Adnan Rashid – Ramadan Livestream – Building the Lighthouse – Reaching the Stable Shores of Certainty

Adnan Rashid
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. brothers sisters, I am a non Rashid. And we are back with another Sapiens appeal tonight is the 21st night of Ramadan. It may well be Lyla, brother. And here we are to encourage you to do some good deeds and join us in this endeavor to enter Jannah together in sha Allah, and I'm joined by the legend, the infamous Darwin Slayer infamous, infamous Darwin, Darwin, Darwin Slayer brothers

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from Darwinian delusions, YouTube channel, Mashallah has been doing some great work in the philosophy of science. And he's a PhD student currently, was conducting his further research into this. And brother sisters Sapiens Institute. As you know, from the last five appeals, we've been talking a lot about it. Sapiens Institute is an institute that defends the intellectual boundaries of Islam, the intellectual borders of Islam, let's say, Okay, this is like a robot intellectual robot. Okay, intellectual struggle against islamophobes islamophobes. I've been trying a lot of things at us for the last 20 years, let's say since 911. For some reason islamophobes feel free

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enough to even lie on Islam, you know, peddle hate against

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conceptions against right. So we need to really have a response to these islamophobes and slurs against Islam, Sapiens Institute is the response, it is the solution we have been discussing for the last five years Today's the sixth to the

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21st night of Ramadan. And tonight we are asking you to support us inshallah, in this noble endeavor. The link for donation will be rolling nonstop, those of you who have been waiting for the last 10 nights This is your chance now, it may well be late tonight. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said muncom Allah local country, Mr. Anwar Saba novella, hamato government Gumby and you want to stand in the night of power with conviction and faith and self accountability, he or she, her sins will be or their sins will be forgiven. Whatever since they have committed I mean minor sins to make it very clear for major sins you need Toba. So my brothers sisters, all of us are sinners, the

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profit and loss from circle to bunny.

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All the children of Adam are sinners, they make mistakes, they commit errors. And the best of those Commission's are the ones who repent. One of the best ways to repent to Allah is to give sadaqa to support causes like Sapiens Institute so that we can defend and protect the Eman of our youngsters out there. In the millions. Muslims are almost 2 billion people in the world, nearly 20% of global 20% of the global population. Right. And we are millions of youngsters, millions of youngsters, they need some responses, right when they go on. When they go online. They watch content. They watch videos, they get confused. So tonight, we will be focusing on doubt people who are spreading out,

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why are they spreading out and watch his response. Sapiens is responding to these doubts by producing websites. We have websites where these doubts will be answered. We are working on books, publishing books on doubt. We are also

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establishing the lighthouse mentoring system whereby people can have one to one sessions with Sapiens experts to answer the question. So tonight's video is titled

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building the lighthouse in the metaphorical sense. Okay, what do we mean by building the lighthouse brothers the wall? Tell us what does this mean building the lighthouse?

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motherboard Can you hear me?

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I think we we haven't yet.

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You're muted. You're muted. Yes, go ahead. Go ahead. Maybe. What did you just say I lost internet connection I asked you tonight. title or the title of the appeal tonight is building the lighthouse. Of course we work on removing doubts and working on

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doubts that can cause people to have misconceptions about Islam, and possibly even apostatized youngsters will come across propaganda false propaganda and Islamophobic content online.

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So we are building the Lighthouse of bow, we are building the lighthouse that can guide people in this age of doubt. So what does this lighthouse actually mean for us?

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Yeah, the way of thinking about it is, you know, I've known somebody who goes through doubts, and these doubts are attacking the person's, you know, ability to actually focus on a lot of focus on Islam to believe in the truthfulness of Islam. Someone like this anon, they go through a type of trauma. So people that are going through doubts, the way I like to think of it is, it's worse than Corona, it's worse than physical torture. I mean, if you've dealt with somebody who loves a law loves Allah's Messenger, and one day, they come across a really crazy idea online, and they don't know how to address it. And we know that knowledge is the cure to these doubts. And that severs the

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relationship or interferes in the relationship that they have with Allah, then that itself can be far, far worse than physical torture can be.

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in the darkness of the ocean, a point that they can go to

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the okay is

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this particular you come to the lighthouse

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Are you looking for it gives you that intellectual Sakina to be able to care is essentially about allowing people to have access to information, which is needed to remove these doubts and to get them to build a relationship with a lock is how can we as a Muslim community, have a an entire community that is working together that is functioning as a community, if we have these issues within our communities, I mean, how many parents are non contact you, my son, or my daughter has this issue of non Muslims contacting you saying, I'm interested in Islam, but there's this crazy video I've seen from this militant missionary who's saying this, you know, and I've dealt with this

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myself, I've dealt with sincere non Muslims who are, you know, looking into Islam, they come across this crazy intellectual, suppose that barrier, and there's nothing out there for them to answer it. And then they just get stuck in limbo. So that's what the lighthouse is about. It's about giving people inshallah, a way that they can see through this dark sort of web that we're in currently.

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So basically, building the lighthouse is actually showing some light to people who live in the darkness have doubts, doubts can cause cause darkness. You know, when it comes to people's faith, people can start to see light when there is light of hope, when people can talk to them and remove the dots. So this is exactly what building the lighthouse actually means. And this, this can be extended to the work they build Institute is doing in this regard, by having lighthouse mentoring service. So lighthouse is an idea that shows that there is hope,

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there is hope for those who have dumped and some people assume, for some reason that there are no responses to their doubts, their doubts cannot be answered, the doubts are so severe, or they're so bad, that there is no response. But they get shocked. And they get surprised when their doubts are answered by providing simple information to them. So it is also to empower to add, empower people who are doing power, it is also to empower our brothers and sisters around the world to give them confidence. Right? So lighthouse building, the lighthouse actually means spreading the light of hope, among the art among the Muslim activists around the world. And also giving one to one sessions

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or providing one to one sessions for those who want to talk about the work if they are the art, they can be empowered by having these one to one sessions. If people are having doubts, the doubts can be responded to the doubts can be answered at the same time, boosting the morale and the confidence of people who are involved in the field of doubt. So Sapiens Institute has trained almost 6000 people in the last nine months since its inception, Sapiens Institute

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was was initiated almost nine months ago, let's say in July 2019, officially, and since then 6000 people have been trained 6000 people have been empowered to share the message of Islam, intelligently and academically. This is exactly what we aim to do. And this is one of the best responses to Islamophobia and Islamophobic attacks against Islam and the Muslim civilization. Don't just sit and watch. Don't just not do anything.

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Rather, one of the best ways to handle these Islamophobic attacks is to provide intelligent intellectual academic answers. We have powerful answers. Islam is a powerful, powerful faith is a power powerhouse, intellectually speaking, there are so many intellectual reasons as to why Islam

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is still standing to this day, as a strong challenge to Islam quote, there is a reason why so many attacks are taking place against them. Because they're islamophobes. They see Islam as a real intellectual threat to what they want to do to the word Islam is there to make this world a better place, like it has done for the last, let's say 1200 years, Islamic civilization dominated the world on all important fields for the last 1000 years, if not more, right, Muslims produced some of the best intellectual from the best points, thinkers, philosophers, scholars, authors, okay, scientists. So how did that happen for 1000 years Muslims are continuously producing people like that. Okay. And

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this is a challenge islamophobes don't want to accept. How did that happen for 1000 years? This is exactly what Sapiens execute wants to,

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you know, elaborate on, we want to actually explain this to other art and our youngsters out there that look at what we have. Look at our history, it is absolutely magnificent. We don't focus on unfortunate, unpleasant events. Of course, there are so many unfortunate events in the Muslim history, right? We're not extremists. We're not a bunch of prejudiced, biased. You know, propagandists, we're not we accept that there were many, many unpleasant events in the Muslim history, but at the same time, what about all those positive occurrences? All those positive incidents, positive achievements of the Muslim civilization libraries, scholars, okay. academies,

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universities, mosques, okay, where people could study free of charge, for almost 1000 years, wherever the Muslim civilization went, it produced those results. So building a lighthouse is actually bringing light or shedding light upon these facts are just talking about, right? This is what building the lighthouse is to empower our youth to empower our youngsters to empower other art so that they can give our with confidence with the heads up, right without any sense of shame. You know, shamefulness, right? I mean, instead of being apologetic, they should give our unashamedly with a sense of pride in the Islamic civilization. And this is exactly what Satan Institute is out

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for brothers sisters, this is your chance. 21st night, we have now

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you know, entered the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. And in these last 10 nights, Laila the other night of power is there. And about this night Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran, in under Allah who feel a little further, I want to be like Michelle Donna resumes on the rain. In the Longfield a little sugar mama Dada Kamala, Laila compadre Pharaoh Minh alfi Shah, okay. It was in this night The Night of Power when Allah revealed on and what do you know what the night? In other words like asking you? What do you know? You cannot know? You don't know what the night Apollo just know this much that this night is better than 1000 months luck. Just know this much. This is all you

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need to know. This night is better not equal to it is better than 1000 months. What does that mean? So if you worship on life, you get stuck if you support a noble cause that defends Islam, well, that protects Islam against attacks, intellectual intellectual attacks, philosophical attacks, ideological attacks, then it is as if you have done that about that good deed for more than 1000 months, which is like 83 years, more than 83 years. Most of us are not going to live that long. My brothers and sisters, most of most of us, won't have a life that long, right? So Allah Allah has given us this chance to worship Allah in one of these odd nights, which may well be local pottery

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might be tonight. Who knows? It may well be tonight. 21st night of Ramadan, it may well be the Laila gunpowder. So don't miss this chance because the Prophet said anyone who stands in the night of power, worshiping Allah with the accountability and firm conviction, firm Eman, love and forgiveness him or her since right okay standing means any act of worship, any act of worship, reading the Quran, praying Salah, giving sadaqa and doing other

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Good deeds, this is what Allah messenger means standing. Right? It can be any form of worship. So tonight is your chance, start making donation sapient forward slash donate live is the link. And the least you can do is to start sharing the link, share the link, as far as possible as far and wide as possible so that more people can join into this stream and have a discussion with us, ask us questions, talk to us. And inshallah we'll try our best to answer some of the questions, some of the misconceptions, some things they want to share with us. This is an open stream, want people to contribute? We want people to come in and help us raise these funds in Charlotte. Well,

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there's a move over to you. Yeah, and, you know, not something that you said, which is, I think, very, very much worth everybody reflecting upon, is that the Night of Decree laser cutter is better than 1000 months, most people will never live that long. I think it's something like 83 years or something, right. And as Muslims, we have to understand, you know, Allah's mercy such that it's not that Allah wants you to do the hardest thing and then you'll get the reward. We know from the Sunnah even you should use, you know, if there's two options, you go with the easiest one, right? So, if we all think about it, and 83 years is the is the equivalent, and any deed that you do is multiplied by

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by that massive factor, then all of us should be the last 10 nights acting as if each night maybe less to gather. And this this type of attitude, which we sometimes get in the Muslim community, it's the 27th all the rest of the nights or ignore it, you know or not, I think it's worth before we bring on the rest of the guests that you just clarify, that's not the way it works. We should be treating every night as if it could be led to color. Absolutely, absolutely. This assumption that the 27 might is definitely Laila to color. This is a misconception. There is no evidence in that regard. Okay. There is no authentic report from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that stipulates that

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particular assumption, right.

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So, my brother and sister, you must understand that the 27 night is one of the odd nights in the model Ramadan, which may well be later. For some reason, most of the oma has come to believe that it is definitely the 27th night No, there is no evidence for that. Rather, it could be the 21st it could be the 23rd it could be the 25th 27th or the 29th. Why did Allah do that? Why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam not tell us exactly which night it may be? So that we we worship Allah more, so that we get more blessings from Allah? Imagine if we were taught only one night is available.

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And we would stop looking, stop struggling, we would stop? Possibly we would neglect other nights of Ramadan and all of us from the beginning to the end of the month of Ramadan, we would rely on one night. Okay, relax. It is going to be let's say the 27th Night of the month of Ramadan. So we will read as much Quran as possible. We will read, we will pray as much as possible. We'll do all our charity, you know, imagine if all the Muslims in the world started to pray on the 27th

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night or started doing charity, I think every charity would be exhausted. So this is Allah's mercy. This is Allah's mercy that Allah kept the knowledge of this night, the exact occurrence of this night from us so that we worship a lot more so that we struggled to find this night and when when we do find, find it. It is like a surprise, just like an honor is the privilege. It's not for everyone, right? And this is how you see the real worshipers, those who are actually actively finding it, they are looking for it. You know, the lazy ones, they are sleeping on the 21st and then they wake up for some time on the 23rd and asleep again on the 25th and they ignore neglect most of these nights.

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Okay, but the ones the diligent ones are the ones who are praying nonstop looking for this night in the all 10 nights of the month.

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Okay, so tonight is the 21st I'm thinking it may well be and if it is and you managed to make a donation, let's say and encourage others to do so low. You can only imagine your reward right Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link you can see the link rolling on the screen and you may even see the link in the description of the videos you may be watching on different channel. These really this particular live stream is being broadcasted to 1000s of people around the world. It is on a number of channels. Alhamdulillah is a coordinated effort. A number of different our organizations and institutions have come together to support this appear. But don't

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take it lightly within system. This is

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A very well supported a very well established team that is working towards empowering the Muslim youth in defending Islam intellectually, academically, at the same time, removing doubts and misconceptions from Islam and defending Islam against Islamophobic attacks. So where you want to say something? Yeah, just before we continue, we've had quite a lot of guests entering the studio at dawn.

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So just as a reminder, before we bring on the guests that we are fundraising tonight for Sapiens Institute, and you can go to the donation link, which has been posted. I'm also going to be putting in the description shortly so you guys can just go there and actually click and donate Please tell your friends and family about it. We have our first guest, brother was there Wahid Assalamualaikum Welcome to Sapiens life. Thank

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you ask your question, keep it very brief, and inshallah so that we can give more people the chance to speak with us inshallah. God.

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Yep, inshallah. Yeah. So first before So a question I want to ask if you're familiar with the Hadith, in Rio de Sala hain, where it says a lot of mercy is divided up in 100 parts and knees. And one part he gave to the earth and that is the reason why there is love between

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the mother and the child and in all living things.

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Yes. What?

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Yeah, yeah. So as Muslims, we believe that Allah's mercy is in infinite correct?

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Well, we cannot measure Allah's mercy by our own standards. We don't use human standards to judge Allah. But yes, let's say okay, it was infinite. Whatever that yeah. Yeah, infinite. So as in a never ending when has no ending? So

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I would like to say we have no comprehension of it. We have no comprehension of the magnitude of Allah's mercy. This is how I would like to put it, yes. Because Because my question was, essentially, if we were to say it's infinite, how can we at the same time, say, let's divide 100 parts, because it can't be, by definition, infinite, if it's 100.

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This is the problem. This is the problem with using human terminology, to understand the metaphysical reality of Allah's mercy, right? We cannot use our terminology and our standards to judge an entity that's beyond our system. That's beyond that transcend everything we know, for everything we understand. So that's why I made it very clear that the magnitude of Allah's mercy is beyond our comprehension, we do not have comprehension of it. We don't know the limits of it, right? That's why I wouldn't like to say infinite, right? I would say limitless. We don't know what the limit is. We don't know what the limit is. So Allah when Allah divides, it doesn't mean that Allah

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divides His mercy into different parts. It means Allah has given a part of His mercy, a tiny, minor part of that mercy, some of it to this world, that means Allah has preserved His mercy or the hereafter. So once we die as believers, what we see as Allah's mercy in the Hereafter is going to be absolutely mind blowing on unimaginable, incredibly unbelievable. That that's what Allah is trying to tell us all the Prophet is trying to tell us please, Does that makes sense? That makes perfect sense. Just like

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Thank you.

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Allah bless you. So that's it that was short and snappy, let's get other guests in inshallah Allah speak to them. And at the same time, brothers sisters, the least you can do is start sharing this appeal, Share, share, share, copy and paste, the YouTube link on all the social media platform you're using, at the same time, encourage people to make donations. This is what we're looking for. We need support, we need your support for that this can flourish this work this lighthouse building, the lighthouse idea can flourish shala so that we can empower our youth to defend Islam Intel intellectually and academically. And at the same time, these youngsters work towards removing doubts

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from people's minds and empowering them, giving them confidence in Islam. And this is the kind of content we are creating. We are producing a humbler budget.

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Next one In short, let's go to the next question.

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So I'm only going

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I have a question about even Tamia and about Imam inika. You. I've heard from a scholar that

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even even the media has said in his one book.

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Its name is maybe sirata

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The game or something where even Tamia said, Allah has a bodily shape.

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I'm not sure about that I have heard it. And then

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that's a lie against Tamia. We don't defend personalities as much. I mean, all people can make mistakes. But it will Tamia never said anything like that that's a slander against this is this is a slander by his enemies.

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And the fact about even Kareem was that it was sure i'm sure about that. Even Kagame said that Johanna will end one day.

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Again, that's another misconception on the view of April Tamia and the broker.

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They have been misrepresented poorly on this point. A lot of people spread these ideas

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in attempt to tarnish the names or rotimi and

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they didn't say anything like this, rather, what they said was misrepresented and misunderstood. And a lot of scholars have written works on it. So take my word on it. There have been responses on ignore taneous view on jahannam. And I think one of them you may find on Islam, QA, Islam Q of technology, you might find a response on this point on that particular inshallah.

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Okay, that wasn't a question.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:34

That was your question. Thanks for thanks for the response. No,

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deal just trying to say that they were profit or something like this. And I was too

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There was a time I used to be an agnostic than

00:26:46 --> 00:26:53

let's say potamia said this thing. It makes no difference to Arima we are not the followers or

00:26:55 --> 00:27:17

the diehard believers integral Jamia? No, we are followers of a lion is messenger, even if it will Tamia said something erroneous? We just own it. But he didn't say these things. The idea the what I'm trying to clarify is that he didn't say these things. He is being misrepresented on these points. Yeah, you need more research on this. Okay, inshallah. And if you look

00:27:18 --> 00:27:25

at Islam q&a, Islam QA as to what Tamia actually meant, when he said about janome, and whatever, you know, chocolate

00:27:27 --> 00:27:34

just awkward. Okay, brother. I mean, Next, we have the brother whose name I can't see on the screen.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:39

The guy with the call. I just I'm like,

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how you doing?

00:27:42 --> 00:27:44

I'm good. Al Hamdulillah. How are you? How are we doing?

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live on live stream I talked to I think brother's name is Adnan. I talked at Nana about the contagious disease and I didn't really get the clarification or like the kind of discussion I wanted to hear. So he gave a hadith that says,

00:27:58 --> 00:28:03

I think the Prophet Alayhi Salaam entered the land. And when you've heard of a play, he left

00:28:04 --> 00:28:18

Can you go read or he commanded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded that you hear plague in a land? Don't enter that land? And if there is plague in your land, don't leave your Yes, yes.

00:28:19 --> 00:28:59

But that doesn't that doesn't specify like you're going to get the disease. If you enter land, it could as well just be saying, Don't enter the Land Rover punishing the people and don't leave the land rollers punishing. No, no, no, no. The fact that he said if you have plague in your land, don't leave that land is the response to that point. The fact that he's telling you don't enter and don't leave, that means you are contagious. You're spreading, you're spreading that plague. So there is you you have you have a contagious condition condition, don't leave your land and don't enter a land where there is condition, this condition. So this is the point that is okay. You're spreading the

00:28:59 --> 00:29:13

disease by either entering it or by leaving your land. Yes, before we get into this a little further, I wasn't asked you to do even if we disagree on the contagiousness of diseases. Can we still agree that it is haram to pray social distancing and pray with masks?

00:29:14 --> 00:29:23

It's haram to pray in social distancing and pray with Max. Yes, I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that if circumstances you're not in Islam.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:50

Are jurist have a system with which is what the heart is the heart is discretionary discretionary ruling. This ruling is based upon the closest understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah on a given matter if a new matter arises and there is no clear guidance of Quran and the Sunnah of that matter, then the Lama the scholars can use their discretion to rule

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

in favor or against a particular issue. If some Olimar believe that it is allowed to social socially distance yourself from others

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

for any reason, for example, because they may have a contagious contagious disease or some condition, then is is their discretion. They can give that ruling. Right?

00:30:11 --> 00:30:41

Yeah, I understand what you're saying. But that Linda madala, which I follow in South Africa, they give a few valid points. They say the Sahaba of the time of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whenever they covered their face during salaat. The Prophet Muhammad SAW a Sunnah we don't even know if it was prophet conversation, it might have been I know the Prophet, but they used to tell them to take the thing covering their face, or they use force to take it off. And then well, this is this is under normal circumstances. This is under normal circumstances, when there is no threat of disease from companies.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:54

When there is clearly evidence available for a disease, something is contagious, something something's up in the air, and you may be breathing again, and why

00:30:55 --> 00:30:56

version you might even.

00:30:58 --> 00:31:00

You might even catch that tradition, that

00:31:02 --> 00:31:04

so that that

00:31:05 --> 00:31:06

can be temporarily,

00:31:08 --> 00:31:08

you know,

00:31:09 --> 00:31:54

basically put aside and the fatwa the fatwa, which is circumstantial, we often return the fatwa, the heart discretionary, discretionary ruling is circumstantial, there are circumstances that can change the ruling. So in this case, circumstances may change the the normal, the general ruling. I hope that answered your question. Yes, but you're saying the circumstance ruling is based on the fact that diseases are contagious, but there's a heavy by profit? I'm not I'm not sure what that is. But it says no, one no disease is contagious. Do you know the Hadeeth that I'm talking about referring to? No, no. So there's this. There's a heavy that says, I do an RTR, I'm not sure that I did. But

00:31:54 --> 00:32:29

people a lot of a lot of people transit to be no disease contagious. And there's also other hazards such as you can't get the disease without the permission of a lawyer you can't get and nothing can enter your body without the permission of a law. Getting disease. Getting a disease, without the permission of Allah with the permission of Allah has a completely different matter, or disease being contagious. Usually, you need to bring the Hadith, and and then we can see what it takes in the Arabic language and where it has been narrated, then we can take it from there. Yes, understand, okay. But luckily, the problem is when you say disease is contagious, right? You're saying that the

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disease is going to affect anyone that's around the person who has a disease. But look, this is what I understand. This is what I understand from the Hadees. I already narrated that the Prophet said, if you see play in a region, don't enter it. And if you have plague in your region, don't leave it. What does that mean? There is a simple meaning to that. You may be spreading the disease, you may catch it, or you may give it to others. So therefore, leave, stare.

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Because this is going slightly off topic, I want to bring you back to the topic. And obviously we're here to address doubts and questions. I mean, this is a contemporary issue about, you know, you raise the thing about distancing.

