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I'm going to continue within that data today from where I left off last week. And we're kind of in the middle of

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the confrontation between the Muslims in Habersham, saying the Jaffa immunohematology Allahu anhu, being the brave young man who took on himself the responsibility of speaking to the king of the land in the Joshi standing up for himself and his fellow Muslims, as Quraysh would send that off and Abdullah, even lobby to merchants who knew the king quite well, in an effort to get the king to send back the 100 Muslims 100 Muslims, a third of the Prophet Alia Sato students population of Muslims at the time, send them back. Alia Sato sent me a huge statement with sending him there. You know, he he went international right before he was able to establish anything he left, he hasn't had a second

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base, now a different country, a different continent across the sea. He has established a certain level of confidence in the minds of his followers because he didn't send just the weak and the poor and those who couldn't take care of themselves. He sent his own daughter he sent with my iPhone, had been mobile own. He sent Java the people who didn't need to go unnecessarily. They weren't weak, they weren't. They weren't poor. And by doing that, it caused a lot of controversy. And it really cornered curation made the place look really bad because now the Arabs around them are asking, why did 100 You know Cora, she's leave Mecca, what are they doing inhibition? What could have possibly

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caused them to do this? And then they have to squirm for an answer. And then when they asked the Muslims, the Muslims say, Well, we were being oppressed and persecuted to the point where we can't stay here anymore. And then the eyes all get focused on the nobles of Croatia asking why, why are you doing this? Why aren't you letting this man speak? What's the problem? Let them believe whatever they want, but they couldn't do it. So the Prophet Alia started, took a really really brave and difficult step, but now Java was carrying on his on his shoulders, the responsibility of making sure it worked. Because if the king is convinced somehow by his two friends who brought him a lot of

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gifts, by the way, to send them back, it is literally going to be it's going to be very messy, it's going to be very ugly and you're gonna see some of them actually come back as we'll talk about very soon. And it didn't didn't end up end up well.

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So the first round the Jaffa explains Islam to and the Joshi and your site's to him parts of pseudo Imodium and he gets very, very emotional and he and all those around him and basically it's a one nothing. Yeah, the first round Jaffa wins, but I wouldn't ask does not give up. He comes back the next day after Joshi and he comes down he says, Are you Hello Malik. I didn't sell to him. Morocco Luna fear isa in the Himalaya. 70 Malia Mulholland of Lima

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so I'm gonna thinks of he comes up with a really good comeback. He's like, Jennifer seem to read, he doesn't know. So it's not him obviously. But he seemed to leave out or the Allahu Anhu when he recited the sutra, the parts where he is them speaks of himself. There really only.

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almost the only aspect that we disagree upon with with our brothers, with our Christian brothers and sisters is the fact that they look at a Saudi some differently than we do. We don't don't believe He's a son of God. We don't believe he's divine in nature. We believe he had a miraculous birth, that his mother is one of the holy lead probably the holiest lady to ever live. However, he is still a messenger, a prophet, a human being. And of course we differ heavily and clearly and significantly with him on that.

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But Jaffa didn't bring that up in his in his citation. So he cited so so I'm a blouse comes to the university and he says, Did you ever ask them by the way, what they say about ASA? Oh, they say something. They don't say something that you won't like what they say about ace about Jesus. So this king is very concerned. So he calls them back again. Obviously, that's his feet so he calls them all back.

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And now Joshua standing again, Jaffa thought it was over. Well, it's apparently not. And he says Baloney, and then it'd be Jacome, your Goofy 70 Motoyama code and Aleem from available. I've been told that your Prophet says something very, very horrendous about a sub pneumonia. Oh Jesus, son of Mary. So tell me what does he say? Hello to Java. So Java says he's telling us about the story later for autism to suit.

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I love this little Yeah, these two words he says before he actually blurts out the answer. He said as far as them to sit, I made the intention of being truthful and honest.

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You're always going to come into situations like this in your life. It will happen as a young person. The first time it will happen is when your mother or father and say, did you do this? And of course it was you but you think you can get away with it? Because there are no cameras at the time and there are no witnesses. And you can figure it out in a good alibi.

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And you may do it once or twice and get used to this I'm Hala actually lying

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But this will happen again, when you're a bit older, and then again, and then again, and it will keep on happening. Till the day you pass away, you will come, you'll run into situations where you are given the option of telling the truth of being honest or lying your way out. And the Prophet Alia thought was, could not have been clearer in his teachings, the Quran cannot be clearer if it wanted to, in terms of importance of being honest.

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It's filled with this. And the Prophet saw some hadith is I'm not gonna waste your time and talk to you about honesty, you know what I'm talking about. But just because you think you can get away with it, just because people don't know or can't know, or can never prove it doesn't mean that you have the right not to be honest about it. And just follow the law and oh, maybe, maybe he could have weaseled his way out of it. Maybe he could have found a way to Jonnie, sugarcoat it and talk his way through it. And he was a good talker as well. He's a good speaker. He's already established that, but he said, No.

