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November 3, 2018 – Part 1

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The transcript discusses the career of Muhammad Ali, a spiritual and religious doc who was a leader and leader of a religious group in Arabia. Frank Frank Frank, a doctor and doctoral doctor, also spoke about the struggles of a prophet named Altima and the importance of strong names for strong reputation. The transcript also touches on the struggles of a woman named Lexi who wants to educate a young man on the nuances of American inherit decisions and the importance of motivation in finding time for one's behavior. The segment also touches on the topic of drugs and their impact on people's lives.

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There's been a lot so you sent him about a kind of email Have you been able to minimize that? And he was like, Ah, man, I think I set up the projector inshallah so, because a lot of pictures today to share with everyone a

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lot of pictures of the medina that we're going to take a look at, just in case when I explained last week in the gym was unclear, and I'm pretty sure if you were there and heard nothing, so it wasn't clear. So I

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repeat a lot of what I said last week's show today

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actually discussing some of the points.

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So we're in the 50 years, this digital satellite audience. How many years is extended citizens prophecy?

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I'm gonna use this as long as

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18. So you have 18 years, obviously, somebody said he was a prophet for 2021 years old, or, sorry, 23 years old. So he was probably 23 years and we're already starting to 18 of them

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so we're coming towards the end of his life finding cyclists over the last couple of years are probably the most interesting. And the most action filled years of his life, I suppose. The 50 years specifically, was one of those climax years things have been building up pretty steadily since he was since he became a prophet is almost coming up to the fifth year. A lot of things have happened but it'll just happen has happened. All these all these incidents and events and all these battles have occurred. And it's a lot of buildup coming up to the do

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to the to fear at this point. The problems identified one a battle against against correlation lost another one.

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His influence as a leader, as a spiritual and religious leader within Arabia has grown significantly. In the last number of months, the number of Muslims were starting to increase outside of Medina people were accepting Islam or in the periphery. Yes, it wasn't a huge groups, but people were starting to listen to what he had to say sometimes. And then people started wondering, why is what I've done letting him speak. Why is he being you know, oppressed and, and persecuted. So Grace began to panic. And so were many other religious parties in Arabia, like the Jewish tribes of Medina, these people start to panic and they weren't sure what what needed to be done to end this

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threat. And they saw the promise Allah sent him as a threat. And the best thing they could come up with is that they need to gang up on getting gang up on the Muslims. That was the best way to do it. We weren't going to be able to do it alone. We needed to gang up and get together. So they did it for the first time Arabs united. Never before have you ever have you ever seen an area to Arabs are different tribes working together ever before and suddenly, at least 35 tribes completely associated initially came together 10,000 warriors

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with their

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arsenal, artillery and and their and their horses all came together for a safe purpose. The purpose unfortunately being they wanted to pick up the Muslims, they want to end this slip, they wanted to destroy the Drina and remove them. So like they limit themselves. Of course, all you heard about this before it happened. So he had some some margin of time to deal with the with the issues.

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So before we talk about how he's going to go by it, a couple of things happened in the fifth year in particular, the prophets of Allah. Hi, Cindy, I want to share with you.

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The first thing I want to talk to you about is the dream of Sofia. Now I told you about Believe it or not last week, the week before

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the leaders are playing the lead and after he has tried he was forced out of Medina when they tried to kill the Prophet. So I said,

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Well, he went and he was one of the key players in this in orchestrating these 10,000 warriors. I mean, he worked that was a fiasco with him and Heslin, the leader of the firm, you work with all these leaders trying to orchestrate this this larger group.

