Adnan Rajeh – Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #12 – Surat Hud (109) to Surat (Al-Rad 43)

Adnan Rajeh
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LACMA Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Earl, he was a huge Marine, you

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can see that this exercise of choosing verses to talk about has been a very difficult one. It's one of the hardest things because I saw I ended up so what I do is I go through I end up with like 50 verses from the desert and then I just start randomly deleting stuff.

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I don't know I add to the crime by number, like I don't memorize verses by number, I just, I mean, very few people in the world are able to do that I'm not one of them. So I don't know what I'm deleting because I just write the number of the area and I've tried go through it quickly go through the user. And I just delete and whatever stuck there is stuck and we kind of go through them and the next year will probably be the ones that we did we just get rid of these ones and just put a whole new list of other ones and go through them. I think that's fun or helpful and Sheldon, Yanni I think it hopefully there will be some benefit in doing it. But this this one here, oh, this one here, this

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was very hard. It's very congested with use of it's like every he's diverse. You want to stop and just say this is what it's doing. Because it's very, very meaningful. It's very profound, like the very unique surah in the Quran. Because there's nothing like it. There's no other suit on the Quran aside from new sort of new that tells a story like that where this with the surah is just the story of one prophet. No one's no one is very short, it's a page and a half. So I'm not sure they compare it but it's really not doesn't really stick the key because so to Joseph is a long story is at least 12 pages. And it's just one profit. One story and the unique piece is that it's not told anywhere

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else like use of his name outside of the US it was really not used that often you have three or four spots in the corners you name actually pops up. Otherwise, it's just in the sutra, new honey Center. On the other hand, he has a sutra, but he his story is repeated, actually sort of who has more of his story than actually sort itself. So so it's repeated also. But so its use of know his story. It has cinemas in one spot and the Quran and I talked yesterday about what the purpose of these four suitors are you and as who would use it for the ride, you're talking about critical points within within faith critical points, if you remove them, the faith doesn't work anymore within the four

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disciplines or the four categories of faith creed, the message, ethics and the law. And in from each and within these disciplines, these four fields, there are specific aspects of Islam, that if you remove it just doesn't work. So if you remove the concept of Kabbalah and cultural wisdom doesn't work anymore for you, if you remove a reformed Islam, then stamp does not work at all. If you remove consistency of ethics and ethics don't even the word doesn't even mean anything anymore. And if you remove the the law of righteousness, meaning righteousness being the heaviest and most important thing out there, then then really any other law in its time doesn't really serve its purpose. That's

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the four these four suitors do. And today, we'll actually finish those four right off the spot. And we start next tomorrow with a completely new cluster of Suez. So going through the month, I'm probably going to point out for you how this, how I divide the crime in my mind clusters into groups of soldiers and what these groups talk about.

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It does not I'm not claiming that this is the only way to see the Quran, I'm not claiming that seeing it another way is wrong and saying that this actually breaks down the Quran too. But this is how we understand and this is how I have it divided in my in my mind, and this is what makes sense to me. Meaning when I do it this way, it's very clear to me what these each group is talking about, and what we sort of trying to achieve and it just allows the SUTA kind of to come together. And point is like all the arrows of each yet are in the same direction and just allows you to actually contemplate and reflect a bit more meaningfully and productively. So let's start with I think let's

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do the first

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let's do okay, we're not going to do all one fell to 170 just read one too old for me and then I'll kind of comment on it shall with that. That's definitely gonna meet a woman by now I go to elbow bone, in whom Vemma dot maroon or bell sleeve, beautiful eye some of the most beautiful in the Quran, this last piece of SUTA to the Prophet Allah usato so in a hadith that has some lack of authenticity, but it's a hadith is generally accepted by scholars that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam was Aisha Yemeni who don't know how to ha who would has made me he was Yeah. And his hair was was very it was black it histology so is his beard, got a few white hairs here and there. So the

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Sahaba sometimes with mock Him, not mocking him as rudely but they would kind of joke with him and say I also like John, you're You mean not like me? Different he had a few so you could point them out and he will say who are you with me? And they will ask him what what getting what of who you say first stop him come out when we recite this verse. Questioning meaning why the straight path the way you were told, cannot omit the way you were commanded to. It's one thing for him it's another thing for stuck in come out with the way you were told I can. I can walk the straight path but the way I was told, I said it's too hard. The way you were told me because it's just is flawless. No, you told

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me. No, there's no.