00:33:14 --> 00:33:27

But I think there is a very important point here, which got me thinking that when a particular narration or the processor love is used, and then something is said to the effect of just just let's just play along with this

00:33:28 --> 00:34:13

scenario, that supposedly, there's this narration of the processor limb, where the Prophet said x, and what you're saying is that, okay, so this narration says diseases are contagious. And they say someone who studies science, you know, and they are a biologist, and they in day to day life, they see things going from, you know, going from one organism to another, they see this type of, you know, pathogen and, you know, they have all of this observable evidence for these things, this will be a cause of serious doubt. So, this is also actually one of the functions of lighthouse is to stop, you know, certain doubts arising, which can arise are these misconceptions not, okay, there's

00:34:13 --> 00:34:43

this idea, and I think this is what he says, and I think the Prophet said this, when actually when everything is contextualized. And actually, when we look at the evidences for things, then we can say, Actually, no, that's not what is the case here. And I think it's very, very important also, not anon. And I think this this brings in the whole discussion about the purpose of lighthouse lighthouse is not just there to give you doubt, remove doubts about, say the contingency argument or say, an argument that the missionaries are coming up with about

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

whatever, right, these theological aspects of Islam, where do we derive rulings from how are rulings derived all of these things are actually critical, right, and actually dispelling many many of the modern day

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

holdouts because people use certain narrations to justify many things. Right, which we would today say are not Islamic at all. So I think it's, I mean, it's, you know, I don't want to carry on the discussion about the prayer and those types of things. But this is one of the the points of Sapiens Institute, that we want to come up with those robust answers so that doubts like this can be sort of addressed right at their Genesis. So Jazakallah khair, brother, Adam, for joining us. And we're going to go to the next person, which is I believe sifaka Salman

00:35:45 --> 00:35:46

rahmatullah wa barakatu.

00:35:47 --> 00:35:49

rahmatullah wa barakatu. How you doing?

00:35:50 --> 00:35:51

Alhamdulillah. I'm good.

00:35:52 --> 00:36:41

I don't if you remember, I came to your last live also an I told you about how I was used to measure everything with science in my teenage days. And when I got into university, when I got to see that, you know, religious ideas, some religious ideas that somehow sometimes appears to contradict the scientific contentions, then I got a bit shocked, and, you know, pretty much confused that how to deal with such issues. And in reply, you said that we cannot use science as a yardstick of truth that keeps changing its pole. So I totally understand that I, I also studied science, and I totally understand that how it works within its framework and how it can also change its paradigm. So my

00:36:41 --> 00:37:23

actually, actually, it was my bad that I missed out on mentioning a point or key point, which is, actually what should be the criteria for anybody be he is a Muslim, or a non Muslim? What should be the criteria, because Islam is for everybody, Islam is for the whole mankind. So the man who is uneducated, he would be looking around himself, and the man who has studied science and all the things he will also be, you know, observing everything around him. So what should be the general criteria that, that which Islam fulfills, and which should be applicable for anybody? So this is my first question, because one thing I would like to tell you that someone can believe in God, but he

00:37:23 --> 00:37:38

might not be knowing that even if there is any true religion in the world, which religion is true, which religion to be taken seriously, for the further study? You know, you understand? Do you see my point? Because, yeah, for me, probably,

00:37:39 --> 00:37:52

that I cannot deny the existence of God. This is absolutely, you know, doesn't really make sense any make sense to me. But why should anybody take Islam? Seriously, for the first study?

00:37:53 --> 00:38:07

criteria that I'm talking about? This is my first question, what are the criteria that Islam fulfill? And the second question is we know about before you go to your second question, because brothers from what usually happens is we lose track.

00:38:09 --> 00:38:31

I just want to make sure that I do not miss any key point, actually. Yeah. So before we get into a more detailed answer that no one can give, I just want to highlight a few things here. The first is that Allah makes it clear in the Koran that he wants us to reason he wants us to think he wants us to ponder He wants us to reflect repeatedly This is a call that Allah

00:38:33 --> 00:38:45

reminds us with that, you know, you should use your brain you should use your mind. In fact, when the angels are sending people to Hellfire, the angels asked the people did

00:38:47 --> 00:38:49

okay, I'm actually forgetting the verse here.

00:38:50 --> 00:38:53

So the people's answer who

00:38:55 --> 00:39:02

is that if they only reasoned and listen they wouldn't be of the people of the Hellfire I'm trying to remember I think supremo could not write diverse

00:39:04 --> 00:39:16

non diversity to remove where if only we reasoned and leave only we listened and reasoned, we will not be of the inhabitants of the fire. That's the verse right? I'm not too sure. I'm not too sure. Okay.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:31

Good point when I look your way you can tell me what I find. So basically the Quran makes it clear that you need to use your mind you need to use your reason now a problem that we have today

00:39:32 --> 00:39:34

there's another verse which says

00:39:35 --> 00:39:38

all the dilemma shut down regime enough he focused on a lot he will

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

have been working lately on our layout. I art in Lulu Alibaba, okay. In the night in the changing in the in the creation of the heaven and the earth and the changing of the night in the day. There are Signs for those who contemplate those who reason those who think so allow already points to reasoning and the power of using rationality

00:40:01 --> 00:40:09

Yeah, and you know, I thought if you can just look up that sensory milk it's about the people who are going to jam them and then the angels asked them

00:40:11 --> 00:40:49

did a water not come to you and they say something like, if only we if only we listened and reason we wouldn't be of the people that are fine, but we're not normally bring that up shortly inshallah but the main thing is that reason is something that's highlighted in look around not blind following not following your desires but actually using your reason. And the other thing is that there's a misconception about what is reason? Okay? People think reason is science is actually the other way around. Actually, it's not even the other way around. It's, it's kind of like this reason is the overarching thing like the verses verse number 10, of Surah tomalak our beloved origins from our

00:40:49 --> 00:41:38

point of view called openness Mao, or na ki Luma Coronavirus herbicide, and they will lament, if only we had listened and reasoned, we would not be among the residents of the place on our quest, which means basically reasoning, not reasoning, and not using what Allah gave you is the reason why they ended up where they were. So science is a sub field of reason, reason is the overarching thing that we use. Now a sub field is science. And a another subfield if you like is mathematics, and then you have other sorts of things. So the domain itself is reason and the sub domain is science. Now what happens is, in science, there may be things, which you have to use reason and even you don't

00:41:38 --> 00:41:58

even have to be a Muslim to realize this, you have to use reason to actually challenge those things. So for example, you may have a very successful scientific theory like Newtonian theory. And Newtonian theory is coming up with predictions, which from a scientific perspective on exactly adding up, so you're going to have to do a sort of paradigm

00:42:00 --> 00:42:04

analysis between say, Newtonian and Einsteinian, right, so you see.

00:42:07 --> 00:42:45

Sorry, you mean comparison between two? Yeah, you'd have to do a comparison. But you'll have to do it within a paradigm. And the problem is when you're looking at one scientific paradigm, and you're looking at another scientific paradigm, and you're analyzing two different paradigms, you're not actually doing science, you're actually doing philosophy, right? Because and this is an interesting thing, maybe you can look it up. Thomas Kuhn was a famous philosopher of science. And he actually said this, he actually said that two scientific paradigms are completely incompatible. And you have to switch from one to the other end. So basically, that's where the philosophy of science comes in,

00:42:45 --> 00:43:22

which isn't science that's actually using your broader reason. So I'll give you one example of where science seems to contradict what the Quran says. But why doesn't, okay? So for example, science tells us that children are born through males and females, and there's no such thing as a virgin birth. The Koran tells us that actually a virgin birth did at least happen at least once in human history. So it looks like science is going against the Koran, when you use your broader reason to realize that there is a God, there is a law, and the law can say, confer, you're cool, and I can change the laws that he set in motion, then there's no contradiction between reason and science,

00:43:22 --> 00:44:01

because now you have a reconciliation, which is that you're not just looking at the science you're also looking at, there isn't, there is a paradigm that we believe in a creator and the creator can allow us to function according to the laws of nature. By any point the creator can change the laws or do away with the laws and and have a miracle. So then something that looks like a contradiction between science and the Quran turns out not to be a contradiction, and how did you work out using your reason? So there's a really good book that we've published as iraq called eternal challenge. And Hamza also has his book The Divine reality, they go over some of the arguments for why we

00:44:01 --> 00:44:39

believe Islam to be true. But that's the way you have to look at the broader epistemology in order to understand that actually, is not the case where the Quran contradicts science, therefore, the Quran is wrong. And no way at all is actually from a from a bird's eye perspective, there is no issue, right? Anything you bring me in science right now, unless you bring me and I think this is important, something direct, like what the brother was saying earlier, where if in the Quran is said, diseases are not wages, and we can see with our eyes disease are contagious. There you have an observational contradiction, then someone can say we have evidence, but when you have theories,

00:44:39 --> 00:44:57

which are inferences based on data, which is not data itself, and for which you can have multiple different inferences from the same data, then you can't say this thing actually challenges occur on and on, was called on the internet. You can actually Google this as well.

00:44:58 --> 00:45:00

You will find the sign

00:45:00 --> 00:45:14

Do you think miracles article that has a role? Right? I think it's gonna Hamza His website as well. There you get this and a lot more detail what I just said and inshallah, from that perspective, none of this will be confusing on Guardino.

00:45:15 --> 00:45:34

Can I add something? I think even if we, even if we get to see any kind of an encounter contradiction with signs or our empirical observation, I think there is much more to look up to the linguistics of the Quran because I think Quran is a very heavy book, it's not, you know, taken, it's not to be taken lightly. I mean, it's not that, you know, just the

00:45:35 --> 00:46:14

language of the Quran is very fluid, we can't just pin one particular interpretation and meaning and use that meaning to, to do a comparison with scientific research. Okay, so that's another issue. Yes, you're right about that. So actually, I think, you know, I do understand that science could be used as a tool, mathematics could be used as a tool, but from a human perspective, from a layman's perspective, what what are the criteria that we should be looking up to that, you know, which is applicable for anybody? I understand that science cannot be reason, reason.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:30

Reason, rationality. Yes. Yes. Because that's what allow you to you that's what Allah tells us in the Quran, use your rationality, you use your account, and you will see that you cannot deny a line of creation. Absolutely. Full stop. Okay, but

00:46:31 --> 00:47:16

in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the changing of the day and night, amazingly, Elon mentioned to two phenomena here, too, right? One is the creation of the universe number one, okay, then, the second is something closer to you the changing of the night and the day, which is the solar system. So first, Allah mentions the universe. The second point Allah mentions is the solar system, okay? The universe is something magnificent. Just look at it, contemplate about it, and then you will see, right? And then look at your solar system, okay, it's something very close to you look at it. And if you have occur, if you use your intellect, the only conclusion will be, it has been

00:47:16 --> 00:47:34

created by a very, very, very big power, which is Allah subhanaw taala, Aziz al Hakim, the wise and the powerful. So on that note, brother, thank you. So I have another question. That's a very short question, I would request you to take that question.

00:47:36 --> 00:47:42

In Islam, we know the, we know the thing called fitrah, which is basically the

00:47:44 --> 00:47:45


00:47:46 --> 00:48:08

god, yes, the creator of recognizing God in which is inbuilt in human being human beings are born with that nature. Then, why is it there a necessity of you know, educating a newborn baby or when he is growing up to, you know, I'm not talking about the rituals, I'm not talking about the how he he should pray a lot and how he should you know,

00:48:11 --> 00:48:40

there is actually a necessity to teach a newborn because the Prophet told us that all the newborns are born upon the natural disposition, the natural intuition, which is basically an in inbuilt belief in a creator, a supreme power. And this has been substantiated by some research from Oxford University was that scholars name if you could, please give me some references like brothers, Robert told me about two books.

00:48:42 --> 00:48:44

who conducted a research on

00:48:45 --> 00:48:49

children who had an inbuilt belief in God.

00:48:50 --> 00:48:50

You know,

00:48:52 --> 00:49:09

I think there's two things here. So that's, that's Justin Barrett. And you can find references to this and Holmes's book. He also refers to some other people as well. forgot their names. But look, I think one thing that you said I think is very important to

00:49:10 --> 00:49:11

to address that.

00:49:13 --> 00:49:16

If if something is natural.

00:49:17 --> 00:49:26

Welcome slam. Yeah, sorry, I I'm still in between things. I will come back later. But to answer this question, not that hopefully.

00:49:28 --> 00:49:59

I can make some mics now. So basically, brother with regards to some empirical and cognitive, psychological and social psychological evidence to support the idea of innate belief or fitrah. This must be taken with a pinch of salt, because it's a expanding area of study. And they can be some contradictory studies and it's growing. However, there are lots of different studies that actually affirm or can support the view that we have an innate belief

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

For example, you have just embarrassed but you have academic work, more academic work. So for instance, you have

00:50:07 --> 00:50:09

Deborah Deborah Kellerman.

00:50:10 --> 00:50:34

You have Professor bloom, I believe, and many others. There's many, many, many academic journals on this topic, but do not use this as a supporting mechanism or supporting evidence to support the idea of the fitrah it's just supporting don't make it as a basis for the idea of the fitrah don't say this is the the

00:50:35 --> 00:51:00

intellectual foundation for this belief, no, it is a supporting, supporting and therefore if you particularly that was easier because even if they happen to contradict, it won't affect our argument per se. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally. I just wanted to you know, explore what things are and how things are because I I totally agree that we our knowledge is limited. Okay, so that thank you so much.

00:51:03 --> 00:51:23

Quickly, can you can you check your WhatsApp and respond to me urgently? Java. Okay. Thank you so much for the support. May Allah bless you, thank you for your questions are always engaging with us. You're welcome to come back to the other appeals as well. We'll be having another four appeals on the odd nights so welcome to join us back in Sharla. Okay, thank you, thank you.

00:51:25 --> 00:52:06

Okay, and I appreciate your words and your all the hard work you are doing for especially we it's very rare to you know, find resources and helps about these intellectual issues. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Allah bless you, brother sisters, don't forget to click the donations link and start making donations. This is exactly why we are fundraising tonight. So that this work continues building the lighthouse means building a tower of hope for our youngsters so that we can empower them, we can encourage them to get involved in our and do the intellectual basis with strong foundations. and building the confidence means that they will go through our training

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I think you're trying to unmute yourself maybe

00:53:29 --> 00:53:35

Okay, doesn't seem to be working. So we will go to

00:53:37 --> 00:53:40

a slide Salam aleikum Omar Sheikh how you

00:53:44 --> 00:53:53

then dropped as well. Okay, brothers, please be ready because you can be allowed into the stream anytime

00:53:54 --> 00:53:55

we have the full moon

00:54:01 --> 00:54:05

Look who we look we look who we found. Alhamdulillah

00:54:07 --> 00:54:10

weathermen so how are you handling it nice to be with you here

00:54:12 --> 00:54:14

are you doing great works brothers.

00:54:16 --> 00:54:27

Love for anybody watching you. You guys know Monsoor, but you may not know he has him and Hashem dollar wise, make sure you go over and subscribe. I was watching the stream early actually.

00:54:28 --> 00:54:37

You know you guys you know your next stream marathan and then even speaker's corner I think Yeah, just returned actually literally just just been back from speaker's corner.

00:54:40 --> 00:54:46

Now, is the corner open now? Yeah, yes. Because going to spec Allahu Akbar Since when?

00:54:48 --> 00:54:59

Just two three weeks I think I mean, three weeks maybe? Yeah, so it's been amazing. I've been missing the been missing the park for a long time. You know, it's like Subhan Allah is it

00:55:00 --> 00:55:17

I was hoping that it opens up again. Alhamdulillah it's open now. So good, good, good, good. Good. How was your experience today in the park? Yeah. hamdullah had very good. Some very good discussions. Last one being with two very young, intelligent gentlemen, in their very youth, of course.

00:55:19 --> 00:55:33

Just to give them a spark to think about these existential questions, I mean, this, how I approach them, because you know, how the youths are they, they're pretty much occupied or preoccupied with their life, their studies, their exams, their work.

00:55:34 --> 00:55:37

And it's this immersion in the dunya.

00:55:38 --> 00:55:57

And not thinking about life or death or the hereafter. So I started talking about something along these lines to bring to a focus the attention back to the reality and the very, there was a very, you know, pleasing to speak to them. inshallah, we'll upload this, you will see this two, gentleman by the name of Alex, both of them,

00:55:59 --> 00:56:40

okay, shows how, given the opportunity, and if you engage with them in a very cordial way, people can start thinking about these things. Because often we are very limited in our discussions with people to give them the spark, this particular impetus to go and explore further because, you know, why should they think about religion? I mean, if you think about it, religion seems to be like a private aspects of one's life, and they don't think about it. But when you bring in a bigger, wider question, and they do, then reflect quite deeply and think about it, I'm actually Yes, but Hamdulillah, I think it was a very fruitful discussion to, that's one of the aims, that we are

00:56:40 --> 00:56:55

trying to do is not be a aim of achieving a Shahada then in there, because ultimately, the guidance is in the hands of Allah, we are only there to completely mess as best as you can. And the work you're doing brothers, and I know you personally, all of you,

00:56:56 --> 00:57:41

from the pros, man, you know, for very long time and seeing the works you do so I give my full support, what you do, and I asked brothers and sisters were watching support on it done and, and Hamza, all the brothers there, you know, subscribe, learn, listen, and, you know, read the articles and go into their webinars, and the, the, our training sessions, specifically, and so on, you know, be part of it, I think it's about time, I know, I'm talking too much. It's about time. Now, please, engage people engage actively rather than be a passive listener. Because passive ism here is not going to work in the field of dour, everyone else, I've been very vocal, very active, we can't be on

00:57:41 --> 00:58:23

the backstage we need to bring to to the forefront of our learning, and reading, and this is exactly what you're doing and hamdulillah that you're doing this work, because I can lie on just o'clock, Adam. And so just before, you know, when you were speaking earlier about the need of this work, and this thing I just remembered, you know, many, many years ago, and I don't know if he's still active, but you know, Islam awareness, you know, the old old school stuff that was online. And since the sort of increase in, you know, the usage of social media, the number of doubts and arguments that people put up against Islam has just completely exploded, I mean, just just a huge number of people

00:58:23 --> 00:59:00

putting out all these types of arguments against Islam. So, you know, how important do you see the type of work that, you know, that dog need to basically do to actually address these issues? Because a lot of the times these are completely unaddressed, and they're just floating around on the internet and confusing people. Yeah, and this is very, you know, good question to actually reflect on not only us who was on the forefront, but we would like our students of knowledge and our scholars to think and reflect on this. There is a huge gap that's been there, the need that is felt.

00:59:01 --> 00:59:46

And this gap is not bringing to a close or being shortened the scholarly community from the Islamic side. I'm talking about our school Islamic scholarship. They have graduated from institutions and seminaries and gone into their jobs and not engaging directly with the needs of time. I mean, this is my humble opinion. Because with the advent of social media, the Shu heart is spreading widely is available on your fingertips, you just need to open up YouTube or Facebook or anything. It just by this algorithm that they the non Muslim critics are using. It comes on your phone, it comes in your laptop comes in your desktop, it is now you don't look need to look for it, it comes to you. So if

00:59:46 --> 00:59:50

you are not someone who have been acquainted and learned and trained

00:59:51 --> 00:59:59

in the fundamentals of the deen of Islam and also in understanding the critical the critical arguments, you will be in a shop

01:00:00 --> 01:00:02

Like how can people raise these questions

01:00:04 --> 01:00:49

on the on the Dean of Islam, it amounts from philosophical questions to religious, political, social, economic, from all fronts, all fronts. So there is now a need for Muslims scholarship, as well as the duart, who are actively engaging with this, to come with a multi faceted approach from all aspects. So if you're a specialized in humanities, or social sciences, or even economics unit to come forward with your expertise with your knowledge, and contribute to this tower, either in the forms of lectures, videos, webinars, training session, books, articles, whatever means possible, because these can be translated into social media platforms quite easily and be accessible to the

01:00:49 --> 01:01:34

lay people. If you are very specialized in science, or in evolution as your case where there's a board. Now, it's important that you come forward with this and bring another generation of Muslims who would come along with you to support this field, because doing it alone is not sufficient. I mean, we have felt for a long time doing alone is a labourers task, the task that requires so much time and effort, and hard work and the resources, you can't do it alone, it has to be done through collective effort. And what you're doing as a collective Institute is precisely that you bringing in specialists together, who will maximize their potential and their knowledge and expertise, and give

01:01:34 --> 01:01:41

back to the community to the Muslim community, what they require. And this is still not sufficient, we need more and more people

01:01:43 --> 01:02:17

with the expertise with their knowledge, with their field, in proficiency wherever it may be, so that insha Allah, we don't have to reinvent the wheel. And we don't want to feel that we are doing our own self individually, because it is a tremendous heart, not tremendously hard work, even to go into detail to, to say debunk a particular myth, it takes so much research to do it properly. And we're not here to do our like, just brush aside something like you know, just like this is not true, because people don't not

01:02:19 --> 01:02:53

people are not content with this kind of argument or response, people want substantial response in which their doubts or their confusion is clarified. And for this, you need to do a lot of research. And your response needs to be research oriented, it your response needs to be academically viable, and academically, confident in that sense that people can appreciate that this is the level that can be accepted. Because in the academic mind, a lay person response is not sufficient. But if you produce a response,

01:02:54 --> 01:03:37

which is of the standard of academia, then that can be translated to layman's lay people, you know, you know, vocabulary later on by other people just like what we did restonic awareness team, where we wanted to bring the material there that can then be translated in bite size or, you know, bite chunks or layman's terms in whatever way or form they feel they are able to deliver, but you need to have the highest standard first. And I understand that CPC dude is doing precisely that. So hamdulillah for that jsoc locker. That's a really good summary for why this type of work is needed. And the way I think about it is that we're literally facing an avalanche. And there's just a few

01:03:37 --> 01:03:55

people, and it requires a huge effort that the amount of work that's required is immense. And like you said, the answers can't just be Oh, you know, just sort of hand waving. Yeah, you got to really get dig deep. And it's difficult. It's difficult to do these things, I think, not just add some electricity issues switched off.

01:03:57 --> 01:04:09

I'm still here, but my because our electricity is gone. This is what I look like I just look like the genie out of the lamp. That's fine. It's better to be the genie of the lamp than just an old picture of you.

01:04:12 --> 01:04:33

Yes, you can see living in a place where you have electricity shortages. So Alhamdulillah you know, yeah, all praises due to Allah at least you can see something you know, that's the main thing. So as brother as brother man who was saying it is absolutely crucial to have expertise in different

01:04:34 --> 01:04:37

fields so that we can answer questions academically.

01:04:40 --> 01:04:42

The unknown is frozen there.

01:04:45 --> 01:04:55

And it's actually a bad time to give him news that I need to go he's gonna have to carry on the Hamza Are you there in the background? Let me just try and drag him in.

01:04:56 --> 01:04:57

Should be here.

