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Lahore rukmani Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Fatah, Milan BIA was even more Salli wa Allah Allah He was Hobie oral my amin Oman who may son Elijah Medina, a MOBA Ruta Willa him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah Allah Subhana Allah, Masha Allah, Allah mean respected brothers and sisters in Islam. I welcome you all to another episode of unveiling the Muslim civilization. In this particular episode, we will continue talking about the concept of jizya in Islam, which is very much misunderstood and misrepresented by Christian missionaries, Islamophobic, Islam haters, extremist atheist, and all sorts of extremists out there

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who really want to spread hate against Islam and Muslim. So brothers sisters, unveiling the Muslim civil civilization which is being presented on this platform

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called Live Dean live Dean is a platform which is based in Pakistan in the city of Karachi. This particular platform by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala has enabled multiple scholars, international scholars, Muslim scholars, to come online to deliver courses to deliver lectures to deliver talks to educate the Muslims in Pakistan, in particular, and around the world in general about Islam and the Muslim civilization. unveiling the Muslim civilization is another series presented by live Dean on the platform currently on live in Facebook page, which broadcasts live for you and later on, you can find the recording either on the live Dean, Facebook page, or you can find

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the recording on my YouTube channel, titled unveiling the Muslim civilization. Currently, we have done about three episodes today is the fourth episode. In this particular series, we will be addressing questions pertaining to the Muslim civilization. And these questions ranged from discussions on GCR the violence of Islam so called as a lot of islamophobe like to put it and questions regarding the life of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam questions about Islam.

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Place in the modern world, all of these things will be addressed one after another through this particular series. And currently we are going through the fourth episode, and we're talking today where we're talking about the concept of God and Islam and the early Islamic conquest, because a lot of people have this notion of the Muslim violence or the Muslims, Muslim cruelty to the other, to the Jews and the Christians. And wherever the Muslims went, apparently, or allegedly, Muslims forced people into Islam. And this is why we really have to educate the Muslims as well as the non Muslims about the reality. Okay, when you hear Islamophobia, islamophobes talk about Islam, they have

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nothing positive to say. They don't see anything good about Islam. If you ask them to say anything good about Islam, they would rather die they would rather die than praise Islam for one of its virtues. Okay, Islamic civilization talks for itself. It stands on its own merits. And when you study the Muslim civilization, you come to realize that Islam produced amazing scholars, Islam enabled libraries to come about Islam produced scientists, thinkers, intellectuals, points, Muslim architecture can be seen from Spain to China, Muslim architecture is glaring at you in India. When you walk into India and you visit some of these historic monuments you see the Taj Mahal you see the

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Red Fort in Delhi, and you see other remnants of the Muslim civilization in the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia is full of Muslim monuments, then, what we call Asia Minor. Anatolia is full of Muslim monuments and all the numismatic evidence, coins. They tell a story as well. You find coins in the in the name of Islam or coins minted by Muslim salons in Central Asia, in India, in North Africa, in the Middle East, in Spain, in for example,

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Central Europe, you know the Balkan lands, you see the marks of Islam everywhere, even in Britain, even in Britain. You see the physical

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Evidence for things Islamic as early as the eighth century, eighth century See, you find an Anglo Saxon king called offer minting coins with Islamic formulas on it. For example, offer, who was an Anglo Saxon Christian came in minted coins to imitate a Basset dinars to enable his currency to be accepted in the international market at the time. He basically imitated the Pasadena dinars not knowing what the dinars say. And the formula Muhammad Rasul Allah was clearly copied by him, not knowing what it means. So Islamic civilization is full of wonderful ideas, it's just full of wonderful things. And we will be talking about that are those things in this particular series

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inshallah tala today to cut to the chase, we will be talking about again jizya as we were talking about last week, I talked about GCR. And I explained as to what GCR meant for Muslims and non Muslims, as far as the Muslims are concerned to cut the long story short jizya was a tax paid by the non Muslims jizya tax paid by non Muslims, non Muslims, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, or even Hindus pay jizya in India, during the early age of Islam in the early Islamic conquest, and this jizya was paid by a number of people in a number of places, coins,

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coins, a number of places

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for the same reason, the reason was jizya tax which was a tax was paid by non Muslims for their protection just like the Muslims would pay a tax called Zakat, although it would go to the poor it would go for charity jizya would be paid specifically, if not for other things, definitely for the protection and for the safekeeping of the non Muslims within the Muslim domain. A lot of the details about jizya can be found in a mom Alcor tubbies tafsir I strongly recommend for everyone to consult a mom Alpert, Toby's tafsir, the fear of chapter nine, sort of the Toba verse 29, which talks about jizya. Okay, I want every Muslim and those non Muslims who are interested in this topic, to go and

