groups that came together, and before on record is very, very

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precisely the psychological reaction that happened as a hobby. And how they kind of went with this, let me tell you the story, that the end of what to read to you the verses, I'm going to explain them to you, and you're going to find that the verses are way, which were beautiful, and the recorded things that are much more important, the lessons to learn from this.

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So, so hover, in a moment of panic, and fear, and you've just been asked what to do. So everyone's giving opinions, because they don't know the so we thought we should maybe 90, maybe we should, you should, I don't know, ask for some help. So I'm looking for some of the tribes around us to come and help us with rocket science says, Well, none of the tribes we don't want to ask people who don't believe in the DNA to actually fight with us that's not ready for that yet. Okay, I was gonna well, then maybe we should go in and stand on the mountain. Because they can make it up to my mother, it's so hard to get up just like we did at the end of the battle. I think everyone is still in the

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mountain until until they get bored, and they leave. And the problem is like, well, how are we gonna eat, drink or die from starvation? We don't have enough food in Medina to take up anyways.

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And they come home with ideas, what are the ideas of actually how we leave those? We migrate? Gosh, we just take everything just move up north asked me that assess, you know, the different kingdoms that existed in the northern part of Arabia and the southern part of Syria, Lebanon, how would they maybe they can give us they can protect us or something? Leave the other one. I'm not running.

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Let's have a look. We only have 1500 people who hear your story. Some of them real.

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There are people your age that will come and say you want to fight? And the problem is I didn't know that was a no, no, but let me see how old you are. See how strong were you when a lot of people won't be accepted, they wouldn't be accepted, they were sent home and they'd be crying because you want to stand and fight. And he needed all the people he could get. Because you only have 1500 people who carry some of them very old, some of them too young. And 10,000 were marching 10,000 were properly trained, prepared. Every tribe in Arabia sent at least one representative. So if a tribe was too small, it was too busy. At least one person, one of their best mates to to fight why?

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Because everyone I did like to be a part of this, just like they tried to kill him. And so I said, I'm in Medina, I'm a mechanic trying to tell him, what did they do? They told me that I was bringing a guy from each tribe, and then we'll wait for him to come on, and then we'll hit him all at the same time. Now they're gonna say, Well, who killed him, they have to get back over all of us did you kind of fight all the lessons within the 15 tribes and play all of us, and then it would have been a lesson we'll just take the do is take the money, and that would be quite, so they want to do the same thing here. I'm gonna get all of us together, let's work together and vote.

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So that they can carry on all these ideas we need to do. And then a guy who speaks now this guy, his name is Sandman.

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In any other traditional Arabic guy they just never would have never spoken, would never have the guts to actually open his mouth to speak in a museum for two reasons. First of all, he has gone there. That's one thing Arabs are known to be used to before this. We used to be extremely racist if you if you weren't there in Congress to speak. The second thing is he had just freed himself from slavery. So he used to be a slave that makes it even lower on the social and the social Yaniv hierarchy. You're not supposed to speak at all. So in any other gathering, this man would have never had the guts to actually speak and imagine how he never spoken what would have happened but

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listening to it all ended with freedom.

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If I ended this year with me or accidentally you and I wouldn't be here because how would you know? They would have come to Indiana destroy this and the story would have died right there. That would be that nobody's gonna be just a part of history books. Yeah, there was a small rebel rebellion in the hills and probably wouldn't make it to your history books. But this man spoke, he was allowed to speak, he had the confidence. He knew that he was respected. He knew that he was equal to those sitting around him. So he felt like he could speak if I was out in public and I can say what I want to say

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So he said, If he asked it, Allah, Masha, Allah honeyberries. In

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particular, we're putting them out in the 100.

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Or so Allah see what needs to be in people of Persia aspersion come from produced also the man of the person

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from Persian bridges with what is given to the

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puck without a moment. He said, we used to we used to live there, I remember that if we were raided by a unit that we're going to be raided by trial by a country that were stronger than us. And we were smaller in numbers, lesser numbers, and they were more than us. What we did was he would trench around each other on ourselves. So he used the 100, which is a noun, you use that as a verb, is it conduct now, which is not actually that shows these Arabic isn't? But I've done that, to see that. That's what he said. So decide what kind of giggle some people have left. It's almost knowing whether he was serious or joking. They laughed and thought was a joke. You know, whatever. Sometimes

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it happens in a group and somebody says something and he's seriously hilarious, because sort of dumb, and then you're like, Oh, you're serious. Okay, that makes it even funnier. What do you what are you saying? So someone's father when he when he said this, they lie, like,

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dig a trench? Medina listen to this guy. Is that true? Yeah, of course. Let's dig a trench around Medina. And then they look at me as like totally mysterious. At the bottom slice that I was thinking. No, no, we

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just so telling me how do you do it. So similar to explain, so you would like to get tickets and shovels and we would go into the ground and we make it like a good couple of meters wide and coming into super deep and make sure all the rubble all the rubbish rubble would come on the side of where we would sit on the other side and guard the trench that we take, and they couldn't make it, make it make it to our side.