01:05:01 --> 01:05:45

We all echoed the same sentiment in which this is necessary. This work is necessary, first of all, is not only necessary, but it is essential in nowadays times if we want to help our brothers and sisters to keep a strong Eman Not only that, they have to have the fundamental knowledge of the deen. But they need to be equipped with the knowledge and the expertise and the techniques and strategies to deal with criticisms and, and anything that is brought about against Islam in the in the forms of shrivel heart confusions and doubts. So unless there are mechanisms in place through institutions like yourself, or others, who understand the mindset of the critics, this work would

01:05:45 --> 01:06:30

not be very fruitful, because we need to have people who understand the walkout, this is the physical Walker, we cannot just go back to the books written, you know, in our classical times, and in an assume we'll find all the answers, because societies change times change needs changes. So what as people's approaches and things and the criticism will perhaps take in the form of, you know, a different way that's presented, and you have to understand where they're coming from. So, unless we would really immerse within the same field and know it's like, if you want to know about a subject, and and reply back, you need to answer in a way that shows the, the subject matter that you

01:06:30 --> 01:07:15

know, is more than what you just think about it? How can you answer something and reply back to some subject area if we don't have proficiency on it, or understanding of it, or a very good knowledge within it. So it doesn't just require for you to just be, you know, familiar with a subject matter. It's not a familiarity that we are asking for, for our from our scholars and from our dwad we asking for total grasp, in in such a way or I say total in such a way as much as needed, to able to critique it, answer it back from the Islamic paradigm and show the superiority of the Islamic stance. That's the level of engagement that we need to do in any field in Dawa and apologetics and

01:07:15 --> 01:07:52

this is something that you know, we are echoing throughout again, all the brothers and sisters who are interested in this field whether through podcasts, like this or other you know, work that you're doing and Facebook and social media and so on, raise your bar, raise your standards of your learning and engagement inshallah you will see the fruits. I mean, I just want to bring quickly the example recently they across and you will be very familiar with the example wholeheartedly. Aaron raw one of the famous internet atheists recently had a podcast discussion with some of the brothers in

01:07:53 --> 01:08:30

bought adventure podcast. I'm actually plugging his name why because these brothers are underrated. four brothers with a Mohammed Sharif and Jake, the Muslim metaphysician and brother Abdul Rahman I think Mashallah calm and composed. And the way they dismantled our own, Raj didn't even have a clue in terms of where they were leading to. I appreciate the engagement that they had in a very respectful way. But this really shows that given the right approach, it doesn't matter who they are, whether they may be the top atheist in the world,

01:08:31 --> 01:08:44

or the top philosopher, if you understand Islam and epistemology if you understand Islamic Deen and it nice Akita and you have the logical framework or any philosophy and understanding,

01:08:45 --> 01:08:55

you can answer and reply back to any criticism that is divided in Islam. And this is precisely what this brothers did. And it's a very one

01:08:56 --> 01:09:42

that I would recommend people to watch as well, just to see how the superiority complex of the individual is something that makes Muslims feel inferior in their thinking and their critical analysis. Don't be that don't feel your inferior in in your stands, don't feel that people have a superior position because they are Western academics or because they're famous and so on. At the end of the day, they may not have the the substance that requires for them to hold this position. So you will see the position of the the Islamic scholarship on these issues in terms of proving the existence of God, proving the divine origin of the Quran, proving the messengers of Rasulullah

01:09:42 --> 01:09:59

sallallahu. wasallam is something that is built on solid ground and solid foundation. And this is precisely what we would like you brothers and sisters working together on this institute and others to solidify these knowledge to the people and impart to us insha Allah tala

01:10:00 --> 01:10:41

Absolutely. And I really do love the example that you gave of the Thor adventure podcast. Because when I was watching that it was it. I mean, it gives confidence to Muslims that look, it doesn't matter what a person saying, or how eloquent they sound, or how they, you know how they have the pre prepared sound bites, if you just calmly internalizing what they're saying and take them down a path, you know, you basically show how what they're saying is erroneous, and it doesn't make any sense at all. So yeah, that was that was a very good recent example of why we need trained, the art actually does a very good example. Because obviously, it's not like these brothers wake up one day,

01:10:41 --> 01:11:18

and you know, they have these ideas, it's actually years and years of learning and refinement, especially brother, I think Sharif has been at, you know, this sort of tackling atheism for a very long time. So, definitely some very good examples. So in terms of yourself, Bronwyn, Sue, you know, with the work that you've been doing over many, many years and speaker's corner, and you know, previously, we've been speaking about how these intellectual arguments if they don't go, if they're not addressed, how they lead to damage and why they need to be addressed. And that's why we speak about the lighthouse mentoring system, which we're asking people to donate towards, you know, why is

01:11:18 --> 01:11:36

it important that we, as a Muslim community have this type of service where people can, someone can say, right, this person has a doubt, okay, go to lighthouse mentoring, fill out a form, and something's booked for you. And then you have one to one, like, why is something like this so much needed for the Muslim community?

01:11:37 --> 01:12:08

for simple reasons, that we need these expertise and the resources, if I'm having a problem, and I cannot solve it myself, I need professional help, I would need professional advice, who will direct me lead me, and eventually this will then alleviate me of my problems. That's how we operate in our everyday life. If I have any problems, medically, I will go to a medical doctor, rather than just go to a textbook of medicine and try to work out myself what the remedy may be.

01:12:09 --> 01:12:44

So the approach has to be where we need to have this resource pool like this one that you have in the lighthouse system, in which there will be someone who is knowledgeable, someone who has the right experience, and also the ability to answer the questions, criticisms and doubts. And this will help you elevate your problems. If we were to simply just leave without resorting ourselves to go to any of these places, this is one particular example that you're initiating,

01:12:46 --> 01:13:26

then what's going to happen is you will suffer internally and burn yourself internally. And you will feel that, you know, you're being a hypocrite, without resolving this problem. And I often find a lot of people in this stance where they know their faith is true. But they cannot handle this question. And this question is really creating an internal conflict within them. And they feel that they like a hypocrite, I mean, I'm Muslim at one hand, total certainty, and yet I have this doubt or this confusion, which I cannot answer. So what we are saying is, you need to go and have the help and support where it's available, and where it's provided for you. And if we see that, yes, this

01:13:26 --> 01:14:07

provision is available, then definitely utilize this provision utilize the Limehouse be person who can be mentored by someone take you know, hand by hand, in this journey of confusion, clarify your doubts, clarify your confusion, and you will see the benefits from it. So whether it be just one institution, or whether it be many or branches, something like this is necessary at this time, because we cannot ourselves, answer everything that comes by, we need to know from the people who have knowledge and experience and understanding and this is the Quranic paradigm. You know, if we don't know, ask the people who know,

01:14:08 --> 01:14:38

this is the message that we should all, you know, take him seriously if I don't know we should go and seek knowledge for someone or the answers from someone who knows. And the people who are better equipped, of course, the ones who have read, length, understood and then able to impart this knowledge and we have no doubt in saiping Institute brothers that are working in this bringing about distant different platforms to help people insha Allah will be able to help

01:14:40 --> 01:14:46

Absolutely, absolutely. jsoc locker for explaining in that way. So for everybody watching,

01:14:47 --> 01:14:59

you know, you heard it from an SU you heard it from anon you heard it for myself as well. This is an institute which is there to dispel those doubts, to do research actually publish these things so that they are sufficiently dealt

01:15:00 --> 01:15:40

With and we want everybody involved to actually understand the importance of what we're doing. Because, you know, it's sometimes when something's there, you take it for granted. And like it was being mentioned in the previous prayer. Previously, you know, Sapiens Institute has only been around for about nine months. We need support to continue because it's a full time Institute, with Dr. Rothman Latif with Hamza with hijab with others. And this is something which really, if it's not supported, it'll fizzle away. And then many years later, people will be like, Oh, where did this thing go? This person needs help. Where do we go? And sadly, you know, if we if we compare what

01:15:40 --> 01:15:59

we're doing to what the Christian missionaries are doing in the large, large budgets that they have, compared to the very humble budgets that we have, you know, we've got a long way to go. Right. I'm aware, one survey that I want to let you off because a scathing fast is gonna be opening in next couple of minutes. But I do want you to give a final message to everybody

01:16:00 --> 01:16:04

unless you're willing to stay on then investment law, we just carry on

01:16:07 --> 01:16:17

the job they both disappeared, and I'm stuck on this last year on my own so if you stick around and actually be pretty good for me, but I'm aware I don't want to keep you if you've got your family and if stall and stuff

01:16:18 --> 01:16:24

Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to go by I can probably join afterwards after Salah for live please do

01:16:26 --> 01:16:36

I have to go for the thoroughly press later on as well. So it's something that people need to understand that look.

01:16:37 --> 01:16:41

We are very charitable as a Muslim community as a Muslim nation.

01:16:42 --> 01:17:15

in Ramadan if you look at the channels they're in, in the TVs, for example, or satellite channels, they are donating every single night, every single night the same people for different causes. Why? Because Allah subhana wa tada has given them this, this, this feeling of sympathy and empathy and being you know of being care of nature, caring nature to others, and they're donating open heartedly they're donating, you know, with, with all their love and compassion, they're donating with their kindness they're donating.

01:17:17 --> 01:17:22

But it seems to be most of the time, these donations go to cause this were like an emergency disaster,

01:17:23 --> 01:18:08

building our mosques, or constructing homes or water oils, and so on and so forth. No doubt they're needed. No doubt, they're also a very good cause to the night. But when you think about donating to an institution, which will bring about the peace and tranquility of people and safeguard their Eman safeguard their faith, let them live as a Muslim, let them live as a Muslim and continue to live like a proper Muslim without the doubts, these will bring about change in their families in the whole, you know, neighborhood, because they may be very influential. And if you are one, and if you have doubts, of course, that creates, you know, you know, some waves across your people of influence

01:18:08 --> 01:19:01

or people who are under you or around you. So, if we donate to a cause like this, in which not only we are safeguarding an institution from, you know, you know, just going into oblivion, and that's it, but that institution will provide a mechanism in which Muslims will be able to, to all the way ward off any issue that comes by and by this having a stronger Eman, you'll be able to continue to live like a Muslim. Just imagine the impact it has on your life, the way you live in a society, it may be in a Western context in which you're living in Europe, or in America and the states. You will be living with full confidence as a Muslim tranquility in your heart that yes, I'm not living like a

01:19:01 --> 01:19:51

hypocrite, and your children will be brought up with this confidence being a Muslim. And think about how this will affect also the impact that this will have around the globe in which the onslaught from the missionaries whether they may be Christians or atheist, I you had that. atheism also has missionary activities throughout the globe. They're trying to make people away from religion away from Islam, make them secularized, make them totally you know, either agnostics or so face theist or even hard atheist institutions of knowledge, like educational establishments or you know, workplace through various means. And they are trying to take away Islam from us. Having a mechanism like this

01:19:51 --> 01:19:59

in which you know, your doubts will be dealt with and you will also be empowered. I mean, this is the key point brothers and sisters, you will be empowered.

01:20:00 --> 01:20:42

have the power, the ability to tackle and dismantle these doubts and help others yourself. When you have the training, for example, to sapient Institute and other Institute's that brothers and sisters are doing, you will have the ability to impart this knowledge to the others in which they may be in Indonesia, they may be in Philippines, they may be in Pakistan or Bangladesh, but any onslaughts from the missionary activities, they can just wash it off. How so and why so because they know exactly how to deal with this particular criticisms, or shoe heart that's been placed to take the amount away from people. So it is not only a personal impact on your own life, but it will help

01:20:42 --> 01:21:26

globally the impact it will have on the people who don't have the knowledge and the expertise to know about the deen and how to defend it in. So the two things one is about practicing and implement Islam on your own life. The other thing is also to defend the deen from these onslaughts and why why do I say one slot? That's precisely what's happening across the globe? I mean, do you even know I'm an anon, anon as a board I'm sure you know very well about C six contextualization Christian missionaries going to Muslim countries wearing exactly what was said, at least wearing a topi hat and this is, you know, this dress that you have Punjabi, whatever, call your quota,

01:21:27 --> 01:21:41

going to a mosque and praying Salah like us saying Allahu Akbar saying Bismillah saying amin, all of that, fasting the day of Ramadan. And guess what, they are full heartedly, Christians,

01:21:42 --> 01:21:49

but they identify themselves as Muslims. They identify themselves as Muslims. This is Yeah, I'm a Muslim, I believe in Allah.

01:21:50 --> 01:22:30

And I believe is Islam in someone who is a special prophet. So they are called the sie Muslims and so on. So to drag you to their mosque, you know, come to our mosque is a mosque, we learn about BIT MORE ABOUT Sri slum, because Allah talks about the NGO and a lot of Torah. So you know, because the traditional lemma don't talk about it, we have our massage, talking about it. And eventually they bring to the gospel and then make them Christians and the whole community, whole village becomes Christians through their deceptions and the lies, this is C six contractualization. So you as a Muslim brothers or sisters, when you learn and go into these institutions that we're talking about

01:22:30 --> 01:22:43

now, you will learn about the tricks and strategies and empower yourself to to see when these things come and and debunk and, you know, destroy the arguments when they come by, shut

01:22:45 --> 01:22:52

up Samsung, powerful example as well. Actually the CCE I completely forgot about those. I mean, it's so relevant here.

01:22:55 --> 01:22:58

I'm not I'm gonna have to go show

01:23:00 --> 01:23:04

by yourself. I might join back later inshallah.

01:23:06 --> 01:23:25

Okay, so some brothers who you have to leave now and we're the ones who you have to also leave now. Yeah, I know. Okay, no problem. inshallah, I will be here on my own, and I'll try my best to do as good as you guys can we can be doing well is can be a huge test of one way, no problem.

01:23:27 --> 01:23:53

Thank you so much for both for both of you to empower, and to encourage people to support Sapiens Institute. May Allah bless you both. You've taken your time to come, come on. And hamdulillah encourage others to get involved. So May Allah bless you, brother, thank you so much continue to pray for us. It's the 21st night. Well, except God about that and your CRM and your thank you so much molecular luck.

01:23:55 --> 01:24:44

On that note, I will be on my own for some time, and I will try my best to answer your questions in the chat. So there is a chat which is going on. So if you can ask your questions within the chat system, and I will try my best to answer your questions inshallah. Tada. So we are basically effectively today, raising funds for Sapiens Institute Sapiens Institute is organized is an organization that works on empowering Muslims, to give answers to give answers to Islam afford to give answers to those who attack Islam as was earlier mentioning that Islam is being attacked, you know, it is being maligned, and you know, misconceptions are being spread deliberately. So,

01:24:44 --> 01:24:59

inshallah, post your questions in the chat chat section and I will be answering your questions. I have a question, please. Critical please ask your question. You are in the chat now. So you can actually ask your question in Charlotte Allah okay.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:41

And I will try my best to answer so other sisters Don't forget tonight we are raising funds for Sapiens Institute. It is the 21st Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be later to Qatar we have no idea we don't know. It may well be later Takada. This livestream is being watched by 1000s of people. It's on major channels, major dollar channels. And it's one st dot Thank you st dot team for allowing us to stream live on on your channel. At the same time Sapiens Institute channel is streaming this live. It is being streamed live on my channel of numbers YouTube channel, and on my Facebook as well. All the brothers and sisters watching this appeal, I have an appeal. Please share

01:25:41 --> 01:26:13

this live stream on your social media platform, the least you can do is click the Share button and start sharing if you're on Facebook, share on Facebook. If you are on Youtube, just copy the link and paste it on your social media platforms so other people can join the stream and help us support this noble cause Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link where you can actually make donations and brother sisters, I will be answering some of the questions that come through the chat. So

01:26:14 --> 01:26:49

I think brother Muhammad has asked a question how do Christians respond to the genocide and horrid acts promoted in the Old Testament like for example, Moses saying to kill everything and keep the virgin girls, you are referring to the book of Numbers, chapter 17 verse 31, if I'm not mistaken Book of Numbers, chapter 17 verse 31, where Moses allegedly commanded the Israelites to kill everything that lives except young girls to keep them for yourself. Christians, specifically speaking, answer this question by saying that we are not under

01:26:51 --> 01:27:27

the authority of the Old Testament, although it is the word of God, it was revealed to the Israelites, Israelites were bound to follow it and take inspiration from it. We are under a new covenant. And that New Covenant came with Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. And he lifted the curse of the law, according to Paul, what Paul taught later on, and therefore we don't have to follow the Jewish law. Strictly speaking, this is the Christian response, the classic Christian response. But how do we respond to this response? We show them the book of Corinthians way.

01:27:31 --> 01:27:59

Not Corinthians sorry, one of the epistles of Paul, I forgot the reference, where Paul said all Scripture, a second Timothy 316. Second, Timothy 316, Paul, stated, All scripture is God breathed. And it is good for righteousness, good righteousness, good for training, and good for morality. I'm going to quote the verse verbatim, as it is

01:28:02 --> 01:28:19

stated in the Bible. So what does it say? It says, All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true, and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. it corrects us, and when we are wrong, and teaches us to do what is right. In other words,

01:28:21 --> 01:29:08

all scripture What does Paul mean by that? It means the Old Testament because the the New Testament didn't even exist at the time. Paul died in the year 60 C, and the first gospel, the gospel of Mark was written after the 60 C. So the New Testament didn't exist. The when Paul said all scripture in Second Timothy, chapter three, verse 16, he meant the Old Testament. So this is what we tell the Christian This is how we respond to them that you can't simply throw the Old Testament under the bus like some Christian evangelists, and some Bible bashes, and some evangelicals throw the Old Testament under the bus. You can't do that. Because, according to Paul, all Scripture, all of it

01:29:08 --> 01:29:50

from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, right, is good for righteousness and all that is more. So this is how we respond. So that's the response to your question, Brother Mohammed, and I will go on to the next question. So you can post your questions in the chat section, and I will try my best to answer them. Whenever I discuss about Sharia law with non Muslims, they always give examples, like can't be Muslims, you know, care and love non Muslims because I heard a fatwa from shareholders on regarding to loving a non Muslim, he said the man of the person is an invalid. The detail is we can't be their ally. Of course, being a political ally is different to being friendly.

01:29:51 --> 01:29:59

The Quran commands us to be kind and compassionate. In chapter 60 of the Quran, verse number eight circle Montana, verse eight, Chapter 16.

01:30:00 --> 01:30:03

60 verse eight, Allah commands us to be kind

01:30:04 --> 01:30:44

and compassionate towards the non Muslims. So this is a misconception on the part of some people that we can't be friendly towards non Muslims? Of course not. If you can marry a non Muslim, it is perfectly allowed in Islam to marry from the Jews and the Christians for men, men can marry Jewish women and Christian women. So how can you marry a non believer or non Muslim and have them as wives or not be friendly? How is that possible, you're going to have children with them, they're going to be your wives. So it doesn't make sense, that notion that you can't be friendly or friends with the non Muslims. This is a misconception. And it's an extremist idea, which is not supported by orthodox

01:30:44 --> 01:30:58

Islam. Okay. This is very much clear. And chef was on didn't mean, what you think he meant, right? Chef was on, as I know, is a great scholar of Islam, and he could not have possibly said something like that. I am very, very short.

01:30:59 --> 01:31:00


01:31:04 --> 01:31:06

Okay, I'll go to another question.

01:31:08 --> 01:31:50

Abdullah be asked a question brought up not what do you think about Sufi ism? Because there's many alama in history who are Sophie's and share the hachimura as well as second question, what do you think about Salafi groups? Because the they make the clear on what Rudy and Ashley and what sources I can read for a beginner in this issue. Look, Sapiens Institute is not a sectarian organization. We don't deal with sectarian issues. For these questions. You must consult your respective Lama if you are not already go to your amayo scholars, if you are Salafi go to your sponsors. We promote harmony and love and compassion between Muslims. This is what we want to do, because we are facing a lot of

01:31:50 --> 01:32:13

enemies. A lot of enemies. We're launching attacks against Islam. You're busy with Marta, Rudy Salafi, Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, humbly and utterly and all that they are busy attacking your faith. You're busy fighting each other as brothers but they are attacking your mother islamophobes are attacking your mother. When the mother is attacked.

01:32:14 --> 01:33:02

Imagine if her sons were brothers in one fate, or in one mother. They are born of the same mother. They are fighting each other over petty issues, let's say I mean, I don't want to say a key the issue the petty issue. But let's say there are issues among brothers, and they are brothers. They are born at the same mother. They are busy with each other, fighting each other while the mother is being attacked. Do you think it's wise to leave your mother unprotected to leave your mother without any help? Absolutely not. all sons of that mother must unite and defend the mother. Islam is our mother. Islam is our faith. We all believe in Islam. Whether you are Moto, Rudy's, Ashley's or

01:33:03 --> 01:33:47

Deobandi, or selfies, or hanafy, or Sharpies, or Maliki's, or whatever you are, wherever you may be, as long as you are from the alesana. You are all brothers in one faith. Right? And your mother is one that is your faith, Islam. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is our spiritual father is being attacked. Can we leave him unprotected? So instead of attacking each other and discussing these matters, in this day and age, we must defend the mother we must must defend our faith. So that's my response to that question. If you want to know an answer in depth, then you must consult your alma Okay, Abdullah B. I hope I've answered your question. So brothers and sisters, you can post your

01:33:47 --> 01:34:28

questions in the comment section, and I will inshallah try my best to answer and at the same time, don't forget why we are here, brothers and sisters, we're here so that we can raise funds for Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link. The link is rolling on the screen you can see it and share the link far and wide on your social media platforms. Just copy and paste the link everywhere. This donations like you can see rolling on the screen. You can see it rolling on the screen. Please copy and paste the link and spread it far and wide. Tell people to make a donation. This is the 21st Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be the night of power. It may

01:34:28 --> 01:34:59

well be Laila brother and why am I sitting here at this time talking to you? Is my pay arm? It is my a bother. It is my worship appealing to you to protect our youngsters to protect our people against attacks, to protect our people against doubt, to empower our people to give them confidence in Islam. And if you look at Sapiens Institute's work, you will see that in the last nine months alone since July 2020 Safety Institute has done phenomenal work Sapiens

01:35:00 --> 01:35:03

attitude has trained 6000 people

01:35:04 --> 01:35:52

in how to give out intellectually and defend Islam academically. And there's a lot of good works a peon Institute has done and I'm going to give you a list of the achievements of this particular institution and you will see how noble this work is and why you cannot afford to not support this particular endeavor. So Sapiens Institute has great achievement. In the last nine months alone Sapiens Institute SAP Institute has trained and empowered over 6000 people to defend and share Islam, developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars, delivered advanced training to Blue Mosque outreach team, which which has access to 4

01:35:52 --> 01:36:01

million visitors every year, published three books, researched and published 13 essays and articles launched free online lighthouse mentoring service. Okay.