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study Mr. Kirby's details on this very, very important question. And if you look at the dossier, he almost, you know, you find five pages on this very topic, he gives the details as to what the amount of gv is, who is charged GCR For how long? What is the procedure? And what is the outcome? What is the purpose? So jizya tax was charged from non Muslims, for them to live as normal citizens, normal citizens? What was jizya? How much was it? Okay, as I discussed last week, jizya would be for rich people, 48 of these, these silver their arms, so very thin Silver's there and from early period of Islam, okay, it would be 48 of these right? And about 24 of these for the middle class. And for

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laborers 12 of these, they would have to pay 1210 coins per year, any one could afford it. Okay, this was the coin, okay? 12 of these, right? And if you look at the the coin this way, which is very, very thin, three grams, three grams, three to four grams, let's say four grams of silver, okay?

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If you multiply four grams of silver, by 12, called the labor, it would come to, okay. 40 plus 48 grams of silver for a laborer Okay, which is literally nothing, okay. In current day value, 48 grams of silver is about 4000 rupees Pakistani rupees, okay. And that would be 20 pounds, 20 British pounds and almost 25 US dollars. So let's calculate it. Okay. Um, a labor would pay jizya equivalent to,

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in current value 25 US dollars to the state for every year. So a laborer, someone who lives breaks someone who's a black bricklayer, someone who's a carpenter, someone who is like, let's say, you know, who the worker was a simple worker would would pay $25 or 20 British pounds.

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To the state as jizya as the tax, okay, a middle class person would pay approximately, let's say, double that amount, which would be $50 per year to the state. And a rich man would pay double that which is about $100 in current day value to the state. So jizya would be about four grams of gold for the rich man or 48. Durham's, okay, which approximately amounts to about $100 or 100 British pounds. Okay, so brothers and sisters, this is how little it was. And all those islamophobes who claim that Jesus broke the back of

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the non Muslims is a lie is a simple line. Okay? It's been put out there by a lot of Islamophobia, Islam haters, Christian missionaries deliberately to tarnish the name of Islam and Muslims. So why was this jizya charged jizya was charged to protect the freedom and the property and honor and the lives of the non Muslims living within the Muslim domain. If you go and watch the last episode, the last episode I discussed, incidents where whereby jizya was returned jizya was given back to the Christians because the Muslims could no longer protect them. So essentially, or effectively GCR was taken to protect the non Muslims to protect the lives, the properties they honor, okay. And anything

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that needed protection, right. So the Muslim police throughout the Middle Ages would protect the Christians and the Jews from any form of abuse. I repeat, Muslim police, whether it was in Spain, North Africa, Egypt, lesson Baghdad, medieval Baghdad, in Iraq, or anywhere else where jizya was applied, or the Islamic law was applied. The Muslim police would protect the Jews and the Christians and the Europeans who ever paid jizya from any abuse against any abuse. That was the theory. And that was predominantly the practice. That was the practice. And this has been testified to by many Christians and Jews in the writings, okay. Many, many Jews and Christians that testify to the fact

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that the Muslims protected them against abuse. Okay. I will simply put some examples in front of you, I will read some quotes from non Muslims to confirm this fact that when they paid jizya to the Muslim state, wherever it may be in the Middle Ages or during the medieval period, they were

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They were taken care of. Okay. So what did they say? Let's see what the non Muslims had to say about this protection from the Muslims. Okay.

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we are talked about this nestorian Christian called john bar, Pankaj panky, I don't know how to pronounce his name, okay. He stated in one of his writings, okay, and he was writing during the reign of Mali or the Alon between 661 to six ATC he, he wrote, and I quote, the peace throughout the world was such that we have never heard either from our forefathers or from our grandparents or seeing that there had ever been any like it. Okay. This was stated by john bar, Pankaj. And the reference is basically I can give you the reference where I took this quote from so that you know where to find it. Okay, the reference for this quote is Hugh Kennedy, the great Arab conquests page

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349. Okay, that's where the reference is. Going back to another testimony again, after john, john Bob and I, we can look at some other testimonies inshallah Carla and I will give you the references in a minute inshallah I am right now in the process of writing a book on this topic and all these references will be found in my book in sha Allah. I haven't yet decided the title of the book, I have a working title, which I will not share with you at the at this stage, but I am working on a book and the title is not yet decided. Okay. So Robin sisters, for now, I will present few more quotes from non Muslims as to how they found the protection of Islam for them. Okay.

