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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your wall Jamie Bismillah in your Walkman you're walking by him and

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Shadi Mila dawn, while you both share one more meaning at levena Yama Luna saw the higher the another whom john has an sadhak Allahu Allah when we continue exploring the commentary of the first verse of surah Toluca have, after discussing the fact that all praises belongs to Allah for revealed in the Quran upon His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they after Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We're lamea Jia

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Jia that this book that was revealed, revealed the final revelation upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his blemish list is flawless. There's no defect in it. It's impeccable. lemmya Jalla horiba. verbatim translation, Allah has not placed any crookedness in it, there is no deficiency, no discrepancy, no disparity, no inconsistency. In the fourth chapter of the Quran in the fifth Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, as Elia Barun Allan Poe and FLIR

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Will they not ponder and reflect over the Quran? While Can I mean when the lady Hila doofy they laugh and Kathy Rob, and if the Quran was from anyone other than Allah, they would find inconsistency in it, but study the Quran and there will be no inconsistency in it. Yes, the prerequisite of this is not only recitation, but reflection as well reflection and this is mentioned interfering with money under the commentary of desire. So if you only recite it, and you don't study it, you don't ponder you don't apply your mind, then you're going to see inconsistency or apparent disparity. But if you apply your mind and you study it carefully, as has been expounded by the

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experts on the exegesis of the Quran, then you will realize a lot a buffet, there is no doubt in it, there is no inconsistency in it. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned about

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the polytheist in the 13th Joseph in the 14th chapter of the Quran in surah Ibrahim For ye Lil mushrikeen and Levine is that a boon al hyah dunya

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wire so don't answer baling wire the wound our job will be to those who give precedence to this world over the latter and who prevent others from the deen of Allah and constantly searching for a word in the Quran. Why are

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they looking for defects and and and afford a floor and a blemish in the Quran? Yes, if you have that prejudice nature in you, then of course you are you are resenting it from the inception. But if you genuine and you sincere and you're honest and you apply your mind, I have no doubt you will be guided to the beauty of the Quran. May Allah says in the concluding verses of chapter 30 in Surah Torah, the chapter on thunder, you can call the People of the Book those who studied the Torah, then the Bible and the Injeel those amongst them who are honest and candid and accurate way upon levena cafa role as Tamara salah and the disbelievers say you are not a prophet, polka bill he shahidan

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benei webinar come say unto them, Allah is a sufficient proof woman rinda who moon Kitab and even the honest and the transparent and the candidate and the sincere and the genuine scholars and priests and clergy from amongst those who had received the knowledge of the previous books, they will tell you regarding the truthful nature of the Quran and the veracity of the message of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam Okay, so now we have two things out. Allah said the Quran has no defect, which obviously means it's perfect, right? So it implies it's perfect in a perfect nature. When Allah refuted any blemish or any discrepancy, then automatically it implies that it is

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flawless. It is perfect and it is impeccable. If I were to say he is not short, then I'm necessary. I'm obviously implying that he stole he is not short, meaning he is tall, he's lanky but yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala addressed it on both fronts. Allah said the Quran has no dis no blemish in it. No

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crookedness in it. And in the next word that is the first word of the second verse of the 110 verses. Allah subhanaw taala said it is straight to Yemen and of course in Arabic grammar you know it is not a joke right now who Kojima? Kojima. This book Allah has made it straight and upright. So what's the wisdom of combining between the refutation of any deficiency and the establishment of the perfect nature of the Quran? And Allah Mirza McSherry, whose name is synonymous to the Tafseer of the Quran? The Great erudite scholar said what in their total john Murray bainer who ouabain and nephele everywhere gee kid, for Obama's 30 min much who don't know who bill is the time at a lie

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looming at dinner, Virgin, run that stuff for hate La ilaha illa Allah, and this is what I say my brother and I beg and I beseech and I implore you for your undivided attention. I hope you can understand the beauty of the Quran.