01:36:03 --> 01:36:18

Privately mentored ex Muslims, the art and people readout produced 30 sapient thoughts videos. In these short videos, we are answering many, many misconceptions and questions raised on the credibility and the

01:36:19 --> 01:37:01

integrity of Islam. So brothers sisters, this institution is defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam, you cannot not support this endeavor, which is giving confidence to 1000s of youngsters out there in believing in Islam. Because a lot of these youngsters when they watch Islam will be content online like brothers for the suborn. But when they were discussing earlier, you know, if we leave these youngsters without responses without answers without a defense mechanism, they will eventually leave the faith. Okay? Not because the faith is weak not because there is a problem with Islam. It is because these youngsters are not being given that knowledge that defends their faith on

01:37:01 --> 01:37:40

that protects the man or that gives them confidence to believe in Islam. So I invite you all to start supporting this endeavor and start sharing this live stream on your social media platforms. On Facebook, if you're watching on Facebook, the least you can do is to share this click the Share button and put it on your feed and let people watch and let them decide if they want to support or not. It's the 21st night of Ramadan. It may well be the night of power, Laila to Qatar and Allah said in the Quran, I will be beloved Misha Donna regime in the La houfy, Layla tilaka, Rama Rama Laila, Laila Qadri Pharaoh and Alicia What do you know what the night of power is? It was in this

01:37:40 --> 01:38:23

night the Quran was revealed and what do you know what the night of power is? You can never know In other words, but a lie saying this know this much that this night is better than 1000 months. And that is equivalent to about 83 years. So Allah is telling us that the night of power is better than 83 years. So if you have made a donation tonight to Sapiens Institute, and it is the night of power, it is my little brother, if it is then Allahu Akbar, it is as if you have made this donation at three long years. Actually more than that, because Allah is better than 83 years, better than 1000 months, 1000 months actually accumulate to 83 years, okay. And it is better than 83 years. So it's

01:38:23 --> 01:39:08

like donating 100 years. This is how Allah multiplies reward. So my brothers sisters, don't hesitate to start supporting and start sharing the link Satan's forward slash donate live is the link. And we want your generosity and your compassion coming forward compassion for our youth, compassion for our people have mercy on them. Because a lot of them are facing doubts. A lot of them need confidence. A lot of them need empowerment to believe in Islam and to defend it. And this is what we specialize in empowerment, defending Islam, and removing doubt. This is exactly what Sapiens Institute focuses on. So the purpose is to empower our Muslim people, our Alma, our Omar around the

01:39:08 --> 01:39:52

world, in defending Islam, intellectually and academically. So I'm going to go to questions now again, so critical poster that question. I believe I'm a Muslim, but there is a question that bothers me. So it's better to ask it to you directly. If not, it is my question. According to the Quran and the Hadees. jinn can kill humans. But we saw a bad example of humans, like Hitler, doing a great corruption in the lab. So why we didn't see a great corruption, killing from the jinn against the humans. How do you know there is not great corruption through the genes in the world? How do you know Hitler wasn't mazoon? How do we know? How do we know that Hitler was not possessed by a devil?

01:39:52 --> 01:39:59

Or by our shaitan? How do we know that we can't know that? We do believe that genes can possess people. They can empower people in genes.

01:40:00 --> 01:40:44

are of two types, if not more, there are those that believe and there are those who disbelieve, and some of these just believing genes can be very, very, very dangerous. And how do we know that Hitler was not possessed? Okay? He was evil. He committed atrocities over grand scale. He killed millions of innocent people, right? How do we know he wasn't inspired? He wasn't inspired by shape on definitely he was hearing some whispers from shape on JSON. In fact, there is no doubt that she was inspired to do something like this. So this is the kind of damage genes can cause and shaitan By the way, believes origin, as the Quran says clearly, categorically, what can I mean a jinn and I have no

01:40:44 --> 01:41:02

doubt that Hitler was inspired by shardene to do what he did. Okay. He himself was a shaitan. He himself was a devil. And he was inspired by invisible devils. In other words, jeans, I have no doubt about that. That's the answer to your question. I hope I've answered right.

01:41:03 --> 01:41:05

Okay, so

01:41:08 --> 01:41:51

maybe there are higher non by Can I join? Or I can only ask and comment sections you can ask in comments section. Currently, I don't have the access to let people in to ask questions by voice or by video, but you can type your questions in the comment section and later on inshallah we'll let people in again, when another brother joins me later, some more people will be joining me for this live stream. inshallah, when they do join, you can actually join in and ask questions directly, but you can now type your questions in the comment section. And I'm reading your comments right now and I will be responding. So there is a question by acid acid Allah. What is your opinion on sperm

01:41:51 --> 01:42:24

donation? I mean, this is a fatwa. Again, this is a ruling only a jurist can give. I am not a jurist. I'm not a Mufti. So I cannot give a fatwa on this live stream. I'm only a student of Islam. I'm a researcher. I'm not a Mufti. I'm not qualified, mostly to give fatwas to give jurist juristic rulings. So you must consult a Jewish on this. You skip my question. I'm gonna check Sir, can you type it again, and we're going to check out a question. Tell me which question in particular you want me to answer? type it clearly so that I can read it clearly and answer it.

01:42:25 --> 01:42:43

Okay, so whether Muhammad asked another question, have you heard of the Japanese story, legend walk tale that says Jesus ran away to Japan and his brother took his place on the cross and was crucified instead? I, I don't have any reasons to believe in this theory. I don't have any evidence that Jesus ever

01:42:45 --> 01:43:23

reached to Japan, there is another group of people who claim erroneously that Jesus ended up in Kashmir somehow, out of all places. Jesus went to Kashmir for some reason he didn't, he didn't go to Alaska. He didn't go to northern Canada. He didn't go to the Amazon jungle. He didn't go to any other part of the world. He chose Kashmir for some reason to die. So these kind of ideas and theories are there and people believe them for whatever reason. I don't have any reason to believe in such ideas, such incredible things. So this is again a story stories. There are many stories in the world today, unfortunately. Okay, Omar Sharif posted another question. Whenever I discuss about

01:43:23 --> 01:44:03

Sharia law, non Muslims, they always give example, like, would you want to end up like Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria? How would respond to them? Okay, ask them if Sharia law is applied in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria, okay. Sharia law is not applied in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria. If it is, it is very, very partial. It is not applied. Okay. If they want to talk about the Sharia law and what it does talk about the Muslim civilization for over 1000 years. Okay. Talk about a Londoners talk about the Ottoman period, talk about, you know, when the Middle East was governed by the Sharia law, the ambassador Empire, okay, the fruits, Islamic civilization produced, you cannot

01:44:03 --> 01:44:35

separate the good fruit from the tree. People always talk about violent events, people always talk about unfortunate incidents, and they attribute these incidents to the Islamic civilization or the, or to the Sharia law. This is unfair. What about all the libraries, all the hospitals, all the colleges and the universities and all the scholars and the philosophers and the points? And the Theologian and the scene and the morphine and the kotoba? And all of those people? What about them? Well, they're not a product of the Sharia law.

01:44:36 --> 01:44:59

We're the Muslims, not a product of the Sharia law. The Arabs were the most illiterate people on the planet, okay. And they became the torchbearers of education and civilization in the world within a century of the revelation of the Quran. Can you not attribute that fruit to the Sharia law? So these people need to study the history of the Islamic civilization and what it did to the world. And that's the fruit of the Sharia law. Okay, so Okay,

01:45:00 --> 01:45:23

A question or start, what are some powerful arguments for Islam? Okay, that's a big question. There are many, many, many powerful arguments for Islam, and you need to visit Sapiens, our website, and you will see many, many powerful arguments for Islam. Okay, I'm sure there are videos and articles that you can be. It's a long question. And

01:45:24 --> 01:45:24

I cannot give

01:45:26 --> 01:46:15

a comprehensive answer in the short live stream where the sisters don't lose track. At the same time, please post your questions and I will answer your question to each other, but I'll do my best. But at the same time, don't lose track of the purpose we are here today, Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link where you can actually make a donation, it may well be the night of power later on further. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, that the night of power is better than 1000 months, it may be as as good as you know, 100 years because 1000 months, when you multiply them into years, or when you put them into years, that's nearly 83 years. So Allah

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01:47:01 --> 01:47:46

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donate live is the link and start making donation. So I'm going to go back to questions and answer your questions in sha Allah. There are some interesting questions coming in. So let's take them and see what we can do. Have you checked out the video of Keith Ward, Keith Ward saying the that he believes programa de Lune is a prophet. Yes, I've seen the video.

01:48:13 --> 01:48:24

And it's very, very interesting. This is a scholar, a Christian scholar, an Anglican, I found that mistaken. He's an Anglican. And he is saying that he believes the prophet of Islam proven

01:48:25 --> 01:48:34

to be a true prophet of God. And he believes that many Christian theologians actually believe that they don't convert to Islam because they have

01:48:35 --> 01:48:51

a level of loyalty towards Christianity. They feel that they need to be loyal to Christianity, and that's why they remain Christian. Okay, but they do believe that the Prophet Muhammad SAW a nice property of Islam That's an incredible video. What an amazing interview. And

01:48:53 --> 01:49:39

what an amazing man to be honest like that in public, you know on a lot. It is a big deal for a Christian scholar like that to come in public and say that I believe Mohammed Salah Salam is a true is a genuine prophet of God and the Quran is a revelation from God. This is what he said to some something to this effect, if I remember correctly, okay. Khalid, Mohammed Al Farsi as asked a question, what do you think on the considered Muslim clothes like some of it are Arabic cloth? I heard the Sunnah is that the Prophet used to blend with the environment. So it is a similar to a youngsters outfit and use their dialect to talk to them and hear if it's a religious celebration was

01:49:39 --> 01:49:59

established. When going to the mosque. People used to use the call Muslim clothes. So I blend in using them and I'm doing the right thing. And I do believe Arabic clothes or any Hello clothes are good. Yes, as long as your clothing fits into the moral code of Islam, and it doesn't break the moral code of Islam than it is that it

01:50:00 --> 01:50:01

Effectively Islamic clothing.

01:50:02 --> 01:50:43

Islamic clothing is basically very simple. You know, there is a moral code, you have to cover certain parts of your body. And as long as your clothing is loose, it is not skin tight, it doesn't show you a finger, it doesn't show your private, then it is Islamic, right as long as it covers your body. At the same time having said that, if you are wearing a clothing that matches the religious attire of another group, for example, let's say then it is not allowed, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said monka, Shabbir Ahmed, for a minimum of a person who imitates the people, then he is one of them. So if you are imitating a religious attire of another group of another religion,

01:50:43 --> 01:51:18

then you become one of them effectively. So avoid wearing the religious attire of another religion. And as long as you don't do that, and you fit into the Islamic moral code of dressing, then you'll find that's the answer to your question of the lobby. There is another question about the lobby, and I'll try my best to answer whether or not what is the best rational argument for God? Is it dependency argument or causality or fine tuning? Another thing brother Hamza told me that I cannot depend only on this rational arguments to justify my belief, because any other thing that

01:51:19 --> 01:51:41

then rationality will be subjective, isn't it? I believe fine tuning argument is a very, very powerful argument that points to a creator, fine tuning argument, I find it to be very, very powerful. Of course, cosmological argument is a very strong argument. Fine tuning is a very strong dependency argument is a good one as well. But there are many, even

01:51:43 --> 01:51:47

there are other arguments, for example, argument, arguing for morality, okay.

01:51:49 --> 01:52:30

And all these things put together they make a very powerful case for God Almighty, the existence of God. And fine tuning is definitely indeed one of those very powerful arguments and it's also called teleological argument. It's called teleological argument. Okay. Are you 100%? Certain, no church father with the first three centuries of Christianity ever input to the Trinity? No, I never said that. My brother Muhammad. I never said that. None of the church fathers in the first three centuries, ever invert to the Trinity or never infer to the Trinity. I never said that. What I say is that none of the church fathers, within the first three centuries, clearly, categorically,

01:52:30 --> 01:52:34

explicitly stated, The COI quality of the Father and the Son.

01:52:36 --> 01:53:17

Okay, let alone the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is still not decided. It is not clear what the Holy Spirit is, in the first three centuries of Christianity, the status of the Holy Spirit is still not established. It gets established in the fourth century, by the way, what I say, and I want to clarify this, because a lot of people misunderstand this. What I say is that none of the Church Fathers within the first three centuries of Christianity explicitly, clearly, in clear terms, stated the quick reality of the Son and the father. In other words, God the Father and Jesus Christ, okay, because they didn't believe in it. They didn't state it because they didn't believe in it. They were

01:53:17 --> 01:54:02

subordination is they believe that Jesus, however divine, he was, he was below the Father. He was part of a part of a hierarchy. And the topmost person in the hierarchy was the father. And Jesus was below the Father. This is how they believed in a trinity if they ever believed in it, right. Okay, another question. We'll start, what do you think of the Greek and Armenian Genocide? Okay, you need to read the works of Bernard Lewis on the Armenian Genocide, he has written extensively extensively on it. And he feels that the Turkish government at the time, even though it was a secular government, run by the Young Turks, was not directly responsible for a genocide if there was a

01:54:02 --> 01:54:05

genocide. The term genocide is highly contested.

01:54:06 --> 01:54:53

And some people due to the Islamophobia and some agenda driven ideas, they insist that it was a genocide. I don't want to get into that debate. The Turkish Government to this day insist that it was not a genocide, and it wasn't committed by the Turkish Government. But some scholars like Bernard Lewis, who was a Jewish scholar supports that view that the Turkish Government, as secular as non Islamic as it was, at the time, the young turks, the dominant, were ruling the the Ottoman Empire at the time, whatever remained of it, because it was no longer a caliphate. It was no longer an Islamic entity, but even then, they will not responsible for the genocide. Right. It was not the

01:54:53 --> 01:55:00

government policy, what caused the killings and the murders of the Armenians and the Turks By the way, Turks are for

01:55:00 --> 01:55:42

some reason very often neglected and ignored in this whole episode, no one talks about as to how many Turks were killed by the Armenians. Everyone talks about Armenians being killed, right? So this is something very important. This is a very sensitive issue, and it needs to be addressed in an academic fashion. And I've already recommended a source for you to go and consult Bernard Lewis. Okay. Again, to very quickly remind everyone Why am I here sitting on the 21st Night of the monitor Madonna and point of view on screen what what am I doing? What am I doing speaking to possibly 1000s of people on a number of different channels online? What am I doing this is my way of worshipping

01:55:42 --> 01:56:35

Allah subhanaw taala This is my Baba brothers sisters. You must understand that it may be a lighter power, it may be little color because Allah subhanaw taala told us that the night power is better than 1000 months, it may be better than 83 long, yes. Okay. And if we make a donation tonight, if we make some backup in this night towards this cause, what is Sapiens Institute doing? By the way? What is the work of this organization? As I mentioned earlier, Sapiens Institute trained and empowered, over 6000 people to defend and share Islam in the last nine months since July 2020. Sapiens Institute has trained online and offline 6000 people 6000 Muslims, empower them to share the message

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of Islam. That's been nominal. That's a lot of work. Okay. Also, Sapiens Institute developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars. Okay, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars. Okay, delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team, which has access to 4 million visitors every year. So imagine you train a team of people to give our intelligently intellectually, rationally, academically, and they are talking to 4 million visitors, especially after it was declared a mosque. The number of visitors I'm pretty sure has increased due to the controversy.

01:57:18 --> 01:58:07

And this outreach team team, with our team in the Blue Mosque will be talking to hundreds of 1000s of people. This is the work of sapiens, Sapiens team trained the outreach team of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul in Turkey. Sapiens Institute has published three books, researched and published 13 ss an article last p online lighthouse mentoring service, privately, mentored ex Muslims, the heart and people with doubts, produce 30 sapient bots videos, okay. sapient thought sapient thoughts videos are videos defending Islam in short videos. So there are challenges and questions or Islamophobic attacks against Islam and the Muslim civilization. These videos answers these videos answer some of

01:58:07 --> 01:58:49

those questions and misconceptions. So why am I telling you this so that you can support this institute to continuous work? There are hardly any institution throughout the Muslim world or throughout the world, rather, that are doing this kind of work. You can count those institutions that are working like this are doing similar work on one hand, you can count them on one hand Sapiens Institute, in his delivery, and his work is quite unique. It's a niche that you need to support. Not every Imam in the masjid is able to do what Sapiens Institute is right? Not every scholar of Islam is aware of some of these ideas and some of these arguments, okay. They are very

01:58:49 --> 01:59:11

learned people, they they are our leaders, but they may not be trained in these matters. So Sapiens Institute as academics are working within the institute's working within the Institute to defend Islam and empower Muslims. But we have people like brother Hamza, Hamza sources to commercialize a postgraduate qualified

01:59:14 --> 01:59:59

scholar of philosophy. He has produced a book, a magnificent book, an amazing book on God's existence. It is titled The Divine reality I recommend everyone go and read this book. It is available free of charge on Sapiens Institute website, go and read this book. It is there. It's an absolutely amazing piece of work defending Islam, rationally, intellectually, and debunking atheism, rationally, intellectually academically, right? That's the book you need to read. Okay, it is available free of charge online on Sapiens Institute. website. Go and check it out. Right. It has been translated into Persian into Urdu into Arabic into Turkish

02:00:00 --> 02:00:49

into some other languages I'm not aware, brother Hans, I can give the details when it comes back, but the Hamza is the author and he is leading this particular institution, right. At the same time we have also Bora is also supporting this institute is a PhD student on philosophy of science, Masha Allah. Then we have Dr. Oz Malati, who has recently published a book on, you know, human suffering, and empathy. And it is part of Sapiens Institute work. That book is also available on Sapiens Institute website. Right, brother, Muhammad hijab is part of Sapiens Institute, who is was done few masters, and now he's currently doing another Master's in theology. So these guys are very qualified

02:00:49 --> 02:01:35

in the fields. And they are trying to do their best to give confidence to Muslim youth to believe in Islam and to defend it intellectually and academically. Can we let an institution like this down? Can we afford to let go? Can we afford to not defend Islam? Can we afford to let islamophobes continue to throw lies and misconceptions out there online and not respond to them? That's not an option. That's not possible, we cannot do that we cannot allow that. So for that reason, my brothers and sisters support Sapiens, forward slash Donate Life, that's the link, copy it and paste it on social media platforms. So I'll go back to questions very quickly so that people don't

02:01:35 --> 02:01:36

get bored.

02:01:38 --> 02:01:48

From me, asking for donations, but this is very important. I have to remind you, and there are very, very interesting questions coming. And I'm enjoying these questions.

02:01:50 --> 02:01:51

Okay, so

02:01:53 --> 02:01:55

there's another question.

02:01:57 --> 02:01:57


02:02:01 --> 02:02:43

Right, Abdullah B, he said, but Fine. Fine. Tuning is based on induction and deduction is just the best explanation. I think ontological argument like the dependency is more effective. That's your opinion. And I can't say no to that. If that's what you feel comfortable with. Go ahead, use that argument. But it works. But arguments for God's existence are overwhelmingly strong, and I believe every single one of them has a role to play. Okay, so call it Muhammad of piracy has another question. Here in Indonesia, actually, scholars are dominant, believe their Akilah is wrong, but I am afraid to say that many of their pathways are wrong. What is your view on the photos of the

02:02:43 --> 02:03:05

scholar, Dr. Yusuf qaradawi. Okay, some other scholars you have mentioned. I can't comment on that, because I'm not a Muslim myself. So I can't comment on the fact was only a Mufti can comment on the fatwas. So, if you don't agree with this, but was don't follow them, follow the scholars you feel comfortable with. If you feel another group of scholars are closer to Quran and Sunnah, and their fatwas are better

02:03:07 --> 02:03:44

in that respect, then follow them my brother. Don't follow the scholars you don't feel comfortable with this is as simple as that. But don't condemn them. Don't tarnish the name. Don't insult them. Don't belittle them. Don't disrespect them, because they are after all scholars, okay. We're not extremists. We're not a bunch of haters. We don't insult people who don't agree with if we don't agree with them. disagree with with respect, don't insult them don't say you are just a bunch of jokers. You don't know what you're talking about. You're not even scholars you're not looking Don't say things like that. Avoid saying things like that. If you feel they are wrong, don't follow them.

02:03:44 --> 02:03:44

No problem.

02:03:46 --> 02:04:01

Another question from okay. In the Quran word heart is used when Allah is commanding us to think but today we know how it can think. So is the Quran said hard to grip truly or literally Please answer start, I cannot say that Allah is

02:04:03 --> 02:04:06

referring to the heart physical

02:04:07 --> 02:04:10

piece of lump in our chest, okay? The the word

02:04:11 --> 02:04:55

can be used in a number of different ways. And you can check out Arabic dictionaries in that regard. And we cannot always say that lapel actually means a physical piece of flesh pumping, pumping in our chest. We don't we can't we can't claim that right. So we can't impose a particular understanding we have over a word in the Quran on the right. So we have to let the Koran speak. The Quran is very generic. The Quran is very fluid. It's very dynamic. So let the Koran speak on its own terms, which Allah instead of imposing a particular understanding of a word on the Quran. I hope that answers your question. And I hope you're enjoying these answers. I'm trying my best, where I cannot give an

02:04:55 --> 02:04:59

answer. I will tell you politely that I am not able to do so because I'm not

02:05:00 --> 02:05:38

authorized to give answers once a certain question. Another question is, how can I deal with a Christian who's very spiritual and ignores the authenticity of the text? So you deal with the spiritual. You give them spiritual arguments from Islam, you tell them about Islamic spirituality, you tell them how beautiful Islam is and how spiritually uplifting Islamic, you show them the spiritual side of Islam. And leave the text aside, leave the intellectual arguments aside, sometimes. Sometimes people need spiritual doubt, right? Use spirituality to call them to Islam, show them Islamic spirituality, and there is a lot of spiritual spirituality, spiritual dimensions

02:05:38 --> 02:06:01

to Islam. Another question from overshare. Can we use Mughal Empire under orange? As a good example for Muslim rule? No, absolutely not. We can't even use the ambassador Empire, which was a lot closer to the prophets time as an example of Muslim rule. What we do say that there were parts of these empires that were noble that were that were good, but none of these rulers

02:06:03 --> 02:06:42

are Rashi 18 onwards. None of these rulers are perfect, and they cannot learn on their own serve. As an example, in the history of Islam. The only examples we can use of upright governance and ruling are the Prophet and his immediate companions. Okay. Other than that, people who came later, are not a perfect example. They're not our examples. In every single respect. Of course, they might have done good things. They might have done noble things, we allude to them, we reach out to them, we refer to them, but their mistakes we just own, and we make it very clear that we cannot be part of those mistakes.

02:06:44 --> 02:07:00

So orangevale only as noble as he was, as great a ruler he was, he made mistakes, there's no doubt he made mistakes. So do we uphold those mistakes? Do we defend those mistakes when we don't? We call upon a lot to forgive him. We ask a lot of forgiveness mistakes and accept his

02:07:02 --> 02:07:16

his noble deeds. Like he did a lot of good things. He built the badguy Mosque, the greatest or the biggest Masjid once upon a time and the word was built by Oren zevalin view. It is in Lahore. He also

02:07:17 --> 02:08:11

patronized the compilation of the famous Hanafi book of jurisprudence, titled alpha tava alum gurria are named after the Emperor himself, also called alpha power India. He got the scholars together, he commanded them to compile this compendium of hannity juristic opinion and it was done that one of his achievements, you also patronize a lot of Muslim scholars and Islam flourished throughout his reign. A lot of the times orange Xavi is accused of bigotry. He's accused of oppressing non Muslims, this is a lie again, because if you look at some of the books written by academics, you will see people who collect historical data, they will, they will tell you that orange zaev employed more

02:08:11 --> 02:08:29

Hindus as part of the state abroad test, then all the mobile things put together before him. I repeat, orange zabe employed more Hindus into a state of protests than all the Mughal kings put together before him. In fact, orange zevs Treasurer is

02:08:31 --> 02:08:48

his minister of finance, for example, while the Hindu and when he died on levels very sad, or Zeb didn't know what to do, how to replace him. The finance minister was a Hindu. So these are a lot of things people don't talk about very often. So there is a book

02:08:50 --> 02:08:59

I would like to recommend very quickly on orange label and here it is titled nobility under orange zip. Okay, and the author is

02:09:01 --> 02:09:01

after Ali.