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I made the intention of being truthful and honest. I'm gonna say the truth, saying the truth hurts upfront, and heals you. Long term heals you in every way. You will live a life of being healed. If you if you're truthful, always it'll hurt. Your truthful it hurts your truth will get it hurts every time it's going to hurt. But in the long run, you will you'll you'll live a better life. You'll come out on the other side, it's better in every way. It's the best policy, every faith tortoise, every major ideology in the world teaches this every father and mother teach it to their kids, but we just don't practice Dewey. We don't practice it as much as we teach it we we preach it but do we actually

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actually do it? Can you be always honest, gonna say the truth, especially when you know that the truth needs to be said right now. I have to be forthcoming. I have to be honest. So Jafar has advised him to so I made my intention of I'm going to be honest. For Colt Naku, Fi merger, ob he and OB Yuna.

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I say about him we say about him what our Prophet told us to say of him. Who Abdullah he was Sulu who were Can you imagine who Allah 11 million IRA in Batool were rufen Mina. He is indeed this the servant of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the word of Allah that was given to Mary, Virgin Mary, the Holy Mary. And he is the spirit of law of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Forgot about Nigeria, she you be at the hill.

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So in the jar, she was sitting, and he slammed either the ground beside him or a table we're not sure. But he slammed something really hard making the noise and everyone tensed up. Now at that point, I think Jeff was thought a loss we're done. We're not gonna even make it back to Makkah. He's going to execute us here.

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He slammed it really hard make it everyone was tense for a moment.

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And then he picked up his stick or whatever He carried his cane wherever you had whether Odin

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to McCarl, ma either a sub No, Miriam, ma quilter heard he, he took a line. He took his he made a line and on the ground, and he said what a Saudi sallam said, and what you just said, are identical. They don't. They're this perfect line. They align perfectly. It's like one line fatahna hollow tillbaka all the advisors and all the clergymen sitting around him got extremely upset, and they started to make they start to say things What is this and that is untrue. And because they believed in ACN, and differently Subhanallah this king,

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this king, this is they see it of Allah subhanaw taala and the the LM of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he sent them. He knew that this king viewed things a bit differently. He had his doubts about the narrative of the trilogy. He had the Trinity he had he had it. He had doubts about that. He believed that a size that's probably a prophet like all the prophets before him. So he said we're in Khartoum, or in Khartoum, Allah He didn't say what you want, yell as much as you'd like all of you make as much noise as you hope to make it possible.

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For me in order for you to the man and accompany him, woman said Beckham got him he looked at the Muslims and he said leave, go live in my land for as long as you want those who help you I will reward them and those who harm you I will punish them. My or him boo Anneli jobelan means that Japan and the harbor when the day to Raja min come with Allah He la Caballo ratio Taffy Milkin, Maliki Allah Who iya whoever the and then he says, I swear that I would not hope for a mountain of gold and know that I hurt one of you. And I will not accept bribery.

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In the sovereignty that my Lord offered me he's referring to

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pyramidal cells and Abdullah nebula be brought in terms of gifts

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that was getting deferred.

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Justice is beautiful. Right? It's just fairness is just so beautiful. It just fills the heart with with this feeling of strength of beauty of of compassion knowing that someone has a moment I didn't want me to have importance was fair and was just you can almost hear the Prophet so I said to him his words echoing in the background now you'll Amanda who had no and is mistreated in his court and I'm a blouse and Abdullah and I'd be I were forced to take back the gifts he didn't eat it's not like he took them as a leave No, you're going to take him back I don't accept the bribery coming to bribe me in this

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and Muslims were able to continue to continue their lives there. I can imagine Jaffa Have you thought it'd be between the moment of the King slamming in the ground and saying what he said

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when he picked up the stick what a Jaffa think, probably going to whack me on the head with it. Subhan Allah that they see it of Allah subhanaw taala and the Muslims were able to do they can live there for 15 years. It's not going to be a short term issue. They need to be there for a long time.

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During this time, and the Joshi accepts Islam

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secretively he continued to rules His kingdom.

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But secretly he accepts Islam. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was send letters to in the Joshi and in the Joshi when he was given a letter from the Prophet it is so so he has not been reading himself. I saw some moves to harbor writing for him. He would take the letter and he put it on his head. What he decided to do was Sula, so I said, this is the this is the message of the Messenger of Allah and he put it on his head in respect to it.