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Let me translate this year and you know, try and simplify it. So Allah has a Marxist, he says the wisdom of combining both to say that it has no deficiency and then to say it is perfect it starkid emphasis to drive the point to reiterate the point to emphasize the point then he goes on to say for Obama's 30 min max who don't know who bill is data, mighty law, you know, mean, reversion in that software. There are many articles, many pieces of journalism, many writings, many books at a cursory glance, you will say wow, this is excellent, this is amazing, this is profound, this is great English, this is great structure, this is great writing prolific, but if you analyze it critically

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and you critique it microscopically, then you will realize that no, no, you know what, I revoke my sentiments I retract my words, there is a grammatical order that there is a grammatical problem here or the punctuation is not right or the choice of words are incorrect or there is a deficiency in the the format of the story, you will find some inconsistency. But when it comes to the Quran, even if you were to pool your resources, and you were to tire yourself, you will simply not discover any deficiency in the Quran. Because this is the speech of the Almighty. Allah, it is upright, it is straight. We move on. What's the purpose of the revelation of this chapter and the Quran in its

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entirety? Lee there are seven shady the to warn undara Yun zero in Dar Li so that by Sen. doorman shady then a severe to warn against a severe torment, who would be the recipients of that severe torment, meaning the disbelievers those who deny the almighty for them will be a severe torment.

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Now while we all know that the severe torment in Arthur is the blaze in flames of hell May Allah protect us that God daughter may Yazoo meenal wife, Chaka daughter may yours Amina we recite Surah tomalak or if not, hopefully we should be reciting a daily Allah says that the fire wants to burst with fury. It wants to burst occurred to his heart and mokaba right the garden and that is why one novela him that God will tell me he has a tetanus nine years old, the car due to my ears will mean alive My Word, the rage, the fury, the intensity, the gravity of that flames, may Allah protect us May Allah protect us. Sometimes you visit a medical facility and you see a patient in pain, agony

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and May Allah grant Shiva to all but if ever and hopefully it never happens if you go into a burned unit, and you see people who have been burned, third degree burns, then you will realize how intense and severe is the affliction of of burning and fire and to sustain difficulty through any form of flame or fire. May Allah protect us it is very, very severe. So of course Li Yun Veera sentia Dida to warn invar in Arabic means to warn, coupled with love. And this is incorporated into the grammar of the word. So one is a you know what? A traffic officer who's executing the duty who's regulating the rules, who's who has certain, you know, framework to work within and to bring about discipline,

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it's not necessarily coupled with coupled with love and affection. The Qurans warning is coupled with concern. The Prophet is a Navy Navy remains one who warns with love and affection.

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But I also came across an amazing exploration of better sensor data. So bias means punishment. shaded means severe now look at this commentary of the Quran and I read this in masala salute of hachimura Omar Hakim of Allah. He says by ascensia de da who were back Sunil hijabi while Bordeaux Anil Janabi wahoo shed don't either be killer in the humara be him yo ma even lamassu boon, my word, my word. In half a line what has been conveyed will take me a long time to unpack and explain and put context. So, Zen means punishment. Shadi then mean severe he lines in his stuff say that severe punishment here in this ayah could also mean in addition to the torment of hell, but as soon hijaab

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the punishment that will be unleashed upon the occupant of hell in the form, that he will be veiled and screened and barred from seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala but ascensia Dida who are back soon hijabi bustle hijabi the punishment of being banned and veiled and scream and deny the countenance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well bore ADO Anil Janabi. Well, Bernardo Anil Janabi, where he will be subjected to deprivation, from the proximity and the countenance of Allah, whether Lika has shed doula Darby, and that is the worst form of torment that could possibly be unleashed upon the occupant of hell. And then he references the verse kalah. In Houma, Rob beam, Yama, II, the llama

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Kudu born, that surely they will be veiled from the Lord on the day of Yama, meaning the disbeliever This is the verse of chapter 83 in the 30th, Jos verse number 15. In fact, under this idea, I read myself mm Shafi re Anima Monica Hema Humala, the two great legendary scholars of Islam, make mention, that when Allah is speaking of the punishment, that would be unleashed upon the disbeliever, that they will be deprived of the countenance of Allah, then the AI also implies that the believers will be privileged with the countenance of Allah Subhana Allah, if this is the punishment for them, then that means and it implies, implicitly, implicitly, it implies that the

