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November 3, 2018- Part 3

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you don't get let's see if you can do it.

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Because why did you at least dig maybe. So everyone started in the first day, and they worked for a couple of hours. And then they they completely gave up because it was impossible. And there's no girls at least dig the hole of one person, all of us together. Let's see if we can dig the oldest one person that that was done back then. So is it okay, so we spent a week going up every day for five hours an evening digging until we finally dug a hole that was big enough. And we had all the rubble on the other side. Unfortunately, I took pictures of it, but on a phone that is no longer available in the world, it's completely destroyed. I don't have any, I don't have that, because we

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just log into the picture of it. And it was something I used for years that it was very interesting. Because we stood there looked at it, it's as powerful as I need to tell us like a week to dig, the amount that one person dug back. And we have better you know, obviously better shuffles and better pics, but everything. We had two meals a day is another point to talk to you about the second. We eat everyday, three times a day, the people we're gonna work on this worked. They were not this big part of the problem is that they were gonna be working and they knew that there was very little food, food very skarsten money and at the time, every week, we don't get miss doing fun event. And

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it makes sense. You could not you could jump in I've done this before I only went to the mercy we did that took the width of the hunt up and idea people to jump you know, three meters, no one can do it. No matter how far you come running, you will not jump 10 years, you're the best you can do is your slam your face into the other side of the hunt up and fall down is the best you can do get this done. Even horses couldn't make it back that far. Like, could we go for a word of it.

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So there you can see.

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There you go. That's an example of what the hunt up would look like the cross section in the hunt. So that's 15 years five. Again, these numbers are the numbers I gave her the numbers are a bit more, I spent a lot of time trying to put up the numbers and the numbers are never accurate. But the numbers I gave you, these are much more generous numbers, I think seven meters wide as a bit would I think that's a bit of a stretch. But it's something like that, there's always going to be a databasing you see where the rubble is on the other side, so the side of the customers, right? So they can sit behind that mountain of rubble, the sit behind behind there and make sure that no one

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here is going to say this is a lot of work to

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keep on going.

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So here are the three main problems. The beginning this, this, this, this whole thing. Number one, there was extreme fear. They were very, very scared that and that makes a lot of sense because 10,000 people are marching or wait, they're gonna make it here 15 days, you never know they may make me earlier and then you think you're a completely complete field.

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All our enemy wants to destroy you. You have no more friends in the whole land opening she was inspired to study the Muslims. So people are very scared. You'll find that in the Quran notic a Boolean. Right was oozing since that day, the Muslims, the believers were were were tested in trial. And they were shocked a very extreme in earthquakes. And since that is earthquake, and then they sort of uses the words inside they were an earthquake hit them psychologically speaking not literally, when they heard that 10,000 word magic, the second problem was finishing on time. That was a big deal. If they didn't finish on time, this whole thing would be to waste it if you're only

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halfway done. And they're they're so lost. You've lost them over as well been a complete waste of time and you're too tired to fight back because you've been digging a hole for 10 days and you haven't slept well. So this was a big you had to finish on time. This to me this meant that Muslims needed to be missing great learning, efficient, or needed. Just like we are today my shoulder very efficient and everything we do getting into parking lots in the parking lot. We are in the shoulder region, peoples who come in and take lessons from how efficient we are in organizing going and coming they had to do this and can do it right and on time and properly. Rail System complete waste.

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The third problem was hunger. It was the wrong time of the year. There was no dates on the trees isn't enough food to eat. They were going through a rough rough patch the the Muslim people in Medina, a lot of money was taken out when they when they left. They took their money with them. And a lot of the wealth that was circulating Medina had gone out of business and gone and there wasn't as much food as there was before. So people were in a difficult patch. We didn't have money, you'd have money to buy food or food physically. There wasn't enough physical food and medium to eat for people. And he's saying the problem so hunger was a big issue. I mean if you're working 11 1215

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hours a day 15 hours a day you're gonna need to eat

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which is how much the products I've worked every day work 15 hours every single day. The time he was working on just go for it.