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The Muslims who lived in BC Ania didn't sit there living on welfare. They all got involved in different types of sin out of industry, and they got into Giroud skins of animals. You see the auto we're good at that. Taking skinning sheep taking the sheep as is slaughtered or a cow or a camel. They were good at taking the skins and then using them properly utilizing didn't get there were very few resources and little resources in Arabia. So they got into that. And here's what they did. They would they would make skins and they would sell them and that's how they made their living. Omo Habiba rom let me Sofia, Allahu Allah is one of the ladies who went and didn't have to go her. Her

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father is Abu Sufian no one dares speak to her even if she's Muslim. So she left with her with her husband about Allah. And some narrations refer to the fact that her husband actually left Islam completely there. He left Islam and he actually died a non Muslim, leaving her with a few kids to take care of living in ABC Nia, and that she would spend her time making dolls and manufacturing small dolls and selling them to feed herself and seed and feed her children.

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raising her children to be Muslim in a land that didn't have the culture and didn't have the language. And it's important, this story is important, because there are so many parallels to what we go through. And it's hard. It's hard if you go and study the Sierra the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam to find a perfect parallel to our situation living in the West today difficult. You can't say that were similar to the Mechi period. Because none of us are being persecuted or oppressed, physically and financially. It's hard to say we're in Medina, it's impossible. There's not Medina, we don't have that unity. We don't have that majority. We don't have that rule we don't. So where do

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we really fall we're it's a, it's a different type of situation. To me, the closest parallel that we can draw is to the Muslims in IBC, India, in the hub, Russia, I think it's important to actually take that and study it a little bit more. And really look into what they did, and how they, they found a way to be useful within the community that they lived. They gave back. They weren't sitting there just taking they actually were producing something. That's how you integrate. Integration doesn't mean that you lose yourself, that you give up your identity and go around and do whatever everyone else is doing. That's not integration. Integration is finding a way to be useful.

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Everyone within the society is doing something to keep things moving. What are you doing? Just blending in is not integration. I know that's what most of us end up doing at the end, especially younger, younger ones in school. Just want to blend in blending in his own integration blending in is actually loss. Loss of you lose, you lose who you are, you don't know who you are anymore, because you're neither them nor yourself. So what exactly are you know, no one knows.

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Integration is finding a way to be useful holding on to who you are holding on to your identity. They will go 100 Come back as close to 400 people.

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They will go 100 They will come back around and 400 people coming back with them or people from the land who accepted Islam.

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abeche who accepted Islam. And of course they're going to marry they're going to marry

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Very into people who have Russia, we're going to come to some of them and come back. Some of they're gonna stay there. Their kids are going to be, you know, have Karachi and have Habashi. They're gonna speak the language when they come back. However they held on to who they were, they were able to maintain the society, they didn't lose their identity. Because 15 years is a long time, 15 years a generation

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15 years old was a generation someone who was born when they got to have Russia would be 15 years old, when they make when they would go back to Medina, as someone who grew up who had all their schooling done and Russia, but they didn't lose who they were.

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I think it's important to point that out that they were able to do that with very little tools in comparison to the tools we have today. If you compare what they had, to what we have, it is almost uncomfortable. They were way better off than we were they were way better off than they were, they were then by 100 times. First of all, we have all of us now with us, they only had a few students, it was only your seventh it's only your seventh how much Quran was revealed up to them. Maybe a third, not even a third. Not even a third a lot of the Quran was revealed at the end of his life at least.

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They didn't have high qualified professionals amongst them. They didn't go doctors and engineers, lawyers and businessmen. They didn't go with a lot of wealth. If my father was wealthy, but he didn't take his wealth with him.

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He didn't take with him everything he owned, he went basically with his clothing. But they learned to become useful, and he integrated based on that and they were respected in this society because of that. Omaha bebas perseverance was noted by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam she lost her husband she continued to produce. She continued to raise her kids she was one of the spokespeople of Islam she taught people Islam. So Elisa to Islam would marry him Habiba

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from afar

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700 kilometers between them, he would send a letter to the Joshi asking and the Joshi to do hope of hook before him to go and ask him a hobby or for a hand in marriage if she would accept this is years later. This is not immediately disease after his, you know, the prophit is gonna go to Medina. This has happened many, many years later. And the judge would actually go and ask them Habiba, if you would, and she would be overwhelmed and happiness. And she would be the lady that his wife who got the most mother, because the person who's paid her mother for her was in the Joshy himself. And he paid it in gold in large amounts, giving it to her and then spreading whenever she refused on the

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Muslims and others. From that kind of I don't sell Asada midomi Habiba. No one was given a better amount and then I'm happy but on the other one, it was the king of the land, who actually celebrated her her wedding to the Prophet Alia psychosom 700 kilometers away would be years before she actually went in and saw him audio so it was

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sort of like if I can get over that fact. I want to move on but I have to come back to it. So to calf is what is the sewer that was revealed just before they left, I think it's not to some major Earth man and Jaffa knew this sort of memorized it, well teach it to their kids. Because this sort explains how you build a society. It talks about faith and belief talks about having a cause, believing in something greater than yourself and dedicating your life to it, the story of Adolf gaffe, it talks about the importance of wealth. The story of the two friends talks about the importance of Elm Musa and it talks about the importance of strength little Carnegie's story is