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Again, it's DICOM is any incorruptibility. That's not even a word I looked at. It's not a word. There's me making it up. But because it's the only stone the actual meaning of a stiff arm is to climb is that you're not corruptible. That's what it means. You can't cry.

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We can't get you to sell out. We can't get you to you know take shortcuts or that's what this actually means. So incorruptibility is what is departments first stop them walk the straight path do not get corrupted the way Allah told me woman tab amok and all those repented with you all the people who decided to repent and follow you, which isn't Sharla Yanni us, wala Chapo and do not transgress in know who will be mad at Mizzou, and I'll see you soon who talks about reform, reform in three things or three things that need to occur in order for reform to help reform to happen. Number one, we have to have a stick on we have to get rid of corruption.

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Reform is the goal of reform is that we get rid of corruption, we identify what is corrupt, and then we remove it from society, we remove it from our culture, we remove it from our traditions and from our practices. Again, Islam without any reform is just

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it's just it's just the rituals. And it doesn't mean anything you need you need before. So the first piece of reform is to comment you have to get rid of corruption. Number two, what I tell people, You don't you don't transgress, meaning I don't get to judge you if you're not doing the same as as I'm doing. If I'm removing corruption I'm doing is DICOM and I'm calling for it and you're not I don't get to judge you for that. I don't get to look down at you and I'll look at your gun I don't get to transgress I don't get to see society and demonize it. I got to demonize society because they're not doing what I think is right. This is a very common pitfall of people who walked down the path of

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reform because once you become obsessed by reform and you understand the importance of it for society, and you're focused on it, and people aren't you start feeling Why aren't you? Your this is so important, but they're not so you could fall into the pitfall of demonizing them and see and looking down that's very well ethical. Do not do that. Don't allow the third piece what do I tell them can you lean over them and don't sell out? Don't record in a volume don't give in to the oppressors don't take on Don't lose your identity to whatever it is that they're doing when I tell you either Latina volume for domestic Luminara when I come in do Nila him in Olia Mala Dong saloon.

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And then the Hellfire will touch you will come for you, if you do. So you, you remove corruption, you don't transgress and look down on people, and you don't sell out to lose your identity to the oppressor. Neither you don't do either. You hold on to what is correct. You don't oppress or look down on others, and you just stay that is how reform works. Reform is very difficult, because there's very little in the neffs for it, it's very selfless. You don't get to, you know, judge people who aren't doing it with you. And you don't get to benefit from the from the strength that you will build from doing it. By striking deals with those in power, you have to continuously stand

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against any form of selling out or any form of, again, corruption with, with oppressors and just walk that path. These are the three elements of Islam of reform that exist in solitude, all of solitude talks about these three, every story has these three in them, you just have to go and kind of look for them. And the reason it was called hood, the surah is because the story of who'd in the Surah actually outlines them very clearly who says who says these three things in his in his wording with with his people so if you want to kind of go back and look to what he said, he said, I'm or listen, we're not gonna be the reader of the mystery. You read them you'll find that he worded it he

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said I'm perfectly

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the last piece of these verses that I pointed out No, move on inshallah. But oh, that kinda is just to kind of, kind of make it clear to you what the importance of reform and sort of delay but Oh, when I can meet your own email publikum who better yet in Yunho now and in Fussa de Ville early Polyfilla min min min and Gina minhang. Whatever Isla de Nevada MUMA Oh, three foofy what kind of moody mean, if it wasn't for the fact

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in the previous nations, that there were no bacteria there was just a small group of left people, people just a small group of people that are left Yunho now I need for Saturday fill out. They continue to command people to stop being corrupted. There were no facade is corruption. Yeah, no facade is stopping corruption. If it wasn't for that Allah subhanaw taala would have loved no human beings on earth is this is the piece of the idea. That's That's my belief that's not actually there in the area, meaning it's deleted. It's understood by the context.

