Quranic Seerah #09 Allah is Enough for His Prophet

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As much as I would hate to be the bearer of bad news, what remains of Ramadan now is less than what has already passed.

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More than half of Ramadan is officially over. And so we ask Allah to make what is remaining better than one has passed and help us finish finish stronger than we began Allahumma Amin, but also to maintain pace I'm going to have to bring us all the way up to the end of the Meccan period right tonight within the time allotted. We said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions, a group of them went to Abyssinia went to UN Habitat around the fifth year. And then Allah sent reinforcements in the form of people like Hamza and Omar Radi Allahu Anhu ummah. And he also supported him with certain great miracles that continued to grow the momentum for Islam and the

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Muslims. It was like a train was not moving super fast, but nothing was gonna stop it. And it continued to gain passengers. And so likewise, the pressure and the persecution in proportion was ramped up more and more and more, until the makin pagans felt their back against the wall. And they agreed to Dr. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and the believers in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and anyone who supports them, whether they believe it or not, basically out of town. And so they drove Benu Hashem, and the Muslims, the family of the Prophet SAW Salem, and the Muslims and Benu al Muttalib, all to what is known as the Sherab, which is a ravine or a valley, a place between

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two mountains, and they were essentially locked there, no one was allowed to speak to them, no one was allowed to do business with them, no one was allowed to marry from them or to them, all of that. And so the Muslims remains there. For years, the last three years of the first decade of Islam, the seventh and eighth and ninth years about of the Meccan period. And they were suffering such a great deal because only some people could sneak to them a camel load of supplies, which was not anywhere near enough for them would place it every once in a while the mouth of the valley and strike it in it would ride off and they would receive it and that would be it.

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And they would be starving to the point that they would have to suck on the pits of dates to get every last like morsel or speck of sugar off of it to nourish themselves with. They were eating the leaves of trees until their lips became green and blistered. And they ultimately survive until Allah azza wa jal

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inspired some honorable nonbelievers among Quraishi, like a moto Nadi and others to take a firm stand against Quraysh and abolish this boycott and allow them out after three years. But not all of them survived. And among those who were too debilitated by this boycott, was his most beloved wife Khadija of the Allahu anha and his most supportive though non Muslim uncle Abu Talib and that is why the 10th year in Mecca is known as the year of grief because he lost them both in that same year on a salatu salam.

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And then people from Medina has continued hearing about Islam in the Hajj seasons year after year some became Muslim went back to speak to their people brought more they became Muslim, went back got a promise from there people came for a third time and promised not just to be Muslim, but to defend you Oh Muhammad, the same way we defend any family member of ours just come to Medina and Allah permits it and the migration begins out of Mecca to Medina. So that's three years about of the boycotts and three years of the build up towards the hijra, the major hedge and all the Hijra to Almudena.

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If we were to stop at least for one point of surety during the famous Hijra journey, the Muslims traveled north to Medina and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being the leader that he was who led from the front as they say he sent everyone off and was of the last people to travel and when he traveled Abu Bakr Siddiq with him, they went south in front instead of North as a decoy hidden that cave of fellow that we know. And the mercenaries that were on their tail were able to actually track them down even though they went south till they got to the mouth of the cave in the famous incident. And Abu Bakr says to him, oh,

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messenger of God if they just look beneath their feet, because it was a shallow cave just like this, if they got all the way to the cave, so that's it, there's no reason to hope anymore in terms of worldly terms, right? If they now just look under their feet, they will see us and he said his famous statements Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Oh Abu Bakr. What do you think of two individuals to a party of two when Allah is their third do not grieve Allah is with us.

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The Quran actually makes reference to this about 10 years later, when Allah azza wa jal says before one of the most difficult battles due to the distance and how much finance it required and sacrifice Allah said, in town Saru, HuFa Kadena Salah hula he's telling them don't forget the Hijra. Don't forget that moment in the cave. Whether or not you support Mohammed, you need to know Allah has already granted him support without you. In other words, the deen is not dependent on any Muslim or all the Muslims. The Muslims are dependent on supporting the deen right their well being. Allah says whether or not you support him Allah has already supported him. If Raja hula Zina Cafaro on that day

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when he was expelled by the disbelievers meaning of Mecca.

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Fanny F Nene is whom I feel God when they were only two of them. There was no armies that day, there was only two of them in that cave, when he was saying to his companions saying to Abu Bakr, let ASAN in Allah Hama, Anna do not grieve.

