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October 13, 2018 – Part 1


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The recent incident between the United States and the British led to the loss of profits and negative community sentiment, leading to a quiet night. The chaos and chaos of the situation, including the loss of jobs and negative community sentiment, is described as a quiet night. The speaker emphasizes the importance of planning things out and finding the right way to achieve success, finding the right way to achieve success in life, and finding the right way to cut down trees. The speaker also discusses the mentality of Muslims during the time of winter and the success of their efforts to cut down trees.

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think he was liking your domain but

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I'm going to talk about the

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if you're interested offer that signed up from now on in a different different way not going to start repeating repeatedly I think I think everyone who's attended the last maybe six lessons has heard me said the same exact same thing every time

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they ran down the mountain they made a mistake really from moment they didn't mean it but an indirect way in causes the chain of events the sequence of events that happened later it was all their fault the loss the death of handling the loss of the neighborhood profits falling into the into the hole

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the three incidences of

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trigger fees season

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that a different tribes around Medina perform all the above and hide in the story told me last time what they're gonna do Sofia in his in his group trying to read Medina and Brenda Lee was going to talk about today trying to kill the brothers have always happened. Because after after they lost, everyone felt that maybe maybe they weren't as strong as we thought they were maybe we don't need to really have treaties with them and

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and live in peace with it. Maybe Maybe it was just a an anomaly just a one time thing, state place loss by mistake Wednesday, but he's always in the strongest movie. So we're only focused on the last couple of times, was the ripple effect. Because you when you make a mistake, you make a choice and make a decision. And not only do you affect yourself, sometimes will affect a lot of people around you. And sometimes the extent of that effects will will continue for years and years to come.

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The mistake that they made that day cause has an undetermined to be revealed. There's parameters once you decided to the day of judgment that you have to memorize because of the mistake that they made. That's a big deal, you're first going to do something with them the horology accounting document and talk about it. And for the brothers, I still have to have a physical

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mark that was continued with him till the day he died. He was also his face before although this is different than his face after often see if if you if you know, if you haven't seen him on his left, then you saw him two pictures, you would know this prior to 100. After she prior to you didn't have scars on his cheeks.

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Prior to her didn't have a broken tooth.

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I because of the mistake we made, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna talk about it, because I'm done explaining it that way. I look at it from a different angle. But it's important that you walk away from all of this understanding that your decisions, your choices, they are the most sacred thing that you have the only the only true possession that you actually own is the only thing you do is what you do your choices. Understand that you affect yourself, you affect others short term and long term directly and indirectly. And sometimes you may not meet it, but you make the wrong decision, you make the wrong choice, you affect others, and you're held accountable for it. That was the point

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is to

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just keep that in mind.

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Today I'm gonna tell you the story of

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the final act of treason that happened.

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But it's not the final one of the last ones, believe it or not, you are one of the three tribes that live in Medina signed into ROTC at the Constitution of Medina when he became the leader. And one of the leaders of Jewish tribe that lives in the west part of the deal, right where they live where they live, didn't even know what part of the data we talked about. You're talking about the northern part of the southern part of Medina.

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Yeah, so the southern part of Medina was basically covered by these tweets he was trying to put on the leader but don't think a lot and but I'm going to put a bow and in this is going to become important and maybe to work on a budget I hadn't been taught.

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So we're not even live here. And they were quite wealthy. And the problem is that my son had a habit of visiting all the different tribes and all the people in Medina regardless whether they were Muslim or not, he wanted to keep good relationships with everyone. So it was

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it was going to be us starting or beginning his

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his business in his

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day until the end of the different tribes that came through the tension through a lot of how you say that well, no, they were sending messages back and forth. The point is there was some correspondence going on between Ben and Ilya and between employees and I was able to get his hands on some of these messages. And they were able to confirm for him that but on the day we're talking to police about about basically being the leader

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In the profits of my setup, or training against the Muslim being ripping up the Constitution and working with what I use, and the current divorce fine, so the agreement will make it become this in a quiet way. Maybe we don't actually cause a war How will you recognize it but right beside you, it comes to your neighbors quite often I will you just enter quiet, you can make it look like an accident, just maybe 10. What are you out of the picture is all of a sudden, we don't even going to go any farther. Why? Because we're still early in the development of this new number of muscles at that point was quite, quite low. It wasn't it had not exceeded 2000 people to that point was really

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quite a small number. So the prime minister said I knew that but he never based his actions on on just information, he had to go in and figure this out for himself. So when he didn't do any visited, but interview and he had, and he had been hiding, sorry, limousine, all those people watch for him for any signs of trees, just to see if they're going to be trained by these workers to them, or trying to pull a stunt on him. So he's looking at you know, he goes there, and he's been visiting them. And sure enough, they see.