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Maca and Buka, the legal legal Quran you told me in Lua.

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Mostly, Allah would never your Lord would never punish any nation or village or town or city.

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If there are people continue to continue to show reform. And mostly this law, as long as they continue to walk down the path of reform, you will not be punished as a group. It's when you accept reality as it is. And you stop caring and doesn't matter. And the world is corrupt around you and you don't care just you're not going to take anything about it. You're not going to try and make a difference. Following the three rules. You walk the walk the path of incorruptibility, you don't look down on people who failed to see it as you have and you'll never sell

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Watch, these are the three things that you're required to do. Yeah, both mistakes, right? Those who get too upset and then they start killing their own brothers because they're not doing exactly what they should be doing. And he's like murdering them because the boy yeah, they didn't understand that first piece, or those who come in to integrate banana, they lose themselves, they lose their identity, they lose their substance into a larger melting pot and there's nothing left of the dean. You have to avoid both and stay stay on the path of incorruptibility and that's the those verses of solitude that I want to share with you. Okay, let's do it. Number five. I think we have time I think

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we get through a few of these

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all buena yella tacos also, Allah if what acre via key do lucky okay EDA in a shape on a little in sunny

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Ruby. So you all know the story of use of I'm not going to tell you the whole story. This one the time will not allow me to do so. But the points are a few things about Instagram when his son's use of saw this right here in his dream. You know ha ha ha Shala coca by so I live in planets with shumsa Willkommen and this sun in the moon, pray to Him and He says you Dean, I saw them honoring me. I saw them granting sujood here frustrating. It's symbolic, it doesn't mean they're actually making it. So you'd obviously a planet can't do so she would anyway. So it can't be literal to begin with. It's impossible. It's symbolic mean they're honoring me, they're showing me they're accepting

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my my status. They're showing me that they respect my status. So that's what says you did means. So we have to immediately understood that this kid had a very interesting future. This kid somebody was going to be of this of this young man. He was scared though, that if he went along, telling his story

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if he went along, telling the story

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that his his siblings hearing it would become jealous, because this is a very obvious

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interpretation of it. There's something there. So he told him, don't lie to ya. Don't Don't tell them the story by a key do like a case. Because if you do, then they're going to they're going to come up with something that they're gonna become jealous. They're going to try and harm in a shape on and insanity I do. One will be in indeed the the shape line is a true enemy to the human being. And it'll come to the heart of your brothers and they'll they'll do something to you.

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Because somebody was a kid,

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you didn't listen. He went and told his brothers about the route. Yeah, he told his brothers about. And he told his brothers when his father said that this was going to mean something one day. So they got jealous. And Jealousy is a very powerful motive. Extremely powerful, and brutal, it's lethal. It's very harmful. And he couldn't help it. They couldn't help it. They were so jealous of him. They wanted him out of the picture children, young people, teenagers, they couldn't help it. So they did what they did. They did it because they hurt. What's the point of this idea why why I'm telling you this first.

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Be very careful.

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Who you share personal news with my teacher used to tell me

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only share your successes with people who love you, and share and only share your failures with people who really love you.

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Be very careful who you share your personal news where there's success or failure, or there's good times or bad times, don't go around telling everybody your business. Because people don't not everyone knows how to deal with that. If someone's in a low place, and they hear something good about you, they can't help it. Some people just don't have the self discipline, they don't have the discipline, they just don't know how to do it. So they end up becoming very envious and jealous, that jealousy, you know, aside from it, which is what can you know, just leave that can harm you. But there's more that can occur. You see when we talk about the effect of hesed instead of thinking

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of Iein think of the brothers of use of all right that's how I want you to think about it from now on you think of it that word has said you don't see some person and you don't see a superman who was you know, basically sending beams out of his eyes harming people even though that is true. I want you to imagine that live in brothers of use of who threw him into a well and kept the secret for 40 years.