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So that was john Butler.

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Fire, then burn otherwise, a pilgrim monk, who visited Egypt and Palestine during the reign of Kalia for martyrs.

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And that was between 866 to 869. See, during the ambassade period, Bernard the wise, who was a French pilgrim monk who visited Palestine during the ambassade period in the ninth century, this is what he had to say. And I quote, the Christians and the pagans, ie the Muslims have this kind of peace between them there that if I was going on a journey, and on the way, the camel or donkey, which bow my poor luggage, were to die, and I was to abandon all my goods without any Guardian, and go to the city for another pack animal, and I came back, I would find all my property uninjured. Such is the piece there, I want you to contemplate this brother and sister for a second. Imagine if

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you were to leave your luggage

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somewhere in a place like New York, or London or Paris. Do you think your belongings would be unmolested, untouched? If you left your belongings on the street somewhere or even Karachi for that matter, let's say Karachi, Lahore,

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Cairo. I mean, I'm not trying to have a dig at some the, you know, busiest cities in the world in the West, I am talking about any city anywhere in the world today. Such is the situation that if you were to leave your luggage, forget about leaving your luggage, if you were carrying anything valuable, you would be robbed in daylight. Today, the peace of the world is in the worst state. And I am talking about the ninth century, in the ninth century. Here we have a situation where Bernard wyzoo visited Palestine, he's saying that if you were to leave your luggage in one place, you would come back after a while you would find it untouched. Likewise, at the same time in the 19th century,

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in the mid 19th century, patriotic Theodosius of Jerusalem. He was, let's say the Bishop of Jerusalem. He wrote a letter to his counterpart in Constantinople, and there was no Muslim. reading these letters, he had no agenda he didn't have any reason to lie. And in this letter, patriarch of Jerusalem or the Bishop of Jerusalem called Theodosius wrote a letter to his counterpart in Constantinople, the Patriarch of Constantinople, Constantinople in this letter, he states the Saracens, ie the Muslims show us great goodwill. They allow us to build our churches and to observe our own customers without hindrance. So pound Allah. So patriarch Theodosius wrote this to another

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Bishop in Constantinople, telling him that we live in peace, we are happy, our churches are there. They allow us to build us churches and they do not, you know, they show us great goodwill upon Allah. Jewish people felt equally safe in Jerusalem at the same time in the ninth century, there is a ninth century Jewish source called sepher Patreon Torah, okay, sepher Patreon Torah. And it's an anonymous source. I took this quote from Karen Armstrong's book, The history of Jerusalem, okay. And this anonymous source states, the people in his house, and I quote, the people in whose hands The temple is today ie the Temple of Solomon, which is much of a oxa. Okay, have made it into a choice,

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excellent and honorable place of worship. They say, let us worship the One God who created heaven and earth to whom the creatures belong until the coming of the Messiah and on that day, true worship will be renewed and will be acceptable before God. In other words, this Jewish author of a non of an anonymous source is stating that in this temple, the Temple of Solomon, or much of an ox are the Alhambra machinery complex where the Jews and the Muslims are worshipping together. This Jewish source or this Jewish author states that it is a place honorable, an excellent place of worship, where we are allowed to worship. Okay.

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Another Christian author, Michael, the elder, the Jacobite patriarch of Antioch in the 12th century wrote in the favor of in favor of the Muslims, after condemning the turning of Christian Byzantines, he wrote a when the city submitted to be and he's talking about the seventh century, the Arab conquests, the early Islamic conquest, which I have been talking about.

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He states Well, when the city's submitted to the Arabs, they assigned to each denomination, the churches which they found it to be in possession of, and at that time,

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Great churches have a messa and that Iran had been taken away from us by the Byzantines. Nevertheless, it was no slight advantage for us to be delivered from the cruelty of the Romans ie the Byzantines, who were also Christians, their wickedness, the wrath and cruel zeal against us and to find ourselves at peace, here are Christian, Jacobite patriarch of Antioch in the right writing in the 12th century is praising the earlier conquest. He's saying that when the Arabs took over these lands that saved us from the Byzantine territory, the Byzantines, or the Byzantines, were following a different version of Christianity. Okay, and they were actually persecuting Jacobite

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monocyte and Orthodox Christians of Egypt and Syria. And this is why the Muslims are welcomed, the Muslims are welcomed when they took this land from the Byzantines. And these are Christian testimonies, brothers and sisters. Okay. And I can go on and give you a lot more examples. But I think for now, this will suffice. So jizya, these people were paying jizya to the Muslims, this is how they praised the Muslim protection. They actually acknowledged that the Muslims protected them effectively. Muslims protected their interests, Muslims protected their properties, Muslims protected their,

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their their well being Muslims protected their farms, the lands, the honor the properties, no one could go to the non Muslim quarters in any place in the Muslim world and easily abuse or with impunity abuse any Christian or a Jew or a Zoroastrian or a Hindu, right, because the state would be protecting these non Muslim minorities or majorities depending on where they were.