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They see two people on the top on the roof of the house was brought in moving a big rock closer to the to the edge, where he's close to the door where he may want the Georgia houses close to the doorway, they probably gonna ask him to walk on his door, push the rock, they ended up doing an accident, two people were working on the roof, and it felt it didn't need to do it. So they saw that and then another narration that doesn't add up on a sermon himself talked about that somebody said them regardless, either way, it just came came through into the tension that you were trying to build him. So he tells them this, what you've done, is what I've found out here the correspondence

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you've been talking to for a while, and he leaves it so succinctly before they can start thinking of telling him he gets out have a wonderful day, goodbye, goes back to the DNS. And he says that this can't happen, you need to leave

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this is not a present you need to you need to leave this is you broke, you broke the the agreement, there was an agreement between us and the institution, you you sign it you read to something and are you looking at where you need to be. So initially, but in the latest center, I believe what do we take with us the Prophet sallallahu sallam said take everything you can take your your wealth, your take your weapons, take any everything you want, I mean, it's not your your mind that I'm interested in just like you need to be you gotta stay here. If that's what you're thinking to do, then you have to get out. So initially, he started packing and getting ready, but America fair enough, but we were

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talking about quite a bit in the next couple of buses. He was one of the leaders of the of these tribes. And he found a way to convince

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the people that you know what, what mistake because what they had there, they had forks, there's not like they had just regular houses like the Muslim side, they had the forks with huge walls surrounding them. So they decided to close the doors and just stay inside, right, they could live on whatever resources they had inside from once easy. Actually, the Muslims on the other side have less resources than they have on the inside. So it'd be harder for the Muslims to survive without actually importing the goods than it would be for them

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because I was corresponding with place hoping that they would come and help them you know, we'll all around and we'll kind of you know, distract them from from you guys. Because he's probably going to put a siege around this and try to force this out and then you guys can come over and you can try it you know, fighting fighting with us. Unfortunately, when he was already yesterday didn't come through with their part of the deal. And what ended up happening was a brother that was isolated and put a seizure on the robot on the limb for 120 days. And the Quran records because a bunch of you guys have probably heard this word before and you remember it at some point so don't beat it to use

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this don't make sense to understand what this was talking about. So somebody that might be satellite you'll never know what who it is, again, everything within the heavens within the cosmos. Now the earth

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exalts ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is continuously continuously exalting Allah subhanho wa Taala he is indeed

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valuable and he is the most wise

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who enter the

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room and ask at 30 Min and dare him the avoiding hassle. Now we're going to a module is the ones

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who will hide the People of the Book meaning toggle button will do this sort of by the way, one of its themes isn't a show and another name is button. Nobody was actually called soon but even deleted. As far as giving advice tells us who had people of the book available to you

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get be removed from their homes. The whole way to Hashem to the beginning of an ashram has two meanings. It can mean it can mean that the day of judgment, one meaning of it, I don't think that's an option at the high school but I think it means is when when people gather up when people start choosing sides, right when people are choosing sides or choosing So when was the beginning of Arabia start

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I did choose sides it was going to happen to the peak moments of the process of life and it was struggle had not arrived, it's going to arrive very soon, the peak moments where you have to choose, you're either going to stand by him as always, or at least have a piece to use with them are you gonna stand by the way, everyone has to make a choice. So the peak moment hadn't come yet the the beginning, the proper distribution, or the moment where everyone's going to have to pick a side mount when I'm done with you all Muslims who never thought that he would ever leave. When he goes there was so strong, he had huge castles and forts and and each the walls around the globe, we're so

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high, it was impossible. In the minds of the Arabs who are living in tents and small houses around them, you could never remove these people's impossible, they're extremely wealthy, they're well armed, well educated, they're going to organize and have a lot of wealth aside and look at their castles and their forces, if possible, we got to touch them know what I'm doing, the younger you start, even if they will never leave, or you didn't have the ability to make them leave without Allah and how can I couldn't do it. Maybe there was a assumption in the minds of some

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well unknown, where they ended this surah talks about what happened from the end, because they're going to leave this was going to happen at the end. And I haven't arrived at that point yet. But this is what I want to talk to from the telephone at the end of it and reliance back is at that point before like before they actually

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know when they know this came after doing this work even talking to a lot of stuff. So it's a it's a very powerful it's important to have learned in terms of the meaning Well, one unknown, unknown many I do feel Soo Min Allah and they thought they thought that their forests were stronger than God there is done that their scores can protect them from the will of Allah subhanaw Medina, if they were to betray or to do something wrong, they know when we have the castles and forts and walls and they can they can be used. Well, let me know I know many of you. But I doubt it will love them and hate for them yet, it was almost paddle data, beat them from which they did not suspect or expect.