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That's what I said does. Aside from mine, that's what hazard does. That is the actual consequence of real hazard. Imagine throwing your blood your flesh and blood into a well. A five year a six year old throwing them into a well leaving them they're

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walking away. Not telling anyone not regretting later on you're naughty. I mean if you did it when you regretted an hour later. Let's say you got upset you throw them into the wall you walk away like

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no I said can be that powerful. I said can can actually make the person not go back. But maybe the year after 40 years. 40 years, and they only came clean because they had to. They didn't want to they were forced to come clean. So they had to complain because he turned out he was alive.

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Iacob with his wisdom said, tacos Don't Don't Don't tell the story. Because he knows the strength of hassad. It was nice to them as a kid he told he said he told it to one of them. The other one told me the other they all heard about it, they became envious became jealous, he found himself the bottom of a well. Just be very careful what you share about your personal life. keep things secret, but the moment you share it with someone, it's not a secret anymore. Unless someone is a physician or someone who's going to store sworn to secrecy or confidentiality, you share your personal business people hear about it, and tell your successes to those who really love you, those who care

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about you those who want you to be successful, who loves to win Joy hearing that you're doing well, they want you to do well, they want you to do even better than they are very few people in the world like that. But they're there, tell them and when you fail, be very careful, even more careful, he will tell about you. Because when you fail, that's when you're most vulnerable. You don't want to give that information to someone who can squish you someone who can see you vulnerable and maybe push it down a little bit farther to keep make to keep you out of any area where you will be threatening in the future. Okay, let's go to actually we're running out of time really quickly here.

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Let's do I have 50 Let's do 50 That sorry.

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realize how little time we had

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work on Al Malik who Tony Edie

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walk on and many cool Tony Ed. But I'm

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also new call Oh Jenna Isla Rob big bus

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swatting T on a media Hoon in BB King eating gnarly time we'll go back to the story of use of disease here.

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He said it was it was in jail for something he didn't do.

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For something that he refused to do. He was trying he was being tempted to do it. He was being offered for Heisha as a young slave or no one would care if he did whatever he wanted to do. No one would have cared. But he said no. And he said no, not once or twice. He said no many times because now the indestructible filament Villa Medina, the people, ladies of the city are asking for haram. And he was telling his Lord that I'd rather jail than do this haram. And he got it. And he didn't go to jail for a month or two. No, he went to jail for seven years, up to nine years, some scholars say and he was in jail with the accusation of him performing fascia, and his reputation was ruined.

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Here's why he was in jail. This is one of the worst story one of the most horrible stories you can imagine. You said no DEVAR Heisha not only did you end up going to jail because of that, but you went to jail with your reputation that you did it. I mean, that's when people lose their faith, not profits. That's when profits have true believers and that having more faith in that is about people who are somewhere on the on the on the sidelines, that's where they lose their faith I I did it for you your job and how not only did I get punished, I carried the bad reputation. A general movement was not bothered by that. It was if I then was not bothered by that was in it for years and years.

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And then suddenly he was offered the opportunity to get out of prison.

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It's not the first time he was given the opportunity the first time they told him you also did 15 If it's about karate, and Seema tell us what to do with this little ear that Malik is seeing every night he understood on Instagram right away there's going to be some changes in the in the environment and there's going to be seven difficult years and easy he could have held back on that for information and bargained with it. You could use it as a bargain ship he didn't he didn't because you don't use sacred knowledge as bargaining chips ever. You never use them as bargaining chips ever you share it when needed to those who require it and it's not for sale is that there's no

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price tag to it you could have said I will I'll tell you get me out I've been here for seven years for no reason he didn't get offered the information didn't say a word now the second time he's being offered

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by a medical Tony be bringing the use of meaning free him from jail but um yeah hold was what was the messenger of the of this king came to came to him by that was Jackie Robinson go back to your king.