02:09:02 --> 02:09:03


02:09:05 --> 02:09:06

I'll quickly get the book

02:09:07 --> 02:09:10

yet nobility under

02:09:11 --> 02:09:14

Orange Whip, and the author is

02:09:16 --> 02:09:23

author Ali. The author's name is Arthur Ali, if I'm not mistaken, sorry, let me confirm that.

02:09:25 --> 02:09:54

Yeah, the author is utter Ali at h AR Ali. So, you will get the details of Warren waves, nobility, how many Hindus how many Muslims who are working within the state. So if a person is employing 33% of his state, consisted of Hindus working within the system, how can we how can you call him a bigot? How can you call him an oppressor of the Hindu race? This is unbelievable. This is, you know,

02:09:55 --> 02:09:59

propaganda on the part of the BJP government in India today, unfortunately

02:10:00 --> 02:10:30

And this is exactly why we need Sapiens Institute to deal with questions like that rather than systems, right? There is a lot of Islamophobia in India. The Indian government currently, unfortunately, is pushing peddling Islamophobia as a state policy. You have seen recent events in India, what's happening to Muslims in India, and part of the attacks are coming from pseudo intellectuals, you know, intellectuals who are actually pseudo intellectuals, and historians,

02:10:31 --> 02:10:43

who are not historians pretending to be historians, and they're ignoring real historians. One of the authors, her name is Audrey trashed, she has been attacked repeatedly for writing a book on orange.

02:10:44 --> 02:10:46

So you must read her book titled orange.

02:10:48 --> 02:10:54

And the author's name is Audrey trust, if you see her Twitter, she gets attacked day and night by extremist Hindus

02:10:55 --> 02:11:11

in India, right now. So Indian Government is pumping Islamophobia and trying to change history and trying to misrepresent Islamic past of India to gain both from extremely ill informed and

02:11:12 --> 02:11:56

uneducated Indian masses in the village. Okay, so it's a very, very unfortunate reality we're facing. So brother sisters, why are we here today? We're here to raise awareness of the work of Sapiens Institute. And Sapiens Institute is an institution that works on removing misconceptions about Islam and Muslims and the Muslim civilization. Okay, Sapiens Institute is empowering 1000s of Muslims around the world to believe in Islam with confidence, okay. We are publishing articles we are writing books on topics other scholars are not writing on. We are dealing with questions most people have ignored so far, there are a lot of misconceptions online. There are many, many lies

02:11:56 --> 02:12:35

islamophobes have established websites, media hubs, newspapers, and they are attacking Islam day and night. Islam is the most attacked rate in the world. What are we going to do about it? One of the solutions is to educate the people, educate our own people primarily number one, and educate the world at large. So once we educate the Muslims and give them the confidence to believe in Islam, they will defend Islam intelligently, intellectually and academically. This is exactly why we have our webinars, we have our seminar we are we have our training sessions, we have our lighthouse mentoring service, whereby you can actually have a one to one session with one of our experts to get

02:12:35 --> 02:13:14

your questions answered, and it's free of charge. All you need to do is book an appointment online, and you will be given an appointment and you will have an expert talking to you privately, answering your questions and your doubts. And also, we're working on video we are working on video productions. So we're using a number of different means to give confidence to our youngsters in particular and the rest of the Muslims in general. So we are empowering the Muslims in defending Islam intelligently intellectually and academically. This is exactly what we stand for. Okay, this is a very niche cause that needs your support Sapiens forward slash donate live is

02:13:14 --> 02:13:49

the link you need to make a donation to and share if you're watching this live stream on Facebook. If you're watching on YouTube, all you can do is just cut and paste the link and cut and paste the link the donation link and paste it everywhere we need support from you brothers and sisters and the least you can do is to share this live stream on your social media platforms. I will go back to questions very quickly without any further delay, so that we can continue to keep this particular live feed dynamic so people can enjoy our take benefit the answers I have to give.

02:13:52 --> 02:13:56

inshallah, so the next question we will

02:13:58 --> 02:13:59

try to address.

02:14:01 --> 02:14:04

Okay, what was the last question I answered?

02:14:07 --> 02:14:49

Okay. But if the church father believed that Jesus and the Father are co equal, then doesn't that mean no church father in the first three centuries believed in the Trinity that was made later on. So it would be wrong to say no church father inferred the Trinity we have today within the first centuries. Absolutely. Muhammad asked this question, brother Muhammad, absolutely. We can say that none of the church fathers in the first three centuries believed in the fourth century conception of the doctrine of the Trinity, I repeat, this is a very specific statement I'm making and try not to misunderstand it. I am claiming with confidence with utmost integrity and honesty, that none of the

02:14:49 --> 02:14:59

Church Fathers None. None of the church fathers in the first three centuries of Christianity believed in the late fourth century conception of

02:15:00 --> 02:15:28

The doctrine of the Trinity, which is what we have today. Okay, the doctrine of the Trinity as we know it today was conceptualized in the year 381 ce II, or it was formalized in that year. And none of the Church Fathers on the first three centuries believed in that particular conception, you can say that with confidence. I hope that's clear of the lobby asked another question. Okay. Sorry. I think people are talking to each other in the

02:15:29 --> 02:15:31

Okay, brother Muhammad said,

02:15:32 --> 02:15:59

Thank you for your time, brother, Don, may Allah reward all of you at Sapiens? Everyone, please donate. One final note, do you have nine you should answer questions from the public chat, because you have just been answering from the same people including me in the private chat all this time. Haha. Thanks again. Okay. Thank you so much for highlighting that. The problem with that is that I cannot read all the public charts. At the same time talk to you guys. It's not possible for me.

02:16:00 --> 02:16:41

Tonight, as you can imagine, it's the 21st Night A lot of people are praying, they're making it rather. And I've been given the responsibility to present the content and the questions and the appeal to you. So that's why I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I cannot read all the public chats on all the five or six channels, and then choose the best questions out of them, and then post them. So Can any of you Can any of you do me a favor? If you find an interesting question, an academic question, a good question, not a rant or not just some hateful comment or something like that. Just ignore those some genuine questions. If you can find something on public chat, just share them in

02:16:41 --> 02:16:51

the private chat. And I will really appreciate that so that I can answer those questions will enjoy. I hope that's clear. That will really help me a lot. Okay, brothers sisters. So.

02:16:55 --> 02:17:00

Right. We have brother Massoud back. And um, I think brother Massoud is already watching.

02:17:02 --> 02:17:04

But I'm on tour I don't know how to add you in.

02:17:05 --> 02:17:24

If one of the admin guys is still not praying or is available, can you please lead brother on tour in so that we can have some more exciting content shared by brother mentor and he can also have his take on these questions. So if admin is available, can you let let brother mentor in?

02:17:25 --> 02:17:27

Let me message the admin.

02:17:33 --> 02:17:36

Okay, so I'll go back to questions very quickly.

02:17:38 --> 02:17:56

For the manual, if you're watching, it's the same link. Click the link and I hope you can be allowed to enter by the admin team inshallah, by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. I will try my best to reach out to the admin team in sha Allah tala. Okay, so, in the meantime, I will continue answering questions.

02:17:58 --> 02:18:19

Okay, brothers and sisters, please avoid debating in the comment section because I'm trying to focus on questions alone. So don't debate each other. Let's focus on questions. Keep the comments to as short as possible. And as focused as possible. Let the questions come through, because I get confused between your debate and your question, right.

02:18:22 --> 02:18:59

Okay, so de la Haruki asked a question. I want to learn the Arabic language, the old classical language of the Quran and Hadees. I know Persian Farsi from literature, should I join some school or can I do it on my own, you can do both as a foreign key if you're still listening, you can do both. You can learn the Arabic language, the classical Arabic language, the online, there are online courses free of charge on YouTube. You can watch those you can start learning from those and you can join an institution. The more the merrier, the more you will do within a year, depending on your dedication and the amount of time you give to the language. You will be fluent within a year Rachel

02:18:59 --> 02:19:12

I'm pretty sure okay. Okay. asked another question about what you think about your son Mousavi wears iced out diamond ring and where does the money come from? From Sapiens Institute.

02:19:13 --> 02:19:52

How do you assume that? Firstly, how do you know is wearing diamonds? How do you know? Did you check them? Did you go and check his ring? He's not wearing diamond? Moosa Mashallah, by the grace of Allah, okay with all the hollow things although diamonds are allowed for men, there is nothing stipulating the diamonds around men but he's not wearing any diamond. And Moosa is financially is none of your business. Right? It's not a you Sapiens Institute does not pay Musa Musa does not receive any money any penyebab Sapiens. In fact, most people would be shocked to know that most people who are getting paid in Sapiens Institute's are getting pennies. Most people are working

02:19:52 --> 02:19:59

voluntarily. By the way. Did you know that? My brother or sister whoever you are, Allah bless you. Okay, Sapiens is the

02:20:00 --> 02:20:36

Most people who are working within the institute are working as volunteers. And the rest, those who are being paid are being prepared for their professional support, in admin in video production and all those things, they are the ones who are being paid. So I hope that answers your question if that pleases you, inshallah, okay? ability, okay? To start, why the Muslims going to release, they're not stepping forward to work in collaboration with Institute like Sapiens Institute, because they're probably not aware of it, they're not bothered, okay, they need to know more about it. That's why we are asking you to share this livestream, that people can get to know the work we're doing. And once

02:20:36 --> 02:21:05

they get to know the work we're doing, and once they understand the effects, and the impact we are creating, I'm pretty sure a lot of Muslims start to support each other. They simply don't understand the need. They simply don't understand the magnitude of the problem. They don't know what doubts spread by islamophobes online can do. They have no idea we are on the receiving end, we receive calls every single day. We know exactly what's going on out there. We know how parents struggle with each other.

02:21:06 --> 02:21:07

And how,

02:21:08 --> 02:21:23

you know, they're losing the children to doubts and misconceptions, and even apostasy. So we're trying to empower the youth to have confidence, some level of confidence in Islam to believe in Islam, and this is the beginning. There is a lot more coming in Sharla.

02:21:25 --> 02:22:08

Okay, someone asked how to start with our January, especially in France, where it is really secular. Start the Dow in France, be compassionate, be generous, be very sensitive about the people and the feelings. They have many misconceptions about Islam, France has effectively become a hub for islamophobe even the president of Crohn's is possibly an islamophobe. Right? How do we deal with a country like that? Give our with compassion with patience. Don't get angry, don't be reactive reactionary. Rather, use a good beautiful language good other good manners. And you will see a lot of change a lot people will start to disbelieve those misconceptions or those Islamophobic attacks

02:22:09 --> 02:22:49

against Islam as a little about, okay, I'm a software engineer from okay Balochistan, Pakistan. I can't donate at the moment. But I would love to contribute to your work with my skill as a software engineer, send an email and we will see what we can do in sha Allah thank you so much for your moral support at least you want to support May Allah bless you and make glabrous you know this is the least you can do make god pray for us. And Allah subhanaw taala will enable us to continue the work we're doing well I don't belittle the power of the money is not everything financial support is important. But what is more important is your da may god raise your hand and say Oh Allah gives

02:22:49 --> 02:23:20

access to these people. Oh Allah, put blessings in the work Oh Allah accept their work or Allah make them say Allah make them successful in what they're trying to do. What are we trying to do? We're trying to boost the confidence on the morale of the Muslim oma. We want to give confidence to the Muslim youngster and the youth to believe in Islam with confidence without any doubt. And this we can do with intelligence using academic sources and using intelligent arguments on Islam.

02:23:22 --> 02:23:23

Okay, so.

02:23:24 --> 02:23:25


02:23:26 --> 02:23:27


02:23:29 --> 02:23:32

Question from someone,

02:23:33 --> 02:24:17

as long as orientalist study the history of Islam and the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant in peace. Why do they not become Muslim? Do they know the truth, but they are snubbing on the truth? That's a very good question. Some of the orientalist have accepted that the prophet of Islam may be a true prophet Allah. They can't say openly, explicitly that they do believe that he was a prophet of God, even if they believe that what they do is they put it in clever language like Bernal, not Bernard Lewis sorry Montgomery Ward. Montgomery Ward was a scholar of Islam. He wrote many books on the history of Islam and on the biography of the Prophet for the life

02:24:17 --> 02:24:48

of them. He actually believed that the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem was not an imposter. In other words, he was not a liar, it is very difficult to prove that he was an imposter. In fact, he stated something like that to believe or to claim or to assert that he was an imposter raises more problems than its salt. This is Montgomery Ward. Recently, yesterday an interview was conducted by Paul Williams on his YouTube channel with

02:24:50 --> 02:25:00

with a Christian scholar called Keith ward. Keith Ward is a huge Christian scholar. Right and Paul Williams on

02:25:00 --> 02:25:39

his YouTube channel titled blogging, theology, check it out blogging, theology, it has some interesting content. He asked Keith, what the question, do you think Prophet Muhammad was a true prophet of God? and Keith was to our shock to the shock of the world said, Yes, he believes that Muhammad was a genuine prophet of God. Then Paul Williams asked him, Why do you not accept Islam then in that case, he said, I have a sense of loyalty towards Christianity, and I want to do well to a faith I have grown in and I feel comfortable with that why I am a Christian, something along those lines, please watch the interview with Paul Williams. This was only yesterday. So a lot of

02:25:39 --> 02:26:07

orientalist and theologians, they believe the Prophet Muhammad was on to be a true prophet of God. But for some reason or another, they don't end up accepting Islam. I hope that answer your question should be a question, public chat, I get why Allah would punish some of the some fraternity as they would continue sinning in brought back. But why even create them in the first place? instead? I'm all just creating those who will eventually enter heaven. So

02:26:09 --> 02:26:44

Allah Subhana, Allah created us so that he knows who's good and who's bad. He has given us independent way of thinking, he has given us a certain level of independence, hence, the reward and the punishment. Allah is not unjust. Allah has not created robots. This is the answer to your question. Jimmy, thank you so much for posting this question from the chat. And I'm answering your question. Allah has not created robots. It doesn't make sense. Allies created independent thinkers to a degree, we have that independence. Right. And this is why Allah said Alina.

02:26:47 --> 02:26:51

Oh, so panelist, brother Matsuda. Thank you so much for joining me.

02:26:55 --> 02:27:14

Thank you so much. I was I was struggling. I don't know how long I've been going on. I've been there in the back chat, by the way I've been trying to get in. Because you didn't have the admin rights. So yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm gonna let you manage to come in. That's the great news. So I was answering a question that if Allah subhanaw taala,

02:27:15 --> 02:27:53

you know, wants to put some people in Jana and Jana, why couldn't Allah just create people he wants to put in Jannah and not punish people, why create them, to punish them and I was responding that Allah has given a certain level of independence, to his creation in particularly humans. That's why he will judge them. He will judge Allah will judge them based upon the level of independence he has given them. Allah is not unjust. It doesn't create robots and then burn them in hellfire. It doesn't work like that. Allah has given us a level of independence to choose between good and bad, and based upon our actions will be either punished or rewarded. What do you think brother Massoud on that?

02:27:53 --> 02:28:43

Yeah, I think this is why quite a frequently asked question sometimes asks, this is the questions of this evidently links with the theodicy or the question of suffering, where they think like, you know, why are the evils in the world with Allah is so all knowledgeable and just merciful and kind and All good? Why does even create these individuals, but what they don't realize the lies will wise at the same time, and he brings his creation, and brings in a variety of creations for wisdom as well, for a purpose that he's creating us for? I mean, he could have just for the sake of argument, he could have created us and put directly into heaven, for example, and create the people who didn't

02:28:43 --> 02:29:10

deserve to go to heaven. And they earned the anger and the wrath of God because of what they have done. territorial Hellfire, of course, the people in in heaven or paradise or in Jannah, they would not complain. They would not complain and say, Why have you put us in this place of pleasure and happiness and joy and tranquility and bliss? No one will complain, they will be enjoying and they will be in full bliss and contentment in paradise.

02:29:11 --> 02:29:20

But the people in Hellfire will complain and say, you know, why did you place us in the healthcare, we haven't done anything wrong? We haven't done anything that, you know,

02:29:21 --> 02:29:59

totally that goes against you. Because clearly you've just created us and placed us in hellfire. And if Allah said, Look, by new having endowed with freewill, from my foreknowledge, I knew that you are going to do something bad you will be a disobedient individual. And you'll continue to do so until you end up in this fate. But there was a cover Excuse me, but I haven't done anything. We haven't seen anything. I mean, you just created us and put us into straight into hellfire. So that is one of the reasons why the purpose of bringing us in this life in this dunya where we can test ourselves against ourselves whether we deserve to go to this place.

02:30:00 --> 02:30:46

Having utilize this Faculty of freewill that Allah has given us. So, you know this, this all links with the wisdom of last 100 Watada he could create. If you think about it potentially, a creator can create human beings with freewill or with no freewill. And if you have human beings with freewill, you can have camps where those who only do His will. And those who don't do His will and only do evil things, you can have someone who in between good and the bad a mixture of it. Or you can have someone who does purely the doesn't do the will of God purely disobey God as well. You can have all variety of this and eventually what you'd be asking is, you know, isn't Allah capable of creating

02:30:46 --> 02:31:29

someone with free will who can do this evil? Because the question is asking, Why did I even have to create these people? why not create the people of heaven only, and that's it, okay, are in a life showing his creative majesty, His power, His might in which he gives truly a limited amount of freewill to people in which they can exercise that freewill. And then they can see for themselves whether they are worthy or deserving of the mercy of Allah the grace of Allah that they go to Jana or not. So those go to Hellfire is entirely on the injustice of Allah subhanho wa Taala because they have chosen themselves to go to hellfire. So this shows the majesty the might of Allah and His

02:31:29 --> 02:32:07

wisdom in creating this, otherwise people will say, is Allah really creative, powerful enough to create people with free will? Because what you have seen are these people who created a lot of them in Paradise, of course, you know, Allah made them like robots. That's why they couldn't do anything. That really there wasn't a free will. Because if people use their free will, then we expect some people to display our last panel with Allah, you can ask this question the other way as well in reverse. So similarly, if you think about the creation of human beings, Allah could have just created human beings in one way. But he created human beings from no father, no mother, from one of

02:32:07 --> 02:32:46

them, either from a man or a woman, and from both of them from man and a woman just to show he is able to create human beings in any of these four ways that is possible, again, showing and demonstrating the might in the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So these questions are linked with Allah's wisdom, and his might and his power and his authority and his ability. I hope this clarifies the question. But thank you so much. Thank you so much for putting it so nicely, and succinctly. brothers sisters, again, to remind you why we are here today building the lighthouse. What does that means building the lighthouse to show light to people to guide people? What does the lighthouse do?

02:32:47 --> 02:33:08

a lighthouse shows light to last vessels in the sea, that are vessels looking for way. And lighthouse does the job of guiding them, showing them the light where the true path is? This is exactly what Sapiens Institute is trying to do. Building the lighthouse means we are trying to guide people in

02:33:09 --> 02:33:30

through the darkness of doubts and misconceptions about Islam. There are hundreds of websites out there, there are so many different YouTube channels. There are so many media outlets that are continuously pumping hateful content against Islam and the Muslims and the Muslim civilization at large. It wouldn't be an exaggerated

02:33:31 --> 02:33:51

idea it wouldn't be a wouldn't be an overstatement to say that Islam is the most attacked faith and ideology in the world today. Islam is the most discussed faith on the media. Today, there's a reason for that, because Islam is a powerhouse. It is a huge power, civilization really,

02:33:52 --> 02:34:40

you know, theologically, spiritually, Islam is a powerhouse. Allahu Akbar historically, was a powerhouse is a huge faith is a great faith is a beautiful faith, and to attack it is not easy. So that's why what the islamophobes and Islamophobic is, institutions and organizations and establishments are trying to do is to have a huge number of islamophobes present online to make it seem that Islam doesn't have any defense mechanism. This is exactly what the game is. The game is to have a huge number of islamophobes or Islamophobic institutions and channels online so that they spread so much misinformation, and Muslims simply are not able to respond. And that may give the

02:34:40 --> 02:35:00

impression that Islam doesn't have any responses. This is why we need institutions like Sapiens Institute, Sapiens Institute is a niche. It is doing exactly what needs to be done today. Responding to islamophobes through education, educating our youngsters as a process

02:35:01 --> 02:35:43

First thing is to educate our own people so that they can defend their faith with confidence with solid arguments intelligently, intellectually and academically. This is why we have a team in Sapiens doing exactly that. But the mentor is doing that every single week. Those of you know, Brother mutsu, from the park, you know what, what he does, this is exactly what he does. And this is what Allah has blessed him with, because whether monsoon could be doing something else he does, or live in all of us, we have some past times, you know, we do certain things to live. But our passion lies in defending Islam against these vicious attacks that come our way on daily basis. And

02:35:43 --> 02:36:28

Alhamdulillah. When people hear the responses, they wake up, they realize hold on Islam is a powerhouse. It is a power hub, and it is not easy to attack it. So we need more and more institutions like Sapiens Institute. That's why you need to see that link. Down below here. That is rolling on your screen, you can see the link rolling on the screen, Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link. Don't hesitate to share this link with your context, because they may this may be the most important cause you may support this Ramadan. There are many people supporting orphans in Syria orphans in Lebanon, orphans in Rohingya region, where the Rohingya refugees are

02:36:28 --> 02:37:12

orange German, it is very important to do so there is immense reward in that. But it is also important to defend the ideological background of those orphans. Why are the orphans because the ideology is facing attacks. Muslims are misunderstood. Muslims are dehumanized Muslims are demonized. And the only way we can remove that demonization and dehumanization is to educate the masses by educating the islamophobes and their followers. Right. This is the only way to do it. So that's why we are producing articles, books, videos, webinars, seminars and training courses. But also you want to do something. Yes, I just wanted to add something here. I mean, we need to

02:37:12 --> 02:37:56

understand in the past, when the colonial powers were in power over our lands, over our lives, rather as well. They were able to manipulate us through a political might, in terms of political authority, you know, when when they when the British went and ruled India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as it was the Indian subcontinent at that time. They were able to manipulate and controlled Muslims and how they should behave and how they can you know, live their lives according to Islam and so on. And Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Kellyanne was one of the products of the British at that time, how he wanted to, you know, manipulate the Muslim mind from uprising with the British from against the British, for

02:37:56 --> 02:38:40

example, it was easy for them to do that, because they would find someone find someone quite easily who can act for their cause. But that was the time when the the manipulation was done through political powers. military might, when they did that, but when these things were shifted and changed, they can no longer go there politically with unless they overthrow a government, for example, like they have done recently, in various government, they can't really go to a country with this political might, it's not possible for them. So the strategy that critics, the enemies of Islam, in particular have taken is the intellectual