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with before they see the picture.

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As they worked on this photo,

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they will say to each other John

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I got about one. Ember, Java. I talked to you guys about Java a few lessons ago, I remember him, the guy on the slow camo gave them discount, you got the got the camera and the money. And the guy in the box,

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spoke to the son in law had been hammering the hell out and the guy who, when he died last

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night, what do you want it sent me back to Bill. But here's I had to decline Java. So Java after the sale took interest in him. He took interest in the products, I said that when he made it, he noticed something. But

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we're not going

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to more and should either, as you were working on, I looked at the problem somebody sent me send them working. And when they can see what he used to do on a summons, he would do the he would carry dirt, meaning people were digging and he would go and do the job of you have to carry dirt like before meters onto the side and unloaded. And of course that's very dirty, because your clothes are a mess, I can do that. And when he was doing it one day, I didn't use a shirt comes up on the job and looks nice. I found a profit place and then the stomach couldn't keep going inside. It was this weak stomach was sticking, sticking to his back police officer sort of spot me for so long. But the

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more than cheerleader can vary. It's very small. I noticed that that stat was so so I said This is unreal.

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Give you the picture of how they how they didn't say they needed they needed to have like a small ladder. There's maybe a little bit of a exaggeration of it but I need the gentlelady as I just did the ladder to get up and you have to carry that dirt and carry the dirt is the worst part like if you're just standing there digging after you finish digging, you wait for someone to come and take the dirt you can rest but when you're when you're taking drugs yep that the whole time you're working basically you're going back and forth by the time you're back here there's more dirt to take so you're just working it's the worst job digging is easier for the prophesizing refuse to take

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something easy always the hardest of all jobs to kind of bring them forward and when he he did a slice and the way he did is that he had to go to each group every day he had to go and spend 50 minutes each every group every hour equals where there 60 groups right 60 groups and 150 minutes per each to how many hours you need to spend just just carrying dirt

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you need 12 hours right? I need a quarter of

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it a quarter of an hour for each group every quarter groups you would need an hour and 15 hours to filter 15 hours so you have to spend twice and the more than half the day during the 15 hours 15 hours a day just just carrying dirt please don't lose why to bring up the morale of each and every one every group want to make sure that every group you felt good about every good call that they were being any supported by their products. And then he had another job yet it goes to the job itself. It has done on that mountain because that mountain has been on to where he gets to see the entirety of the hammock is he gonna trench all five kilometers a bit see everyone doing

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it it wasn't quality inspections that you got to take a look at at home or on site they would go and they go back and forth to tradition expecting seeing it as being done well or be curving in or out too much. Is it is it is it is it too narrow in certain points is it too is it not deep enough? Is it not done well enough? Do we not have trouble on this site? It was a big profit system work didn't they? He was never seen so tired never ever before this I should have wanted to hear of course his time and time again they never saw him so I said I'm so tired as much as they saw him during this time let's go forward

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all right. So this is what i This is the part of the story that I enjoy

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after they immediately change and it wasn't a miracle that they actually agreed to do it

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the prophets I send them made the groups and put the leaders teach group

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should I should I go?

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I see

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a long way to go oh

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I can remember we said this last time we're not

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sure what to do here. Just before the hunt that happened there was a ruling that was reviewable who could tell me what the ruling was That was that was reviewed just before there's

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anything that affects your brain is so harmless, right? So anything that will intoxicate you any recreational intoxicants or Hello This was a ruling that was revealed just before and the reason I think it was revealed just from conduct as default I think that it was like they were given it given a command and they didn't follow it. And boy did things go badly after that things just could not get better after they made that mistake. So they were given another chance by Watson Tada Alright, beforehand occasionally let's see if you've learned your lesson. Let's see if we give you a command will you immediately follow it? Are you gonna do what you didn't offer them and some of you follow

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it some of you not so the ruling of yet in Namaha Manuel mace you were on Sabol Istanbul It is on Amelie Shivani fajita anymore who are looking to click on the I came say that cover and enduring charges against your brain. Not just this is not that I have alcohol, alcohol is alcohol and Arabic, Arabic and Arabic.