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I'm not I'm not leaving

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the open the cell after nine. I'm not leaving. Go talk to your king. Ask him Marbella. Nice sweaty laity Aparna ad Johan asked about the lady the day the lady has cut their hands and they said the things they said asked and investigate about that and see what you find

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in Nairobi BKD hidden Eileen, he'll he'll be able to find find out all the information. He goes he does a little bit of investigation he finds out the whole story. If I thought it was all a lie, and he was if I why I like this verse because the prophets on the lights NFL sleight of hand

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would recite this verse it is so twisted I'm you say, Rahim Allah who actually use of logia any of us who do the courage. May Allah have mercy upon my brother use have had the messenger came come to me and told me you're good to leave I would have just left. Now this is out of his humbleness it

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salatu salam, but he's trying to point out something for us. He tried to point out the

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the level of composure that use of Allah He said I'm had the high degree of ethics that he carried out his sin and being able to say I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving with us with it with the with the smeared reputation. I'm only leaving when when HACCP is going to be clear that I did not do this I'm not I'll stay here if I'm not leaving until you until you look into this and you clear my name, clear my name I leave you don't want to clear my name. I stay here I don't have to leave. Because I have dignity or the Eastern dignity he wasn't gonna leave. And the Prophet Allah has a lot to say about it. His humbleness was say that but he's getting us to take a look maybe take maybe analyze

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this a little bit more take a deep look into Would you would you have stayed

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where you have the moment you open the cell you're already already out. And he said and didn't leave because his reputation meant too much to him. That's the people of nobility people of people of Tacoma and Sala Han Eman. People who care about Java care about their reputation. And if something has the potential of harming their reputation, they will leave it they will leave it if it has the potential they will leave it very important by the way. I didn't get swag to Sam that's how he lived. And if you're someone who's representing Islam in any in any capacity, be very careful. Don't Don't sideline issues that can ruin your reputation stay far away from them

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and just shows the character of use of it instead of okay let's do this do 8486 8486 Maybe not the whole thing is to 84 for me I'll just I'll talk about the others

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what's the one on whom work on

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us if you sue fella, but Aina who mean who's Neva who curtly

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now who Bally's

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sent his sons to pick up the years provision of wheat and barley and whatever else they needed. At Eastern I'm used to put together a little bit of a

00:22:08 --> 00:22:12

scheme to hold on to Binyamin his his full brother in

00:22:15 --> 00:22:56

October told his sons that you better not come back with one of you missing this is not gonna happen again. Well, I'm gonna probably know my fellow Doom videos of you already, you already cost me you so you're not going to cost me someone else. So I need you to stand here and swear to god that you will come you all come back and you will not leave anyone behind. So they did they they offered their their oath that they would do it. And then Binyamin was held back by the command of yourself to become ICS Muslim, he had become the Minister of Finance so he was a high Pipers in the government, he held on to Binyamin of the scheme that they put together. So now they had to go back

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and tell their father, the eldest of them, and of course, I mean, you just may not meet the names. The names of the sons of us over well known there in the Old Testament there are biblical Yahoo there is the eldest of the month and he stayed back he's and I can't go back. I can't I can't look my father in the face. I can't look him in the eye. This is the second time the first time I did it. The second time I didn't do it's not on me, but I can't go back. I told him I wouldn't do this. I'm staying here you guys go back. So now how many people are going back there's 12 of them. So nine are going back you have used open Binyamin and Egypt and the eldest is gonna stay and then nine of them

00:23:29 --> 00:23:47

is gonna go I'm gonna go back they go back to their father and they tell it tell him this what happened. So he says Hassan Jameel for Allah Al Mustafa. I know I met before and I can only show beautiful perseverance. And I can only ask Allah is eight or whatever it is that you're saying and whether it's true or not. What I will learn from these steps away.

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Probably. I was lying yesterday, this is probably the most heartbreaking verse in the Quran. This is the most difficult verse in the Quran. I'm sorry, yesterday I was not this is this is more more meaningful, what? And he walks away, we'll call it a SF use. Use of use of has been gone for over 35 years. The person who he who just lost was Binyamin, not useful. But he walks away and he says yeah, SFO Oh, the pain in my heart overuse of

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just to understand. This is how your parents feel about you. Even if your parent has never smiled at you once if you come from a Middle Eastern background or my brothers and sisters in the Indo Pakistani region have similar experiences. If you have a father who has never ever said anything positive about you all your life and never will understand that in his heart. This is how he feels. He feels very much exact. He knows exactly like Jaco does same thing, what Allah and whom Jakob Wirkkala assefa Allah Yusuf, he doesn't forget 35 years later and he still misses his son who was taken away from him and the pain of losing a child for those who don't understand it. May Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah you will never