02:38:41 --> 02:39:28

intellectual side in which they would go and confuse the minds or even, you know, indoctrinate a lot of people in their theology in their understanding in their philosophical secular outlook in the liberal views, views in the atheistic worldview to make them and from them, then they will confuse the masses of students, so on, so they will install when I say install, yes, they will appoint professors or lecturers in the universities, who will then give this, you know, toxic ideas to Muslims, so that Muslims can become liberalized sacralized, and a become an atheist or agnostic in that sense, and they will influence all the others in that way they can control people coming away

02:39:28 --> 02:39:59

from Islam and Islamic ideology and an Islamic theology. So that's what's happening through this intellectual endeavor by the critics and the authorities, who are very much into that totally demolishing Islam from his rich theological foundations because they now realize that you can't do it politically, you have done intellectually. So organization like these sapient Institute and the platforms that you have is one way of tackling

02:40:00 --> 02:40:47

As with intellectual response, you would empower the Muslims build strong Muslims, who can then continue this work and challenge this narrative they're coming up with, you can go to the universities, you can go to these institutions, or even our workplace, and you can challenge their ideologies directly and say, No, we don't buy this, because this, these are the reasons why these are not acceptable to our Muslim mind to our Muslim community or Muslim nation. And you can easily dismantle their narrative. And if you don't have organization like these, like Sabin Institute, and others, then who are going to carry out this task, who's going to who is going to actually do this,

02:40:47 --> 02:41:35

our Muslim scholars, unfortunately, are not coming open to challenge these views in the areas and platforms where it's necessary. I mean, you have to be forefront in the front line, you can't just simply write books, in say, Arabic language, when most of the work is happening in European languages, you need to start translating them these works, contemporary contemporary languages, or actively, right in the languages where it's necessary. So when we talk about training, and mentoring, this has become now essential for the time, time has changed to a point that we need to start thinking about different, you know, strategies, in terms of how to deal with criticisms, and

02:41:35 --> 02:42:19

shuba heart and doubts and confusion. So that Muslim mind is going to be always at ease, and will have the power to continue living as a Muslim. And making sure your families your offspring, they continue to live as a Muslim without this kind of confusion their mind, because we don't want conflict in our mind, just because people have somehow, you know, twisted a particular narrative that you're not familiar with. So with institution like sapient Institute, and with this lighthouse approach, and so on, you'll be able to understand and get familiar with the approaches people are taking, in terms of how they want to control the Muslim minds, the Muslim masses, the Muslim

02:42:19 --> 02:43:01

nations, and you can easily defend it from these indoctrination, from being assimilated. And going into the oblivion of, of these thoughts and ideas and not knowing what to do. So one of the main concerns I think, today, people today have, how do we, you know, remove ourselves from this, you can't remove yourself, from the critics with their criticism, as I mentioned earlier on, they're going to come to you, on your phones, on your laptops, on your iPads, on your tablets, whatever, it will come to you because of this algorithm they're playing they're using in the social media, you're searching for something and then suddenly something pops up. Are you thinking, Oh, is that true? I

02:43:01 --> 02:43:41

mean, I mean, let's look at the nature of the questions that we are seeing in private chat. And in the comment section, this demonstrate how people have been bombarded, left, right and center with this shubo heart or doubts, or criticism against Islam, which they haven't been familiar with, they don't know how to respond. And the reason you don't know how to respond is mainly with no disrespect to our Muslim brothers and sisters, because of not having a formal education in Islam, and not having the proper grounding in Islam, and not having the training to deal with this matters. So there is a need. And there is a necessity for organization like this, which will deal with all of

02:43:41 --> 02:44:24

those things and really resolve to the better. So you don't need to worry about yourself, like how am I going to change like one of the brother, he says he's a I think software engineer or studying physics and so on? How are they going to be able to help Dada in the sense of studying physics, in any field of study that you're doing, whether it be physics, or engineering, and so on, you'll be able to help because once you have an Islamic proper ground knowledge of Islam, and also you're an academic in your field, you may be PhDs, you may be a professor and so on. You can use that platform for credible voice. Because if you're going to respond to a PhD without a PhD, sometimes your

02:44:24 --> 02:44:59

response is not taken into account seriously, because they think you're just a lay person. But But what if you said if you're already a doctor or a PhD holder or a professor something and you respond, and you can respond in an academic article, it can be taken seriously. So it is important that whatever field of study you're in, you can still be part of the data, using your knowledge and expertise in your professional fields too. For example, in physics, you can use even the science of physics and its principles and in flows to demonstrate your atheist, for example, how the physical world cannot explain itself.

02:45:00 --> 02:45:01

It needs another external explanation.

02:45:03 --> 02:45:47

You can do that by resorting to the very physics and its science and its theories and its principles. And having that knowledge in physics, you are able to explain it in a more better way in a more academic and professional way. To those of people who are grounded in physics, for example, we can't hear you know, what were you saying? I think you're muted. No, no, I was just giving instructions to the light person. Okay, no problem. shala Yeah, I just want to remind everyone that even though if you're listening to us, and benefiting from the discussion, but start I'm not having, you can always, if we slide a little further insha Allah, always, just in your mind made this

02:45:47 --> 02:46:13

clicker. So how to LA hamdulillah La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La Hamed. And you can make this to Allah, my nigga one karimun. For foreigner, you know, he can just make sure you continuously recite these, they go throughout, second by second minute by minute without any wasting any time, which Allah so that you don't make yourself removed from any other of this night. Because if this is in leader it'll follow

02:46:14 --> 02:47:00

shall accept all our liquor, all our little this beer, and it's default, inshallah huhtala. And those of you who have some moments where you're taking great praise Allah, you know, and if you are able to do Zakah, you know, and this charitable causes Salah, kalila, and so on, and so forth, do that, help and donate to this cause that you know, the brothers have come to you with, because if this is my little cuddle, giving something here means it's like spending more than your lifetime, more than 83 years of counting in this nice little puddle, if it's no more than better than 1000 months, is roughly about 83 years, almost like a one's lifetime. So even if it's one pound, if it's

02:47:00 --> 02:47:18

always $1. If it's like one rupee, whatever you giving, 110 50 101,000 whatever you have, this will be multiplied because Allah multiplies good deeds, you know, many fold hundreds and 1000s halls, and even more, as well as if it's a little harder. Just imagine how great this reward will be.

02:47:19 --> 02:47:26

Han Allah, this is the mercy of Allah that has blessed us with this month of Ramadan and the last 10 days in which this

02:47:28 --> 02:47:29

sort of none I'm going to have to

02:47:31 --> 02:47:57

thank you for that encouragement and brothers sisters, again, to emphasize the point brother Matsuda has made some excellent points for you to consider and contemplate, you know, the threat we are facing as a global community is huge. When it comes to Islamophobia. Islamophobia comes in a number of different forms, sometimes it is crude, sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is academic, sometimes it is

02:47:58 --> 02:47:59

in the form of

02:48:00 --> 02:48:55

mob violence and mob slogans. Sometimes it is political, sometimes it is journalistic. Sometimes, it is outrightly you know, lying and, you know, deliberately spreading misconceptions. So, Islamophobia has become a real problem for the Muslim community in the world. And when I say sometimes, it comes in an academic form, as brotherman Sue mentioned, sometimes these islamophobes are disguised as professors as lecturers as teachers, they go into universities with an agenda to drive doubts and misconceptions through the minds of gullible students who have had no exposure to formal Islamic education. They have no idea as to what the Muslim civilization is. They don't know what Islamic

02:48:55 --> 02:49:41

theology is, they don't know what akiza is, they don't know what are these is they don't know what the prophets legacy is. And what happens these professors who are very sophisticated in their respective fields, they start to pump doubts and misconceptions in the minds of the students and the result is either these students they are left confused or they apostatized Sapiens Institute is an antidote to that problem. Okay, anytime, anywhere in the Muslim world. When these islamophobes are working in disguise in this way whether they are online or offline in person or invisible websites or sorry not invisible website visible websites, invisible persons behind them, whenever they are

02:49:41 --> 02:50:00

working, like this Sapiens Institute will be providing solutions answers and responses to these kinds of attacks but Amanda, you wanted to mention of the echoing that I just want to say I'm going to have to leave now for a little thoroughly inshallah, please brothers and sisters who are watching

02:50:00 --> 02:50:42

share this link, encourage others to share the link donate to this very noble cause insha Allah because if you can empower Muslims through this course just imagine the immense reward that you will have. It's just like giving someone the Quran and teaching them the Quran and they teach others and others teach others and you have you know, this this chain reaction Likewise, if you build this light house in which you will have, you know, professionals who will impart the knowledge to others and who in turn will be learned and will be qualified will be trained to continue to do this work to others and so on. Like a chain reactions, the Agile continues, so please, please, please, we cannot

02:50:42 --> 02:50:49

emphasize that, you know, donate, support, contribute and be part of it. Does that mean? salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

02:50:50 --> 02:51:08

wa barakato. Love Bless you, brother, our beloved brother, Chairman, sir, for giving your time and continue to pray for us. And inshallah we'll have you again, in the coming nights. If you are available. There is no for the odd nights and it will be an honor for us to have you again in Charlotte, Zachary. Thank you. So I want to

02:51:09 --> 02:51:58

buy like a flower and Colorado sisters back again to q&a to questions and answers. Statman soon, he came, and he shared some ideas with us. excellent ideas lie. Islamophobia comes in different guises and does different works at different times in different places. And we need a comprehensive response. And this is exactly what Sapiens Institute pioneers. So I am asking you to support this is a call for action. This is a call for action, a call of duty Sapiens forward slash live is the link Don't let us down. Don't let us go on for too long, asking for support. And I mentioned this in the last appeal, that if this was a Christian missionary appeal in the bible belt

02:51:59 --> 02:52:18

of the US, okay, let's say in the south in southern USA, if this was a Christian missionary appeal, you know, by now we would have raised a million dollars, we would have easily raised a million dollars for some reason, the Christians feel that they have to support they have to give

02:52:20 --> 02:53:08

a hand to the missionaries, perhaps perhaps due to the fact that they see a weakness in the faith that it needs to be defended to that level. And the Muslims feel comfortable because they feel that Islam is a rational faith. Islam doesn't need any defense as such, but this is a misconception. The reason we need to defend Islam is because the amount of attacks on Islam you will see online is baffling. It is mind blowing. It is unbelievable. The amount, the amount of websites and videos and islamophobes actively writing books and articles, it will blow your minds away. And they are a bunch of liars, some bigger than others, some bigger than others, no doubt. But they are all a bunch of

02:53:08 --> 02:53:53

liars. They misrepresent Islam, they spin everything. In some cases, they are genuinely misguided. They are genuinely ignorant. In other cases, they are doing it deliberately. Okay, there are people like, you know, I don't want to mention names, but you know who they are, right? Biggest law involves online with big YouTube channels, they spread a lot of hate, right? To an extent. Now, some of the big channels, they are receiving funding to put anti Islam content on the channels, they will never islamophobes let's say there's a channel run by a sports person, let's say he was into sports. And now for some reason he is putting out Islamophobic content is bringing on islamophobes to

02:53:53 --> 02:54:34

interview them. Why is that? Suddenly? Why? Why would you do that? Because they are receiving funding. Islamophobia industry is a multi billion dollars industry is well it is a well oiled machine for whatever reason, or political reason for religious reasons, or bigotry for the sake of prejudice, whatever it is, but it is there. And what is the response? The response is Sapiens This is one of the responses. We are not arrogant to claim that we are the only ones out there doing this great job on this work. There are other Muslim organizations who are trying to do similar work and May Allah bless them, but they are very, very few. They are very, very few. So

02:54:34 --> 02:54:56

I'm going to go back to questions. If anyone can help me post questions from the public chat so that we can answer some of these questions. So that's, um, there's a there was a very good question. Someone asked earlier about pogroms against the Jewish people in London. So this question might come up again and again that why were the pogroms. pogrom means

02:54:57 --> 02:55:00

basically attacks against the Jewish people.

02:55:00 --> 02:55:40

When the Jewish community was attacked, and many people were killed as a result in Al Andalus in Spain, one of them happened in 1066 in Granada, and there were some other incidents. But these were exceptional incidents that were caused by the political events of the time. This was not a general policy in London, the Jewish peoples. They flourished under the domain of Islam under the protection of Islam for nearly 700 years. They were banished by the Catholics when the Catholic Monarchs in the year 1492. Took the last stronghold. The Jewish people were banished from Spain, okay, they became

02:55:41 --> 02:56:13

orphans, for example, right? A lot of the Jewish people had to leave for the Ottoman lands. And many, many, many Andalusian youth ended up in Istanbul or Constantinople at the time. Or they ended up in Salonika or Thessaloniki. Right. And these were Ottoman territories. So they left Spain for the Muslim lands because that's where they found refuge. So there are many, many books written on this very topic. In fact, one of the books I strongly recommend is titled,

02:56:14 --> 02:56:16

and it is written by

02:56:17 --> 02:57:01

let me very quickly find the book, because I sent the book to someone yesterday. It was brother, Jews, Christians and the abode of Islam. Jacob leissner. Okay, the author is Jacob Lesnar. You need to read this book and it will give you a good history, an academic history of the relationship of the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims, how they live together, Jews, Christians, and the abode of Islam are very good book you must read it is by a Jewish historian. He's Jewish. Jacob Ladner. And it's a good book, it gives you a good overview of what happened between Christians, Jews and Muslims throughout the Middle Ages. I hope that answers your question. The brothers and sisters, I

02:57:01 --> 02:57:45

want to remind you again, why I am here tonight and why Sapiens Institute is raising these funds. Building the lighthouse is the idea you can see the heading the title on the screen. Building the lighthouse is the idea What does a lighthouse do? It shows light, it shows the path it shows where to go. Okay, so when there is a vessel lost in the sea, and at night in the dark, it needs the lighthouse to see where it needs to go. So this is exactly what Sapiens Institute is provided the Lighthouse of hope, against doubts and misconceptions, and the Lighthouse of empowerment. Most importantly, this institute is empowering 1000s of Muslims

02:57:46 --> 02:58:28

and giving Dawa intelligently intellectually and academically to the rest of the world. The purpose is to educate our people, the Muslim community about the Muslim civilization, and the intellectual arguments of Islam against Islamophobia is against the work of many people who are attacking Islam, online and offline. Right. This is what Sapiens Institute does, and how do we do it? We do it by doing a number of things. For example, I will quickly read a list of achievements Sapiens Institute has reached in the last nine months since July 2020. Sapiens Institute has trained

02:58:29 --> 02:58:32

6000 people to defend Islam

02:58:33 --> 02:59:23

and share it developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars, delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team, with access to 4 million visitors every year, published three books, researched and published 13 essays and articles launched free online lighthouse mentoring service, this free online lighthouse mentoring service, what does it do? It provides a platform for people with doubts and misconceptions and questions, or even those who need empowerment, it gives them an opportunity to sit with one of the Sapiens experts to talk to them, one to one right alone. And that way Sapiens experts can empower enlightened and guide these

02:59:23 --> 03:00:00

people with questions or the need to be, you know, people who need to be guided, or people who need confidence to believe in Islam. And also Sapiens Institute launched free education platform ready for content published various translations of our works in Turkish and Spanish. So even in foreign languages, our content is being translated to brothers and sisters. This is a very, very important cause for you to support and how can you support you just make a donation on that link Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link and is

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Very easy for you to do. Go on the link, copy and paste it on your social media platforms, your networks, and tell people to make donations because this is the kind of institution that needs support so that we can defend our brothers and sisters around the world intelligently, intellectually and academically with compassion and love and mercy. Okay, this is what we stand for. So let's go to the questions very quickly and see if there are any more interesting questions. All questions are interesting, but I'm looking for the ones that may have come from the public chat because I don't have access to public chat. Okay, there's a question in public chat by Orient

03:00:40 --> 03:01:01

Express question is, how should we respond to atheists? When we show intelligent design? They just say, That's evolution, it seems they think evolution denies God, evolution does not prove By the way, evolution does not prove that God doesn't exist. Okay? It doesn't prove that evolution to us.

03:01:02 --> 03:01:09

To use an argument from evolution against God, or for God is simply missing the forest for the trees.

03:01:11 --> 03:01:53

Okay, by seeing the forest for the trees, evolution doesn't prove or disprove God. But again, first of all, we'll be back in sha Allah. And you can ask him about evolution and all that. Okay. So a question from public comments. What is Islamic point of view on the discovery of intelligent life like ours, the humans on another planet? Isn't that proof of the theory of evolution for humans? First us, I would respond to that question, show us the evidence that we have found humans on another planet, and then we'll talk about it, right. And even those humans would be put there by Allah by the Creator. What's the problem? Why can't Allah put humans on other planets? We are yet to

03:01:53 --> 03:02:25

find them. But if we do find them, why would that be surprising and shocking? If Allah can put humans on Earth? Why can he not put them on Mars? Or Venus, for example? Right? So that's not a problem. Okay. from public chat, asked how to protect our children from manipulations of the education system in the west by bringing your children to institutions like the Sapiens Institute, get them to read articles, watch our videos, attend our seminars, or webinars, and read our books and possibly have one to one free of charge.

03:02:27 --> 03:03:08

lighthouse mentoring service with us, and you will see the difference each other. That's why we need institutions like this. That's why need we need your support. So donate right now it is the 21st Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be available. And anyone who makes a donation in the light of power in the local garden, you will be making it as if you made this donation for more than 83 years more than 1000 months. And this is what Allah says it is better than 1000 months this one night is better than 1000 months. Okay, so let's go to the next what can should we put another question? Thank you so much for helping us out for posting these questions. What can a person

03:03:08 --> 03:03:31

pursuing a physics degree in uni do in terms of our How can these skills be applied? Please give me general direction to start. Ella Bless you. I mean, thank you may Allah bless you to someone studying physics, you can do a lot. You can use the knowledge of physics to guide people to Islam you can show them the power of Allah using physics using your knowledge of science, physics can be used

03:03:32 --> 03:03:59

for the wrong reasons it can be used for the good reasons for the better reasons. So use your knowledge of physics, even if you do a PhD, use it to study cosmology, for example, okay? Or study astrophysics, okay? And you can use this knowledge to show why the universe cannot pop into existence by chance. Rather, there is there are laws of physics that rule the universe and these laws of physics are not

03:04:00 --> 03:04:44

something that came from a vacuum. Okay, next question. Always when I say that Muhammad, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a messenger, and the evidence from his biographies that they say you who wrote Muslims do not know my opinion, your messenger, you are the ones who wrote it. Okay, I get the point. So the questioner is asking that how do we know the truth about Mohammed Salah Salaam and the information is all entirely coming from Muslims, not the infidels of flourish? Okay, that's a very good question. And the answer is in the Quran, you can see what the infidels of courage was saying, what they were accusing the prophet or what their arguments were. Because the Quran response to

03:04:44 --> 03:05:00

them, Allah was revealing responses to the prophet in in response to the questions and some of the accusations of the Qureshi. That's why Sapiens Institute is doing exactly that. We are responding to islamophobe we are

03:05:00 --> 03:05:27

Responding to some of the tactics by educating the Muslims by empowering them. That's why you need to support us. You need to support and go on the link and start making donations so that we can do the work. Allah commanded us to do. The Messenger of Allah Allah Salaam commanded us to do that always respond to attacks of islamophobes Jeffers manda Dave gave a very good example in the light last appeal that after the Battle of the Prophet salallahu Salam was

03:05:28 --> 03:05:46

with his companions and Abu Sufyan who was the leader of the crazies at the time, he taunted the Prophet by asking where is Mohammed? Where is Omar? Where is abubaker? Are they among you? confirming whether they are alive or dead and the professor don't respond. But then he said, today's the day of

03:05:47 --> 03:05:57

the idol, and then the Prophet said you have to respond, because that was a statement to turn the fate of Islam, you have to respond. Right? This is exactly

03:05:58 --> 03:06:27

how Allah subhanaw taala responded in the Quran to some of the accusations and the questions on the operations, the infidels, were saying things about the prophet in the Quran response to them. This is how you know what they were saying. That's a very good way of knowing but the Qureshi Qureshi thought of the Prophet and Islam at the time. Okay. Question question in public charge me also, he posted again, what is his last point of view on the discovery of intelligent life like okay, I have already answered that question.

03:06:29 --> 03:06:29


03:06:31 --> 03:06:32

Another question.

03:06:33 --> 03:07:23

Why don't Muslim states countries subside? institutions like Sapiens do like colonial powers have cited missionary activities for hundreds of years. Mashallah. Beautiful idea, beautiful work, amazing work. There are a number of reasons for that the Muslim states are, unfortunately, not very dedicated to the cause of Islam. Currently, they are not funding da, they used to fund our a lot of the Muslim countries used to fund our since 911. There has been a lot of pressure from the west, in particular from the USA, to limit the work of Dawa in many places, and that's why many governments have become a bit iffy about our, but if we get support from some of the governments will lie, this

03:07:23 --> 03:07:39

work will do wonders. We don't need as much as the islamophobes have. We don't need all the resources, all the billions of dollars, all the channels and all the newspapers and all the journalists and all the politicians and all the academics and all the mob.

03:07:41 --> 03:08:26

Monsters, we don't need all that what we need is few good institutions, doing solid research, and presenting it presenting it intelligently, academically to the world. And the job will be done these islamophobes they will hide the faces and they will run away, they will disappear like they did during the Middle Ages. Right? Islamophobia has been around for a very long time. Since the time of the crusades, Islamophobia has been normal in some of the Western countries, unfortunately. And that tradition continues to this day. It has come in a different form today, but it still continues. So it is very, very important for Muslim states to support institutions like this that promote harmony

03:08:26 --> 03:09:06

that promote mercy that promote coexistence. At the same time. They defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam. Islam as a faith as an ideology has intellectual boundaries that need to be defended. So if we get governments supporting our work, one law IE, this appeal wouldn't be going ahead. So currently, we are asking the public to support our give the government's are not doing it. Does that mean we don't do it? Does that mean we don't ask the people after the oma, we are asking the oma to support this work. If the government's are not pulling the weight, hopefully, some governments will come forward and they'll start doing and will lie he wants. Once institutions like

03:09:06 --> 03:09:17

this, get state patronage. Things will change. Things will switch on media production will be of a different quality. Our research will be a lot more

03:09:19 --> 03:09:50

effective and it will reach a lot more people. If some media apps start to support this work. If some newspapers some academics are produced through the work of Sapiens Institute and this inspiration, then things will start to change tide will start to turn. But until then, we continue as we are and we speak to the governments we speak to ministers we reach out to the government and tell them this is the work we're doing. Please support us and hopefully Allah is in support inshallah. Allah that's the answer to your question.