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telling you these are the four elements you need to work on them hard to make sure that you bring them with the right in the right with the right means and then use them to strengthen your society and that's why they persevered and that's why they flourished there. And they only came back not because they needed to they came back because the purpose of them going there ended the profit it is thought to so now how to after after lunch duck and after Davia is thought to stem strengthened in Arabia had had risen. And now we had the better arm you know, you had the upper hands and come back. You don't need to be there anymore. So they came back. And some of them stayed by the way. These

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parts maybe we don't know. But some of them actually stayed there continue to practice Islam.

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That's why today that part of the world is filled with Muslims. A lot of those Muslims date back date back and they're asked history of Islam to this immigration. Are you just saying I'm saying Muslims and Habesha, some of them can date back there Islam to people who came during this first emigration of Islam. Some of them accepted Islam and either their their attitude accepted Islam before 100

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years before then, which is which is beautiful and touching.

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And worth talking about. What happened in Hypatia. During that period, a coup actually occurred.

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The word came out that in the Joshy

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maybe believed in terms of Christianity, but differently than everyone else. And religious extremists were able to get enough people to try and perform a coup. A coup is basically when they tried to overthrow the government. So when the Joshi when he knew that he was going to end up with a confrontation, he told the Muslims, I don't know what's going to happen.

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I may be successful I may not be.

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I need you all to leave, get on boats and wait in the sea.

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And if I am successful I'll send to you and you can come back. And if I am not, you will probably be slaughtered. If you stay here you're gonna have to go back. He's around a year in its development. Allah tells us a story that they were in the boats. This narration and you'll find in Seattle to Benicia is nobody would say who would sit in the boat make dua May Allah Subhanallah grant in the Joshi

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Nussle Rakim success, may he may Allah subhanahu strengthen into Joshi to actually win his war and they will make dua in the boats hoping that in sha Allah they and he was he was able to

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hold on and maintain his sovereignty and sent to them and they and they went back again. But it wasn't an easy sometimes we are led to believe that the whole the Sierra is it's an easy it's an easy

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easy ride, nothing happened everything was just a smooth and nothing was smooth. Nothing is you know, nothing in their lives was smooth. Everything was difficult. You just one after the other, but some of them we don't talk about they go there they almost get Yeah, and he gets sent back because of the house they make it now a coup they have to go and wait and everything was hard. It's a different culture, different language, but they persevered and they held on to who they were. And when they came back the Prophet Alia saw to some would celebrate their return and take care of them and we'll talk about that inshallah. Once we once we arrive at that point and seal inshallah.

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around a year into this, or less, even, maybe a couple of months, something happened in Mecca, very, very significant. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. During a time, as I said, this time, during this period of extreme persecution worse than even when I talked to you a number of months ago, even worse than the year four and five, was getting really bad in the Prophet Alia site to Sudan did. Danny was struggling to get people to listen to him anymore? He could, the number of Muslims was not increasing the way he wanted it to increase. He wasn't able to express himself. He wasn't able to speak and one day he got anywhere. And he was denied the right to pray, even on his own, not Gemma

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just on his own in front of the Kaaba. He was being denied that right as the son of Abdul Muttalib, who's right, and he found some some again allowed the city to exist, altogether, was being denied to pray just in front of the Kaaba. And that hurt him out he has talked to us haven't bothered him. So one day, he would go and in an octave of of basically retaliation he would recite the Quran openly. Even though he was he was told not to do that. And as he was recite what he would recite would be similar to najem

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you recite this part you have to start from afar aid Allah de Tocqueville wa Polylang

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and the whole movie before who are you're gonna be Murphy is Sophie Musa, or Ibrahim Allah do you have a 10 00 to withdraw okra while laserLine insanity lemma nessa who so for Euro two major who will just

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speaking to them look at the person who refuses this does it has this person not recited or read what Musa has in his book when we brought him had in his books that no one is going to be held accountable for the deeds of another me let me say what I want to say you're not held accountable for what I'm saying. believe that what you want but let me believe what I want

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and allow me to do everyone's going to be held accountable for what they do my PSA what they work towards what their goals are, you're going to be held held to that you're going to be rewarded for that in completion and you know be Kalamoon to her one who who I co occur will know who I'm here when who Holika XO Jane is that

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mean no prophetic either tuna when I lay in Nash at an okra when the who who are up on a one who who are Abu Shara when who Allah laka Danny Lulu, what's the mood of a blue collar worker oh man over him and bobble in the homecare new home LML Well, Taffy cutter, Hua Masha, Masha Furby,

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you're bigger,

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versus continuing to say and everything will end with your Lord. And He is the one who brings laughter and sorrow. He is the one who brings life and death and he is the one who created both genders feet male and female.