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Because they paid jizya because they were paying a tax to the state and the tax was a very small amount as we have already established, that jersey amount was very, very small. If you look at this, Durham, which is formed early Islamic period, this their home was dated in half. It was minted in 101. At this particular theorem in my hand, was minted during the reign of Omar bin Abdulaziz

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ally ally, one of the most upright and

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you know, well,

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you know, how can I put it one of the most famous and appreciated killers have been Romania. Okay, he ruled for two years, from 99 to 101. This particular theorem was minted during his reign in 101, Hijri. And this is the kind of money that was paid in jizya, 48 of these was the maximum amount 48 of these was the maximum amount. And if we were to calculate that, in current day value, it would be somewhere near about $100 US dollars.

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those islamophobes Islam haters, Christian missionaries,

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extremist atheists, or extremist journalists, right wing racist journalists in Europe or in America or in Australia, whoever is pumping hate against Islam and Muslims. They are either ignorant or they are playing evil. They are evil people who are getting paid for spewing hate against a large

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Muslim community living in western countries. A lot of these people deliberately pump hate and misinformation about Islam and Islamic history. Okay. They start talking about the early Islamic conquest and they tell people that these conquests are bloody, they've devastated lands. And these conquests actually destroyed Christian masses and Jewish national masses and wherever the Muslims went, they went destroyed. But there is no truth in that. They may be cases they may be exceptional cases where some rulers, on their own accord ended up committing atrocities. But that has nothing to do with Islam. The theory of Islam is very, very clear, you cannot abuse you cannot misuse we cannot

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destroy you cannot kill people. In fact, I narrated a report from cadabra Jihad

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from from the motto of Mr. Malik as to the prohibition of 10 things, and what were those 10 things? If I put that report in front of you, you will see that the Muslim was simply not allowed to go and destroy even in conflict, even in conflict. Okay, so

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those 10 things are basically what you cannot kill women you cannot kill children. You cannot destroy crops. You cannot kill monks. You cannot

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cut trees for fruit bearing trees. You cannot kill animals unless you're going to eat them. You cannot even burn beehives you cannot burn bees. Right? Amazingly, why bees Subhan Allah because bees are life giving. If bees die today in the world, we wouldn't have life. As you all know, those who know the science of bees how bees work. If bees were to die, we wouldn't have food. Okay, we wouldn't have cross pollination, we would die, all of us we would lose our provisions. Okay, so bees are to be protected specially, and amazingly abubaker, the Muslim kale if at the time, who gave these instructions, instructed specifically not to destroy bees, and there are so many testimonies

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will lie there are so many testimonies for even from modern scholars about the Muslim Golden Age, when the Muslims went into these lands, Muslims protected

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the Jews and Christians, Muslims protected the Jews and Christians. When Muslims, for example, went into Spain, they created a civilization and having talked about the jizya tax, what came with it, I am going to now move on to the next point, which I want to address very quickly.

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The point is the conquest of Egypt, the conquest of Spain, and what treaties were agreed upon, after these countries were taken, okay, that will also be dressed. Okay. So Egypt was under severe persecution. Right. Egypt was under severe persecution of from the Byzantines, Byzantines were Christians. And they followed a different version of Christianity to the one that was being followed by

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or a buyer the Egyptian Christians, Egyptian Christians, Coptic Christians are following Orthodox Christianity, right? And the Byzantines are following that Chelsea Darwinian version, I don't want to make it too complicated. And I don't want to go into the the theological differences between these two versions of Christianity, but the ruling visiting Byzantine church was actually actively persecuting the masses, the majority. Okay. And Professor Thomas Arnold, he puts it very nicely as to what the situation was in Egypt at the time when the Muslims came to conquer Egypt. During the time of Omar bin Khattab, the second Caliph of Islam, and Muslims came to conquer Egypt. What was

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the situation on the ground and who was the leader of the Muslims? It was an armor when asked about your loved one, he was a companion of the Prophet sallahu wa salatu salam ala Qureshi, okay. And he came to conquer Egypt