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That puts a veil on your sobriety and that takes away your sobriety any recreationally. intoxicates you is how long this has been the ruling since the Dixons day wasn't the problem. So I sent them explained the HIA. This has been an interesting so whether it's alcohol, whether it's drugs, whether it's marijuana, whatever it is, if it's if it's recreationally being is being used recreationally being your intoxicating yourself for recreational purposes just for the fun of it. And it's this is a study that was done this is a done deal. There's really no argument on this as we know about important now the usage of of medical intoxication is different meaning if you are someone who's

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going to go into a an operation, and you need someone to fix your heart or fix your leg or fix a part of it that is

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so coffee is not intoxicating. There's another nicotine is not an intoxicant, nicotine, it just it just is a stimulant, because you have something in your in your body, if you study biology, you'll you'll need there's something on muscarinic receptors and something called nicotinic receptors. So then the receptors in your in your body are called nicotinic. receptors. Why? Because there's something called nicotine in your in your body that stimulates them that keeps you awake. So the reason that coffee works is it because it has nicotine that stimulates the receptors that you have doesn't talk to get you one bit intoxicants or something else, they come and they dole down the

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nerve, the nervous system response, they dulled down your nervous system response and to take away your sobriety. And you'd be doing that a lot when you when we have when you're when you're being taken for operations. Basically, with that guy, that fun guy who just the thing on your face don't get counted back down from 10. And you make it up to seven, and then you're knocked out. That's basically medical intoxication, but you need it because if you don't do it to you, you will die out of pain shock, because you cannot just sit there was suddenly sewing your leg off, or someone's opening, tying your your chest open and playing with the arteries of your art, you can do it. But

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the difference between medical intoxication and recreational intoxication is the doctor who prescribes it for you based on diagnosis. So are people allowed to just say this? Because I get this question too often. And maybe someone's listening here

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is marijuana. Can it be used medically, of course it can. Everything can be used medically. But who will who will decide whether this can be used medically or not, is going to be a physician. And he's going to give you a diagnosis. And he's gonna give you a dose, he's going to give you a prescription. And then you can use what He tells you to use because he's a physician does its thing to you, and you can tell him that I'm not doing but I don't if you could choose from me being something that is toxic and something that's done and toxic and choose something does not intoxicated that you'll make a decision based on his medical expertise. And that's and that's

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acceptable, because a lot of the mitigations that you take that you take normally how we implement toxic ins, but their medical and toxic is different. So there's a big difference between medical intoxicants and recreation just for the fun of it, intoxicants recreational toxicity, as in drinking alcohol, doing drugs or smoking marijuana. That's how long period that's the end of it. So nothing else for us to talk about. Medical intoxication is something that will be decided by physicians, and you will have a diagnosis of restriction and the dosage that will be taken. Yes.

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Cigarettes again, do not intoxicants. Well, that's a whole different story because they're attached to 35 different cancers proven and studied for the last 35 to 65 years. Meaning when you come to meet him at the hospital, I asked you do you smoke? We say yes. I asked you for how long do you smoke work. And then you give me a number on a Google glacier and I put that in your file and you have a 25 pack year history of smoking is called pack here. And that gives you an indication that the higher the likelihood of you having one cancer or prostate cancer

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lung cancer, all the different other cancers because it's cancerous, I can tell you that that's the reason so the difference between in toxicity and between something that you're doing that will lives literally killing you for years and years people smoked and nothing was a problem with it because it didn't know that it actually killed you actually destroying your the, the tissue of your lung very slowly. And it was now the other type of cancer Genesis elements. Were going into your bloodstream and actually destroying other parts of your body as well. And because we know that today is hard, because we in Islam, we have the basic rulings if something that directly harms you indirectly