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So this man, initially when he The problem is a lot of guys who sent him first came to Medina, he went with his brother to meet the prophet Isaiah said I want to listen to him and to see if he was actually a prophet or not. I told you the story last time, he came to the conclusion that it was him but he was not willing to ever follow him. But listen to him was just a matter of,

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I guess maybe jealousy or just pure racism. He didn't want it wasn't to him. But something else happened in his home that made things worse for him. But he made it even more panic even more is that his daughter, Sofia,

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she saw a dream. One night, she saw that she was sitting in her home, and the roof would go flying off. And then the middle of winter was a full moon right? The full moon was slowly come down. And it was sitting right in her in her lap. Right right right beside her. This was the gene that she saw. So she saw this dream and she told it to an old elderly lady in the community in her community. And she told her that this dream only means one thing and only one thing it means that you're going to marry a prophet one day that the only meaning for it. So she was like, Oh, that

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It's nice that she tells her father and your father freaks out. He's like, you're never going to marry Mohammed. You'll never know the bush he did. She became one of them had to believe that this was his dream. And it was one of the motivations for failing to really work against the problems, because that's what he believed I was just maybe maybe the truth, it made him even more committed to working against him. Another thing that happened within the fifth year is that the province got his first his first grandson.

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So his first grandson was born here, faulty mother gave birth to her first son. And when she had her first son, the province was and I love this story, because it's a cute story. I like the robot. So Sam comes to come to the party. And he takes his grandson he's so happy and he's getting he's kissing his grandson. He's hugging his grandson. If you jelly if you ever have a kid and you take your kid to your parents, you'll see how much it just melts their hearts. They're so happy to see their grandchildren. And he is so happy with the skinny act looks unhealthy when he says Altima what have you called him? Because it's made to have been caused the more

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but this will ask him, you know his name is His name is not war. Now why he told me to call him to be honest. It is a couple of things here that we have to talk about. First of all the prophets I said, I like every once in a while it's nice to see him. It's kind of nice to forget for a moment that he's a prophet and he's a leader in music. And remember, he's a human. He's a grandfather who missed to see his daughter and his first kid means the world to him. Somebody said he lost so many people in his life he's lost a deja vu Eileen was lost. He lost so many individuals in his life when he got to see his grandson. It was a beautiful moment. He was very emotional salicylate would come

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and he would try immediately to take his grandson and another thing you can know is that the following month, she wanted to call him Hello. How was it very, very rough in his word. Why would you want to do that? Well, because the Muslims were in such a difficult situation. They were being attacked from every single from everywhere from everyone around them that they were trying to raise the generation to be a tough and strong and brave generation. So they believed and there's some truth to this that if you give them a strong name, they'll come up as a strong person

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that's why always be proud of your name. Because I know everyone's sitting here has a name that sounds weird at school

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or wherever they work wherever you go. Your name is probably something that needs a good five minute conversation before we can establish it. I know mine does because I have pain in my name right? I know that no one can say my mother can't say I don't know I'm always just add as an advertisement I just had to earn this is hard to do. But it's a strong name. It's a respectful name. I'm proud of my name and you should be proud of yours as well. Your strong names come from strong individuals tries to trace back your name you're either Muhammad or Hamza and a little funny because most of us something like that. Trace your labor and you will find so many individuals that you can be proud of

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they will share the name with it means a lot it should mean something to you I was named after my great uncle

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very known man. Again he's done it he's not in the slammer. I figured but in my life

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he was named after someone else in his family who lived alone everyone sitting here you're named after someone worthy just go back and look for it. It's not if it's not in this climate history is in your family tree finding they find the person it means something it attaches you to your history roots you in it's important to have a strong name and to never feel like I don't call yourself Paul if you're 100 Please don't know ask them to call you by your name but your friend it by you but by your full name. whatever your name is, Jim is used by a friend in Syria who was used to calls of Joe well I am was punched him in the face as your name is used to be proud of your name and who you are.

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Be proud of it.

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Fridays is a hard thing to deal with. Sometimes associated with bad things. But I don't mean it in an arrogant or vain way or where you're looking down at people. No, just just feel the the dignity that you're supposed to have and the

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integrity that comes with these these due to the strong names. So the province

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notice that all came I wanted to call him a name that was that had strengthened so we should call them hug. Right? And the brothers are like yeah, he was funny, but nothing that is against violence. I will try something we laugh.

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Gonna call him.

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It's funny that later on, she'll have another son, right? So the buttons up again. So he takes

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the time to take it. He kisses me. He's hugging him. And he's so happy to hear about the mass media. So he says again how it goes.