00:24:27--> 00:24:42

And he is the one who will return us after we die back to life again, he is the one who grants the wealth. He is the one who takes wealth back and he is the one who created all the stars in the universe that you look at. And he is the one who punished and punished the mood

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and punish the people of Newark and punish the people of loot. So what is it of the science that brought your Lord that you are not clear on these the verses that he's reciting it was a very powerful, read them when you go home very powerful. Had

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enter the room Minna new doodle Ooh. As the fertile, Ziva lay seller Herman Dooney Allah He Kirsch shifa, this is indeed what you're listening to is a warning from the early warnings that Allah sent to his people. The time is coming close to the time of your milk Yama and nothing will shield you from that time affirming herbal Hadith the dajia Boon Are you in awe of what you're listening to? Are you finding it weird? What? Hakuna when I attempt Khun and you laugh and you don't cry when you listen to this Subhan Allah when Tom Sam you do as you continue to be Oblivion Oblivion in your lifestyle. First you do learn he was booed and may you prostrate yourself to Allah and worship and

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we should probably do that right now

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just like all you did it.

00:26:08--> 00:26:35

Everyone listening did it. The Muslims who were surrounding the prophets lie Selim protecting him as he recited these out loud, and the non Muslims who hated every moment of it. Why? They couldn't help it. The strength of what he was seeing was so powerful. And when narration he reads all sorts of Legends, I didn't read the whole thing to you. But we definitely know what the last part he did. It was so powerful. It was so clear. was so meaningful.

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So hello, Marcus Kulu boom. Right. Maka set Kulu buco member De Luca helical hija are to us when the hearts hardened in turn into rock or even worse than rock and some rock, you'll have water come out of it, and some rock will fall from the from the reverence of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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But I don't know what.

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And they couldn't help it and they fell Institute, and then they looked at each other and then what are we doing?

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So they made up stories and they try to, but what happened was the people who saw that said, Hamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, everyone accepted Islam. That's not what happened. But that's the rumor that made its way slowly to Habesha. You can imagine people living in habra first year still first couple of months, they're homesick, oh, they're homesick.

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They're really homesick. They want to go back. And then they hear this rumor.

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They hear the rumor. So they say well, if everyone accepted Islam, then there's no point of staying any here anymore. So they started arguing Well, well, we can all go back because the Prophet alayhi salam hasn't sent for us yet. So the debate amongst each other and agree that a quarter of them would go back a number of people amongst them with my name, and I find amongst them ropa Yeah, his his wife, the prophets, I said his daughter, and amongst them might have been methylone and Zubaydah and a few other people, he would go back on 25.

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He would go back,

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and he would find it was a rumor. It was all a lie.

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And some of the people who went back were very weeks, financially and socially.

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And they were captured by their previous masters or by the people who they worked for in the past.

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And they were treated horrendously. I'm not gonna tell you any of the stories that came from that period. Because to be honest, to just not something I can tell. Just horribly, many of them were killed. Many of them were killed. Because how dare you? How dare you leave, you went to Habesha, you actually left you you. You go there and you mock us You make us look like we're destined that some of them were killed. It was It went from prosecution, persecution wasn't persecution anymore. Torture, you leave the person alive. This was no longer that you're trying to kill people. You're gonna see in a moment, that's what they think about towards the Prophet himself, at least.

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I love the story I'm gonna tell you right now, is that was happening

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with Marvin McLuhan.

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He wasn't of high status, but he had a lot of high status relatives.

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So when they came back to Mecca and found it was all a lie, and people were being captured, people would be thrown into jail, in jail, some were killed somewhere. Or if man was granted immunity, basically protection by his uncle,

00:29:20--> 00:29:33

willy nilly, Mahira, the father of Khalid, nobody believed him. He was one of the leaders of the land one of the strong people he's probably one of the most powerful people in the in the peninsula, not just the city.

00:29:34--> 00:29:38

And he said, in Santa Fe, feed you already

00:29:39--> 00:29:44

in Arabic means they feed God, meaning he's under my wing is under my protection.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

That means if you harm him, it's like you've harmed anybody and no one messes with invalid just no one does. So it's not even my own was protected. He's not being persecuted. Then he's walking in the streets of Mecca. After this horrendous

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

mistake, brought them back and they shouldn't have come back. And he's seeing the people that he has lived with for the last year that he has.

00:30:08--> 00:30:39

He formed bonds with them. He was they were his friends now. So yes, my mother always, of course, she, and a lot of the people who are being persecuted or not, they're, you know, slaves and are freed slaves who, who aren't from the land, but lived there before and came back and might had become had befriended them. They were friends. And he's looking at them. And they're being horribly mistreated. Some of them are killed, some of their being tortured, and he is walking around freely. And he couldn't help them. Like he didn't have status or wealth to help them.