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believers and May Allah make us amongst them, may Allah make us because my brother, my sister, I know not my fate, I know not my fate, in what state will I leave this world in what state will I leave this world? So I hope we can pray that Allah preserves our faith. And we can leave with Eman and hopefully we can be amongst those fortunate individuals who will be privileged with the countenance of Allah, which will be the pinnacle of euphoria for the occupants of Jana amin, jambalaya, and I mean, in fact, I have another flesh on this idea. That is the 15th verse of chapter 83. In to study in merryfield Quran, Mufti Shafi sobre la ley lines under the heading note under the

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heading note, he says that when Allah says that the disbelievers will be barred, and they will be screened from seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now this can only constitute a punishment and a penalty. If they really want to see Allah, you cannot deprive someone of something which they don't desire. They don't desire. Sometimes you tell a child a toddler, if you are going to be throwing a tantrum, I won't give you food. He's like happy I don't want to eat. So it doesn't constitute a discipline measure. Because the child doesn't want to eat, you can it can only constitute a penalty a punishment if the individual desires the opposite. So the fact that Allah says look at the depth

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of the Quran, look at the beauty I I hope somebody is understanding what I'm hoping to transmit. And I promise you I don't really have anything. It's just, you know, 20 odd years with the grace of Allah in the learning and teaching of the Quran that we've picked up on these things and May Allah reward the scholars who devoted their lives who devoted their lives are Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah reserve and levena ansarullah Alma z word. I read the book, okay, not covered to cover not Billy str as they would say. But I read the snippets and extracts and passages of this book of Shahada, Abdul Fattah about what directly Mashallah, in that he speaks of scholars throughout the times who adopted celibacy in the quest of knowledge that you know what the

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Passion of understanding then, they just were living single, they adopted that and their passion was so overwhelming. They were so pre occupied in understanding the Quran and the sciences of Quran and Sunnah, that they devoted their entire life. There's a rich compiled version of scholars throughout the ages like this, scholars of these nature of this caliber.

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So anyway, the point that I'm saying is that

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it's mentioned here in in Maori full Quran, that this is a release is a hint that the disbelievers although they verbally deny Allah but in the hearts of hearts, they also believe in a sovereign being. They also believe in an Allah, they might say they are an atheist or an agnostic, but they're very anatomy is calling out to some divine being the Allah Who has created us and and Allah that legislated the Sharia, this human anatomy is in harmony with the Sharia, you will not find inconsistency between our makeup and the tenets of Islam. And if perchance you find any contradiction, then that is external influence that has obscured your lenses, otherwise it is in

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perfect synchronization. So to recap this point here, the point that I'm laboring here is that Allah says they will be barred from the sight of Allah. That means it can only constitute a plan a penalty and punishment, when in the heart of hearts they are believing in Allah, although they verbally choose to deny. So this is one exploration of sn shadid, which is the object of the Quran to warn the desert believers of a severe punishment. And furthermore, in the latter portion of the second verse of this chapter of the Quran Surah tolka have Allah says, and what is the other purpose and function and motive and object of this chapter and the Quran, where you share a little more meaning

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and levena Yama, Luna Sally had, where you both share meaning and the sporran and this chapter gives glad tidings. Bashara You bet, she wrote, Tabby she'll to give glad tidings, what are your best shall not mean, and to give glad tidings to the believers and levena meluna Sally Hart, those who perform righteous deeds continuously and levena is Malmo Sol. Yama loon is malaria, which incorporates the meaning of a steamroller is temporary means continuous and ended. So a believer is one who is in the performance of righteous deeds throughout his life, while you best share our meaning and levena. Yamato necessarily hard, it gives glad tidings to those who perform righteous