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But he's seen his

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cut out, get this out to get divorced. And then she had another son. Maybe we don't know how to start. She had another son who needed who was the third son?

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No, it wasn't

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that that was true. But that wasn't the name of the person that she had.

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She had a third son and the brother was on games that gave up on the same thing and she said how did they get out of it isn't with my son

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This, this boy died. And thank you for seeing it live live. So it hasn't when you say they lived into,

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will have to eat it after effects, but most of them died as an infant. So the proper size, I would like to give beautiful name this strong names and names that had meaning to names that would that would make people proud. But nothing that you know, indicated violence is

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hasn't mean something that is that is that is good, that has goodness in it. That's something that is perfected, as well as it has and is something that is well over as well. properly done. That's certainly what is excellence and it has to come from the same meaning. And Christine has a similar meaning as well. There are beautiful things you may be proud of us anyway. So here's the prophets, Isaiah was granted, his first grandson is very happy with that. The third thing that happened to me and I think it's worthy of sharing with you all, is that the province decided that he needed someone to interpret for him when he speaks to the Jewish tribes. He wanted someone who knew how to speak

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Hebrew, because of the problem that happened with Bengal the when they tried to kill him, he couldn't understand what you were saying. They were saying things in Hebrew. He didn't necessarily say what they were saying he didn't like that. He wanted to know what he was saying he wanted to be able to read the Old Testament within this, the way that was written. So he books for someone to learn the language. And he found a young man who was 16 at the time, and his name was Sadie confederates. Zaidan advantage is a he's a genius kid. The brothers always said I was going to educate this young man very, very well. He was going to be one of the most, if not the most

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knowledgeable zahavi. And then we followed it when it comes to inheritance when it comes to you know how to how to do the American inherit decisions quite complicated sometimes, but also have an intellectual framework. Zeno's divergent, they're going to use a reference for this because he learned it from the bottles on Lexington property. And he was one of the people who memorize. And he's gonna be one of the people who actually takes on himself to put the Quran into one book, see, the Quran was was memorized as one thing, but it was never written in one book until it's at the service of the Lord who was given this.

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This mission by Allah later on, but this time, the other side's gonna call us a couple, right? I want you to do something for me, go learn to Hebrew,

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learn how to read it, or how to write it, or how to speak it.

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Now the problem is I didn't give them a time line didn't tell what how long to take, do it, you're told to do it. It is one thing guys learn this 16 days, he came back 16 days later, I'm doing a little luck, cause the problem is we're having 16. I just told you like, Yeah, I'm fine. Let me show you. So you opens it up. And he starts to read but abundance was intended to tell him what was being said here and explaining all the letters that are being printed. But the Ohio genius, amazing man, and he learned the language in 60 days, and he learned to speak it and he became the personal interpreter of the prophets. And so whenever he The problem is you don't say that there was any

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correspondence between him in which we strive to do but Dino is something I think is important.

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At least one thing we look for people who have that timber. I don't think it was just as intelligence also, I think it's just him. Not him. That means raising money.

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He wants to do Yeah, so what does that mean? But it was a good word.

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Yeah, he's motivated, right motivation. Motivation is one of the most important things in the world, right? I can't. Regardless of what age you are, if you're a motivated individual, you will achieve whatever you want. And if you're not motivated, then getting you to achieve anything is going to be close to impossible. Regardless of what age you are. Doesn't matter how much talent you have. You can be the most talented person on the planet. If you are unmotivated to work hard for your goals, you will not achieve it. And we've seen so much talent wasted within history, like so. And so what I've seen in my life, so much talent wasted, I see so many people who are talented waster talents,

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they're they're very intelligent, you have the ability to make to make something and then somebody knows, because they're just too lazy or too unmotivated to do it. And I've seen people who are telling this, if the people don't have any talent at all, they have to work hard for everything, to have to spend, you know, twice the time on every task that everyone else is motivated to get things done. And the achievement is accessible. Motivation is a big deal. Him, CZ was smart. And he's also rewarded me with a problem. So I said, give them a task because like, I don't know, I have the opportunity to prove myself to the products and do something something worthy. So he wants to learn

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any late day and night.