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microdose column if you prove it scientifically as Quran, you don't need a federal for it, you don't need to actually save that support for an hour he told you it is going to kill you is that and then another rule is anything that occasionally talks to gates he was cut off, you don't need to you can bring all these different things. There are mushrooms that come from the earth that you can easily get on top to get you using them recreationally is haram because we don't give up our sobriety unless we don't really have to, unless we are medically ill you don't give up your sobriety actually, you're not allowed to come towards prayer is your second line that does

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not come to prayer. If you're intoxicated doesn't want you to speak to him sometimes out of your mind isn't there to come back when you're sober. He's not interested in you will loving Him speaking to him reciting his book with half a brain working later you don't doubt yourself, they'll come back. Unless of course, it's done medically. That's a difference, a different story. What if you like smoke a cigarette, but then you stop but they use dice?

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Up? No one dies from one cigarette? Yeah, no, like,

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you smoke for a long time. But then you start with

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a tool that shows kind of accepted for you. Sometimes it works, sometimes the harm has already been done. That's why you have to be really careful with the choices you make as a young age. If you're huffing and puffing going, this is cancer for a long time. Sometimes you can fix it by just stopping. All right, you have a question? Are we gonna

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lose the same thing? There's really no difference? Yeah, see, we don't know that yet. And there's a lot of miscommunication about this. Like when it comes to vaping. They claim to say that there's going to continue and there's nothing else in it. I totally challenge that at this point, if that can be proven scientifically, that there's really nothing else in it. But smoking, that smoke doesn't have the density that is strong enough to actually harm lung tissue, that we'll have a different discussion about it. But I don't believe that we have that any evidence to support that yet, actually, I'm seeing more and more young people come in with different types of bronchitis and

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something called

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a pneumothorax, or basically, the lung, small villi in the lung are popping on the sidelines of vaping more than when the cigarettes at this point. So I don't know, I don't have enough information to actually tell you whether it's okay or not, I would I would highly suggest as a young person who is athletic and $100, and kind of getting a strong buddy not to be you know, shoving smoke into their system, especially you do understand you need your lungs, right? That was explained to you at some point in school that you need your lungs to actually live that you can't live without them. And they don't really regenerate themselves. So if you destroy your lung, your lung is done and you die.

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So you can't really live for more than a couple of seconds without it. So think twice before you start doing something harmful or playing around with the body and the viability of your of your very, very important organ like alcohol kills delivery, smoking kills the lives, maybe we should stop it maybe. And marijuana takes away the brain. In what way? What are you without your lungs, liver and brain really, nothing else is working. So make sure that we pay attention to these things. But again, the whole point of me telling saying this is what the Sahaba were given the similar thing. Most Arabs are always drinking, they they would destroy their culture with a culture of

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drinking, they were really good at it. And they go in and make all these different types of wines. And they loved it. And when the when the idea came and said is haram.

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It was like a test. All right, we told him not to do something he didn't listen to last try now. Someone has helped

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us see. But if I said Isaac, but in Manila, everyone, wherever come and they had in the house, the water in the house in the pouring into the streets, and the streets flew, were overflowing with the we cover that night. Everyone emptied over some of the items in the house and they never drank again. That was the end of it. Why? Cuz they learned their lesson. We are never going to disobey Allah Subhanallah we made the mistake once and we saw what happened wrong as we begin to be followed immediately. I think that's important story of sharing with everyone here. So

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so this is the favorite Go Go for it to the end of the slide.

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Just to the end of the slide.