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on the behalf on behalf of the Muslims, right. So he, when he came to Egypt, Professor Thomas Arnold, in his book preaching of Islam, states, this was the situation, the Jacobites, and I quote, The Jacobites who formed the majority of the Christian population had been very roughly handled by the Orthodox adherence of the court and subjected to indignities that have not been forgotten by their children, even to the present day. Some were tortured and then thrown into the sea. Many followed a patriarch into exile to escape from the hands of their prosecutors, who, while a large number disguise their real opinions under a pretended acceptance of the Council of chalcedon. So

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what Professor Thomas Arnold is saying is that in Egypt, the Christians were being persecuted by Christians. So the Byzantine church

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that was ruling Egypt and the land of Syria and much of North Africa was persecuting Orthodox Christians who were in majority in these lands. And Egypt was no exception. So when Amina asked came to Egypt to conquer Egypt, that was the situation. And for that reason, the population, the Christian orthodox

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Jacobite Coptic population of Egypt started to support the Muslims. This started to support the Muslims. This is why the Romans the Byzantines lost the land very quickly. Okay. And Dionysius, the Coptic patriarchs submitted Egypt dynasties of Tel Mara,

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whom I mentioned last week in my

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lecture, for the same series, Dionysius writes in his work that we have found in the tails and

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Stories of Egyptians that Benjamin, the patriarch of the Orthodox in Egypt at the time, delivered the country to the Arab general on verbena house out of antipathy that his enmity towards Cyrus the Chelsea donation patriarch in Egypt. In other words, Dionysius was a Christian writer writes that the Coptic patriarch of Egypt, okay, deliberately sided with the Muslims. When Muslims came to conquer Egypt, the population and the patriarchs sided with the Muslims against the Byzantines, who were actually persecuting the population. That's why the Muslims were able to conquer Egypt so smoothly, it wasn't Of course smooth, you know, but looking at things at that time. It didn't take

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long for us to defeat the Romans because the population was with the Muslims. Okay. This enmity was obviously fueled by the persecution of the cops. Okay? JOHN McHugh, a Coptic Bishop in the queue in Egypt was perhaps one of the sources of the tales and stories referred to by dynasties above. Okay, john also asserted that one of the reasons of the Muslim success in Egypt was the hatred of the masses for the Byzantines. He writes, and I quote, when Muslims saw the weakness of the Romans and the hostility of the people to the Emperor heraclius, because of the persecution, he had visited all the land of Egypt with in regard to the Orthodox faith, at the instigation of Cyrus, the child,

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suddenly in patriarch, they became bolder and stronger in the war, and people began to help the Muslims. So john of nicaea, writing very, very close to the time, ie the early Islamic conquest, he confirms that when Muslims came to Egypt, because of the cruelty and the persecution of the Byzantines, who followed a different version of Christianity, the population the Christian population of Egypt, it started to support the Muslims. And this is how our when also the last one was able to take the land of, of Egypt, okay.

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And by the way, another incident took place in Egypt, similar to the one that took place in Damascus, if you remember, last episode, I talked about an incident when available in JIRA, he had returned the jizya to the people of Damascus because he could no longer protect them. As I mentioned, jizya is specifically taken for the protection of the non Muslims living within the domain of Islam. This is exactly what the the the purpose of jizya is jizya is primarily taken for that purpose. Right. Okay. And when our beds have been Jura could see that heraclius is coming with a large army to fight the Muslims out or to push the Muslims out of Syria. He had to abandon the

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city of Damascus again to the Christians, okay. And he had told them that we will return the jizya to you now. And if we come back, if we are victorious, that we will be living on same terms, otherwise, you are in the hands of God, and the Christians of Damascus was crying, they were crying, they were crying they could not believe.

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As to the kind of people Muslims were right Muslims having taken the money in taxes jizya returned it to the Christians because they could no longer protect them. And a similar incident took place in Egypt when the Muslims had taken jizya from Christians. And then the Byzantines were able to come back and fight a battle with the Muslims and

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Muslims could no could not protect the Christians. From the Byzantine devastation, the Byzantines had devastated that city or that particular place. And when the Muslims had defeated the Byzantines for the second time,

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and the Romans had to leave, then the people came complaining to a hammer banaswadi alone that you took jizya from us and you did not protect us against the Byzantines. And for that reason, I'm a producer lawan ordered the refund your of jizya okay and I am looking for that particular quote Okay.

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Okay, alpha j. Butler, okay. For example, He is one of the

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historians of the conquest of Egypt, you know, the Arab conquest of Egypt, alpha j.