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I know that you're motivated when you want to.

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I know that when you want to. You're totally motivated. It's just a matter of selection. It's just selection bias here so what is what what are you what are you asking me to do? Are you did you just challenged me to to finish the zombies game on? You just challenged me to do it in a night I accept your challenge and you'll sit 12 hours straight. You will do your book 36 hours without without sleep just to finish the game and you will and you will achieve it and you'll be so proud of yourself. Subhanallah here's a piece of equipment memorize it. Oh, I can't do that. That's impossible. You actually have to look at them in too much work. I can do one ladyship feel

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portlights I'll do that. But you'll sit for 36 hours though.

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No food and sleep and water, this debate, it's all about motivation. It's what you want, are you I do want to do it or not. If you do, you'll find a way to do it, you'll find time for it, you'll find you'll find time, I've always I always tell them, if you want to do something, you will find time for it, you don't want to do something, there is a list that you can start here and finish at the end of this little sisters section with all the excuses of why you can't get it done. And you will beat me, meaning you'll have more excuses than I can actually counter and you will win. But the question becomes very simply, do you want to do it? Yes, you'll find time for it. If you don't want

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to do it, I can't help. So I always do my tech work. I can't do it too hard. And I find I walk away. I'm not I'm not interested in this argument. Because I know that if you wanted to do it, you would find a way you would find time you would allocate time for it. You just have to know that about yourself. Don't Don't lie to yourself about it. Be very, very honest, you know that you can do something and no, it's getting done anymore. And you know that when you don't want to do something Subhanallah it It's an endless ocean of excuses of why you can't and shouldn't not be will not do it. It's all up to you.

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The another thing that happened during his life, so during this 4050 euro to him, somebody said it just put something just kind of miscellaneous things that happened before

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is that he married himself, or the law minor hint. Now almost whenever I told him the story of what we said previously, almost early it was and so is her husband and we set him up with the early Muslims way early at the beginning. And when the healer happened

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was that I took his his wife who set him and their kids cetera and they're going to go to Medina and then the families getting caught them. I was I never was able to do make his way to run away but almost no filament and the Senate was taken by him by his enemies parents every year and was on the third move as you can hear his pin and they had pulled out the kid physically so that they actually harmed is his shoulders at this look in his shoulders and he was in pain. And it was just a mess. It was gonna lose him and he couldn't get back and it was set up. I couldn't find a kid. It was it was a very sad story. It was in over a year with crying and trying until they finally gave her back a

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kid and then she just took her kid and walks to Medina until it

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actually came and took me there. Now the law I'm going home alone had he not done that he probably going to walk the hallway all 400 kilometers. So I was gonna ask someone who spent a lot for the city for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala she really did. And it will send him a die in the fourth year. Yes, of natural causes passed away from love.

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And when she when he died, she was using she was mourning such

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pain problems. I don't even visited this.

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Right now, in this story. He's maybe seven or six or seven or something like that.

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He was born maybe a year before digital. So normally 50 or 67 something like that. Again, we're never we're never accurate with these numbers to cope with these things we don't know for sure. So the President told us I would come and visit almost 11

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this morning and she would tell her Tony Allahumma

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Jordan he will see but he was telling me

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he gave her a couple of drive to see when you miss when someone dies hola hola. Sanofi I think we even have I believe we're finalizing the over the end as an example of drug to make for different for the disease. Make sure that what comes after him is how you mean he doesn't leave after him a disaster this family and that he finds himself in the highest leftist agenda make friends so she did they told her and say well, majority if you can see but the other give me a deal for my perseverance on this. We'll see. But well, hopefully your family and her and give me something better after it. I want something better. Yeah, he really took something away from me replace it with something better.

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I thought that she made the drive.