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That was harder like lemmings is easier yesterday considering this. Now, before I can do this,

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I always find it amazing or astonishing how how open minded the prophets, Allah and he was like this is he this is a foreign idea of a foreign person.

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Usually people are a bit older, and he don't like pointing things. If you're older and age, you know exactly what I'm talking to you about. If you if your father is older and age, you know what I'm talking about, too. Usually people have been older, they get fat in their late, they don't like new things. They don't like you anything really they they're not open to any new ideas, or any guy a new phone to them is offensive. And you know, channels that go on TV is bothersome. Everything that is new is just That's not how we used to do it as it wasn't the way you use it. It was way better. But it never is. But that's what they say anything right? It's always the new stuff are horrible. And

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then years ago, I knew I knew and I

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would probably say yes at that point. But anyways, this is the idea that you don't like new things. The problem is how old is he? Now there's a 50 of his age about how old is he? You know, someone who did math really quickly?

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45 Yeah, he was he became a prophet at 40. Then he's been in Medina, Medina for how many years? 13 years, how many 53. Now five years over. So 50 5050 Nice. He's getting older. Yeah, he's always open minded person in the group. There are people who are younger, who are open minded to the ideas, and then not just because it's for him, but because it was extremely tiring. That's why because we'll talk about this in a moment. And you're not gonna like what this actually means in terms of trenching around around themselves. But this is going to indicate the relevance, I was very open minded. And he actually appreciated authentic original ideas. If you have something to say that was

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new and different. You wanted to listen to what I saw. So you understand it this week, you didn't think that things had to be always done a certain way. He wasn't closed minded. I hate the fact that when we try to follow him from I send them somehow you're falling into under Paul's mind and like, doesn't make any sense. If you are truly following him for life. And you would take from him the fact that you have such an open mind and human being that you listen to people and listen to their experiences. And he took from him behind that he could take from it. And I can't think of a better example than the story illusion. Because this is the most bizarre idea I've ever heard of. seriously

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think of the idea of digging a trench on a city makes no sense at all. And it's a bizarre concept. And he's open minded enough to say,

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let's just think

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because he ought to do it through a piece of information that people have either thought about yet, but to actually consider it shows you a certain level of open mindedness that I don't know that exists that that well in the world, and it bothers me if you follow

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hence the lesson you love and you want to be like if you end up close minded, you're someone who I knew your fuse something just because it's not because it's wrong. But because it's new.

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newness is not a criteria for refusal of anything, really.

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So you'll, and you'll see how this will however be flexible as well. They're flexible community, they didn't like it at the beginning.

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But they're gonna he's gonna go on to using it. Because you're like, you know, somebody's talking about dig a trench? We don't know we're doing a different construction workers. How do you do this? It's impossible, isn't it? It's not like you're living on the beach in Medina where it's just like, he just said, No, this is wrong. We are young, very primitive tools. It's just a picket and a shovel. And what is it a pig, a pig in a shovel alone, another chisel, whatever holding other stuff that they're very simple. There's very simple, simple stuff that they're going to use. And this is gonna take the same amount of time. But the problem is I said, Hold on, let me look at the next

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page. So you have some pictures coming up. Alright. So the way it works is like this Medina is, is, is historically known to be a city Bay in 114, Albina Mateen. They're too big between two pieces of land from the east and the west that are literally dead land and you cannot do anything. You can't grow anything in it. You can't live on it. You can't walk on and nothing embarks on this not even tanks today. Not even not even modern cars and modern army armies can actually move on these two, they'll have 100 wealth and how about

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we'll come up in a moment I'll show the children to you. And these are basically just volcanic rock what happened there historically, I'm not 100% Sure, I don't know why. But this is just black rock that is extremely, extremely deep between East rock and the other is an extremely deep fall isn't it you could easily slip into one of them and never be found I remember I had a My dad has had a friend go down below for a walk away next I used to take me he was an historian used to take around Medina showing me all these things and he was an amazing guy he gave me an Arabic sword they still haven't Syria and he took me to Hawaii and he took the rock and he dropped it and he told me to time so I