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Very often in your life. true success. And true failure will come to you from a door that you didn't know exist in the first place will come to you through something or through a portal light portal that you didn't even think was possible to begin with, then you will be thrown off at J A horrible curveball in life. And all the events and all the plans that you have in the future will be changed automatically. And then things will actually turn out well or turn off or turn out the opposite in a way that you could have never ever imagined or planned out. And this is how life is. You know, it's your job to plan things out. What I'm going to tell you is 90% of the time, it never actually works

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out the way you plan it. No, it's still good. It's okay, that's fine. It's just how life is Allah sometimes that always

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shows you things in different ways, just so you never forget. Because you know, that's all in his hands upon the time.

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I just ask anyone who's over 30 They'll tell you Oh, yeah, it's always like that it's holding us to success and to failure to happiness to sadness will always happen in a way that you can use. You never planned you never imagined possible to completely out of the blue. But I fell in love with them. And they were being from a way that they did not even think was possible. But what how will they be? What is the continuation of the AI?

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What does it

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feel to be human what they lost by panic.

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Just just panicked.

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A rumor started a monsoon, that Muhammad, Muslims are going to be able to overcome our walls or another room, we're sorry that we're not gonna have enough food. One person told the other there's all sorts of food and they might need and he's already scared. And they're not gonna work out, we're gonna starve and they're gonna kill us all, it's not gonna be able to leave and vague enough for me and the other leaders and they look, maybe to show you the map, you have enough food for a year, the Muslim will start on the other side of these walls before you do, you don't need to leave that they cannot overcome the most impossible are fine. But they had one word that means just fear, extreme

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fear, fear victim,

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mathematically and practically, the Muslims would have never got it, it would have never happened. The problems I've seen would have probably went on for a couple of months. And then they would have probably just left because there's nothing they can do. You cannot get insights if possible. He didn't have enough manpower. So most of them at the time, and use the example of this to happen in the future. You'll see just having more than once in his life is also a good starting point of a huge, huge wall and castles and then no way it doesn't have enough manpower is almost enough to get in and how they lose. Because there are people who will be over fear to the heart.

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And they panicked. And hey, and all those players who were beaten by the majority of people to move, no matter what they told them or how much they tried to convince them that you told you don't need to leave is a dumb move. We don't want to

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So if he had to come back to the office, I sit there and say, All right, we're leaving, we're gonna leave, what can we take with us. So this time, he says that you can take everything. But what

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you have to leave your stories. After doing this after the second betrayal, you have to leave, you can take everything up to your food, and take your furniture and everything categories to where they do out of out of hatred, or whether you remove them, we will tell you at what he didn't want me to tell you.

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As they left the knock down the walls of their homes, Muslims couldn't couldn't benefit from it. So when he went into science, after they left, when he mentored, would find all the homes destroyed right down because he didn't want the Muslim to benefit from beautiful without

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when I went and picked up a lot, but he

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and had a must have not written or destined to actually leave, and they would have been beaten. I must have hundreds Montegrappa products, I sell them because something cheap, but I was because I didn't want bloodshed, I want them to just leave that there be no versions. I was I didn't want them to be punished in dunya. But they will be punished for this actually, they don't pretend for it. What I'm interested in one of the second day actually so that you can be a normal shop or mother or I mean you should be left in the budget department. The reason that it was done to them is that is because the fight that Allah subhanaw taala is profit and the mystery the loss of another's profit.

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And he does that to a loss of content as profits, then Allah subhanaw taala is extremely harsh and his punishment and then another area. What are the most interesting ones in the Quran to be yours to figure out what what this guy was doing there? It goes like his mouth Allah Molina chin, oh, we don't have to move or image and also we have to be easily when you see adversity. Now there have been prior to this one are really clear what they're what they're telling us that the message is very clear. The victory of Allah's panda will come in ways you wouldn't imagine, don't base things on whether you think it's possible or not is the right thing to do that you need to do it. Even if

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you can't see seeing through fully. If you can't see the end of how there's going to work, even if you'd like I can't see this working out, it doesn't seem like it's gonna work isn't the right thing to do? Yes, then you keep on doing it. And Allah Subhana Allah will grant you the truth, always enjoy them. They're never imagined in the first place, just like you could easily lose in ways that you never could have imagined in the first place as well. And this one is teaching us at the beginning. But then this is the middle one after talking about talking about when money when money's been going, and I'll talk about that a bit once we finish the story. But this guy is right in the

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middle. It goes like this Mother God, human dignity, outcome Have you ever done

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any of the palm trees that you cut down, or the ones that you left standing in touch for anything that has happened with the will of Allah subhanaw taala and the permission of Allah subhana wa Tada when you see a freshly made those who betrayed him, I know Tada.

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Basically, they're in damnation.