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To understand it say I mean, may you'll never understand what it means. It's one of the most bitter pieces of pain. When I was bitter feelings that exist in the world. It's so so abnormal for a parent to lose a child. It's so difficult. And you gotta you said, I'm lost use of basically, as far as you know, he a part of him felt that he was alive, but he had no evidence and it's been so long, so he walks away after abusing Binyamin is it Yeah, SFR Allah Yusuf. Oh, the pain in my heart over my son Yusuf will be up but I you know whom you know, the prisoners eyes would turn white. That's the phrase in Arabic That means he can't see anymore. He cried himself to a state where he couldn't see

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or he developed cataracts or something he couldn't see what beyond but I you know, him and his knee but who are Kilim? Meaning he is he's not able to see anymore

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they come to him and they say to Allah He

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called or you USofA takuna held all the otaku salmonella leaking again with us again with us, you know how it is a parent who talks about the same thing?

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Yeah. So they came to him and told Yahoo again with use of 35 years again, you keep on talking about use of until you harm yourself or you you're you die out of pain stop doing this. So he turns to there's a call to leave me alone in a school but the I'm not complaining to you. I'm complaining I am taking my bestie what is the I'm bringing my complaints and my sorrow. I'm taking my pain in Allah. And I'm taking it to Allah why are you mad? I'm not speaking speaking to you. In school. Bestie was knee in Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Allah He may Allah Tala mudra and all the things about Allah that you do not know, unfortunately.

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And he was right on Instagram, obviously, at that moment of pain, of true pain of the Apple was a human being. Sometimes we think that religious people are prophets or messengers or people of high status. No, they don't have feelings. And they just keep on it. No, no, they have just as much just as many feelings as you do. They feel the same pain, the same sorrow, the same sadness that you feel. It's just the difference is that they never turn to Allah subhana without an objection, they never turn to Allah subhanaw taala in anger, ever. They are always turning to Allah subhanaw taala in Chautauqua meaning, they take their complaints to Allah, they take their pain to Allah, they take

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their sorrow and sadness to Allah subhanaw taala and they they don't burden others with it. Some people they take their pain and sorrow and they blame Allah for it. That's that's the opposite of what it means to be a Muslim. That's the opposite of what the Quran teaches your your pain, you're in pain. You're upset, you're sad, you're hurt. Take that to Allah Subhanallah take it to his doorsteps. Take it to him complain it to him. He the only one who cares. Everyone else will out of courtesy listen to you when you can, but no one really wants to. Everyone has their own problems. No one has time for yours.

00:27:59 --> 00:28:29

The arrogance. We think people have time for everyone. No one has time for our problems. We're the only people we barely have time for our problems that time for other people's problems. People will listen to you because they love you out of courtesy but they don't want you but the one who wants to listen to you is Allah so you have to be telling them what what is this bother you in a school bus? See what is neat. You know, I'm taking it to the one who cares about it. You don't have to listen to it. You don't want to hear about YouTube don't listen to it. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to Allah subhanaw taala that was the pain in the heart of Yahoo. I think his Salah to a sinner.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:32

Um, let's do it. Let's do it two

00:28:36 --> 00:29:21

or just rebar or eco model young woman or young Pharaoh. Welcome. Hammer walk me in. The climax of the story of Yusuf Ali is how he held his his composure. This is what this is what I'm impressed by what he saw his brothers come in to the need to the castle or to the Kingdom of Egypt for he was the minister. He was one of the leaders. He saw them he knew them out off at home while home you know who among Kieran. He knew them. They didn't recognize him. So he saw them. The fact that on that day, he did not tear them to pieces, physically or verbally, is beyond my ability as a human being to understand I can't understand it. I can't because when you look at the taxation of what they did,

00:29:21 --> 00:30:00

he lost his childhood. He grew up as a slave in a foreign land. He was thrown into jail for around a decade. He lost he grew up without his father Jaco was a prophet. You see, when the Prophet Allah is almost asked, he said many Kareem, who is the noble one? For they would say the person who does this, or the person who does that? And he said, No, that's what I mean. No, that's not what I mean. And then he said Allah here salatu salam pada Yusuf Ibnu Jaco Ibnu is Harper. Ibrahim Al Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim from legitimately I had in us. He's a prophet, the son of a prophet, the son of a prophet, the son of