00:30:40--> 00:31:18

So in a moment of just feeling that I can't I can't do this anymore. I have to be like everyone else. If I can't make them all like me, then I have to be like all of them. I am not saying that what he did this story is what you need to do or the right thing. I don't even know if it's right or wrong. I actually don't ethically I don't I what I want you to listen to is the emotional status. The Earth man was in. I want you to understand his frame of mind in the decision he's going to make. That's what I'm interested in. Not not whether it's right or wrong. No, come on, ask me. The question is that we should do? I don't know. I don't know. That's not the point. The point is what

00:31:18--> 00:31:53

Earthman felt, is when you feel like you belong, he felt like he belong to this group. They're his friends. He's been with him for a year now. These are his brothers. They weren't before they left by the way. They were Muslims. But they were all from all over the place. He hadn't really formed a bond but now he did. They went through things together. You see Muslims they we the way we're supposed to be is we're supposed to be one body. Isn't that what we were? You know, we grew up being taught just to do it that I know who all the the Hadith you've memorized as a kid is one body and one part of it isn't paying the other. We know it by any theoretically, but do we actually practice

00:31:53--> 00:31:55

it or understand it or feel it

00:31:56--> 00:31:57

in reality or not?

00:31:58--> 00:32:08

Or is every Muslim living in his own little bubble? And we're back to segregating races and segregating you know, socio economic statuses and if we're doing that was the point

00:32:09--> 00:32:32

of man who came from a very wealthy family had integrated with his brothers and sisters and Muslims who lived within Habesha when he came in saw them being treated the way they were being treated. He couldn't he couldn't stand it. He tried to help. He tried to go to people who knew and say, Please offer them protection and they said, No, we're protecting you. You're our Yanni or kinsmen, related to us, but I'm not making this because I don't know what that person is.

00:32:34--> 00:32:42

And if mine was torn, you couldn't do it anymore. Couldn't do it. So he went to his his uncle Walid forgot I am

00:32:44--> 00:32:45


00:32:46--> 00:32:52

Murjani I don't feed you Eric. What I can do Allah he will hit bow and arrow do it.

00:32:54--> 00:32:56

Or an STD or BGR Allah.

00:32:58--> 00:33:27

Oh, my uncle, thank you for what you've done. You're blessed. No one has harmed me in your on your protection. But I would ask humbly if you can take your protection back. I would like to be under the protection of Allah subhanaw taala himself. I don't want to be under anyone else protection for thought I have been lucky that God Oh my oh my God, has anyone hurt you or harmed? You told me if someone harmed you as you're under my protection, letting me know when I will take care of it but falling ahead. Well, I can help that you are like, no, but would you please just take it back?

00:33:29--> 00:33:32

For call mash it? If that's what you want

00:33:33--> 00:33:38

to I'll NFC god, did you worry, I take it back. You're no longer under protection.

00:33:39--> 00:33:42

North man felt this relief

00:33:43--> 00:33:49

was relieved. But people didn't know if people still thought he was under protection. He was like, No, I have to make this public.

00:33:50--> 00:33:55

So he goes looking for a way. And he sees a very common state that would happen in Arabic

00:33:56--> 00:34:26

cities back in the day, by the way up till television, what I'm going to tell you right now, if this happened, my my, my, my eldest uncle, remember something similar to this, poets would come they would come to cities. And they would be given maybe like a chair like this. And they would sit and they would sing their poetry. Their poetry is filled with stories and tales and whatever. And people would gather in the hundreds listening to these tales and these stories and the poetry and was a big deal. It was like a rockstar came to the game to the city. It's like you're going

00:34:27--> 00:34:37

to work for a concert or something. It's a big deal people came over. And the only rule that existed when this happened because of the lack of microphones is that you have to stay silent.

00:34:38--> 00:35:00

Because this man is going to speak if you're chatting with no one can hear anymore. So everyone has to say very, very quiet. That was the only rules it was it was considered extremely rude and disrespectful if someone spoke. So everyone's standing around the Kaaba and a very known poet by the name of libido. labia. libido is one of the great poets of Islam of of Arabic history. Forget about Islamic history of Arabic history. You would later accept Islam

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

Some years later, but but at the time he wasn't. And he is saying his poetry and people are loving it and they're memorizing it and they're listening. So it might have been Malone comes in he sits and he's listening.

00:35:11--> 00:35:14

Now he's there to to cause a ruckus but it's

00:35:16--> 00:35:34

so lovely it says in his poetry Kulu che in my hola hola. Hubba lelou indeed everything besides Allah subhanaw taala has falsehood in it. So if mine says sadhaks he screams out. That is the truth. She will look at him.

00:35:35--> 00:35:35

Are you doing?