03:09:51 --> 03:10:00

Another question from doubt. faqeer started nine would you consider doing some power in Forster language, I don't know whether you know pesto or not in some part

03:10:00 --> 03:10:30

Pakistan and Afghanistan it is much needed. I don't know pesto. Unfortunately, I never learned the language. But I know some good brothers who are doing personal Dawa and one of them is called a Mullah. He's doing a lot of good on Facebook and Pashto, but we need more people to do Dawa and pastoral language because a lot of people unfortunately, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, personal speaking people have have become victims to Islamophobia, global Islamophobia and they are now

03:10:31 --> 03:10:37

themselves some of them have become islamophobes they are attacking Islam, Islamic ideology Islams

03:10:38 --> 03:11:23

intellectual boundaries are being attacked. So we need first order art to give our in the hostile language and do the same work Sapiens Institute is doing and maybe translate some of our work in the hostile language for them to read in sha Allah. May Allah bless you. Thank you so much for that question. On de la Farooqi. I have my personal view for these terms. But would you please explain briefly the definition of Eman aqeedah. Again, okay. Eman is simply to believe in a lot from your heart and in your mind and say it and then act upon it. Akita is belief, Akita is simply having a belief having an idea having a conviction in the mind on a point, that Akiva and your kin is

03:11:23 --> 03:12:06

certainty. For example, you are absolutely certain about the existence of a lion. You have no doubts, that's your pain. Okay, I hope that answers your question. So brothers sisters, many questions are coming through and I hope I I'm trying my best to make this live feed as dynamic as possible, as effective as possible is going out to 1000s of people. Hopefully people will pay heed, and they will support the work we're trying to to to promote here Sapiens is the website for you to visit and the donations link is rolling on the screen nonstop. You can see it there down there. On the screen, you can see the link Sapiens forward slash donate

03:12:06 --> 03:12:40

live is the link and you can make a donation there. It is the 21st Night of the month of Ramadan, and we need your support to continue this great work we are doing and if you have any confusions about the work, please do ask us and we will try to answer next question from Shamir. He has posted this question from the public chat. May Allah bless you, brother Shamir, for helping us up to bring these questions. Is it better to focus on developing a strong Muslim civilization or to focus on spreading Islam? Toshi, or do they both go hand in hand? I asked this because lately I see a lot of people romanticizing this idea of Muslim Empire.

03:12:41 --> 03:13:23

I don't know about the Muslim Empire, but the Muslim civilization and the spreading of Islam and tawheed are pretty much the same thing. They go hand in hand. That's my answer. They go hand in hand. You cannot have the Muslim civilization without spreading of Islam and the Muslim civilization when I say spreading, I mean Dawa, calling people to Islam explaining Islam to them, answering the questions, okay, strengthening their confidence in Islam, making the conceptions of Islam clear, okay, so that they don't have any misconceptions. So Tao and the Muslim civilization go hand in hand, you cannot have a Muslim civilization survive without doubt. And every time Muslim

03:13:23 --> 03:13:34

civilizations collapsed in certain regions, is because of the lack of data because of the lack of education on the part of the Muslims. That was a huge

03:13:36 --> 03:14:20

reason why many Muslim civilizations crumbled and collapsed in places like Spain, for example, Al Andalus. Why did the Muslims lose their civilization in that territory is because I believe one of the reasons was lack of doubt, lack of doubt to Muslims and non Muslims. Okay, so my brother's is the next question I would like to Okay. How can a person who is pushing a history degree to do our suppiler history? Omar shake hands this question, history is a very powerful subject. Allah uses history in the Quran is a very powerful argument. As a historian, you can actually remove misconceptions from the minds of the people. You can show people why what they believe in is not

03:14:20 --> 03:14:59

true if they do believe in something wrong. Right? When people throw questions, history related questions at Islam, Muslims, you can really really do a lot of good our true history degrees. I hope that answers your question shall. Okay. Shamir has posted another question from public chat. Don't you think that may be despotic and corrupt Muslim governments and bad behavior exhibited by some Muslims to be blameworthy for the Islamophobia and also fundamentalism and lack of religion? Absolutely. 100%. All of these factors play a huge role in inflating Islamophobia. Okay, and this is why we need more education.

03:15:00 --> 03:15:22

So that people who become victims to Islamophobia are able to see through the facade they can see, or they can differentiate between despotic, despotic and corrupt governments and bad Muslim behavior and fundamentalism or extremism on the part of some Muslims, right? So once we educate Muslims or non Muslims

03:15:24 --> 03:16:11

and once we defend Islam, intelligently, intellectually and academically as Sapiens Institute is doing through our articles, or videos or books, or webinars or seminars or training sessions on lighthouse mentoring service, all that put together, once we do that, people will be able to see that these despotic and corrupt governments and blameworthy Muslim behavior and fundamentalism and extremism of some individuals is not what Islam stands for. Islam is free of all these things. And once we present our civilization intelligibly intellectually, then they will be able to see the difference between these problems and Muslim civilization. Okay, another question from the public

03:16:11 --> 03:16:25

charter start Can you suggest any books on the history of Western civilization the Indians continent in general, such as the South Bank, alternate Mughal Empire, very good. Okay. So I have two books, Delhi Sultanate free please read books by

03:16:27 --> 03:16:34

there's a book by phobia. I don't know how for full name, she has written a book, Delhi, so

03:16:35 --> 03:16:38

I will quickly find the

03:16:40 --> 03:16:42

name of the book and the author.

03:16:45 --> 03:16:50

Okay, so Muslim rule in medieval India, that's the book

03:16:51 --> 03:16:54

title. The title of the book is

03:16:55 --> 03:17:13

Muslim rule in medieval India. And the author is Fawzia Farooq, Ahmed policia Farrukh Muslim rule in medieval India is a good book. Also, Islam in South Asia BY JAMAL Islam in South Asia

03:17:14 --> 03:17:17

is another book you can read which is a very good

03:17:19 --> 03:17:48

book. I will give you the whole title. Okay. It is BY JAMAL Malik. Okay. Islam in South Asia is BY JAMAL Malik A Short History. Okay, Islam in South Asia. A Short History BY JAMAL Malik is an academic book. Again, it's an excellent treatment of the Delhi Sultanate period. Okay, Bengals alternate, you can read the history of Islam in Bengal by Muhammad Morelli. I'll give you the exact title of the book.

03:17:49 --> 03:17:50

The history of Bengal

03:17:52 --> 03:17:52


03:17:55 --> 03:17:58

Sometimes I forget the exact title. So

03:17:59 --> 03:18:00

I want to give you

03:18:02 --> 03:18:45

write history, history of the Muslims of Bengal, right history of the Muslims of Bengal by Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Murali. That's the history of the Bengals alternate and the history of Muslims in Bengali in general. And for the Mughal Empire. There are many books, I have made a video on my YouTube channel when watch it, my book recommendation on the Mughal Empire. And I have a lecture on my YouTube channel, an introduction to the Mughal Empire, watch that lecture and you will get some good ideas. I hope I'm not boring you with these answers. There are a lot of interesting questions coming through. And I hope I'm doing justice to these questions. Okay, so what is this

03:18:45 --> 03:18:58

this next question from public chat is Mashallah nine you have studied a lot and have books that never been translated? Would you produce documentaries based on the books, for example, refuting? If you think Quran is

03:18:59 --> 03:19:35

actually you know, that's a great idea. Thank you for recommending this idea. I am planning a series on my YouTube channel whereby I introduce my library. So when I talk about certain books from the library, I will be introducing the author, the content of the book so that people can go and take more benefit from the books and they will be in the audio language, English and possibly Arabic. I'll be doing that in the future. Insha Allah question. I mean, when I say that the Prophet was sincere, and that he used to treat people well, they say, of course, he will praise the Prophet as the greatest personality in the universe. And certainly the Prophet, the people of the crush did not

03:19:35 --> 03:19:58

convert you to a need, but we do not know this need. They can have a convincing army, but we did. We did not hear their words. We heard from the Muslims are the people who have the courage. You know, one of the reasons why you don't hear those words from the people operation because most of them, they became Muslims. They embraced Islam and they became sincere about Islam. So why would they talk about

03:19:59 --> 03:19:59


03:20:00 --> 03:20:07

They're even past, let's say when they were fighting the Muslims and they were killing the Muslim or they were torturing the Muslims. And none of them contested this information, right?

03:20:09 --> 03:20:54

How would we know that there is information from people who fought the prophet or people who were against the Prophet? Within Arabia? It's very difficult to do that. Because most of these people, people became Muslims, they became Muslim. So why would they put out information on their own misdeeds of the past? That's the answer to that question. Well, as you may put another question from public chat, what, as a Muslim Empire or Muslim civilization that makes no logical sense. Do you mean Islamic empire Islamic empire is a word that was abused and used and misused by the colonial powers. So when we use the term Islamic empire, it gives the wrong impression it makes Islamic

03:20:55 --> 03:21:37

civilization looked like a colonial colonial power, which it was not Alhamdulillah Islamic civilization does not have the record, the colonial powers have, in a very short period, the colonial powers governed land, the government destroyed the native population, they destroyed the resources, they raped and pillaged and, and, you know, do the more evil things and you can look at some of the excellent books that have been written on these topics. One of them particularly about India is by Shashi Tharoor. Okay. I think it's called the dark Empire or something like that. Okay, by Shashi through another question from public chat. This is a bit of an off topic question to feel

03:21:37 --> 03:22:23

free to ignore if you want. Start, what do you think will happen after Turkey's treaty of Lausanne expires in 2023? How will it affect the oma? Who knows? How do we know? How have no idea? I'm not a fortune teller? I wouldn't know what's gonna happen in the future. So I don't know what the significance of this treaty is for the Turks. Okay, next question. Are the Ottomans considered Kaylee's knowing that they are not from the courage? I don't consider the Ottoman Empire to be a caliphate because of that hubbies Elian moto min courage. So I am a traditionalist. I follow the tradition. I take it very seriously when there's a Hadees an authentic Hadees that goes against his

03:22:23 --> 03:22:28

idea. I don't really accept the Ottoman Empire as a caliphate. It was definitely

03:22:30 --> 03:23:12

How can I put it an Emirate or a kingship but not a caliphate? Strictly speaking, I don't consider it but it did some great things. And there were many many mistakes made by Ottoman emperors and Caleb's. If you want to call them Kaylee's. I don't see them as Caleb's. They were simply kings, emperors futons, amazed, but you cannot call them Kaylee in the Islamic sense, because I'ma to encourage the Caleb's or the Imams can only be on courage question from Faisal assadi from public chat. What's the best way to showcase to non Muslims the difference between Allah and God in the Old Testament, the difference between a lion God in the Old Testament is by showing

03:23:13 --> 03:23:57

the corruptions, the corruptions in the Old Testament that attribute bad information of bad deeds to Allah for example, massacres and genocides in the Old Testament, they cannot be from the same God that we believe, okay, these genocides and these mass murders were added by scribes later on, because of their own psychology because of their own suffering, but they went through the two they saw the God through their own lens. So they started to paint Allah or God by using their own imaginations and their own lens and their own fantasies. But a lot of revealed the true book the Quran to us, and Allah tells us what he is. So the Old Testament doesn't entirely do justice to

03:23:57 --> 03:24:40

Allah. So we have to clarify the moving those corruptions on the Old Testament or highlighting the corruptions and we know who true Allah is in the Old Testament. Okay, again, another question for public chat. Why was the Quran revealed in Arabic If it was for all of mankind? Why couldn't God has sent the Quran down in one language that would be universally understood by everyone? And that's the Arabic language that's the answer. Okay. Arabic language is one of the richest languages in the world. It is one of the best languages in the world, those who study the language they have testified to dislike, in fact, the non Muslims who have studied the Quran in the Arabic language,

03:24:40 --> 03:25:00

they have testified to the power of the language of the Quran. So Allah chose the Arabic language to guide humanity because of the richness and the fluid fluidity and the How can I put it the dynamic nature of the language. So that's why a lot chose the Arabic language to teach.

03:25:00 --> 03:25:50

The word, the Quran and the final word or the final revelation from God, okay? Because look at what happened to the Old Testament and the New Testament, because they were not in the languages of the revelation, we are lost much of the message or messages in those previous problems. Okay, before I go to the next question, I want to quickly remind everyone as to why we are here tonight, building the lighthouse, building the lighthouse? What does it mean? What does this title actually mean? It means we are building a lighthouse to guide the misguided or to guide the last. So what is the lighthouse lighthouse shows light to potentially lost vessels in the sea in dark at night, you need

03:25:50 --> 03:26:09

lighthouse to show the path to show the direction and this is exactly what Sapiens Institute is doing. So those hearts that may be shaking due to doubts due to misconceptions, or maybe they need empowerment. This is exactly what Sapiens Institute is doing by producing a lot of content in different forms

03:26:10 --> 03:26:49

in different ways. For example, Sapiens Institute, if you check the website you will see some of the work. We are producing booklets we are writing books, there is a book forthcoming on doubts, how to answer doubts how to deal with them. And there will be some answers to doubts. For example, there is a book coming on science and religion on these topics, there is hardly any Muslim Institute institution that is producing academic work on these topics. And that's why Sapiens Institute is filling that vacuum that gap left by many Muslim organizations. There are there are hardly any organizations out there that are doing the work Sapiens is doing. The brothers sisters, building the

03:26:49 --> 03:27:30

large lighthouse in the need of the time, we need this lighthouse in this dark age, where many of our youngsters face extremely difficult questions online, which they cannot answer. They are difficult for them because they don't have the knowledge to answer. They don't have the expertise to answer. So Sapiens Institute is providing that platform, that guidance, which will give them confidence and empowerment. And if you look at the content we're producing in our webinars, in our seminars, in our books, and our articles in our videos, and in our online courses and in person courses around the world, you will see the kind of work Sapiens Institute has done for the last nine

03:27:30 --> 03:27:51

months. incredible work, dynamic work, and you cannot afford to not support this particular endeavor. It is the 21st Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be a little closer. And Allah said about a lot of color in the Quran. In Angela, la la casa de Laila delicado, Rama Rama, Laila,

03:27:52 --> 03:28:15

Laila to alpha Sha. This Quran was revealed in Laila to color in the mighty power in the month of Ramadan. Okay. And what do you know the night of poverty, you cannot imagine what the night of power is, Allah is telling you just know that it is better than 1000 months. And if it is Laila of God tonight, then remember by brothers and sisters,

03:28:16 --> 03:29:03

you if you make a donation, if you support this cause, you will be making a donation for over 1000 months, Allah because that's what the professor said, on the karma laylatul proudly, Mr. Anwar Saba noble para la Mata could be anyone who stands in the night of power in Laila brother, worshipping a lot with accountability and with firm Eman, Allah will forgive his or her sins, okay, this is minus, by the way. So remember, all of this is important for you to know so that you can support this cause. This is a very important cause that needs your support. this live stream is going on, on many, many channels is a coordinated effort. And those of you watching the least you can do is to

03:29:03 --> 03:29:41

share the link on your social media platform so that other people can also watch this live streaming. We are answering some questions and pressing questions, and we'll accept from us and we're trying our best to guide the Muslims who lack confidence in Islam who may or may have misconception and doubt we are trying to empower them. Islam is a powerhouse. Islam is a very powerful faith. It's a very powerful ideology. It cannot be easily dismantled or attacked. And this we can prove through our work. You read our articles or videos or books, you will see exactly what I'm talking about. Sapiens Institute members have written books.

03:29:42 --> 03:29:59

Most of them are academics, who are experts in their respective fields. We have brother subu, who is an expert in evolution and He is studying is doing PhD in the philosophy of science currently, as we speak. We have the Hamza was done. post grad

03:30:00 --> 03:30:20

Studies in philosophy, and he has published a book titled The Divine reality, Islam and the mirage of atheism, powerful book that has been translated in into a number of different languages. It is available free of charge on Sapiens Institute. Okay, it was malnati doctrines Malati, who has done a PhD in the history of Crusade, and then he did a postdoc

03:30:22 --> 03:30:36

in human suffering and empathy. And he has written a book or Sapiens Institute, you can find the book again on the website for the hijab. My job has also published books. One of the books, I think, is on

03:30:37 --> 03:30:38


03:30:40 --> 03:30:47

on God's existence, if I'm not mistaken, and he is doing, I think his third or fourth Master's in theology.

03:30:48 --> 03:31:15

So there are many, many experts, and qualified brothers working within this institution why they are working, so that they can promote confidence in Islam, they can protect the youngsters from falling into doubts, doubts that can be answered by simple examples and simple statements. So I'm going to go back to questions brother and sister very quickly and see what questions we have. Some more questions have come through. I'm going to try to answer

03:31:16 --> 03:31:18

most of them if not all of them.

03:31:20 --> 03:31:21


03:31:28 --> 03:31:46

Why was Docker under Bill? Okay, I've answered that question. Another question from public chat. Thank you, brother Shamil, for posting this question. Where is the Quran that we are build? We're in the three ways Well, in the Quran that we are building Empire isn't our job to bring the Word of God to all unbelievers.

03:31:47 --> 03:31:54

We never claim that the Quran says that we need to build an empire. I never claimed that. So I don't know what that question is about.

03:31:56 --> 03:32:23

Okay, so another question for public judges. Do you think that the system of electing Kelly in the time of the Russia Dune is superior to any electoral system we have today? If so, how do we implement today? No idea. Consult your scholars about Islamic politics. Okay, but are not is not certain ruling because I'll sorry, said that.

03:32:24 --> 03:33:09

Okay, these are some theological questions which I'm going to avoid. We are not a bunch of theologians answering theological questions. We are strictly dealing with questions, intellectual questions against Islam, and the Muslim civilization. We are focusing on the questions on aqeedah and fake and theological issues, please consult your scholars, and I will answer the question whether ammaji is forced to convert to Islam? Very good question. No, actually, because eventually they did convert to Islam out of their own will and they were fighting for Islam in Spain. A lot of the Berbers, who speak amazi spoke were fighting in Andalus out of their own will, and they will not

03:33:09 --> 03:33:18

clearly not forced to accept Islam. They did resist resist Islam initially, but once they had come to see what Islam is and what it stands for, they accepted

03:33:20 --> 03:33:37

voluntarily. What are the best books on secularism and liberalism? For me as a beginner in this field, I think you should start reading our works. There are works by Dr. Shay Malik. He's a good author. He might have written articles on this. And brother Hamza book,

03:33:38 --> 03:33:50

the divine reality, the mirage of atheism, so you can start some of these books and even jobs, works and articles. Maybe you could start and then you can get references in Sharla.

03:33:52 --> 03:34:35

Okay, it's burbles, but not emoji. emoji is a word invented by the French. Berbers is a historical word and it has no bad meaning. Okay. Question. How did you learn Arabic to start? What is the best way to do so? My Arabic language is not fluent, I cannot speak fluently. I can read, I can understand. I can even translate Alhamdulillah but I've never practiced fully speaking Arabic with the Arabs. So my Arabic language when it comes to speaking is quite weak. But I have learned the grammar and hamdulillah you can do that. By going through a number of different books on Adobe Aveda your day. That's one you can study and another one is the three books or Medina Medina University,

03:34:35 --> 03:35:00

you can go through them with a teacher and you can watch some videos online on YouTube. You can teach yourself but studying with the teacher makes a lot of difference. So do that inshallah question where the Ottomans will turn to peace such as Muhammad or Patek salamander magnificent. Did they spread to theism on the Sunnah? Okay, that's a good question. It depends what you mean by Sufi ism and what do you mean by the Sunnah? Okay, Joe conception.

03:35:00 --> 03:35:40

The sun was not even known to these attacks. How you know the sonar today, if you are a Salafi or Atari, you know, Joe conception wasn't even known to the super Sultan Muhammad, they wouldn't know what your version of the Sunnah was, he followed what he considered to be the summoner at the time known to him, talk to him by the scholars around at that time. So this question is not as easy and simple to answer. Because, for them to, for them to follow your version of the Sunnah or your understanding of the Sunnah, is being anachronistic, again, you know, expecting something from them which they had no idea about.

03:35:41 --> 03:35:52

Next question, well, no public comment. I agree with nanosheet but the Bassett word kill it kill it to you are misunderstanding that had these you should read Imam Al Motta Rudy in reference to Caleb.

03:35:53 --> 03:36:12

Abbas's word Kaylee's because they were crazy, when a bicycle palapa, they were actually in operation. And basses were crashes because they were the children above the ankle of the operation. Write the name of the book. A job is the scientific deception new a new age. Thank you very much.

03:36:13 --> 03:36:58

What happened to the Muslims? who were in Italy in Sicily? Very good question. The Muslims ruled Sicily for over 200 years. And what happened to them was exactly what happened to the Muslims in Spain later on. They were overpowered. They were conquered, for whatever reason, and Italy was lost or Sicily, not Italy, Sicily, the island of Sicily in particular, it was called in the Arabic language of illyria. And there are books written on this topic. by academics, you can consult one of the books on the history of Islam in Sicily. Okay, next question, but I'm not here in Egypt and some other Arab countries. There is. There's so much hate in the media against Turkey ever gone? Do you

03:36:58 --> 03:37:41

think anyone bleuler Muslim countries near to hug? i? I don't know. I can't answer that question. Only Omar can guide us on those questions. So you follow Islam as you know, you don't need to follow any leader of a country or any government for that matter. When you need to do it. You need to follow Don't break the law. Don't cause chaos in societies don't promote violence and rebellions and things like that. Don't take part in any so called revolution. That's my personal advice. And stick to the basics on Islam. Be kind, be generous, take care of orphans and, and study Islam and teach yourself the Quran. Quran, the Quran and the Sunnah. Build your knowledge, build your confidence in

03:37:41 --> 03:38:27

Islam and do thou Okay, that's the best thing I can advise you. Question from the public way. And we were in when was the earliest grant found? Okay, we have many of those earliest aren't found in different libraries. Okay. I can say in Santa in German, the earliest gorons we know today were found in Salah, and you can see some of the pictures on Islamic hyphen There's a website, Islamic hyphen And you go to the Quran section, to the manuscripts, and you will see the pictures on some of these earliest Koran and they have been dated. Some of them have been carbon dated to have come from the life of the prophet or just slightly later, after the

03:38:27 --> 03:38:52

progress of Islam from the time of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu. Earlier some. So some of the questions have been answered. And if there are any more questions, send them over to the public chat and I will try to answer them again. And just to remind you, again, brother, sisters Sapiens Institute tonight is raising funds for this project. And what is this project doing? What has it been doing for the last

03:38:54 --> 03:39:42

let's say, nine months since its inception, Sapiens was launched in July 2020. And since then, since then, this institute has trained and empowered over 6000 people to defend and share Islam, developed and delivered over 33 academic webinars, delivered 10 in depth, online courses and seminars, delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team that have that has access to 4 million visitors every year, published three books, researched and published 13 essays and articles launched free online love lighthouse mentoring service, privately mentored ex Muslims, the art and people without produced 30 sapient thoughts videos published various translations of our work

03:39:43 --> 03:40:00

of our works in Turkish and Spanish. What do we aim to do in the next year is very important for you to know. What do we aim to do in the next year? A book on dealing with doubts, lighthouse mentoring service to empower leaders and God and to deal with people's questions and out new things.