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Butler wrote a book. He is a historian. He wrote a book on this very topic topic, the Arab conquest of Egypt. He writes in his work, he actually narrates that anecdote when ombre banaswadi Alolan had returned the jizya which was taken from the Christians, okay, and I will go I basically I'm going to integrate that to you right now. I get

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and I'm looking for that particular.

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Okay. Here it is. Butler also narrates a fascinating repeat of the Muslim honesty in Egypt whereby they returned the tribute the jizya to the Christian population population of Alexandria following the Muslim recapture of the city. Okay. After the Romans had taken the city back once it had submitted to Muslims, so Butler, he quotes or he narrates the the incident, one, and I quote, one characteristic anecdote must not be passed over in silence. After the recapture of Alexandria, the corpse of the various Delta villages, which had been ruthlessly plundered by the Roman army, the Byzantine army, the Christian Byzantine army, came to armor and complained that while they have

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stood loyal to the Arabs, as bound under treaty, they had not received the protection to which under the same treaty they were entitled, and in consequence, they had suffered severely the justice of this remonstrance, okay, is obvious.

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But it is not every victory is general who conscience who whose conscience would be troubled by such protests. So, Butler is saying that,

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that not every general would be moved by such complaints, right, and he continues,

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of armor however, it is recorded that he was struck with remorse, and exclaimed wood that I had encountered the Romans as soon as they issued fort from Alexandria. What is more, he at once ordered full compensation to be paid to the cops for all their losses. This Frank admission of responsibility and Frank restitution, prove at once the excellence of ominous principles of government and the inability of his nature. In other words, to summarize all of this, Allahu Akbar, Ahmed, when asked when he took Egypt, allow a cover, he had returned the jizya to people when he could not protect them, upon Allah. So let me simplify this very quickly. I'm not going to ask, took

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a part of Egypt from the Romans, the Byzantines, the Christian Romans, right. And the population was loyal to the Arabs, the Christian orthodox population of Egypt was loyal to the Muslims. So Muslims are taken this land, and charged jizya from the Christians, they happily pay jizya and they accepted the protection of the Arabs. When armor was busy elsewhere, the Byzantines came and took this land back from the Arabs or from the Muslims. And as a result, the people of surrounding villages they suffered heavily, they suffered heavy losses. So once the Muslims came back, and they took this territory back from the Romans, all the Christians of these villages, they came back to armor, and

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they complained that as a result of this read, you know, re conquest, or this back and forth. We have suffered daily at the hands of the Byzantines, and we paid you money for our protection. And you could not protect us when the Romans came, Amaro de la Juan, he heard these complaints and immediately refund it returned the GCR money he had taken from the Christians of this particular region, LA. This is another example of jizya being refunded to the Christians, in a case when they could not be protected by the Muslims. In other words, jizya the primary reason it is charged is to take

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this tax from the Christians so that they can be protected the life the owner of the property. And if there is a loss to property to life to honor, then the Muslim state has to compensate. The Muslim state has to compensate these Christians and Jews. This is the reality of GCR historically speaking, brothers and sisters, and this is exactly what occurred in Egypt. Right. So the Egyptian, the people of Egypt, the Egyptians, they supported the Muslims. They supported the Muslims wholeheartedly when the Muslims came to call

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

conquer the land of Egypt armor banaswadi allow Iran he was supported he was

00:40:07--> 00:40:56

completely upon Allah given all sorts of support against the Romans. Now you have to keep in mind that the masses in Egypt, the cops, the Jacobites, are the Orthodox Christians of Egypt. They were the majority. And they were the message. On the other hand, the Romans, the Byzantines were also Christian who were ruling them. But they were persecuting the majority that followed a different version of Christianity because of this difference, because of bigotry and sectarianism. The Byzantines were oppressing the majority of the masses. And when the Muslims came in, the Egyptian people, they supported the Muslims.

00:40:57--> 00:41:48

And they were still Christian. By the way, the Egyptian people were still Christian, while they supported the Muslims, they supported the Muslims, because they found the Muslims to be more just, they found them to be more honorable and honest, against the Byzantines. Allahu Akbar. Now moving on to Spain, what happened in London, most Muslims landed in Spain, in 711. See in the year 9200. And before the Muslims had arrived in Spain, Spain was going through a sharp decline. Our archaeologically, we have found archaeologists tell us that just before the Muslim conquest, Spain was going through a very, very deep economic decline. And archaeology shows them that the cities

00:41:48--> 00:42:15

were being crumbled, okay. And they were falling, okay, to poverty, to starvation. And the economic conditions of Spain were very, very bad. And soon after the Muslims took over, archaeology shows us that the cities of Spain started to flourish economically. And this is very, very visible, visible in archaeology in archaeological finds.

