Jannah Gems #24 – When my Servants Ask You About Me, I am Near

Haifaa Younis


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I said wait I said okay bad yeah I need that near it but we'll deal with our to die either Dan. polyester Jubilee or umino de la la homeo shoe.

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Very interesting. I'll translate. He does what he does I look everybody on me if my servants and who's talking Allah, if my servants asked you about me, Allah is talking to Rasul Allah is Allah to Allah. I need you to feel the conversation. Allah is stunning. Gara Swati salatu salam, when they ask you about me, who is Allah?

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Where is he? What does he do suparna

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lets you how a lot respond what they're saying okay bardiani one my servant servants I ask you about to me he didn't say say

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for me, I am me. I am near Oh gee Buddha with a de nada and I respond I capital I I responded to the caller The one who supplicate if and when they asked me either Danny one day asked me and then I'll law after he introduced himself to you and me. Then telling me I knew what he wants from me. polyester g Bulli while you mean ob La La whom your shoulder

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fell yesterday will let them respond to me. paneled law imagine this is your Creator and my he's asking me and you to respond to him

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a lot doesn't mean to me a lot doesn't need you doesn't need my a bad doesn't need my worship, doesn't need my Salah doesn't need my fasting doesn't need any of this. And he sinful yesterday booty. Let them respond to me while your demeanor will be let them believe in me. La La hmil should do so they may be guided