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But what does this mean? I remember reason I could never work with it. So this is what happened. This is just for you to understand the mentality of the Muslims at the time. So it's really an interesting story. What happened was they were the Muslims are the words were handed hit the siege around

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around the forks have been in the leaf, it just happened to be a time of year was winters. Now you may think that winter in the desert is hot. And that's because you don't know you've never been there before. Winter in the desert is extremely cold, especially at night, it gets so cold that you can easily die and replaced by if you if you're outside and you're properly dressed, it gets really cool at night, in the middle of the desert doesn't matter what time of year it was, it was it was winter. And they were and the seed was around the forest. And they had to stay the Muslims and the provinces in their garden waiting for an opening to see they can get in. And that's how you get the

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seeds. And basically, you just send it on the fourth day and defend the forts and you've done on the design, you wait for it open, you wait for a bunch of guys over here to start playing cards and go to sleep. So you can jump through the hallway, open the door everyone goes in. That's how it works.

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So you have to be on guard all the time. Most people

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now requires you have to be fed three times a day, or at least once a day, you have to have proper clothing. And if it's minus 10 in the middle of the night, you need some some source of heat. And they had nothing. They literally had nothing. They had used up forever what they had nothing left and they were freezing. And in the understanding with products exam that I taught is that you never harm a living thing equally coming in or quitting her job and every moist liver there is there is reward that means me and every living soul that use benefits or that will help or that more time do you will be rewarded. And I used to sell and tell people you never you never cut down trees that the

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tree is something you don't especially in palm tree because at that time was the only resource that existed and rain doesn't make those people chopping these things.

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But there were so cold

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that they looked for something called Aleena. Now we need to touch on the Nina. Nina is a Ponte that small to small, that'd be one of those peoples. This is one of the small ones. I mean the the older ones, the ones that don't give as much dates. So they got so cold that they cut down a few of them.

00:20:21--> 00:20:25

And they made them and they use them for firewood to warm themselves.

00:20:27--> 00:20:56

And then as they did that, they felt bad about doing it. And they did it because they had to do the fact that it was so cold. But as you enjoyed it, they felt really bad. And they started feeling guilty. And they started wondering are we are we disobeying Allah subhanaw taala doing this? And is this the reason that we have not been granted victory that we cut down these palm trees, and we cut down a tree and that's why Allah subhanaw taala has deprived us from being able to meet inventories on here today, I was gonna say that No, no, no, no need to image and

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whatever funds you that you put down, or the other ones that you didn't judge it all 100 With the permission of Allah 100 and the global most of you are not at fault. Don't feel bad. But what I want you to understand is that the Muslims in their mind, their mindset was that if they were to cut down a tree, even if they needed it, even if they were freezing cold and they needed just for wood, they fell backwards, in their minds like

00:21:20--> 00:21:31

that right to cut down a tree, I think is how long they're going to use improper to cut down a tree. And they start talking to themselves. Most of the early Muslims, they felt guilty if they harmed the tree.

00:21:33--> 00:21:36

All right, don't guilty any harm a tweet, either he wouldn't be a tweet.

00:21:39--> 00:21:40

And I didn't say

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you had no choice you needed to point to die who didn't do it. It happened to us.

00:21:47--> 00:21:49

And say right, this document because it

00:21:50--> 00:22:18

just reminded us of how Muslims at that time, I actually thought this is the mentality that Muslims carry. They weren't slaughtering people for nothing. They were looking for their own brothers and sisters to harm. They weren't all for bloodshed. They weren't taught to kill people. They felt guilty to cut down a tree. And they weren't sure if it was proper to do that, or wasn't province are wandering and doubting themselves. And the prime will come and told him that wasn't wasn't a problem.

00:22:20--> 00:22:58

Yes. So did the Muslims attempt to like, break into the wall? Of course. Uh, yeah, that's what we're gonna seek out to try. Now they were successful, but you have to try a few times. And then you just wait, you have to wait and see if the number of guards you know, a decrease. Or if you can see, it's a very complicated against warfare. It's a very complicated process. They tried it, they couldn't do it because they actually the little more people on the inside and the Muslims on the outside. Like they're all numbered by the people inside. There was maybe 700 Muslims performing the siege around the castle the importance of winning the lead. And inside, there was maybe 2000 people died as well

00:22:58--> 00:23:15

armed with enough food, but the road was just fear that they were filled with fear. And that's where they left. It isn't the whole point of suicide. You're telling us in the T Smith story. They ended up leaving, it got up and moved. Where did they go? They went some of them went to save up and someone went to audition in Damascus.

00:23:17--> 00:23:23

And the Muslims were able to go in and take the land at least. So the province I said

00:23:24--> 00:23:26

was Thursday and he talked to them.

00:23:27--> 00:23:28

And he said,

00:23:29--> 00:23:30

Mike, I don't

00:23:34--> 00:23:35

know how God

00:23:36--> 00:23:36


00:23:38--> 00:23:46

well, we'll do them in the article. So why do you think that they should happen? I'm going to divide this equally between Well, why do you need it most often people get from A to B