Adnan Rajeh – Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility Istiqamah 1

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of anti-oppression in Islam is discussed, with emphasis on the core Islamic values of justice, corruption, and stewardship. Simply answered questions can help save time and gain knowledge, and simple questions can be answered with a simple response. The speaker also discusses the use of "has" in Islam, which refers to actions taken or answers given, and gives examples of how simple questions can be answered and save people time and gain knowledge. They emphasize the importance of avoiding corruption and avoiding one's definition of Islam, and provide books and examples to help people understand their own definition and apply it to their personal situations.
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Yahweh Al Imam, Muslim, Anthea sahih and of Yamato Sophia and even Abdullah his Takashi Radi Allahu anhu, called the Hadith and I, this is probably one of the I it's been narrated here at least three times before, like in this Masjid Within These Halls. So it's a very famous Hadith and as a short one to where the joint medical him sociology interview, I'm sure it's covered already. But because the theme, I'm going to start something a little bit different.

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So I talked about anti oppression for maybe three and a half weeks or so Subhan Allah was hoping by the time it was done.

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These events would be over two.

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Apparently that's not the case.

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So anti oppression is the

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is justice basically. Right? I'm just looking at it from the opposite perspective, because the Quran does that. The clients sometimes instead of talking about I didn't, we'll we'll talk about oppression and you almost have the anti oppression has its own value. And I'm gonna do the same thing for me to talk about the other two core values of Islam, which are helping this department. We start with this jicama. What is this your comments? Jicama is anti corruption. That's all honesty. Climate is the concept of Mr. Commerce, just anti corruption. And it's something that obviously the Quran is very clear upon, because the split off that you walk in this life is a syllable must have

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been for a reason. It's called Luma steam because it's, and it's not it's the concept of it is not just as a straight line. It's not that you can drive your car and take a right and left when you're going to the destination is the constant, the constant of Mr. Karma is a figurative one, it's a value. It's a principle of not being someone who is corruptible, not being someone who is corrupt. And that's a difficult thing to do in life as you will find out the more older you get and the more it life will test you for sure. It's going to bring to you it's going to bring to your table many offers of corruption time and time again, and you're gonna have to learn to swat them away and, and

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stay focused. And that's This is one of the cores I get these are the core Islamic values. This is what Islam is about. Islam is about justice, no oppression. It's about Stefania no corruption, and it's about how they no no bottom, there's no false. This is what Islam is about before you talk about any other details of what Islamic law is, before you go into any form of dude are talking about No, no, this is what Islam is about. If we don't know how to stand up against corruption, or stand up, or stand against a wall or false, then we don't we're not really we don't understand exactly what it is Islam is about. So what Sophia, so if you had an idealized talk of you said, you

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came to the profile of yourself. So he's got a very normal hobby. But he and this is helpful when those hobbies actually referring that he's not very known, because you'll ask a really simple question. And then he'll offer someone like me an answer that I need. If I'm not going to ask questions, it's going to be complex, and it's going to be extremely profound and detailed, and I probably won't understand his question and to understand the answer. Most of the time is the most the question and the answer a little bit. One degree above my a couple of degrees above my head, but simple. Some of those probably weren't as well known to us simple questions. Bacala Yasser Allah,

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Bali and Islami Poland. Last one who I don't know your luck. Tell me regarding Islam something, say something to me about Islam, that I don't ask anyone else after you about me something that's simple, I don't have to go and ask for interpretation. I don't have to ask someone. Can you explain to me what he just said on his father's terms? Too difficult? No, something I can ask you. And that's it. I take it from you directly. And I go what I do it, I don't have to ask anyone about it. And I don't need any extra explanation. I don't need more context. I need nothing. I just think what you said and that one thing that I asked you is going to save me it'll take me where I need to go.

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Because there Islam is. So the profit out of your slaughter was meant to be Allah he's almost talking.

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Said make the declaration of your belief in Allah subhanaw taala. Say it's safe, meaning declare it, make sure it's clear and then walk the incorruptible path. Just walk that path in Don't be corrupt. Do not allow corruption into your life into your values and to your principles, your decisions into your heart into your mind, get rid of corruption, it's easier said than done. Easier said than done. By far, it's much easier said than done. And I'm going to cover a couple of a hadith over the next maybe two weeks or so. Maybe 70 Hadith or something. And I'll give you examples. Things to think about because you use the word you use the concept of st karma in your daily life you do maybe I'm

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not sure maybe you don't notice.

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Because for example, if someone asks you, Mala hula and is asking for my daughter in marriage, how is that person? They are asking about a stepmom and your answer is about his Chicama you're not really talking about no mashallah when he reads the Quran, masha Allah usual wood and when he prays, his tears are dropping, you'll answer different questions, you will start talking about how they treat their parents and how type of friends they have and how they where they make their money from and what type of job that they run and you'll start folk answering questions almost like it's a reflex you know, what makes a good person you know, what makes a person a straight shooter? You know

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what we all know it on deep on the human side, what actually makes when it matters when it's issue of marriage or we're getting we're going into a business interaction

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Someone we start asking the right questions, because that's really what matters. Whether they pray in the first software or not is, you know, there's a gentleman that obviously, you know, you never, you're not trying to be literal the importance of praying upfront, but that's not how we know if there's just a farmer. And it just, it's just not. That's not how we figured out if you're Muslim, or you're not. So we all know what a sitcom is. And we know what to ask to look for it and find it. We know, we just we just don't ignore it when it doesn't serve us anymore. And when it's not, when we're not doing it, right, we ignore it for a while, but then we ask the questions that matter when

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it actually affects us. So the concept is clear to us. It all comes down to corruption. Do you take shortcuts that are illegal, not illegal, just by the law of the land illegal by the law of God? And as they do, are you someone who casts your nets Friday and picks them up Sunday?

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The Quranic concept or do you know and you understand what it is that was taught and

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you walk the straight path? You are with iman, we Muslim and visa hater here and I'll be honest with you and I did I talk of it. Well, the Allahu Anhu Paul, Paul to ya rasool Allah, Allah Azza Ishmael Bali and it's the only open Islam you hold unless anyone who had an idea like Africa or sun Allahu Allahu Allah Sahil, send them to builder hito Mr. Kim Saqqara Sula. Has of Allah Alia success Michael hamdulillah Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad about nothing and there is a dose Ida chorus dose of Tafseer right

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