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So, the beautiful part of digging the trench with the prophets, I said was the high morale. You understand what morale means? If you have a fantasy team? Are you planning it anything any video games where you have like a team or something they put something up or out for you? Because morale is down. He's only motivated to do much right? It's still up to him. It's similar to motivation. If you have overall motivation, you don't do as much you may be able to do a lot, but you'll feel like it's you know when when you're yelled at or when you're spoken to or mistreated. You may know how to do the task, but you don't really feel like doing the tasks you don't feel motivated to do if your

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morale is low. Why? Because people aren't speaking to you properly, don't feel happy and people are

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already very hungry because the fact that was very scarce food and Medina and 10,000 people were marching towards them and you were doing a task that was close to impossible because of a dig you had to take 40 cubic meters in 10 days and that is I dare you to do and go try. Go try yourself coming back no don't evacuate is down below go somewhere else, maybe a place we can actually dig and try and dig something similar. You'll see this is a very, very difficult and heinous task and it takes a lot of time. A lot of effort that you put into this, so they're tired, they're scared, they're hungry, they're fed up, they're unsure so what do you need to fix all that

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something to bring up the lift the the we're all part parts, it's always the way to do it. Right? Alright, so well if it wasn't music at the time, it was something similar to music I suppose it was song was chanting and I guess I agree in certain certain extensive music it becomes it becomes a necessity in the community because you need art, but you need art, the concept of art you need to have art that community that has art list as a community that cannot motivate itself that cannot build its own culture that cannot move forward that cannot get through difficult times that they have nothing to reclaim it by they have nothing to lean on. They need art so the brothers needed one

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or two he called he called Abdullah he called the all the posts got mad and he said okay, see things see things where the share stuff so I'm alive and he started to chat. He said Hola, hola Manila and Dana. Whatever from Doc Now what else are Lena is thinking the personnel like I'm doing much better than I believe and they're singing anyway. Violin Zealand's psyche and Elena with a beaten up Danna in painter in that

00:21:33--> 00:21:39

arena, but in our new fitness arena. And of course, this is happening and I was standing there.

00:21:41--> 00:21:42

And he's like, What is this?

00:21:46--> 00:22:08

What did he say? Say? We are working in the one this one is right here. The sentences he didn't think this was proper. He didn't think was proper. He's like, What are you doing? You are the Prophet Muhammad you're singing? Are you making this whatever this is saying he was not having any thought this was not proper. And then he was surprised because at the time of love Allah had finished things in his in his machine. Every time he finished a verse the product wasn't like this. So he was

00:22:10--> 00:22:16

we see this you say Hola Hola Mundo that antenna Dana. What are your thoughts on Donna what else Elena the prophesy MC for Lena.

00:22:18--> 00:22:24

Then and then I want to keep on going but NZ Lindsay Akira 10% of the money laughing at the bubble

00:22:26--> 00:22:50

every time because I did not know how to sing at all. Yeah, no, but he was really bad with the rhythm really bad with the Doom. So the best thing you could do is just say the last word if you come from an Arabic country you know they do this all the time. If someone is saying poetry whenever they're finished, whatever the last syllable was, everyone will spin out the last sale was a crazy I don't know why they do it. But we do it all the time. And we think is a lot of fun. If you do one thing you'll know why he's it's it's hilarious. It has a lot of fun. So the problem was every time

00:22:51--> 00:22:58

we finished the last syllable of his his piece of poetry, he would he would spin on the last piece. So benzene is a Tina Turner in

00:22:59--> 00:23:00

in Denver

00:23:01--> 00:23:03

in Colorado Aveda development sites, they'll take

00:23:04--> 00:23:09

advantage of a few times the Coronavirus will allow you to buy them.

00:23:11--> 00:23:45

For seconds, we'll come here to help our students I saw the problem was I said I'm doing it. I'm like what are you? So I shut up and I started to talk to and I started doing whatever the problems I was doing. The problem is he's repeating the lesson. So I repeat the class trouble with the problems. And then suddenly everyone's doing it. And then everyone was singing out these these verses of poetry and everyone's repeating the last syllable, and then they memorize a piece of poetry and everyone is singing these pieces of poetry. And if you were there working on the hunt up that day, if you were there with the Prophets a lesson and cassava, you'd be very surprised.