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deeds. And Allah home and Nevada Lila home for them. adjure and reward Hassan are excellent that for the believer, there is an excellent reward. And what did the scholars say? That when you when you contrast that when you contrast by sentia de de sol hijaab. One well, boy do I need Jana who should do that, but essentially it could mean of course deprivation from the countenance of Allah, then a German has center would refer to the privilege of being favored with the countenance of Allah. And as I mentioned, that's the height of happiness, joy, excitement, euphoria and jubilation. And adrenaline Hassan also refers to all the boundaries of Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in

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general, for them is what they want in Jannah is what they want. The movie shot on loved one v. Maya Sha una wala Dana muzzin. for them is whatever they want, and we have something beyond that as well. Lin levina, oksanen Hausner was the the those who perform good actions for them is an excellent reward was the other end something additional something surplus, something as a surprise. Wow, wow. And Allahu Akbar and Hashanah. And the scholars also mentioned under this Yama, Luna Sally hard that it refers to doing actions with sincerity. My brother, as simple as the action is, let the motive be correct. One of my teachers used to mention And may Allah preserve him with goodness, he would say

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that regardless of your intention, the world judges you by presentation. And regardless of your presentation, the Almighty judges you by your intention. Regardless of your intention, the world judges you by presentation, you need to present it you need to look presentable, the

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food needs to be presentable. You know the aesthetics and the cosmetics, the look, the appearance the presentation it's all about presentation. And regardless of your presentation the Almighty will judge you by your intention for men Ghana yaru juliaca RRB failure MLM Allen solly ha Well Are you sure? Could be I bet that the rugby either so just a reminder to myself and you, we need to do actions exclusively for the pleasure of Allah. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned in verse number three we move on Marquis Thien, Effie Abed, my caffeine Effie a bad that they will dwell their info forever, they will dwell there in for ever. Now.

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The greatest bounty of Jannah is that in addition to it being of a perfect of an excellent nature, it is eternal. If I were to give a simple analogy, if somebody says you know what, I can borrow you the latest car, or borrow you a Ferrari, or I gift you a simple car, one of two options. I borrow you a Ferrari, and I gift you a sample got any logical person with alpha brain? Well up for the latter option. Although that car is simple. The first one the Ferrari is flashy, it's exclusive. It's expensive. It's a flamboyant it will get you the likes, it will get you the comments, it will secure people around you and the rest of it. But it's temporary. It's it's for a period of time and

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having the other card perhaps doesn't have all that. bells and whistles doesn't have the bells and whistles. But end of the day you take that car home, it is your car. You know what you are the owner of that car you are the owner of that car. Now, when you compare between superior and inferior and temporary and permanent, then everyone opts for something inferior.

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Provided it's permanent versus something that is superior and is temporary. But when it comes to Janna Subhana Allah, it is the best of it all. And yet it is permanent. Ma camion fed Walmart warmer in de la Heba in the 14 Joe's in chapter 16, in Surah, two nahal or surah, two neon, which is another name for this chapter. Allah says, whatever you have, whatever you have, is meant to perish not only your your your assets, or your degrees, but even your relationships, your relationships amongst yourself, it all will perish. Why are in the lie he bark and what is by Allah and what Allah has is permanent, everlasting in exhaustible

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Mark Athina v. Aveda. Can you imagine the joy of the dwellers of Jana that you will live in general for ever and ever, my brother try and process this, my sister try and absorb this year. You know, as a student, when you're studying, there is this excitement when my final exam is done, then all they won't be exams again in my life. I had this myself like, they won't be an examination room, they won't be an examiner there. They won't be marks they won't be submitting. They won't be you know what a position or waiting or anticipating for results or pending or then you want to you know, do a postgraduate etc. So there is this related stress I'm just using as a simple analogy, which

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sometimes can leave you anxious and can increase anxiety. And you're like, Oh, I'm waiting to sigh with relief, I'm waiting to sign and only to summit that hill only to summit that hill. And then you realize that the first exam of life is more daunting than the combined exams of your studies. The first exam of life, the first curveball that life throws at you, you will discover is more daunting, more challenging than the combined exam exams of life. But this is just as far as the world is concerned. Now, can you imagine where you will able to tell yourself that this is the end of stress for ever? This is the end of pain forever. There was a relative of mines and uncle of mines who

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passed on. And

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he was physically challenged. He was visually impaired, he had multiple disabilities. And I pray for him and I asked you to pray for him and for all our, you know, Brethren, that have moved on May Allah envelope them in His Divine Mercy. And so at the funeral I was asked to say a few words. And I teared and those around, you know, everyone cried and I had a flash of one Hadees that Allah put in my mind.

