Tom Facchine – Converts To Islam Need a Family

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with people who are already part of their community and provide support to their children. They stress the need for people to be around their biological families and not just be a family of born to a Muslim parent. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being proactive in finding support for their children and finding their own interests.
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What can people do for converts? Converts need you to be their family. That's the long and short of it.

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When a convert, when someone becomes a Muslim,

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you don't know what's going on at home. Worst case scenario, they get completely disowned from the parents from their relatives, you know, disinherited, often, right. And this is something that's kind of difficult for folks who are born into Muslim families to understand

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all the kind of intergenerational wealth that happens through inheritance, all of kind of your contacts and social networks that help get you jobs that help get you a spouse, like these things don't exist for a lot of Congress. So more than you, you know, piling them high with books to read or sending them YouTube videos, or, you know, these sorts of things, they really need you to be there family, founders need a replacement family. And if you're one of the Congress, that's able to have a good relationship with your biological family Hamdulillah, that's great. But it still doesn't mean that that's enough, because you're going to want to marry a muslim spouse, you're going to want

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to get a halal job, you're going to want to surround yourself, I mean, you're basically making an intergenerational intervention, you know, like your, your sort of lineage was like on a trajectory. And if you converted, you're like, hijacking the ship, and you're turning it around saying, Nope, we're going this way. Right. So in order to make sure that everything just doesn't go back to the way it was going after you die, you need to kind of surround yourself, your kids with, you know, a whole sort of ecosystem of supports.

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So if you're, if you're a Muslim who's born into a Muslim family,

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you really, really just just be that person's, like adopted parents or adopted brothers. You know, it's like, there's things that are well known, let's just as AIDS and the if tars and things like that, like so many converts have them alone, right? In peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at sundown. In some room somewhere by themselves, right? Make sure that the converts in your community, they have somewhere to go that and it's not just It can't be just like, oh, let me know if you need anything. Or yeah, anytime, brother. Anytime you want, you can come over, come on, like people are too shy to take advantage. Like you have to be like, Tuesday, you're coming with me to my house,

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let's go. Right? And then you have to be sensitive to if a person needs a job, especially when a person needs a spouse. Like so many converts need help getting married and finding someone you know, it's like, challenge your your networks and be like, Hey, I know this brother, I know this sister, they would maybe be a really good match for for. It's just about being proactive. Like a lot of people don't think about it until it's it's too late. Or it's you know, you just have to basically adopt them figuratively speaking as your kids and look out for their interests in the way that someone will look at look out for their own kids. You're planning for your kids education, you're

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planning for your kids marriage, you're planning for your kids future, Congress need that sort of support, and they need that type of support. Maybe more than anything

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