00:35:37--> 00:35:40

Good don't do that. So maybe he gets upset.

00:35:41--> 00:36:03

I know even if he's even if someone's Jonnie, agreeing just don't agree. Don't don't do anything. Just Just listen. That's what I'm here for. There's no microphones. There's only one way to leave there's too many people out to be quiet. So he's upset and then he says are called Luna Iman la Maha elu and every good time and life will end will come to an end definitely.

00:36:05--> 00:36:27

So if my screams Oh, cuz nyeem agenda Chilean so he screams Oh, that's a lie. There now even their word of gender never ends. So let's see it says Mata Mundo Mata the Shah who FEMA Jericho Mia kurush since when do poets only be harassed in your sittings? Kulish so one of the elders says

00:36:28--> 00:36:34

there are fender who feeds you are invalid. Even me is protected by lead Mahira no one

00:36:36--> 00:36:51

basically dares speak to him. So if mine is waiting for that Fatah Roger to it hit you know, by the way I'm not I have given him back his protection I no longer protected under unreleased anymore. When nice EGR Allah I mean the protection of Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:36:52--> 00:36:53

So they beat him up

00:36:54--> 00:37:02

really badly. To the point where the almost a ruin his eye, they almost ruin his eye.

00:37:04--> 00:37:08

And as he's lying there bleeding from his eye, bruised and beaten.

00:37:09--> 00:37:22

When he would come by gloating, he'd walk by him, take a look. He would say, okay, look, I couldn't defeat you are in a disease in another. You were in much better protection. Part of this happened to you? Do you?

00:37:23--> 00:37:26

Part of this happening? Do you know better protection, this wouldn't have happened.

00:37:28--> 00:37:32

So with my answers, I love his answer. It's one of the things I

00:37:35--> 00:37:41

I don't think we'll ever have to see. But I hope to a certain extent you can feel it one day. Just feel what Earthman said.

00:37:43--> 00:37:43


00:37:45--> 00:37:45

Oh, Uncle.

00:37:47--> 00:38:03

In is Salima? Luffy Shokan Ilana I saw the FISA vilella Indeed my good I cannot wait to be Like its sister to sacrifice itself for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:38:04--> 00:38:15

My good eye is waiting for its turn to be in the same amount of harm as its sister What got through or was under for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

00:38:16--> 00:38:59

you think right now I'm upset. Nobody will eat right now. I'm happy. Now I'm like everybody else. Now I'm like, the my crew. My like my brothers and sisters. They're being hurt on the same. I'm not walking around, I'm fine. And everyone else is in is in misery. And he felt he was happening. I don't understand that. I don't I don't understand it. I don't it. And I'm not saying that. That's what we're supposed to be like, but do you understand what I'm trying to explain? Do you feel like you belong to something rather than bigger than yourself? Do you feel like we're all in this together? That that I don't want to be different. And I'm not in a in a good way. I'm saying I don't

00:38:59--> 00:39:05

want to be treated differently not to be seen differently. I don't want to be given an easy way out as my brothers and sisters aren't.

00:39:06--> 00:39:10

I want our suffering to be one. I want our success to be one

00:39:11--> 00:39:40

not feeling was so strong and Earthman even mobile on his heart, that he couldn't help it anymore. He didn't want to continue to enjoy safety and security while his brothers and sisters didn't even though they're they come from different backgrounds. He's always been wealthy. He's always been a lot they haven't they never were. But he felt the brotherhood of Islam and he said those words beautiful words. Not that I think the context will ever apply to us. But the concept I think is there

00:39:41--> 00:39:49

in any Salema let me show can you know ASA, FISA de la my good I can't wait

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

to be under the same harm that his sister is under for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Subhan Allah and I think that's something we sometimes we lack a little bit

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

We like that feeling of oneness of belonging.

00:40:04--> 00:40:16

Look around you. Everyone's sitting around you is your brother and sister times two or three. Me All human beings are brothers and sisters from Adam and Eve at him assylum.

00:40:17--> 00:40:38

But us there's an extra component to that. We are brothers and sisters in Islam and Iman, there is a higher standard, there is a greater cause that unites us. You don't have to like me. And I don't have to like you, but I do have to love you. And you have to do the same. There's a difference. Sometimes you don't like the people you love.

00:40:41--> 00:40:47

Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you have a sibling that you just don't like, but you have to love them. It's not a choice.

00:40:48--> 00:40:56

And as Muslims we love one another. We Belong Together we work together we will suffer together we will work together we will

00:40:57--> 00:41:08

you will succeed together, and we will fail together. And the prophet is also explained that multiple times you all know the Hadith of the boat, right? The boats where we all get on it. In his Hadith, la Sato San Mateo, CA.