03:40:00 --> 03:40:44

educational platform with free courses and seminars to teach how to dependency Islam academically and intellectually new essays and research new book on science and religion, debates and discussions with renowned academics, videos and media content, this is exactly what we seek to do in the next year, so that we want to take this work to the next level inshallah, by the grace of Allah, and we hope for success. So you make dua for us, my brothers and sisters, and continue to support this work. This is noble work that needs your support our donations, considering the this is one of the odd nights are not doing very well. Let me remind you something. If this was a Christian appeal,

03:40:45 --> 03:40:58

in the Bible Belt, in the south of the USA, we would have raised a million dollars easily by now, I want to give you an example. There was a Christian missionary who lost her glasses.

03:40:59 --> 03:41:13

pair of spectacles, she lost them, and she launched an appeal online for new glasses. The Christian community gave her $10,000 for a pair of glasses. This is the kind of concert we are facing.

03:41:15 --> 03:41:34

People who are spreading hate against Islam and Muslim islamophobe they are getting support left, right and center. The Muslims who are trying to defend this faith, intelligently, intellectually, academically, are struggling to reach our target. Our target tonight was 10,000 pounds.

03:41:35 --> 03:41:57

And I request that you come forward and help us fulfill this target. I'm looking for one of those individuals who can come forward and say I'll donate 1000 pounds. And, you know, start a competition, let's say encourage others to make donations as well and shut down. Okay, so my brother sister, I'll go back to questions very quickly. There are some questions from the public. Okay.

03:42:03 --> 03:42:06

What is the best book that does justice to the Ottoman Empire historically?

03:42:07 --> 03:42:58

You can read Caroline finkles was man's dream. That's a good summary of Ottoman history put together by Caroline Finkel, Osmonds dream, that's a very good book, and some works of Holly and alsek Halle analysis alsek was a good Turkish historian on the Ottoman Empire. Some of his books are very, very good. Okay. Question from the public comments. Brother Nan, how did the crescent and star become the symbol of Islam? What was the inspiration behind it? Very good question. By the way, the crescent and the and the star was never a symbol of Islam. There is no Hadees on it. There is no Quranic verse on it. This symbol was popularized by the Ottomans. Okay, it may have been used by the

03:42:58 --> 03:43:26

Mamelukes before that and possibly others, but the the the present and the star, as a symbol of Islam was popular popularized by the Ottoman is not necessarily Islamic. Okay. It was used previously by the sassanid. Empire, assassinate also use the star and the crescent, but later on the Ottomans popularized it. And it became, for some reason, a symbol of Islam, which is not actually the right thing to do.

03:43:27 --> 03:44:06

Next question, do you think it is a good idea for Muslims to be involved in politics? If so, how do we do it in a halala? way? Okay, that's a good question. I believe there are many, many halaal ways to get involved in politics. And you need to find out from your scholars get advice from your scholars, many, many have always you can reach out to politicians give them Dawa, and mix, make friends with them and influence them in a number of different ways. There are many, many alongwith question. Next question. Greece has been under the control of the Ottomans for nearly four centuries, and the percentage of Muslims in Greece in approximately 5%. What happened to them, and

03:44:06 --> 03:44:35

to the Muslims, who were in Balkans, in general, the Muslims in Balkans are still there. For example, Bosnia, Kosovo, is part of Balkans. And in Greece, the Greeks never they were never forced into Islam, because it's haram to post anyone to anyone into Islam. And Greeks never accepted Islam that scale. So that's why you have native Greek Muslims, who are about 5% of the population, which is not surprising question from public chat.

03:44:37 --> 03:44:59

But are not how did the President start because you have answered that question already. question for both of you, brother. Do you think India is going through a punishment from Allah and Allah, from Allah to what the Hindus have been doing to the Muslims like in Kashmir and the recent events? Who knows? I don't know. I can't say what Allah is doing to India. What's happening to India.

03:45:00 --> 03:45:40

is a punishment or is a trial in either way, we need to be a positive role, we need to stop saying that this is a punishment from God because this will only inflate more hatred in the minds of those who seek to do harm against us. So, we need to play a positive role we need to help our people, we need to help them we need to help them overcome this trial, the people of India are going through right now. So they need to be positive instead of being negative and tossing things like that this is a punishment law or mistreating us or treating us like animals or treating Kashmiris like animals, we need to stop saying that we need to stop start helping and perhaps the attitude of the

03:45:40 --> 03:46:12

Indian people in general will change towards the Muslims of India inshallah. Okay, next question whether or not in recent years, it has become fashionable to reject God in Pakistan and be a silent atheist. We would like you and others to do our to these backstories Alhamdulillah we're trying our best to do it and hopefully, inshallah will bear fruit at the same time there are many, many others who are not atheist and they are active. So inshallah there will be a balance in bow, my brothers sisters,

03:46:15 --> 03:46:19

we are nearly we have been in this appeal for nearly

03:46:20 --> 03:47:00

four hours. And inshallah we will continue perhaps with a Hamza will be joining us very, very soon to continue the appeal. So until then, I will continue to encourage you to make more donation support our support our work, because donations are considering is the 21st night are quite low, right. So we need to really, really make a huge difference, encourage each other to make donations, I'm still looking for that one or two people to make, let's say, big donations like 5000 pounds or 1000 3000 pounds, if you have that kind of money. Don't sit on it, just give it in the bottom line see the results it produces, you will see the results on the Day of Judgment Sapiens

03:47:01 --> 03:47:19

forward slash donate live is the link for you to make donations, and go and check the website and see the work we are doing. And then you will see why it is so important to support endeavors like this, right. So we need to really understand why this course is very important.

03:47:20 --> 03:47:23

inshallah, so my brothers sisters,

03:47:25 --> 03:47:42

I want to very quickly go back to questions and answer some more questions before we end. Before I end this appeal for tonight and another person for the Hamza most probably will be joining the appeal to continue this appeal in Charlotte Allah. Okay. Right, so

03:47:45 --> 03:48:00

far, do you think that nationalism is one of the greatest fitna facing Muslims today versus a proud of being born within borders that are made by colonial powers? What is the solution to nationalism? I think Sapiens today would be a great option.

03:48:01 --> 03:48:44

The solution to nationalism is to highlight and educate the people of the world as to where nationalism came from nationalism is a product of secularism, and it is not necessarily a good thing, okay, especially when it is backed by Islamophobia, and racism and and our superior superiority complex. If nationalism promotes a superiority complex between Muslims on one particular region against another, then it is absolutely evil. Of course, it is against Islam. So, for that reason, you really need to understand that it is a product of secular colonial powers that left behind these, you know,

03:48:45 --> 03:49:01

formed identities, we need to understand that our true identity is Islam. If our nations or countries are upon Islam, then that's a good thing. If our nations in our countries are not upon Islam, then what good is this nation What good is

03:49:02 --> 03:49:05

living in that particular territory? I don't know.

03:49:06 --> 03:49:29

Is it permissible to donate for homeless non Muslim era Germany, most of the homeless are buying alcohol and I'm not sure of course you can donate to homeless non Muslims help help the people who are around you so that you can make a difference and this is one of the ways to do our, you can actually inspire people to come to Islam by making a donation to my brothers and sisters.

03:49:30 --> 03:50:00

I want you to insha Allah Allah, continue asking questions in the public chat and I will do my best to answer them inshallah, before I'm joined by another person in sha Allah. Until then, I will try my best to continue giving answers to your beautiful important questions. At the same time. Don't forget why I'm sitting here tonight with you. Giving you a company online live on this appeal is building the lighthouse building the

03:50:00 --> 03:50:47

lighthouse is the reason why I'm sitting here. Right? What lighthouse are we talking about Sapiens Institute is building these lighthouse lighthouses of hope, of knowledge or education, of giving confidence to the youth. We are trying to educate the oma into defending Islam intellectually and academically. And this is against all the Islamophobic attacks, sophisticated Islamophobic attacks on the line, on websites, videos, on on, you know, news articles, in news reports, and even with politicians who are attacking Islam, you know, on daily basis. So Satan Institute is providing that platform for Muslims to educate themselves as to how they can effectively defend Islam. And for that

03:50:47 --> 03:51:10

reason, we need to support this institution, because we are empowering 1000s of Muslims out there, and all the Muslims who are empowered to our work, you will get the reward, it is the 27/21 Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be local. And if it is, then your Lord, you would have done really, really well. Okay, so brothers sisters, I have some more questions. Let's go.

03:51:13 --> 03:51:36

Higher now known how to respond to Jews who point out some problem that took place in London. I have already answered this question. And I recommended a very good book on this topic. That is Islam, Jews, and the abode of Islam by Jacob leissner. Jacob Ladner is the author of that particular work.

03:51:37 --> 03:51:41

Next question, what is Islam point of view on?

03:51:42 --> 03:51:47

I don't know what that is. What will we say if we managed to create perfect

03:51:48 --> 03:52:22

was a L. I don't know what al is, which is like human intelligence. Okay. I don't know what that question mean. Why are Why are Arab countries selling oil to China? I don't know. I cannot answer the questions. Right. Do they not care about Uighur, slow genocide? Clearly not? Clearly not. So. There are economic ties between countries, and they wouldn't compromise those ties under any circumstances. So these are some of the questions I cannot answer. What is Islamic point of view? Okay.

03:52:23 --> 03:52:57

Whether or not you respond about my question on politics by just being peaceful and feeding the poor, and do thou. So if Mr. Murray at a certain time exists, so there's two choices now to be on the side or the other side? Let's wait by Maddie to come and we'll see inshallah. Okay, Mr. boddy. To my knowledge hasn't come yet. When it does come, we will see which choice we need to make at that time. Okay. Artificial Intelligence AI is artificial intelligence. Okay. I can't comment on that. So I don't know.

03:53:00 --> 03:53:44

Okay, what is the minimum requirement of the Muslim person in Europe, or America towards the non Muslim to avoid punishment from Allah? Tao. Tao is the minimum requirement you must indulge in our Dawa is the least you can do. And if you're not doing the hour, you're not doing justice to Islam and Muslims, my brothers and sisters. So I invite you all to get involved in our support. Those who are doing now and Sapiens Institute is that organization you can support. You can see the link rolling on the on the screen, Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link for you to make donations to support our work. Check out the website and see the kind of work we're doing.

03:53:44 --> 03:53:52

And I've explained repeatedly throughout this live streaming as to what kind of work we are doing in this organization.

03:53:53 --> 03:54:00

Brother anon What are your thoughts on the professor muscle and having black magic done on him? It is true or false.

03:54:01 --> 03:54:29

It doesn't say black magic, but he was affected by magic. It is in Bukhari, and we believe that's true. And Allah wanted to teach the oma by revealing to Surah of the Quran. The two last chapters of the Quran were revealed for that purpose, so that the Prophet can get cured, the prophet was affected temporarily, and those two sutras are revealed. And those two Sutras, the last two chapters of the Quran helped him overcome that challenge.

03:54:32 --> 03:54:59

Okay, brother, do you think that there's over emphasis on building more and more mocks in the UK? When it's not needed? Do you think public figures should talk about this? Or am I wrong? No, there are mosques needed. But what are the mosques doing? Is the question are the mosques producing intellectuals are the mosques producing people who can effectively with confidence defend Islam or the off

03:55:00 --> 03:55:19

Or the mosque are simply there for the sake of being a mosque is the question. If you are having more mosques that are doing the work that institutions like Sapiens is doing, then be it 100 or the more the merrier. But if that's not happening, then the question is what are the masajid truly doing in the UK?

03:55:20 --> 03:55:29

Okay, does Christianity have the right to defend itself? Absolutely. Why not? Let the Christians defend themselves and they are doing it in a number of different ways.

03:55:30 --> 03:56:20

Okay, anon how do we encourage the Omar to read books and to reestablish libraries like how it was in London, by encouraging education by supporting institutions like the Institute, this is exactly what we're doing. We're reminding people about the Muslim civilization, and its achievement. And the only way you can revive the Sunnah. Or let's say, the, the practice of keeping books and building books. The first revelation in the Quran was about knowledge about reading. And how can we, as Muslims believe in the Quran and not love books and not click books? It doesn't make sense. The first revelation in the Quran was read in the name of the Lord, and we have become the most bookless

03:56:20 --> 03:56:42

people. It is ironic that we believe in a book. The first command in the book is to read in the name of your Lord, and we are the most bookless people in the world. This doesn't make sense. That's why we really need to remind people about building libraries, and working on reading books. For my brothers and sisters. I am still

03:56:43 --> 03:56:48

answering questions. Let's continue with that inshallah. And see what questions we have.

03:56:50 --> 03:57:08

Brother Do you think that we are in sad times where we are now trying to save Muslims to leave Islam instead of trying to get understanding Islam? No, we don't want these are sad times. What we are doing what we are doing both and we will continue to do both inshallah by the grace of Allah

03:57:09 --> 03:57:12

and we will not give up in sha Allah.

03:57:13 --> 03:57:15

So I'll continue to answer these questions. I'll

03:57:17 --> 03:57:26

switch off the screen for a second because I need to move somewhere else very quickly. But I will continue to speak as we go along Charla so.

03:57:29 --> 03:57:37

So please continue to post your questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability as we go along with this stream.

03:57:38 --> 03:57:42

Your questions, I'm reading them as well. And I'm trying my best

03:57:43 --> 03:57:44

to move

03:57:47 --> 03:57:47


03:57:49 --> 03:57:51

to be able to answer these questions

03:57:52 --> 03:57:53

and change.

03:57:55 --> 03:57:57

Okay, so

03:57:59 --> 03:58:13

so brothers sisters, continue to send your questions and I'll try my best to answer them inshallah, to the best of my ability, while this live stream is still going ahead, inshallah. inshallah. Okay, so, what do we have?

03:58:15 --> 03:58:27

I heard that Muslims discovered America before Columbus, and that when Columbus discovered America, Muslims who were in America were killed. Is this true? I don't know about being killed. But there is some

03:58:29 --> 03:58:48

evidence or there are some claims that the Muslims had already visited America, because before Columbus was there doesn't prove anything, by the way. So what is the most of the question is What did they do? What did they do if they were there? Why didn't they do something? Why didn't they give the honor to the Native Americans and Islam established and have most

03:58:49 --> 03:58:52

clearly Columbus who was a brutal man?

03:58:53 --> 03:59:12

If he came and took that land afterwards, and he saw Muslims, the Muslims would have been killed. But there are traces. There is an article in a book titled, The legacy of Muslim Spain, published by or edited by Salma Hydra. You see,

03:59:13 --> 03:59:50

in that particular collection of articles, there is an article on the evidence or presenting some evidence as to the fact that Muslims had been to America before Columbus. So you can read that article in that particular book. The book is again, the legacy of Muslims pain is two volumes and edited by edited by Salma you're using Okay, so next question is brother, we built our belief on axioms of logic, but it's difficult to establish axioms to be true, okay. Maybe Hamza can come on and can answer that question inshallah. Right.

03:59:52 --> 04:00:00

We need people like yourself and the rest of the Sapiens team here in Australia. Please do do make frequent visits and engage with normal

04:00:00 --> 04:00:06

Since any plan soon will invite us and we'll be there inshallah, why not? Absolutely.

04:00:07 --> 04:00:27

invite us once things are back to normal once COVID crisis is a bit calmer, then inshallah we can definitely visit Australia once again no problem. Absolutely we would love to visit and help do some seminars and training courses, some webinars know that inshallah inshallah Allah. Okay, another question is

04:00:29 --> 04:00:50

Hello non Muslims in the West, should we support secularism so that the state doesn't get involved in our rituals and beliefs? How is supporting secularism going to save you from state not getting involved in your chosen beliefs? Okay, we cannot support an ideal ideology and an idea

04:00:51 --> 04:01:16

that is being used to limit your freedom. Okay, it would be detrimental. So we stick to Islam, we support Islam, and at the same time, we don't break the law. We Don't misbehave. We live kindly and compassionately so that the people can see as a solution not as a problem, right? We don't need to really support any ideas that are currently being used to limit our freedoms.

04:01:18 --> 04:01:27

Okay, when will we Okay, When will you be back in speaker's corner when I'm back in the UK inshallah very soon? Okay, so I'm looking brother Don, how are you?

04:01:28 --> 04:01:30

Okay, sorry. Are you are these?

04:01:32 --> 04:01:39

Yes, I am. other hobbies. Yes. I follow the athlete school in aqeedah. And my thick.

04:01:40 --> 04:01:54

The thick I follow is the heavy thick. Yes, I am. Okay. That doesn't mean that I label myself as something of Shangri La. I love all Muslims. I love Muslims I differ with

04:01:55 --> 04:02:12

I mean, I don't have anything against people of other persuasions. And I continue to encourage people to follow what they deem the best way to follow. They should continue the research into the truth. And if they found the truth Alhamdulillah

04:02:13 --> 04:02:20

Allah Akbar, Allah subhanaw taala will help them guide guide them more in sha Allah. Okay.

04:02:22 --> 04:02:23


04:02:24 --> 04:02:30

if there are any more questions, please put them forward. I will, inshallah, continue answering them.

04:02:33 --> 04:02:36

Any more questions? from the board?

04:02:44 --> 04:02:49

Okay, is it okay to take money to give down? It depends.

04:02:50 --> 04:03:38

If you are a full time Daya, if you are giving our full time, and you have nothing else, you're not doing anything else. And this is your full time job, that there's nothing wrong with being paid for your time and your efforts. Okay, you're not getting paid for now, are you getting paid for your time? Because in order for you to feed your family, you have to do something. Right. So this is the answer to that question. It might just have someone working full time non stop 24 seven, giving down and then expect them to, to, to have a living coming to them from the heavens. This doesn't mean of course a lie is the one who provides but at the same time a lot makes people the suburb, Allah makes

04:03:38 --> 04:03:46

people the means for people to survive. This is one of those things we have to understand that Islam promotes

04:03:48 --> 04:03:49

this kind of

04:03:50 --> 04:03:57

this kind of understanding. So I'm going to do my very quickly that I can continue each other, right.

04:03:59 --> 04:04:27

From now on, can anyone join you on your door trips? Yes, you can. If you want, you can raise funds and you can join us. You can use your own funds. If you want to join us, of course, there's a process we do a vetting. We have a vetting process, we just don't allow any body to come and join us without knowing people. Of course there are references and we know you can do some good work and you are knowledgeable. You have the ability to support our work, inshallah. Why not? Why not?

04:04:29 --> 04:04:29


04:04:32 --> 04:04:46

Okay. Yeah, someone is coming. I've been told that someone will be joining the live stream very soon. So have I am waiting each other. I hope I'm answering your questions as clearly as possible. I'm giving you my opinions

04:04:47 --> 04:04:59

as honestly as possible. I and you don't have to accept my opinions. You don't have to follow my opinion. But this is what I think that's why my opinions may change in the future depending on the information

04:05:00 --> 04:05:44

comes to me. Okay, how do we make Sapiens institute a global institute? I think this is one of the one of its kind. May Allah bless you, thank you so much. Yeah, you can make it a global institute by supporting his work we are simply and you know, very in the early stages of this institution, it can continue working in the near future. inshallah, if we continue to get the support, that's why you need to see the link that's rolling on the screen, Sapiens forward slash donate live is the link, you need to continue supporting, share the link even after the live stream, continue to continue to share the link so that other people can also get involved and join inshallah. Okay, how

04:05:44 --> 04:05:52

do we make Sapiens Okay, did you complete your PhD in history? Not yet. I am still a student. So make the offer me inshallah, hopefully, it will be done.

04:05:54 --> 04:06:30

When we say that non Muslims entered with a will they say that the victor is the one who writes history. This indicates that you have corrupted history. Okay, if that's what you think, then no problem. But the victors are the ones who were the so called vanquished. Right. And because they were vanquished, they became the victim. Right? They embraced the religion of the victims, and that's how they became the victim. So if they are the vanquished, and they are the victims, whose history are you talking about? Okay.

04:06:31 --> 04:07:17

Long sheet. Can anyone join you on your tower trip? I've already answered the question Can I can't get down in Turkey because there is no place like speakers corner. So I do our while I teach my classes, yes. Do the hour, you can do the hour at college, at University at work, create websites, give Tao intellectually in the Turkish language and you have plenty of opportunities to give questions or public chat, Brian, okay. For that none. What's your thoughts about? Okay, shall we also call these recent progression of deviation and what advice do you have for him? Okay. I don't necessarily agree with that particular sentiment. I don't agree with many things. You also call he

04:07:17 --> 04:07:48

has said and I agree with a lot of things he has said. So a lot of the controversial stuff he has said recently I don't agree with it. I have put my responses out. We can see on my YouTube channel, I talked about the Quran issue and all that. So you can see my views on that inshallah. Okay, people who are against Islam, okay. I, if I tell them that no one has won the challenge of the Quran by coming up with a surah like it? They say the victor is the one writes history.

04:07:49 --> 04:07:49


04:07:52 --> 04:07:53

So again,

04:07:55 --> 04:08:25

when the Quran challenges them to produce a surah like this book, Ron is asking them to produce a chapter or surah like this, that can create the same impact as the Quran did, right. peran is not only talking about the linguistic challenge to Quran is talking about the impact challenge as well. What has the Quran done as a book of Allah as a revelation from God? What was the impact of the Quran? One human society? That's also the challenge. So my brother, sister, you need to understand the challenge.

04:08:26 --> 04:08:29

A bit more in detail.

04:08:32 --> 04:08:49

Are you coming to Turkey anytime? I don't know, if I'm invited, maybe in sha Allah. What did your PhD I heard? it's to do with typical band, what's specifically about people who you will find out inshallah, once you've done, I'm trying to finish it. Once it's done.

04:08:51 --> 04:08:52

You will find out insha. Allah.

04:08:54 --> 04:09:06

Quran says, grant is towards the end of days, majority of people will be non believers on Earth. That doesn't that logically mean, Muslims will never

04:09:07 --> 04:09:09

outpace other religions?

04:09:10 --> 04:09:14

Was timberlane a Muslim? And if yes, it is pretty slammed because that

04:09:17 --> 04:09:24

because what I know is an act of heinous crimes. Okay, these are a lot of questions that are coming through. But it's just, I think,

04:09:25 --> 04:10:00

time for tonight's appeal is not it's more than four hours. And thank you so much for joining us. Mere last minute Allah bless you all. I am very grateful for your company. And we will continue to answer your question in the next appeal on the 23rd night. Please be prepared. We have a panel of experts joining me on the 23rd night on the month of Ramadan. And I want you to join in ask more questions, ask questions personally each other and we will be dealing with your questions and we'll have we'll have a lot more interesting content to share. Until then. I love you

04:10:00 --> 04:10:13

Well thank you so much for your kind and generous support. May Allah bless you all brother and sister and we look forward to seeing you on insha Allah on the on the 23rd night of Ramadan

04:10:15 --> 04:10:39

inshallah very very soon so please make the offer us and continue to share the link with your context so that they can make the donations and support this institution. Building the lighthouse are looking tonight. inshallah, in the next appeal, we'll have another theme for you to follow up and ask questions about Thank you so much. Allah bless you what hamdulillah Bill alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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