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timed my time is seven seconds before he hit something

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I timed seven seconds were actually hit something you could easily slip into it and never be around ever again. It is just it's just to me if you ever go to Medina has to be taken there just to just to go see it and observe it. So you know so really from from the east and the west, Allah subhanho data has protected Medina you can enter the user base. Now the southern part are just walls the walls of the three tribes and what I love and you know Xena meadow came upon their walls and their forests and their castles are literally plugging up to so they're parts of video. So you cannot enter the southern from Medina from the cell unless they open these huge gates and the gates were

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huge. I'm talking about you know, bigger than that wall. Sometimes these doors were way higher than way wider than the walls of the Mr. Huge doors, you could not penetrate them or what you did. So if they didn't want to open up who are getting in, so the only part of Medina that is accessible is the North. That's it. Now that the Providence was I was like Yeah, well we already have agreements with the Jewish tribes and yourself not to open the doors if they weren't to help us defend Medina and Allah azza wa jal had defended Medina from the east in the West for us. So all we need to do is really defend the North who told me again I said like how did you How do you guys get this SMSFs to

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explain and it's a habit of doing simple math and arithmetic into their mind in their minds.

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How, how, why it is the northern opening of Medina you know what it is? It's five kilometers, five kilometers. Now in order for them to dig something that is worth it, we have taken it and bring it

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to the top

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in order for this to be big enough, right? So how does it be five kilometers so this is Medina let's say this is a small

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new sheriff Medina so you gotta think in Medina This is the northern part of Medina and you have a hub was that was that one the ports are right there. And this is these northern part of Medina right. So you would have to dig a trench from this side over here from where the hollow begins on the left on the west to where the hammer begins over there on the east. And this is going to be a five kilometer

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trench now in order for it for it to work because if they dig in maybe if this is how big a deal is going to be I think then easily the President comes just has to pick up he's going to do is go like this and then he's on the other side of it. So it's not gonna work you have to have it wide enough and you have to have a deep enough order for this to actually work so how would you how deep and wide does it have to be so we're not sure I presented I'm gonna give you the the basic idea 10

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and around three meters deep, right? So has to be three meters deep.

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We're talking about the woods, all this, this how why? So so as you can understand over here, right because this is this is we're that's the eastern side of Medina. This is the western side of Medina and we're going to put a five kilometer trench

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Here's why this has to be so as to be four meters wide, or three meters wide, I think it was three meters wide and four meters deep. We're not 100% Sure, but something like that. So this here is what is missing. So right here, so here's 400.

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This is how wide the trench has to be.

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I understand what I'm saying is how wide it has to be.

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When you look at that for a moment,

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you see how, why does have to be done this way, this whole line the trench needs to be why because I am coming from grace. And I'm jogging to this, how wide was my horse can just jump because horses can jump and some of them are well trained. Or I can get a couple of pieces of woods and just put them from one side to the other. And if you're going to slide so has to be four meters wide for this to work.

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Imagine like there's a hole between me and Muhammad that's four meters wide. And then it has to be three meters deep. So let's just split this down to three meters.

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I'm not sure how we're gonna do this. But

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all right.

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Sure, actually, I wanted to I wanted to keep this was with this data. Some of them are really quite

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some of them are pretty strong and can get to I just wanted you guys have an idea how high this will be.

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think you get the idea. You get the idea. This is how deep this has to be.

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In order for this to work. So I need a four watt meter wide strength. And a three meter deep trench, right? In order for the horse is not to just come and just it will be like because if you don't do it that way, it'll just be a sport for the horses to discover, oh, look, we have like a little you know, they'll give us a joke with the horses go jumping onto the side. And so he none of us knew that was it. So yeah, he's an extra exercise. If you actually get this done, it has to be deep enough that the horses fallen they die. Or if someone falls into this, they actually and it has to be wide enough for them not to be able to jump jump across it is going to be so big and so wide. And

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when I tell you the story is it can be a battle that's gonna happen inside The Trench. Remember that hurt. So

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a few people that stand and they're gonna fight. That's how we're going to try to intervene.

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Now, we're coming to the math part.

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So I want you California to reform so that you can cheat

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so all the rubble that comes from this diggy Where's gonna go on the Muslim side. So there's a mountain of rubble on the Muslim side. So now it's three meters deep, and then another two or two metre and a half deep of rubble on the other side. So is it possibly can't do it anymore. They can't make it. That's what they had to do with like that. Now that the entrance potentially part of the map is actually this this house is going to be so how many cubic meters is this trench going to look like? So 5000 meters, times three times four. So what is this gonna try and do?