00:41:10--> 00:41:12

O Minister hammer Allah Safina

00:41:13--> 00:41:15

the Muslims and believers and non

00:41:16--> 00:41:28

Muslims, those who actually follow and those who don't like people get on the boats. And there's two layers and some people get on this upper deck and some on the lower deck. And the people in the lower deck are like, You know what, I'm tired of asking the people on the upper deck to give us water.

00:41:29--> 00:41:38

And he comes up with a brilliant idea. And his brilliant idea is how about I drill a hole into my part in the lower deck and water will gushing and we can drink?

00:41:40--> 00:41:42

Einstein mashallah, yeah, that's what he's going to do.

00:41:43--> 00:42:13

So he says that he still doesn't know if there are people on the upper people in the upper deck allow him to do this. No, oh, think. And if he doesn't allow, if they don't allow it is all sale. So we either all sale or all sync. North metal made a really weird choice. Ethically, and logically. I don't know if that was the right thing. But I sure to understand it. And I think at that moment, that's all he could do. He couldn't think of anything else. I think he should have probably my opinion, preserve his health.

00:42:15--> 00:42:33

You should never do something to harm your health. Right? We know that Islamically but he wasn't trying to harm himself. He just couldn't stand the people he loved being harmed, harmed and hurt and he walking around like nothing happened. He had to be like them. If he can't if he if he can't bring them over then he's gonna go to do their side. Well, the Allahu Anhu Allah

00:42:34--> 00:42:37

I think it's a worthy, worthy listen.

00:42:40--> 00:42:44

And the Joshi by the way, just because I'm gonna forget talking about this Yanni. A couple of months later,

00:42:45--> 00:42:50

he would die during the Prophet alayhi salatu salam XLIF would pass away.

00:42:51--> 00:43:19

And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam would wake up the Sahaba midnight and he would say, Merton Yom Raju Donsol. A good man died today. For whom? For Solu Allah He can also have his name and address he was asked what was his name? We are going to pray Serato vibe for us hammer in the Joshi. I'm doing a servant you Hibbeler Hora Sudha he loved the love this prophet. I have a question for you.

00:43:20--> 00:43:24

Even the Joshy was so committed, why didn't he bring his army and help the profit out of your thoughts?

00:43:27--> 00:43:32

Right. Could have made things much easier for the Muslims in the long run. Why not?

00:43:33--> 00:43:33


00:43:35--> 00:43:37

Yeah, but why wouldn't he send an army to help them?

00:43:42--> 00:44:00

Imagine imagine any external interference into the profit body. So some storyline? No, no. I you saw to Sam is going to do this with the people who believed in him internally on their own. No external interference was going to be accepted. No, I don't need your help. Some narrations actually see that he offered it in the process.

00:44:02--> 00:44:06

This is going to we're going to do this. We're going to rise on our own

00:44:07--> 00:44:09

needed and weekend to

00:44:11--> 00:44:14

let me talk about this quickly today. And then and I'll let you guys go.

00:44:16--> 00:44:31

I told you the Muslims came back from me Senia went beyond torture. It turned into something much more ugly. They started to kill people. I know maybe somebody had mental health and yes, some people died. But now the numbers were no they were actually

00:44:32--> 00:44:53

seeking out individuals and killing them. And they started thinking about doing the same to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and word started to circulate about assassination. These are talking about assassinating the Prophet so let's let's end this once and for all is your seven let's end it. We can't get we can't reason with him. We've tried to compromise with him. We can't get anything done.

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

All that's left is we got a we kill him. We got a few people

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

In the middle of the night or some, when he's doing something, we kill him and then we deal with the aftermath.

00:45:06--> 00:45:09

Nine times in his life, it is thought to sound he would attempt to kill him.

00:45:10--> 00:45:18

Imagine this. The Prophet It is sad to send the guy who wakes up every morning with a smile, spends hours talking to children and elderly people.

00:45:19--> 00:45:20

He was

00:45:21--> 00:45:56

almost killed nine times in his life it Assad was and there are plots to murder him nine times. You wouldn't think he that's the beauty of his character it is. So that was a lot of the sorrow that he carried in his heart. You don't know about because he never let us know about it. He wouldn't let us know. You wouldn't think that happened to him. Why? Because he didn't allow it to show. He was always optimistic. He was always merciful and compassionate and easygoing. He never had people protecting him. He never He never behaved like that. So you think he was fine? No, nine times in one lifetime. And 23 years, nine times they tried to kill him out of here. So that was

00:45:57--> 00:46:04

when the circulation of this rumor became strong. Abu Talib heard about it. And when I thought I've heard about it, he got extremely upset.

00:46:05--> 00:46:21

And in his mind, that's one step too far. So we'll talk they will react and I'll talk to you about his reaction in sha Allah. next week with another Allah Subhanallah Mohammed action Allah Allah to break la masala he was selling Baraka, Muhammad Yunus IBH My name I'm hoping that in the next couple of weeks what I'll do