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At that time when Fatima for the long run has said to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he sallallahu Sallam said that all the pain is so intense, the pain is so intense. The pain is So, Fatima the Alanna said one quarter bah bah, bah, bah bah Baba. Oh, I mean, to see your beloved in pain is the most difficult thing. And when you see find yourself helpless, you find yourself helpless. And you're standing at the bedside and it's not a pleasant sight and it's not an easy sight. And may Allah make it easy for anyone and everyone that is unwell. May Allah give she fought, and you find that son, spouse, partner, parent, teacher, child is in pain in agony, and you are

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standing there helpless, unable to do anything unable to do anything. And this is 14 out of the allowing another beloved of the messenger sallallahu wasallam and this is the lobby of a lion in the throes of death was caruba abota Oh the pain of my dad is so intense is so intense. And he said a lot SM said laser Allah a BK Cara Boone, Bernard de Leone, laser Allah a BK Cara Boone, Baraka, Leone. Oh, my daughter, there is no pain and agony and distress for your father after today. The first proclamation that the dwellers of Jannah will proclaim as they enter into Jana, may Allah make us from amongst them while carnal, hamdulillah Hilah the Grinnell has an All praise belongs to

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Allah, who has freed us of grief, of sorrow, of pain of anxiety permanently gone done dusted so murky thena v. Aveda, you will be there for eternity to the extent that in the 23rd juice of the Quran in surah, Salford Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about an X an ecstasy that will grow up the occupants of Jana so you will know that you are in Jana, and you will know that Jenna is eternal but you will just have this flesh after ma newbie me eating like really we won't die again in multichannel Allah woman has to be more either been but the first death that we tasted in this world and that's about it. And after this, there is no death again, in ohana, Allah who will leave this is

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great success. This is great success. You know, you know you getting married and then you married and then you meet your friend and you're like, bro, I'm married, bro, I'm married. Or you know, your wife is on the family way. And then Allah blesses you with a bouncing baby and you're like, bro, you know what, I'm a father or I'm a mother, or I'm a grandparent, or whatever it is. So it's not like you were unaware of this coming your way. But it's just a renewed sense of joy, happiness and excitement. Can you imagine the pain and the agony of those who will be in hell? What eternity will do for them? lobby thena Fie. Ka, La Jolla Zoo nafi ha barudan Weller Shah Illa Honeyman was set up

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while eternity will be a source of happiness and joy for the people of Ghana. And let me say another qualifying statement. It's towards the end of Surah touriga have that Allah subhanho wa Taala says Lai, Yerba Buena and Maha Shula in this word, even if you go for holiday, and you have the best of foods after a time You know what, you become monotonous. You need to go back into routine. I need to go home. I need my own bed. I'm tired of the hotel environment. You know what I need my routine. You just get tired. you need you need something new La Jolla buena, Allah, they will not seek alternation. They will not seek alternation. So the ecstasy will continue. And I'll leave you on

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this note of Jannah. In this world, when you indulge in something, it's exciting for the first moment, and as life goes on, the excitement in the indulgence gradually gets decreased. So the first time you ate it, it was the best meal. The first time you went on holiday was great. The next time was fine was okay but nothing to scream about nothing to write home about. So gradually it loses its momentum of excitement. And the thrill starts withering away. In Jenna, the beginning will be greater than the excitement we had in this world in its entirety. And every moment that continues beyond will only enhance the happiness and the joy. Read the fruit beat the spouse beat the clothing

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and the climax and the highlight will be when we will be privileged with the moment to see the almighty May Allah make us from amongst those fortunate individuals. I mean Europe Bella alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa

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Happy edge malyon Welcome to the law Hello bill Amin.