00:30:00 --> 00:30:31

a profit and no one has that use of monies to them. He was deprived of that he was deprived of growing up with his parents in his homeland. Oh, it's not it. They never, they could have come clean. A year later, two years later, Yahoo would have sent people to look for him. They would have found him but they didn't. They never felt remorse, they stuck to it. They stuck to their lie, and he sees them. He holds his composure, didn't say a word. Then he's like, You know what, I'm not going to punish them. Let's let's see if I can bring my family together. So he comes up with a scheme. And he calls on to Binyamin. So they would go back and be ashamed of themselves one more

00:30:31 --> 00:31:00

time. So he's weakening them. He's weakening them, making them feel a little bit more vulnerable, a bit more vulnerable. And then he made sure that he told them, I will not give you anything. If you don't bring me I need your brother. He kept on making it more difficult for them. So they had to bring him in to me that he held on to them. And then he will go back to the Father. The Father now is blind. They've lost a lot. They come to have very, very little you have nothing they're bringing. They're asking for provision a year worth the provision of wheat and barley and food and they have nothing and you looked at them they were right out where they were humiliated. They were weak. At

00:31:00 --> 00:31:10

that point. He asked them the question. I'll allow him to Martha aisle to be used to for a reason to Jaden, why did I have a question for you? Guys in this moment, they're standing in front of us.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:30

They're asking him to South Carolina. That's odd duck. That's what they're asking. They're saying, Give us charity. Or they said I was waiting for them to be weak and so that he could you could teach them the lesson. You're asking for sadhaka he knew that they were the weakest they would ever be. So he took the advantage. He took the opportunity. You said What have you done with us and his brother Yusuf?

00:31:31 --> 00:31:37

Is brother understood. He's with you here but use of how do you know about use of

00:31:40 --> 00:31:43

the time before when Binyamin stole

00:31:44 --> 00:31:56

and he had to hold on to him. You know what their reply was to use of? They didn't know he was used obviously they said in yesterday, Dr. Sarah aka hola whom in public if he stole all right, his full brother stole once as well.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:32

Speaking about use of he never stole ever. They're lying. They're lying about him to him. You understand how much rage could exist in your heart? If someone did that? The people who throw you in? Well, 35 years ago when never came clean? He held his composure No, I'm not gonna, I'm not going to rip my family to pieces. I'm not gonna punish my brothers and throw them in jail. And but no, I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna bring my family together. The beauty of bringing bringing it together. The beauty of holding on to the family, even if that means you have to pay with your own ego. You have to pay the price of your family staying together is your ego pay it does use if it is

00:32:32 --> 00:32:50

unimpeded. And no matter how much you're paying is nothing I can guarantee I'm pretty sure it's not as bad as use of it is depends payment, the number of times you have to do it. So we put them in the situation ask them What have you done. So you look at him at this time because he said the word use of they stare at him? Well, they see within his face.

00:32:51 --> 00:33:13

They just see they see themselves in his face. It's just he can't you can miss it sometimes, but when they thought of us of and looked at him, oh my god, Paul, who are in Africa, the only use of suffering or are you Yusuf Bala Anna USofA Aki, I am using this as my brother but the man in Allah Who Alina even even comes comes out from behind the curtains and he starts to preach to them.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:17

And they say follow to Allah He

00:33:19 --> 00:33:54

felt like Allah why Allah Yuna indeed Allah has has given you an advantage over us when couldn't Allah Hartley, Ian, and we have been wrong immediately on a serum with no, there's no there's no filling in the verses in the Quran. And so with us immediately goes from what from their apology to his acceptance. He didn't need a week to think about it. It didn't need some time to cool off. He just wanted them to apologize. Because the only way to fix this problem that we have you and I you have to apologize for what you did. It's not going to be fixed. If you don't apologize. If we just keep on going without an apology. It's not going to work us if I am in order for me to make this