00:42:16--> 00:42:24

And also when we read the narrative of Spain, or on Spain, historic narrative to come to realize that

00:42:25--> 00:42:43

Spain before the Muslims arrived, was going through some very difficult period, in particular for minorities, the Jews, was suffering heavily in Spain, okay, Spain was governed by the Catholic Church at the time, or the rulers were Catholic at the time, and they were passing laws

00:42:44--> 00:42:50

that persecuted the Jewish people directly, for example, a council.

00:42:51--> 00:42:55

A church Council was her held in Toledo in 633. c.

00:42:57--> 00:43:43

Just a year after the Prophet salaallah Islam passed away, the Messenger of Allah passed away in 630. To see a year later, the Catholics held a council in Spain in the city of Toledo in 633. c, in this council, it was decreed, and I quote, We decree that the sons and daughters of the Jews should be separated from the company of the parents, in order that they should not become further entangled in the deviation and entrusted either to monasteries, or to Christian, God fearing men and women in order in order that they should learn from their way of life to venerate the faith and educated and educated on better things progress, and they're more progress in their morals, as well as their

00:43:43--> 00:43:56

faith. In other words, the Council of Toledo, the fourth Council of Toledo in the year 633, see, decreed that the children of the Jews and the Christians ought to be taken away by force.

00:43:57--> 00:44:10

Okay, and they are to be raised as Christians. So forced conversion of the Jewish people. This is documented by the way, this is historically documented just before the Muslim derived this was happening in Spain.

00:44:12--> 00:44:59

For that reason, when Muslims arrived in Spain, what happened? Okay, an American Jewish historian named Zion zohore. He states that when Muslims crossed the Straits of Gibraltar, from North Africa in 711, and invaded the Iberian Peninsula, in other words, Spain, Jews welcome them as liberated from Christian persecution, Allahu Akbar. This is clearly testified to by a Jewish historian today, Zion Johar in his book, a history of Sephardic and Mitsui jewelry. On page number eight and nine, this is clearly confirmed. Okay, and another are in another place, lying

00:45:00--> 00:45:30

zahar, he summarizes the consequences of the Muslim takeover of Spain. Okay. He states born during this era of Islamic rule, the famous golden age of Spanish jewelry, okay, which took place between the year 900 to 1200. See, produced such luminaries as statesman and diplomat has diabetes taproot. Vizier and army commander Samuel Han Nugget Point philosophers

00:45:31--> 00:46:18

like Solomon, Eben Gabriel and Judah Halevy, and at the apex of them all, Moses been my moon, also known as the Spanish, also known as among the Spanish as my monitorings. And quote, this is what designs are has to say, okay, and other Jewish historians had praised the Muslim takeover of Spain, and a civilization that followed thenceforth. So in other words, brothers and sisters to summarize, very quickly so that I can take some questions as well from you, those of you who want to post questions from anywhere, please post them in the comment section. The questions can be seen, I can see your questions, and I will answer your questions and

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in due course, please post your questions in the comment section so that I can answer your questions inshallah.

00:46:30--> 00:46:32

So to summarize,

00:46:33--> 00:47:13

unlike what islamophobes Islam hatred, Christian missionaries, and atheist extremists, and other agenda driven politicians claim about Islamic history, we see that whenever the Muslims within the first century of Islam, whenever they went to take a land, they were actively supported by the persecuted people in these lands. I repeat, when Muslims went to Persia, the Christians were in favor of that conquest. When Muslims went into Syria, the masses, the Christian population of Syria was in favor of that conquest. When Muslims went into Egypt,

00:47:15--> 00:47:35

the Orthodox Christians of Egypt, who were heavily persecuted by the Byzantine church, they were in favor of the Muslim conquest. When Muslims were into Spain. The Jewish people welcomed the Muslims as liberated from the Catholic persecution. This is one of the reasons Professor Thomas Arnold states in his book,

00:47:36--> 00:48:11

the preaching of Islam as to why the Muslims were able to take such a large chunk of land in such a short span of time so rapidly. This is one of the reasons that early Islamic conquests happened. This is one of the reasons how the Muslims were able to take so much land from all the way to China, from all the way China to spend a lot of work but this was the largest chunk of chunk of land ever taken by anyone in history. Okay, of course,