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Allah is with us. And so Allah granted him his support without any of the material means. How does this prove his prophethood? You know, if someone doesn't know how amazing the Quran is, and like from a distance as being a skeptic, without knowing any of the proofs of Islam, they may just like prematurely say, but how do we know Mohammed didn't make up that verse? 10 years ago, when we were in the cave, Mohammed wasn't afraid Allah Himself was he could just be sort of painting himself with the best brush. And obviously the simplest answer to that is what

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Abu Bakr was there, right or wrong? If the Prophet SAW Selim was making this up, arugula was making it up with what didn't Abu Bakr lose all respect for him hearing that area? Right? Right or wrong? Is it clear the like, if me and brother Hashem sorry, right, 30 years from now in sha Allah, we're sitting around our grandkids. And I say, I used to hold down I ECPA one time, the guy came in with a gun, may Allah forbid, guy comes in with the gun, and he was like threatening everybody. And I stood my ground. And then brothers Shams, like wait a minute, you are hiding behind me.

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You are using me as your bulletproof shield.

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He would lose all respect for me, but that's not how it went down. Right? But then you go read the biography book, even after the death of the Prophet SAW Selim. He would refuse to differ a hair, a hair from how the Prophet lived on a Sato Salam, he had the utmost reverence for him on his salatu salam, which means what that's exactly how it happened. In that moment, when anyone the bravest souls would unravel, he didn't unraveled salAllahu alayhi wasallam. That's in terms of surety in terms of purity.

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You know, I've been reflecting recently And subhanAllah sort of thought, huh, and the first talk I also added to this, like look at how Allah azza wa jal takes Musa alayhis salam, for instance, from a baby in a basket to turn it into a few fugitive expelled from Egypt, into the liberator of the Israelites, right and a world leader. Look at how, by the way, in the end of the Meccan period, Sudan's use of comes down. And it's not just to respond to the challenge of the you know, Joseph, it almost foreshadows that you're going to have to leave your land Oh Mohamed for that. But look at you. Somebody said I'm story from the bottom of the well to lead a country. And now here it is,

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again, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and the Sahaba, starving to death and all of a sudden they become on top of the world. It begins there officially, if you will, with the move to Medina. This reminds me of a statement for a million Rahim Allah said he says that if you put your trust in Allah for your life, Allah will not disappoint you. Okay? But if you put yourself put your trust in Allah for the deen not just your personal life now for the deen Allah who will not disappoint you in your life and your afterlife. And this is so beautiful, so true. If you try your best to pivot your concerns to shoulder the responsibility of bringing the world from darkness to light.

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Allah Who will take care of your world and your after world and this is in that hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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Salam he said, mandala FIATA hammer who GEMA Allahu Allah He Shimla whomever makes the hereafter his concern Allah who will consolidate your worries

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what your alakina Who fuchal Obey Allah who will purify his heart to a point where he is so contented heart were attached hood dunya we're here are Hema and the dunya will come to him anyway whether the dunya likes it or not against its will and whomever makes this world their sole concern for Rafa Allahu Allah Hashem Allah, Allah will scatter his concerns you're just going to be torn in every direction. What Yeah, Allah Sakura, who Bina ima and Allah will place his poverty nowadays we call it the deficit mindset, right? He will place his poverty right in front of his eyes, all you can see is that I'm at a disadvantage, always feeling like you're chasing while I'm at him in a

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dunya Illa kuchibhotla And you won't get from the dunya anyway, despite that poor quality of life and the chasing and panting you still won't get anyway except from this dunya what was written for you.

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Rootsweb novice one or the Allah who is one of the earliest Sahaba who attended all of the scenes that I've been speaking about for the past two weeks, he says I want you to listen carefully. He says there was a day when I was one seven of Islam seven Muslims on the planet that was one of them.

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And there was a day when we could not find any food except the leaves of trees that filled our mouth with blisters, and or any clothes except that I want stumbled on a cloak and I had to rip it in half and was only able to cover with one half the bottom half of my body and the other half I gave to sad to use for the bottom half of his body.

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He says And now today he's saying this decades later. Now today whoever of us remains alive. Whoever Allah did not choose to be a Shaheed or something who is a ruler over one of these territories.

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He says what I want to be law here and Hakuna fie enough CRV Eman whoring Allahu Savera and I seek protection with Allah from being something great today in my eyes, and being something insignificant than his eyes. subhanho wa taala. So make your greatest concern, the concern of the deen and put your trust in Allah for your deen and not just your dunya I'm gonna get up for fechan I'm gonna tonight snap out of the cultural definition of hijab or cultural definition of you know, family relations, and I'm gonna make it Allah's definition, right? I'm going to be involved I'm going to spend, I'm going to volunteer I'm going to be concerned about the OMA and watch Allah improve your

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quality of life here and set for you the best rank there believe me later Allah wa sallahu wa salam ala kind of Vienna Mohammed. While early he was Sufi, Jemaine