00:33:54 --> 00:34:30

work to let bygones be bygones. They had to come clean. They had to apologize and admit what they did. He's ready. He's already ready. He's He's right. He's there. He's already there. He's there to forgive and depart to move on. But they have to get there. You can say well, why aren't they already there? Shame on them for not being there? I would say Yes, true. Shame on them. But that doesn't serve the family. So he was willing to wait and put up with whatever he had to put up with to get them there. Because it's about his family. He's willing to put up because they're his brothers because there's there there his blood because nothing is more valuable than that. You can complain

00:34:30 --> 00:34:50

as much as you want to but your siblings or your siblings, they're yours. They're not mine. They're your siblings. Your you your blood in their veins I can't help you. Go figure it out. It's your family who do you think is going to take care of your family if you're not willing to do it? Well you think some random person for him is gonna step up and do it no, it's yours.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

For them for better or for worse. For good or for bad. You do your part you as if it said I'm did it. He sucked it up.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:18

He swallowed his ego and he stayed and waited until they were ready and the moment they said we were wrong indeed you're better than a spa and Allah to three but on a Camileo there is no hard feelings against you today you have to feel Allah who will come May Allah forgive you. I'm a rock I mean is the most compassionate and the Most Merciful Subhana wa Tada

00:35:19 --> 00:35:53

profit after you saw somebody learn this lesson. This is this is why you learn the Quran is to to learn the lesson. The Prophet alayhi salam heard what use of did. They put Emeka when it was Fei was coming after it was Sofia and did similarly to what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam what the brothers have used of the two use of is come he doesn't know what to say. He means how you know you thought it is him. He's a scholar of Islam. He said No, don't worry about it. You see, because he knows where the heart of the Prophet It is thought to me he knows that Mohammed said Allah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam reads the Quran and waits for an opportunity to practice it. He's just

00:35:53 --> 00:36:27

waiting, just waiting for the opportunity. He read letter three by a common human act of true pardoning and forgiveness, He just needs the opportunity to show it. So he's like, yeah, don't worry about it. The prophets already ready who just go say to the Prophet, what the brothers of users said to use of just admit it just acknowledged that you were wrong. Just apologize for your mistake. It's impossible for things to work out if the person who wronged the other person does not come clean. Yeah, it has to happen. So it was a Fiat memorize the wording, that Allah halacha so like, Allahu Allah, you know, including the halter. And he goes over to the use of the Prophet, what are your

00:36:27 --> 00:36:40

sources and he says, says the words and the Prophet I know you slow to summon does not miss a beat. He doesn't miss a beat immediately now to three Valley Camileo. He was waiting, Alia salatu salam for the opportunity to say what Yusuf Ali Salam said,

00:36:41 --> 00:36:42

I didn't get through anything.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:44


00:36:45 --> 00:37:01

so just as a quick, just a housekeeping issue. So two things for my sisters, and four brothers as well, in terms of holding spots in the masjid. So holding spots in the message is acceptable. As long as the message has high spots, and it's empty in this place, the moment the message fills up,

00:37:02 --> 00:37:32

the person who comes in first has priority to pray where they want to pray. So if you're holding a spot for someone, you're holding a spot for someone just for a moment for them to make it, they can't come in late, and the message is full for their spot that's not Islamic, that's not appropriate and that there's a lack of a web, we can't do that. Okay. But if someone is here, like their brother here is sitting, he used to go to the bathroom, we can hold a spot for him because he came early. And he's here. So just kind of remember that. And in general for the sisters, the lions back, have more urgent if you're cared for Azure, the idea to start from behind just like for the

00:37:32 --> 00:38:01

men that I just talked up front to keep space between the last row of men in the first row of women to there's less sdmo So just make sure that that line start from behind and then move forward in terms of filling them up. And the same thing for the ladies up front. It's important to stand in lines to pour in for the ladies to find ways to stand in line we shouldn't have groups of people step standing and no we should have people standing in lines. That's where the code exists. And it shouldn't be too difficult and short to figure that out. If you need help you can talk to one of the ushers to help you out inshallah Tada went with us Rockland County Shola Hill and just to break what

00:38:01 --> 00:38:04

Allah has said them humbly on earth he was talking to me about Baraka.

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