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So 60,000 cubic meters, right, that's, you know, huge is that really, really big. I don't know exactly what to draw upon passivity. But I'm gonna do something a bit more interesting for you.

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There's going to be 1500 people working at the artist trench, right? The proper installation and the way you're gonna have it divided 60 groups, each group 25 people, each group has a leader. And they're going to be given around 83 meters today. So they're going to be given this is a five kilometer trench, it 25 People are going to be assigned at three meters to do you have to take these 80 meters to make this as as efficient as possible. The progress is central to this, you will dig it and you will defend it. So if you don't dig properly, and they come through from your side, you're the first person to get killed so you're gonna dig it in that defendant so you better dig well so

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that they don't come you know, they don't enter Medina from your side perfect. So let's go back to that picture again.

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Going backwards

00:19:28--> 00:19:28

all right.

00:19:30--> 00:19:50

Okay, so take a look. So you can see the Hello, welcome. On the eastern side. And how about the robber we see on the on the western side, and down here, way over down here. Yeah, this is where you where the is not in the big picture, but that's where the for instance, and the castles in the wall of the Jewish tribes existed and then up there

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and then you can see with us to the 100

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They can go if

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that makes sense.

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departments. Imagine how much information about select said I've had, from a geographical point of view to know this. You know, he's a leader. So I sent him that very exceptional person. He knew that he knew the geography, but I live in living in London for five years, I don't know how to get to work with him, the commissioners told me I don't want I don't even know if they actually intersect or not, I don't know, the provenance. I said, I'm new, the geography of a city that he wasn't rewarded. You're not a part of, but he knows exactly how the city works to actually make this idea. This isn't a state ID, I don't know, if you appreciate how, how can I design his idea, actually, is

00:20:30--> 00:20:34

to dig a five kilometer trench. But

00:20:35--> 00:20:36

let's keep on going.

00:20:37--> 00:20:50

So the same thing, over here, I have the southern part and come over there from the numbers as rocks, I think that was only 50 people, the number of Muslims in Medina were 3000. But not all of that I can find only 50 not as good.

00:20:53--> 00:20:55

As another picture, I knew another one that was nice.

00:20:58--> 00:20:58


00:20:59--> 00:21:14

so I can see how much how much too often. And how much Oberon on the eastern one, and then jump and a year. Now there are all the forts, and the castles existed in it, and all they had to do is just close up the northern part. Keep on going.

00:21:20--> 00:21:29

You're gonna need to like that. So that's where the 100 is gonna be in Java, this is very important right there. So that's the mountain of satellites, really important part of this story.

00:21:30--> 00:21:31

So let's do the math again.

00:21:33--> 00:22:09

So if you have 60,000 cubic meters that you need to need to be done, of course, you only have 10 days to do, they're gonna be on the outskirts of Medina and 15 days, Confederation and negative 15 days. So the problem is not going to finish this job in 15 days. It can they can arrive. But wait a second, we have to finish this last couple of years are beginning. No, you have to be done and prepared and ready before they actually make it make it here. So they had to finish this in 10 days. So the attendees to dig 60,000 cubic meters. Now there's only 200 People who aren't the people who can do the math, how much do you need to do 4040 cubic meters, right?

00:22:10--> 00:22:16

What is What are you doing? It is as easy I can I can tell you a 4040 cubic meters is your rules.

00:22:18--> 00:22:49

That is the volume of your room when you go home tonight, and you lie down in a room or you look around, what you see is give or take 40 cubic meters, that's what it is. Because usually most loans are four by three by four or four by three by three, something like that. So it's around 40 cubic meters, cubic meters. So basically you if you were there if you were standing there with sandbags, I understand what is the hull of the earth segment say they laughed. When you're talking about I'm gonna have to dig 42 If there's in 10 days with a shovel and effect that sense.

00:22:50--> 00:22:55

It's all rock but he does everything till this day. If you go to Medina, the demand is just it's just pure rock.

00:22:56--> 00:23:06

You'd have to dig the volume of your room. Imagine digging your room in your backyard digging a hole big enough is because because your rope

00:23:09--> 00:23:09

of course

00:23:13--> 00:23:44

would be nice. But when I tell you this, I actually did this. In Syria, I've given just numerous times. So I remember I gave something similar and I told people how about we try this. And I got volunteers I got 10 volunteers don't want Shabaab in high school. And they love their job. And we went out because I come from a country that's just all mountains if you come from Lebanon and Jordan and Syria, it just mountains everywhere. So we just actually asked you to note to Charles and we took pics and we went up the mountain and we went I took with me the tape and we