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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The use of the phrase "the message is on your parents" in modern context is meant to signal a period of abuse and confusion, and is used by Jesus to encourage his parents to be excited for their new job. The transcript describes a conversation between a speaker and a caller about the Arabic language and its use, and emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's parents and children. The speaker also mentions a person named Joem who has experienced a "has" in a situation where someone is missing, and reminds the caller to never enter a situation where someone is missing. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences and taking care of loved ones.
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Hello imamo Muslim so hey here and maybe Hawaii, Radi Allahu Anhu call call an abuse of Allah Allah Allah certain hastening Muslim, right to us by Boko Haram. There's a hadith that has at least three or four different wordings, meaning you've heard this Hadith from in different forms. There's a form that actually I prefer that I'm not narrating tonight, because it has additional things to it. And I want to keep the Hadith as specific as specific as possible or focus as possible to the theme of treating your parents with excellence and your relatives and

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good revalidate and so it's a rock

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star etc.

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And I will come to a point where I point out a few things that are a little bit more contemporary, but I just want to make sure that we establish the importance of this topic, the topic of believing from the, from the mouth of the prophets of Allah is I do sell them so there's there's no doubt or confusion, when I point out maybe some exceptions that need to be watched out for within the modern context, because we fully believe that the issue of delivery then is it comes right after saying like, hey, Lola, the moment you believe in Allah subhanaw taala acceptance prophecy Alia Sato so let me turn to this piece and this what he said Allah has chosen Colorado and fuku to model Him and who

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who model a mindful so the word Rama and for whom this is not a word, it's a phrase, it's a complex, isn't it linguistic complex in Arabic, for something interesting knows, obviously, ROM ROM is when something you're forced into something in a humiliating manner, and they would use Ronnie might inform me that your nose is being forced into the ground or into the into the dirt. And that's usually the usage of this of this phrase. So we're talking about infill, it's in the in the in the in the phrase or in the term or the past tense. And it works as a DUA. So when I say for example, and this is the opposite, but you understand what I mean, when I say I need all the Allahu Anhu that

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is basically a DUA and this is a form of dua dua can be done in the form of Allahumma in the news a, not an order but a request. Verb Allahumma it'll bind Who are you gonna say all the hola Juan which is also a form of DA and the same thing if say Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad and it's like these main are solid Allahu Allah and both of them are like the neither of them are actually confirming it both of them are asking Allah subhanaw taala for it. So don't be a fool is an actual is actually a dog may may this person's nose be

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shoved in the dirt May this person be humiliated if you want to take it out of the Arabic any old context to the context of today it's like May this person be humiliated and He repeated it three times and the product I think it's awesome is showing by saying it and this is just how he did things on his system that he's very upset with a certain type of person but this person is has made a choice that's so bad may they be forever humiliated because of this horrible choice that they made that's what he's saying it doesn't mean this person forever by nothing but humiliation and just bad things because of this this horrible choice that this person made and he's saying that is awesome

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too. Obviously, can you bring upon some interest within whatever it is we want you to say next? Because not only mountain falls on volume and forth and one of the most you know many of us will Allah and obviously people can ask what you speaking of Takada man, well Edie him, and Al Kibar a Haida Houma, Okita Hema from Mala Mia Collegian. A person who actually meets or spends time

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or is lucky enough to be around their parents when they are older, and they'll give her one of them, or both of them, and then somehow does not enter Jannah.

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Some, meaning this person lived, their parents lived long enough for them to be with them when they are in their elderly age. And somehow they lived with them and that somehow this person didn't get an intergender made that person forever be humiliated and missed. For this for the horrible choices they made. He's saying that is so easy. This is so simple.

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This is not really do you understand it's like a cookie like a bucket Delta Mattila K factor. This is more as a source of data, this showing disappointment in somebody, how could you do this? You know, how could you allow something like that to happen. And if you've played a sport, you've heard your coach say something like that. And it's never they're not actually making dua against you not trying to harm you. They don't actually want you to be hurt or not to be able to play again. But because you're so disappointing in what you did, how easy it was, and you still couldn't get it done, that you deserve this disappointing phrase to be the robot as was I was saying that something

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that is very disappointed. How could you not? How could you meet your parents in their elderly age and still somehow mess it up and not antigen now you must have you must have made a lot of bad choices. And probably one of my teachers said this hadith and these are Hadith. Yeah, and they are almost obviously you understand or almost hopeful for an unbeliever or almost hopeful for someone who doesn't even believe because it's so powerful.

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Same guy. Yeah. He says, obviously someone doesn't believe in Allah subhanaw taala. Yeah, this is something he does not forgive him, as you know. But the wordings of these Hadith are so powerful, it almost gives hope to someone who doesn't have belief at all. And they just treat their parents, right. Because as long as I'm saying, How could you meet them in their old age, and still not intergender? That you have no excuse? You have no clue. I have no knowledge about anything, I have no sympathy for you.

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So you understand exactly that, again, you have to understand the context of the Arabic language. He says, I have no sympathy for you. Yes, you don't understand that. May you never enter it? If Did you meet your parents and old age and not enter it? I have dived. I have nothing. This is your problem. How could you have the fact that you let that happen is just beyond just beyond him. It has slept with him. So he's going to take that and do with it what you will

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remind yourself that when I say these are Heidi's by the way, if you're a father,

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just make sure this is clear to you. When you hear me say these are Hadith,

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when you hear them and you're a father, don't hear them as a father. That's not That's not genuine. And that's not sincere. It's not appropriate. When you hear these Hadith hear them as a son or a daughter, right? It's very important. Never, ever use Islamic rhetoric or Islamic teachings or to self serve. Don't Don't do that. That's not even though you're correct. Even if as a father you can, it's great but it's not appropriate it ends up ends up actually harming the view of the person in front of you. So if you say Allah subhanaw taala says this, as you're telling your son how he should be treating you because or the mother does that doesn't work very well. If you're hearing the

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importance of taking care of your parents and performing very well you then then see that as a son or a daughter, even if you're 70 or 80 or 90 It doesn't matter how old you are, as many Hadith it will cover will show it doesn't matter how old you are. It's someone who has a great grandfather in life is still a son of somebody is still a son of somebody and that's still meaningful. And it's important to remember and if you do care as a father about your your children and you want them to form better well my idea to you would be make it easy for them if you want them to go to Ghana and make it easy and you're the door you're their door to gender don't make it hard. Make it easy if you

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care for them. I think that's what you should learn from these a hadith not the opposite don't and again, this is just a thought to share with you regarding your will email Muslim and peaceful Hey Jana Bihari otology Allahu Anhu calling that the use of Allah Allah who earlier Salam rolling about in football so model Hema and football similarly metaphor to many Rasul Allah Allah when I don't worry they here and they'll keep and they'll keep ahead Akuma Okay, Hema, two millennia collegian sort of Rasulullah sallallahu

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ala ilaha illa just talk about where to go so Allahu wa salam ala Carnaby you know, how do you know karate Are you remember

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