00:48:12--> 00:48:59

put aside the Mongols. The Mongols had taken a lot of land and they lost it as quick as they gained it. But the land that was taken by the Muslims is still part of the Muslim civilization from Morocco to Bangladesh. As far as northern China, the Muslims still control all this land, although Muslims last Spain in the 15th century, and Muslims lost parts of Balkans in the 19th century, but much of the land that was taken during the early Islamic conquest is still in the hands of the Muslims. And the Muslim civilization still flourished, flourishes there, some of the oldest churches in the world are still in non Muslim lands, and they are well protected. Some of the oldest Christian communities

00:48:59--> 00:49:49

in the world are in the Muslim lands such as Egypt, and Syria, and Iraq, of course, after the takeover of ISIS, which was unfortunately, a product of the geopolitics of the region, not the Muslim civilization, because our civilization stands on its own terms. If you look at the 1000 history of the Muslim civilization, you will see our libraries, our intellectuals, our points, our universities, our observatories, okay, our theologian, john McCarthy in our monastery in Africa or Africa, or sharara. Kotoba are, you know, but a bola morphine. All of these people put together they are the ones who represent the Muslim civilization, more importantly, our ethics, the ethics and the

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

justice of Islam represents the Muslim civilization. people continue to talk about surgical instruments of let's say about Gaza, Muslim

00:50:00--> 00:50:54

Ravi, people talk about the optical innovations of eminent hate them. And people talk about the lesser circulation of blood theory of the feasts. And people talk about urbanization as philosophy and people talk about it not rushed commentary on Aristotle, and they try to narrow the Islamic civilization down to these people. No, no, this is not what Islamic civilization stands for. That may be a branch that may be, let's say, a glimpse of the Muslim civilization, right? The Muslim civilization is much larger, much bigger than that. And it begins with the ethics and the morals, and the justice of Islam. In the next episode, inshallah, I will talk about the outcome of the

00:50:54--> 00:51:40

outcome of the Muslim civilization. Sorry, the outcome, the outcome of the great Arab conquest, the early Islamic conquest. What happened as a result was the Muslims have taken these lands, and they are charged with jizya. And the Jews and the Christians had praised their protection from the Muslims. What happened afterwards? What did the Muslims do to these lands? Did they exploit and plunder? They drill all the oil? Did they take all the gold and silver and run away to their countries? And fill the museum's and fill in the blanks and impose unfair economic policies to on the world? Is this what the Muslims did after they took over all this land? or something else

00:51:40--> 00:52:19

occurred? or something else happened? To find the answer? You have to watch the next episode unveiling the Muslim civilization part five, whereby I will talk about the aftermath, the outcome of the Muslim conquest, the early Islamic Congress, okay. And I will begin with the treaties, what were the terms that were offered to the non Muslims in these lands when the Muslims took these lands, when Muslims came to power, how did they behave? How do you get to know people that reality when they come to power? Why do people

00:52:23--> 00:52:31

why do people abhor and hate and and completely disown the colonial period?

00:52:33--> 00:52:52

The colonial rule in African India, why are people writing books like the one written by William Dalrymple, title The anarchy the anarchie right in that book, he writes as to how the East India Company a colonial power plundered India,

00:52:54--> 00:53:11

it bled India dry there were multiple famines that killed millions of people that resulted from the policies of the East India Company and later colonial rule. Similar things happened in Africa and North Africa.

00:53:12--> 00:53:44

Okay, did the Muslims do that? Or did they create a civilization of a matte magnificent skill of a magnificent magnitude? This is something I will address inshallah, in the next episode, and in order to find out some more details on this question, you must, you must listen to that lecture inshallah. It will be titled the unveiling the Muslim civilization, Part Five, and we will talk about the treaties and the progress,

00:53:45--> 00:54:41

the progress that resulted from that those treaties. So this episode addressed jizya very briefly, and the early Islamic conquests, okay, very briefly, by the way, okay. And I recommend very quickly, some books you must go and consult. One of them is definitely you must read his preaching of Islam by Professor Thomas Arnold. t. w. Arnold. I repeat t W. Arnold. The book is titled the preaching of Islam, you must read this book. And there are other books you can read about the Muslim civilization and what it did for the world. And one of those books is hidden debt to the Islamic civilization, hidden debt to the Islamic civilization by cloudian Al Jazeera ad and you can find some more topics

00:54:41--> 00:54:59

on my YouTube channel and you can see those videos where I have recommended some books for you to read. inshallah, we will continue with this. And by the way, these lectures give you very, very brief snippets, brief glimpses into the history of the Muslim civilization for the details you will have to read the books. For now, I will end here

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And continue next week, my brothers and sisters with more content on the Muslim civilization. You can now put your questions forward in the comment section inshallah Walker, a DA Juana and it humbled in law hero Bellamy. Please put your questions forward.

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