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But there's no one better than it was

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very boring. Maybe you didn't know what I live with him? I don't know man better than I was. He was the best of husbands. He was the best of men. May Allah have mercy on them. I'm always missing. So the problem was, I didn't say anything about VFC. I'm not only allowed to draw the brothers and told me to make the drawers I make it. But I can't imagine how it would get something better than I was getting. But

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until that time, I was asked to be married by the prophet. So according to a slovenly Allah, have you seen it? The Allah has given me something better than it looks at him after he gave me the province alone. It almost is an important figure in his life. It was set up in the wake of Muslims. It's very wisely. He was a very pious lady. And not only will she be a key key player in the next four or five years with the profit plays in his home, but she will continue to teach Islam and teach again a few years after he passed away on a Sunday so I want to take the opportunity to remind you Yes, we know.

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So almost everything was hidden. I can remember hidden Printworks, but her name is hidden I'll find out it'll come coming in wanting to tell you but she's she's about to sue me. Yeah, she's she's no one trying to punish

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All these people have no lineages that go back to him or he might ECM. So it's no big deal. You can pick up the name when you want to. So who Cena is?

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No, this

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will come to her in jealousy Republic Tommy jerseys.

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So, the reason I brought this up is to kind of remind you, the province did have a number of licenses. So it's a question I get quite often. So I sometimes like to take a moment just kind of put an answer or put a concept in your head so that you know how to deal with this when we whenever this comes up, why is it they have something in mind it is obvious and why not have more than the number that you're actually allowed to have it establishes for what is the point of this, you see, the prime minister said the man

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the man married only only, you only made some music. And he loves the DJ, he could do to look at me until the day he died. So seven years after she passed away. But the prophets are still married a number of women for a number of different reasons, and a number of different purposes. See the ladies that he married are saying we're going to be called and we're called on mahadji moving in the mothers are believers. Now this was a religious and political status. Two types of statuses were given to the ladies who were called them, meaning they have religious status and they had political status. They were immune politically, you could not are persecuted or prosecute the one of them hate

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the movie number one. Number two is the religious diversity you get to speak whatever they want you to cannot ask them to be quiet, and you cannot silence them and you can't overrule them. Why? Because they lived with them. So it was me.

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When I was growing up a little bit, you didn't live inside his home, they can say what they want. They were sitting with him, they're talking to him personally, every single day, you're not you're seeing him once a week or twice a week. And it's always in a group. They're living in the house with him. So this gave them religious and political sides. For the first time in Arabia, there were women who 70 women who were who actually had religious status, a biblical status that The Cleveland Show could not take away from them. Meaning they could walk into the Khalifa, Abu Bakr and Omar and see what they want you to no one could object to that. And this happened many times. The only evidence

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the only time that a lady led an army in the history of Arabia was an eye show the lines that would take would take the army for a moment and a long story that we're not going to talk about right now. But she actually did that she actually put together an army and marched it forward, I shot Lee never happened before. This was this was birth break, has never had this never happened before in Arabia, that ladies were given this level of status. And it paved the way for for equality to happen within the Muslim world for years to come. Because if you want to learn fifth properly, you will go to Asia. If you want to listen to the Hadith of the prophets always go to cinema till this day. The

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third person generate the highest number of ideas, obviously, you know the law on that. But she narration over 2000 Hadith, some of the most important need that we have, you wouldn't have a good chunk of our deen with our eyes alone. So this marriage of these different ladies was done not just to give to honor them specifically because they were ladies of great,

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great marriage. And they were they were amazing individuals. Each one has a story that make when you hear the story like yes, a great lady who serves the woman and levers to talk about her and to respect her. She's the mother of us. We're believers. So when you were to speak to me, you say Oh, no one else was telling us our mother, maybe not blood mother, but that's the status that she takes for you. And it was status for women in general at a time when it was very hard for women to have a time in place and in within a society and a culture that was not open to offering this. However, the puppets said that marrying these ladies and these ladies are leaving him years later and carrying

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his dad has changed things.

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And it made a big difference. I want to share that story.

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Thanks data. Oh no. So behind Allah, I was looking forward to showing you all this pictures of where's it beautiful, good weekend.