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The importance of steadfastness in Islam is highlighted, as it is the only way to hold onto Islam and convey their message. The Prophet Muhammad sall equipped with commandments, and the importance of not obeying is also emphasized. The segment emphasizes the importance of finding the right ingredients for one's life and finding the message of their agenda. Many Muslims may make assumptions about others' ridden ways of life, which is not true. The segment also discusses the importance of finding the right ingredients for one's life and looking at the message of their agenda.

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So now from the last last time I saw you loud so whose real honest idea Have you been on Amina Mohammed well, those who suddenly seem cathedra Welcome to illuminations Quranic reflections from the Charlemagne day for and today in Charlotte, our citation of the Imam focused on beginning or ending sorry, so the buckler first and beginning Psalter Ali Imran, the third Surah of the Quran, while Surah Takara was we can say almost like Texas building the foundations and we said everything in Islam is found in sort of the buckle up in sort of Allium Ron, we can call it is the karma, or steadfastness and steadfastness Allah's Panther speaks about so many different ways, which are

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recipes for steadfastness and ways for us to remain steadfast. And he gives examples of that. Part of that is Allah's partner, giving the example of scholars being the markers of steadfastness, the last part that says, Shaheed Allahu Allahu La ilaha illa who, well, mela eager to work oral enemy, or Imam, Bill Tesla, La ilaha illa, who will Aziz Hakim, Allah himself as a witness, that there is no God worthy of worship except Him, and the angels and the people of knowledge. They're the ones that are the maintainers of justice, or they stand firm upon justice, so standing firm on justice, and doing so with knowledge is one of the markers of how Allah Patra says, Faith is established with

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steadfastness. And he says, There is no God God worthy of worship except him. The Almighty, the wise now, I've been reflecting over these two names of Allah content in the Quran. And where it's mentioned, as these will Hakeem al Aziz is the most honorable the Almighty, the one who has all honored and Hakeem is the one who chooses wisely everything that's put in place into the universe, and his decrees everything with wisdom. And every time you see this, these two names together as Ezel Hakeem, they refer to Allah subhanaw taala, as wisdom in placing something and Allah subhanaw taala has might in choosing something and giving honor through something. So you saw this in the

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previous Surah of Alaska, choosing Ibrahim to establish the cabin and build the cabin, and to establish the Islamic society. And as usual, Hakeem was also mentioned, when Allah subhanaw taala, decides to choose the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and to be among the progeny of Ibrahim Ali Salam and leaving a legacy behind for Ibrahim. So you see, this sense of Allah is honorable, and he doesn't need us to establish his honor. So from his steadfastness is that we're steadfast in order to preserve our own faith. And in reality, Allah does not need of us a last part that it then says in the next I in Edina, in the law, Hill Islam, certainly Allah's only way and the

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way we translate deen is not religion, but way of life, the only way of life acceptable, the only worldview that Allah had that accepts the only lifestyle the last part that accepts is Islam. And that is very powerful, because this surah is a Medini Surah which reflect on some of the times when the Muslims

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had shortcomings and also did not fulfill some of the commandments that Allah subhanaw taala had given them in the Battle of Allah Patra speaks about in this surah many of the ayat that refer to the faltering of the Muslims and obeying the command of the prophets analyze them, and he says part of steadfastness and the Iowa last time that it says call in contempt to pay Boone Allah for Tebbe Rooney you will become Allah. Say, O Muhammad, sigh Salman to the believers. If you say you love Allah, if you say you love God, then follow me meeting the Prophet Muhammad sai Salam, Allah will love you, and will forgive you your sins. And then he speaks about how they faltered. And they

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faltered because they did not listen to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and that caused all of the difficulties and strife that they found in their lives. And the lack of steadfastness starts with not obeying the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in fact, Allah Subhana Allah says and then another idea which is very similar to this one in Edina, andalas in Medina and Allahu Islam and the the way of life or lifestyle that is acceptable only to Allah subhanaw taala as Islam, Allah Subhana Allah says, Why am I here will tell you later Al Islam Idina, Fela Jakob Berman, and whoever seeks to find a way of life, other than Islam, it will not be accepted from them and they

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will be in the hereafter from among the losers. And Allah Subhana Allah says, then the examples of those people who did not remain steadfast or they're not tried to find another way, and you see in our times reality, something that we need to really draw our attention to, and that is that sometimes Muslims themselves may make excuses to accept Islam and to follow Islam. Maybe thinking, oh, there's gotta be a better way. This is not this is not a way for me. Islam is not a path that I should take. Or they start to have internal questioning. But sorta Ali Imran the third sort of the Quran speaks about steadfastness and why? And then Subhanallah the example that's given of

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steadfastness. Guess what? A woman Medea Malley has

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am Allah speaks about how she is she was steadfast. And what was the way of her steadfastness? The commandments of Allah. Oh Meriam believe in Allah, pray to Allah subhanaw taala work, you know to have certainty that Allah subhanaw taala is the Lord of the Worlds this woman who has given us the example of absolute steadfastness. And that's why Prophet Muhammad Wiseman says, there's so many women that completed their faith, like Maria Maria has said, that even men couldn't even fulfill their level of faith. So this is among some of the reflections of steadfastness, that this objective of the Sunnah of this Quran is solely Milan speaks about steadfastness, and different types of

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steadfastness. And,

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in last part, that is description of what gives steadfastness among the ways of steadfastness is also to not let your sins define you, but rather when you make a mistake to turn back to Allah subhanaw taala and not allow you to be a means of your own misery. So Allah subhanaw taala says that when you commit a sin, Allah subhanaw taala is door is always open and that's why there was a reflection I had yesterday and that is there are some people that may not be fasting in Ramadan that maybe thinking that they started Ramadan not fasting or they have

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shortcomings or things that is stopping them from thinking that they can approach Allah or come to Islam or come to faith or come to prayer. Your sins cannot prevent you from the Mercy of Allah. No matter how much your sins are at the mercy of Allah Samantha is greater than that. So Subhanallah this sutra, comes at the point of after Allah introduces the Quran, Surah Fatiha and then sort of tobacco where Allah establishes the foundations of faith. It teaches us how to be steadfast in Medina and Allah and Islam. The only way to Allah the only way of life the only lifestyle that is acceptable in this life is Islam. May Allah Subhana Allah gives us that steadfastness and firmness

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and comfort and allow us to follow the ingredients that I'll leave you all inshallah now to look into a hotel in Milan, and when you read, it will tell you we're on the third surah I want you to think of the main objective as steadfastness. So then find out what are the ingredients of steadfastness, what are the means of steadfastness? What are the ways that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us firm on this faith? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us that we'll see you all tomorrow inshallah for illuminations Quranic reflections, and so how to look it's already day for ending, right? It's going by fast. So take advantage of Ramadan. And we ask a lot of fantastic

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guests with the Prophet Muhammad Salah Solomon hustlers agenda. I'll give you guys a view of message now we now as it's emptying, and we'll see y'all tomorrow the satellite economic category

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